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  1. LunaLook

    Dear Tim, I have been reading your predictions every week for years. It is nice to read you, you are different and your use of words is clear and clear, also for non-native speakers like me. you seem like a lovely man. My question why is the predictions not updated on the platform like the annual horoscope 2023? Do you have another paid site where we can read that? Thanks for your answer, would love to read the updates

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Luna,

      I don’t write the year ahead and the major planet transits (e.g., Pluto now in Aquarius for 20 years). I’ll be 75 in 12 days, so I’ve stopped writing therm. It just takes too much time.


      1. LunaLook

        Lieve Tim, begrijp ik helemaal , 75 jaar is een mooie gezegende leeftijd , lekker doen waar jezelf plezier en energie uit haalt. Van harte hoop ik dat je lang zult blijven schrijven op dit forum, en dank voor je reactie.

  2. kymhiggins11@gmail.com

    I hope you are feeling better soon. I look forward to reading your thoughts on politics and the world and your short stories. Please know that many do not thank you publicly but appreciate you

  3. Dmisdm

    I loved your idiotic defense of the slow reaction of Uvalde police. What secret information do you have asserting their poor performance was based on the ‘ low quality’ of replacement officers due to defunding.
    In your typical fashion of throwing up speculation on all matters political, your recent declaration excusing Texas, the most gun loving state of all, was a real hoot. Of all the states, it is doubtful any funds were diverted for managing law enforcement. In fact, I don’t even know what states, have started those measures. But YOU do?
    For all the gas the governor Greg Abbott releases in the defense of guns, he has yet to do anything to provide mental health facilities- or any provisions he finds are the real culprit in gun violence. That won’t come probably until the violence visits his neighborhood of affluent, White, NRA sycophants . I hope he develops some sense before then. Uvalde proved what a punch of p****** people supporting the 2nd Amendment, in the most literal terms, can be even with full body armor, high tech weapons and countless like-minded enforcers. Lets blame the whole thing on the teacher who may not have closed the exit door properly. Why not? Likely one of those Demon-crats.
    I’m not even going to debate what should be done or not. You are not a debater, just an extremely delusional Right wing extremist who gets their news from some basement- dwelling ham radio operator. I can’t believe your hate- mongering site is even permitted. If you were as consistent speaking in inflammatory criticism of the Canadian government you wouldn’t last because, thank God , there are laws against hate speech.
    And correcting you on a separate matter, right wingers were opposed to going into Ukraine, based on old and/or fake news about an unscrupulous government, presumably all Nazis.

    Get a grip.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hey, Dmisdm (or Dismal)
      I am not a researcher, not a political pundit. I am only a person with one heart, one moral compass, guessing at the subterranean forces intricately flowing and ebbing in our society. (For your information, Canada has one-millionth the load of hate speech the U.S. carries.) You depend on facts, yet admit you cannot access any facts. Hopeless position. That’s partly why I use intuition, etc.

  4. Jay89

    Hi Tim,

    In the Libra karmic forecast for November’18 to May 2020 you wrote its a good time to make a career switch. You also mention it is not a good time for changing homes, renovations or real estate purchase.
    What if starting a new amazing career requires me to move cities?

    Thank You!!

  5. mkizlyk

    Hi Tim

    thank you for your column, you are always spot on!

    I have a question I am Gemini and you wrote the best time to buy a house is 2019, we actually put an offer on a house end of Oct 2018 and are waiting to sell our home, who knows if it will sell in a week or 8 weeks with this slow market in Abbotsford, but if we did finalize it in December would that be close enough to 2019 or should we delay it til Jan or April?


    1. Tim Stephens

      msHi, mkizlnyk (Maureen),

      Yes, Dec.’s fine. The realty luck starts early Nov./18 and ends Dec. 2019. But the realty luck is for Virgos — the relocation luck is Gemini’s (much the same thing, except Geminis house purchase might not be a fruitful financial investment (but still brings you to a luckier place).



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