在手機上,添加的功能(平臺,短篇小說,提前一年等) 可以從左上角訪問(堆疊線)。

*** All times / dates: Please remember that all time references (e.g., “dawn”) are PDTPacific DAYLIGHT Time zone. You can refer to the World Clock in the sidebar for more listings or Google ‘time zone converter’.

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START NOTHING:  9:53 pm Mon. to 4:39 am Tues., 5:59 am to 1:16 pm Thurs., and after 2:52 pm Sat.


ALL SIGNS: Avoid launching any new projects, starting a new relationship, or making a major purchase before Oct. 2. Delays, indecision, circular efforts, elusive goals, and lemons, all are abundant now. Shop only for routine items (e.g., groceries).

When Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Mars was in 22° Capricorn. Mars rules war. The old Russia, the USSR before it lost so many subjugated satellite nations, was born in 22° Capricorn. So this war was and is, as many say, an attempt to regain the “old Russia.” More, when Putin invaded, Venus was at 21 Capricorn, holding hands with Mars. Putin is a Libran, ruled by Venus — so he was the instrument or the “activator” of Russia’s present war. BTW, Capricorn is Libra’s sign of property, homeland, territory. So Putin is definitely after territory — and, to some degree, prestige. He had hoped the whole world would sit up and admire Russia for its daring escapade. Oops.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The workload remains, Aries. Eat and dress sensibly, protect your daily health. DON’T be tempted to buy tools, machinery, car, computer, etc. (Lemons everywhere.) To repair anything, best days are today, Sunday, 3 pm to 8 pm, and Thursday 2 pm to midnight. (All times PDT. Add 3 hours for EDT, 9 hrs for Europe, 16 for China, etc.) You remain optimistic, adventurous and restless.

The workplace (and work mates) remain affectionate, easy-going. Relationships turn backwards until October — neither give nor accept promises. You both go over “old ground” now. An “ex” might return. Remember, start no new launches, relationships nor major purchases before Oct. 2.

Your energy and magnetism soar Sunday to pre-dawn Tues. Approach people, esp. about repairs, work, money, possessions. Best Sunday, “hidden flaws” Mon. Chase $, buy/sell (stick to routine items only, e.g., groceries) Tuesday to midday Thurs. Be cautious Wednesday afternoon (reality more restrictive than you think) — otherwise, a smooth, fortunate interval. Your restlessness rises Thursday afternoon through Saturday — trips, visits, calls, paperwork, messages, errands — these fill the days, but it’s a pretty bumpy ride. Bite your tongue before spewing something unsavoury!


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Romantic notions/feelings and events continue, Taurus. An old flame might appear, but if so this person probably was never quite suitable. (Doubly so, if this was a co-worker — i.e., worked in your field.) A former job or duty might return. Don’t start any new projects, relationships nor major purchases before Oct. 2.

Your stock remains high with management, admin and civil servant types, but it might be 3 or 4 months before you receive a blessing, bonus or promotion from this zone. Extra money will flow you now until March — but save it, or pay down debt. Don’t spend it, unless you like regret.

Lie low, rest and contemplate Sunday to pre-dawn Tues. Best Sunday. “Alienation” Monday. Your energy and charisma bounce upward Tuesday to midday Thurs. A good, successful interval, but avoid legal, international, career and media involvements Wed. Chase $, buy/sell (but only routine items) Thursday afternoon through Sat. Thursday night best, but this entire interval needs caution. Wishful thinking won’t win.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The focus remains on home, family, security, nature and “recuperative rest,” Gemini. (Take lots of naps.) Home, family are sweet, renewing. Your social and “fame and fortune” hopes remain alive, but you might not see a breakthrough here until late year and early 2023. Your energy, determination, courage, aggression and sexual magnetism are at a peak, to last another 6 months. If single, you will have at least 2 opportunities to meld with someone sexy and friendly before next April.

On that note, an old flame might return now or before Oct. This could be strongly sexual and optimistic — you might both belong to the same group or club. But DON’T chase anyone brand new, nor launch new projects nor go shopping for anything but routine items. (Yes, your mind is sluggish now, and yes, an Aquarian seems very sexy — and sees you that way, also. Both these indications last for awhile, through the winter.)

Your hopes, popularity, happiness and social interactions swell Sunday to predawn Tues. All pretty mild — Sunday’s best. Retreat, find a quiet place, rest, ponder (don’t plan extensively), meditate and liaise with gov’t, head office or institutions Tuesday to midday Thursday. A good, smooth interval, but don’t expect much, don’t anticipate a good return, Wednesday pm. Your energy and pizzazz turn upward Thurs. afternoon through Sat. (Thursday best.) Use your extra energy and charm to solve problems, esp. in career, status and home areas.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Life’s busy, Cancer — errands, messaging, paperwork, trips — but make sure action is needed before you take it. These have a pleasant, even affectionate side, but steer away from brand new contacts, promises here. When going out, first make a list of “To Do’s”. Don’t start any new projects, relationships nor major purchases before Oct. 2. Old or neglected chores, repairs, haunt your domestic situation. It’s a good time to tackle them, esp. Sunday, 3 pm to 8 pm, and Thursday 2 pm to midnight. (All times PDT. Add 3 hours for EDT, 9 hrs for Europe, 16 for China, etc.)

Your career and social status outlook is very bright, but don’t expect much action before December. Continue to avoid belligerent people and dark alleys until March ’23. Same period, gov’t or head office might offer you a promotion (management areas).

Be ambitious Sunday to pre-dawn Tuesday. A mild interval. Sunday’s best. Forget romance Monday night. Your spirits perk up Tuesday to midday Thursday — popularity, optimism, social delights bless you. But it’s nothing to write home about Wednesday daytime (PDT) when refusals hover. (Tuesday night and Wednesday night promise “happy endings.”) Retreat Thursday midday through Sat. — lie low, rest, contemplate, and liaise with advisors, gov’t and “head office.” Not a good interval during which to take any chances.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Your hopes are inextricably tied up with your belief system, Leo, with your desire for gentle, socially-approved love (e.g., wedded love) and for International travel, media, higher education, even perhaps, for a lawsuit. Success in these is promised, but delayed until this winter and next spring. Still, there are likely to be flirtations, romance, socializing with intelligent friends, and other heart-lifting events, right into March.

A former friend or lover (friend more likely) might return. Your money picture looks fortunate. However, don’t plunge into any new purchases, relationships nor projects before Oct. 2.

Sunday to predawn Tuesday re-affirms those gentle love, philosophical, international, media and legal leanings — with productive results all Sunday, and Monday to late morning (PDT) — after this, exercise caution. Your status, prestige, career are highlighted Tuesday to midday Thursday. Difficult Wednesday afternoon, otherwise good for action. Look to the future Thursday afternoon through Saturday. Hope, popularity, social joys visit you, lift your heart!


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You remain on top of your game, Virgo. Your energy, charisma, and ambition are strong — though the last, ambition, seems to be tied up with a more secret or private desire, perhaps involving an investment, or research, or necessitating a lifestyle change. (E.g., that rich person you ambitiously want to marry owns and lives on a farm — and you a city-dweller.) Well, you will have tremendous success with an investment, an investigation, a lifestyle change, even a medical procedure, but these might keep you waiting until the looming winter/spring.  Financially, you might be drawn to an old dream, or a former income source this September.

Don’t start any new relationships, projects, nor investments/purchases before Oct. 2. Bosses might be impatient, temperamental, until next March, but they are also willing to promote you or reward you with equity: so keep smiling! You could attract romance this week and the next two.

Sunday/Monday focus you directly on that investment, investigation, lifestyle or medical situation. Make any changes Sunday to mid-morn Monday, then back away and rest. A mellow, understanding mood flows over you Tuesday (pre-dawn) to midday Thursday. Love, far travel, foreign-born people, law, philosophy and media rise in your consciousness as good goals — and they are, except Wednesday afternoon. Be ambitious midday Thursday through Sat. Lots of glitches here, so be diplomatic, nimble. Work alone — others won’t help much.


libra icon    LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Continue to lie low, Libra. Rest, contemplate, and deal with neglected chores/obligations, charity and spirituality, gov’t and “head office,” advisors and mentors, and health concerns. You’ll find this period of quiet isolation to be quite pleasant. Others will treat you well. As for your life going forward, indecision, second thoughts, delays and unfilled promises fill the days until October 2. Until then, start no new projects, purchases nor relationships.

An old flame might appear; or you might experience a lot of soul-searching about a former love. Be realistic, not overly-forgiving. Avoid lawsuits until next April. (If single, you might be wed by that time.) Relationships remain fortunate but stalled — don’t worry, they or others will blossom with auspicious forward-motion in late autumn.

Speaking of relationships, they face you Sun./Mon. Sunday (esp. the morning, PDT) is best. Agree to nothing after mid-morn (PDT) Monday. Sex, lust, power motives, major finances, medical procedures, lifestyle changes — and the need to dig deep, research — these fill Tuesday to midday Thursday. Charge ahead, but avoid Wednesday before suppertime. (You might stumble upon an intense romance/sex situation Wed., but it would be “rejected by reality” sooner or later.) Thursday eve through Saturday brings gentle love, travel, international, media, legal and educational themes — but with lots of glitches and obstacles. Go slow.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your hope and heart, your joy in life, continue strong, Scorpio. Friends welcome you, and you should enter groups — but not new ones. Avoid starting new relationships, projects, or making major purchases before Oct. 2. The gov’t might make a demand that sends you back to a neglected chore. Oddly, though you’re popular and living “on the surface” now, your inner life is complicated (all Sept.) and you can’t make decisions around soul matters.

Your sexual, power and financial drives are working overtime, now to March, and you might be drawn into a co-worker affair. But long-term, life-mate type relationships will work if your main motive is security and family, but face erratic responses, unexpected events, if your main motive is partnership or simple love.

Tackle chores Sun./Mon. — first 34 hours better. Partnerships, relationships, arise Tuesday morning to midday Thursday (see comment above). Much goes your way, relationships blossom and glow, but avoid pressing anyone/anything Wednesday afternoon to suppertime. Thursday afternoon through Saturday brings depths, secrets, hidden forces — all affecting major financial actions, sex drive, lifestyle, or medical concerns. Be cautious, this interval is studded with obstacles.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The accent remains on career, ambitions, prestige relations and worldly status, Sage. This is not a good time to launch any new projects (nor relationships, nor big purchases) before Oct. 2 — so work hard on projects already in the works. A coveted wish might not come true, but an old wish, perhaps even from years ago, might. (Could involve an ex-mate, or a club/group.)

Relationships grow intense until next spring — anger could hide attraction. If you are ALREADY dealing with someone super-attractive, you might mate by/before next May. Or, if an old flame enters in September, you might mate him/her. Or, you’re likely (if single, of course) to mate anyone newly met Oct. to May. But anyone newly met now or before Oct. 2, will not work out. Higher-ups favour you at work, so charge forth in this zone.

Sunday/Monday are creative, playful, pleasure and beauty filled, and romantic. You choose which. Better Sunday. Tackle chores Tuesday morning to midday Thurs. (All PDT.)  You’ll succeed, except Wednesday pm (esp. just before suppertime). Those intense relationships flow in Thursday eve through Sat. Take care, many obstacles and “personality conflicts” await. Be diplomatic, realize this isn’t the best time to seek agreement.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

One of the best months for woolgathering, Cap. Dream, seek God and answers, delve into your own life philosophy/ethics, consider publishing, law, higher education, international themes. You’ll find some good insights, might even discover love. But DON’T start anything new in these areas before Oct. 2. Not a good time to plan, partly because situations will change, because you’re indecisive — esp. regarding career and status ambitions.

A former position for career role might return. Yes, accept it — temporarily. Work remains hectic, intense, for 6 more months. This “stirring up” could centre on domestic or real estate matters, or could even nudge you to quit one job, for “future considerations.” Real estate remains very fortunate, but “rewards” are delayed until this Dec. onward.

Speaking of real estate, home and family, these are accented Sun./Mon. — Sunday’s best. (Tho’ Monday morning works, also.) Romantic thrills might light up Tuesday morning to midday Thursday — you’ll succeed in creative, speculative, and pleasure/beauty-oriented adventures. Much goes well here, but walk a big circle around Wednesday late afternoon — for be prepared for a “No.” Eat, dress sensibly Thursday eve through Saturday. Tackle chores, esp. neglected ones involving your ambitions/career. This is a dicey interval, studded with glitches, so reduce your goals by half, then proceed cautiously. Safety first.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Lifer’s deep, mysterious, Aquarius, and you might be “forced into” changes — but after all, change can be good, revivifying, cleansing even. At the same time, you feel confined, restricted, perhaps by gov’t, head office, health factors or insurance co’s. Romance is intense until next March. You might be impulsive, ready to jump — but don’t, before Oct. 2. (Avoid all new starts, projects, relationships, purchases, before Oct. 2.)

If you’re a woman, a man might glow with sexual magnetism, until March. Lucky you, if he’s already yours. An old flame might return for a visit this September. But you aren’t really into major life commitments now; you’re more concerned with security, property, where to live. And there’s that hot romantic draw, too. The two might combine, but your lover might see your security focus as a threat of “imprisonment.” Sex is sweet.

Sunday/Monday are talkative, restless, travel-prone. All’s good — Sunday better. That home/security theme mentioned above grows solid Tuesday morn to midday Thursday. A good interval, with lots in progress, but don’t push anything Wednesday afternoon/ suppertime. Thursday eve through Saturday brings romance, beauty, pleasure, creative and risk-taking urges. This would be good if it wasn’t so bad — glitches and frustrations haunt this interval,  so go slow, or simply dream of love.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The accent continues on relationships, opportunities, dealing with the public, and possible relocation. In general, others treat you with grace and affectionate responses, all month. If you’re married, September can be a raucous time, as a river of extra energy invades your home front (until next March) and might cause spontaneous (therefore not deep) friction with your partner. Be gentle/kind with kids, until next mid-March.

You can “bleed off” this contentious energy by spending on, building/repairing home stuff — stairs, pool, garden, etc. (Beware over-fertilizing, esp. w/nitrogen.) But DON’T start new projects, relationships nor big purchases before Oct. 2. A former casual lover might return, bring “easy hugs.” Yes, better money/income is coming, but there might be a delay of 2 months.

Chase money, buy/sell (only routine items, eg., groceries) Sunday/Monday, and slide into memory learning, or casual intimacy. Sunday better. Errands, communications, wanderlust visit you Tuesday morning to suppertime Thursday (all PDT). Plan errands before you go, make a list, or you’ll surely forget something. All’s well, though, except Wednesday afternoon/suppertime — go slow, examine “real” restrictions/boundaries. Steer yourself toward home Thursday eve through Sat. This is a contentious, irksome interval, with (count ‘em!) 5 obstacles or glitches. So relax, nap, and let life “go by.”



My local police dept. is offering a $ 50,000 “reward” to anyone who can discover a way to prevent the theft of catalytic converters. My suggestion: put something in the chemical chain of the converter that will decompose almost immediately once it is disconnected, or perhaps once the entire unit is disconnected from the vehicle. Or, you could have a (magnetic?) bond between the converter and the car (body?) which, when the converter is disconnected and the circuit broken, causes the converter to explode, making it worthless.

It would not be long before one of two things happens: either the thieves will stop stealing the converters because they get nothing for their time, effort and risk; or the cleverest of the thieves  will find a way around this self-destructive mechanism.

If Taiwan really wants to deter mainland China from invading them, all they have to do is inform China and the entire world that they have five ballistic nuclear missiles aimed at Beijing and another five aimed at Shanghai and another five for every Chinese city over 10 million people. Forget mainland military bases: they will instead wipe out the Chinese population and culture. Then they simply have to say, if even one Mainland soldier steps on Taiwanese soil, the missiles will be launched.

This would also be a quick and effective way for the United States to protect Taiwan. Simply give them 50 or so nukes with missiles and launch pads. No more need for huge military expenses, no more pissing contests with Beijing. If the east — Russia, N Korea, Iran etc. — can use nuclear threats against the West, then they can’t really complain if the west prepares to nuke them, can they?

MDs CHEAT — evidently thousands of Canadian doctors applied for — and received — those mismanaged gov’t handouts for people who could not work during the pandemic. Specialists — the guys who make up to a million $ annually — were some of the most eager applicants for free gov’t (i.e., yours and my) money, according to a CBC report. These wealthy docs, who are supposed to care about the health of patients, claim to have had less clients during the pandemic. You mean at the same time that hospitals were crying out because they suffered a shortage of docs and nurses to treat covid patients?

I don’t mean to malign all MDs. Hospital doctors, especially researchers and diagnosticians, are the finest people I’ve ever met — and are probably paid the same as an independent plumber, or a hard-working overtime hound longshoreman.

The real thieves of our society are, in order of the their brazenness and the naked greed of their charges: No. 1, lawyers — 2nd worse, dentists — now, #3, specialist doctors — with “professional” thieves (I.e., drug addicts, welfare recipients, etc.) far down the list, just a bit above everyone else, plumbers and painters and garbage removers, as they overcharge in the struggle to pay for those lawyers’, dentists’ and MDs’ mansions and Ferraris.

Most doctors don’t directly charge in Canada, and regular “family doctors” don’t make a lot. But specialists can charge exorbitant sums (my guess, maybe wildly wrong, is up to $4,000 a day, $80,000 monthly).

The entire health industry is and has been for decades the largest creator of inflation in Canada, and probably in the U.S. also. This will cease, to a large degree, 2023/24 onward. The fifteen years following will inflate weaponry. Some of this weaponry will be visual, or depend on optics. (Eg., a floating mirror, in space orbit, capable of focusing the sun’s energy from, say, a 500 meter radius circle to a 10-meter area on earth, burning everything there like a boy burning leaves with a magnifying glass — but with the “power” to melt glass and ignite anything flammable (oxygen?). But such a “mirror” would be easy prey to predator satellites….

I’m so tired of Canada’s cow-like media (CBC and CTV) — slavishly copying American “fake” news with their porridge minds. They carried Biden’s Sept. 1st Hitleresque hate speech in its entirety — these are national Canadian tv networks which together control 90% + of the airwaves — one is OWNED by the gov’t.

Oddly, and I think significantly, none of the major U.S. networks, ABC, NBC or CBS, carried Biden’s “Mien Fuhrer” speech.

“We are in a battle for the soul of this nation” —line from Joe Biden’s Hitleresque Sept. 1 speech. The last guy who said that, I think, was Satan. Appropriately, Biden’s stage was lit with blood-red lights and — illegally, tho’ that’s meaningless — with Marine Corps “guards” and a military band. Even the American flag was hung in the sideways fashion favoured by the Third Reich. It was reminiscent of a 1930’s Hitler rally. (Some pundits have likened the stage setting to “the gates of Hell.”)

Did you notice Joe’s wife, Jill, had to walk him to the podium to deliver his hate speech? The guy is doddering and filled with “old man rage.”

I think Joe is afraid of and angered by looming impeachment and criminal charges if the GOP win the mid-terms, and esp. if they win the 2024 prez election. He’s decided an offence is the best defence, so he’s attempting to enrage everyone into his “channel” (destroying Republicans) — intimidation rather than sweet persuasion — or perhaps he’s too far gone, too filled with old-man rage to have any fear. (That rage is real — I’m 74 and I feel it sometimes — esp. when thinking about Biden!)

If the Republicans want to win in November, they should make their message more subtle and move quietly toward/into the Democrats’ positions. This way, they can offer some of the same programs or platforms that are popular amongst The Democrats, while still maintaining their conservative economic outlook and belief system. This might be an effective counter to the votes I predicted they would lose from the Roe v. Wade decision.

The FBI has always been corrupt. J. Edgar Hoover was a criminal who carried on secret wars against presidents and anyone else he didn’t like. (Remember the “J” factor with Trump, that “J”s are always after him, betraying him, accusing him — bad news in general. And there’s “J” Hoover.) It’s a historical fact now that Hoover’s FBI performed many illegal acts, including unauthorized wiretapping. That was in the 1950’s — and were still doing it when they illegally wiretapped President Trump’s home and office in 2015 and ’16. Has anybody paid for that treasonous crime? Not a soul; or one might say, not a Democrat.

There is only one cure: if and when the Republicans retake Congress, they should simply not renew the FBI’s funding. It is entirely their choice and mandate. Then those federal slimes can all go look for jobs in all the hollowed-out democratic city police forces, you know, the “defunded” ones. Unfortunately, that will then inject the poison of corruption into many civic police forces nation-wide. Or maybe, with unexpected wisdom, these cities will refuse to hire such corrupt gunslingers and evidence abusers.

Remember I told you in 2019/20 that Bill Barr (Attorney General under Trump) would betray his boss? Well, he’s been touring the left-wing media, proclaiming that Trump should not get a “Special Master” for the FBI’s grab of 21,000 documents (and Melania’s underwear) from Mar-A-Lago.

Now that a judge has indeed awarded Trump a Special Master to at least partially protect him against the FBI’s actions (*), Barr is touting this line: that Trump should not have been awarded a Special Master, and that he would lose it when the DOJ (*) appeals, and further, that the judge awarding Trump the S.M. in the first place, was/is a Trump toady.

If anything Barr — remember I pointed out his rapid blinking in 2019 — the mark of a liar — when he was promising that Russia hoaxers and the false impeachers would be found out and brought to justice? He knew at that time, while still officially working for Trump, that the FBI and others in the deep state would still attempt to crush Trump, even after all their former illegal attempts failed. Barr did not want to go down with Trump’s ship, so, rat-like, he abandoned him.

The disheartening part is that Barr did what he did from cowardice (obviously someone from the deep state had gotten to him) rather than principle. Barr the coward. Too bad. I thought he was going to be the voice of reason; instead, he has guaranteed himself a label — if history remembers him at all.

(*) The FBI/DOJ are essentially Biden’s S.S. — you know, the guys who rounded up the Jews for Hitler, but now the Jews are parents., etc.