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  1. deeb

    Special thanks to you for your continued postings and your incite and comments on USA politics. The embarrassment by Biden and his actions (seen world wide) is a living nightmare. Best to you!

  2. Tumbleweed

    Merry Christmas Tim. Thank you for all the work you do with your weekly astrological heads up. I’ve been reading your posts for quite some time and they’re always spot on for me. The world is a very dark place right now but we still have bright lights like you shining into the shadows. While I believe it will get much worse for a while, there’s hope. Always….All the best for you personally for 2024!

  3. Elle

    You are right. Again.
    The slowdown in Tech has started and continues.
    Just a couple of weeks ago, Wall Street pundits were predicting a 4th quarter rally and a blockbuster 2024. Now, it looks like your “temporary slowdown in high tech with resurgence in 2024-2026” is more likely.
    “2023-2026 – Invest. This is a wealth-creating period.” ~ Tim Stephens
    Yes, sir!

  4. manvir

    Hi Tim,
    You predicted about India quite sometime ago (around 2007- 2008 or I may have missed if you did after that). India is heading into general elections next year, what is your take on India’s future?

    Thank you in advance and also for sharing your gift and knowledge.

    Deep regards,

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Manvir,

      Doing this can take an hour or so, so I might write something in the column. I haven’t looked at India for a long time! I do think it’s a valuable potential bastion against Russia and China, an extremely valuable ally for the west. (Did you see that India’s lunar landing was completed successfully a few days after the Russian lunar lander crashed and was destroyed?) Back in the 1990s I wrote that India would probably produce more engineers and computer scientists than the USA. That has happened already!)


  5. Elle

    Dear Tim,
    You are back, hurray!
    Your website was gone – unsearchable – the last few days.
    Relieved that you are well and very happy to see you again.

  6. Elle

    Hi, Tim.

    I, too, think Vivek Ramaswamy is the best candidate for President in 2024. He’s young but is miles more sound than people twice his age. It only takes a minute to see that he is a person of substance.

    Tim, does he (astrologically) have a chance in 2024? He’s been tireless in spreading his vision and people are getting to know him.

    He promises to reduce government and I am afraid that he’ll be silenced, if you know what I mean.


  7. wpkrip

    Hi, Tim
    Back in May, 2022 you predicted that Putin would suffer a blow around December, 2022 ( on December 31 a large group of Russian soldiers died from an explosion caused by careless smoking ) and another blow in May or June, 2023 ( Prigozhin’s rebellion on the 23rd ). Good work !

  8. eileencj

    I find it offensive to read your political rants. If you have to be brainwashed then be brainwashed but don’t drag your readers into YOUR reality.

  9. Kara

    Hi Tim with Mercury going RT tomorrow (04/21/2023), does it mean that I should wait until I buy a new car, even though my current one just broke down as of today and I have about a week to get a new car? Timewise, I cannot wait until we are out of retrograde, that’s weeks away and in that meantime I need to replace the old car. The other question is that I am moving and am in the process of signing a agreement with the new landlord, could not sign yet as the document I had received last week is illegible and have not yet received the new one. The other event I have is that I am in negotiation with a potential new Employer and I had sent a counter offer letter to them early this week and not yet heard back. Would it be an issue if I happen to hear back and end up accepting the offer and sign during retrograde or will those above mentioned events be considered ongoing projects?

      1. Kara

        Hi Tim,

        I hope all is well. Thank you for your reply. Sorry for forgetting to include my BD. It is October 11, 1983, rising sign is Cancer). The good news is that my lease has been signed and move in will be in a couple of weeks. The rest is still pending as I am waiting for a background check for the new Employment to be completed, The agreement was signed though in the meantime. as for the car, it should be repaired by the coming week. I am also interviewing for other roles. Do you think that a better job opportunity will be offered to me or should I stick with the one I had already signed that is pending?

        Thank you again

    1. nina

      Hi Tim,
      I wanted to echo the thanks for all you do. I look forward to reading your blog each week. I know it must be exhausting but I appreciate your writings. I check the Political column hoping you will start adding your insight there again. We are experiencing difficult times and your clarity helps make some sense of the political and social climate.

  10. Elle

    Dear Tim,
    Once again, among your other successful predictions, you correctly predicted this current banking situation. Thank you for your weekly column and for your financial and societal predictions. I know it takes a lot of energy maintaining this website and I wanted to let you know that we appreciate you. I look forward to reading your take on things and consider your predictions in my investing. You are a treasure and I wish you an extra-long, comfortable life.

  11. treasurer

    Hi Stephen, wanted to comment for ages but I forgot my password and kept getting distracted! I had a reading with 24 years ago. You were right about so many things. More importantly, I’d like to tell you that I agree with ALL your political views. You are so spot on and it’s so nice to read an intelligent, objective view of the corrupt political landscape we live in. I truly hope you are right about the deep state and its coming erosion. I agree with all your opinions on Trump. I love that all Trump haters have nothing to say about the fact that he was NOT found to be involved with Russia. The woke’s hypocrisy is mind-blowing.

  12. Tumbleweed

    Hi Tim,
    Hopefully you’re gaining strength and ability to fight these darn microbes and whatever else is floating around. Get well and know that no matter how controversial you are at times, it’s always an interesting read. All the best from a Piscean!
    Thanks for the weekly column.

  13. Tumbleweed

    Hi Tim,
    Hopefully you’re gaining strength and ability to fight these darn microbes and whatever else is floating around. Get well and know that no matter how controversial you are at times, it’s always an interesting read. All the best from a Piscean!

  14. CenTaurPi

    Hi Tim…Friday, October 14, 2022… I look on Facebook and see a posted picture of a fire on Cypress – West Vancouver – and a smokey mountain range outside my window in Downtown Van. Wow! just Wow!


      1. CenTaurPi

        Hi Tim, so here’s more….3-4 years ago you wrote that people of my Sun sign:
        would not believe their luck, should take actions that would change their lives, and not let family obligations (or something along that line) prevent them from making those changes. I moved from another province and I ended up in a place with a peek-a boo water view when nothing else was available (I was NOT looking for or expecting that!) & COVID prevented rent increases for a while …so I’m really hoping that you are WRONG about Vancouver burning in ’23-’25 but find it interesting you were compelled to mention this prediction again and even more interesting that you mentioned the West Van qualifier in your post and then – bam! there it is…even if it’s still 2022…Cheers to you too – CenTaurPi

  15. joebiden

    Hi Tim, can you please remind me when I’m going to be leaving office and when What’s-Her-Name is going to take over? Is it 2022 or 2023? My memory isn’t what it used to be. Thanks!

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, joebiden,

      Gee, wish I knew. Some chance Joe will be assassinated. Not sure Repubs will win the mid-terms, due to Roe-v-Wade. I personally hope the Repub’s win the house and senate, and impeach Joe, Garland, and every member of the Jan. 6 committee, and then defund the FBI (which is in their power) and decapitate the DOJ — indict at least the top 20 people in the DOJ.

      Cheers, Tim

  16. Wen

    Hi Tim,
    Hope you will recover soon !!
    I often use your blog as a guide for the very accurate forecast i just a question for what does Arietids in Aries mean? good luck or not ? Enjoy your forecast again!

  17. StarReachUS

    Hi Tim.
    I think it is only right that you write in whatever context you see fit. I have no doubt that is as it should be.
    In reality, physical or mental, many aspects intertwine to give us a result.
    IMO- as a US citizen- I have been very troubled ever since Afghanistan. I, and many others, feel what has happened now with Russia and Ukraine is one of what will be many results of , again IMO, the weak and failed leadership of the US currently put at the helm of what is supposed to be a world superpower.
    I also am speechless that during, in my personal opinion, the inhumane genocide of a people and their sovereign country is put before us to watch- while we do things too little too late.
    I admire the Ukrainian people for their obvious strength, bravery, love of their country and their steadfastness under such conditions.
    As to Putin being mentally unhinged- BS. IMO-He saw opportunity and weakness at this point in time. He took it.
    Just because someone is focused and evil does not make him crazy.
    As to the future- just as Afghanistan- our enemies are watching Ukraine. And the outcome will result- again- in global change- for better or worse. IMO our leaders need to make better assessments and responses.
    So our leaders better figure out whether they are going to let Putin get away with any further. He will- be always countering with the threat of nuclear war. Hey- it works.
    I see China as his ally- do you think China would want that? Tolerate that for their country?
    And I see things such as the US asking to go back into a nuclear deal with enemy Iran- with our other enemy- Russia- representing the the US- astonishing to infinity.
    The current US leadership ( if you can call it that)- shut down our own energy independence- and gave a pipeline to Putin. Currently we ask our enemies for an increase in oil production- while ours- lies fallow. We could supply ourselves and our allies as they cut off Russian Oil. Possibly even saving Ukraine without actual war.
    The UN still hasn’t kicked Russia out.
    And China holds it’s UN vote. Could it be that China gave Russia a lesson in getting away with genocide?
    I hope this all changes- quickly.
    IMO- no one is this dumb. US citizens have to ask themselves what is really happening?
    And we better be able to give response., with a course correction.
    IMO our curious sudden “buffoonery’s”, resulting in not only the weakening of ourselves- but of all who cherish democracy.
    I am saddened and angered that these things are done. I hope Congress steps in.
    I am waiting for the true America to wake up and take proper charge of itself- to the future regarding safety to all.
    If we don’t take charge of ourselves soon- others will take charge over us. Step by step.

  18. StarReachUS

    Hi Tim! I did watch your YouTube video and you are being too modest- you were wonderful!

    I do have a few questions. We have our Natal Birth Chart. But then when you move/relocate far- you actually get another chart. Is that what is called a transitional chart?

    I noticed things can change drastically in placement differing from the Natal Birth Chart. I am taking an educated guess that is why certain re-locations are either beneficial or not?

    So when you move- how does that Natal and the re-location chart size up with each other as to prediction etc.? Is Natal replaced by the new? Which is stronger or when?

    Also- I had never noticed “Eris”. The 10th planet. Female counterpart to Mars? I remember you said you use 8 planets in the YouTube video ( not counting Earth which would be 9)- so you don’t use Eris?

    Again- your YouTube was very interesting and informative.

    Thanks Tim!

    1. Tim Stephens

      HI, “STAR”

      You’ve asked a lot of questions.
      No, I don’t use Eris. When you move (esp. east-west) your birthchart revolves, so the ascendant moves about one sign every two time zones (approximately). So, say you are 1 degree Virgo rising in Los Angeles, you will be, say, 10 degrees Libra in Miami. If you had, say, Mars in Virgo in the first house, it now becomes Mars in Virgo in the 12th house. I call it a locational chart. Sometimes the natal chart is stronger, sometimes the locational chart. Depends on many factors, including how long the person has resided in the new location. Hope this answers most of your Q’s.



  19. Elle

    Hi, Tim.

    Thank you for continuing to write your weekly column. I look forward to it every week.

    In 2016, you predicted deflation onwards of 2023 to 2026, but possibly ending well before 2026. You said 2023-2026 will be a time of “great opportunity” for those brave to invest.

    Famed economist, Cathie Woods, seem to agree about a coming deflation, not inflation. She predicts deflation as a result of the advance in technology, and says that these times are a great opportunity to invest (in a future that sounds very sci-fi at the moment).

    The market continues to climb higher. However, a 2023 market crash is being predicted. Do you see astrological indications of that?

    It sure coincides with your prediction that people will be scared to risk their money in the stock market in 2023 but that they should.

    BTW, it is interesting that these videos are from NON-Trump supporters…

    Masters of propaganda buying up local stations

    So Trump was RIGHT about Clinton & Russia collusion

    Was Trump right about Covid pill all along?

    Lincoln Project CAUGHT faking ‘White Supremacists’ in VA Race



  20. StarReachUS

    Hi Tim.
    I have questions.
    I do not know in any depth quantum engineering or Quantum Physics. I did see when ordering books- they tie it in with “consciousness”. Others even to Astrology. Speed of Light mentioned. It perhaps gives another dimension (s)? I haven’t received the books yet.
    In any event- I’m betting you have looked at the subject and in particular to Astrology?
    What is your take on it? Yeaa or Nay etc,?
    Also- I have always believed in what I call “Life Force”. Is “Consciousness” different- or same?
    Also- when someone passes- does their astrological chart have any bearing on those close to them or does it it just become inapplicable?

  21. Urchin

    Ironic it is that you have pegged this year as the best for the development of long sustainable relationship, esp. for Libras. Am a Libra and the Libra partner I thought would be in my life forever left for another Libra! Now what?!

  22. Anoun007

    Hi Tim,
    As usual, love your horoscope, and I think your political views are pretty bang on.I wonder if you can clarify concerning the mercury retrograde periods, for example, if I was starting a new job in this period, that I was hired and confirmed for outside the retrograde period, will this job still be subject to mistakes etc.?

    This is one situation that the scenario applies to but there could be others, another example buying a land outside.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Anoun007,

      You’re not going to James Bond me are you? Unfortunately, no matter when you were hired for the job, starting at during a Mercury retro period does indicate some indecision, uncertainty and delays in the new job. Generally, a job started with mercury retrograde will only last one to several years. Land is more complex, depends on 5 or 6 additional factors.



  23. StarReachUS

    Hi Tim!
    Im glad you still do some Political review. How could you not?
    There is no getting away from the “warnings”- physically executed out in the open or psychically seen.
    I’m going to add a little to your always excellent on target writing of US American Politics.

    The National Archives Records Administration placed a “harmful content” warning on the US Constitution, labeling the governing document of the United States as as “harmful or difficult to view”. It also applies to all documents across the Archive’s website – which included -the Bill of Rights and our US Declaration of Independence.
    Who took a vote or agreed to this????

    IMO- Yet like so much going on since the Biden Administration – one knows that unfounded statements, out and out lies, and disgraceful venues and actions- are falsely celebrated as “victories”.
    Example- Afghanistan. We abandoned and snuck out in the middle of the night – causing chaos and basically handing all of Afghanistan and her people, American Citizens (disgracefully we left them behind), our Afghanistan Allies , and billions of dollars of the best military weaponry- to our enemy the Taliban.
    Please note- this is NOT the fault of our men and women in uniform. It IS the sole responsibility and fault of President Biden and his Administration- who were warned not to do so by some top military advice- that he chose to ignore.
    IMO- no one can be this stupid- removing the defending forces before removing Americans, allies and our Military equipment. Even our global allies are now imbalanced from this.
    A mistake- sorry- IMO- NO. And yet the Biden Administration says it ended a long war. It’s how you end something that counts. This was disgraceful- and dangerously empowering the US people’s enemy.

    The flooding over our borders with illegal immigrants. And these poor people are suffering because we cannot support and process such multitudes. They suffer in filth. Also drugs, violent gangs and perhaps even the Taliban have been able to come in secretly and undocumented

    Another mistake?- IMO-NO. A country without borders is serious on many fronts. It can cause collapse, and demise .

    The unending spending of Trillions of Dollars the US doesn’t have. The debt ceiling . Who do we borrow from? The Chinese for the most part is my understanding.

    Now Biden’s “American Families Plan” allows the IRS to snoop on all your bank accounts and financial endeavors. Balances, inflows, outflows, interest, capital gains and even losses. Your privacy is gone.

    Vaccine and mask mandates. Elections that are held improperly. Not hard to figure out why.
    Law and order seemingly thrown away.

    My American brothers and sisters- please wake up! This is not a Democrat vs. Republican thing.

    Your COUNTRY is in chaos and peril! Think- could everything be a mistake by this Administration???? Or is it designed to take down your country , Liberty and Independence.. Even your founding documents of Country, Liberty and Independence are now warning labeled.

    IMO- This is not “progressive”- it is regressive. Designed to quickly destroy to put something else in its’ place. And if you like freedom and your Constitutional rights you are not going to like it.

    There are so many conspiracy theories- this is NOT one of them. What I have written has happened- has transpired.

    God Bless America and her people. However- remember- God helps those who help themselves. Look around at Biden’s America after just months- SEE CLEARLY. Look at what is done- not what is said.

  24. Kashmiri11

    OMG! Please NEVER cease posting your fabulous after amble!!
    These observations are SPOT ON and always straight up — they give me hope and usually verify my thoughts. It’s amazing how clearly you understand the present American political environment…


  25. Elle

    “Another “short” column. Let me know if you prefer these, or want to return to the long “Weekly Forecasts.”
    “I will be away July 23-August 1, without the laptop.”

    More of Tim’s Forecasts, of course!
    Enjoy your break!

  26. gdavi

    Hi Tim,

    Selfishly, I prefer the longer columns. I understand, however, if you prefer spending less time on this activity every week.

    You provide a great resource to so many.

    Thank you for all you do!

  27. StarReachUS

    Hi Tim.
    In the past, I have written some rather lengthy comments or e-mail. Personal issues sometimes interfere at times from me doing so. But its’ temporary- and I keep up.
    What I wanted to convey this time- again- my genuine support for you Tim as to writing political views and talking points. And as SLD and other’s have said- you need to hear the positive effect as to the channel you create for some of us.
    I also feel positive feedback should to be given to those who have recently voiced their positions. Elle, Ktumal, CtapaBaba & SLD. I am sure there are more. You guys are great- never stop. And that goes double for you Tim- LOL!
    As it is true- when we see the totally outrageous things happening- we feel maybe our say won’t change anything. In reality- it brings attention, thought, comradery and the support to see it and deal with it, and perhaps even how to change it. Heads up- we are not alone, we have a say and we count! Be involved – and change has to come.
    My regards to all- StarReachUs

  28. SLD

    It’s common knowledge that we all know how much more likely it is that someone will fire off a complaint v send a complement.
    I thoroughly appreciate your pre and after ambles…..for years…. and have sadly neglected to take the time to acknowledge you.
    Thank you Mr. Stephens
    I am very fond of your effort to share ‘an’ opinion 🙂👍

  29. CtapaBaba

    Hi, Tim,

    I don’t always agree with your political afterambles; however, this time you hit the nail on the head with your diatribe against the Catholic Church. Thanks for the post.

    All the best.

  30. ktumas

    I understand if you stop political comments but I beg you don’t. I enjoy reading your views. Not only because I agree totally – but because they are passionate, honest, and patriotic. I (as an American) feel stuck in a very jaded and twisted political world right now. I find it reassuring that someone outside of our created mess sees the situation for what it is and is not afraid to speak. So many here are either afraid or blind to what is going on. America is falling and most around me do not see it nor do they care. I thank you for your commentary. Keep it up!

  31. camouflage

    “What puzzles me is why some of the richest exploiters of other people on earth — George Soros, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and the others — spend billions of their dollars” for leftist causes.
    They do it because under communism they will have total power. At the moment they can be takin to court, fired, etc.

  32. scorpio1957

    Guten Tag
    You have been writing recently that improvements are coming.
    Then exactly at a time when a new job comes my way, then you write do not start any new projects before June 22.
    Why do these contradictions exist?
    Best regards

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hard to say, scorpio 1957.

      The “new job” might be a rough repeat of an old, former job? Scorpio’s luck in 2021 is in property, home, “quitting.” Mid 2022 to mid 2023 will be a huge year for work. Right now, you’re meant to be recuperating and caring for family. So, the cosmos gives you a job that won’t last long, because you’re trying to do the wrong thing, to swim against the tide.

      Cheers, Tim

  33. Elle

    Greetings, Tim.

    Hats off to you for fearlessly addressing controversial topics.

    Like many, I have been quiet (even erased my public voter profile) because given the current climate, I am afraid it will prevent me from obtaining employment.

    That said, I think we all should be aware of the deceit and massive propaganda before us.

    1. “The entire Database of Maricopa County in Arizona has been DELETED!”
    “Additionally, seals were broken on the boxes that hold the votes, ballots are missing, and worse. “
    (Published on May 15, 2021, on the 2020 Presidential Election Audit)

    Read it here, before it disappears. (Yahoo reported yesterday that DT’s site crashed after this article came out.)

    2. Theory on the origins of Covid by Nicholas Wade, former correspondent for the(surprise!) NY Times. Fauci involvement?

    Saagar Enjeti from Rising, a quasi-bipartisan group, breaks it down here

    3. ‘Bombshell’ Russian Bounties Story FALLS APART, Revealing Media Lies
    Background: The CIA and MSM lied to prevent Trump and the US from withdrawing from Afghanistan. Now, that Biden is President, they admit QUIETLY that it was all a fabrication. The “Russian Collusion” actually started before the 2016 presidential election by Hillary Clinton and the CIA to have an excuse to spy on Trump and his campaign.

    4. Media Caught Letting Biden WH Edit Their Stories

    The Biden WH was previously reported to require the press to submit AHEAD of time their questions for the ‘live’ press briefings! Now it comes out that they also must have their articles reviewed and approved by the WH before publishing!

    As everyone should know by now, the Dems are weeding the military and government of any views that do not agree with theirs, they shame and cancel anyone who dares oppose them publicly, they hide Black on Asian crimes because it does not fit their narrative, and now even the lying liberal press is further being policed to make sure they get it just right! All under the guise of squelching violence, which are 99% perpetuated by the Left!

    If we continue to allow the Dems to bully us into submission, we may soon wake up with no country!

    5. How The Government MANUFACTURES Terror “Plots” To Terrify The Public by Socialist, Krystal Ball:

    P.S. Still hard to understand how the weakest (Joe Biden) and least popular (Kamala Harris ) Democrat contenders for the presidency are in the WH.

  34. Elle

    Hi, Tim.
    Thank you for all you do!
    I look forward to your weekly column and immensely enjoy reading your pre and after ambles.
    Happy to see Mar 28-Apr but whatever happened to Mar 21-27?

  35. StarReachUS

    Hi Tim. Happy Valentine’s Day and Thank You- there are those of us who love you back- myself included!
    I’m commenting on your recent political musings. As I write this, the 2nd Trump Impeachment has ended- and President Trump is acquitted- a second time. You mentioned sometimes it is difficult to see Truth.
    1st Impeachment- 4 years plus of the left’s accusations, manipulations, actual lies and falsehoods are revealed thru the Impeachment itself- that they brought forth themselves (Karma). Trump is acquitted (Justice). However, the People of the US paid for it- on many levels. The perpetrators seemingly not brought to Justice.
    2nd impeachment- Brought forth in a manner not in line or consistent with our own Laws and Constitution. Again as before- the Impeachment itself showed the creatively constructed and purposely edited videos and press communications carried forth by the multiform layers of the medias and the political elite of the Left (Karma). Cancel culture added- otherwise nothing new here. The Left is so afraid Trump will run again in the future- they condemn the people’s present. The people are in a pandemic- and have not gotten the help they required because the Dems want to act quickly and try to further seal and protect their own ill gotten power agenda- first. Cancel culture rears its’ ugly head.
    President Trump is acquitted for the second time (Justice).
    To see truth I quote the legal phrase “Falsus in uno”. In short it means- “False in one thing, false in everything”.
    January 6, 2021- Approximately 74 Million people voted for President Trump. Why does anyone think if there was an “Insurrection” planned by Trump- that such a small amount of his followers would show up? Supported that statistically it is shown how large is the proportion of so called followers who remain loyal? When America had a Civil War did only a few show up? Of course not.
    This was a terrible event- made by a radical faction on their own- and yes- they should pay the price.
    Verbal rhetoric- done by both sides- and violence- done by both sides- are done by radical elements- and are not to be condoned. Importantly however- the Left at the 2nd Impeachment was shown to have creatively manipulated and edited the Presidents’ words. Such a terrible event should not be “used” to further false political agenda.
    It is also said the FBI- and perhaps others- had knowledge of this upcoming tragedy. So why was it not stopped cold? Was it in the interest of some it not be stopped for political use?
    If it were a “Foreign” attack- I like to think it would have been stopped before it happened- otherwise that would be a different problem.
    If many of We the People are confused at the goings on- it is this- man inherently understands truth (even when he ignores it). He does not understand manipulations, falsehoods and censorship regarding basic humanity- right away. In time however- he sees.
    Tim- on a private note- you will notice where I put (Karma) and (Justice). This is in reference to my private prior writing to you- as I said- “They ride”.
    In further, if interested, one can also read Donald Trump Jrs. twitter of today, February 14, 2021.
    Again- love your writings my friend.

  36. Verna Stevens

    Tim, Your suggestions about redoing the US elections in the states that Trump lost are insane. Trump has tried to overturn the election results with at least 60 law suits. They were all thrown out. He has zero proof. Plus why is he interested in just the states he lost. If there was actually cheating in the elections, wouldnt it be accross all States. Until the public and courts see evidence that the election was rigged there is no reason to re vote. Biden has won.

    As to bringing in Martial law, you need your head examined to even consider this. MARTIAL LAW???? There is zero evidence, and you are suggesting that the military take over these states. Tim, wake up and start watching and reading some other news source other than FOX because I dont think you are very well informed.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Dear Verna,

      Most 60 lawsuits were thrown out before they were even started. The judges refused to look at any evidence, to let any evidence or eye-witness testimony be presented, and even to let the Trump lawyers give their arguments. Other words, these so-called judges refused to even consider the possibility that the election was rigged, I refuse to even hear the cases. If you want to talk about bias, here is your proof: 60 (actually they were closer to 70 or 80) cowards who were so scared of the left that they would not even let these cases into the court rooms. You say “until the public and courts see evidence” — there is plenty of evidence, unless you want to be one of the three monkeys who see no evil see no evil hear no evil. I advise leaving your comfy little leftist cocoon long enough to spend a day or two dipping into the conservative news sites where all the news that is suppressed by the left media is laid out for you. If after this you’re still think Biden is a saint who should be anointed at the White House, then I’ll leave you to it. Until then, you are just a blind man walking through the storm and saying I don’t see anything.

      Cheers, Tim.

      PS: I watch CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and all the other violent anti-trump stations. I also watch Fox, which since left-wing Disney bought it, has started to sound like CNN and all their brethern.

  37. Tumbleweed

    Hi Tim,
    I’m not a supporter of either Trump or Obama but thought you should know that the supposed charges of Obama’s daughter is not real. It came from a satirical newsfeed. I copied and pasted this after some research:
    The article originated from another unreliable source, Daily World Update, which is part of a family of websites and social media accounts called “America’s Last Line of Defense.” Those accounts do carry disclaimers stating that their content is “satirical”:
    Love your work! Hope you continue for quite some time in these dark days.

  38. Phoenix Rising

    Tim, is their any way that Trump will come back as the OFFICIAL PRESIDENT with all the law suits going on with the massive amount of voter fraud ? I am shocked at the wide spread voter fraud I see on my twitter acct. Thanks Tim.

    1. rd38

      It’s tough trying to find sites dedicated to feeding paranoia!

      Search engines, in general, try to tailor your online “experience” to subject matters that cater to your tastes and opinions. It’s somewhat exploitative. I think Twitter knows what they are doing when all the dopes out there receive so much election mail fraud gossip.

      For instance; someone who has been following with keen interest, trump, white nationalists, AK-47’s, conspiracy theorists, tax evasion tutorials and diabolical, widespread mail fraud methods, will be directed to humorless sites selling camouflage jackets, bump stocks, and self-help sites dedicated to disorders of the mind: schizophrenia, paranoia, narcissism, delusional. Or you can just come here and read a wild-eyed explanation of bombastic indignation about the world of filthy Democrats and Moderates while you read your horoscope!

      By all all means, follow this “astrology” site’s advice on signing up for this exciting, new chat website, offering a single thread and basic math for the minions of people who rely on the wisdom of ex-game show hosts.

      trump lost. He may be going to prison, even. Chin up!

  39. ckimnyc

    Hi Tim,
    As always I am grateful to you and your work. You have helped greatly, your truly like my best friend! More importantly I want to thank you for opening my eyes about politics especially in regards to Trump. For the longest time I hated him as a result of fake media. I truly believed every vicious attack, accusations and BS the media put out. Like you I don’t care for Trump as a person and I am a democrat at heart. Thank you for pointing out the things that Trump has done as POTUS.

    One last thing – I noticed you did not predict who you think will win election tomorrow.

  40. rd38

    Hi Tim-
    After weeks away, I thought I’d sign in for a good chuckle regarding your “moderate”, “non-partisan”,
    political views.
    Your volume is turned up so loud, as you continue your journey to eviscerate more tolerant parties and individuals, that I can barely hear myself think, trying to decipher the coming week’s predictions. Now, we have begun the decent into political desperation with political preambles AND afterthoughts. It’s as distracting as the pantomiming woman (a.k.a. The Nodding Woman) over trump’s left shoulder at the Town Hall event.

    BTW, who is “StarReachUs”? Is SHE The Lady in Red (mask)?


    1. StarReachUS

      Hi rd38.
      Gee- while you are “chuckling” over Tim’s writings about some of the most important and historic US current events occuring- you offer nothing of substance but insults.

      Now I got a chuckle out of you! You are so interested in me and I don’t give you a second thought.

      Point- if you wanted to know who “the lady in red (Mask) ” is- you only had to go on Fox News or the internet days ago- she ( notice I don’t capitalize it) was interviewed. So no- I am not her at all.

      Point- Now for some fun as to someone like you. In reference to me- where you wrote SHE in big caps like you struck gold- go back to my post. It says “the man I’m with”. Yet you assumed SHE.

      Some would say the LGBT would be upset with you!

      Man or woman- no matter. I am an independent well rounded US citizen who loves their country, and wants all Constitutional Amendments to be upheld and honored. Including the second, which I practice.

      You sound like a fool asking who someone is- on an anonymous platform – and stating assumptions that insults the LGBT among others. ( And yes- I’m chuckling)

  41. StarReachUS

    Hi Tim. This is written in reference to your writings for Oct. 18-24.
    As usual- I compliment you on a summary of so many US political aspects- and as I’m complimentary of course it is an indication I agree with most of your views.
    I want to comment secondly on a piece I wrote prior- not posted- which is fine I’m not egotistical. I comment on it only because I have to correct myself on one point. I wrote I didn’t care for the NY Post tho the Professor commentary at that time was spot on.
    I am sure- as you are always on the ball for our US politics- you have seen the latest- about Biden and his son. Finally- an enitity who will write the truth.
    I assume my brain must have thought NY Times ( who I can’t stand at all) So I correct myself- I will now state I am absoultely impressed and in SUPPORT of the NY POST.
    My question to you- are we finally going to start prosecuting those who have astoundingly earned such as you have pointed out in your writings?
    I can’t even figure why we don’t have some law in place to stop any Presidential nominee involved in such pursuits as Biden- his son- and the Dems you mention- from even running- and holding position.
    Second question- you and I think somewhat alike. However- I can’t figure why you like Obamacare.
    In FL- when I moved here- thru the Healthcare marketplace”- I was paying about $1200.00 per month- with $10,000 deductibles etc.. A nightmare. I had to wait and when Medicare finally was available to me- I breathed relief as now I was able to escape the “Marketplace” and get Medicare coverage and also pay for AARP private supplemental insurance to cover any “holes”.. I am now paying alot less- and have NO $10,000 decutible. I am totally covered.
    The man I am with is quite a bit younger than I ( I look young)- and his Healthcare marketplace insurance about doubled last year ( he suffered an early hereditary factored heart attack year prior).
    They say they are “affordable”- it’s an out and out lie. And Pre-existing conditions- another lie- yeah you can get coverage- but they raise you to the roof- where I am sure it puts it out of reach for many and they can’t even get coverage when they do that.
    So why do you feel Obamacare is any good? It did nothingbut seriously raise healthcare costs- and so stressed availability for any coverage at all the average Joe who can’t pay such “afforable” (LOL) healthcare.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, StarReachUs,

      I think there has been a misunderstanding. I have never approved of Obamacare and never will. It was introduced and passed by deception, and by Obama’s misrepresentation of it. Translation: he lied to the public.



    2. rd38

      The healthcare system has always been a marketplace for doctors to become some of our richest citizens. The Affordable Care Act started off reasonable but I’m afraid many physicians found a way to retain their wealth. But before the ACA, I was denied insurance over a neck problem that only costs $1800. a year in treatment. Without it, I would be paying twice that- providing I could find someone to do it. I am extremely fortunate to have supplemental assistance on my huge monthly bill but that does not make me less concerned about the prices many of us have to pay. It is outrageous.
      Twice, trump tried to establish a better healthcare system ( presumably to get his name on it, like one of his gold plated investment properties), and failed, as he did with many of his promises. Evidently national problems are much harder to resolve than selling piece of real estate, or firing someone on a game show. I hope the Democrats will continue to work on a solution.
      People inevitably sound like fools when they begin with”…I read on Twitter, Facebook, etc.”
      A reminder to any one that on the board of directors for Facebook, is one of the founders of FB…and a big trump donator. Of course, there are Left-minded news sourcing also guilty of an “agenda” but its amateur “rags” like Fox News that equate Socialists with Democracy, then point out socialist countries that were managed with disasterous results. Why not aligned the Republicans with Democracy then give a history lesson on the failed democracy of Iran, The Philippines and Russia?. Bad players perverted the system. America was well on its way to join that list, with an autocratic annoyance like trump and his flagrant disregard for the respected rules of Congress. A word to new sources like Fox, NewsMax and OAN; If you have to advertise your programming as ” trustworthy”; “the REAL news-not fake”; “just the facts”, you’re over-customizing.

      While, at the onset of the election and before, I considered myself “moderate” .This declaration was shouted down by virtually every Right wing nutcase. Evidently you must be FOR trump all the way, or you don’t exist. By the end of the Republican Election Scam of trying to change the vote, it turns out they are right about my political standing for now; I could never support of group of pack mules, dragging misinformation and gross, false accusations to a public greedy to push their way to the front of the line, regardless of the garbage on sale.

      CHEERS! And this time, with a reason to celebrate!

      1. Tim Stephens

        rd, I don’t know why I even approve your comments anymore. But this one isn’t bad! I agree Trump did try to do something better than the ACA. And the people who stopped him were not Democrats but Republicans! However, I doubt that you are right that the founders of Facebook were big Trump donors. Even if that unlikely possibility were true, it’s certainly true no longer and has not been for many years, as Facebook is obviously one of the Trump haters.

        PS: only your left media censored the story of Hunter Biden, only your left media attacked Trump for four years like ravenous dogs chasing a lie first promulgated by the evil witch Hillary. I did not see the right wing media calling Biden a demon, a fascist, a dictator, a Hitler, a Stalin, a murderer, insane, and every other disgusting epithet they could think of. Let’s face it: every time the left media opens its mouth, only poo-oo comes out.

  42. Mirii

    Hi Tim… I was just looking through your platform articles and specifically: SATURN’S INFLUENCE ~ 2018 – 2020. If you look at the first paragraph, it indicates a major event in Jan-Feb 2020 to come. Looking back on that time, that’s got to be covid. Well done!

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Mirii,

      Thank you! I had forgotten about that. Too bad I couldn’t have been more specific. Oh well. I think also somewhere, maybe under Jupiter or Pluto, I talked about mass deaths to come in 2020. Oh well, enough self regard!

      Cheers, Tim

  43. Albertam

    Hi ,
    As always I enjoy your weekly posts, this week no exception.
    I bought your book this year. I liked it , not as much as I liked your platforms that your are going to go back to writing, and not because it cost 6$ and change, but Because I really don’t like shopping at Amazon is where I found your book.
    Your predictions have been very useful, the pandemic for example.
    Thank you for the insights



    I was reading your current column (week starting the 16th), when I got to the initials J and K my mind immediately saw John Kennedy. Then my thoughts jumped to a death. It was so strong that it took about twenty minutes before I realized you were talking about Joe and Kamala. It gave me a bit of a chuckle. Seriously though, I thought that someone’s death could also ‘feel’ like an assasination. If he dies, the people wanting to put him in power will have their chance at power ‘assasinated’. Kamala’s chances at this time would also be derailed. I also felt the secrecy business might be Joe’s true feelings, kept hidden, about this. I have a strong feeling that those secrets/secrecy you mentioned will never be revealed because they are personal and private. Joe might be successful in ways we will never know; and death will be the victory. OR, I’m just talking out my ass. I don’t even know why I’m responding, other than the feeling that you opened a window a crack and I got a glimpse of something I really know nothing about. Also! I 1000 percent agree with you about doctors here. I have had too many experiences. I find them oddly sarcastically condescending, uncaring, and dismissive. Believe me when I tell you, as a female, it is even worse! Anyway, thanks for all your columns. Been following for decades. Cheers, Nancy

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, “untruest,”

      Hey, with a name like that, you must have many love affairs! Secrecy is Joe’s stock-in-trade. He is as corrupt as they come. To make millions of dollars colluding with the adversaries of the United States to weaken US interests — e.g., to allow the Chinese to build military bases in international waters in exchange for a few million in his own pocket, to me this seems like treason and should be treated as such. At the very least Joe and his son should be indicted or face a grand jury. So far, however, the corrupt FBI is protecting him just like they protected Hillary. Hopefully the people will sense Joe Biden’s falseness — for he’s a very good and practised con artist.

      As for your comment about the medical profession, here’s a little anecdote from my own life. I have severe essential tremors, and in 1995 I was sent to a specialist at the University Hospital of UBC in Vancouver. During my appointment, the doctor had an assistant, and the two of them were obviously engaged in a homosexual flirtation. They gave me a glass of water and asked me to carry it across the room. Of course I couldn’t, and when I spilled the water, they laughed at me. I knew I was not going to get any real help — and I didn’t. Doctors can be real a-holes.(Forgive my French!)

      Cheers, Tim

  45. StarReachUS

    Hi Tim!
    In reading about your thoughts on afterlife- heaven and hell, may I ask what brought you to that conclusion?

    I myself also have thought as to the question of aferlife starting at a fairly young age.
    I thought I knew the answer- yet as much time the opinion seemed to somewhat fade.

    Have you ever heard of psychic George Anderson? I had the unique opportunity to meet and have individual sessions before he became so well known over time. (I used to liveon Long Island, NY)

    He advised me of a passed Aunt of mine. I had a second Aunt of the same name as well, whom I thought was alive. When I questioned which Aunt he was referring to he indicated the one more recently passed. I said to him that she was still alive. He politely looked at me and advised she was not. I went home and called my Dad. I told him as to the two Aunts. My Dad was surprised and said George was right- she had passed a year or two ago ( we were not close so he didn’t mention).
    George another time, mentioned my Father-In-Law ( whom I adored). The shock was he said he was singing Opera. No way for anyone to know that! (no lessons or information out there to obtain that)

    In any event I decided- along with some other personal experinces of my own there was another side.

    Unfortunately, as time went on, the surety of such has partially, but not totally faded.

    George Anderson was the only psychic I met whom I thought was legitimate. I met one or two others and did not feel they were.

    Also, Tim, I had looked and saw, and read , you had a responded to RD which when I looked today was removed. That is your choice- no issue. However I did see it-and I felt it was appropriate. I did not respond again to him as I had said what I had to say.

    In any event- I shared with you what formed my thoughts on aferlife- will you share yours?

    BTW- enjoying your writings as always.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, StarReachUs,

      Almost all my ideas/feelings about the Afterlife come from meditation trances. Three times I seemed to be lifted to heaven, or some sort of thing. Sorry, four times perhaps (the fourth time wasn’t, so to speak, “heaven” but a sort of aquarium of lives). It’s too much to tell here, but I did so in the column about 20 years ago, and maybe sometime in the Afteramble I’ll revisit them.



      1. StarReachUS

        That is of so much interest to me.

        Hopefully others will express interest and you can write of those experiences for sure- Please!

        Question- have you found over time that people with special abilities, in example psychic etc, do they have something in their charts indicating it? And on the other end- are there those without it in their chart that still possess such regardless?

        1. Tim Stephens

          Hi, StarReachUS,

          Psychic ability/tendency is usually shown in the birth chart. Usually, Neptune is involved, rising and/or in good aspect with Moon, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter. Everyone has psychic abilities: those with Neptune or other psychic aspects tend to display or experience it more. Maybe I’ll address this in a future column.

          All the best,


  46. rd38

    Oh. Poor trump! Thank God, people are becoming more aware of The Morbidly Obese One’s increasingly erratic behavior. Its hard to believe some are excusing his typical craziness as exhaustion forced upon him by the Democrat’s inquiry about Ukraine. Even John Bolton, who wasn’t a help to the investigation, chastised Pelosi et al, for NOT investigating further. Guess we’ll just have to entertain ourselves with his book!
    Anyway, the opportunity for trump to take that nice, long rest he deserves, will hopefully come in November. The far-right helps to spread Covid19 by refusing masks, suggesting the virus is a hoax and young people, who unlike generations before them in the same age bracket, who understood sacrifice. Perhaps any individual who can’t comply should have to sign a waiver for medical assistance if they become sick as a result.
    Meanwhile, let’s get back to astrology. I thought political opinions were under an optional category?

    1. StarReachUS

      First, political opinion, as far as I can tell, has its’ own section where Tim writes. When you want to leave a comment, I believe it is simply done thru the comment section. Tim can correct me if I am wrong.
      Secondly, it is amazing you aren’t interested in political opinion as it is not an option in life either. The outcome of such will affect every aspect of your life and your country.
      I believe prior over time Tim has pointed out in his writings , even countries have astrological charts, so political outcomes may, or may not, have an astrological lean. I find that interesting.
      As to your comment, RD38, you may hide your head in the sand, and swallow with glee all the all the ridiculous, and sometimes vile writings and manipulations the far left media throws to you. So you can repeat that – everyone – on this side or that side- ALL- do this or that. One big label to apply and something to say like you are part of the stepford wives syndrome. However, there are those from both the left and right who know better.
      Extremism doesn’t stand the test of time because it is extreme, and therefore slanted- not straight. And being inherently slanted, it is out of step with balanced natural law, and therefore prone to be replaced over time, with something more balanced. No matter what side or subject you pick, positive or negative.
      And to Tim, I very much like when you compare a countries chart with people running, or trying to run, the country.
      My personal opinion is astrology doesn’t in total determine your outcome. There are many variables that come into play. Like our own personal charts.
      I look at it as saying what the weather is outside at the moment. If you choose to bring an umbrella or not is up to you.
      And Tim, he happens to be be extremely astute with strong instincts, at blending the variables to often see the actual outcome. I said it before, Tim is a very interesting person.

      1. rd38

        A few months back, the astrologer had stated that there would be a separate page for politics, where it belongs. But no, somehow it’s been decided my future is dependent on his political views and I can’t be trusted I’m going to find my way there so it’s back on page one.
        To whoever you are, it’s pointless to expect any moderation in debate on this. There’s a chorus from the far side of right wingers- a group that sullies the politics of Conservatism- which goes, “All ‘Dems’ are crooked…”.
        It’s almost laughable if it weren’t for the repercussions. Had trump, self-described ‘war president’ ruled back in 1941, we would have lost that one. Absolutely no direction, while on route to grabbing some votes from the misguided and uninformed.
        For my comments on the general state of U.S. politics, the replies ( which I actually don’t require to validate my opinions, thanks) are routinely smug, self-righteous and personal… and presumptive of my political affiliation. But maybe I underestimate the producer, as my curiosity to read the latest, weekly tirade is what reels me back in.

        1. Tim Stephens

          Ah, RD,
          Were you saying that your comments are “routinely smug, self-righteous and personal?” If you look closely, you’ll see that all political comment and predictions are in the tail-end of the AFTERAMBLE, and preceeded with a warning that “EVERYTHING BELOW IS POLITICAL.” Surely, even you can see this and save yourself such pain.

  47. StarReachUS

    Hi Tim!
    Still enjoying your posts! And yes- the political ones.
    I’m a third decante Gemini myself, and for the first time, I really do wonder about many things I thought I understood.
    Disagreement and debate appear to be punished ( how’s a Gemini to survive that?). Sometimes violently.
    Even trying to right wrongs are met with agitation making everything overall worse.
    As you are a Gemini Tim- how do you wrap your mind around math that doesn’t add up?
    I feel for our President. In my opinion his intentions have been the best I have seen for a country.
    However, he is met with many injustices, and it barely helps when it’s proven as such
    It makes no sense- and I can see and feel he’s tired. I do think he will go forward as necessary.
    Hopefully people will see Biden isn’t even a choice. He’s unable to speak without problems to a concerning degree. How is he going to help this country? Additionally, Biden is what my grandmother calls, ” a gentleman thief”. Chances are if things go awry in the poles- it will never be Biden that’s running the country despite the label of President. He’s shown to be weak and in need of constant “care”. That’s alot of “favors”. You don’t actually know who will be in power- and therein lies a great threat to this country i my opinion.
    Would you agree Tim?
    I’m hopig the media overplays, and those of us that truly do weigh pros and cons and call BS wgen we see it- will vote appropriately- and all will be well.
    But will it? My instincts are more cloudy than usual.
    This country needs the best it can get- I hope that happens.
    On a personal level- even I had a June 13th crash (literally) that has turned my world upside down.
    I’m working on getting it turned upright again. What’s the alternative?
    And that is what the people of this country need to do.
    It’s almost 4th of July- everything is shut down to Covid- but GOD BLESS AMERICA AND- ALL- HER PEOPLE

  48. Elle

    Hi, Tim.

    Do you see another possibility of a “jerk in the economy/stock market” that you so accurately predicted for Spring 2020? Do you see a hiccup in the markets in June 2020?

    Re-reading your 2020 forecast, it’s eery how you foresaw many of the things happening now.
    I just wish I have more understanding of things before they happen (and not only after they have come to pass) but that’s on me 🙂


  49. militant mind

    Hi Tim

    I bought your yearly report and you state that the Canadian economy will move along without a problem…so wrong…wasted money. That will not happen again.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, militant mind,

      Perhaps you should have been more militant. The comment by “pittypat” below is the answer to your scorn. Yes, I did say the Canadian, U.S. and Europe economies would flow forward, ABSENT a “spring disruption” that I outlined in the same “Year Ahead” section, under “ECONOMY” that — Well, I’ll let Pittypay say it:
      “reread some of your 2020 Forecasts and just about fell off my chair – page 4 (the 2020 book) – 1st line under Economy – your prediction was for this Spring’s ‘unpredictability’ to affect socializing (!!), banks, land values…and jerks to the stock market/economy. Almost spooky in its accuracy!”
      Yes, I should have put these words in the China, Canada, Europe and U.S. forecasts, but if you read those carefully, and look around, you’ll see that our problem was/is not economic but health-related.

  50. gdavi

    Hi Tim!

    Your prediction regarding a transformation of the banking system has come to pass! The unprecedented response to the COVID-19 pandemic will produce systemic changes that were unimaginable only a few weeks ago.

    These changes will also usher in even greater levels of Government tracking and control of the citizenry, also exactly as you foresaw.

    I am sad to see that you are predicting divisions in society will continue. Times of crisis normally bring us together. Thus far, however, this seems not to be the case.

    Regardless, thank you for sharing these divinations.

    This knowledge has allowed me to prepare both emotionally and materially for the challenges ahead.

  51. CenTaurPi

    Hi Tim:

    I hope you are feeling better. I’m curious to know if you are still planning on doing your presentation on March 12, 2020, at the Astrological Guild? Is the Astrological Guild in New West on Columbia?

    Thanks, CenTaurPi

      1. CenTaurPi

        Thanks Tim.

        A smart move given what is happening with COVID-19 and the direction for “social distancing”. I wish for Everyone to Stay Healthy.


  52. Cari

    For three months, I have been contacting people about a bold proposal about adapting a historic building in Toronto. Two weeks ago, I received interest from one of the national newspapers in article based my proposal. In it, I would be calling for people who support the idea to join the cause on a facebook group that I have formed. We would be pressuring the federal government to create a very popular project! However, my perfectionism caused me to not finish the article in time to avoid Mercury retrograde. Should I wait now until after March 15?

  53. CenTaurPi

    Hi Tim:

    Questions regarding your appearances in New Westminister & Vancouver…
    1) Are they the same fee?
    2) Same or different topics?

    Thank you and I hope to meet you soon 🙂

  54. Elly

    Hi Tim, I´ve been reading your forecasts for a few years now and I greatly appreciate the quality of your insight! I would like to purchase your 2020 forecast book in the print / paperback version, but have not yet found it on amazon or through my favorite book store – they need the ISBN number or EAN Code to order it. I am located in Austria (Germany`s small neighbour). Do you know already when the paperback version will be available in Europe? I am looking forward to you forecasts and insights for 2020!
    *** As an archer aims an arrow, as a carpenter carves wood, the wise shape their lives. (from the Dhammapada) *** May your life be shaped by happiness and luck in 2020!

    Cheers, Elly

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Elly — and all with the same problem: I have put a “Link to PDF” button on the blog (where the PREAMBLE usually is). It takes you straight to PayPal, and will guide you to download the pdf.

      Cheers, Tim

  55. Abby

    Dear Tim,

    This is Abby from China. I have been following your writings for many years. Really appreciate your Weekly/Annually forecast. I am a Cancer myself, I think your forecast has been quite correct for what happened to me, especially the past few months. Thank you.
    I saw that you have your paperback print version in many countries, but now in China. I think that’s a shame for Chinese readers. I don’t have any specific suggestions here yet, but maybe there will be some ways.
    No matter what, the most important thing I want to say is thank you. Hope you will have a well and prosperous year.

    Best wishes

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Abby,

      I just realized — I’ve contacted my techie to ask that China be added to the amazon sites below the advertisement in my PREAMBLE. Of course I want my Chinese readers to have the book!

      Cheers, Tim

  56. Uncle Ger

    Hi Tim:
    Just a heads-up. I tried to go to to purchase your 2020 book as I am currently in the US for a few months. The book was listed as I followed your instructions but it is “Currently not available”. I will get it from the Canadian website and see if I can have it shipped to the US. Keep up the good work.

  57. StarReachUS

    Rd38- you thank goodness do not represent most Democrats- just the far left.

    This dropping insult and trying to dismiss and retreat without fact shows- no we will not be debating at this level- as you are obviously unarmed.

  58. rd38

    On 12/24 I finally tuned into your new ‘Politics’ column. How disappointing. You sound like a member of an alt-right “Patriots” website. I would recommend a film called “Cuck’ you should watch but you’ll only align it with part of a Leftist propaganda machine…

    No reply needed. There is no debate at this level.

    Merry Christmas.

  59. StarReachUS

    Well- I just wrote prior here. Now again December 18, 2019.
    Lies, railroading, twisting, turning.
    Impeachment- Really-?- Based on the above.
    Lady Justice is trying not to be hog- tied. Democracy under attack by those who claim to defend it.
    I ask you Tim- what do the stars say?
    Do they offer glimmer of hope and truth?
    I’m serious.

  60. StarReachUS

    Hi Tim. Been reading you for a while. You my friend are an interesting man.
    I am a Gem myself- as I believe you are.
    I wouldn’t worry about persons leaving the site due to strong political disagreement. Here is one who has joined ( and I usually don’t care to make comments). Love the Politics room!
    A question tho. Did it ever occur to anyone that the US Democratic Party “Far-left” is basically a straight out Socialist Party that has embedded itself into the Democratic Party- as prior Socialist Parties fail on their own historically here ( I’m US). Everytime I hear Pelosi speak about our forefathers and our Constitution I think- she shoud shut her mouth . The Democratic Party in ideology is not the Socialist party- yet she has tolerated the infiltration for a few more votes thinking she can control them. Only is is recently apparent she has lost control of everything. Our Constitutional writing forefathers wrote for a free Democratic Republic- which Republican- and Prior the Democratic Party ideals differ in but both embrace. How can you even entertain Socialism within a Democratic paradigm? And then say you are upholding the Constitution? Whether you are Republican or Democrat – Nancy Pelosi fix your Party! Perhaps this is why we now see Dems starting to change parties.

  61. ps1ams

    Pratik Shah, 05/05/1982. 16:35. Mumbai. Taurus Sun/Libra Moon/Libra Rising. Venus @ 1° Aries.

    Dear Tim,
    At the outset, thank you for the opportunity to write to you. I also thank you for the distress.

    You were right about the Taurus Sun, Libra moon (or the other way around) oxymoron, which concludes to a non-existent love and sex life. I will take that as my faith, unless you say otherwise. I am a decent looking chap.

    The last three years, I have been sitting in my room, living with ‘rents who want me out from home and family business, smoking weed, broke, and with a business plan which I believe can potentially make me billions. But who will I share the riches with? Or should I just do it to show how wrong were they not to have faith in me.
    I am an educated man, with an honors engineering degree from UK, and can literally pack my bags, leave it all behind and start anew. Maybe a run a small pub 7 seas across.

    Is my Venus sign of any significance. I literally do not know which sign to read to get an accurate picture.

    I am in distress. Any insights you can give with what I have said, would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. Would it make more sense to re-word start nothing periods to Stop n Go periods? Sometimes the project takes seed in the mind a long time before one commits to it.

    Many Thanks Tim.

    Best Regards.
    Pratik Shah.

  62. rd38

    I thought you were finished with your obsession with all things political – Hillary, this week- or had at least promised to move your comments to a separate category. I don’t give much thought to her since she is not in the running on any level. It is you triggering my criticism. While I thought there might be a need to dip into your political commentary forum, the continuing rambling about Democrats (a party I’ve lost much faith in, BTW!), when all I’m interested in is horoscopes, makes the need to do so redundant.
    I can only state that if the Democrats are vindictive it doesn’t rise to the level of Republicans willing to sell out the Constitution , not to mention forgive Trump’s blatant disregard for rules and coherence.


  63. Abir

    Hi Tim,
    I am a Gemini Sun, Moon and Venus, Sag rising. A sentence in the first paragraph of this week’s Gemini prediction was super true.
    “No one could blame you if you’ve been driven to solitude since 2009, when the cosmos started peppering you with relationship problems.” The rest of the paragraph is true too. My question: What was going on since 2009? When is it going to end?
    Many thanks

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Abir,

      What’s been going on is Pluto — it has been in Gemini’s relationship sector (houses 7 and 8) since 1996, and continues so until 2025. Pluto’s “mandate” its to tear down whatever exists and rebuild.

      All the best, Tim

  64. Verna Stevens

    Hi Tim, I have been reading your for about 10 years and so far you have been dead on with the things you have predicted for me. I pay special attention to what you say anytime I have a big decision to make. Thank you so much for all the help and valuable advise you h. ave given me.

    I was rather surprised by the comments you are making about President Trump. I felt they were a bit extreme in favor of him and against the Democrats. You have always appeared to me to be thoughtful and level headed. Are you not suspicious of his motives for some of the things happening lately? Refusing to give aid to the Ukraines in exchange for dirt on an opponent. Denying that Russia was not responsible for the smear campaign against Clinton. And blaming the Ukraines. Ukraine leadership loved Clinton. And Putin hated her. Trump didnt have to ask for Russia help. They wanted Trump to get in. But why deny it was the Russians. Are you suspicious of a lot of things that Trump is doing that benefit Putin. Like pulling Troops out of Syria. Do you smell a rat? I certainly am not saying that the Democrats always tell the truth. I realize that politicians top priority is always to get elected. They all say things and promise things that the voters want to hear. But Trump is so hateful and vile towards people and tries to destroy people who are not willing to go along with his ideas. I feel he sets a dangerous example of might makes right. I always felt that what goes around, comes around. I would be interested in your comments about this morally offensive person and his total lack of charactor and common decency. Surely you must question his motivation! I would be interested in hearing your comments on how you reconcile all of this in your mind. Am I missing something that you see that I dont.

    Regards to you
    Cancer July 14

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Verna,

      I’m going to use one of your sentences above and substitute “Democrats.” Here: “But The Dems are so hateful and vile towards people and try to destroy people who are not willing to go along with their ideas.”
      I support many of the democrat’s ideas, but I can’t find one honest person among them. Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, Waters, Booker — all have lied serially, and the last two foment violence. I’m disgusted with the moral fibre of the Dems. Yes, Trump lies, but more like a showman, a salesman, a booster — his lies are not cruel or malevolent as the Dem’s lies are. I favour Trump because I have a sense of justice, and am enraged by the Dem’s dirty tricks. Why can’t the people who possess the good ideas (the Dems) also be benevolent, truthful and trust in God? I predicted almost 3 years ago that the Dems would violate the law in order to unseat a POTUS they fear will be a dictator. (And by doing so, they will destroy democracy.) They’re making my prediction come true. Please tell me: was there anything just, fair, balanced or impartial about the Mueller report fiasco, or the current impeachment proceedings? Trump’s actions have been put under a microscope for 3 years — without evidence of a disease anywhere. Isn’t it time to give up?

  65. Elle

    Re: Canadian Election
    Tim, you were correct again! I do not have a political opinion of your Prime Minister but I like him a lot. He comes across to me as big-hearted (like Trump).

  66. hardwater

    Not a reply. Just comment re Todds Story. Think it is two stories. Maybe cut it before the meal with wife? The trudge up the path and the air of menace and the mirrors all very atmospheric and I was more interested in that man than the man who was transfixed by the waitress.
    Mid you, I read it fast so might have missed the finer points.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Hardwater,

      Hmm, never thought of that. You could see it as two extremes, or “gods” — the mad god of the mirrors, and Venus (the waitress). Both worked to end Todd’s ennui.


      Cheers, Tim

  67. Elle

    Re: Uranus 2018-2026

    “Uranus prominent in a birth chart often indicates childhood sexual abuse”

    Yup. It happened to me.

    Uranus in first house, Taurus sun in 10th…

  68. Elle

    Dear Tim,

    Please continue with your commentary on politics and the economy and any and all subjects you want to cover. This is your website after all.

    Having followed you for years, I know first hand that many of your predictions had come to pass. Your advice and insights have been helpful and your stories, entertaining.

    I appreciate you. The time and hard work you put into your column is not lost on me and I look forward to each post as I am sure many of your readers do.

    I am Taurus sun with leo moon and ascendant. At least according to the Vedic calculator. I quit my job (after Nov 2018) in Feb 2019 confident that I’d find a new one in no time. Crossing my fingers that the first 6 weeks in Oct/Nov will land me my next job.


  69. JS

    Hi Tim,
    you had a post in which you explained name with certain initial letters which should either be avoided or are good for us.
    I have two questions
    1: what if some one name is lets say Ana Cristina but every one calls her Cristina. If letter A is bad for me . will it still effect as every ones call her Cristina instead of Ana.
    2: what if one person initial is good for other whereas the second person initial is in avoiding list.


    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, JS,

      I put your comment aside because the answer is too complex.To answer Q. # 1 — yes, it will still affect you, but less strongly. Q # 2. — I would avoid this relationship, or not let it grow deep.

      Cheers, Tim

      1. JS

        Dear Tim,

        The thing is my girl friend
        Ana Cristina born on 23 april 1992 (H, S, Y= the name that are good for her)
        My name is Simon born on 8th Feb 1978 (A, R= the name i must avoid).
        I am a big follower of your column.
        and as mentioned 2019 will be a great year for me romantically did turn out to be true (with Ana Cristine ) the things sparked last dec 2018 and beginning of jan 2019. and as its also stated that people with H,S,Y will be great help for taurus born people (as i am her academic supervisor) for this Saturn period, but you also mentioned that Taurus ppl will have very complicated love life.
        thing somehow are going very fast and smooth between us and people at work place are not bothered by our relation.
        do you still think i must not grow these feeling. I am just curious.

        1. Tim Stephens

          Hi, JS,

          Pursuing an “A” person will, in 80-90 % of cases, impact you negatively. (E.g., it sounds like you are in a position of authority over this woman, and might be frowned on by your employer, etc.) However, in 10 – 20 % of cases, this can be a destined love, a “gift” from your old karma.

          Cheers, Tim

          1. JS

            Hi Tim,
            I guess i can take a negative impact (people will talk for some time) but i dont want a heartbreak, that scares me. As after a long time I want to be with someone.


  70. rd38

    I’ve stopped reading predictions.Those directed to me have been miserably inaccurate, and I’m not taking a cheap shot on the matter. I went as far as planning my vacation to Montreal after Mercury and Jupiter retrogrades. The “adventure, amorous connection and attention” could not have been further from the truth. If I dared, I could have thought, someone placed a ‘Gypsy curse’ upon for the trip. Other astrologers as well, promoted a optimistic last 2 weeks of August that fell terribly short.
    That aside, what are you referring to in your self-described”non-political website by The Hunter Biden Corruption Scandal. Did you mean the “Trump Ukraine Corruption scandal because so far I only see a prominent politician’s son enjoying the privilege that one would expect comes with the job? Not saying it isn’t unfair to the rest of us mere mortals but it isn’t surprising. What are the Trump kids doing with their ‘good’ names???
    This isn’t about Biden subterfuge but as usual, Trump’s. Still you offer a one-sided perspective that would make Tucker Carlson proud. If you want a slice of the infected followers who see Trump as victim I suggest practicing Carlson’s well-rehearsed looks of innocent astonishment as he reacts to the latest Democratic impropriety. Earth to Carlson, The Little Rascals need you for an upcoming episode about some missing cookies from Widow Black’s cookie jar!

    Stay with your chosen path of astrology, Tim. Sadly, as it is now, you promote ill-will, not the wonders of the Cosmos.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, rd38

      Usually, when “nothing comes true” it means you have a rising and/or Moon sign that are very different from your Sun sign. However, I hesitate to take any of your comments seriously, as this is the 21st negative comment you’ve posted. So much negativity itself will keep love, adventure, etc. at permanent arm’s length.

      Cheers, Tim

      1. rd38

        Do you actually believe your beliefs can’t be challenged? Somebody has to respond.
        My negative comments begin with your negativity. I scroll to my horoscope but foiled by your preamble diatribes to those who will not defend trump’s gross arrogance. And you’ve tried to shred every established US government institution defending this country. I am a Canadian living here. I try to see both sides of an argument so even I am angered by some of the cheap shots directed at certain Republicans (SNL ‘news’ is the worst offender) and the perseverance of some Democrats to negate any conservative ideas.
        All the gentle character of Astrology is soured by your rants, which they most definitely are. But it’s your site, your rules…and I don’t have to be here- or intend to be after your latest (r)ambling.

  71. gdavi

    Hi Tim,

    You’ve been advising Virgos to invest in real estate through December. I’ve been actively searching for an opportunity in my area, but see weakness in the market. I expect things to continue softening beyond 2019. Does this fortuitous window close after December? Or will real estate still be a good investment option for Virgos in 2020?


    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, guava,

      Actually, you’re kinda right. The real estate luck for Virgos is direct until Dec. 2/19. After this, for a year, your real estate planet moves into your sign of winning, Capricorn. You can make bad realty decisions/actions Dec. 2/19 to May 5/20, then very good decisions/actions are possible May 6/20 to mid-Dec. 2020, but this period also tempts you toward some bad decisions. The best, direct and unsullied luck is now to Dec/2019.

      Cheers, Tim

  72. Maidrya

    Hi Tim,
    I thought your comments on “is-ness” were eloquent and it brought this to mind, which I hope you won’t be offended if I share:

    “Aseitas—the English equivalent is a transliteration: “aseity”—simply means the power of a being to exist absolutely in virtue of itself, not as caused by itself, but as requiring no cause, no other justification for its existence except that its very nature is to exist. There can be only one such Being: that is God. And to say that God exists “a se,” of and by and by reason of Himself, is merely to say that God is Being itself.” – Thomas Merton, “The Seven Storey Mountain,” Part II, Chap. 1

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Maidrya,

      I answered your email but never sent it. So the following is that email — hope it makes sense!

      Hi, Maidrya,

      What an intelligent comment! Thank you.

      I agree, in virtually every respect, with Mr. Merton’s statements. But there seems to be a flaw, or rather, a loophole: if any being that wants to become God, simply needs to envision itself as God, and it will gain that position, why aren’t there fifty trillion gazillion gods?The answer is, there ARE that many gods — an infinity of them. Or, put another way, it comes close to saying “we are all God.” I think the more we love each other — not just person-to-person, but nation to nation and race to race — the more developed we will become. (Evolved, if you like.) At the far, far end perhaps there is a shared state of consciousness which becomes what we are: I mean we will be the thought, it will be our existence. This seems insecure and rather tenuous to us as we now stand, that all existence depends on a mere thought! But the thought is stronger, more elastic and durable than anything of substance. The thought is equivalent to shared spiritual DNA; it is life on the other side. It can go where nothing physical can. (Thus Jesus’ talking about the rich man getting into heaven through the eye of a needle, implying that if he gave up the physical, he would be able to swim into heaven. Spirit is merciful in a way, for at death it reduces us all to a thought, a soul, stripped bare of all possessions including “life.” So we get into heaven — or at least the afterlife — whether we like it or not!)

      Many thoughts will exist where we go in the afterlife, but from a meditation trance I had about 20 years ago I suspect there is one massive thought, a sort of soup, or surrounding environment composed of this thought. I just call it a thought; it’s a consciousness, a state of awareness that I found almost somnolent or languid — perhaps that was the environment, the “soup.” In this environment points of light floated and moved in all directions, seemingly as lazy as the “soup.” One came close and as it passed I saw lifetimes of experience and beauty, I saw, felt, the green warm fields and the oceans of other worlds, or maybe Earth’s, and tasted countless lifetimes. It came “through me” in almost a physical rush, I was very aware of the speed, for this point of light, having immersed me in its existence and (non-tangible to me at the time; remaining so) vast knowledge, swooped toward me (or rather just seemed to appear) and went “through” my mind in what seemed like a second and a bit — not two. But speed can be deceiving in meditation.

      From this I concluded each of those floating lights was a consciousness filled with vast regions of knowledge. Any range of mountains or entire worlds this spot of light could manifeset, had far more durability, was far stronger than, say, a fort built of logs and nails. (I just wanted to explain why I thought this “thought” was stronger than physical things.)

      Anyway, I’m rambling, but — well, I blame your email for provoking it all! 🙂

      Good wishes,


  73. KurakAkuyek

    Hi Tim,
    Not sure how make out of your warning for Aquarius for (Aug 18-24), “…Avoid these: gov’t, civil servants, “head office,” agents, advisers, and napping…” How should we interpret ‘napping’ here? Is it physical napping or your way to say be alert?

      1. KurakAkuyek

        Hi Tim,
        I’ve been a faithful reader since 2005/4(?) and still you managed to baffle me from time to time, so this time instead of asking what you meant by this (2019 Oct 27 – Nov 02, Aquarius) , could you please let me know how would I apply your advise here:

        “… count your money Wed., esp. around suppertime. (Avoid wilted food.) …”

        Thanks a bunch and stay content (love your observation on envy)
        Best Regards,

          1. KurakAkuyek

            Thanks, Tim.
            And how does the “(Avoid wilted food).” relates to “count your money” ?

            I think of many answers about the above but would like to know what you intend it to be.

            Thanks again and have a lovely weekend

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, CtapaBaba,

      Sorry, I haven’t even thought about it. Birth data are very hard to obtain in such cases. The B.C. gov’t (where I live and so did the 2 killers) demands a notarized affidavit to obtain any birth data, even your own! I think this was in reaction to my popularity and many clients in the 1980’s and 90’s. (I sent many people in b.c. to obtain their birth times.)

  74. Maidrya

    “The cynical side of me: The ultimate equality is the destruction of personality.”

    I don’t think that’s cynical at all. I think it’s a penetrating insight.


  75. rd38


    RE: Pence/ Buttigeig

    “Is criticizing a man for his religious beliefs the new standard?”
    It’s been a “standard” as old as religion! Not every interpretation of every religious reference text is worthy of praise. Are you kidding me? You embrace all of it?

    I’m done. Cheers.

  76. rd38

    I thought 2 weeks away from this column would allow you the time to keep good your promise on separating your politics from astrology but …..nope! Now I feel obligated to explain the Buttigieg/ Pence debate. Must I do everything!?

    In an interview with Ellen Degeneres after the article ( I think it was CNN- those carriers of The UnTruth) in defense of Buttigieg, he criticized Pence’s religious beliefs not religion. I would think it would be hard to truly accept someone as a friend knowing that because of their religious beliefs ( and not all religious people embrace all the teachings of the bible as evidently Pence does) you are a ‘sinner’. And one who chooses to sin after “choosing Da Gay Lifestyle”. Who’s smiling face is really holding the knife? I had many straight “friends” in past decades who invited me in for a drink but never to their children’s weddings. Many.

    Here’s the pertinent part of the CNN text with Buttigieg’s – or “Butts” if that gives you some weird satisfaction- argument. I don’t care if you print my comment or not.

    *Asked whether that includes the belief that being gay is a sin, Pence repeated, “I’m a Bible-believing Christian. I draw my truth from God’s word.”
    Buttigieg — who previously said that he wished “the Mike Pences of the world” understood that their “quarrels” over his sexuality are “with my creator” — responded on Thursday to Pence’s repeated assertions that his criticisms are faith-based.
    “I’m not critical of his faith; I’m critical of bad policies,” Buttigieg told television host Ellen DeGeneres. “I don’t have a problem with religion — I’m religious too. I have a problem with religion being used as a justification to harm people and especially in the LGBTQ community.”*

    The More You Know.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hey, rd38,

      First, Ellen D. is a major flake. (In Vancouver, 25,000 people paid $ 125 to watch her sit down in a comfy armchair, answer a few softball, adoring Q’s from a hired hand for maybe 30 minutes, then leave.) Second, I watched Buttigieg in front of an audience, saying this about Pence. Third, I have never seen/heard Pence attack Buttigieg — have you? Fourth, Butts purposely picked a fight with a man who had never criticized him (as far as I know) purely to score political points. He used “God” to do this, as if God was on Butt’s and only Butts side. Has Pence harmed any one? Is criticizing a man for his religious beliefs now the new standard? Sorry, to me and my ear, Buttigieg was, well, a bit slimy. I rest my sorry case.

      Cheers, Tim

  77. treasurer

    HI Tim, I’ve been reading your insights into the universe for over 20 years. I truly appreciate all your political commentary, because I agree with all of it (yes I’m a typical person who likes to have her own beliefs confirmed via the internet). Seriously though, I do agree with all your thoughts on the US political system and Donald Trump.

    I had a reading from you when I was in my early 20’s and what you predicted happened. You said I would meet someone else other than by boyfriend at the time in my early 30’s settle with them and be secure. You also said I would live in a place with large windows, which I do. So interesting. Obviously a bunch of other stuff occurred along the way.

    Just wanted to let you know, how much I appreciate your work.

  78. Saxophonista11

    Hi Tim:

    MANY THANKS FOR STOCK MARKET COMMENTS (& all comments actually)

    I bought in the Dec 24 window…

    By the way, I recently started watching you tube videos on Steve Eisman….very interesting. Did you watch the movie “The Big Short”?

    As for US politics…..I’m short on it…….

    As for Cdn polics recently….I like Sheila Copps comments.

    I personally appreciate experience because quite often wisdom & perspective comes with it…..

    Hence I go to astrologers, medical professionals etc. with at least 20 yrs experience.

    On the astology side, general question for u…when chosing a place to have surgery done…do we look at the Venus/Jupiter aspects? Yes, I know…not that simple. But simplistically, generally….yes???

    All the best – & again many thanks for helping us navigate thru our lives in this complex world.


    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Saxophonista11,

      Surgery is ruled by Mars (sometimes Pluto) — and in your personal chart, the planet ruling the 8th house (usually). The place is not as crucial as the time.

      Cheers, Tim

  79. bls

    Tim, your column is wonderful – I read it faithfully each week and have been doing so for years. I truly look forward to reading your comments on the politics, markets, industries, nations, etc. They are insightful, accurate & brave with just the right dose of “Tim” humor!

    You are the best astrologer I have every come across – I mean that very sincerely. I read with my whole family in mind. Having done so for so many years, I know what you say for the current week, happens to me in the following week, my husband his week matches your week,..and so on…I give my children and their spouses the “what to watch for or look forward to.” I actually feel guilty reading it all the time for free – if you ever decide to charge a subscription fee – I’m in!

    I hope you continue to share your gift with us.

      1. dianne

        Ps I always thought your economic advice referred to US/Canada.
        I’m in Aust but I did buy into property in late 2008. But hold it 10 yrs is the golden rule in property and will double its value. Which it has.

        1. Tim Stephens

          Hi, dianne,

          Thanks for your support! Real estate tends to move world-wide, as its fulcrums are population growth and interest rates. Stocks, etc., change from nation to nation.

          Cheers, Tim

  80. zjdezso

    Dear Tim: While I totally believe your right to say and do that which is within the law. On the other hand I have read your predictions for at least ten (10) years. In that time I have not had the opportunity to benefit from your predictions. In other words none of your predictions for my ~sign~ has ever come even close to being correct. After a while I have read your predictions as knowing what will not occur. I have also read your
    preamble and after amble diatribe with interest. I am happy to see that there is support and an opportunity for someone as bigoted, ill informed and limited in education as yourself to spout totally inaccurate view of the actual events that are occurring in the world. Although I am not Jewish I do resent your subtle anti-Semitic references in your verbal diahria. It might be that you are unaware of your deep seated bigotry. It might be the time to do a deep soul searching process. Be advised that the downside of this search might also threaten your livelihood as you might realize how ridiculous the premise of Horoscope forecasting is as a reality rather than just entertainment. ZJDezso

    1. Tim Stephens

      Dear zjdezso,

      Gee, not one of my forecasts came true for you, yet you kept reading for ten years? I have never deleted a comment, but I came close with yours. Any “anti-Semitism” you detect must be echoes of your own heart. You remind me of the burghers/authorities reaction to William Lilly, the great English astrologer. When his prediction that London would burn came true in 1666, rather than admit astrology “worked,” they accused him of setting the fire. I guess you’re upset that I predicted Rod Rosenstein was dirty and would face a crisis around April 2019 — a prediction made at least a year ago. Am I anti-Semite because my prediction is coming true, and Rosenstein happens to be Jewish? (I guess — I don’t know his religion.)

      I wish you well.


      1. CougarB

        edits …a prediction that the women’s movement and, …
        should be a prediction that the women’s movement had come
        breaking free OF burqas
        that they still bothered ME

        1. Tim Stephens

          Hi, CougarB,

          I have approved two of your comments, but not your long one, as it was just too long to read — and packed with falsehoods. The gist is that you accuse me of predicting years ago that women would not make any advances for two centuries, and that I am anti-feminist. I have never made such a prediction, and the only “250-year forecast” I’ve made about women is that, 1983 to 2229 AD, women would come to equal men, even in crime. I wonder why you’re so wrong, and nasty?



      2. roxy

        hello Tim,

        This is Rox, my DOB is 21-11-1980. I have worked for private companies for past 15 years, and now i am looking forward for a full time business.
        My friend (DOB: 08-05-1984) has already started a restaurant before one and half years, and we are both willing to consider a partnership for a new branch for the same restaurant.
        First part where i need your kind advice is, whether it is good time for me to invest in food business.
        Secondly, we have seen a location for the new branch on last Saturday the 27th April 2019. Location, Rent of the place etc. look ok, just i would love it if i could get any suggestion from you, before booking any rented place.
        You have always been an excellent guide to me, many many thanks for that.
        Thanks in advance, for your advice.

  81. thankyou

    Hi Tim;
    I have been finding marbles at our cabin. We have no children or grandchild who visit there nor have we had any children visit. I found four in total all the same size and color all at different times. I found two by the outside of our door and two inside the cabin. No one has access to our cabin but us. Am I loosing my mind?

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, “thank you,”

      I don’t know how the marbles got there, but they strike me as an omen, perhaps prefiguring a large purchase, perhaps of land or a property. (4 is the # of home, and 2 is the # of money/buying. Notice 2 marbles were inside, two outside, indicating “in-out” or “doorways created by money.” It could also mean selling (the cabin?) instead of buying…



  82. Patricia

    In critically reading your reply to a reader who questioned your information sources regarding the FBI and the missing email trail, I found your answer was biased and inaccurate Tim. Specifically when you use loaded descriptors such as “dirty” to describe FBI agents Strzok & Page you are applying judgement to their actions that suggest they were engaged in a deep conspiracy to overthrow Trump. I did watch the Strzok hearings and the only conclusion that seemed clear was two employees were expressing disgust at the crazy and seemingly radical actions of the Trump-lead administration. Strzok emphatically expressed that the email exchange was taken out of context and meant for personal consumption between himself and Page. Regarding Trump, I too have expressed deep anger and passionate desire for some justice, karmic and otherwise, to be delivered to one of the biggest lying and arrogant thief of modern times. If I were an American who worked for US intelligence and expressed such thoughts about Trump over the morning coffee break, my co-workers and I would at the very least be suspended. Muller did the right action in removing Strzok & Page from the investigation. What Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page demonstrated carelessness and a lack of good judgement. They engaged in the sarcastic denigration of the”higher- ups”, using the “our boss is such an asshole we should get rid of him” type of exchange. Is this a dirty conspiracy to de-throne? We’ve all privately expressed anger against the “evil” superior that seems to delight in making life hell for subordinates. I challenge your answer to this reader, as being biased and judgmental, when you use expressions such as “dirty” and “conspiracy to de-throne”. I watched the hearings and your coloration of the facts are unfair. Also, when Ivanka, a senior level WH staff member, had been found to be using her personal email for government business, why wasn’t there a deeper inquiry? Finally, we should pay more attention to the focus of Trump’s protestations. On some things, methinks he doth protest too much.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Patricia,

      I don’t want to turn this blog into a political forum. But to answer briefly, the commentator accused me of not having truthful sources for my statements. My answer proved I had the best sources possible. Your entire criticism of my answer is that I called Page and Strzok “dirty.” Both were immoral, cheating on their spouses for an extended period. Page resigned, and the FBI found Strzok’s actions bad enough to fire him. My “dirty” comes from this — should I have used “disgraced” instead? (For they certainly were disgraced.) Should I have said “disgraced” because it is more PC than “dirty?” You yourself use disparaging words — Trump, according to you, is “crazy,” the “biggest lying and arrogant thief of modern times.” Where, Patricia, are your sources to validate such claims? You are doing the exact thing you accuse me of, slandering your hated object, but much more outrageously than I might have. (I didn’t slander, but you did.)



      1. rd38


        I’ll be happy if you keep your word about an end to broadcasting your political views and defending trump. I can read all that in The Federalist. Even fellow Republicans won’t support him the way you do! It’s really inappropriate here. Can we stick to the stars please? Thanks.

  83. David

    Hi Tim,

    Thank you so much for your yearly Guidance for both luck and love predictions.
    They are really helpful for my to make yearly plans and be aware of the traps.
    I am Sagittarius by the way, and Look forward to the completely different and energetic generation!!

    Kind regards,

    1. David

      Just forgot to mention. Even though this year is not really bad, I got a significant delay on my postgraduate study and I suffered a terrible relationship with a gay (I used to be straight). I just lost my mind and rationality, abandoning myself into the “exciting” and “strong” feelings with that guy doing nothing but missing him every seconds. Maybe it’s really the so called karma like I owned him in the past decades and I meant to pay for that. Anyway, I was abandoned in Sep and I found myself finally returned normal since late Oct, though sometimes it still pains. It feels like I can never love someone that much again, and I am not sure whether I lost the ability to love (Or maybe there’s no love at all as they are so fragile and illusory)

      I also had good experience. I got the chance to go to Egypt and Taiwan early this year for free (scholarship)
      Even though I cannot enroll this year, Sep 2019 will be the time. And I got another opportunity to New Zealand (working holiday) and I am leaving next month.

      I should appreciate actually. God never puts me into a desperate condition, and give me more than what I lose. Also, thank you very much, your words have always encouraged me.

  84. Bill

    Hi Tim:
    I lost my job in July 2009. I have been unable to get another job since then. I have PLENTY of opportunities, but I keep hitting a wall. No one will offer employment. I am very concerned.
    Can you tell me when I will be getting a job?
    I was born on Nov. 7, 1957 in Kingston Pennsylvania USA at 11:35 PM.
    THANK YOU for your help.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Bill,

      In general, the 12 months ahead should be a huge money year for Scorpios, which hints that you should find employment. Perhaps you need to adjust your aim, i.e., pursue a different kind of job.
      That’s as far as I’ll go without seeing your birth chart, which would entail a reading. (If you want one, just email me at

      Best regards,


  85. cszotts

    Hi Tim,

    I really like the new format that you’re using for the weekly forecasts. I find them much easier to read.
    Thank you for the change. I hope it survives the Mercury Retro.

    Also, thank you for your weekly words of wisdom. I find that when I pay attention to what you write, my life is far less challenging. Imagine!

    Take care of you!

  86. Mirii

    The new format is way better. I vote for keeping it 🙂

    Also, just fyi, I keep a paper copy of your column for bedtime reading for the week (no computer allowed in the bedroom) and I’m probably not the only one. The problem with that is that the “translate” button cuts off the text and makes it difficult to read.

    For those in the same boat, just right click the Translate Button, and then click “Inspect”. That gives you the line for the website where the Translate Button is coded in. Then, just hit the “Delete” button on your keyboard twice, once to get rid of the text that says “Translate” and again to get rid of the box that covers up the text when you try to print it.

    I’m no techie, but website coding is kind of cool 🙂


  87. ricktbaron



    HOWEVER…..THIS COMMENT ABOUT KAVANAUGH IS UNWARRANTED….YOU SHOULD RETRACT: For example, both Michael Avenatti and Brett Kavanaugh have displayed their “ugly side” in recent months as the south node traversed their Sun sign of Aquarius.



  88. patricia raye

    Perhaps your prediction about assassination attempts on a 2020 candidate is already being enacted with letter bombs being mailed to high level Democrats. At this point in time we do not know if this is an action limited the current period of time, or if it is the beginning of a campaign. Putin has publicly announced that US domination of global politics is waning. The impulsiveness and spiteful decision making that Trump fans adore do everything but Make America Great Again. Between the in your face voter suppression tactics and Russian cyber attacks I have conceded that the American people will get what they deserve. It is clear that the issues of humanity are not in the interests of the administration nor the Republican government. The unapologetic lying and ugly ambition are appalling. Tim, is there any astrological portent of change for the better?

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, patricia raye,

      A slight correction: I said whoever wins election in 2020 faces possible assassination. (Just being a candidate will not trigger it.) And, you know, there was just a change — a Democratic House. (As I predicted in the August 5 column.) I think Trump IS the change, the disruptor.As for the humanitarian side, hopefully Trump and the Dems can co-operate on immigration, etc.



  89. cwu

    Hi Tim,
    You mention about an economic downturn in coming months. Why should that be a surprise? Almost all economists question the wisdom (or stupidity) of Trade wars and tariffs. Every sector that Trump’s tariffs suppose to protect turns to dust. Check out the stocks in Aluminum, Steel, Solar Panels, Washing machines, home builders, Farmers. Judging by their stocks, not doing well at all. Now he wants to expand on the tariffs? YIKES!! Change is one thing. Changing for the worse…

    On a different note, I often hear people comparing Trump to Clinton. “Well, they did this…they did that…don’t blame me, they did that too”. Why compare? Trump is the sitting Prez. Is he not responsible for his policies and action?

    Finally, Just to point out some big money supporting Trump makes everyone of us feel like paupers. Check out Sheldon Adelson. $82M in 2016 campaign. $26M in 2018 midterm. But it’s peanuts compare to the $100s of Million he saved from Tax Cut. Only in US is it legitimate. Anywhere else it’s bribery, influence peddling. Google Sheldon Adelson and you’ll see how he prescribe Trump’s Middle East policies..


  90. Henri de Moustiers

    Love the Astrology! Stock Market and Stock Picks are a little out of context… DM, SMLP and TCP have ALL Fallen Off A Cliff since January 2018… Minus -40% and -50% at the end of April 2018… So, yes, at the current prices, DM looks especially good, because of the price-adjusted dividend… But, that dividend is in question, which is why DM price dropped -50% in March 2018… in the most recent month, DM and TCP have jumped, but, SMLP is flat… Bonne Chance!

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Henri,

      I think I addressed the fact that DM, SMLP, et al had fallen off a cliff, and that was why they WERE a potential good buy. In fact, DM and TCP have risen sharply since I bought them. SMLP is up also, but only marginally. But,yes, as I pointed out, they’re a bit dangerous. But, as you say, bonne chance!



  91. gemrising

    Hi Tim, I’m not sure if this has been said on here but I was wondering if we should be reading the predictions for our rising sign as well as our sun sign. Thanks!

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, gemrising,

      You can read your rising sign for circumstances and some (exogenous) events, your Moon sign for emotional issues/responses/mood, and your Sun sign for your actions, goals, accomplishment, etc. Reading all three can leave you puzzled, so I usually advise picking 2 of the 3, and reading those.



  92. ashjane

    Hi Tim,

    You mention not to start any relationships until after Aug 19th however I’m a Pisces and started taking with a Taurus on July 17th and we met on July 25th. Now that the retrograde is happening I’m developing feelings. Is this okay to pursue during the retrograde even though we met before but only now am beginning to start a relationship?

    Thank you,
    From your loyal fan of over 15+ years!

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, ashjane,

      If you first met (July 17) before 8:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time (11:20pm Eastern) then the relationship will likely disappoint over time; if you met after this time, you will have a strong sexual relationship — but what follows? (There might be a third person involved/affected.) Btw, when you first talked, even over the phone or net, is your first meeting.



  93. Cari

    Your comments about the impact of the legalization of marijuana are very concerning — as is the legislation. I fear the brain-harming impact on future generations, since our brains are still developing until the age of 25. And mental health professionals are warning of how it encourages schitzophrenia, bi-polar disorder and other mental health issues in young users. At the same time, Canada’s economy is threatened by Donald Trump and our inadequate social safety net is fraying ever more. Do you see anything good happening in Canada’s future?

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Cari,

      To be really brief, Canada (mostly after all the upheavals and/or difficulty with natural resources existing until 2024/5) will be slowly but smoothly rising in economic and political terms. Canada will also discover a huge supply/reservoir of — what? Something that produces electricity, probably uranium, but perhaps a new, more concentrated type. Much valuable research and discovery here.)



      1. Mukesh

        Dear Tim,
        This is Mukesh.
        Thanks for your predictions, they help me a lot to decide about many important things.
        Especially about jobs and relationships. Your predictions have always worked out pretty well.

        Tim, I am a Scorpio, and you have asked not to start any new project or relationship before Aug 19, 2018. Also you have told in 29 July – 4 Aug forecast, that i can join any former job opportunity.
        I am in need of some help from you here.

        I have worked abroad previously for 2 years and currently I am working in my native country, with a satisfactory profile. I am seeking to go abroad back, but its not any urgency or emergency. Currently i am seeing an opportunity, which is in the same country, but with different company and a job profile which could be better than previous.

        I seek your help, in deciding whether i should wait till Aug 19, or should i jump immediately.

        Thanks in advance.

  94. Restlessone

    Hi Tim,

    I was reading your horoscope forecast for May 27- June 2nd. I am a Pisces and in the forecast you state that the months ahead would be a great time to enter civil service or management. But in the karmic forecast you state to avoid civil service or any management until November. I just passed the U.S.P.S. exam, should I pursue this avenue now or wait until November?

    Best Regards

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Restlessone,

      Oops, you’re right. I wrote some time ago that you should stay out of the civil service, because the lunar south node was in Aquarius (your management, civil service sign) and the s. node often causes delays, dead-ends, or loss. However, Mars, your money planet, also entered Aquarius recently, and will stay there until November. The s. node also stays there until November. So there are 2 conflicting indications. In general, it would probably be wiser to avoid the civil service, etc., until early Nov., rather than chase the money benefits awaiting you there. However, sometimes (and especially with Pisces) the s. node doesn’t bring bad things, but good (maybe 20 % of the time). If you do enter the postal service, and all goes smoothly, and you like everything, then ignore my karmic advice. But if (even now, before entering) you experience delays in entering the service, this is an indication that you should stay out (at least until Nov.). Sorry for the mix-up. You and many Pisces are facing this dilemma. In giving my May 27 advice, I was forgetting about the s. node.

      PS: I have revised the May 27 Pisces message to explain this more fully.



  95. preeti

    Hi Tim
    I am a Taurus
    You have written that Taurus can invent a mousetrap
    What does that mean ?
    Can you please explain because when i read Taurus predictions I got little scared about what is going to happen in coming months and years😨

  96. manvir

    Hi Tim!!
    You mentioned in your Aries predictions, not to quit a job during the Saturn’s transit. But since the company I am already working for, has lost the contract with Translink (here in Greater Vancouver Area) and all the employees have been laid off. Now, the new contractor has offered the same jobs to all the existing employees. Would you class it as leaving the existing employer and joining a new company??

    To make matters more complex for you, I am trying for a higher position (based on my skillset) within that new contractor’s company. My current position is way way below my experience and education. As you had rightly predicted before for Aries, that career has been in the doldrums for the last 3 decades. I see a chance to rebuild my career again. How does that sit with your predictions?? Should I go for it or not???

    Kind regards


    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, manvir,

      I would keep/re-apply for your former job, but also apply for the better, upscale position. Saturn doesn’t hurt you in either of these cases, for you didn’t quit capriciously, nor were fired for cause.



      1. manvir

        Hi Tim!!

        Does it also work the same way if I were to keep working in the old position and keep applying for the upscale position in other organisations?

        Kind regards


  97. Laura

    Hi Tim,

    I have read for Taurus : “One caution: do not change careers nor employers before November 8, 2018”.
    Unfortunately I have signed a contract for a new job one week ago to start in September ; this is a nice opportunity for me, more responsabilities, and a multinational.

    Do you think I should not change my job? What I should do?
    In general everything you say is 100% truth, so I’m a bit scared because of this sentence.

    Thank you very much


    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Laura,

      If I tell you the “100 % truth,” then why doubt me? I would need to know a lot more (your birth chart, how long the contract is for, etc.) before I could give you an accurate answer. Failing that, I have to stick with my column’s advice.

      Best regards,


      1. Laura

        Hi Tim,

        It’s a permanent contract, I have signed it one week ago ( before I knew your advice ) but I am starting in September.
        I was born Mai 3th, I’m Taurus, and Leo.

        Thank you very much Tim,


  98. gdavi

    Hi Tim,

    Late last year, you asked readers to let you know if August’s total eclipse had any adverse effect on them. I’m happy to report I experienced no significant changes in my life (good or bad) over the past 6 months.

    On a slightly different note, do you still believe, long-term, Justin Trudeau will enjoy smooth sailing in his role as PM? The last few weeks have been a bit rough for him in the Public Relations department (i.e., his state visit to India (wardrobe choices) and the townhall #peoplekind comment/joke that went viral). Whether or not he was serious during his #peoplekind comment, he comes off as someone who is trying too hard. I can see how that might be off-putting and appear inauthentic to many.


  99. Dian

    I prefer the mix of specific and general times that you used this week.
    Thanks for writing the column and allowing access to it.

    May I ask how the Start Nothing times are generated?

  100. Zeejay

    Hi Tim!

    I have been a regular reader since past several years now. Your work is really precise and accurate. I would like to ask my DOB is 25/5/83 00:57am abudhabi UAE. Two love interests are keen to get to know me deeper. One is 29/12/90 other is 27/10/1989 or 1990 . Your last week’s gemini forecast says “You could fall in love, or agree to wed, now to late Feb.” I wanted to ask who should I pursue ? I would be really really really be obliged and grateful if you could answer as I am almost 35 and still never married.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Zeejay,

      You’re a Gemini. Your stated love interests are Capricorn and Scorpio. Capricorn is your sex sign, but you aren’t Capricorn’s. Your moon is in Scorpio, which makes you fairly compatible with this sign. Also, you are Scorpio’s sex sign. I’d pick the Scorpio. But remember, 2019 is your marriage year, so just let things develop until then.



  101. Zeejay

    I have been a regular reader since past several years now. Your work is really precise and accurate. I would like to ask my DOB is 25/5/83 00:57am abudhabi UAE. Two love interests are keen to get to know me deeper. One is 29/12/90 other is 27/10/1989 or 1990 . Your last week’s gemini forecast says “You could fall in love, or agree to wed, now to late Feb.” I wanted to ask who should I pursue ? I would be really really really be obliged and grateful if you could answer as I am almost 35 and still never married.

  102. Laura

    Hello Tim,

    First of all thanks for all horoscopes you write, and also thanks for your advice about not to start new thing.
    I would like to change work, you have said ” start nothing before December 22th.
    Is recommended to search a job? or I should wait until December 22th for searching?

    Thank you very much


  103. gnosiseeker

    Hi Tim,

    A few questions to understand the retrograde Dec. 2-22 if you don’t mind. I’m Pisces in California, born in BC. I started a job hunt in late October and received an offer right away. I accepted. However, due to my visa requirements, it has stretched into December and my start date should be mid-Jan. 2018. It’s basically a lateral transfer, same position and career path in an Institution. However, it’s become a legal discussion of how to best procure a new visa with the lawyer as of today, and the forecast is to avoid the legal hassles which seems to be starting. Your forecast was to not quit or change careers, however since this starts and ends outside the Mercury retrograde, what do you think applies?

    Thanks again for all your work, and I will contact you soon for my annual reading. Cheers!

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, gnosiseeker,

      I’d go ahead, as you’re correct, this was started (and will end) outside a mercury retro. However, if the lawyer wants you to start a brand new visa application during the retro (before late Dec. 22) I’d delay, if possible.



  104. ariesscorpiosag

    Hello Tim,
    I have a Scorpio Ascendant at 29 Degrees , will Jupiter in scorpio be beneficial to me this year and in what way, I also have scorpio in the 12 house.

    Appreciate your input

  105. Mary Anne

    hi Tim,

    I finally got around to reading the Karmic forecasts for 2017 – 2018 and when I read my husband’s forecast (Virgo, Sept. 6/48) I got chills, especially this part:
    “Be willing to be hospitalized, to take prescription drugs, for these will cure/help you now, whereas over-the-counter medicines will do little good.”

    My husband, who would always prefer to take a vitamin or herbal supplement before a prescription med, ended up in ER on Sept. 27th with atrial fibrillation. He’s on prescription meds now and going through a battery of tests to choose the best course of treatment. It’s one of those health issues that isn’t easily remedied with a quick fix, so this is frustrating him very much (and myself) but he’s being taken helped by very caring medical personnel. We’re hoping for a positive outcome.

    I was almost relieved when I read your message because I had felt something was not right for quite awhile, so I was basically sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for something to happen. I now feel that the doctors are going to find a solution to help my husband get his health and energy back, although I realize it won’t be a quick solution. The karmic period runs to the end of 2018, so I’m thinking this could take awhile?

    You always amaze me with your ability to say things that resonate with my world. Thank you for all you do for us.
    Mary Anne (one of those scorpio people) 🙂

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Mary Anne,

      Thank you for your praise. I hope your husband recovers soon and fully. Although the karmic period runs for 18 months (to November 2018) its effect can come early and be solved early, so the effect on your husband won’t necessarily last the duration. (In fact, if he was born mid-Sept. onward, the effects should end daily soon.)

      All the best,


  106. sherbrookeo

    Hi Tim,

    I’ve been reading your column for many years, as well as you may recall obtaining a private reading from you a few years ago.

    In my opinion you provide a vital service, and I am just wondering if you have any succession planning in place ? Perhaps one of your kids would like to take up this essential skill, and keep this blog going (god forbid) if you were to end up in hospital again.

    In the 10+ years that I have been reading astrology columns on the internet, I haven’t come across any other astrologer who predicts the Mercury Retro periods so accurately. This is a vital service to your readers. Please keep it going.



    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, sherbrooke,

      Well, Andrew, I’m not planning on dying anytime soon. I’ve discouraged my kids from going into astrology, as most astrologers eke out an impoverished living in a basement apartment. But…we’ll see!



    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Shay,

      Sorry, haven’t looked at Zimbabwe. And can’t find my nation chart book at the moment. I’d guess by the Pisces’ name that this country’s inflation, though it might abate in 2018, will come roaring back in 2019. They need a name change, just like the Vancouver Canuckleheads.



  107. ntai

    Hi Tim,
    Love your column. I’ve been reading it weekly for 20+ years and have always enjoy it. I look forward to your newest post each Monday. It’s the best horoscope page out there. Thank You Tim for all the effort you put into your weekly blog.


  108. roxy

    Hi Tim,

    Thank you for your valuable advices in past, which worked absolutely well. Due to which I am working in the best job profile I wished for. All the colleagues are fantastic and working environment is too good.
    Thanks again !🙏

    Here again I am need of your advice.

    I am planning to shift my accommodation and also to purchase a vehicle.
    My doubt is, will it be good to do this before 7th September or should I wait?

    Thanks in advance.

      1. roxy

        Hi Tim,
        And I was so foolishly absent minded to forget about mentioning date of birth. Actually it is 21st Nov 1980. I am scorpian.

        Can you please append your suggestions?

        Sorry for inconvenience..


  109. Cari

    Hi, Tim,

    A few weeks ago, if I recall correctly, you referred to the “divisiveness” of Canadian politicians, which would come out in 2018. Yet you also predict mostly smooth sailing for Justin Trudeau. Does this mean that Justin will evolve to be less callously 1% and racist in his favouritisms?

    He is a profound 1%er when he says that he doesn’t worry about the ups and downs of the economy — meaning that he doesn’t care about unemployment rates — because he takes THE LONG VIEW, and he allowed his rich Minister of Finance to warn young Canadians that permanent, even full-time work is a thing of the past for most of them (so they should just suck it up, presumably).

    He is also divisively racist in a way that can be measured by the favouritism of his hugely increased family class immigration policies. This has been reported in the “Vancouver Sun” and elsewhere as especially popular in the Indo-Canadian community, but when it is abused as it is by serial sponsorships, it is a form of nepotism that discriminates against independent immigrants with much more to bring to Canada. It was also a cruel, symbolic form of racism when he excluded black MPs from his first cabinet — while bragging that he had more Sikhs in his cabinet than the prime minister of India. In disbelief at this snub, I searched the Liberal caucus and indeed found black Canadian MPs who could have qualified for a cabinet position — including the current Minister of Immigration, hired for the next cabinet — and MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes who has better qualifications to be Minister of Tourism and Small Business than the woman who got the job but happened to be Sikh: lucky, FAVOURED Bardish Chagger. I work with a Toronto-born black woman who has told me of serving at an Information desk and seeing clients ignore her to ask questions of non-black people standing behind her. That’s the wounding ignoring of black Canadians that Justin Trudeau knowingly demonstrated. How is racial harmony in Canada served by such overt racism?!? (There are people in Black Lives Matter who’ve called Justin a “white supremacist”. A better description would be that he is a “brown supremacist”.)

    I have heard from two psychics that “the future of Canada is Asian” and that the majority of Canadians of European descent just have to suck up the ethnic overwhelming by massive, non-refugee immigration from South Asia especially for the sake of vote-buying by all federal parties in the name of “tolerance” or anyone who feels discriminated against and questions this is a “racist”. So much for multiculturalism’s promise that Canadians can “preserve, enhance and celebrate” their ethnic heritages. Is the hypocrisy and unfairness of this a taste of the tragically unnecessary “divisiveness” ahead for Canada?

    My one great hope to counter this divisiveness are the many immigrants of colour who I know as friends, co-workers, a relative by marriage and thoughtful pundits — including two orthodox Sikhs, one Muslim Pakistani and a woman from Vietnam — who are completely opposed to: a) massive immigration that bears no relation to the state of the economy; b) the nepotism of rampant, serial family class sponsorships and/or c) the bringing in of tens of thousands of elderly parent immigrants who absorb huge amounts of end-of-life health care to which they’ve never contributed. These people are fair-minded enough to understand that federal Liberal and Conservative discrimination against immigrants of the same ethnicity as the majority of Canadians is INVITING of resentment against this injustice and so hurts the cause of racial harmony in Canada. I truly think that they will save Canada.

    PLEASE give me hope that Canadians will eventually make all federal policies — including immigration — serve the Common Good: the greatest good for the greatest number of Canadians, by birth or by choice, of every colour, creed, ethnicity, age, income level and gender orientation!

  110. jenoneil

    Hi Tim,
    I do read your column every week and really enjoy it.
    You commented that Sanders might have dirty hands to since his wife was indicted. Tim, do you not realize that most of the congress have dirty hands. How do you think the big companies like the Pharma, the NRA and the cigarette companies continue to have their way. All they have to do is grease a few palms and they get what they want. Why do you think we pay up to $1,000.00 for some drugs? If congress had the same health care we do, that would stop fast.

    Keep on with your horoscopes and other blog. I love your site

    1. Tim Stephens

      Thanks, Jenoneil! Yes, I do realize the corruption and power of lobbyists…maybe Trump’s right, he should cancel the senators’ and congresspeople’s health care. The alternative is the Canadian model, which is “fair” to all (though the rich get to go to the front of the line) but which, unfortunately, does not encourage the same level of research and development as in the U.S. Ah, well. A country is the manifestation of its citizens.



  111. clover

    Hi Tim,

    I’ve only recently discovered your fabulous blog. It’s so interesting (and unnverving at times!) to read! I was born on 07/22/67 with Sag rising and Aquarius moon. Just wondering if these glorious lurve feelings you mention for Cancerians come October will be reciprocal? I’m definitely not turning my nose up but this year has already been completely crazy for me. I can’t take the pace, ha! Thanks & best regards.

  112. roxy

    Hello Tim,
    This is Rox.

    First of all thanks for all horoscopes you write, and also thanks for your advice about not to start new thing.

    last month i was in search for job, when i read your post of not to start anything before 3rd May.
    Previously i had overlooked this warning, and changed the job, and also got married in the same phase when it was not advisable.

    i suffered in those jobs as well as in that relationship, which i got separated from later.
    last month i decided to listen to you, and now i got this opportunity of a job i was waiting for so long.

    now a days i am working in this company where work profile and colleagues are just as i had ever expected.

    Thanks for your adiveces.


  113. Peter

    Hi Tim

    Always good to here your weekly insight,especially concerning world affairs. After recent & ongoing events concerning the US & North Korea i have been very drawn to something you wrote previously. On the “preamble” for Nov 27-Dec 3 2016, under the heading “The Weirdest Thing”, you wrote the following concerning the Trump Administration: (i will copy & paste it)

    “Here’s the thing: the four Gemini roosters were elected on a somewhat “tawdry” platform (the south, bad node in their career sign) but obviously one that was meant to win. That means their administration is fated, to be and to face some major thing, or to create some major new thing. It bears watching.”

    For others reading this the 4 Gemini’s you were refering to were Trump,Pence,Guilliani & Gingrich. Unlike others from his initial Administration who have already gone from their posts,these 4 have all (as yet) kept their jobs. Just a coincidence, or something more maybe?

    Dare i say but could this possible major thing that they may have to face,be what is going on now in the Korean Peninsula? As i write this i have just seen on the news that now the Russians,like the Chinese a few days ago,have moved troops & equipment to their border with China, which is just 11 miles from the North Korean border.The Chinese already have extra troops on their border with North Korea.

    Sorry i’m rambling on a bit, but just interested to see whether you belive this could possibly be that “major thing” you were writing about 5 months ago?



    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Peter,

      Just to reply quickly, for the short term, the U.S. will be in a war mood, peaking about May 1 or 2. If nothing happens by May 6 or so, we have dodged the bullet of war for the interim. As for farther out, 2018, 19, I’d have to look more closely. If I do, I’ll put it in the preamble.

      Thanks for a great question.


  114. TasBee

    Hi Tim,

    I was thrilled to stumble upon your old website, and your 17 year Pluto forecast (which stops in 2012). It is so accurate for me and my husband, who does not believe in Astrology but was pleasantly suprised, are you planning or do you have something upto 2025. I am also contemplating a personal reading although I do not have an accurate birth time. Just an estimate. Does that work?

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, TasBee,

      If you click on PLATFORMS, then on PLUTO FORECAST, you’ll get the forecast to 2024. A birth time is not essential for a good reading. You can think of it like this: in your solar (no birth time) chart we can see, say, 60 things. If we had your birth time, we could see, say, 60 other things. But in an hour reading, we can only “get to” 20 or 30 things.



  115. crb

    Hi Tim,

    Firstly thanks very much for all the horoscopes, I always enjoy reading these and especially your preambles and postambles.

    I noticed that you produce world maps (location astrology) for people and wondered what you views were on the idea that re-locating to live under one’s least aspected planet for a few years leads to success? It certainly applies to me although I didn’t know I was doing this at the time as I knew nothing of astro-cartography back then.

    Do your maps include the identification of the least aspected planet? Perhaps you could talk about this in one of your preambles as it seems to be an area that is becoming more interesting to people and yet there is not much information out there.

    Best regards,


    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, crb,

      No, the maps do not identify the least-aspected planet. However, an aspect list will quickly show what planet that is.As for the idea/theory that living under one’s lease-aspected planet (by under I assume you mean the planet is midheaven?) I have never heard of it. Might be something to it…might not!



  116. siddharth444

    Hi Tim,

    Currently i am jobless and i am selected in One company in Feb-17 but offer letter is not given each week i got respond wait this is undr approval and review ..dont worry ur selected.. but its high time now and i am in need of job .. can you please advise me when i will get job..My birth date is 12-jan-1987, time 4.44 AM IST
    Place India -Goa -City Panjim (near by) please advise me date as i am tense now

  117. manvir

    Hi Tim!!
    Welcome back and wish you a speedy recovery.

    I’ve been a regular reader for many years now, but your predictions for Aries (since 2016) have me bamboozled. You had predicted a hard working year with a possible chance of “field promotion” around June or was it July 2016 OR prestigious promotion after 12 Sept. It was, and still remains hard working time so far. Things built up around those times just like you predicted but was denied the promotion. In fact, the positions were given to much lesser qualified persons. Even the boss interviewing me was less qualified (academically) than me. I have an MBA + over 10 years of Managerial experience, and the Interviewer does not even have a Diploma in Management, but since my qualifications and experience are from Australia, I may have been over looked.

    Even this year, you mentioned for Aries, that Aries would be offered a management position. Again, I was interviewed, but the position was again offered to a lesser qualified person.

    Could this be due to the fact that I am actually a cusp between Pisces-Aries? Born on 22 March 1965 at 6:02 PM in Ahmedabad (India). Can you shed some light please?

    Warm regards

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Manvir,

      I would have to read your chart to see the real problem, and how to step around it. (I don’t erect chars to answer these comments.) The cause could lie in what you say, but it could also lie somewhere else. The “field promotion” referred to would not be a prestigious promotion, but a possible reward for extra work (the other reward being more income).

  118. keira

    Hello Tim,

    I’m little comfused about my life,my work doesn’t get well and my love life either.i was born in May 8th 1986, in the 6:30am,born in china 106°25′ E , 38°57′ N.right now,i’m out off job and not married.can u tell me how and when can i find my new job and get married? many thanks!

    PS: There Is No LOVE FORECASTS 2017?


  119. Bill Rinko

    Hi Tim: I’m a Scorpio with South Node in Pisces. Need to have back surgery & find a job (both are risk & gambling). Should I hold off until after May 2017? Thanks.

        1. jc066

          Hi Tim,
          I’ll tried to find a better way to squeeze a question to you but will have to do it this way.
          Me: 22jun78, Nelson BC, 2am.
          I’d like to buy a house, we started looking before the retro of Mercury and it’s getting to crunch time for the decision. Wait out the mercury retro or tie this up and see if we can buy?

          1. Tim Stephens

            Hi, jc066,

            You’re in a great year to buy (until early October) — but usually actions succeed best after Jan. 8. However, I have not noticed that Merc. retro affects house purchases, so I don’t think there’s harm in proceeding — UNLESS you are already indecisive.



  120. B G

    Hi Tim,

    I’ve been reading your blog for many years and have had a reading with you in person as well. I’m a Pisces with Virgo rising. I’ve read at least few times now that for Virgo live relationships are fighting money interests and you advise that Virgos allow the money interest to win. Any idea when the two interests (love and money) stop fighting one another? Thx!

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, BG,

      Virgos (and Pisces, on a deeper, or more ‘investment” level) should focus on money until Oct. 2017, for that’s where your luck lies. (Both signs will obtain sexual intimacy quite easily, but romance/love is a little more scarce. Virgo SHOULD NOT marry anyone met before mid-May 2017.) Romance should return, in a friendly, casual way, in 2018.



  121. Peter

    Hi Tim

    I have loved reading your blogs & horoscopes for many years now, so cannot fail to be impressed by your accuracy. After reading your most recent blog today, there was one thing in particular you said that just stood out to me to such a degree, it’s been playing on my mind since. When referring to the upcoming Trump Presidency and his team, you said ominously and i quote “That means their administration is fated, to be and to face some major thing, or to create some major new thing. It bears watching.”

    With all that is going on in the World at the moment, in particular with recent Russian actions, should we be worried? I mean as i write this, just a few hours ago Putin announced he was moving nukes to the European border in retaliation at Nato action.

    Thank you.

      1. Peter

        Hi Tim

        Okay i look forward to hearing your thoughts on this in the future.

        Just a quick add on with something i didn’t mention in my original post. The last part of your quote i talked about; “It bears watching.” Just wondering whether that was a deliberate play on words on your part, or whether your psychic gift was coming in to play without perhaps you even realising it?

        “It” = IT (as in computers) & “bears” = Russia (their symbol) – There has been a lot in the media recently about Russian state hackers called “fancy bears”/”cozy bears.” Or maybe i am just reading way too much in to it, and adding 2 + 2 and getting five? 🙂

        Thanks again for your insight.


  122. dyui

    I read with interest and mostly a cocked head in how curious it is you decided to share with us about being molested. I am gay. I was molested at 5 by a stranger. Then by a neighbor at 9 to 11. I’m hoping you’re not a gay hater Tim. I mean, I would like to see more of your fantastic mutterings about ‘us’. I’ve followed you since the days of the Courier. Hell, it was the only reason I read the thing.

    Anyway, I know you know you have a gay audience. If you could just recognize us once in a while and let us know what’s down that windy road. I’m February 23rd. Adopted, so of course know little about my ‘real’ birth date. I’ve left acting and taken up writing novels. I just got a response to a query and I’ve connected with a well known screenwriter.

    Am I going to get the Klieg lights? Will I end up bedding this present nutcase of a boy (mostly friend whom I’ve mattress-bounced with a few times who insists he’s straight – he’s Japanese). I do so love him.

    I am a fan. I’ve spoken to you on the phone once. I live for your column. Actors are not big money makers and I sometimes look at your site before investing my small monies.


    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, dyui,

      Sure, I know I have gay readers. One of my daughters is gay. I don’t hate anyone or any “type,” despite all the emails I get accusing me of hating Hillary. (I don’t hate Hillary. I hate deception, dirty fighting, pride, arrogance, disdain, thievery, “entitlement” and most other forms of evil, petty and major. Those who accuse me of having lost my spirituality should remember that pandering, simpering, and saying “Ommmm” all day long is not spiritual, and showing wrath and anger is not un-spiritual. If this were not the case, all the Biblical prophets — to whom I am NOT comparing myself, though I’mm a better predictor that any of them, except perhaps Zecharia — would be residing in hell right now.
      As for gays, my only frustration is what to do with one of my favourite phrases: “the opposite sex.” When I do use it, please remember it includes gays also (tho’ it would be “the same sex”) — in other words, the meaning is attraction or relating.

      Best regards,


  123. Satori

    Ps….I love what you said about Trump. It’s true, I’m female and even I know that talk goes on, it is niavity to think it shouldn’t or doesn’t. Don’t agree with Trump…and the media does rip him apart. Both are bad, whoever gets in, it’s gonna wreak havoc on the markets…

      1. jenoneil

        Hi Tim,

        I am 72 years old and have seen a lot in the time I have been here. I have never seen so many angry people in my life. Everyone has to be right and no one else’s thoughts matter. I have seen the Korean War and veterans being welcomed back, seen the Viet Nam War and seen vets being spit at as they came down the street. The Iraq war should have never happened. I see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton slinging mud at each other and still don’t know what they stand for. The Native Americans in North Dakota are fighting a war of their own and not one person in congress or the news media have been there to help them because Big Oil wants their land and, of course, Big Oil runs our country. Don’t think congress, the President or anyone else runs the U.S. We have sold out to the highest bidder. If I didn’t dislike the cold so much, I think I would move to Canada. I hate to say it but I think we are going to have a civil war in the U.S. not matter who becomes president.

  124. Satori

    HI Tim!
    Wow! I stumbled on here because of relationship troubles with a Libra man…I get a feeling he’s looking for a new mate, sigh. I’m Aquarius…would coming to see you help verify things? You really hit many truths in both our signs….
    We don’t live together, 16 yrs together and he’s uber private, which to me is fine but sometimes it comes off as secretive…past four years we have been long distance, I see him once a month, email and talk everyday…he’s in Alberta…it says Libra might find a new love interest…he says he’s not looking…i am a freedom loving, ‘almost’ unconditionally loving…but not sure if I can be ‘open’ to knowing my partner is looking….that puts me off…can birthdates and stuff help me find the truth, or is it just kinda general….and what all do I need for a private reading…thank you Tim!

    And I’m such a Ludite…I should have emailed you…but here I am 🙂 in comments, hi all!

    1. mastinomama

      Love your column. However, I think you are buying the media hype from Trump re Elizabeth Warren. Check Snopes. I really hate to see you printing this crap. I think an apology is in order here. Would love to have coffee with you and give you some real perspective from a displaced Yank who still has family in the USA.

      You are absolutely right about old Bill: he needs to just go away. i don’t see Hillary as evil as you do. Growing up in the midwest, we were mostly republicans and her support of Goldwater was almost expected in that area. I had high school friends who supported him. (By then I had learned enough to not drink the cool aid)

      Good to see Bernie moving the party to the left and I am a great admirer of Elizabeth Warren. do some more homework into her positions and work.

      Trump is a disaster on so many levels.Mitt Romney and friends are voting for the Libertarian candidate (who is interesting and smart)

      I just can’t wait until the conventions!



      1. Tim Stephens

        Hi, Mastinomama,

        I used to like Eliz. Warren; now I don’t. She lost me when she came out to support Clinton. I think anyone who supports Clinton would lose me, because they immediately show their loyalty to (and here I agree with Trump and Sanders) a corrupt, rigged system. My hope is that the GOP splits into two: Libertarians and Trump; and that the Dems do the same: Hillary and Bernie. If there was a four-way race, I think Bernie would win.



        1. Tim Stephens

          Hey, Mastinomama,

          I know that! He’s a bullying, arrogant, entitled, spoiled brat rich boy. But that doesn’t give the sanctimonious female and male media talking heads fake outrage a pass — Trump is openly awful (mainly because he can’t stop himself, and even his attempts at secrecy are comical) — but these talking heads are secretly awful, hiding their own dismal hearts behind a false show of indignation and “We’re so pure.” Give me a break!



      2. JTH619

        SNOPES has been discredited long ago. Sorry, Tim is spot-on about Trump…the guy, as my dad would say, is a “horse’s ass”. Sadly, there is no need to shame a horse in this manner.

    2. mastinomama

      Re your thoughts on porno: I can only say “ewwhhh!” Throughout the history of mankind the female form has been celebrated in art. There are so many wonderful paintings and sculptures in every era even in primitive societies. A need to look at gynecological shots of artificially “enhanced ” women is demeaning to women and promotes a view of women that promotes disrespect and violence.

      I recommend an improvement to your reading material. National Geographic?

    3. aliceliveshere08

      Hi Tim,

      So disappointed in your support of Trump. I agree with mastinomama that you’ve completely missed the point – it’s not a matter of hypocrisy about swearing. It’s a matter of an adult man talking with a member of the media about complete disrespect for other human beings, specifically in this case women. Do you really think his attitude to everyone else in the world except himself is refreshing in any adult, let alone a leader? Do you find his language appropriate in any way? I say again, I’m sorely disappointed in your attitude. I thought you had vision.

      1. Tim Stephens

        Wake up, Alice: I was not talking about mere male swearing; I was talking about men describing what they would/have/did/desire to do to/with women, when women are not in earshot. If YOU had vision you’d be able to see that there are huge segments of humanity that don’t conform to your nice little protected world.


  125. Phoenix Rising

    Hi Tom. I am a long time client of yours. I use to go to your East van area for consultation, later UBC. ect. Tim, could you please let us Virgos know what the hell s going on with Jupiter. This was suppose to our be a big year. My virgo friends have had it tough with job, money, relationship ect Even on the internet under the comment section with different astrologers. They are wondering the same thing.
    As for my self, I was living in my car for a short while. Now I am bouncing from place to place to live. I do not drink nor drugs. I have been on my spiritual path for over 25 years. I was pipefitter. No jobs. Fort Mcmurray devastated. I have put out a lot of resumes with no luck. I guess they look at my age< 56 To old they are probably thinking.

    Thanks Tim

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Phoenix,

      You were born at the very end of Virgo — 28 or 29 degrees (out of thirty) — and Jupiter is only at 17 degrees Virgo — it hasn’t even reached you yet. Look for your luck to surge in late August, early September. (Don’t wait for luck — use tis peak period to start things, try, jump into the unknown, etc. — in other words give luck a chance, especially in domestic, real estate and similar areas.



      1. Happy EverAfter

        Thank you, Phoenix Rising and Tim. I am relieved to hear this. While I am by no means having a bad year, neither am I having the much-touted “big Jupiter year” for Virgos. My husband (Sep. 4th) and my son (Sep. 19th) are having pretty excellent years; I am in what feels like limbo (Sep. 23rd, at dawn in the Far East, the very last degrees of Virgo in the sky). I’m just trying to stay calm, optimistic, and getting my ducks lined up in a row before Jupiter leaves. But it has been frustrating, and time sure is flying.

        On another topic: Tim, thanks to your thoughts what turned out to be Brexit, and your warning to avoid the markets mid-June-ish, I was able to make a small but important investment during the post-Brexit market meltdown, which I am sure will reap long-term benefits.

        So thanks again, very much.

  126. krissf

    Sorry, I didn’t see that you’d replied to this until just now.

    Corbyn’s birth details are: 26 May 1949, Chippenham, UK. – I don’t know the time. Of course he won the election in the end, and some of the knives that were out for him have been re-sheathed for now.

  127. krissf

    Just wanted to comment on your June 26-July 2 post, on the equal pay issue.

    Single women were often barred from working once they married – certainly in education and public service. Once married, it was assumed that women would be supported by a husband (not always true of course) and her job should really be given to a man so he could support his family.

    A man’s wages were not always sufficient on their own. Out of financial necessity, my grandmother (born 1913) had four children and always worked, even though my grandfather did too. Women worked down mines in the 19th century and so did children. They also worked on farms and in mills, even when married. It was very common for an oldest daughter to go into service or teaching specifically so she could send money back to her family while also not being an additional mouth to feed. Working class women are recorded as being in the labour force in very large numbers (over 60%) since the mid 18th century.

    Unequal pay also did not work so well for female-led families or women who were single and had no other source of financial support. It was more common 200 years ago for spouses to die young in an age with inadequate medicine and hygiene. Widows trying to bring up families after their husband had been killed (eg in war) had very little means of support. Their usual strategy was to marry again because many had no other way of earning an adequate income.

    I’m not sure you can really solve the problem of wages needing to cover living costs on a family basis unless the state intervenes, which would bring a whole load of other problems with it. Families are so diverse now, as you said.

    Women are thought to have more physical stamina and longevity than men because of the physical demands of childbirth and that’s also given as a cause of the longer lifespan (stronger heart, etc). Better hygiene and medicine has also meant fewer deaths in childbirth and postpartum, too. Of course, it’s also true that women are rarely found in dangerous jobs – again this was often because they were prevented from doing so.

    For families at the lower end of the wage scale, women’s paid work was a necessity.

  128. all 4 1

    Your afteramble for June 12-18 was so true. Thanks for the confirmation to what I see, since so called “News” commentators will have us questioning what we see with our own eyes. They rush in to interpret and spin events, even against all evidence to the contrary. The two party system is unmasked before our eyes this election season. I suppose those that believe the news commentators are soothed by them; the rest of us are rattled to the core. I appreciate that Bernie and Trump ignited the conversations- from political correctness to all of the gross imbalances brought about by the elite.

  129. naasia

    Hey Tim

    Just a small query…

    I have this month’s To-Do list of changing my water purifier and kitchen re-doing; however, came across advices not to do so until Mars turn direct.
    Is that so? Does Mars retro demand same precautions as Mercury when it comes to buying new products or getting a part of your house fixed?


    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, naasia,

      The water purifier has nothing to do with Mars, so it gets a pass (after June 18). Mars rules demolition and some parts of construction (e.g., framing) so often it is better to begin renos when Mars is direct (not retrograde) — this gets stronger if Mars is in your domestic sector by birth or by transit (i.e., in the sky right now). As I don’t know your chart, I don’t know how strong this is. For safety, I’d wait.



  130. leetouzeau

    Your thoughts on Taureans having a hard time due to Mother Earth dying is so spot on. I am so down when I read, hear etc about the destruction of earth and its creatures. It gets me downand though I try to rise above it have wondered why I seem to be the only (I know I am not) person who feels this personnally . And the year has been very disrupted for me. Love this site for years now.

  131. manvir

    Hi Tim!!,

    For Aries (WEEKLY FORECAST — MAY 29 – JUNE 4, 2016) you’ve mentioned “don’t make any big buys, big moves”, does that include buying 2nd second hand automobile? and for how long?

    Also, when would you suggest to make a primary residence purchase? Hold off till end of year?

    Your thoughts are always greatly appreciated.

    Tons of best wishes for your Birthday (if not already passed, in that case belated Happy Birthday!!)


    Manvir S. Sandhu

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, manvir,

      Buy a car from 1 pm to 5 pm (Pacific Time) Tues. June 7. Or wait until after June 18. If I were totally Aries (i.e., ignoring rising sign, moon sign, etc.) I’d buy a primary residence at the earliest in 2018 ( Nov./17 to Nov./18).



      1. manvir

        Thank You for your response, Tim,

        Not sure about my rising sign or moon sign according to Western astrology. But am quite sure I’m a Pisces- Aries cusp.

        I am 22 March 1965 born, in Ahmedabad (India), at 6:02 PM.

        According to Vedic (Indian) horoscope, I am a Leo (27.54 deg) with Mars (20.33 deg), Uranus (18.44 deg), and Pluto (21.19 deg) in Ascendant.
        Moon (10.17 deg) in (4th house) Scorpio .
        Sun (8.18 deg), Mercury (26.42 deg) & Venus (3.02 deg) in Pisces (8th house).
        Saturn in 7th house (17.07 deg)

        Do you reckon this information makes any difference?

        A Big Thanx!! and warm regards


  132. Ecelos


    a year ago, I think in January, your forecast for Virgo contained a warning: a person will enter your life in dire need of help, who Virgo will want to help, but she must not, as the person will turn out a liability for at least the next year or two. Something to that effect.

    I forgot about this, and only remembered the forecast After I have met the person and offered my help. It has been a struggle since, and now finally ripening into the true fruit of liability. Really, such an accurate prediction. I remember feeling a little prick when I was reading it, telling me to heed it. But I didn’t.

    I do not usually recoil in fear at the negative predictions, taking the attitude “well, it will teach me something useful”, and then moving on. This one was quite an amazing prediction though, and one I regret not heeding. Yeah, we both will probably learn tons of useful stuff – but is this particular stuff truly essential to our life paths? Bugger if I know.

    Thanks, Tim. The blog is very useful.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Thanks, Ecelos,

      You pose one of the essential questions of astrology, mysticism, and all self-awareness practices: Is it better to experience and learn from suffering, or just to live? I sometimes think better to just live, for how do we know that learning based on suffering is actually true learning? It might be contorted by the suffering that engendered it. How about learning from joy, or from love? If I had to learn, I’d much rather learn what happiness teaches me, than what sorrow does. I know many readers will adamantly oppose this, and mystics, new agers, etc., will vehemently deny it, but look at life: happy, compassionate, reasonable, fair children come from happy homes, whereas “suffering learners” such as martyrs, mystics, and most saints, spawn violence and their followers murder, rape, etc. A prime example would be Mohammad the Prophet, a “Holy Man” who, centuries later, “inspired” ISIS. Jesus said, “I have come to bring war, not peace.” I think suffering was a fashion, a long fad, that has distorted everything from child-rearing to novels written, from belief to our justice system. Let’s look for health, as looking for God has only harmed millions of people and started numerous wars. I think we have reached th3e technological level now that we can begin to reduce suffering and work toward happiness.



    2. mastinomama


      Tim: WTF are you smoking? I lived in Montreal when Trudeau senior declared the War Measures Act in response to domestic terrorism. The cops raided our food coop and emptied all the bins on the floor. The local astrologer had his files seized and never returned (he had absolutely no reason to be suspected) Two of my friends’ kids were taking pictures of a building for a school project and were thrown in jail. These are only my personal experiences. There were many many more. Do you really believe an intrusion by armed police to everyone’s home is acceptable? Maybe you should move to Russia 🙂

      1. Tim Stephens

        Hi, mastinomama,

        I guess you’re right. It’s better to let hundreds of citizens be slaughtered. The incidents you describe seem typical of a corrupt, cruel police — which can happen anywhere, but seems, in my own experience, to be more frequent in places like High River, Alberta (where the police instructed citizens to abandon their homes due to impending flood waters, then illegally rummaged through them all, searching for guns) and Montreal, where again corruption thrives. I pictured a kinder, gentler army, one that cared about its own citizens. As a young man, I was kicked by a cop in Montreal because I was napping on a bench, waiting for my train. You write of an astrologer who had his files seized. In Vancouver, a hippie house I lived in was raided by the “narcs.” As soon as they saw my typewriter (early 70’s) and my stacks of paper, they (two of them) nodded politely and left my room, didn’t even search it. In general, I have found the police in Vancouver to be polite and kind. In Montreal, it’s like Dylan’s song: “The cops don’t need you there, and they expect the same.” The alternative in Paris, Brussels, etc., would be to arm the citizens as in the U.S.A. Maybe you should move out of Montreal.



        1. mastinomama

          I don’t agree with citizens being slaughtered. However, a mass invasion by police will not work. You are giving them too much credit for smarts and manners. And I have seen a lot of unnecessary force in my 70 years and three continents. As Malala says: the solution is education and maybe preventing groups of people from being outsiders.

            1. Tim Stephens

              Hi, mastinomama.

              Good for you! Welcome to BC. Hope I didn’t trash Montreal too much. (Ambience-wise, I think Vanc. and Montr. are very similar, sidewalk cafes, port atmosphere, people from all nations…)

              Best regards,


    3. Sax1

      hi Tim
      I remember you writing a column about seeing birds in the sky on your birthday.
      I tried to find it on your site but i couldn’t locate it. Can you help me please?
      Thank you

  133. PwDSmatter

    I’ve been reading your posts for years until last Saturday after I read the most deplorable language describing a person with Down syndrome. I was so sickened with the way you described someone with this condition I didn’t even bother to read my horoscope. You obviously know very little about people who have Down syndrome in this day and age and your ignorance was clear. Regardless of how you describe anyone they are always a PERSON FIRST, and should never be defined by their label. What you say and write about others says more about you than about them. Your words spoke volumes about who you are.

    1. Tim Stephens

      PwDS — I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that it was not PC to use the term “Down Syndrome.” I re-read that item and I was struck that my description of Nature’s actions and biases was a bit “raw,” insensitive or cool, so for that I apologize. I suspect you have a loved one who is ___________, and so my words must have seemed quite cruel. (I can’t call anyone “Down Syndrome” anymore, according to you, so a blank has to suffice.) For any emotional pain you suffered, I apologize. But I don’t withdraw the truth, which I wrote as I saw it, and always will: that these people have valuable souls and are spiritually equal to us all.



      1. PwDSmatter

        I don’t see that you are willing to learn since you still refer to a person with Down syndrome with their label. If you really want to learn about people first language or how your language is seen as inappropriate you would do so on your own. On the continuum of disability awareness you have far to go.

  134. Tere1015

    Good morning,

    I am reading about your feelings of guilt. Let’s just say if you cannot write how you feel and see it, then why bother even writing a column. People often get annoyed at difference of opinion. Well I will put it lightly put your big pants on and strap them on tightly.

  135. Bluebugs

    Hi Tim,
    I have been reading your column for years. Great stuff.
    For the week of March 6th, to the 12th, you say.
    Unemployed? Seek now until late may.
    I am unemployed will I find something?.
    My birthdate is 11/19/1966.
    I love you website I read it every week. Thank you for your time.

    Lisa aka Bluedugs.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Lisa/Bluebugs,

      My advice was based on Mars bringing you more money March thru May. Basically, you’re asking me if you should follow my advice. I’d be looking if it was me. (PS: DON’T SPEND — stick to a meager budget — these 3 months.)



  136. jrdurka

    I am not a huge Hillary fan, but really, it’s horrifically sexist to suggest that she never ‘smudged her lipstick’, especially since it’s unlikely that she wore any, back in the day.

    Other than that, very insightful blog. I enjoy your work. Thanks for posting.

    1. Tim Stephens

      Thanks, jrdurka,

      I admit that was a bit of a swipe by me (re Hillary’s lipstick). I’ve bashed Hill quite a bit, but there is much to praise in her, also. I don’t like her as a presidential candidate, but I think she’d be a pretty good president. I’ll put that in the preamble.



    2. aquarianLight

      “For the 12 weeks ahead, two men will befriend you, and an old friend, though she/he looks askance on the “newbies,” will accept them for your sake. Same period, your hopes can be tied up with travel, friendship and communications.”

      two men… in what context is this part about? (under Aquarius)

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Tere — you completely missed the point! His campaign slogan is “For a New America,” and then he shows a photo of Canada! (I’m sure Trump will soon say he’s not American, but Cuban…)



    2. Zeejay

      Hello Tim,

      I am a gemini with a scorpio moon and pisces rising. In geminis 2016 love forecast you mentioned geminis with water moon and rising have a good chance of finding stable love before september. Could you tell which zodiac signs I am most compatible with while having sun in gemini and water moon and rising sign ? Thanks

      1. Tim Stephens

        Hi, Zeejay,

        You should see an astrologer if the compatibility question bothers you. It can’t be answered simply, as planets and aspects between you and another have to be examined also. In one sense, you’re compatible with all signs; in one sense, with none. However, there are great solutions: for example, you would love a Scorpio sun with a Cancer rising and a libra moon.



  137. kay

    Hello Tim,

    I just replied to one of your commenters, Happy Cappy, as we seem to have some similar themes going on with this Pluto situation. I mentioned that my husband and I had been going through a crisis for a few years, we’ve separated for some time but had been communicating throughout, we are now in the same city but still living apart, and my life has really been turned upside down as I’ve relocated to him. I’m not really sure whether this is the right path and if we have prospects of getting our life back together. I don’t want to live alone much longer, I would like to meet someone else if my husband and I are past the time of reconnecting…my info 1/1/1972, 22.50, India, his info 10/26/1970, 7.30, FLorida USA. Any general insights you can provide, especially with the Pluto peak for my sign, is helpful…Thank you!

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, Kay — To answer your specific question (re you and your husband) demands erecting then reading a few charts, including your and his birth charts. That’s 45 minutes work — a bargain at $ 120 Canadian dollarettes! 🙂

  138. gdavi

    Hi Tim!
    Since it’s the Chinese Lunar new year (Monkey) this week, would you care to comment on how closely the Chinese zodiac correlates to western astrology. In my case, the western astrology forecast is much more positive than my Chinese zodiac (Tiger’s) outlook.

  139. anmae

    „BTW, I know sometimes I sound arrogant. But this arrogance or self-belief is necessary to say some things. Without it, I wouldn’t dare to opine on politics or religion. I try to dampen it.“

    Plse. don’t dampen… it is just a mirror. Thanks for keeping up the good work :-))


  140. aquarianLight

    I thought I posted my question but I guess I didn’t!

    Since 2014, I have contemplated switching/relocating my work place; however, since then, it seems like I have had a change of heart or maybe I realize the cards that are stacked up against me in making my switch as I do not have much seniority and I may be competing with others who are more experienced. Am I better off staying at this current place for another potential 2 years,, surrounded by other Aquarians or do I take a risk to work with water signs? I know this is an odd question but I don’t know how else to describe it! This decision has been eating at me for a while and I now have until March to decide if I am going to put the paper work in to do this…

    1. HappyCappy

      Hi Tim,
      I’m a double Cappy born Jan 5, 1964 at 7:42 am in Eureka, Ca. Last year was the absolute worst year of my life. Can you shed some light on 2016? Things have calmed down a bit but are not settled or resolved. Any idea as to what’s going on in my chart? p.s. Spouse is 10/24/68 9:42 pm Fresno, Ca
      Thanks so much!

      1. Tim Stephens

        Hi, HappyCappy,

        You’re a 14 degree (just eye balling it) Capricorn with a Libra Moon. Pluto now is in 15 degrees Cap, and spends most of 2015/16 hovering around your Sun degree. Pluto means death and rebirth, or “transformation.” To see what Pluto’s doing to you, go to PLATFORMS and read the PLUTO article, especially Capricorn’s and Libra’s section.

        Best regards,


      2. exxrn

        Hi Tim, I was to remind you to comment on seeing auras around people and in my case, an aura when i was reading an invitation to attend a draw at which my name was called for the prize. would be interested in your comments. thanks!

        1. Tim Stephens

          Hi, exxrn,

          I don’t know a lot about auras. The only time I had mine measured or “photographed,” it was white. I see a sort of watery “halo” around everyone, but I don’t know what it means, nor do I often see any colors. It’s simply not my field, and I probably would not be gifted in it. If a prize was indicated, I’m guessing your aura was blue or blue-green. But I don’t really know. I haven’t even read about auras since the hippie 60’s.



      3. kay

        Funny, I’m going through similar cycle and my husband too was born in late October…marital separation, relocation (closer to spouse), work transition, identity shift! But all this started to happen in mid to late 2015, and now things are settling, but I’m not quite sure why I’m here and what I’m doing! I guess I’ll find out soon enough…

  141. cbhreagh

    HI Tim,
    I am a faithful follower of your column. I find you to be most accurate. I applauded your advice & influence. I was wondering can you help me gain knowledge about my personal astrogical info. I am an Aries. But don’t know my ‘rising’ sign, moon etc etc. I DOB is 04/01/71. Time of birth 9:44 p.m.
    I once read not long ago that some Aries have been hexed sorta speak for 40 yrs or more in life & circumstance. Nothing was every given to me or came easily, I have struggled for many years on different levels and had to work work and work more for anything & everything in life. I have become accustomed to doing so now, which is why I am strong independent woman. Why does it seem a lot Aries struggle especially in love & romance department. I am a sensible, very attractive, genuine loyal woman yet I seem to intimidate most men. Can you shed some light for me?

    1. Tim Stephens

      Hi, cbhreagh,

      I also NEED THE EXACT LOCATION OF YOUR BIRTH TO CALCULATE YOUR RISING. As for Aries’ struggle, it was indicated by Pluto — many Aries were “fighting their destiny” since the 1970’s.



      1. oay0107

        Hi Tim,
        Will you post the unedited version of the year ahead 2016 (if there is any)? I found last year that the unedited version is more interesting.

  142. hometowngirl

    Hi Tim,
    I am just another one of your great followers that appreciate your insights and thoughts and wisdom guidance. I have followed you for 8 years plus. I am Leo. I have read lots of positive news for most Leo but for my case I am waiting for light at end of tunnel. I have been seeking work for last year and been very unlucky even though leo’s luck was supposed to be on the highest peak starting last july 2015. I have seen many positive signs but no luck … just fall short of job offer so I have been told. Can you please give me any recommendation for upcoming future. Much Appreciated!

  143. jrochest

    Hi Tim — I’m sure you’ve answered this question somewhere in your preambles, but I’ve read back through December and I can’t see it: are you still doing the Year forecasts? I notice they’re not on the Courier website, but I wasn’t sure if you’d put them up here…

    1. Tim Stephens

      HI, JROCHEST — the 2016 Year Ahead will be on the blog after the Courier publishes it. (About Jan. 7?) Sorry fot the delay, but they pay me to write it, so I’m no going to put it out there before they do.



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