I’ve decided to move my political comments and predictions to their own “room”— this one!  We’ll organize this “room” later — for now, I’ll just put the latest first, at the top. So here are my latest political opinions:

December 13, 2019:

Right after Trump was elected, I wrote here that he would be one of the most popular Presidents in history. Then, as almost every media outlet attacked him, my heart sank, and I thought, “Well, there’s one of my misses.” But now, looking at his rallies, I think my prediction was right.
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The I.G. Report on the FBI’s shenanigans:  IG Horowitz called the 17 FISA deceptions (lies told to the judge by the FBI) “mistakes.” 17 material “mistakes” in the FBI’s presentation to a federal judge, and not one of them was intentional? One mistake was neglecting to mention that their main “incriminating” document against Trump was paid for by Hillary Clinton. That was a mistake?
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Have you noticed that since Trump was elected, the ACLU has died? Probably had a 2017 meeting with Adam Schiff, who convinced them to remain silent until he could railroad Trump. The ACLU, supposedly a civil liberties champion, is really a Democratic lapdog.
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I suspect Adam Schiff will face lawsuits for many years.
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Too bad Octavio-Cortez lies (about food stamps). Not?ice how she’s sort of disappeared? Few media fawnings anymore? I warned about her actions leading to her obscurity a few months ago.
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Try this:  Imagine you have been in the Siberian forest for 3 years, without any news from the outside world. Then you fly in to civilization and see the television news, and you see Nancy Pelosi and Trump and all their lieutenants braying away, one calling the other evil, despicable, criminal, and the other calling the first liars, cheaters and coup plotters: what would you think? It must be like looking at a strange land.
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The eleven FISA judges need to go back to kindergarten to learn about asking questions, and being a bit sceptical. Toward the crooked FBI, these judges were like the three monkeys: see no lies, hear no lies, and speak no questions. These judges, as I wrote months ago, were crooked, as crooked as the FBI itself. Why is no one questioning the judges?

December 3/19:

Well, told you U.S. presidential hopeful Kamala Harris wouldn’t make it (April 2019). She’s now ended her campaign.

Will someone please tell Alexandria Octavio-Cortez that Harbour Air of Vancouver (Canada) now operates an electric passenger plane?

The trouble with U.S. politics now is that it has become so complicated, so labyrinthine and venal, that if you even make one statement, a true statement, you will have to supply 1,000 words to justify it. It’s sad — the truth is not worth the labour to uphold it.

Some readers (perhaps now long gone) have castigated me for my horrible, shocking non-support for Hillary Clinton, the “saint” — though that veneer has tarnished steadily since 2016, mostly from the moist breath of complaint. Now the media reports that Hillary accompanied her billy goat husband to visit notorious pedophile Epstein’s home. (Bill travelled in Epstein’s “pedophile express” — which took people to Epstein’s secret island of child sexual abuse — 27 times. 27.)

And get this — they took their daughter on at least one occasion. I have long felt a gut-deep repulsion toward Hillary, wasn’t sure why. I was abused sexually by my mother’s step-father. So were my brother and two sisters. Basically, she offered us as a sacrifice. We didn’t even live there — she brought us there.

I think I recognized a similar evil in H.C. Did she and Bill lock Chelsea up in her room on the pedophile plantation, so she would not be sullied, or her innocence shocked by what she saw? Then why take her? Or did they invite Chelsea to enjoy one of the children who were being raped and ruined for life? This is the same H.C. who, as a young lawyer, laughed when she got a rapist off, and showed the 12-year old female victim that truth is nothing; power and manipulation are the only values society genuflects to.

Abuse of children is, as someone said, tantamount to murder, because you have killed a child’s entire life, and left their carcass alive, to experience the results: alienation, lack of trust, unexplained fears, lack of confidence, poor school performance, employment problems, sometimes an inability to live as a spouse or mate, probable poverty, quick or uncontrolled anger, drugs, alcohol and ultimately crime…. these are a few of the gifts abuse shoves into the gunny sack of society — where most of these children will live. The gunny sack, a sort of not-social (for no one can be trusted) environment. Even these murdered children have natural hopes and deep joys like smelling lilacs on a spring night, running home after talking and kissing, the night friendly and fragrant. These are just common nature; but beyond such visions and joys of ebullient nature, what exists? A bottomless well of guilt, the blackness of self-blame. For Hillary (and triple-triple for Bill) — surely if there is a hell, she’s headed for it.

December 1, 2019:

Fox News shouldn’t be so happily confident that Joe Biden will crash in flames due to his verbal gaffes. They forget that Trump was elected despite his glaring faults. Biden’s gaffes are the same — perhaps they make him more lovable, as they make him more human. 

(Some months ago I opined that Warren and (perhaps, depending) Buttigieg would lead the field of Dem presidential hopefuls, and that “poor Biden” had “not a chance.” Well, Warren’s tendency to fib bothered me back then, and I think she will run thin here forward. Biden looks durable, and he’s very likeable to many people. Maybe I was wrong. Buttigieg has the stuff to stands up to Trump. Biden doesn’t, but he’s good at faking it. But no predictions yet.

November 24, 2019:

Here is Schiff’s impeachment dilemma: how does a liar get at the truth?

Bloomberg and Patrick, the two new entrants in the Democratic primary (both billionaires) will go nowhere. One thing you don’t want to start during Mercury retrograde, is a political campaign. (On the other hand, the U.S.A. birth chart holds a Mercury retrograde.) (Tom Steyer, another billionaire, will fail. And should — he’s “dirty.”)

The Impeachment:

Give me a break on all the criticism of Trump’s anti-Yovanovitch tweet, calling it witness intimidation. Yovanovitch was only aware of it when Dem Adam Schiff read it aloud to her, to ensure she “got it.” She would not have seen the tweet until later, probably after her entire deposition.

 The witness intimidation was done by Adam Schiff. I have never seen such bold liars as the Dems. It reveals conviction, belief. But I fear there’s a “wily coyote” end in store, a worse one than marked by the Mueller probe.

November 12, 2019:

CNN’s like a toxic spouse during divorce proceedings, filled with hate, dressed in decorum.

The Guardian newspaper of England is one of the propaganda rags; truth is their victim.

You know what Trump did? He shattered the old “uniforms” of politics. This left politicians with an identity crisis. Being an old-style politician now threatens obscurity. Republicans (ex-never-Trumpers) are quite comfortable with this, like chicks under mother hen’s wing They feel, now, finally, that they can draw power and protection from their odd, electric  leader. But the Dems see this not only with panic, but with a deep emotional reaction that, evolving into a guise of logic and intellect, brings the extreme platforms of the Dems.

I suspect Adam Schiff will self-destruct…. that he’ll be caught in his own machine. I also suspect Nancy Pelosi foresaw this danger, and genuflected as Adam passed the boundaries of good sense, leaving him to his fate. You could see Trump as a Shakespearian protagonist. Adam Schiff rises to the same drama, but as a villain. The whole thing, the past 3 years, would make a tragedy, or a “palace intrigue” story. So many characters!

November 3, 2019

Think of it this way:

        • One, the Dems created a false document to trigger the Mueller probe of Trump: found nothing.
        • Two, the Dems created a false witness (Christine Ford) to try to derail Trump’s court nominee, Kavanaugh: found nothing.
        • Three, the Dems create a false whistleblower (whose complaint has been proven to be false hearsay — i.e., nothing more than gossip) to trigger an “impeachment enquiry.” So far, after weeks of secret hearings run by Schiff: no result.

Numbers One and Two have been proven false. People connected to #1 are now under criminal investigation. Three people connected to #2 have already been sentenced to jail. The central figure of #3 (Schiff) has now been hit with an ethics complaint. (I think Schiff [Mr. “Railroad” — known by some as “Mr. Kangaroo”] who is now holding court over the “whistleblower” attempt to impeach Trump, is ultimately headed for jail.)

Can you find any difference in what started all three Dems attack campaigns? Or in their results? Or in their motives? I can’t.

Can you count how many times, for example, MSNBC, ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS have run the news that the Kavanaugh conspirators are in jail? (One of them for repeated break-ins of a congresswoman’s office to steal computer files.)

Psychologically, I believe the Dems are projecting their own guilt onto Trump and the Republicans. This is why they have to create false premises to attack him, and why they are so frustrated in every effort — because they are chasing the ghost of their own guilty projections. Trump is like smoke that keeps disappearing on them.

Possibility: the “whistleblower” doesn’t exist.

The problem with Trump’s ”supporters” such as Lindsey Graham saying that Trump should have all the legal rights and procedural rights that Nixon and Clinton had, is that it equates this impeachment effort by the Dems with those much more serious, criminally-laden, bipartisan impeachments. This implies that Trump must fight, that the accusations against him are as dire and sombre as those against Nixon and Bill. That’s untrue.

The Dem’s current impeachment effort is partisan, nasty, a barrel of dirty tricks, obviously motivated by envy and resentment — and, perhaps, fear of the criminal charges coming against some in their ranks. The Republicans should give it the breathing room (or the laugh track) it deserves: almost nil.

This impeachment “inquiry” was begun the same way the Russian Mueller thing was begun: with a manufactured handful of false evidence. Nadler quit — he didn’t have the stomach for it, which speaks well of him, for Trump remains his enemy. (Much of the rest contains my speculation, is not factual — yet.) Schiff copied the modus operandi of the Russia probe: he and his staff manufactured a whistleblower complaint, not as a focus of investigation, but as a precipitant  of investigation.

In other words, Schiff and staff manufactured a phoney whistleblower complaint for the sole purpose of using it to launch a fishing expedition to try to find an impeachable offence. This is not only the dirtiest, scummiest political stunt I’ve ever seen (absent McCarthy’s shenanigans) — it would be illegal if carried on outside the toilet they call the House. First illegality: a witness in the inquiry is RUNNING the inquiry: shifty adam schiff. (His name doesn’t deserve capitalization.) That’s like saying to someone in the witness box at a murder trial: “Hey, get up and take the judge’s seat. We want you to be the judge now.” (Or the prosecutor, or an accuser.)

THINK TWICE:  Elijah Cummings, the U.S. Congressman who just died — a state funeral, glowing testimonies from pols on both sides… but Cummings was a dirty player. His impoverished district received billions — up to 17 billion a year in federal funds in 2018; 15 billion in 2017 — but how many rats died, how many crumbling slum buildings were razed and rebuilt, how many Blacks (his own race) were lifted out of poverty? Meanwhile, his wife was raking in money connected to his office’s back door. Cummings colluded with the IRS to destroy a mildly affluent, middle-class white woman and her husband. (They ran a perfectly legitimate charity.) Because they were white? Or because they were Republican? Google “Cummings scandals,” or watch the You Tube appearance of these victims in Cumming’s “committee.”

To now praise him seems mildly hypocritical. When we praise evil, who and what and where are we?

October 27/19:

For the Democrats (Harris, Butts, Warren, Biden) to characterize Trump’s “lynching” statement as “despicable,” “disgusting” and “racist,” is pretty rich. Biden himself used the very same term in the past — as did Kerry and ten other prominent Dem pols. Even Clarence Thomas, supreme court judge, called his confirmation process a lynching. Hmmm.

I wrote here, back in July 28, that Pete Buttigieg was a one of the best candidates for the presidential election, but that he was the victim of a “karmic trough.” I wrote that he might prevail overall, by May 2020. However, he has started rising smartly in the polls, so I revisited his birth chart: he’s a 29-degree Capricorn, so the maximum intensity of his negative karma was late 2018, and though this “trough” lasts until May/20, he seems to be feeling it less and less — escaping its downward pressure more swiftly than I anticipated. (Maybe he took my advice to quit falsely attacking others.) If Butts prevails — he’s much less goofy/radical than front-runner Warren (gee, I predicted that, too! — see Oct. 13/19 blog) — if he prevails, He might beat Trump, as I wrote last July. (Not a prediction.) He’s the Democratic replacement to Joe Biden, though the Dems don’t seem to recognize this yet.

Buttigieg has a Moon in Sagittarius at 3 degrees. This will be “hit” by the south lunar node about (I’m guessing, as I’m in Montreal without an ephemeris) October/November 2021 — way too late to hand him an electoral defeat. (At this time he might suffer an emotional loss, act negatively, arousing critics, or his “wife” might somehow harm his progress or create a scandal.)

I think it’s possible that there never has been a whistleblower in the U.S. Impeachment drive against Trump. That the whole thing is as phoney, manufactured and mean-spirited as the Mueller fiasco. A second organized attempt at a coup to unseat the President. Consider:

We know that Adam Schiff, the leader of the Democrat’s impeachment inquiry, is a stone-cold liar. We know that for two years he publicly stated he had proof that Trump colluded with the Russians, when he, we now know, did not. We know he lied about the whistleblower upon whom this impeachment is based. We know that he and his staff met with the supposed “whistleblower” (WB) weeks before the WB complaint was “announced.” We know that scummy Schiff tried to kept this secret. We know the WB has no first-hand knowledge. We know the WB was a Joe Biden (Democrat running for President) employee. We know that the complaint was not written by the WB, but by Democratic lawyers — perhaps lawyers on Schiff’s staff? We know that Schiff and the Dems don’t want the Republicans pr Trump — whom the WB accuses — to be able to closely examine the “testimony” the Dems are creating.

Consider that the same Dems:

1) created, promoted and lashed Trump with a phoney Russia collusion and a Special Prosecutor for two years;
2) publicly vowed, since the day he was elected, that they would impeach Trump;
3) enlisted foreign governments to investigate him, and when that didn’t work, enlisted these foreigners to produce phoney claims against him;
4) as soon as the Russia hoax was disproved, the Dems began their second push — or should I say putsch? — to overthrow/impeach their President.

I suspect Adam Schiff and his staff created and wrote the WB complaint, then found a willing Democrat functionary/slave to “be” the WB.

Remember when, in late 2016 I wrote that the believers in democracy might act undemocratically to destroy a democratically elected president, who they believe is not democratic.

I am amazed by two things: how blatantly, darkly and demonically — and foolishly — the Dems are acting, and how timid the Republicans are in fighting back.

I know this sounds really “out there,” but I think the Republicans should begin subpoenaing many Democratic members of Congress. And suing many of them, including Schiff. I also think they should ALL start calling Pelosi “Swamp Monster,” and Schiff her “pond scum.” In other words, fight back with the same calumny the principle-less Dems use.

There’s a saying — was it Mark Twain, or an earlier cleric? — that a lie travels twice around the world before the truth gets its pants on. The problem is: where are Trump’s pants?

What I want to know is, why don’t these people who appear before scummy Adam Schiff’s impeachment circus simply say, “I refuse to answer questions from a liar?” (which Schiff has proven to be, repeatedly).* Their only excuse is cowardice, and if the Republicans are such cowards, they deserve to fall, not lead.

* (This is one of the flaws of most western legal systems: prosecutors and police and lawyers — that is, all court officers except the judge — are permitted to lie: police to suspects, FBI and prosecutors always [or why aren’t Andrew Weissmann, Comey and Mueller, all of whom made careers of falsehood and corruption, in jail?] and lawyers, who are not technically supposed to lie, but they do, and the court turns a blind eye.)

Our legal system is admirable, but our justice system is a myth, voiced by the rich, to rule a population who can’t hear the silent language of power. Now, I am biased here. I also think much of the lower levels of justice do treat people with a rough equality. That means I’d be more correct to agree with the “two systems of justice” idea making the rounds. Still, it’s not a good thing that most politicians are lawyers; it’s a corrupt thing, for lawyers are practised at lying — and charging.

I have dealt with perhaps 20 lawyers in my life and I have known 2 honest ones — Gary Harmel and Mark Lecovin, both of Vancouver, Canada. I also think there are some true, humanitarian prosecutors, but I suspect these are almost all on lower levels. I suspect the FISA court judges were also corrupt — or really, really stupid. Any honest judge would have seen through the pathetic charade presented by the FBI. And, to continue in my gloom, I believe the FBI’s rot goes much further down than the top echelons.) When cops have a crooked police chief, they tend to break the law. The FBI has had a crooked chief from 2001 to 2017 — almost two decades.  (During which they — Comey and Mueller — tried to railroad an Alaskan senator into jail by hiding evidence, and knowingly kept other prisoners in jail for years, whom they knew were innocent. These are not harmless bureaucrats; these are power-hungry, evil and destructive men.

The Democrats — or the Left — is becoming more and more fascist. Some of their tactics are reminiscent of the early Nazi regime. Yet there is a beauty to, or beside, everything. The left’s green new deal is this beauty: it’s pastoral, idealistic, and, in a way, loveable. In addition, it carries two valuable things: incipient change, and a vision of a future which might occur in some form, or be a major shaping factor of a new political system.