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  1. Jay89

    Hi Tim,

    In the Libra karmic forecast for November’18 to May 2020 you wrote its a good time to make a career switch. You also mention it is not a good time for changing homes, renovations or real estate purchase.
    What if starting a new amazing career requires me to move cities?

    Thank You!!

  2. mkizlyk

    Hi Tim

    thank you for your column, you are always spot on!

    I have a question I am Gemini and you wrote the best time to buy a house is 2019, we actually put an offer on a house end of Oct 2018 and are waiting to sell our home, who knows if it will sell in a week or 8 weeks with this slow market in Abbotsford, but if we did finalize it in December would that be close enough to 2019 or should we delay it til Jan or April?


    1. Tim Stephens

      msHi, mkizlnyk (Maureen),

      Yes, Dec.’s fine. The realty luck starts early Nov./18 and ends Dec. 2019. But the realty luck is for Virgos — the relocation luck is Gemini’s (much the same thing, except Geminis house purchase might not be a fruitful financial investment (but still brings you to a luckier place).



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