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START NOTHING: 3:33 am to 8:12 am Sun., 8:58 am to 9:01 am Tues., 10:13 am to 11:42 am Thurs. and 9:19 am to 5:42 pm Sat.


(I’m putting a lot in the PREAMBLE because the AFTERAMBLE is chock-full.)


For the next three years, inflation and interest rates should slowly March downward. The same time, however, could be a little tough on the stock markets, Especially the NYSE.


Many of you, especially Geminis, Leos and Sagittarians, need to rethink your investments. A new influence arrived two weeks ago and will last until 2026.


If my prediction is true (bitcoin rising, May/23 to May/24) then just wait until June/23 or so, watch for a low point in Bitcoin, then buy.

HOWEVER, sometimes the major planet movements and effects begin to occur a month or two before the technical “entry.” This might be occurring now, as U.S. banks have started failing, so Bitcoin jumped over $ 3,000 in one night (March 12). Might be time to buy, a bit earlier than I forecast.


This controversy about trans males muscling into women’s sports and crushing them with larger weight and muscle mass, is easy to solve — in team sports. Recently, a high school withdrew their team from a female sports tournament because the other team was using a male claiming to be a female. This happened in Vermont. The Vermont Principals Association, a fistful of woke bureaucrats, punished the school by refusing to let them enter any more tournaments — forever.

The cure? When confronted with a girls’ team that uses a man in a petticoat, the school should immediately enlist fifty male students, have them all declare they’re females by choice, and, being a team of males masquerading as females (perfectly acceptable, as this is what trans students do — and what that “woke” team did, the one that managed to exile the all-girl sports team, AND its school) ). Then these boys/men could wipe out the “woke” team — and any other female + trans team. Unfair? Not really. It’s just taking the ridiculous woke theme to its reductio absurdum. Of course, these woke teams might then “hire” their own petticoat males. If they did, eventually, ALL team members of girls’ sports teams will be biological males, and we’ll be back to male-on-male sports, women excluded, or used as mascots.

Another, maybe better cure: have 3 sports designations: men, women, and trans, each forming their own teams and leagues. ( After an initial curious crowd, I suspect the trans league will attract the smallest audiences.)


No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. — Desiderata





aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Tuesday begins a month, for you, Aries, of popularity, energy, clout, effectiveness and splendid timing. Get money/income matters settled in the 4 weeks ahead, as April 20/21 will begin a slowdown in this area (but a slowdown studded with “old opportunities” — probably good ones). You remain the luckiest sign of all. From the 25th on, examine, improve, your domestic, security zones.

Seek peace, lie low Sunday dawn to 9 am Tuesday (all PDT). Ponder and plan. Be charitable. A smooth interval, generally. Your energy and charisma come roaring back Tuesday to late morning Thursday. Excellent time to start projects. Your sex and finance planet enters your “wishes coming true” zone — for 20 years! — the same minute the Moon starts a money, income, buy/sell and casual sex theme. (These are favoured Thursday noon to suppertime Sat.) Then, a very active weekend starts.


taurus icon  TAURUS: April 20-May 20

Monday begins a month of quietude, Taurus. Rest, plan, contemplate, seek spirit, be charitable, seek advice, and deal with gov’t, head office or managerial tasks. Pluto moves into your career sign Thursday, starting a two-decade period during which your advancement depends on your ability to spy opportunities, to compromise, form relationships and deal with the public. Relocation might be required. Secret, confidential discussions, to early April. Despite weariness, you look better than ever! — until mid-April.

Sunday morn to Tuesday morn could make a wish reality. Despite your “retreating” mood, your popularity (briefly) rises. Sink deeply into rest and quietude Tuesday midday to late morning Thurs. All’s good, but a “break off” might occur Thurs. Your energy and charisma rise nicely Thursday to suppertime Sat. — all’s well, so advance, start projects. Saturday night, weekend, don’t overspend.


gemini icon  GEMINI: May 21-June 20

Recent (career) pressures ebb now, Gemini. Monday night begins a month of wishing, optimism, popularity, spontaneous conversations with strangers, friendly romance and fortunate group involvements. This isn’t just lucky, it’s the best such month in 12 years! If you haven’t already, join groups, mix and mingle, chase romance. These actions could benefit you for years, decades to come. You grow talkative, but romance seems to slip into a quieter, more private zone. The two decades ahead will feature “intellectual work.”

The last career pressures for awhile, Sunday morn to Tuesday morn. Good stuff — until Tues. morn (argument, accident possible). This day to almost noon (PDT) Thursday brings popularity, social delights, optimism and flirtatious moments — an apt description of the whole 4 weeks ahead. But take a breather Thursday to Sat. — rest, ponder, plan, deal with civil servants or management types. All’s well.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The 4 weeks ahead feature ambitions, career, worldly status, prestige relations and reputation, Cancer. This zone has been fortunate for you the last 10 months — but now that luck intensifies greatly, to a 12 year peak. Do all you can to raise your profile, to climb ambitions ladder. Friends show affection, cheer you up. Bosses start talking — listen!

Mellow wisdom, international or cultural (or legal or media) subjects draw you — good, but drive carefully Tuesday morn.  Your career, status are accented strongly Tuesday to Thursday late morning. Charge ahead — esp. Wed. Social delights, popularity, optimism and flirty interludes fill Thursday pm to suppertime Sat. Retreat Saturday night, for a restful weekend.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The month ahead boosts your fortunes in legal, educational, far travel, religious, cultural, media and publishing — and love — zones, Leo. This has been a dominant theme for almost a year, but now they can reach a climax of fortune — dive in. Some of you will wed, or find the life-mate, in the next 4 weeks. Bosses love you (to mid-April). For twenty years, you will deal with stubborn but helpful people, and face big opportunities in real estate, food/shelter zones.

Secrets, lustful drives, financial commitments, medical or lifestyle decisions approach Sunday to Tuesday morning. Dive in, but stop before Tues. dawn (PDT). Everything described above (“legal, educational…”) intensifies Tuesday morning to Thursday noonish. Again, charge ahead! Your career, prestige relations and ambitions get a nice boost Thursday to Saturday suppertime.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your sexual, financial (investment/debt) medical and lifestyle decisions, commitments, rule the month ahead, Virgo. These can be spectacularly lucky. Analyse quickly, then jump in. (If undecided, discuss with an ally.) Young Virgos might celebrate a pregnancy. Legal, travel and love themes go your way until mid-April.

Relationships and opportunities fill Sunday to Tuesday morning. All good, but the person you’re dealing with might eventually prove disappointing in sexual or financial areas. (But in surgery, a “perfect doctor.”) All those themes of the first sentence (“Your sexual…”) grow large, significant Tuesday morn to almost noon Thurs. Jump in — Wednesday is hugely fortunate. Legal, far travel, philosophical, media, cultural and learning zones — and gentle love — are favoured Thursday to suppertime Sat. (Spend Sat. night at home.)


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Relationship excitement fills the 4 weeks ahead, Libra. If single, you might marry or co-habitate. Opportunities, relocation, distant people, public dealings, even fame are possible. Chase one or more of these. But avoid political or other arguments, they would disperse the huge luck of these weeks. You’ve been experiencing these (relationship excitement, et al) or the hint of these, since last May, but now it’s “now or never” in a sense. Highest luck here in 12 years. Be brave, approach others. Sex and romance entwine together until the 2040’s.

Tackle chores and eat sensibly Sunday morn to Tuesday morn. All’s well — but don’t alienate someone Tues. morn. Those exciting relations, distant climes, etc., intensify Tuesday to Thursday noon. Dive in! Sex, lust, big finances and lifestyle changes draw you Thursday to suppertime Sat. (All good — DO invest.) Saturday night, mellow, gentle mood.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your work has expanded all year, Scorpio, but it almost doubles in the weeks ahead. If uncertain which job to tackle pick the “deepest” one. (Tuesday to Thursday gives you solid clues. Good luck if you pounce on these chores, or seek employment, Wed., esp. before noon PDT. Excellent time to buy machinery, tools.) Others treat you with affection; for some, a love affair with a co-worker.

Romantic feelings delight your heart Sunday morn to Tuesday morn. But those chores return in a huge pile Tuesday to noon Thursday. Plunge in — everything goes your way. Hard tasks almost solve themselves. Exciting relationships Thursday to suppertime Sat. — opportunities, public dealings, relocation also favoured. For 2 decades, you will be focused on land, family, security, mother nature, gardening — and soul.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Ah, romance! If eligible, you could meet the love of your life these 4 weeks ahead, Sage. (You might have already met him/her in the last 10 months, so this now becomes the climax.) If already attached, turn to creative, inventive, sports (and gambling) or speculative pursuits — all blessed now. In all these pursuits (including romance) a Gemini might figure prominently. (Aries too, maybe.) Work mates are affectionate to mid-April.

Spend Sunday to Tuesday morning at home, with family, nature, garden. All’s well. (Beware Tues. pre-dawn, PDT.) Tuesday to Thursday noon brightly highlights everything in the paragraph above (romance, et al). No obstacles — charge ahead! Talk chores Thursday pm to Sat. Avoid relationships this night. For 2 decades, you will pursue secrets.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

For the last 10 months, Cap, I’ve been urging you to take advantage of a swelling family, real estate luck. Now, the 4 weeks ahead bring this to a climax, a peak. If you can, buy. Or find a good rental. Ors start a garden, have a baby, buy furniture, etc. A good friend could help, maybe with advice. Your luck here is the highest in over a decade. A sweet romantic thread winds through your days to mid-April.

Sunday to Tues. morning bring errands, calls, emails, travel, paperwork — good until pre-dawn Tues., then quit. The “home/property” luck expands Tuesday to noon Thurs. — dive in, Cap. Results should please you. Sweet romantic notions (or the real thing) arise Thursday pm to suppertime Sat. For the next 2 decades, you will tend to make $ from communications, paperwork, travel.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You will grow much more ambitious for the next two decades, Aquarius. (And more stubborn.) The 4 weeks ahead prompt you to engage in travel, communications, paperwork and casual contacts. It will be a friendly, restless time. These can expand into a full time thing — don’t let chatter or restless, aimless travel eat up your precious time. Your home will be comforting, sweet until mid-April. Pluto enters your sign on Thursday, which will make your relations with a Leo intense and changeable. For anyone who tries to love you, it will be all or nothing.

Chase $, buy/sell, embrace casual sex, Sunday to mid-morn Tues. Basically a successful interval Sun./Mon., not Tues. That travel, paperwork, communications theme grows strong Tuesday to almost noon Thurs. (PDT) Again, good auspices, so march forth. Turn toward home, family Thursday pm to suppertime Sat. A lovely interval: rest, snooze, garden, hug the kids, etc. Saturday night’s romantic, but not successful.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The weeks ahead feature income, money, possessions, and casual intimacy. You were on top, energy and charisma wise, but now you’re just one of the gang — but a lucky one, in money terms. The month ahead (and perhaps to mid-May) could be the luckiest for $ in over a decade. Try to make any increase permanent — e.g., ask for a pay raise instead of overtime. If unemployed, you could land a very lucrative job. A partnership or relationship might help. Your communications with others take on an affectionate, gracious tone.

Your energy and charisma soar Sun./Mon. (Careful Tuesday morn — though your energy remains high, it could spark a domestic dispute.) Chase $ mid-morning Tuesday  to noon Thursday — success is yours, esp. Wed. Errands, paperwork, reports, anecdotes, local travel and communications fill Thursday pm to suppertime Sat. — again, success blesses your efforts. Rest, relax Saturday night.





I don’t know why (maybe Jupiter, planet of good fortune, in my 11th sign of optimism and wishes) but I keep having this ungraspable, indefinable feeling of impending happiness.

It’s strange: virtually every morning I wake up feeling nauseous and afraid. But as soon as I throw the blankets off and pull my pants on, and begin the morning ritual of brushing my teeth (quite an adventure with my tremors), I start feeling this weird, quiet joy, a very muted low note of anticipation of doing something useful, something big and solid, like writing a whole book (tho I probably never will) or travelling to New Brunswick and building a house (tho’ I don’t know the first thing about carpentry). Or whatever — it’s never anything that concrete, just this mild, restless joy. Weird, eh?


Invention # 5: Why does’t some engineer design a workout bike that collects the energy from your whirling, pounding legs, and converts it to energy for your house? A regular exerciser might save $ 100 or more on monthly utility bills. Just think if the whole family did this. Just think if a fitness club did this.


Maybe I’m crazy, but I talk to God (in my head) almost every day. I really want to be reverent, but I just can’t — it sounds phoney when I try. I just…feel that God and I are one, just like nature and karma and experiences of living and me, are one. (I AM reverent, about the miracle of existence.)

Many would call that arrogance, and maybe it is. But ever since I’ve been young, I considered “God” to be my brother, not my boss. (He said, as lightning struck.)


Why are we shocked when evil people act evilly — politicians, bank robbers, shop-breaking thugs, predatory banks, corrupt FBI and DOJ, rapists, pedophiles?


I’ve said this before: Congress should cut off all funding to the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ). They can do this in an effective way: simply announce that the entire FBI is defunded, but they will hire back any agent who agrees to testify about the crimes of the FBI And the DOJ, who support or deliver the hundreds of documents that the FBI has hidden regarding or involving Hunter, his father and his uncle, who disavow the FBI/DOJ’s refusal to follow the law in protecting judges, who reveal and reject the FBI/DOJ’s role in creating the J6 riot, the assault(s) on parents, Catholics, Christians, and their other crimes— including the treasonous attempt to deny Trump victory in the first federal election by creating false “evidence” -– itself a felony — and the FBI’s hiding of exculpatory evidence during Nazi Pelosi’s attempts to impeach Trump (evidence that would have immediately ended the impeachment attempt and exonerated Trump).These slimy anus suckers need to be stopped. There’s little difference now between the USA and Hitler’s Germany. The FBI is the gestapo.

What happened to the FBI and DOJ? It’s as if their soul was sucked out, leaving shells that could be guided by corrupt pols.


Now come the deaths. (Pluto enters Aquarius March 23, 5:13 am Pacific — for two decades.)


You know I’ve been calling Biden a traitor since he was “placed” in the presidency. Now A prominent best-selling author, David Horowitz, is laying the same claim. Nice to have neighbours!


Call me crazy, but I still believe that it’s more likely the last presidential election was stolen than that it was not. In the beginning — that is right after the election and the multiple evidences, some of it overwhelming, that election fraud had occurred on a widespread front — when Trump’s lawyers went to court to try to have the voting examined or audited, most judges, in fact almost every single one of them, refused to hear Trump’s lawyers and refused to look at any evidence. Their reasoning? Trump’s lawyers were too late — they should have sued about a fraudulent election BEFORE the election, not after. Judges, universities — both are asses.

Still, Trump attorneys such as Giuliani and Jenna Ellis and that other woman I can’t remember her name (Sylvia?) pressed on.

The deep state very quickly fought back by trying to disbar any lawyer who supported Trump — and succeeding in many cases. (In Giuliani’s case, they raided his home and stole all his docs, computers, etc.) Law associations, the “Bar,” were generally part of the deep state, so they quite willingly acceded to, in some cases aggressively pursued, disbarment of conservative lawyers. (Yes, they went beyond Trump’s lawyers to include any “known conservative” lawyer.)

In essence, American bar associations, who have complete control over who can and cannot work as a lawyer, are ILLEGAL, for they violate the First Amendment of the U.S. constitution. (Less so in Canada, where civil rights are much weaker.) How? Because they restrict what lawyers can say in public, and will disbar them for the “wrong statements” — I.e., statements that oppose the official view. (In this case, that Trump is a liar and the election was flawless.) *

This is a clear violation of the First Amendment, and these bar associations should be dis-banded or fined such huge sums that they won’t punish free speech again.

Last week Jenna Ellis, a Trump lawyer, was censored by the Colorado Bar. The state had tried to have her disbarred but they failed (as they should have). Her crime? She was a vocal supporter of Trump and initiated several lawsuits attempting to have ballot recounts, to have evidence of fraud and illegal voting examined — all rejected by the judges (who essentially were and are puppets of the swamp). For these crimes — advocating for her client — they tried to disbar her.

There is no other evidence so compelling of a corrupt, tyrannical government as this blanket suppression of speech and destruction of lawyers. (Of course I lie — the capricious and illegal jailing of thousands of innocent citizens, the state’s harassment of judges at their homes, the violent door-smashing and break-ins of innocent families’ homes, the rape of students’ minds and morals by pedophile teachers and librarians, the arrest by the FBI of parents whose children are being so raped — this blackness, this evil, is characteristic of government by bureaucrats, which makes me think of apparatchiks in the Soviet system.

Oh,  America, where have you gone?

* Disbarment sounds abstract, but it basically destroys a person’s career, and denies them an income. It’s a kind of murder, of a life and a reputation.


But about the anti-corruption item above: You can see that some conservatives are accepting the political assassination of Trump, while on the Left a relaxing of dominance is also occurring — witness the fact that Trump lawyer Ellis was only censured, not disbarred. There is a quiet, subtle movement toward the centre by both parties. I think the present congress reflects this, in which dems and republicans are fairly evenly balanced, with a small republican majority. This is a “come to our senses” time, a moderating of extremes, which points to a healthier nation.


BTW, all (Canadian Prime Minister) Trudeau had to do was sit down with the leaders of the trucker’s snowy stand-off in Ottawa. Surely, if these law abiding truckers lost two months of income, and drove their rigs thousands of kilometres across Canada in the dead of winter, and spent thousands on gas, surely, wouldn’t you think they had SOME legitimate complaint?

But Trudeau, privileged since birth, entitled, elite and a bit of a dandy, didn’t even offer them an ear. Instead, he froze the bank accounts of all these working class people — AND anyone who supported them., including charities — and brought in the goons to start arresting and towing and beating. On the news, we saw the cops physically assaulting a little 74 year old man. In Canada, protest is not allowed. Hey, Xi, your long lost brother is here, he changed his name to Trudeau.

(It all reminds me of the court of Louis XVI, the one who married Marie Antoinette. I doubt she said, “Let them eat cake.” Maybe she said, “Let them eat grass,” because that’s exactly what they were eating, for lack of any other food.)


The FBI is obviously a criminal organization, a mafia, and should be treated as such.


Remember my warning in 2019 that banks could be in trouble between 2019 and 2026? I thought it would be that computerized banking would leave them holding huge portfolios of unused real estate — for example, TD might have 2,000 branches = 2,000 plots of unused land and buildings. I thought if property prices dropped, the banks would lose a lot of money, at least on paper.

Well, that doesn’t seem to be the reason SVB failed two weeks ago (as you read this) — the 2nd largest bank failure in U.S. history (larger than the many banks that went under during the Great Depression, or the 5,000 U.S. banks that disappeared from 2007-09).

A day later, another U.S. bank bit the dust, and as I write this, a 3rd. This morning (March 13) the stocks of many regional banks fell disastrously. Western Regional Bank fell over 70 %, and several others fell between 50 and 86 % — hugely great buys, if you had the stomach and believed in their ultimate survival. But you could not buy them Monday, March 13, as trading was halted in over 30 U.S. banks.

In a way (a tortured logic way) the real estate causation was not entirely wrong. The marked rise in interest rates, from 1 % to 4+ %, did hurt Canadian property owners because it shot mortgage payments through the roof. This can hurt banks if people are unable to pay 4 times as big a mortgage as they originally possessed. That means a $ 2,000 per month payment has and would become roughly $ 8,000 a month. But in the States, people carry 30-year mortgages, which are not affected by rising rates. REITS, which often have floating rates, are under strong pressure also, on both sides of the border.

Two of the collapsing banks are in California. SVP, the biggest of them with assets over 200 billion, was rooted in Silicon Valley. To avoid a contagion that might sweep the nation, Biden last week announced that every depositor in these failed banks would be fully reimbursed (far beyond the FDIC limits) and, he insisted, none of this money would come from the taxpayer. What an old liar, what an ass he is. Not from the taxpayer, Joe? Then from where? From your back pocket? Are you going to sell one or two of your paid-for-by-China mansions to reimburse these bank depositors? What a dimwit.


Mike Pence, Trump’s former vice president, is now accusing Trump of putting his whole family in danger on J6. When I watched the vice presidential debate 2+ years ago, my feeling that the Republicans would lose the presidential election was reinforced. My evidence? A fly landed on Mike Pence’s carefully coifed and sprayed hairdo, and, incredibly, stayed on his head for a long time, perhaps the majority of the debate. To me it was a little sign from God, or the devil, indicating there was something about Mike Pence that would attract flies. So now Mr. Fly is turning on his former boss. Very Interesting… I’m afraid I have to consign Mike Pence to the deep swamp.


I see the American press… At least the more venturous and fringe press… are beginning to see Joe Biden as a betrayer, and some are mentioning the word treason. What are they — dolts? Blind? It has taken the American press over two years to connect the fact that Joe took millions upon millions of dollars from the Chinese, and then gave them all the weapons from the Afghan war, denied that the Covid virus came from Wuhan, accused Trump of being racist when he attempted to ban Chinese nationals from coming to the United States when the pandemic hit, allowed the Chinese spy balloon to hover over the US for a week or two and only shot it down after it’s spy mission was finished. And Joe left, by accident or design, boxes upon boxes of top-secret documents concerning the Chinese (after China gave him and his son multiple millions) in a building (the Penn centre) that the Chinese paid the rent on! When you pay rent for premises, usually you get a key to those premises. In addition, ol’ Joe left boxes of top-secret documents in a garage of a house that he owned but Hunter Biden lived in and partied in, while all sorts of people wandered in and out… And none of those were Chinese agents or spies? We already know that Biden was cosy with these people and accepted millions of dollars from them, and then he somehow left boxes of classified documents in the garage (with an open door to the house, I suspect). Throw a couple of prostitutes and lines of cocaine and a bottles of booze at Hunter to anesthetize him, have a party and throw in three or four Chinese operatives, and you don’t think one or two of them might just open the door to the garage while Hunter was effectively unconscious?  Or, as a traitor, quite conscious? How, for two years and counting, has this media not recognized what stared them in the face: Biden’s criminality and treason? It is astounding.

Biden is a traitor to the United States. I told you this years ago, and warned about catastrophe if he were elected. I called it buying a haunted house… In this case the White House, haunted by bribery, treason … Well why go on? Either America will find its values again, and convict or somehow eliminate this cancerous president, or collapse upon itself.


Researchers say they have found a link between trans and autism. I couldn’t see any link whatsoever at first, but it began to dawn on me that autistic people can be physically aggressive, which might indicate a broader base of courageous people. Similarly, it must take a fair amount of courage to face the world as someone different; as a homosexual or any other part of the alphabet, but especially, beyond this, to surgically remove one’s birth sex and and to don the sex of another.


The first light of dawn dusted the room. (The first light is always grey, like today’s politics.)


Many people do not know this, but lightning comes from the Earth, not from the sky. The bolts you see are actually shooting from the ground into the sky.


Seen in retrospect, every thing was destined. Looking at what’s to come, nothing is destined.


Oh, and did you know? Another 9 boxes of classified materials were found in Biden’s lawyer’s office. That’s okay, the FIB will cover it up until after the next election. That’s their Rico role, isn’t it?


The US ADL (Anti Defamation League) claims that white supremist propaganda has increased 38% since 2021. Wow, huge! But Black propaganda has increased 500% — 1,000 percent? — in that same time period. And blacks pulled in $ 89 BILLION by tweaking white guilt. (Most of it from “woke” corporations — Kellog’s, failed SVB bank, Blackrock, et al. This amounts to over $ 2,000 for every black, baby to grandfather. That $ 89 billion, by the way, is “charged” to every white consumer who uses these corporations — who eat Kellogg’s breakfast cereal, for instance — as these woke corporations simply pass on the expense in their prices.) The so-called white supremists? Nothing. Not a penny from anyone. How many blacks were among those arrested on January 6 and thrown in jail for three years without charges, without process and without bail? How many blacks cared enough about their country to join that crowd on J 6?  How many blacks have been swarmed by the FBI with 20 guys with automatic weapons, invading households at night, terrifying kids, in order to intimidate white Christians, as they have done repeatedly to innocent white suckers such as Trump ally Roger Stone or Christian pastor Mark Hoek (sp?) — and probably countless others? In Mark Hoek’s case, they pounded on the family’s front door before dawn with guns drawn — 20 of these worms in flak jackets and boots and automatic rifles and lights flashing. What cowards they are, these FIB agents. Pointing a gun at a 5-year old girl to terrify her. What cowards, what asses. (BTW, Mark H. had already been declared innocent by a lower court, and after his arrest, was exonerated by a higher court. The FBI had no justification to arrest him, except for AG Merrick Garland’s and Biden’s deep hatred of anyone with morals.)


The liberal news stations… properly called propaganda stations… report or assert that white supremacy is on the rise.

That could be, but what did they expect after Black Lives Matter thugs and their white Antifa brothers beat white people almost to death in Portland and Washington DC and Seattle and Michigan and a bunch of other places? What do they expect when blacks demand $1 million each in reparation, free money, while most of the places that supposedly breed white supremacy, if they do, boast an average family income of $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 per year. Lower class whites have been assaulted mercilessly by blacks, Democrats, Joe Biden, and the entire media at-large. Black criminals like George Floyd die while being arrested because they’re stoked full with drugs. But society’s reaction is to throw the cops — who followed protocol — into jail.

Blacks have been atrociously abused, and still are, but now many of the abusers of blacks ARE BLACKS, like Patrice Cullers, a black executive in BLM who stole the BLM’s money and bought a series of mansions in California. And evidently she is not the only one. BLM has received $ 89 billion so far — have you seen $ 89 billion of programs to aid Blacks? Where? That sum equals over $ 2,000 per Black citizen: have you seen them enjoying such sums? No, only their leaders, as corrupt as any white politician, have received — and spent — it (on themselves).  Blacks need another MLK. They are filled with rage, and rightly so, but what is the answer? Maybe someday someone in the gov’t will figure it out, how to integrate blacks and whites, how to blend. (The best method, of course, is inter-marriage, so there won’t be blacks or whites, just “mutts.”.)


These jackasses who support men competing in women’s sports just because they say oh gosh I feel feminine, are fighting basic logic. On the same course of “woke” belief, we could say that adults should be allowed to take part in children’s games and sports. Those six year olds playing soccer,? Why can’t a 30-year-old man claim., “I identify as a child,” then dive in and shove all those six year olds to the ground and score as many goals as he wants? If we’re going to victimize women, why don’t we victimize children also? Unfortunately this question has already been answered by Biden and the FBI who believe children ARE adults, and should be deluged with anal porn and drag queens, and men doing children. Wow, why don’t we just destroy society?


I often criticize the police. But I don’t mean all cops are cowards. Many are brave, and stories abound about cops who have risked their own lives to save someone.

But police are extensions of authority, and when that authority waffles or gives them no direction, basically abandons them like Pelosi did on J6, they lose their mission, their direction, and they understandably act in confusion and direct response to the moment. So the capital police at first viciously attacked the peaceful crowd until the crowd rebelled * and then, realizing it was a fait accompli that the crowd would enter the capital building, that they were vastly outnumbered, the cops did a total about face, welcomed the protesters into the capital building and even acted as tour guides. This schizophrenia is reflective of the USA today.

  • — This unprovoked attack on the crowd might have been ordered by Nazi Pelosi.


Here are my candidates for who should be “removed”: Christopher Wray of the FBI (the smoothest talking liar you’ve ever seen). Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader (the cruelest bitch you’ll ever see this side of Madame Wu, the bloodthirsty Chinese Empress) who is responsible for the illegal incarceration of over 1000 innocent citizens, some of them still jailed over two years after she put them there). Joe Biden (who wants to destroy the children of America, and terrify their parents, who has colluded with the Chinese and Chinese spies and has collected millions of dollars from the Chinese for doing so, among other egregious and treasonous crimes).

Or how about Liz Cheney, the hapless Judas? (She has gone back to teach at some university, which is appropriate, for there she will be surrounded by other fools. The main qualification for teaching at university now is that you’re a fool.) Or Klipspringer, or Schumer, the Senate leader who considers it a crime for the public to know anything, who ranted and railed against Tucker Carlson of Fox News, because he obtained and showed clips of the January 6 “insurrection” that proved Schemer and Pelosi and all that odorous crowd have lied to us for 2 years, the film that proved the police caused the supposed “insurrection“ by attacking the peaceful crowd, who had not even tried to enter the building, with tear gas, mace, bullets and stun grenades — and then, after they had turned a peaceful gathering into a surging mob with their illegal violent aggression, the cops ran away. A  Little later, these self-preserving cops welcomed the supposed insurrectionists Into the capital building, and even acted as tour guides, even took selfies with these supposed insurrectionists, who can be seen strolling through the capital building peacefully and quietly, like tourists, as the cops passively welcome them. This is what  that scum Schumer is trying to hide. Frankly, and pardon my French, what an asshole. Basically, Schumer is saying that the American people do not deserve to know the truth, and the truth should be hidden from them forever… Because that will make them easier to rule. He and Nancy Pelosi should get together and make little demon babies with tails of flame.


NOTE: I’ve resurrected the following item from several years ago.

You can discern your own “must avoid” people by their first names. By “must avoid” I mean don’t marry, don’t start a partnership in business, and never take advice from these people. Of course if it’s your brother, mother, etc., DO love them, just don’t take their advice. (The practice of names referring to signs and planets is called acrophonology.) Just look for your birth date in the table below:

                                               First letter of first name to AVOID      These first letters treat you WELL

If you were born:

Aug. 3/47 to Jan. 25/49.                                 K, Q                                           B, I

Jan. 26/49 to July 26/50                                 L, P                                            A, R

July 27/50 to March 28/52                           G, N                                            T, Z

March 29/52 to Oct. 9/53                            F, W                                             D, V

Oct. 10/53 to Apr. 6/55                               M, O                                             S, H, Y

Apr. 7/55 to Oct. 4/56                                  E, X (and sibilant C)                    J, U

Oct. 5/56 to June 16/58                               B, I                                                K, Q (and hard C)

June 17/58 to Dec, 15/59                            A, R                                               L, P

Dec. 16/59 to June 10/61.                           T, Z                                               G, N

June 11/61 to Dec. 23/62                            D, V                                              F, W

Dec. 24/62 to Aug. 25/64                           S, H, Y                                          M, O

 Aug. 26/64 to Feb. 19/66                           J, U                                               E, X (and sibilant C)

Feb. 20/66 to Aug. 19/67                           K, Q (and hard C)                        B, I

Feb. 20/67 to Apr. 19/69                            L, P                                               A, R

Apr. 20/69 to Nov. 2/70                             G, N                                              T, Z

Nov. 3/70 to Apr. 27/72                             F, W                                              D, V

Apr. 28/72 to Oct. 27/73                            M,O                                              S, H, Y

Oct. 28/73 to July 10/75                             E, X (and sibilant C)                    J, U

July 11/75 to Jan. 7/77                                B, I                                                K, Q (and hard C)

Jan. 8/77 to July 5/78                                   A, R                                               L, P


To use this table, find your birth date, then note your “letters.” For example, if you were born in the last date period shown above, on, say, February 1977, you should not deal with (and NEVER accept advice from) people whose first name starts with A or R (e.g., Allan or Rachel). But you will probably find that someone whose name begins with L or P, benefits you or gives you good advice.