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START NOTHING:  11:58 pm Sun. to 0:21 am Mon., 1:50 am to 5:06 am Wed., and 7:14 am to 7:2 am Fri.



Oddly, almost every problem this week involves Mars (and therefore Gemini and Aries) — impulsivity, anger, aggression are pitfalls, so just chill and you should be fine.



aries icon  ARIES:  Mar. 21-April 19

Continue to lie low, Aries. Rest, ponder and plan, and deal with admin types, civil servants, etc. Your day is coming (starting next week). Friday begins to favour money and purchases for 3 + weeks. Might also bring intimacy with someone you’ve been “dancing” with.

Sunday’s for depths, secrets — daytime (PST) features financial opportunities. Wisdom, higher learning, law, cultural rites, media and far travel are sparked Mon./Tues. Monday’s splendid (after dawn PDT) but Tuesday is terrible — caution helps! Be ambitious Wednesday dawn to Friday dawn. Wednesday best — watch temper, impulsivity Thurs. Friday/Saturday bring happiness. Minor wishes will come true, and the pall of weariness lifts for awhile. Avoid computers Sat.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Popularity, acceptance, social joys, optimism and flirtations — these continue to buoy your heart, Taurus. Make a wish, (Write it down, fold twice, and put it under your mattress.) Your “attractiveness” has been hidden for some weeks — Thursday starts 3 weeks of grace, beauty/handsomeness — people see you as desirable. Your wild money ride (since last August) is about to end (March 25) so gather $, save. Someone talks about the future — a mutual future?

Sunday’s for relationships and exploration — you could find love! You go deeper Mon./Tues., to subconscious promptings, financial, sexual “truths” underlying surface appearances. Invest Monday. Tuesday needs much caution. Wisdom, mellowness, far travel, cultural rites, law, media and profound ideas/morals fill Wed./Thurs. Wed.’s great, Thurs. needs care. Be ambitious Fri./Sat. A good interval, but avoid computers, software, Sat. (Don’t buy.)

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Continue with ambitious actions, Gemini. This area — career, ambitions, worldly status — will demand more effort now to 2026. State your case in personal relationships. Turn away from anything/body beginning with the “k” sound. You have to chase your dreams now, little time left. The path to those dreams lies in a social area — I.e., through groups.

Tackle chores Sunday — success. (Unemployed? Seek, this day.) Relationships, opportunities, distant locales, public dealings arise Mon./Tues. Monday’s great; Tuesday’s awful. The deeper side of all these seeps into your consciousness Wed./Thurs., opening doors through your commitment to financial, medical, lifestyle, research and sexual “deals.” A mellow, gentle love steals over you Fri./Sat. You’re attracted to far travel, law, culture, learning, and love. An Aquarian might figure prominently, but he/she has a “contrary streak.”


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

One last week of mellow, gentle love, Cancer (for someone, or for all humankind). Law, culture, far travel, world-wide concerns, import-export, higher learning, media and profound ideas remain favoured areas. Someone’s willing to talk about these things. Soon, a woman will enter who can show you the way to fulfilling your wishes about life.

Sunday’s for romance, creativity, beauty and pleasure. All’s good! Tackle chores Mon./Tues. — exercise much caution daytime/night Tues. Relationships buoy your heart Wed./Thurs. — but don’t argue Thursday. Life’s depths — lust, desire for power, finances, lifestyle and medical concerns — rise to the surface Fri./Sat. A pretty good interval, but little will happen unless you commit yourself. Avoid computers Sat.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Hey, Leo. Still in the depths of financial, sexual, medical, lifestyle and “research” influences. If investing, focus on furniture, land, food Sunday, love (as an investment) Monday, or any investment March 19/20 (next week). Your dreams are closer to manifesting — a social group, connection, or an Aries, can help. (In fact, the Aries might be your wish!) Confidential discussions all week. Thursday to mid-April, higher-ups favour you. (Then thru April, wishes can come true via someone’s wedding.)

Sunday’s for home, family — good stuff. Romance, beauty, pleasure, creativity visit you Mon./Tues. —Monday’s okay, Tuesday’s grim. Tackle chores Wed./Thurs. Lots of success, but back off Thurs. Relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons enter Fri./Sat. — exciting meetings, but not with the one  you’ll marry. (If married, spouse is happy, affectionate, but contrary — could be humorous!)


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Relationships still rule, Virgo, at least until March 20, when they dive into deeper clinches and commitments. Grab opportunities. Be diplomatic — others hold the power. Relocation possible. Now (starting last week) to 2026, if single, you will tend to marry a romantic ideal. Or in reverse: someone approaches you for a practical reason and you end up going goo-goo. Continue to placate higher-ups. (This need, crucial since August/22, will end March 25.) Quick sexual clinches still possible, but time’s short.

Sunday’s for communications, travel, paperwork — all good, and love hovers, too. Be home, hug the kids, Mon./Tues. Start NOTHING important Tues. —caution flags fly. Romance, beauty, pleasure, sports, creativity visit you Wed./Thurs. Great, but be cautious late morning onward (PDT) Thurs. Tackle chores, eat sensibly, Fri./Sat. — all’s well, but avoid computers, electricity, Sat.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Last week (well, 9 days) of drudgery and health complaints, Libra. Continue to avoid (and not create) lawsuits. (This danger passes March 25.) Others treat you with affection and receptivity — but Thursday, relationships turn deeper for 3 weeks; it will be all or nothing, make your choice. (I’d choose all, at least March 20 onward — your love/partner luck has seldom been so high.) Lots of work discussions, but not followed up by lots of work.

Sunday’s for shopping, collecting money — ask for a raise. Good interval. Errands, communications and paperwork fill Mon./Tues. Monday’s lucky, but be very cautious Tues. Your home and family, nature, security, deep naps — all call you Wed./Thurs. Wednesday’s fine; Thursday’s difficult. Romance lifts your mood Fri./Sat. An easy, creative 2 days, but “true love” this probably isn’t.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Romance, creativity, risk/reward, adventures, beauty, pleasure — these remain your “best time”  this week and a bit of next. So if you’re chasing someone, get going! Speak or write — your words can charm someone now. Co-workers are gracious, affectionate — until late Thursday, when this sweet luck switches to “non work” relations. (But work itself remains heavy, big — but with big potential rewards — until mid-May.)

Your energy and charisma are stops Sunday — if single, get out and — you know. You can conquer love’s peaks now. Chase $, shop, ask for a pay raise Mon. — same influence Tuesday, but your goals suddenly face many obstacles. (Biggest of all: self-deception.) Errands, communications, paperwork fill Wed./Thurs. Wednesday’s great — Thursday’s “crippled.” Slow down, head for a rest at home, Fri./Sat. Both days fine, hug the kids, dig out a swimming hole, paint the walls, whatever. Take care with relationships Saturday mid-morn (PDT).


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This week, plus next Sun./Mon., are the last of a domestic phase. Use it to establish how family will deal with each other, to garden, buy furniture, secure your family, start kids’ education funds, etc. Others remain “fiery” — quick to snarl at you, quick to purr also. A Gemini or Aries might be involved. Remember, crucially: a loving approach breeds love; a demanding or contesting approach will spark some pretty tough, even violent, opposition. Important, as you could land true love between now and mid-May. Your creative skills are tops, same period. (If already married, your children will “amaze” you with happy talents.)

Sunday’s for rest, contemplation — forgive everyone everything since your birth, then make plans. Your energy and charisma surge upward Mon./Tues. (But you remain a bit tired.) Monday’s fine — Tuesday’s terrible. Chase $, ask for a raise, shop, have “fun sex” Wed./Thurs. Same pattern: Wed.’s fine, Thursday holds obstacles, anger — and defeat if you pursue these. Errands, communications and paperwork fill Fri./Sat. An easy interval, but be alert around machines, computers, electricity (and relationships) Saturday morning (PDT).


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This is your last week of unimportant action, Cap but important “information gathering.” Errands, communications, paperwork, magazines, reports, etc., fill the days. Next week, you begin a month of supreme good fortune in real estate, family, home, food and shelter, child care, and similar areas. “Study” for this. (E.g., if looking for a new home, start perusing all the real estate ads.) Family remains affectionate. (But Thursday ends this, sends your affection outward — to romance if single.)

Wishes can come true Sunday — and those errands, communications can open doors. Retreat, lie low, rest, contemplate and plan Mon./Tues. Careful Tuesday — strange fights, anger at deception. Your energy and charisma soar Wed./Thurs. Get out, start things, be “present.” Wednesday’s fine, but you face some obstacles Thurs. Chase $,ask for a pay raise, shop, welcome casual intimacy Fri./Sat. Both days are fine, but don’t chase romance, nor gamble.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Chase money, Aquarius. Ask for a pay raise, issue invoices, etc. Buy and sell. Hug a casual link. Your romantic urges remain strong, until March 25. Take advantage, esp. March 20 to 24 (next week). You might spend on love now, or someone “gifts” you. Gemini, Aries figure prominently.

Be aware of your status, be ambitious, Sunday — good results, esp. $-wise. Wishes can come true Mon./Tues. A light, friendly, happy mood makes you optimistic and popular these 2 days, but beware Tuesday’s gauntlet of refusals. (A “madness” or fantasy about love could spark anger, other problems.) Retreat to rest, ponder and plan Wed./Thurs. Liaise with gov’t or administration types. Wednesday good; Thursday not so much — anger, impulsiveness, maybe accident potential. Your energy and charisma surge upward Fri./Sat. Get out, see and be seen, give rejects a push (or start one) — You’re on top, so ask for what you want/need.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Your energy, charisma, timing and clout are still tops, Pisces. So get out there and get things done, ask for favours, demand your rights, start projects, woo someone. Your “gift of the gab” is high this week. Money is favoured until Thursday. Good time to buy a luxury item, or a gift for your love. (Your money luck remains unusually high until mid-May — only 2 months away. Think about doing something that raises your income permanently.)

Sunday’s wise, mellow, gently loving. (Love can succeed.) Be ambitious, status-conscious Mon./Tues. Monday’s great; Tuesday’s awful, littered with old dreams, impossible dreams, and family opposition to your goals. (Silence is perhaps your best stance.) Popularity, optimism, social joys, flirts and entertainment lift your heart Wed./Thurs. Wednesday’s good, a wish might come true, but Thursday’s difficult, might say “No” to a money plan. Chase $ Fri./Sat. — shop, pay, collect, ask for a pay raise, etc. A casual embrace might tumble into an intimate interlude. Wee disruption possible Saturday morning (PDT).



You know, I wouldn’t despair over the present state of the USA. Sure, there are conflicts and falsehoods and nastiness everywhere. But American history is full of this stuff. In addition, from a macro point of view, the USA is going through an upheaval which reflects a deep change in political and other philosophies. In 1984, in this column, I wrote that all present political systems would be transformed between 1983 and 2229. I predicted China would become capitalist, and the U.S.A. (and democratic nations in general) would also transform, perhaps becoming more socialist/communist. But the “third” state structure will be a true new step in politics and humanity. The new structure will be neither communist nor capitalist, but something unknown. (Yet we will receive strong hints of this new structure from March 2023 to 2043 AD.

This process has been underway for at least two decades in China. There, the communists turned toward capitalism… Quite successfully. Now it’s America’s turn — and has been, since about 2016.

What Nancy Pelosi and the leftist thugs comprising the J6 committee have done, is to ensure, solidify and sharpen the hatred of over 1,000 enemies who will never respect the corrupt American state. Some of these people will, 2023 to 2042, become violent enemies of the state. When the explosions occur, think Nancy Pelosi, (Scorpio Moon( Chuck Schumer (Scorpio Sun), Liz Cheney (Leo Sun) and all of the J6 dwarfs.

(Bad Scorpios keep secrets, operate secretly, and hate exposure. Good Scorpios can virtually be saints. Many become AID workers, doctors and benefactors.  Scorpios are among the most loyal of signs. Leos — Cheney — are just stubborn.)

The UK government has blacklisted all books by  C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Orwell — among others — claiming these authors ‘radicalize’ kids and steer them toward becoming terrorists! If you’ve ever read any of these authors, you should be in shock at England’s attempt to destroy its own citizenry. Orwell was probably banned because his “1984” is an uncanny, precise description of what the UK and other gov’ts are trying to do right now: shut down all thought, communication and expression that does not come from a government agency. Biden is committed to this path, also.

You think this is fantasy or a conspiracy theory? Well, here’s a solid fact: Earlier this week, a British woman was arrested because she was standing on a public sidewalk, praying in her head, silently. I saw a video clip of this: the British cop, a stupid lackey for the oppressing government, as most cops are, asked this woman if she was silently praying. She said yes. He said, Then I’ll have to arrest you. It’s against the law to pray silently, in your head. Uh, thought police anyone? Orwell and 1984 anyone? (Oh, yes, he did arrest her.)

C.S. Lewis was probably blacklisted because the Lion in The Chronicles of Narnia isn’t a woman with a penis or a man with a vagina. Tolkien? Well, Lord of the Rings — the very title must mean something illegal! It must be fascist, because the other “Rings” cycle consisted of 4 operas by Wagner, a German. Though he wrote these operas in the 1870’s or thereabout, they must have been early proto-fascist music — you can’t trust those Germans —  and Tolkien was giving us a secret message by using the word “rings” in his titles. Maybe the whole series (Lord of the Rings) is a coded manifesto, a subconscious message to children to grow up to be terrorists and kill their own mothers and fathers. I mean, heck, C.S. Lewis (who I suspect was a pacifist) — must be carving out for his pre-teen readers a direct path to radical violence.

Funny how the democrats want to ban Dr. Seuss’ books (yes, again not a conspiracy theory — they have actually banned these delightful books in many school libraries in America). Why? Because they carry the wrong political message, yet they place pornographic books of all kinds (anal, fellatio, etc.)  in children’s and school libraries.

On a similar note: Scholastic Publishing just went through all of Stine’s books (he’s the most popular author by sales among teens) and removed every “non-woke” word or phrase and published these “revised” books WITHOUT STINE’S PERMISSION OR KNOWLEDGE. “Crazy” became “silly” and such words as “slavery” were either replaced with a politically correct phrase using 5 words to Stine’s 1, or simply deleted. Typical. The Left never feels it needs permission to attack, destroy, banish, cancel, dox or otherwise do what it likes. “Right makes Might,” they claim, “And we’re always right!”

Okay, I just have to mention this: A writer for “THE HILL” recently noted that over 60% of young men are single, while only slightly over 30% of females are unattached. (A sidelight: reports say 30% of young women describe themselves as depressed. Yet men commit suicide at 4 X the rate of women. So who is the oppressed sex?)

We could fiddle with ages a bit, and proclaim that most young women marry old codgers. (Motive?)  Otherwise, these stats look ridiculous. If less than 40% of men are “married,”” yet 70% of women are “married,” that means about 30% of men have 2 wives.

Take a room of 200 people — 100 men, 100 women. (And trans can go play with themselves, or, as Biden would prefer, with 3 and 5 year old children.) Now, if 40 of those men, and 70 of those women are married, let’s assume they’re married to each other. So, attached couples leave the room. That leaves 30 women to 60 men. Say 30 couples unite from this remaining crowd, and they leave the room. What’s left? 30 males w/o prospects, as women no longer exist in the pool. That’s ridiculous. Overall, nature produces an equal number of boys and girls. What happened to 30% of all women? If there are age differences that explain this phenomena…I.e., probably occurring from women marrying older men who are not part of the age strata, identified in the “Hill” article simply by the word “young.” So 3 of 10, or virtually every third woman, one woman in 3, marries someone much older. (Again, motive?) Look around you: does this seem to be the case?

Are teenage girls spurning teenage boys and opting to chase that guy with a beard? Say a classroom holds 40 students, 20 female. Does this mean 7 of those females — 7 in every class in America — intend to — and do — marry old men? (Not merely older men — as “young men”must mean 18 yrs to 30 yrs old? So a 25 yr male would not appeal to 1/3rd of females aged 18 to 24, or even to 30. These females must, if conforming to the statistics, marry men over 30.  Even 18 year old females must — one-third of ‘em — marry someone over 30.

Does this comport with what you see in everyday life?

Of course, there’s also the possibility that women lie about their marital status. (We know that in surveys men tend to overstate, and women to understate, their sexual encounters.)

Or am I missing something?

Joe Biden has made good on his promise to raise taxes on those “gouging” oil and gas companies. Apple pays 15 % taxes annually (as do most tech companies).  Pfizer, the drug company that made all those vaccines that were not vaccines, pays 9% annual taxes. The oil and gas companies that Biden plans to raise taxes on, already pay 35% annual taxes. But they’re the “gougers,” not Pfizer.

Did you know the American Psychological Assn. has declared that masculinity is harmful? They completely buy into the “toxic masculinity” smears. The frightening thing is: this A.P.A. sets the courses for all psychology schools. In other words, EVERY psychology student (and later practitioner or prof) is taught that masculinity is a poison, and that trans, incest, pedophiles, women, gays, adult men penetrating boys anally, etc. are not only accepted and embraceable, but are at the forefront of new thought — which they are, in a sense — the forefront of folly.

The A.P.A., by the way, believes there are no mental or brain differences between men and women — contrary to virtually every other scientific/biological study. What dolts. Never trust a psychologist, especially those who talk like snake oil salespeople. In other words, 95% of ‘em.

If boys are taught (as they are at present) that masculinity — in other words, being a boy — is a shameful thing, then 30% of boys might take this to heart, and NOT pursue women, because that will only highlight their poisonous side (masculinity) and make them  vulnerable to the crowd (the A.P.A., Teacher’s Union, FBI, Biden, Ministry of Truth, 1,000 queers) that will pour shame on them for even attempting to approach a woman.

I forget their name, but you’ve surely heard about an organization of men who claim to have been forced into celibacy by women’s rejection, and have decided (I think?) to reject anything female… ah well….

Unite and untie — 2 words almost exactly the same (the “i” and “t” are switched) — yet they bear almost exactly opposite meanings.

This is just for American (U.S.) readers: Congress has discovered that Bank of America spied on ALL its customers — ILLEGALLY — for the FIB. I wouldn’t keep my money is such a two-faced criminal bank.

This last week, I’ve spent 18 hours on the phone with the Canada Revenue Agency. I’ve never met a more incompetent and ignorant group of people. You might or might not know this, but I’ve been “handicapped” since my teen years with drug-resistant tremors. This allows you to deduct approx. $ 9,000 of income from both federal and provincial tax returns. But you have to renew your Disability Certificate every 5 years. So I renewed it in early 2021, and submitted it with my personal tax return. But CRA, in their wisdom, refused the deduction for the 2020 and 2021 returns. They charged me an extra $9,000 tax. They claim the certificate was never submitted, What liars. Why would I NOT submit it w/ my return?

So when they claimed this, I mailed them a SECOND copy of the certificate. They still refuse to admit they received it. This “lost in the mail” situation has been exacerbated by the REFUSAL of CRA to have an office within 2,000 miles of Vancouver, B.C. (The closest office was Winnipeg, in central Canada, then they closed that one down, too! So if you want to actually sit down with the taxman, you have to pay for an airline ticket — over $1,000 return — and hotel — in (I guess) Toronto, 3,000 miles from Vancouver. In fact, the main CRA office is in Summerside, PEI — 6,000 miles away! This means you cannot submit any doc to CRA and get a receipt for it. You have to mail it: and they can repeatedly claim they didn’t receive it.

So I went to the Ombudsman to complain. But the Ombudsman says you cannot approach them until you make a “service” complaint to CRA. The ombudsman won’t touch you unless the CRA complaint has been activated and answered. So I spend hours navigating the CRA’s impossible website, and finally fill out this complaint, but — but! — there is nowhere to send it! There is no submit button. Your text/complaint just sits there, goes nowhere. (Making it impossible to proceed to the Ombudsman.) This process is controlled by CRA. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ombudsman is paid by CRA. Ever since Covid, this organization has fallen into chaos.