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在手機上,添加的功能(平臺,短篇小說,提前一年等) 可以從左上角訪問(堆疊線)。

*** All times / dates: Please remember that all time references (e.g., “dawn”) are PDTPacific Daylight Time zone. You can refer to the World Clock in the sidebar for more listings or Google ‘time zone converter’.


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START NOTHING: 4:26 am to 4:43 am Sun., 2:58 am to 6:23 am Tues., 7:31 am to 7:52 am Thursday, and 3:14 pm to 10:23 pm Fri.



ALL SIGNS: Mercury enters Virgo this Thursday (late afternoon in N. America) and will turn retrograde August 4, late night, through August 28. Start no new projects, relationships, nor big purchases, this Monday (July 22) onward.

Sunday is power-packed, with 6 Moon aspects and 4 major planetary aspects (including a full Moon). This is the last day before late August in which to launch anything, a project, a relationship or a purchase. (Though it is better to harvest than to launch.) There’s only one negative aspect that day, which can spark a driving accident, unexpected, abrupt words, or a spat between Taurus and Leo.


My forecast for Gemini (Trump’s a Gemini) on July 7:  “Until July 20, avoid dark places and belligerent individuals.” Forecast on July 14: “Saturday will end over a month of potential physical harm.” At the same time, optimism, cheerfulness and friendliness flood Gemini’s days (until June 2025).


Many times, when a U.S. president is elected while Jupiter is conjunct Saturn, he is later assassinated. Lincoln, Kennedy and Reagan are examples. So I wrote here years ago that whoever was elected in 2020 (when Jupiter was again conjunct Saturn) would face a high probability of being assassinated. Biden was “elected” in 2020, and Trump “lost.”

Then Trump was shot. Many readers emailed me this last week to say, Congratulations on predicting Trump would be assassinated. But I didn’t predict that. I wrote long ago that Trump losing the 2020 election was actually a blessing, it was God saving him from an assassin. Then I wrote that Joe Biden was the cosmic nominee for assassination, since he was elected in 2020. Maybe Biden wasn’t assassinated because he wasn’t actually elected, but gained the presidency by criminal conspiracy. (History will tell.)

But in a “symbolic” way, Biden was assassinated — or was it suicide? — by his June debate performance and the subsequent push by his own party to send him to Demented Pastures (easy to find — it’s the first left turn after Mafia Support, and another left at Crimes Against Citizens.) Since Biden’s election was ersatz, so has his “assassination by opinion” been. Remember I wrote here in 2020 that electing Joe Biden as president would be like buying a haunted house? Well, we bought the house — but was it, the White House, a victim of “title theft?” Recently, I wrote that the Dems will find it hard to sell this “haunted house” — e.g., dump Biden. And that has come true, although he might go down if they can appease his pride.

Donald was almost assassinated last Saturday, but not quite, because he never assumed the presidency in 2021.

Does it make sense? Maybe.




aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

A beautiful stretch of romance, creativity, beauty and pleasure, and general good luck starts Monday, Aries. And just last Saturday, you began 6 weeks of “gab gift” — you will speak more easily and persuasively, you’ll be restless and inquisitive, and travel-prone. Expect lots of paperwork chores. Right now (and next week) your eyes might be set on an attractive, sweet person — he/she “possesses” partnership possibilities for you. You can launch very significant projects or relationships Sunday — but after this day (until Aug. 28) launch nothing. Sunday is power-packed, with 6 Moon aspects and 4 major planetary aspects (including a full Moon). The problem this daytime is friction or misunderstanding or disruption between your creative/romantic communication, and money. Do you have enough to chase this? The success lies in gov’t, management, security, family and property. Another success in communicating with a group, and/or maybe your words or a short trip helps a new but deep wish come true. (Might involve sex or money.) Monday begins a month of romance and creativity, and starts very well, but soon runs into obstacles or opposition from Monday night through Wednesday morning. In any case, you will definitely feel happy Sunday to Tuesday dawn (PDT). Retreat, rest and contemplate Tuesday dawn to Thursday morning. Tuesday is rough, Wednesday is stable. Your energy and charisma surge upward Thursday morning to Saturday morning. All is smooth and workable up to Friday afternoon/eve, but obstacles enter Friday night and Saturday. If you want to buy anything, wait until Saturday p.m. or the following Sunday.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The next four weeks will focus on your domestic zone, Taurus — on children, food, security, garden, real estate, furniture, etc. (You’ll be happily humming “home sweet home” until Aug. 4.) But already a little streak of romance will start to enter this Thursday onward — could be an old flame, or someone you almost approached before, but hesitated. (Of the two, only the old flame is viable.) Much money will flow to you until September 4. Bank it or pay down debt — don’t spend. (But do invest if you want — you’re a lucky investor now to June 2025. Buy “cash cow” stocks, items or businesses.) DO NOT start any new projects or relationships after Sunday (July 21) — even then, consider whether this project “has legs.” It might be better to harvest than launch. Be ambitious Sunday to Tuesday dawn (PDT). Sunday (and early Mon.) are fortunate, but late Monday, early Tuesday bring problems: be cautious. Optimism, joy, popularity and delicious flirting arrive Tuesday to Thursday morning. Event-wise, Tuesday’s a bit tough, Wednesday’s stable, loving. Retreat, rest, contemplate (don’t plan) Thursday morn to Saturday morn. All’s smooth until Saturday. (This pm brings energy, charisma, luck.)


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Monday ends a month of money, possessions, and casual sex, Gemini, and starts four weeks of short trips, easy chores, communications and paperwork — and many casual meetings/acquaintances. You remain lucky and optimistic and likeable until next June, so take advantage, get out, see and be seen, make new friends, chase opportunities and aim for the stars! Now to early September, your optimism and social instincts really soar. Someone you deal with casually now could become a strong friend in future. During the six weeks ahead, your sexual magnetism will increase, so will your wishes, courage and determination. Now, after all that, I have to advise you to NOT start anything important (project, purchase, relationship) before August 28. So what to do with all that energy and hope? Attach it to a former or ongoing project, etc. Former contacts might appear soon, especially in real estate, domestic areas. Sunday/Monday bring wisdom, profound ideas, calm, gentle love, international issues, legal, learning or media involvements — huge things could happen or climax this day, especially in career/money and in love/harmony. But avoid gov’t, and “head office.” Monday holds hidden opposition. Be ambitious Tuesday morning to Thursday morning (PDT). Tuesday is difficult, Wednesday is stable and Thursday morning is benevolent. Social joys, popularity, optimism, and flirting fill Thursday to midday Saturday. All good until Saturday; be cautious this daytime.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Monday starts a month of money, Cancer. Usually, this would be a good few weeks for rote learning, casual sex, and buying/selling. And it will be — if you can reject any new schemes, and relate only to ongoing projects/situations or “returnees from the past” — e.g., a former casual lover re-appears, or an item you yearned to buy but couldn’t, now is for sale again, etc. Don’t start anything new before August 28. Your luck remains high in management, civil service and institutional areas — for 11 months ahead. Now to Sept. 4, avoid belligerent people and sketchy places. Sunday to dawn Tuesday brings secrets, major financial action, lifestyle and medical decisions, and lust — for power or intimacy. Aside from a minor disruption (affecting $ and friends?) Sunday is packed with good fortune, but Monday daytime onward needs caution. Profound ideas, higher learning, law, media, international actions — these flow gently into you Tuesday morn to Thursday morn. Tuesday’s tough, Wed.’s stable, and Thursday’s fine. (Thursday also starts a month of more talking, travelling.) Be ambitious Thursday to midday Saturday — a great interval, so talk to the boss, etc.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Your “quiet times” end Monday, Leo, as you start a month of energy, charisma, clout and — well, maybe not effectiveness, as Mercury retrograde will haunt August, tripping up new projects/relationships, bringing delays, missed supplies, indecision and mistakes. So, until August 28, focus on opportunities (and old flames) returning from the past, or spend your energy protecting ongoing projects from confusion, mixed-up schedules, etc. You won’t be unhappy — Venus brings you compliments and caresses until Aug. 4, and Mars keeps you optimistic, flirty, and surrounded with friends, until early September. (This might bring a major love to singles, one who is both a romance and a friend — but it should not be someone brand new, before Aug. 28.) Sunday (hugely significant) to dawn Tuesday brings relationships, opportunities, public appearance and relocation themes. Don’t argue over career/ambition Sunday — otherwise, it offers big present and future success. Midweek is for sex, lust, financial action, research and lifestyle concerns — bad Tuesday, okay (“blah”) Wednesday. Profound ideas, far travel, legal, love, media, learning interests visit you Thursday to midday Sat. — good Thurs./Fri.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You have had some good times in the last few weeks, Virgo. But Monday begins a month of rest and quietude, contemplation, perhaps meditation. Your energy will be low, but your luck will be good in dealings with gov’t, management or institutions. Don’t make firm plans — they will change. You are still very favoured in career and status zones (tho’ at least one higher-up is impatient, pushy) — these might undergo a change now to early September. (Research will aid you in this change, might even land you a pay raise.) Your ruling planet, Mercury, fills August with delays, mistakes and indecision, so complete projects a.s.a.p. — start only minor ones which you can finish in July. And look seriously at anything returning from the past — former employer, an opportunity returning, old flame, etc. Sunday to Tuesday dawn (PDT) brings work, mild health concerns. Sunday’s important — could spark success in many ways, but avoid secrets, gossip. Relationships, opportunities and possible opposition fill Tuesday to Thursday morning. Wednesday’s stable, could lead to a sweet merging early Thursday. This day to midday Saturday brings secrets, lust, power motives, medical and lifestyles decisions — all fortunate until Friday afternoon. Saturday needs caution in legal, love and learning zones.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your weeks of ambition are ending, Libra. Monday starts a month of celebration, happiness, popularity, social delights, optimism, flirting and entertainment. An old flame might show up in August, but this person seems to have a weight, a restriction that he/she involuntarily lays on you. There is another, brighter prospect (who might already be on “kissing terms” with you) who is lively, talkative, impulsive, and “mate material.” (Could even already be your spouse!) A major international trip might arise before next July. (So, for many, might a wedding.) In general, now to Aug. 28, avoid starting new relationships and new projects — they would likely deflate before succeeding. Sunday to early Tuesday morning (PDT) features romance, creative surges, risk-taking, pleasure and beauty. Sunday’s hugely lucky and significant, but if you meet someone before 6:30 pm PDT (2:30 am Monday in Britain, 9:30 am Mon. In China, etc.) — whether a new or ongoing link — realize a “friendly love” and sex won’t mix. Tackle chores and eat/dress sensibly, Tuesday morn to Thursday morn. Tuesday’s difficult, Wednesday’s stable. Thursday morning to midday Sat. brings relationships and opportunities — great ones Thursday to Friday afternoon. Be cautious Sat, esp. toward dark places and strong desires.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

A mild, loving, tolerant and far-seeing mood has kept you fairly mellow for the past few weeks, Scorpio. But Monday tolls the bell: for the next month you will be working hard, and you’ll be “graded” by higher-ups. It won’t be all “sweat and striving,” tho — a thread of romance and pleasure winds through your days from July 25 onward, and this intensifies/sweetens in August. But August will also be filled with indecision, mistakes and delays. This Monday onward, don’t start anything new (projects, relationships, major purchases) until after August 28. An old flame, perhaps met while you’re re-visiting a former group, can bring days of pleasure. Sunday to Tuesday dawn (PDT) nudges you toward home, family, mother nature and security. Sunday is significant, contains huge open doors and chances to gain, romantically, financially (investment) (real estate?) and sexually. Steer clear of an ambition-partner disagreement/disruption this daytime. Midweek is for romance, pleasure, creative and risky adventures — but Tuesday’s difficult, so act during a stable Wednesday, or a benevolent Thursday morning. Tackle chores Thurs. daytime to midday Sat. — luck rides with you, Thursday and Friday daytime. Saturday’s just ordinary, features relationships.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Monday ends a month of secrets, lust and finances, Sage, and starts weeks of mellow tolerance, big ideas, law, learning and media, and far travel…and love. This combines with your romance planet in your marriage sign (Gemini) until Sept. 4, and lucky Jupiter (your me-myself planet) in this marriage place also, until June 9 next year. This set-up can also cause arguments and opposition, so be diplomatic, gentle. Huge things could come! But don’t start new projects nor relationships now to late August, as delays, mistakes and indecision hover on the horizon. August might bring back a former work/career role, or an opportunity to grab it. Sunday to Tuesday dawn (PDT) brings errands, communications, paperwork and short travel. Sunday’s massively lucky, if you avoid a work-vs-ethics or similar conundrum. Send a note to one who attracts you. Tuesday morn to Thursday morn nudges you toward home, family, security, mom nature. Careful Tuesday, obstacles exist. Romance, charming kids, pleasure, beauty, creative and gambling urges enchant you Thursday to Saturday morning — a great little interval.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 20

A month of “open relationships” and opportunities ends Monday, Cap. In its place come four weeks of mystery, secrets, lust, temptations, financial treasures (or other financial actions) commitment and consequence. Take any illness seriously. You might change your lifestyle. Usually, this would be a profitable month ahead, but (other than Sunday, July 21) you’re advised to shy away from new people and new projects. Invest (after Sunday) ONLY in items (stocks, etc.) that you have either owned before, or wanted to own before. Work demands intensify now to Sept. 4, and expand until next June. Some Caps will quit by September. An old flame is almost certain to re-appear. If you’re single, look at this bond’s past: it could inform you about its future. Chase money, buy/sell, hug  someone attractive but not stunningly so, Sunday/Monday. Make a crucial, optimistic communication or connection. But avoid pressing “romance” into “sex.” Perform errands, paperwork, reports, travel Tuesday to Thursday morning — Tuesday’s frustrating, Wed.’s stable, and Thursday’s okay. Head for home, hug the kids, rest and “get domestic” Thursday morning to Saturday late morning. This is a beautifully fortunate interval, esp. for painting, repairs, and hugging the family.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 21-Feb. 18

Four weeks of work end now, Aquarius, as a month of relationships, opportunities and relocation themes begins. Now to early September, your romantic courage rises (if you find yourself talking non-stop to someone, you’re attracted). Now to next June, your romantic potential is wide and strong. Only one problem: in August, Mercury retrograde says DON’T start any project nor relationship. A former sexual partner might appear; so might former investments or financial opportunities (and debts!) — mostly fortunately. Your energy and charisma soar Sunday to Tuesday dawn (PDT). Get things done, but only launch projects Sunday, when very significant events might be triggered (tho’ some might not be “knowable” until later). Don’t argue about a domestic matter, just dive into everything else. Chase money or learning or a casual intimate “partner” midweek (Tues. morn to Thurs. morn) — Tuesday’s difficult, Wednesday’s stable. Errands, paperwork, communications and travel fill Thursday to late morning Sat. — with good results! Careful Sat. — plan on a down-home weekend.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The last few weeks have been affectionate, romantic, creative and pleasure-prone, Pisces. But Monday starts a month of chores and nutritional needs. So just slog along; eat and dress sensibly. An old flame or ex-partner might re-appear in August. Don’t start any new projects nor relationships (and buy NO new tools/machinery) before August 28. This week and next, work to finish tasks and wrap up projects. Your home (and real estate generally) is touched by good fortune until next June; but now to Sept. 4, friction and disputes could fill this area — or, this influence might nudge you to spend on your home, even buy (or rent) a new one. Cash and real estate are inextricably tied for a few weeks. Lie low, rest and contemplate Sunday to Tuesday dawn (PDT). Sunday holds powerful “future outcomes” which you might grasp by dealing with head office, civil servants or institutions. (But don’t discuss work affairs, nor drive carelessly.) Midweek, your energy and charisma soar. Tuesday’s difficult, Wednesday’s stable (but social, if you want it). Get things done. Chase money, buy/sell, learn something and/or give a casual, attractive person a hug, Thursday to mid-morn Saturday. Saturday pm needs caution in travel, communications, and “giving your signature.”





My new friend Alex, an Aquarian, has some novel theories. I’m not promoting any of them, but just thought I would show one to you. He’d like to know if anyone has any ideas or comments on what follows:

These are Alex’s words:

We all know that the moon is facing the Earth with one side only. We never see the “dark side.”

What we don’t consider is what effort it takes for the Moon to accomplish such a feat. It is as if the Moon is hiding something from us… .

From the perspective of celestial mechanics, the Moon would have to make small, but constant and uneven adjustments to its rotational speed.

If the Moon’s orbit were perfectly circular, then we could attribute this phenomena (of one side of the Moon eternally facing the Earth) to some constant rotation. But modern celestial mechanics state that the Moon’s orbit is elongated by about 10%. A simple calculation shows that in order to remain facing the Earth all along its elliptical orbit, the Moon’s rotation around its own axis has to be continuously AND unevenly adjusted.

Here is a really simple way to visualize the problem:

First, imagine that you are driving on a perfectly circular road while staring at a pillar in the centre of this circle.

To have you uninterruptedly face the pillar would be pretty simple: all you would have to do is to turn your head to face the centre pillar, and hold your head steady, in that position.

Now, imagine the other extreme: you are driving along a perfectly straight road past a pillar. In this case you would need to turn your head a little bit at first, as you approach the pillar from the distance, turning faster still as you whizz past, and then turning your head slower again as the pillar recedes into the distance.

(Or, looked at another way, if that circle road was not perfectly circular, but “bent” or elongated at some point, to form a loop before it returned to the circle, you would have to adjust your head, or lose sight of the central pillar. — Tim)

In the above illustration you and the car represent the Moon, and the Pillar represents the Earth.

Looking at these two extremes it becomes clear that if the Moon’s orbit is perfectly circular then no adjustments to its steady rotation are necessary. (For if it rotates once every 28 days, one side of the Moon, in a circular orbit, would always face the earth. — Tim) But the Moon’s orbit is NOT circular, but elliptical, so the Moon’s rotation around its own axis cannot be even and must be adjusted continuously, and unevenly, to face the Earth with one side only. This paradox has not had the attention of the scientists, and is in need of an explanation.

I do not believe the Theory of Gravity can explain this “constant adjustment.” The Theory of Gravity attempts to explain the forces of attraction between the bodies, but not their rotation. And also consider this: why is the Moon forced to face the Earth with one side only, while denying the Earth the same rights?


Scientists have discovered caves on the moon, which they think can permanently house humans, and which might contain reservoirs of frozen water.)


The Crooks kid who tried to assassinate President Trump, and then was gunned  down, will probably soon be seen as a Lee Harvey Oswald. Lots of conspiracy theories will spring up, laying threads of guilt from the Crooks kid to Biden himself.
Something WAS wrong. The cops ignored eyewitness reports of a man on the roof with a gun for 26 minutes… Essentially until he started firing. There was no attempt to take him into custody – granted that might’ve been a very dangerous thing to do. Instead, he was blown away with one shot to the head by Secret Service sniper — after Trump crumpled to the floor.
Was the kid A useful idiot, a pawn, and did the SS kill him so he could not reveal who pulled his strings? Maybe.

It took 26 minutes for the police/Secret Service to respond to a warning given to them by several attendees at the rally. These people reported seeing a man with a rifle on the roof. For the ensuing 26 minutes, an entire swat squad stood In the interior of the building the assassin was on. Now there are even reports that the police stopped the assassin about a half hour before the event, and let him go, even though he had a rifle. Who knows? Due to the strong mistrust in American politics, and especially toward the corrupt FBI and CIA, investigators should be brought in from Europe.


When I am picking up plants in the garden, I often shake or beat the root ball against something hard, to reclaim the dirt. Millions of gardeners around the world do the same, with no consciousness of guilt. Yet we might be maiming  a sentient being, might be burying chunks of its roots in the new reclaimed soil, roots that may have consciousness or DNA in them, which activates them into a fruitless search for life: roots without a plant.

On earth, when we experience cataclysms, earthquakes and hurricanes that might kill thousands, we are always faced with a conundrum: if we believe in God, we say it’s God’s will and that it has some better divine purpose that we here on earth cannot comprehend. But we still feel the loss. Or, we might blame God for the useless, indiscriminate slaughter of man and animals. Or, we simply believe that there is no god, and even if there was, these huge natural desert Are simply coincidence.

But what if some huge force or being was responsible, and induced earthquakes and hurricanes and all their brethren as casually and guiltlessly as a gardener pounds the soil out of a plucked plant.


In astrology, the first chart is always the most significant and dominating. But the first chart is almost always impossible to obtain.

Say you have bought a house. First, you experienced the desire or thought to purchase a house. Second, you began to scan over the real estate ads. Third, you contacted a realtor. Fourth, unless they were more phone calls with the realtor, you then viewed the house. You might have viewed 10 or 20 houses, but we only care about the one you bought. Then fifth, you made an offer and perhaps some counters. Sixth  you submitted the money. Seventh, you took possession and moved in. I’ve deleted a lot of steps, but you get the picture. We can draw a chart for each of these actions, if you have noted the time and date.

BUT — can you remember the day and the hour and hopefully the minute you conceived the idea or felt the conscious desire to buy a house? Probably not. So the original chart (and the most important one for predicting what this purchase will bring you) tends to remain unknown. Usually, subsequent charts, charts of succeeding actions, will tend to follow the general direction of the original chart. And to a large degree, this following should be strongest in the second chart, weaker in the third, even weaker in the fourth, etc.… so the second or third chart, or whatever action we can remember the time and date of, is still quite valuable in describing the action or project. So if you do remember the day and time that you took an early action in Any Project,You can erect a chart for that action, and it should tell you fairly reliably whether you’re on a good track or a bad. In the case above, I would do a chart for: the first offer, removal of subjects (I.e., the commitment is firm and $ have been exchanged) and possession.

If you are familiar with astrology, you can also time your future actions for good aspects. However this only works to a degree. If a project is going to fail, or a lover continue to reject, this will not be changed by a series of Favourably timed actions or pleas — Though these can soften the blow, or even reduce the misfortune.

BTW, in the real estate example above, I should have mentioned that in any market that has a wide participation, your luck in purchasing a residence or a stock or a bond, i.e. the (hopefully increasing) value of your investment, is much more dependent on the moods and swings of the broader market than on your savvy. You can buy the worst house at the worst time astrologically, but if the real estate market triples in that time, your house will probably double or triple also. “A rising tide lifts all boats.” So, if you’re only buying a house live in, look at the charts for happiness, sociability, children, pregnancy, comfort, etc. — rather than financial prospects.