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START NOTHING: 6:51 pm to 7:03 pm Sun., 2:43 pm to 8:41 pm Tues., 5:34 am to 9:42 pm Thurs. and after 5:29 pm Sat.


ALL SIGNS: Before October 2, avoid starting any brand new relationships, projects — and make no major purchases. (Even a new pair of shoes is not advised.)

MAYBE: Twice in early-mid-August, I saw a flock of birds flying south. This seems really early, which makes me suspect we might have a hard winter, weather-wise.

BTW, whenever I refer to computers in the Forecasts, that includes software.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Work, work, work, Aries. Don’t let demands run you pillar to post. And in case they do, take care of your daily health: nutrition, sensible clothing, etc. Many demands, messages, reports, paperwork, applications, etc. are premature, or will be changed. (Premature until October 2 — avoid new projects, relationships and major purchases — and commitments — before then. Neither make nor accept promises.)

Buy machinery/tools/computers (if you want) Monday night and Tuesday morning; buy machines/vehicles (not computers) Wednesday morning. Saturday’s again good for machines, computers, before suppertime. Your work and work mates grow more pleasant Monday through September. (Some of you will even fall for a workmate — I wouldn’t.) Discussions might take place about a partnership, marriage, contract/agreement, relocation or a practical opportunity, but these talks will lead to confusion and indecision. Wait until October to make firm plans with another.

Sunday’s wise, mellow, gently loving. This eve (PDT) to Tuesday night emphasizes your career, prestige relations, and worldly status. Charge ahead — good results! Friends, social joys, popularity, optimism, wishes come true and new hopes for the future fill Tuesday late night to late night Thursday — enjoy! Retreat, give no opinions, lie low and rest, watch and ponder, Fri./Sat. Don’t argue Friday pm (PDT). Otherwise, all’s well — a good week!


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Romance (and/or beauty, pleasure, sports/games, teaching kids, creative or risky projects) still top of the agenda, Taurus. And these grow stronger, more fortunate, through the remainder of Sept. (But remember, don’t start any NEW relationships, projects nor large purchases before Oct. 2.) Your money will swell soon, and needs careful shepherding for half a year ahead. Discussions “preview” the work ahead, but stick to what’s already in the works. These new work plans will come to little. Remember, to next May, the gov’t — and admin people — are on your side. Seek a favour, even an expanded management role.

Sunday’s for research, secrets, sexual and financial lures — make no promises nor commitments. Deceptive morning, successful pm (esp. for domestic, family issues, love). A mellow, wise, tolerant and gently loving mood comes over you Sunday night to Tuesday night. This interval might start with some indecision, but quickly goes into “smooth success,” esp. in law, education, media, culture and beliefs/ideas.

Your worldly status, your ambitions and career, are in focus late Tuesday night through Thursday. Charge ahead Wed., be cautious Thurs. (nil results, maybe loss). Friday/ Saturday bring friends, social delights, optimism, flirtations. Friday might contain an argument around suppertime (PDT — midnight Britain, etc.) but Saturday is pure joy, filled with friends — perhaps a lover — who can aid your career goals.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The major accent remains on home, parent/kids, real estate, security, nutrition, and recuperation. All these grow sweet, rewarding, the rest of September. This is a “flex” point, where you switch from self-involvement to an other-oriented stance (for about the next 8 moths). Until May, your social life should expand beautifully — tho’ not much might happen here until late November onward.

Your determination, courage and sex appeal are intense, now to March. If single, a major love adventure awaits — but not until October 2 onward. Until then, don’t start any new relationships, projects nor large purchases. (Lemons abound now.) Love talk might start, but you’ll soon see it’s going in circles, w/o reaching a solid plan or agreement.

Sunday’s for relationships — indecision early, sweet harmony later (suppertime, PDT). Sunday night to Tuesday night brings secrecy, mining for knowledge, investment and sexual desires, commitment and consequence, and medical issues. Though this is a lucky, favourable interval, focus on past or ongoing projects/bonds — don’t start anything new. Deep understanding and gentle love fill Wed./Thurs. (Wednesday far better, esp. for learning, media, far travel, law and cultural rites.) Be ambitious Fri./Sat. — Friday might be argumentative late afternoon (drive defensively). But Saturday welcomes your efforts, opens the way for progress.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Errands, calls, messages,  trips and paperwork are the dominant theme in September, Cancer. Starting Monday, some of these information flows revolve around a flirtation or attraction. Your career ambitions remain hugely lucky until May, but you might have to cool your heels a bit until late Nov. Discussions on the home front are likely to end in “unfinished territory” all month. Until October 2, DON’T start any new relationships, projects nor make major purchases.

Most of Sunday is for chores — you’ll wrap up at least one task with aplomb and — love? Relationships arise Sunday night to Tuesday night. Maybe a shaky start (to dawn Monday, PDT) but then a long, smooth, fortunate influence, esp. for agreements, opportunities, and love. Deep stuff, lust, financial actions, life changes, secrets illuminated — all late Tuesday night through Thurs. Thursday’s almost a throw-away, but Wednesday’s packed with luck, esp. in dealings with bosses, financiers, and gov’t or admin types.

A mellow, understanding mood flows through you Fri./Sat. Friday needs caution through the afternoon (PDT) — keep opinions to yourself. But Saturday’s the opposite: gracious, smooth, productive — and friendly! Themes both days: far travel, education, law, culture, beliefs.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The main focus still lies on money and possessions, Leo. Casual intimacy, rote learning also more prominent than usual. Your luck in all these improves for the rest of September. You are greatly favoured in far travel, education, law, culture, beliefs, media and science until next May. Until March, your hopes and wishes, your social leanings, bend toward these areas. For example, if you’re at university, you might start hanging around with foreign born people (“international”) or you might befriend a lawyer (“law”) etc.

Don’t plan a trip now — it will likely be cancelled, or your itinerary revised. In fact, don’t start any new projects, relationships nor major purchases before Oct. 2.

Sunday’s romantic, creative and pleasure-filled. Tackle chores this night through Tuesday (to 8 pm PDT). A great interval, filled with solutions. Relationships, opportunities and distant horizons confront you Wed./Thurs. Wednesday’s productive, fortunate; Thursday’s a dud. Friday/Saturday bring secrets, research, finances, lust, medical exigencies and life changes. These matters meet opposition, friction, to late afternoon (PDT) Friday, then sail smoothly to a Saturday success.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You remain energetic, charming, at the top of your game, Virgo. But “Mercury” says don’t start any brand-new projects nor relationships nor make major purchases, before Oct. 2. So use that extra energy, and the “new” co-operation of others, to give past or present projects a good push. Your great luck, until May, resides in research, finances (investment/ debt), sex, medical and lifestyle zones. Until March, these might be closely tied to your career or status progress. Smile, be diplomatic with higher-ups, also until March.

Money discussions will go nowhere until October, so why waste time on them? Your personal attractiveness increases Monday to late month.

Sunday’s for home, family, garden, rest and contemplation. This night grows romantic, and stays that way until Tuesday night. Plunge in — you’ll find a gratifying reception. (Creative, speculative, and sports projects favoured, also.) Tackle chores Wed./Thurs. — you’ll succeed Wed., but Thursday’s a dud. Friday/Saturday bring relationships, opportunities, challenge and relocation themes. Friday, everyone’s ready for a fight (’til late afternoon, PDT). But Saturday’s friendly, happy, might even spark love. (Don’t touch new opportunities: deal only with those returning from a past situation, or ongoing involvements.)


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Continue lying low, resting, watching and contemplating, Libra. Partnership vibes are everywhere, blessing singles until May. Wedding urges occur now to March. (For marrieds, these many months ahead will strain unhappy duos, perhaps leading to separation, and if so, then certainly to legal action.) In general, avoid lawsuits until after March — even better, after May. DON’T start any new projects, relationships nor major purchases before Oct. 2 — deal with the ongoing or “old.”

You express yourself well now, but by next week onward you’d be wise to keep your ideas/views to yourself. Your interactions with gov’t, head office or institutions grow easier, friendly, more substantial through Sept.

Sunday’s for talk and errands — good results. (But leave plumbing alone.) This night to Tuesday night steers you toward even deeper rest, quietude and contemplation. Hug the kids, fix the house, garden — all’s smooth, fortunate. Romantic (and creative and play/sports) notions waft in late Tuesday night to late Thursday pm. I say “notion” because you’re probably too tired to chase anything. Wednesday’s great, successful; Thursday’s a dud. Tackle chores (and eat, dress sensibly) Fri./Sat. Friday’s a bit rough — avoid arguments, sharp tools before suppertime (PDT). Saturday’s easy, successful, friendly.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The future looks bright, Scorpio! Happiness, friends, flirtations, optimism, these lighten your steps for a few weeks. Even better, a partner (or potential partner if you’re single) is also feeling “fancy free,” and flirty. You might want to start conversations (applications, appeals, etc.) with the gov’t or management types at work — I wouldn’t bother; these will be much more productive if started around mid-October. (One exception: if you are bringing up, trying to fix, a problem from the past — now’s the perfect time to pursue this.) (BTW, avoid starting new relationships, projects or big purchases before Oct. 2.)

Your work fortunes are buoyant until May — until March, you might benefit from investing in your work, buying machinery, new clothes, leasing an additional premise, whatever. However, leave this until after Oct. 2.

Sunday day is for shopping, earning money, some casual hugs, snuggy-wuggies. This night to Tuesday night brings errands, trips, communications and paperwork. A good, productive interval. Head for home late Tuesday night through Thursday. Wednesday is great for getting things done, clean the pool, repair the stairs, etc. Thursday’s a bit of a dud — just relax, putter. Romance visits your heart Friday (bad to 4 pm, PDT) and Saturday (smooth, happy, friendly, with beauty’s intoxication).


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The accent remains on your worldly status, Sage. Show skills, ambitions to higher-ups, but don’t start new projects (nor relationships nor purchases) before Oct. 2. Impress them by how you handle old problems, situations. (These bosses start to favour your case Monday, through the rest of Sept.)

You and another want to discuss the future, but this might spiral downward into indecision. Wait — such discussions succeed in (last half of) October. Until May, you are very favoured for romantic success. Until March, others treat you “intensely” — intense lovers, intense mate, intense, sudden opposition. If you’re looking, you could snag one of the — perhaps the — greatest thrills of your life. Now the question: should/would/will you marry? Maybe. More probable than not.

Your energy and charisma draw others Sunday. But this night to Tuesday night your attention switches to money, prices, possessions (or, if not, maybe to a casual boudoir liaison or hunkering down to learn a language…). A good interval — go forth, pay and collect. (But buy only routine items.) Errands, trips, communications and paperwork fill Wed./Thurs. Wednesday’s fine (might bring a significant note, lover’s touch) — but Thursday, after a disruptive morning, is a bit of a dud. Lean toward home Fri./Sat. Hug the kids, garden, etc. Friday’s argumentative — be cautious. Saturday’s successful, friendly; you end the day with a smile.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The most intellectual month in your year, Cap. Themes involving distant shores, large ideas (law, culture, philosophy, religion), social rituals (weddings, church) and gentle love swirl softly around you. And they grow more fortunate, affectionate, as Sept. matures. Now to March, your work will be intense, maybe hectic. Follow all safety rules.

Discussions might start about career, an ambitious project, or a status action. Don’t take this too seriously: these talks will slowly circle into indecision. Wait for October to address this area of ambition. Before Oct. 2, avoid starting any new project, relationship or major purchase. (To me, a pair of shoes is a major purchase.) Instead, work on reviving a past situation, or on ongoing ones.

You’re tired Sunday daytime — rest, contemplate. Your energy and charisma bounce back noticeably Sunday night to Tuesday night (PDT — Wed. morning in Europe). Get out, see and be seen, give ongoing projects a mighty push — you’re on the winning side. Chase $ Wed./Thurs. — buy/sell, pay and collect, hug someone, and/or memorize something. Wednesday is good, swift and “complete.” Thursday’s a dud. Errands, casual friends, contacts, paperwork, trips and communications fill Fri./Sat. Friday needs care — tempers are hot (and tools are sharp) all afternoon (to 7 pm EDT, midnight Britain, etc.). Saturday’s opposite: friendly, successful, and you find just the right words.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Life’s deep, dark and potent undercurrents run closer to the surface now, Aquarius. These undercurrents usually have “riches” for you — intuition, subconscious promptings, investments, sexual success, life changes. The deeper you dig, the more treasure you’re likely to find.

Until May, you are blessed with the gift of gab (more than usual, I mean) and until March, your romantic side swells with courage, desire. These two intertwine: romance swells, you express it, etc. You and a love(r) might travel in these months ahead. Or you might have to travel to be with a love(r). Discussions might begin about a wedding, or far travel, a legal matter or cultural, media, social involvements. Let this go — conclusions won’t be reached. Until Oct. 2, no matter what I say elsewhere, avoid starting any new relationships, projects or big purchases.

Sunday’s hopeful, social — you’re popular! But this night to Tuesday night envelops you in a mist of tiredness and pondering. Great interval to liaise with gov’t, admin types, advisors and mentors. Your energy and charisma rise smartly Wed./Thurs. Wednesday’s great — move forward, give a favourite project a push. But use your energy to overcome obstacles Thursday (or simply do nothing important). It’s a dud day. Friday/Saturday turns your attention to money, income, purchases, learning and maybe casual sex. Poor results Friday (avoid an argument) — but good ones Saturday — dive in, all’s well!


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Relationships are of ultimate importance this month, Pisces. (And all that flows from relations — opportunities, relocation, public dealings, opposition and “fights.”) But remember: stick with the old or ongoing until Oct. 2. Avoid starting new relationships, projects or big purchases before then. Others treat you more gently, affectionately during the rest of September. Except, perhaps, at home, where friction can soar for the next 7 months. (Turn this energy to productive things: work, garden, dig an outdoor pool, renovate the house, etc. — AFTER Oct. 2.) You’ll have enough money to undertake some rather large projects, as your income will grow (mostly Nov. to May’23).

You might be unmistakably attracted — but if this is someone new, contain yourself. A bond might get halfway to sexual intimacy, or to a financial action/investment — then confusion and delay will set in. Better not to start. You might impulsively buy real estate between now and May — and impulse might be your friend!

Be ambitious Sunday (or at least dress well for church). This night to Tuesday night, a wish might come true. In any case, optimism, popularity, social delights, flirtations and entertainment bless these two days. Retreat, find a quiet place to rest, contemplate, Wed./Thurs. Be charitable, spiritual. Seek advice. Deal with the gov’t. Wednesday’s good, productive. Thursday’s a dud. Your energy and charisma soar Fri./Sat. — get things done, ask favours, see and be seen, esp. by those you wish were in your life. Friday afternoon (midnight in Britain) needs caution, esp. if a “hot head” is around.



I read somewhere that (psychiatric?) “scientists” have found, concluded, whatever they do, that the subconscious is “90 per cent” malevolent. Wrong, wrong! Our subconscious is part of our self; its function is obviously to aid and protect us, not to attack the very vessel that gives it life (i.e., us). Gee, scientists — scared of nightmares.

I see  the Texas Governor has started shipping border crossers to NY and Wash., DC. — an idea I first proposed here 4 years ago, when Trump was Prez. DC and NY are flabbergasted, loudly complaining, because Texas has bussed about 8,000 total — or about 0.2% (1 in 500) of 2021 and ’22 migrants — to their cities. Just think if he had bussed all 2 million annual immigrants to NYC or any of those other sanctuary cities. Imagine the uproar.

I also suggested about 6 months ago that Ukraine, to win the war, should start attacking Russians outside Ukraine, even to Moscow. Well, that’s what they’ve started to do, blowing up Russian ammunition depots in Russia, and (they or sympathizers) car bombing the daughter of Putin’s friend and advisor in Moscow. But again, long after my suggestion. Now some of the media is starting to talk about Russian troop desertions and Ukraine winning the war. I wouldn’t be that hasty, though my heart’s with Ukraine.


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    In regard to ‘early birds’ and harsh winter, my mother always said that when the Mountain Ash trees were thick with berries the winter would be cold and long.
    This year the berries are extremely plentiful on the trees.

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    If i already started the research of a new project before this week, but haven’t made any real contact for this project yet. Is it good to make the formal contact in a week like this, just before mercury retro?

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      I’m answering this too late to help you. But in general, Mercury retrograde actually favours research, investigation, etc.

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