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WEEKLY FORECAST ~ MAY 22 – 28, 2022


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*** All times / dates: Please remember that all time references (e.g., “dawn”) are PDTPacific DAYLIGHT Time zone. You can refer to the World Clock in the sidebar for more listings or Google ‘time zone converter’.

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START NOTHING:  0:19 am to 8:49 am Sun., 2:33 pm to 2:39 pm Tues., and 8:20 pm to 11:22 pm Thurs.


ALL SIGNS: Still two weeks of delays and indecision, so start no new relationships, projects or major purchases before June 3.

With Mercury retrograde for another 10 days, more “revelations” about the past are sure to come out. (People born when Mercury was retro, make good investigators, for police work or journalism.)



aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Bad investments, good income, but both disagree with friends, socializing. Do NOT join an investing club, nor run around on your mate. Jupiter brings an adventurous, lucky, travel-prone year — or scholastic, media success.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Bad relationships; be independent for best results. Career slow — do not quit! For best results, find a nice serene hidey-hole. Research, gov’t, management, institutional contacts go well, might be sources of wealth. Seek gov’t contracts, grants, etc. 

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Wishes come true. Popularity, optimism rise. Best thing you can do: join groups, clubs, etc. From this will come future fortune. Avoid hands-on work; delegate tasks. Gov’t treats you fairly. Higher learning, foreign travel, law, publishing, all go slowly — be moral, saintly here. You might wed a sexy person, or for sex.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Career and status luck abound, Cancer! Forget heavy romance, opt for light, social lovers. Marriage is a bit of a wrestling match. If single, you might pick a mate by sexual standards, but love enters, too. 

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

for career, not home. DO NOT buy real estate. Even selling it will be hard. Huge good luck in international, law, travel, academic, publishing areas. Relationships, marriage, seem a bit serious and dour. Mate complaining maybe? You will harmonize more with people much younger and older than you.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Great good luck in finances, research, sexual intimacy, and lifestyle changes. Relationships remain puzzling but intriguing. Be profound in thinking, speaking — reject superficial or casual opinions. Travel afar. Wisdom in international, law, travel, academic, publishing areas.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Invest, rather than spend or chase “temporary money.” Casual sex bad; deep, committed sex (and pregnancy) good. Let things brew — reject quick solutions. 

Huge good luck in relationships — many single Libras will marry or co-habitate this year ahead! You still have not found your final home, but probably will before 2025.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 2

Be inter-dependant, NOT independent, Scorpio. Go out, relocate, seek other horizons, form bonds, seek partners/associates, etc. Much hands-on work, so ask for a pay raise. An excellent year to seek employment, or a better, more lucrative job. Forget buying property, at least until after March 2023.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

 Avoid gov’t, head office and institutions. Rather than delegate work, do it yourself. That way, you won’t be left hanging because someone didn’t do the job. ROMANCE— it’s the best year in over a decade! If you’re married, attached, the year ahead is great for adventure, travel, the arts, creativity, sports, children’s learning, etc.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Pursue deep romance, Cap. Reject friendly love affairs — they, and groups, will disappoint you. Income will be slow. But this could be one of the best wealth-boosting years of your life: real estate, other domestic situations face great good luck until May ’23 — dive in, buy/sell property, food, security articles/systems, lumber, minerals — these, in ’22/23, hold one of the best chances of your life!

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Forget career and status efforts — do what you must, but no more. If you push the boss for a promotion, you might be demoted instead. But you will be wise, calm and fortunate on the home front, and with real estate or food and shelter careers. A lot of talk and travel — a busy year! Be curious, ask questions. You’ll travel frequently, and might gaze on a place you will move to in ’23/24.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Great money year, Pisces — put 90 % of your efforts into increasing your income. Avoid profound thoughts, higher learning, foreign people/places, lawsuits, publishing. DO dive into chats, short trips/visits, paperwork, and Taurus people. You usually like to be “unnoticed,” or in the background, where you can study others — this year, though, you might be bored by “solitude.”



Not sure if I earlier put this in the blog or not: May 2022 to May 2023, Bitcoin will stagnate; May ’23 to June ’24, Bitcoin surges again, and becomes either established, or is “killed.”

STRANGE STUFF: To occultists, coincidence simply does not exist. Recently, on May 10, the great good luck planet Jupiter entered Aries, which kicked off another 12.5 year luck/expansion circle of the zodiac. The same day, May 10, Mercury went retrograde. (12 hours before Jupiter entered Aries.) 

This hints that the source or core of our luck for the year ahead (and to some degree the decade ahead) lies in the past. Many of us might not even notice this as it happens, but for GEMINI and VIRGO the message is blunt and clear: your great good luck in ’22/23 does link to your past. 

For GEMINI, the year ahead will emphasize good luck in socializing, group activities and alliances, optimism, appealing to public desires, entertainment, and “friendly” love/sex. Somehow, this links to the past. A former lover? A group once part of your life, to be so again, or simply to “show up” in order to open a door to new paths?

The Jupiter entry was followed by Moon trine Uranus, a powerful friendship aspect. Mercury turned retro in Gemini, so this sign might have difficulty sorting through (good) options, or making decisions (i.e., which path leads to the best luck, finest love, etc.?). These questions are relevant, as Gemini is entering a new world. Because Jupiter is involved, many Geminis will marry. (For all Geminis, this “luck pattern” might affect the home, even a change of home.

For VIRGO, the year ahead emphasizes great luck in finances, investments (careful if expanding your debt load!), research and investigation, lifestyle changes, and medical issues and, finally, sexual intimacy. Because Jupiter is involved, Virgo’s property, home life, security, children/parents and “Mother Nature” are also involved. So which of these, Virgo, touches on your past? For all Virgos, this luck pattern and “link to the past” might also affect your career, prestige or worldly standing.

Elon Musk now (May 13) says his Twitter purchase is “on hold.” — Mercury retrograde! (News reports say Musk discovered Twitter has lied about the number of its users, exaggerating the amount by about 1 1/2 million every quarter.)

More Mercury retrograde — sudden shortage of baby formula, causing “50% shortage” in many U.S. states.

God Bless Rudy Giuliani for telling the Jan. 6 gestapo committee that he is willing to be interviewed by them — as per their subpoena — IF he can also record the interview/interrogation for himself. (The committee records these interrogations, but keeps them secret, unavailable to the public.) The committee has refused.

God Bless Bill Maher, too. (Maher’s a tv talk show-comedy show host.) In 2000, he opined on air, that the 9/11 Muslims who hijacked, then flew jumbo jets into the New York monolith of capitalism, “were not cowards.” (Bush, I think, had called them cowards.) “Call them anything you like,” he said, “but somebody who does that is not a coward.” For this statement, he was fired, banished from tv across the nation. Totally blacklisted in every direction. It was a case of the stupid punishing the truth-teller. 

A decade or more later, Maher has regained a late-night show. He is an avowed, committed Democrat, yet he calls out every Democratic trick and falsehood — often more effectively than the conservatives can. Maher is the only media personality or politician I have seen who holds the truth in more esteem than party affiliation. He makes Kimmel and that other obsequious, smarmy guy — Fallon — look like tissue paper.

Maher’s an Aquarian, btw. (Libra rising, Taurus moon.)

Bidenocrisy:  Joe Biden visits Buffalo after a White teen shoots, kills 11 Black people (and 3 Whites, I think). When last year a Black man killed 67 Whites, Biden refused to visit the grieving town, refused to even talk about it. What a phoney. It’s even more remarkable when you consider that Biden has always been an anti-black (and anti-Hindu and anti-anything not lily white) racist — but, like all people without character or backbone, he simply does what his cabal tells him to. (Basically, the left’s/Dem’s program is to ignore all White victims, but wildly bray their outrage about every Black death — except when a Black is the killer, which pertains in the majority of instances.)

I know I’m always knocking the Democratic Party in the U.S. Democrats were the slave owners who fought the north in the Civil War. (Which, BTW, Democrats started by firing on a Union ship.) But now this: Hitler was a Democrat. We should remember that he ascended to  dictatorship partly — mainly? — through violent riots akin to the ones present day Dems engage in with their military arms (in black rather than brown shirts): Antifa, and the (corrupt) BLM.  BLM founders and promulgators took in hundreds of millions of $ for the uplifting and protection of Blacks, then promptly siphoned it all off and bought themselves mansions — in pudgy Patrisse’s case, a few of them!

My question: if Black leaders hold their own people in such contempt, why should we whites respect them? We do, because they’re human beings, but politically we don’t. The Clintons, for example, have figuratively gone to the bathroom on Blacks for decades, jailing thousands of them for offences so minor they would not even be called offences in white society. (E.g., smoking a joint.) Yet these Blacks hang on to Hillary’s skirt-tails, vote for an avowed racist, Joe Biden, and (probably) still revere proven pervert Bill Clinton. Ah, well.

INFO WARS: there seem to be two main narratives being put forward by the two parties in the US. On the Democratic side, the bull horn is focused strongly on Jan. 6 and their attempt to frame it as an “insurrection” by Republicans and their “white supremacist” “core.” On the Republican side, there is a double-pronged “message” —  one, Hillary and her crooked crew committed many crimes during and after the 2016 election. And two, that the 2020 election was stolen — yes, criminally — by the Democrats.

(If the Dems fraudulently stole the 2020 election, which now appears almost certain after the film “2000 Mules,”  it explains why they are braying so loudly about a much less egregious “sin,” the subsequent “republican” riot on Jan. 6/21. Classic distraction. “Look! Look! That Republican stole a loaf of bread!” shouts the Democrat who is stabbing someone [Ms Democracy] to death.)

Right now, the democratic effort (Jan. 6 committee) seems to be mired in secrecy, unfair and duress-creating “interviews,” illegal jailings, using jail as a form of torture (solitary in a basement dungeon for 16 months and counting) unethical partisanship, and the throning of liars as judges (Adam Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, all proven liars and law-breakers. E.g., Pelosi ignoring all Covid mandates because she’s “special.” Or Schiff’s outrageous lies about Trump, all proven false.)

At the same time, the Republican “they stole the vote” campaign seems to be ascending — “2,000 Mules,” a film documenting — literally proving — the Dem voter fraud, has been released, Zukerman’s huge meddling has been exposed, etc. I’ve been a skeptic, but the proof now seems to indicate the Dems did form a mafia to destroy the voting process, and illegally “created” hundreds of thousands of phoney ballots. 

So the possibility is, we have one party which destroyed democracy by subterfuge (thru vote fraud) accusing the other party of trying to overthrow the “sacred, consecrated, sanctified, holy and untouchable” election results with their Jan. 6  protest riot.

BTW, if you want to see irrefutable, stunning “proof” of the 2020 election steal, find a film by Dinesh D’Souza called “2000 Mules.” It’s probably on Youtube, or Google, or you can buy it for ten bucks or whatever. What’s stunning is that the researchers did not count any mule who visited a democratic office, and then the ballot box, less than 5 times. In other words, they excluded massive portions of vote-stuffing, to focus on a core group that stuffed boxes at night, at least ten times — many did so 20+ times. Just that core poured enough fake votes into the ballot boxes, to illegally deny Trump’s election.