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 – Doris Day

ASTROLOGY Forecast: This horoscope is for the week of April 28 to May 4, 2019. To read the present weeks’ forecast, scroll down to RECENT POSTS in the menu to the right and click on April 21 to 27th.

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START NOTHING: 2:44 am to 3:11 pm Sun., 2:57 pm Tues. to 3:24 am Wed., and 1:47 am to 1:18 pm Fri.


Some possibility of a minor recession in 2020, but mostly 2021/22. (I think partly due to FinTech’s effect on banks.) 2023/24 is quite weird and jumbled, but I’ll look at it then. (MORE in the AFTERAMBLE.)
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I am NOT a Republican. I’m a Democrat, and am deeply embedded in many of their ideals. I believe in world citizenship, free college and medical care. However, I can’t join the social disdain, character assassination, slander, calumny, and above all injustice practised by CNN, MSNBC, N.Y. TIMES, etc. That’s why, like Democrat Alan Dershowitz, I defend Trump against the Democrats. BUT I ONCE AGAIN PROMISE TO NEVER EVER DISCUSS POLITICS!! (after this)
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Why isn’t there a law labelled “obstruction of injustice?”
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ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Remember, all 2019 favours legal matters, international activities (including far travel), higher education, cultural rites (e.g., weddings), publishing/media, and fame. But this year also presents problems in career and status zones. DO NOT change careers before May 6, 2020. (Your career will be very lucky May-December 2020.)

This week shines the spotlight on money, earnings, bargains, increasing clients, etc. Until 2026, your earnings and your social life will hold hands. You remain talkative, affectionate, opportunity-oriented, and restless (wanderlust?) now to mid-May. A “light” love affair is quite possible (in which sensuality outweighs any heart song).

Sunday begins socially, but little comes of this. Mid-afternoon through Tuesday enervates you. Lie low, rest deeply, and interface with civil servants, agents and advisors. Ponder and plan. Almost everything runs smoothly, but later Tues. needs some caution, in speech/writing/driving early, and in legal, travel or ethical areas.

Your energy and clout surge back Wed. to noon Fri. (PDT). Start things, ventures, in travel, law, education, love, but be cautious in career, and with authorities. Chase money Fri. eve through Sat. — splendid time to launch a money project, contact new clients, etc. A sexual liaison might begin (if so, this person might become a good friend eventually).

taurus weekly forecast TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

This is your time, Taurus! You’re at a yearly peak of energy, clout, effectiveness, timing and charisma. (And will stay that way until late May.) Start something significant. (While you’re mulling that, remember 2019 is very lucky for you in investment, finance, sexual, pregnancy, lifestyle choice, medical, research and investigation areas .but that legal, educational, far travel and similar zones need caution all year, even into spring 2020. Also realize that for the next 7 years, your personality and your career/reputation will hold hands.

Right now, money flows to you swiftly, but also flows away — try to stem the outgoing part! Dealings with government agencies, institutions (universities, hospitals, banks, etc.) are still important into mid-May. You should benefit from these.

Sunday brings pressure early, but be easy — nothing comes of “extra effort.” This eve through Tuesday lights the spark of delight in you — happiness reigns! You’ll be popular, optimistic, flirty and lucky. But be cautious anyway Tuesday, with small money in the morning (PDT) and with big money (e.g., investments) later.

Retreat briefly Wed. to noon Fri. Rest, contemplate, plan, and interact with civil servants, nurses, advisors, agents, psychics, etc. Research, finances, medical and intimate matters go well, but be cautious with ethical, legal, far travel, cultural, advertising and higher education zones. (This caution exists Tues. pm, too.) Your energy and charisma soar Fri. pm through Sat. — start significant projects, make new contacts,  be a leader — you’re on the success path!

GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Go slow, Gemini. Your energy and charisma are at an annual low — a 4-week “rest period” – and you’re in the 2nd week of it. Spend a lot of time pondering, analyzing, planning — and drifting into spiritual or related zones. Be charitable. Forgive those old enemies who were as misguided as yourself. Complete neglected chores.

Remember, when planning future actions, your great opportunity in 2019 involves: partnership, relocation, dealing with the public, negotiation and agreements/contracts, and opportunities themselves. Though your charisma is down, your sexual magnetism remains unusually high, to mid-May. Also to early/mid-May, your optimism continues, especially about social situations and life goals.

Sunday’s mellow, thoughtful, gently loving… but little of note occurs. This afternoon (PDT) through Tues. spotlights your career, worldly reputation, and dealings with authorities. (If Canadian, better submit your taxes!) Many things go well, making this a good time to angle toward a promotion. But be careful with relationships, and speaking your mind too impulsively.

Midweek, Wed. to midday Friday, brings a light heart, optimism, friendly romance, good luck, a wee popularity boost, and entertainment. A wish might come true about love, relocation or an agreement, but be cautious with finances, investment, medical problems, secrets and sex. Your tiredness expands Fri. afternoon through Sat. Rest, retreat, and re-read the first 4 lines of this message. All’s well, no problems!

CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Wishes can come true in the 3 weeks ahead, Cancer! (If wondering what to wish for, remember that 2019 holds luck, maybe huge luck, in health, work, services, machinery, etc. For example, this is a great year to buy machinery, to hire service personnel, or to find solid employment.)

Life is bringing you a wider social group, joie de vivre, popularity, entertainment, optimism, and friendly love. Celebrate, hold a party. Issue and accept invitations. Continue to avoid dark alleys and dangerous people/places until mid-May. Also avoid collusion in your career zone. You won’t need it — your career, and bosses, are fortunate and filled with “good feeling” until early-mid-May.

Sunday’s for work, but go slow as much of it won’t get done, or needn’t be done. This afternoon (PDT) through Tues. brings a mellow, gently loving, understanding mood. Intellectual, travel, media, international, cultural and philosophical interests get a nice boost, but be mildly careful, Tues., with career and gov’t types this morning, and with “work ethics” (and machinery) later in the day.

Do plunge into career zones/goals Wed. to noon Fri.  Good luck here, if you work hard for career aims; but be quite cautious with relationships, “opportunities,” agreements, and potential enemies. Friday pm and Sat. bring the whole theme of these weeks: joy, social delight, popularity, optimism, flirting/friendly romance, and wish fulfillment — plunge in!

Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Career pressures, your worldly status, prestige relations, dealings with authorities, even “marital status” — all are in focus until late May. You can climb another rung of ambition’s ladder. If making choices, remember that for the next 7 years your rise will be inextricably intertwined with a relationship or partnership, the public’s reaction to you, and the agreements, negotiations you enter into, and, perhaps, relocation.

If you reject or fight these (e.g., competing with someone rather than joining) you could move downwards rather than rise. Some of this will become clearer Fri. afternoon (PDT) through Sat., when your ambitions are emphasized, and in fortunate ways — do something these two days!

Earlier, Sunday brings relationships, but nothing  comes of them (except, perhaps, a hint of this new relationship-affecting status trend). Sunday mid-afternoon through Tues. brings mysteries, depths, sexual urges, financial insights/actions, lifestyle choices, research and medical concerns. These will be touched by mild good luck, but stay away from romance and socializing — these putz out.

Mid-week, Wed. to Fri. noon, steers you toward broad vision, gentle love, far travel, legalities, and cultural and intellectual involvements. That’s good, I guess, but don’t take action here — large obstacles exist, and will, for awhile. (Still, these areas generally are favoured to mid-May.) But romance, pleasure and creative flurries are touched with a wand of luck! Friday eve and Sat. are for ambitions, career — charge ahead!

VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Ah, sweet harmony (mostly mental) floats around and in you, for 3 more weeks. School, far travel, gentle love, social and cultural rituals, media/publishing, legal and philosophical questions — these become prominent. Realize that for the 7 years ahead, these themes will be attached to work (most likely) or health — and machinery.

Recent trends toward secrets and research, sexual and financial commitments, still exist until mid-May, but in reduced form. A river has become a creek. Those commitments/actions, however, play a key role in career or “face the music” arenas, also to mid-May. For instance, that secret night you spent with the boss’s daughter/son might now cause your boss to display a bit of impatience. You might alter or change your career or career environment.

Sunday starts with chores or a wee health complaint — but little lasts. By this mid-afternoon (PDT) relationships loom larger, and loom thus through Tues. — in many ways, to Saturday. Co-operation, good feeling, opportunities and public dealings hover around you — welcome them: good fortune embraces relationships.

Be cautious with sex, finances and career Tues. morning; and with home, real estate this afternoon. Those lustful urges, financial depths and opportunities, lifestyle and medical decisions fill mid-week (Wed. through Fri. noon). Now these (sex, home, finances) are fortunate, but steer far clear of romance, creative projects, gambling, and heedless words. This week’s (and month’s) purpose are “condensed” Fri. pm and Sat. Re-read the first 3 lines above — all’s good, charge ahead!

LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You’ll be busy all 2019 with relationships, most of them casual, friendly, almost “in passing.” But the last few weeks might have brought a more important relationship development, which is still “active” (though less so) until mid-May. In fact, if single, you might be discussing or contemplating the idea of marrying. (If attached, the idea of travel, learning.) (DO NOT launch a law suit before May 16, and be a bit reluctant even after that.)

The main emphasis this week and the next 2 lies in the heavier, deeper, more consequential sides of relating: e.g., physical intimacy, pregnancy/birth, supplying or receiving the funding to fulfill an earlier agreement, investigating, research, commitment and consequence. For 7 years ahead, this arena will be strongly affected by (and will affect) romance, creative urges, self-expression, games and gambling, and pleasure. E.g., a romance can quickly become intimate and raise questions about the future. Or you might throw money at a creative project.

Sunday’s romantic, filled with beauty, but little comes of it. This afternoon (PDT) through Tuesday brings chores, service personnel, employment issues, machinery, and “daily health” concerns (e.g., enough vitamins?). These will succeed very nicely, so march forth. But be cautious in relationship/legal/travel zones Tues. morning, and with talk/travel Tues. afternoon.

Midweek (Wed. to midday Fri.) emphasizes relationships — which, it seems, face obstacles, mostly domestic ones. Listen: you are not dealing with an easy future mate prospect here, but with light, friendly contacts, and possibly with romance that should be enjoyed, but not relied upon for “deep anchor.” Not a good time to commit to large money outlays. If in doubt, sign nothing.

Friday pm and Sat. bring these week’s main theme: sex, large finances, secrets, medicine, commitment and consequence. Luck rides with you, so charge ahead — commit!

SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Relationships fill the 3 weeks ahead, Scorpio. Be co-operative, diplomatic and eager to join now to mid-May, for others will hold the cards, and their advantage can be your advantage if you join them. Realize the 7 years ahead will inject an element of domesticity, relaxation and “unpredictable oddness” into your relations. Others might be hard to pin down (here today, gone tomorrow) or will be “instant committers” (or both). You might notice this Fri. pm and Sat., when relations are top priority, and lucky!

Until mid-May, work continues, and remains rather interesting, with little secrets and affectionate co-workers. You might be consciously or unconsciously trying to change your job, on deep levels. Or your job might require research. Your sexual side is ripe with urges — good, okay, unless these urges interfere with romance. (Romance should win.)

Sunday nudges you to stay at home or putter around the ‘hood. Relax, nothing’s important, nor launch-ready. Sunday afternoon (3 pm PDT) through Tuesday showers you with romance and beauty, pleasure and adventure, creative and speculative urges. All’s fortunate in these, but exercise caution around sex and finances, Tues. morning and afternoon.

Tackle chores midweek (Wed. to midday Fri.). Eat, dress sensibly, improve your nutrition. Be aware that communications, travel, expressing your opinion, and tools, might prevent success. If this occurs, note it, and resolve to change it (for the problem can last 6 more years if you ignore it). But, earnings, pay, will swell — a nice surprise! I’ve mentioned Fri. pm, Sat., above — relationships might not be gold, but they’re sure silver!

SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Tackle chores, Sage — the 3 weeks ahead are chock-full of them. Keep your health up — eat and drink, rest and dress sensibly. You might start a new job or a new job project Fri. pm and Saturday, or buy tools/machinery — good, all’s fine. (BTW, if you are unemployed, this is a good time — both this Fri./Sat. and the whole 3 weeks ahead — to look/apply for employment. Late May to late June will be a good time also, for it will tend to offer higher paying positions.)

Though drudgery surrounds you these weeks, a streak of romance lives, into mid-May. This streak keeps a golden cord alive between you and someone who could be a lively, “equal” mate to you. Also to mid-May, relationships in general are feisty, impulsive, quick to go to extremes. Be calm.

Sunday’s for errands, calls, reading the news — nothing important. This afternoon (3 pm PDT) through Tuesday steers you toward domesticity: home, kids, garden, nature, security, and real estate, etc. All succeeds here — except relationships, Tues. morning and afternoon. (Work alone.)

Romance, love, charming kids, beauty and pleasure fill midweek (Wed. to Fri. noon). One relationship here will succeed in a way that enthuses you, but most romantic and creative urges stumble on the rocks of money or possessiveness. Friday pm and Sat. are described above — great time to seek employment, buy machinery or go at those chores.

CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Yes, you’ve been under some pressures lately, but now a streak of pleasure — romance for singles — helps you forget and rejuvenate, until late May. Not that work pressures end — they last to mid-May, but you also have 2 opportunities in the weeks ahead to reduce your work load.

Remember, your major zone of good luck in 2019 lies in management, administration, gov’t liaisons, institutions, warehousing, and delegating tasks. Your major karmic “good path” lies in relationship, co-operating and partnership. Two clues to reducing your work burden. For some weird reason (Uranus in Taurus), romance, pleasure and beauty will intertwine with money, possessions (and casual/sensual sex) now to 2026.

Sunday emphasizes this, holds a clue to money/love — contemplate, but don’t act yet. Sunday afternoon (3 pm PDT) through Tuesday brings errands, media, curiosity, short trips and communications, paperwork and casual contacts. Luck’s solid, mildly good. But take care Tues. morning with talk, driving, work, machines, and with gov’t or admin. types Tues. afternoon.

Steer toward home, at least in your heart, Wed. to noon Fri. Hug the kids, etc. Try not to be overbearing with kids (now to 2025!). You’ll hit a couple of potholes, but nothing that can throw your vehicle off track. On the plus side, good relations arise with head office, civil servants, agents and advisors. Finally, romance, pleasure, beauty, creativity — Friday pm and Saturday, when a new love, new speculative/creative venture, or simply deep happiness, will arrive.

AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The main accent lies in your domestic situation for 3 more weeks, Aquarius. Hug the kids, garden, enhance your security, repair/decorate, deal with property, etc. Now’s the time to examine your projects and relationships — let go of those that have “died on the vine” (i.e., are stale, unproductive). Prune your garden. Above all, get deep, regular rest.

Until mid-May, you will be attracted to someone (likely a Gemini) and you’ll pursue with talk/text and/or travel. Even if romance is “not for you,” you can be creative and inventive in writing, talking, mail programs, and in building up contacts, making friends. But don’t forget that domestic trend, which will emerge Fri./Sat. to offer a whole “new start” in this arena (and a fortunate, growth-oriented one). Note: a more serious, significant atmosphere will surround your home for 7 years.

Your energy rides high Sunday, but to little avail — don’t start big things. This afternoon (3 pm PDT) through Tuesday pours from the money jug — seek bargains, ask for more pay, sell items, etc. All goes well, but be careful Tues. morning (possible argument, MVA) and afternoon (social conflict, or friends/hopes confuse you about money, send you in wrong direction).

Be active Wed. to noon Fri. — travel, visit, write, call, chew through paperwork. But be cautious this whole little interval: gov’t, head office, gossip, secrets, large corporations and institutions, all seem determined not to o-operate. (So don’t push.) Friday pm and Sat. have been mentioned above in the first four lines of this message — charge ahead with any domestic or security concerns — you’ll make headway!

PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You will be busy during the few weeks ahead, Pisces, but your chores will be easy and your progress swift. Errands, paperwork, trips and visits and communications will fill your days. Your home, however, will not be easy or calm. You can experience anything from arguments to groundbreaking projects on the home front, now to mid May. Also to mid-May, your money scene will remain quite active, although it might go in a different direction than your hoped-for  path.

Sunday morning is for pure rest and relaxation. This afternoon (3 pm PDT) through Tuesday boost your energy to nice heights and deepens your charisma. Start new projects — be a leader and enlist others. Be mildly cautious Tues. morning when domestic friction might arise or your driving could be erratic; and Tues. afternoon, when legal fights are not recommended, but your career and reputation could soar upward!

Handle money and possessions (and casual sexual attractions) Wed. to noon Friday. Separate your social and financial interests — the first will interfere with the last. You could pluck a career and money reward, especially Thursday.

The main emphasis for these few weeks appears Friday afternoon through Sat.: errands, paperwork, trips and calls. You might start a new project here such as an Internet mail out scheme or a new telephone system for the office, etc. Charge ahead, progress is certain!



The Mueller report, Volume Two: Character assassination by a man who hired Trump’s enemies, intimidated and bankrupted innocent witnesses, probably committed or suborned perjury, secretly withheld a finding of innocence (no collusion by Trump) for — talking heads say a year —  while Trump’s name and character were being dragged through the mud, and — and — more than one of the people quoted in the Report have stated that Mueller attempted to or did change/distort their testimony! (E.g., Lewandowski.) One witness (Corsi) who claims Mueller was trying to force him to lie (hence, suborning perjury) stood up to this dour old bully, and guess what? The dour old bully ran away! (BTW, whenever I say “Mueller” I mean him and/or his staff.)

Now he, Mueller, has the gall to attend Easter Mass, in all his dignity, after spending two years emulating Judas.
***   ***

I’m not saying Trump’s an innocent — and what the other endless investigations into his taxes, charities, etc. will find, who knows? (I suspect there are precious few billionaires out there who could pass a deep criminal and/or tax — and in the case of Mueller, character — investigation.) But where are the investigations of ten, twenty or fifty congress people who have committed crimes, and been quietly patted back into the fold without prosecution?

What is Jerold Nadler’s sexual and financial history? Or lyin’ Adam Schiff’s? So far, many Dems look corrupt: Bernie Sanders earning millions and proclaiming socialism; his wife and the millions that went missing from a church; Maxine Waters and bank fraud; the Virginia “Three Amigos” who denigrated women and Blacks; and the probable 10 to 30 congress/senate pols who molested women staffers and are still invulnerable, protected by special laws that THEY wrote to specifically protect congressional sexual harassers. — Agh, enuf!
***   ***

Economists and stock-talking-heads are worried about a looming recession. In big or dramatic ways, you usually need at least two of the “heavy” planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) to be in a conflict aspect (a square or opposition).  In 2020, briefly (Spring) and 2021/22, solidly, Saturn squares Uranus, indicating a problem with technology and economic trends, science and money.

Despite this, people who start a business or invest in technology in late December 2020 (Dec. 20-28) will probably succeed mightily over the long run. (The last time I made such a recommendation was Dec. 2019, advising you to buy stocks or invest otherwise Dec. 24 to 26. Those dates marked the bottom of the market, and most indices/stock have risen 20% since then. But not one reader has noticed, no one has said: ‘hey, you were right!’.

I’ve made such “macro” calls, up and down, maybe 5 or 7 times, always accurate — August 1981, March 2000, 2002, 2008/9, 2016, and Dec. 2019 — every one, except perhaps 2002, were published in this column weeks before the event. Anyone following my advice in 2007/8 would have quadrupled their assets. Or, in 1981, would have done the same. A person following all my advisements, would be 20 or 50 times wealthier than when they started. Yet maybe 5 or 6 people, in all that time — 40 years — have sent emails saying “way to go.” This is partly why I’ll probably soon quit writing this column.

Anyway, back to recessions: yes, some possibility of a minor recession in 2020, but mostly 2021/22.
***   ***

The real question they should be discussing is not Trump’s obstruction of justice, but obstruction of injustice. In the following item I am supporting Trump, but I also recognize that his “Mueller troubles” and his anguish about them, are, if you believe in karma, quite justified. When Trump groaned “I’m f****d” upon learning of the Special Counsel’s appointment to investigate him [if he did say “I’m f****d”] it sounded like the exclamation of a guilty man. Yet he knew himself that he was not guilty of the very thing Mueller was appointed to find: collusion.

He might have simply seen that his plans, his presidency, his initiatives, were going to be impeded, slowed, even squelched, by this major investigation. Remember that at this point even a good portion of Republicans were also trying to deep-six him. He was, in essence, alone — f****d, so to speak.

But if he did feel guilty, we can attribute it to two sources: #1, the cloud of his past history — the fraudulent “Trump University”; his treatment of an obstructive widow (in Atlantic City); his reported non-payment of wages, etc. Guilt/fear source #2 is easy to “feel” ourselves — remember, if it happened, when you were sued? Was your reaction joyful? Unperturbed? No, even if you were convinced of the rightness and justice of your position, you sweated and fretted, couldn’t sleep, thought of a hundred “rejoinders,” etc. (I know, I’ve been in a couple of these!) I’ll bet more than one of us muttered: “I’m f****d!” But to CNN and partisan Mueller Trump’s dismay is evidence of obstruction. Figure that one out!

Obviously Trump had no reason to feel guilty abut Russia, as in this area he acted honourably —in contrast to the democrats, who DID collude with the Russians. (And I somewhat suspect the entire Mueller-Trump thing was created to draw attention away from the real crimes committed by Nasty Hillary and Defunct Bill and all their nattering political progeny.) (The Dems were emotionally able to “ring true” on this due perhaps to the psychological phenomenon of projection.)
***   ***
I suspect the FISA court judges were also dirty, for only an idiot — really, a sub-par mind — could believe and not question the fresh-cut fodder the crooked FBI fed them. Why are they so silent during the two years (and counting) of this controversy? These judges should be defendants in court, explaining themselves. Perhaps they should be in  jail.
***   ****

MUELLER REPORT, REDUX: Virtually all instances listed by Mueller, of Trump’s obstruction of justice, involve Trump fighting against the investigation — an investigation that was scurrilous and malevolent in intent, and practised evil in its execution. (As various witnesses have revealed.)

In my eyes, if the government (at any level) attempts to frame you for a crime you did not commit, you have the absolute right to fight — even to obstruct — their false accusation and its witless perpetrators. “Frame,” because the very act of accusing is tantamount, in this age and forum, to framing someone; and this is a reflection of a larger pond: in modern society, in America, we no longer believe in “innocent until proven guilty.”

We’re fed up with criminals getting light sentences; with killers not prevented, only caught; with white-collar and government crime, with sex offenders scaring us parents. Why let a known offender roam our neighbourhood, when we have a teenage daughter coming home in the dark? Why are the police and judges not protecting us? We’re tired of criminals taking advantage of us; the justice system leaves us scared and angry. This fear seems rooted in the zeitgeist of transparency that has been with us since about the 1960’s/70’s. (But might also have come from WW 2.)

Crime has not increased but the focus on it has, a hundred-fold, scaring us to death — Mostly with an innocent motive: we just, as a society, wanted to warn everyone about dangers, and how to protect ourselves; simultaneously our horror at all threats increased. [This I attribute to World War Two and the atom bomb scare.]

This fear of and anger toward criminals has eroded our belief in the principle of innocent unless proven otherwise. The loss of this cornerstone of American society could lead to mob rule, subjective sentencing, destruction of many innocent accused. Ultimately, it finds expression in the burning of witches and the Jewish pogroms. It’s a form of deep resentment born of fear, anger and impotence — and resentment is one of the main expressions in America right now.

The MeToo movement is part of this abandonment of the innocence principle, seeking to replace it with their motto: that an accusation is proof of guilt. That guy who wrote Moby Dick — Herman Melville — also wrote a novella about the malevolent power of accusations, called Billy Budd. Every lawyer should read it, and every judge.

Democratic congress is wallowing in this same resentment and adoration of guilt. They were not satisfied with Mueller’s acquittal [=not guilty]; they want exoneration [=innocence proven]. Because if there’s no proven innocence, he remains guilty, according to the new “public” determination of guilt. (E.g., guilty until proven innocent.) The only trouble with this bizarre system is that it is very often impossible to prove innocence even where it exists. For example, can you prove that you didn’t push your wife last week when she fell off the cliff to her death? Can you prove that you didn’t see a red sweater when you were downtown? Can you prove that you didn’t think this or that?

Many crimes hang on motive. And if you can’t prove your motives were pure, which necessitates proving that your thoughts were pristine (and how can you tell or prove every thought you’ve had?) then off to jail with you! Mueller, knowing all this very well, uses the non-legal word “exoneration” and accuses Trump of not deserving it, even though he was not guilty. (Shades of James Comey and the “shaken but not stirred” portrait of Hillary on election eve: “careless,” not “negligent.”)

This is the fight of “grey angles.” Mueller moved the legal, criminal fight, because it was lost, to a fight over Trump’s “character.” Of course, character is whatever the largest group of people in the room decide it is. It’s subjective. Mueller should be ashamed of what he’s done. As he approaches his eighties, he’ll either repent and be saddened, and eventually cured; or he’ll sink into angry denial.

When and if these prosecutors/investigators lie, suborn perjury (Mueller is being sued for one alleged incidence of this); when they intimidate and bankrupt witnesses, and generally act in a vicious, inhumane way, then you have every right to do the same. (Kudos to Trump for not doing the same. The man’s a little more noble than we give him credit for.) It’s a principle akin to civil disobedience. Evil should never be bowed to, even when it wears — especially when it wears — a badge.

Sure, the Mueller report claims (but does not legally confirm) that Trump fought against and tried to stop an illegal persecution of himself. Blaming him for this is like condemning someone for protecting themselves against theft, or bullying, or murder, or any kind of crime. Trump did not obstruct justice, he obstructed injustice. The government and its lackeys are not holy, not special. Why isn’t there a law labelled “obstruction of injustice?”

I started off admiring Mueller, partly because he was so highly praised by both sides, and partly because I grew to admire his manner of quiet disassociation. He would not, I grew to believe, act under an allegiance or for tawdry motives. He seemed above it all, simply by saying nothing.

But I’ve changed my mind. I think that exterior hid a biased and political man (and thus a practical one). The TV shows say Mueller knew there was no collusion a year before he wrote his report, but refused to reveal it, letting his President twist in the winds of slander, calumny and enmity, all three practised by and broadcast by the main stream media in a constant flood of almost hysterical criticism.

Robert M. wrote two volumes —the second volume, all about Trump’s “obstruction of justice,” was an opinion piece, a hit job of innuendo and unsubstantiated “opinion”  by prosecutors — with a shameful paucity of actual, confirmed evidence. (Even the most damning of these reported incidents, that Trump asked his WH lawyer, Don McGahn, to “stop” or alter the Mueller probe, seems to be falling apart. Turns out McGahn had 3 versions of this story, and that another WH lawyer says it didn’t happen.)

So Trump wanted the Mueller investigation stopped. So what? Mueller himself knew it was phoney, i.e., the accusations, wrong at some point, and should have ended it. But he didn’t. Why not? Did he have good reasons? Perhaps. Or was he only a sour, dour bureaucrat, the kind who (in the spirit of “poverty is a crime”) considers rough language and lack of a pedigree the worst kind of poverty? The kind who lean toward considering punishment justified if the “wrongdoer” is not of their elitist persuasion, or tends to speak out of turn?
***   ***

You have to smile, after all. We groan about the fractious state of the world. But this is “peace.” A couple hundred years ago, says some guest on TV, U.S. senators used to slug each other, and came armed with guns. Today’s squabbling is without guns, but is more sophisticated and potentially ruinous. (E.g., huge legal bills paid by Mueller’s interrogation targets.) We’ve moved from physicality and quick decisions/results, to a more abstract life (where “physical” mostly means alive, maybe with a dash of exercise). Where the punishment for losing is more likely to be poverty than physical abuse, and where the law and public opinion are the main weapons.
***   ***

My little item opining that the “environmentalists” trying to stop Canada’s pipeline(s) to the ocean, were actually U.S. agents trying to keep Canada’s oil “landlocked” so it can’t compete with U.S. oil, turns out to be true. At least Alberta’s new Premier says so. Evidently such heavyweights as the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation of New York have been secretly funding this interference in Canadian sovereignty since 2008, when U.S. interests first tried (successfully so far) to land-lock Alberta oil. Obama was no friend to Canada. Neither was George Bush Junior. Nor, I suspect, is Trump.

For more on this, see an article by Danielle Smith, Global News, March 3, 2018 (I think) — it’s on the internet. Along with a few others.
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Trying to find the new political structure on the horizon: somehow the words “democratic capitalism” attract me. I mean democratic in the same way Bernie Sanders and AOC mean it: a redistribution of wealth, but merged with capitalism. Not sure how.
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I think Canada needs some “yellow vest” protesters after the government(s) raised our gas prices to $1.70 a litre in B.C. (about $5 a gallon for American readers). I think this is just below prices in Europe, although we produce much of our own oil, and they import theirs. Probably half that crippling price tag is tax… hard to tell, as the Canadian government seldom tells.
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Remember when I listed all those “Trump enemies” whose first names began with J? Well, here’s another: Congressman Jerold Nadler, who is spewing anti-Trump subpoenas.
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So… Newt Gingrich for president!