在手機上,添加的功能(平臺,短篇小說,提前一年等) 可以從左上角訪問(堆疊線)。

*** All times / dates: Please remember that all time references (e.g., “dawn”) are PDTPacific DAYLIGHT Time zone. You can refer to the World Clock in the sidebar for more listings or Google ‘time zone converter’.

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START NOTHING: Before 0:59 am Sun., 8:57 am to 1:38 pm Tues., and 4:07 am Thurs. to 0:53 am Fri.  (ALL TIMES PACIFIC DAYLIGHT.)


ALL SIGNS: Avoid launching any new projects, starting a new relationship, or making a major purchase before Oct. 2. Delays, indecision, circular efforts, elusive goals, and lemons, all are abundant now. Shop only for routine items (e.g., groceries).

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are the most “stressed” signs, have been for 3 to 4 years, will continue so until 2026. (Really 2025, as ’26 is a dissolving trend here.) So if you’re one of these 4 signs, and you’re “buzzing,” don’t worry, it’s natural, and will end soon! (To “work with” this trend, Taurus and Leo should chase ambitions and prestige; Scorpios should “iron out” a relationship, or pursue a property/family goal. Aquarians should focus on home, real estate, security. In all 4 cases, money and power are not the goal; humanitarian action is.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Work is still the major theme, Aries — until Thursday, when a month of significant relationships begins. An old flame for “ex” might appear, or a former relocation opportunity. (Again, start no new relationships, projects or purchases before Oct. 2.) But everything “overlaps” — just as your month of relationships and opportunities starts Thursday night, on Friday — on a minor (and fortunate) note — two weeks begin which will bring you back to a neglected chore.

You’re still optimistic, restless and a “friendly communicator” — now into next spring. That sense of adventure that’s building, could see you off to travel internationally, or off to college, or plunging into a lawsuit, within months.

Aim for home, family garden, nature, rest and contemplation Sunday to early afternoon Tues. A fine interval, during which you can get lots done, reach a family agreement, etc. Romance breaks through the mists Tuesday pm through Thurs., and creative, inventive ideas hover around you. Tuesday, very early Wednesday, are best. Tackle chores Fri./Sat. — careful with gases, liquids, and sharp tools (mostly Sat.).

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Enjoy romance, creative flurries and adventures in beauty/pleasure while you can, Taurus. Thursday night begins a month of hard work, and supplants the romance/pleasure theme. But Friday brings a sub-trend — it starts a couple of weeks of romantic thrills. In fact, an old flame might appear, anytime before Oct. 2. (Remember, start no new projects, relationships nor make major purchases, before Oct. 2.) Money’s volatile (some might come from gov’t, or an insurance co) — bank it, avoid spending (right into next March). Before Thursday, finish an ongoing or neglected chore.

Sunday to early afternoon Tuesday (PDT) brings wanderlust, communications, contacts, paperwork, and errands. Make a list before you set out. All’s well, you should succeed. Sunday hints that you might have found the right “partner prospect” (or an opening for your creative talents).

Be home or in the ‘hood Tuesday pm through Thursday — hug the kids/parents, garden, ponder and take naps. (Late Tuesday best.) Romance beckons Fri./Sat. (Also creative, sports, pleasure or child-oriented projects.) A good interval, but watch spending (and temper) Saturday morning/afternoon.

  gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Continue cleaning/repairing your abode — and family relations — through Thursday, Gemini. That evening begins 4 weeks of romance, beauty, pleasure, joie de vivre, sports, games, creative and speculative actions. You continue to radiate sexy vibes, and to attract friends, beneficial groups. Your optimism soars. All through next spring. Your home/family remain affectionate, caring. Still a possibility that an old flame will come charging in. (But after Thursday, neglected chores — tax or management related? — will outnumber former flames.)

Chase $ Sunday to midday Tuesday. Buy/sell, but stick to routine items. Have casual sex, but only with someone who’s embraced you before. A property deal might entice you Sunday — and prove fortunate (investment-wise). (Your big year for real estate will arrive in about 5 years; big money year, in 3; marriage or relocation opportunity, in 2 years.)

Errands, communications, paperwork and short trips fill Tuesday pm through Thursday. Tuesday best, esp. late night. A wee disruption pre-dawn Thurs. Although the broad domestic influence fades Thursday, for 2 more weeks your home/family will be rejuvenating, restful and affectionate. That’s esp. so Friday/Saturday — be cautious Saturday morning (to afternoon, EDT). A “dream denied” might make you short, temperamental, with children.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Your restlessness (and a swarm of minor, easy chores) will mostly end Thursday, when a month of solid, down-home feelings/actions begins. (“Mostly” — because a minor influence provides a continuation of the travel/errands, an affectionate, fortunate one — for 2 more weeks.) Hints of the month ahead can be found in memories, or something that “visits” from the past this week — a long-lost relative? Continue to avoid dark alleys and belligerent people. (If you’re Cancer rising, you’ll “outperform” now to next March.

Your energy and charisma soar Sunday to midday Tuesday. A good interval, esp. Sunday night and late Monday night (PDT). Charge ahead! (But remember, avoid starting any NEW relationship, project or major purchase before Oct. 2.) A casual friend, or a casual conversation, might be a path to deep love.

Tuesday pm through Thursday, chase money, buy/sell (but only buy routine items) and/or embrace casual intimacy (again; if “first time,” better to abstain). Tuesday night best. Friends, curiosity, short trips, errands and visits, paperwork — these fill Fri./Sat. Beware self-deception and arguments Saturday (morning, PDT).

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Your last week of money focus, Leo. (Buy only routine items.) Thursday night (Friday in Europe, China) starts a month of easy, quick chores, errands, paperwork, communications and short visits. Remember, though, don’t start anything new (relationships, projects nor major purchases) before Oct. 2. At least two of these errand-type chores are left hanging from the past, so do them in the two weeks ahead. Answer neglected mail, etc. Your money picture looks mildly good this week and next. Make nice with intellectuals, teachers, lawyers, publishers and foreign-born persons through March. Something big could come as a result.

Sunday to midday Tuesday nudge you to lie low, rest, and seek spiritual truth. Deal with advisors, management, institutions or gov’t. Sunday pm and Monday night best (luckier than they seem! — you’ll see later). Your energy and charisma surge upward Tuesday afternoon through Thursday. Get out, see and be seen, and give favourite projects a push. (But remember, nothing brand new.) Tuesday night best for action.

Although Thursday starts a month of travel and communications, both Friday and Saturday give you one more kick at the income (or purchasing — not advised) can. Stay cautious, keep your powder dry. Home, family are friendly, but usual friends want to argue.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You still feel on top of the world, Virgo. But your fine physical and mental peak will quietly go down a notch Thursday — this day starts a month of money, buying/selling, casual intimacy (sex w/o deep love) and rote learning. (Remember, until Oct. 2, start no new projects, relationships — and buy only routine items.) A former money source might revisit (or did last week) — it’s okay, but won’t last long. You remain very attractive, in a physical and “character” way, until October.

Until next May, your investment, detective and sexual streaks are working overtime to bring you fortunate openings. (These might not be extravagantly apparent before late November. The doorway(s) even now are “open,” but they’ll take considerable effort to squeeze through into “reward city.” Your finances (and/or your sex life) are tied up with your ambitions, career prospects, and your status urges, for 6 months ahead. (An angry boss, esp. if of the opposite sex, might actually be attracted.)

Sunday to midday Tuesday is for wishes coming true, happiness, popularity and social delights, and blue-sky hopes. Sunday and Monday nights are best (PDT). Retreat, lie low, ponder and rest Tuesday pm through Thursday. Not the easiest interval, although Tuesday night offers some rewards: secrets unveiled, spiritual or occult breakthrough, or a good financial idea. Your energy and charisma bounce back solidly Fri./Sat. — but be cautious, realize you’re heading into a money zone for a few weeks — don’t spend it now.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Continue to lie low, contemplate and seek advice (or illuminating articles/books) until Thursday, Libra. That day starts a month of new energy, pizzazz, and effectiveness. But until then, get a lot of rest, and eat as nutritiously as you can. You’ll need lots of reserves in Oct. — especially if someone chases you, or you him/her. An old flame might appear this week, if he/she hasn’t already. Avoid lawsuits until next April onward. (The half-year ahead is a classic “if you can’t beat them, join them” phase.)

Be ambitious, display your skills Sunday to midday Tues. (Both Sunday and Monday nights are best for action — early Tuesday for Europe, late Tuesday for Asia). A “quiet” wish could come true Tuesday pm through Thursday — hopes, happiness, popularity and social delights, flirtations and entertainment, these also.

Go slow Thursday, esp. morning. Even though your energy, charisma and effectiveness start to build from Thursday night onward, a “holdover” from your restful, quiet period blossoms Fri./Sat. — leaving you a bit tired, deflated. That’s okay — get one last deep rest, then charge ahead next week! (Remember, no big new starts before Oct. 2.)

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Work might be frustrating — so much of it is piling up, yet your efforts to reduce the pile seemingly go nowhere. That’s okay — don’t try too hard, as a relaxed you will accomplish more than a “hectic” you. By December, your way will be clear, and your accomplishments might surprise even you! An old duty, or a piece of old gossip, could weigh on you this week, but this will lift, dissolve soon. A former sexual partner might reappear: say yes, for awhile. You still harbour hopes about a relationship, whether emotional or practical. Overall, have fun, because Thursday begins a month of lowered energy and longer naps.

Sunday/Monday feature law, publishing, education, far travel, life philosophy, cultural events — and gentle love. Sunday pm (PDT) is good (destiny), but Monday night might be even better (luck). Be ambitious Tuesday pm to midday Thursday. (Remember, start nothing significant before Oct. 2 — instead, give ongoing projects a push, or simply display your skills to higher-ups.)

Despite your slide into four weeks of quietude and navel-gazing, starting Thursday, both Friday and Saturday give you a gift — one last surge of popularity, flirtation, and deliciously high hopes. Careful Saturday morning: deception leads to conflict.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

One last week of pressure, Sage. Thursday night begins a month of celebration, friends, social joys, optimism and happiness. But first, you must deal with a friendly and gracious but maybe somewhat double-dealing higher-up. (That’s me, being suspicious — but it’s possible.)

Relationships remain hot — intense anger possible, but intense attraction probable — until mid-March, with “pure romance” soaring even more, March to May ’23. A former flame or “ex” might have appeared last week, or might this week — no harm in this, if you’re single. Remember, no matter what I say, don’t start any new projects, relationships nor major purchases before Oct. 2.

Sunday to midday Tuesday draws you into a deeper space, where financial actions, sexual forays, medical problems or life changes rule. Best times to act: Sunday night and Monday night. A welcome, mellow mood flows over you Tuesday pm through Thursday. Far travel, higher education, law, media, cultural/religious beliefs — these attract and reward. But lighten up Wednesday night, Thursday predawn. (Pushing matters disrupts them.) Friday/Saturday throw you into one last kick-at-the-can career wise. Just muddle through — side-step deception, arguments Saturday morning.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

One last part-week of dreamy intellectual peace (even potential love) Cap. By Thursday night (Friday morning in Europe, etc.) you enter a month of ambition, career goals, and prestige relations. There might be, last week and this one, an “early warning” of increased career striving, disguised as a former duty or position “returning” (but only briefly). Remember, start no new projects, relationships nor make major purchases, before Oct. 2. Your work is hectic, needs quick, alert reactions, until late March, ’23.

Sunday to midday Tuesday brings relationships, relocation themes, public dealings and opportunities. Make sure these have some connection to the past before you grab them. Best for action: Sunday and Monday nights. Life’s depths emerge Tuesday pm through Thursday. This interval won’t go quite so well (difficulties pre-dawn Thurs.) but you can make a fortunate “intimacy proposal,” financial move, investigative coup, Tuesday night.

Although Thursday night begins a month of pressure, tests and ambition, Friday/Saturday briefly extend the “intellectual peace” and love potential of September. Enjoy, but don’t offer options nor be careless with machinery/tools Saturday morning (eve in Europe, etc.).

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The depths continue, Aquarius — and fortunately. (Depths of insight, revelation, secrets and mysteries, financial and sexual attractions, maybe medical or lifestyle decisions). But only to Thursday night, when you’ll enter a month of gentle love, intellectual progress, far travel, legal, cultural, philosophical and publishing themes. Until then, focus on those deeper levels. But remember, don’t start any new projects, relationships, nor purchases — including investments — before Oct.2. Stick with the ongoing, or things returning from the past — e.g., buy more of that successful stock.

An old flame might be around — one who represents (or did) marriage to you. This person might open a whole new world for you — or not. Your romantic fervour, courage and impulsiveness reach a peak, late August just past, to March ’23. You’ll talk/write/travel to pursue love.

Tackle chores Sunday to midday Tuesday. Most things flow very well. A management, behind-scenes promotion possible Sunday. Lucky investments Tuesday late (Wednesday morning in Europe, China). Relationships, fresh horizons, “opportunities” arise Tuesday afternoon through Thurs. (“Opportunities” — only ongoing or recycled ones, reject anything brand new.) Best Tuesday night; bad Thursday. Those depths that “end” Thursday actually get a “second flare” Fri./Sat. So finances, lust, life changes draw you again, but the road’s complicated. Pull back Saturday morning (midday EDT) as deception and argument can “muddy” romantic waters.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The accent remains on sweet relationships and financial opportunities, relocation and public dealings — but only until late Thursday, when life steers you deeper into the “underside” of relationships, finances, and opportunities, for a full month. Still, avoid starting any new projects, relations, big purchases, investments, etc., before Oct. 2.

A lucrative or physical “partnership” from the past is worth investigating, even undertaking. Research/investigation will yield valuable rewards before and after Oct. 2. Your domestic life remains fractious until March. Spend $ on the home, AFTER Oct. 2.

Passion, romance, creative and gambling urges greet you Sunday to midday Tuesday. A good, lucky interval, esp. Sunday and Monday nights. Tackle chores Tuesday afternoon through Thursday. All goes well Tuesday, and flows fairly well Wed., but Thursday’s unlucky in the morning, and “without result” later. Although Thursday ends the solar (i.e., broad, general) immersion in the depths of lust, power and research, Friday/Saturday bring them back for one last “second chance.” My advice, bypass this “chance,” esp. Friday night, Saturday morning (afternoon EDT).



There must be a way to build highways so that lanes could be quickly and easily moved to accommodate traffic flows. Highway dividers, large, colourful, plastic and lightweight, could be on tracks just below the road surface, to be moved laterally. For example, on an 8 lane highway, you could move your plastic dividers laterally, to provide up to seven lanes filled with rush hour traffic in one direction and one lane for the opposite trickle.

One good thing inflation did: it disturbed all those people who have been living off the bloated pandemic-related government dole.  Fear of inflation, I think, has driven many of these to look for work. They’ve been told that there are jobs everywhere and employers are begging people to work, and that wages have gone up — and they see that everything is costing significantly more year by year. So they make the rational choice: go back to work.

In August in the USA, employment was estimated at 300,000, but achieved a pleasing 315,000. Despite this increase in the number of people hired, the unemployment rate surged from a 3.5% estimate to a real 3.7%. This is most likely from an equally large surge in people newly entering or re-entering the hiring halls. It would have been even better news if the unemployment rate had shot up to 5 or 6%, tho’ that’s unrealistic.

Abe Lincoln, JFK, Ronald Regan, all were assassinated. All were elected when Jupiter was conjunct Saturn. All were well-loved presidents. Joe Biden was elected with Jupiter conjunct Saturn, which puts him in line for the same. But there’s one perhaps fateful difference: Joe is neither well-loved nor admired. Perhaps that saves him.

OK, the god “in His image” myth: many have taken the words “in his image” to mean that God created humankind to look like himself/herself, which in turn implies that God exists in human form. Because to us the highest human form is male and past physical prime, God has tended to take on the features of a virile old man.

However, the words in his image can simply mean as he imagines this or that. In his imagination, as his imagination creates a universe and the flora and fauna within it. As his imagination IS the universe and is himself. They might have said, as he imagines but in his image gives us another level, as it can mean God really is a humanoid, perhaps a humanoid spirit, or it could mean, or refer to,  god’s ability to create a universe; or even, third, to a more mystic meaning: in his image could suggest mirrors, and mirrors have many meanings. They are often associated with psychological stress, anxiety, Even breakdowns. On a deeper level, mirrors suggests reflection and alternate realities.

Actually, God is very ingenious. Rather than create every species and every plant, he set in place systems which would be self perpetuating and would interact with each other. A system that by its nature must grow more complex and more balanced… Well I am not sure about the balance part. But you see, I still use the male pronoun to refer to God.

Our very language is structured to make saying a personal pronoun in reference to God an easy thing. We only use “he” because we still live in a largely patriarchal society. “She” would fit as well, had women the upper hand. I hope — and believe — that one day male and female will live as true equals, sympathetic to each other. The millennials have made great strides here, though the roots of their social genius lie in the dulcet hippie generation.

Brain synapses — the other night I jerked my head and hand to the left, expecting to find my pen there; I almost immediately realized my mistake and turned my head to the right, where I had left the pen.

Two things about this: 1) when I lived that mistake for a split second, I was completely in it at the time; I did not doubt the reality in anyway. Yet, oddly, I realized my mistake before I could have possibly seen the place where I thought the pen might have been.

I was acting from memory, from a memory of a few days ago, when the pen WAS on my left. But it was as if this memory knew its own future, or knew the actual reality of the present (the “other time” to the memory) and that raises Intriguing questions about the mind, and what it knows about itself. And how it moves to protect and or restore itself. An organism which does this well usually also possess a drive to expand.

But in addressing the sudden and unexpected conversion from the present to the past, at least in memory form, i.e., this split-second “break” in the continuity of consciousness, I’m not going to discuss the health aspect of the experience.

I’m quite sure this “memory experience” could be seen as the breakdown of some links in the mind, leading the past to suddenly overcome the present. It is as if two rivers flowed side-by-side in the brain, then one, due to a flood of experience perhaps, or from a deterioration of physical berms or installations in the mind, or simply from the deterioration of old age, due to one of these, one river breaks its bounds and drives into the other river, tho’ not with any permanency, as the present swiftly outdoes — outmuscles — the past.