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~ WEEKLY FORECAST ~ JULY 18 – 24, 2021


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Another “short” column. Let me know if you prefer these, or want to return to the long “Weekly Forecasts.”

ALL SIGNS: I will be away July 23-August 1, without the laptop.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Powerful romantic influences have been working on you since June, Aries. This Thursday brings a big new drumbeat to the romantic scene for a few weeks. (In most cases, a present attraction involved, rather than a new one.) Additionally, a week later (July 28) lucky, friendly Jupiter enters your flirtatious/light romance/ popularity and wishes-come-true area for the rest of 2021. Life is about to get interesting, after a mildly sluggish spring/summer!

Dig deep for answers Sunday/Monday; be cautious with finances, sexual temptations — more is likely to go wrong than right. Your life philosophy, your ideals, and far travel, legal, cultural and academic interests blossom Mon. afternoon (PDT) to Wed. afternoon — all goes smoothly, and Wed. seems to bring a last-minute success — but look for subtle flaws, meaningful delays. Don’t deeply commit yourself. Be ambitious Wed. eve to Fri. suppertime. March ahead, you’ll do well. This night and Sat. are for friends, flirts, entertainment.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Thursday starts a month  of domestic concerns: property, family, security, nutrition, recuperation, and Mother Nature (e.g., go hiking). This area is already “jumping,” so dive in. Rest deeply, as August through December will expand your ambitions or career as seldom before, in lucky, generous ways — and demand much effort, energy. Talking, communications come easily now.

Relationships face you Sunday/Monday. This is a difficult, testing time. Be diplomatic, cooperative. Life’s depths rise to the surface Mon. afternoon to Wednesday afternoon. Dig deep for information and/or profit, but don’t invest large sums, nor chase someone who’s already attached. A mellow, understanding and loving mood steals over you Wed. afternoon to Friday suppertime. Legal, travel, academic and cultural affairs go well. Be ambitious Fri. night, Sat.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Continue chasing money until Thursday, Gemini. That day starts a month of travel, errands and paperwork, contacts and communications. (You’ve already started down this road, maybe have even bought travel tickets, since mid-June, but now this travel/talk influence expands even more.) In two weeks, and lasting to late December, realms of love, far travel and intellectual expansion will blossom (best in 13 years).

Tackle chores Sun./Mon. Eat, dress sensibly. Careful with sharp tools, machinery. Relationships, opportunities, relocation themes and public dealings arise Mon. afternoon to Wed. afternoon. A good interval, but don’t give a “lifelong” commitment. Secrets, depth psychology, intuition, research — these lure you Wed. suppertime to Fri. supper. Investments might succeed! It’s also a sexy time. Friday night, Saturday, are for intellectual pursuits, law, culture, far travel and love.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Your energy and effectiveness are still high, Cancer, but on Thursday you shift mildly into a more money-oriented and sensual phase for a few weeks. Not a good time to launch legal, international, academic or travel projects — the first half of ’22 will boost you in these, be patient. Soon, luck will return to your investments, research and sexual goals. (Meanwhile you continue to “earn” money at an unusual rate. Try not to spend it.) You talk well now.

Romance fills your thoughts Sun./Mon. — but many bumps await, so go slow. Tackle chores Mon. afternoon to Wed. afternoon. A good interval, but don’t “expand” (e.g., don’t buy machinery, nor seek new employment — well, that last is okay if you must).

Relationships, fresh horizons and opportunities face you Wed. eve to suppertime Friday. Charge ahead, be co-operative, seek common ground, grab opportunities. Sex, secret temptations, finances and lifestyle choices fill Fri. night, Sat. — go ahead, but careful Saturday eve.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Remain “out of sight,” Leo; rest, contemplate, plan, seek spirit — until Thursday. This day starts a month of heightened energy, charisma and effectiveness. You already know you’re attractive, the last several weeks have told you so. Now (Thurs. onward) you’ll be attractive AND have the energy to do something about it, to respond whole-heartedly. Sigh and subside from investing for awhile: in about 10 days, lasting to December’s end, finances will ebb, but your relationship horizon will be studded with friendly, happy luck. Secrets are available.

Home, family and security pull you Sun./Mon. — go slow, lots of obstacles. Romance and creative juices Mon. mid-afternoon to afternoon Wed. — all’s smooth, but oddly slow, delayed. That’s a wee warning. Tackle chores, protect health, buy machinery Wed. afternoon (PDT) to suppertime Sat. — all’s fine. Relationships and opportunities fill Fri. night, Sat. — step lightly Saturday afternoon/eve.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Happy social times last to Thursday, Virgo, then you enter a month of tiredness and rest, pondering and planning. You’ve already had some action with this in the last few weeks — gov’t contacts, management, taxes, “quiet” sexual desires, etc. Next week to year’s end, your work load will grow.

Errands, messages, trips and paperwork Sun/Mon. — careful, many glitches. Home and family call Mon. afternoon to Wed. afternoon. All’s well, but don’t commit a major chunk of money, nor of future time. (E.g., not the time to build a back yard in-ground pool.) Romance, creative and risk-taking urges, beauty and pleasure arrive Wed. supper to Fri. supper (PDT). All’s well, charge ahead. Chores, niggly health irritants, machines and tools are important Fri. eve, Sat. Don’t pay too much Fri., and beware electricity Saturday.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Ambitious times, the need for prestige — these end Thursday, Libra, as a month of celebration, popularity and friendly romance begins. You have already made some new social contacts this spring/summer; these continue and grow now, and new ones might enter. Work duties are still a bit overwhelming, but next week brings a cessation, as your romantic, creative interests “re-establish” themselves, and turn fortunate, even very fortunate through December.

Chase $, but carefully, Sun./Mon. Buy/sell, collect and pay. Monday afternoon to Wed. afternoon brings errands, paperwork, trips, communications and contacts — all’s good, other than a possible wee digestive upset early Wed. Lean toward home Wed. pm to suppertime Friday (PDT). Much goes well here, family’s “on board.” Romance and/or creative surges enter Fri. eve through Sat. Caution late Saturday, when neither romance nor sex work. Good earlier, though.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your mellow, pondering mood will slowly yield to ambition and practical actions, Thursday into next month. Your career and reputation have been buffeted for some weeks by temperamental bosses — but also gracious, fair bosses. (Encourage the latter!) Thursday onward, you get to show your stuff, your skills. Romance is slowing, but gentle, loving discussions enter. Think about home, pregnancy, security, real estate — a very lucky first half of ’22 will favour these.

Your energy and charisma surge upward Sun./Mon. — solve problems rather than launch new things. Chase money Mon. afternoon to Wed. afternoon. But carefully — all’s smooth, but “blue sky” optimism here can lead to a trap, loss. Not the best time to shop. Errands, friends, paperwork, trips and communications fill Wed. afternoon to Thurs. suppertime. All’s fine — a wish or news could exhilarate! Head for home, be restful Fri. eve through Sat. You might make a big decision about home, family, where to live.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

You are still in a quiet, secretive mood, Sage. (And many secrets are revealed.) But that ends Thursday. This day starts a month of love, mellow wisdom, international affairs, academia and intellectual pursuits, law, statistics, publishing, and possible renown. These areas have already been primed for the last few weeks, so you should shift into them very easily and fully, esp. in love zones. Home “luck” ends next week, but will return Jan.-May ’22, in huge, profitable ways.

Rest, lie low, ponder and plan Sun./Mon. Action crumples. Your energy and pizzazz return strongly mid-afternoon Mon. to Wed. afternoon (PDT). However, remember your success key for 2021 — co-operate, encourage, be a team player, a partner. Chase money, buy/sell, contact clients, angle for a pay raise Wed. afternoon to Fri. suppertime. A good, opportunistic interval — go forth! Friends, contacts, errands, calls, trips, paperwork fill Fri. eve, Saturday.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The emphasis remains on relationships of all kinds, Cap — but Thursday steers these bonds, these interactions, into deeper waters for four weeks. This area (depths, large finances, sexual temptations, pregnancy, medical and lifestyle choices) is already active, has been since mid-June. But now these expand into the main river of your life. Soon (Aug. to Dec.) a huge, lucky money stream flows. Be alert, opportunistic — and honest.

Sunday/Monday are for wishes, social joys, flirting, optimism — but various snags advise avoiding commitments/promises. Retreat, lie low and rest Mon. afternoon to Wed. afternoon. Ponder and plan; be spiritual, charitable. Your energy and charm rise Wed. pm to Fri. suppertime (PDT). (Wed. pm also starts a month-long streak of sweet romance.) Use this interval to start things or bring them to a conclusion. Chase $ Fri. eve, Saturday. Listen to your intuition. Don’t overpay for an investment.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Only a few more days of drudgery, Aquarius — Thursday starts a month of fresh horizons, opportunities and relationships, relocation themes and public appearances. This area is already active, has been to some degree since mid-June. Some Aquarians will agree to marry in the weeks ahead. Your money luck ebbs, but will return five-fold in the first 5 months of ’22. August to December will bring good luck, personal expansion and a major wish fulfillment!

Be ambitious Sun./Mon., but carefully — don’t alienate a higher-up. Social joys, popularity, wishes and optimism fill Mon. afternoon to Wed. afternoon. Happiness rules! (Don’t “cheat” to “help things along”; don’t try to outsmart karma.) Withdraw from the crowd Wed. afternoon to Fri. suppertime — rest, ponder, plan, be spiritual, charitable. Much goes well, no problems. Your energy and charisma rise Fri. eve, Sat. — good for money, earned money, but a bit disruptive too. Someone admires you!

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Romance and creative sessions ebb Thursday onward, Pisces. as a month of work and health enters. (A co-worker romance possible, as the 2 romance planets are already in your work sector.) You still feel personally lucky, but next week will replace your sense of personal adventure/expansion with 5 months of solutions and opportunities in background areas (gov’t, head office, warehouses, research, institutions, etc.). Send a “love letter.”

A mellow, wise, loving and tolerant mood flows through you Sun. to Mon. afternoon. However, many glitches stud your path, so be cautious, satisfied with small advances. Be ambitious, deal with bosses, VIPs, clean up your reputation Mon. afternoon to Wed. afternoon. All goes well, but avoid even mild, subtle temptations.

Popularity, wish fulfillment, social delights and entertainment come Wed. afternoon to Fri. suppertime. Have fun, celebrate! But withdraw Fri. eve, Sat. — meditate, rest, plan, be spiritual, charitable. A “true partner” understands; a “good time” friend pulls back.



How I’d (try to) solve the indigenous peoples problem:

1.Give every native 1 million $. If there are about 1 million natives, this equals $1 trillion, or about $30,000 per taxpayer, or $90-150,000 for most families. (On a progressive scale.) IF this is too rich, give every school survivor $ 1,000,000. That would reduce the overall expense to about 10 to 100 billion?

2. In return, natives give up their reserves, become full taxpayers and full citizens (*).
Natives who do not want to do the above will be allowed and assisted in gathering like-minded natives, and encouraged to find a home. If the home they want is on the former reserve, the gov’t will sell it back to them in a land-registry way, and the natives will be allowed to buy and sell these properties to anyone.

3. The price should be 10% below recent sales comparisons. Much will depend upon location. Northern tribes, for example, might be able to buy their land, or similar, for $50 an acre. (Or less, whatever’s fair.) But all building/improvements on that land will be at the owner’s expense.

(*) — both 2 and 3 present problems in richer communities. At one extreme, the Musqueam and Salish/Squamish bands in B.C. own billions of $ of real estate. The Sechelt band is also affluent. Giving these people 1 million, when they’re already worth tens of millions per person, isn’t going to fly very far, esp. when we ask them to give up their land reserves in exchange.

This solution has extreme cultural disadvantages, namely that it would erode native identity and lead to a deeper assimilation into the Canadian fabric. (I.e., the European cultural weave.) But it also has strong potential health-giving components: self-respect, being an integral part of the nation/community; dissolution of alienation and ghettoes (we hope), and a chance to succeed educationally and economically.

The base is always economic. It needs to be solved first, because we need to eat and be warm and possess shelter. Then we can think about race, culture, etc. (Culture grew out of economic/survival situations. Again, the economic is precedent.)
***   ***

The trouble with communism is that it provides no incentive. The only way to get ahead in communism is politically. Unfortunately, politics does not contribute to the public welfare in economic and agricultural terms; that is, it provides no physic)al value, no food, no energy, no manufactured goods. Politicians might control these, but they cannot supply them. So it leaves the country passive and devoid of ambition (because no reward for extra effort, for boldness, innovation) in the very areas where these are needed — production, mining, cyber, food, etc. Eventually, this slows a nation’s development.

The trouble with capitalism is the exact opposite: it operates almost entirely on incentive. This has split society into three classes, and is linked to ANTIFA, BLM, CRT. The 3 classes are:

1) The 1/3 or so who are born either without strong natural incentives, or into an environment which discourages (legal) innovative action (e.g., the ghetto)(**).
2) The 1/2 or more who have a native incentive(*) and/or are encouraged in youth, who respond strongly, but not slavishly, to incentive — the middle class. 3) The 5% or so who have such powerful incentive it overwhelms their life and becomes part of their personality — the billionaires and such.

This sets up very wide class chasms, a social safety net so thin and tattered that military veterans live homeless on the streets. So do those who work: shoe blacks, janitors, security guards, often these low earners don’t have a permanent place to sleep.

The trouble with capitalism is that many are wretchedly poor, while a few are fabulously wealthy and powerful. The trouble with communism is that everyone’s a little poor.

(*) By “incentive” I mean two things: innate motivation, as consistent and natural as hunger; and incentives from the environment, usually seen by capitalists as “opportunity and luck.” The greatest of these incentives is the “American Dream.”

(**) Ironically, this social segment comes very close to communism — for instance, in a gang-ruled ghetto one can only rise through the gang; which becomes the de facto “communist party.” Not necessarily for this reason — perhaps more from the inequities of poverty, poor medical care, poor education, and the burden of the rich controlling their wages and consumption — the marxist CRT p.o.v. will most appeal to this group.
***   ***

Two lachrymose singers: Leonard Cohen, born Sept. 21, and Bruce Springsteen, born Sept. 23…. Taurus is usually named as the sign of music, jazz and singing. But more popular singers are Gemini-born than Taurus-born. However, the most famous of those Geminis, Bob Dylan, has a Taurus Moon. Adele is a Taurus. Alanis Morissette is a Gemini, but her moon’s in Scorpio. (Notice her long, full hair, common among Scorpios.)