“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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ALL SIGNS: This is the last week of delays, mistakes, false starts and indecision. These end, technically, Wednesday (Nov. 20) but I wouldn’t plunge into anything new before Friday. (Tackle problems Friday to dawn Saturday (Pacific Time — about 4 pm to 6 pm in Europe). Then, Saturday daytime onward, begin new projects, relationships, etc. Late Thursday night through Saturday suppertime (again, PST) is a good time to envision the future and set goals, “happy goals” and “repair goals.”
***   ***

Some stuff in AFTERAMBLE.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Only 5 more days of “deep diving” Aries; of secrets, secret attractions, major finances, lifestyle choices and commitments — or break-offs. Only 4 more days of delay, intrusions from the past, and of my “don’t start” advice. Only 2 more days of intense, maybe fractious, relationships. In other words, a lot of things are ending, or turning. Turning to wisdom, understanding, philosophical outlook, mellow mood, gentle love, intellectual pursuits, fame, publishing, cultural involvements and far travel, from Friday into December. You’ll like the month ahead.

Sunday noon (PST) holds potential fights, accidents. This afternoon to suppertime Tues. brings romance, creative and risk-taking urges, adventure, beauty, pleasure, and charming kids. You might have to wait awhile, or get through some minor distractions, but success will ultimately befriend you late Mon. through Tues. midday. (Monday begins 7 weeks of lust, impulsive investing, research and, perhaps, medical matters. In some ways, this “drags” the overall influence of November into year’s end.)

Tackle chores Tues. eve to Thurs. night. You’ll get things done, but you might run into some interference Thurs. daytime — perhaps an argument on principle, or about politics. Eat, dress sensibly mid-week. Relationships, a “fiery concern” over the past two months, are highlighted Thurs. late night to Sat. night. Best time: Sat., after dawn, to suppertime.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Recent delays end Wednesday. A month of relationships ends Friday — or, perhaps, the relationships don’t end, they grow deeper, more intimate for the next 4 weeks. In love, attraction morphs into embrace (and more);  in business, recent agreements lead to funding or other commitments. Two things, Taurus:

1) if brand new relations began since the end of October, they will tend to have “empty results,” so seek further back.
2) During the next 7 weeks, starting Tuesday, relationship intensity (but not “bigness”) will grow, interactions will become heated, lustful, frustrating. (The frustration comes from not engaging, not from engaging.) If seeking a job, you might find better results if you apply to gov’t, big corporations, or institutions. This week, sex and finances glow with mild luck, satisfaction.

Sunday morning’s talkative, but don’t talk yourself into an argument. This pm to suppertime Tues. nudges you toward home, rest, contemplation and family. Sunday’s restless, stressful, but Monday holds a “future treasure”, and Tues. could trigger a splendid investment, sexual or research plum/opening.

Tuesday night to Thursday night awakens you to romance, self-expression, beauty, pleasure, and children’s charms — dive in, you’re favoured! But go slow midday Thurs. — avoid investing, pushing intimacy. To work, Thurs. night to Sat. night. You’ll get a lot done, but can face obstacles late Fri. to dawn Sat. Dress, eat sensibly.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Friday will end a month of drudgery and health concerns. Earlier, Wednesday ends three weeks of “backwardation” — delays, indecision, false starts. Even earlier, Monday ends six weeks of romantic courage, impulse and, perhaps, joy. A lot of changes. So what starts?

Friday begins four weeks of relationships, fresh horizons and opportunities. (These will be nicely favoured at first. Until next week, Nov. 25, others welcome you with affection, and singles are ready to try love. From Nov. 25 to Dec. 19, you’ll be favoured in sex, finances and investigations — a precursor to 2020’s huge, life-altering luck in the same areas. Some Geminis will exit 2020 as wealthy people!) Thus Friday.

Wednesday’s change simply means you are free to start, run, create and make solid decisions from here forward, especially in work and health areas. Monday’s change ends romantic/creative intensity, but moves this intensity to your work and health sector until year’s end. Handle this carefully, Gemini: don’t overwork, and avoid too much sun, sudden temperature changes, and follow safety precautions with all tools/machines.  On the plus side, a wish about work could come true, and even if it doesn’t, your co-workers are social, make you feel optimistic about your employment future.

Chase contacts, do errands, communicate, perform paperwork, and travel Sunday afternoon (disruptive) to suppertime Tues. (Tuesday morning lucky for these, esp. if they involve love, partnership or relocation.) Be domestic, hug the kids, garden, relax and ponder mid-week. All’s good. Avoid an idealistic (or legal) dispute Thurs. daytime. Friday/Saturday are for beauty, love, creativity or inventiveness, joy and pleasure. These please but have a truncated future Thurs. night to dawn Sat, but are fortunate, have a future, with someone you meet Sat. daytime.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Your home has been a bit raw with friction the last month and a half.  Monday ends this, and injects intensity, courage and “eventfulness” into your romantic (and child-raising) zone now to year’s end. Coincidentally, this comes just as your romantic period (late Oct. to late Nov. every year) ebbs (Friday) to be replaced by a month of work and health concerns. We could say heart-felt romance ends (if it occurred!) and a hot but “thin” (heart-wise) passion replaces it. More news: the delays, mistakes and false starts of November end Wednesday, freeing you to act, march forth, with confidence. Romance through Thurs., then a month of work starts.

Sunday morning finds you with lots of energy — don’t play dictator at home. Handle money, possessions, memorization tasks and possible sensual attractions Sunday afternoon to Tuesday suppertime. Sunday pm’s tense. Monday pm to midday Tues. shines a green light for workplace and investment success. Errands, paperwork, trips, communications fill midweek. Charge ahead. Thursday daytime might offer an unexpected, fortunate work/power opening, or a (good natured) frustration of these.

Head for home Thurs. night — then to Sat. night, domestic affairs take prominence. All’s good, but Fri. night to Sat.dawn could feature a disagreement, probably with your spouse, likely over security versus someone’s ambition.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Many changes this week, Leo. Without getting complicated, here they are (imperfectly): Monday starts 7 weeks of friction in the home (with 7 weeks of understanding, too, so any long-standing problems can be addressed and solved). Wednesday ends a period of delays and mistakes, and urges you to march ahead with anything new. Friday starts a month of romance, courage, adventure, creative and speculative surges, beauty, pleasure and charming kids. (Speaking of kids, be gentle with yours, until year’s end. No temper!)

Meanwhile, Sunday morning finds you weary, so sleep in. Something/body might try to irk you midday — this could carry on into a day full of stress, or can boost your energy if you chase a career or ambitious goal. Say no thanks to conflict. Your energy and charm climb Sunday pm to suppertime Tuesday. Be a leader, be gracious to your acolytes. Disruptive influences Sun. night, but Mon./Tues. lend a fortunate hand to your efforts. Best pursuit? Romance, risk, or creativity. Events might have a tinge of the past.

Chase money Tues. suppertime to Thurs. night. Bill others and pay bills, seek a pay raise, buy/sell, cultivate clients — and pursue that “comfortably sexy” person. (But not if it will “cheat” on a romantic prospect.) Possible conflict of ideas, or a brief romantic rebuff Thurs. daytime; otherwise, charge ahead. Errands, swift, easy chores, paperwork, short trips and visits, communications — these come Thurs. night to Sat. night.  All’s well except late Fri. night to Sat. dawn, when you need to protect your health and, perhaps, your job — or at least, not risk them.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug.23-Sept. 22

The floor shifts under your feet this week, Virgo. Not a bad thing! On Monday, 7 weeks of “fast money” ends; and 7 weeks of swift, maybe intense communications, contacts, travel and learning (be curious) esp. about sexual, financial or investigative methods/results begin. On Wednesday, 3 weeks of delays, confusion and indecision end, so you can march into the future with confidence. On Friday, 4 weeks of restless, easy but quick chores, paperwork, communications and travel end, and 4 weeks of domestic interests begin.

Sunday  morning’s bright, cheery, hopeful, but sidestep disagreement over things that have essentially already ended (money or sexual zones?). Withdraw into quietude this pm, to suppertime Tues. Sunday night stress is just temporary, but will recur a bit every 7 days. Monday/Tuesday offer success, particularly in gov’t, head office or institutional areas, and in working with charities, spiritual organizations, agents and advisors.

Your energy and charisma surge back Tues. night to Thurs. night. Now at last you can start things, projects, new relationships, etc. Be a leader, a self-starter. Seek union/ agreement with another Wed. night. (Might or might not work.) Sudden, perhaps surprising break-through or luck in domestic areas Thurs. daytime. (Remember, 2019 is your luckiest year in over a decade to buy or change homes.)

Chase money Thurs. night to Sat. night. Buy/sell, cultivate clients, ask for a pay raise, etc. You’ll likely encounter obstacles in this right up to Sat. dawn — some short-term, some embedded in future events. But Sat. daytime welcomes you to success, esp. in domestic, family, property zones.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This week switches a lot of influences, Libra. Late week, you switch from a few money-oriented weeks to a few weeks ahead of travel, talk, writing, errands and paperwork. (Despite this, 7 weeks of rather intense money flow lie ahead. Now to year’s end, be fiscally conservative, avoid debt. Same period, partnership money’s a major concern.) Mid-week, recent delays, mistakes and indecision end.  (The indecision lingers a bit longer.)

Sunday morning moves from harmony to squalling. (If puttering, keep your thumb away from the hammer, fingers away from the bandsaw.) Midday Sun. to suppertime Tues. brings a breeze of happiness, social joys, popularity, blue-sky optimism, entertainment and possible flirtation. Romance won’t turn out well Sun. pm (too much sexual stress) but it sure has a delightful chance Monday noon to early afternoon Tues. Ask questions, start conversations. You could start a friendly love affair.

But withdraw from the fray Tues. night to Thurs. night — seek quietude, and ponder. (Now, at last, you can safely plan — first time since October). Connect with spiritual/ charitable organizations, advisors, agents, civil servants and other bureaucrats. If you’re a new ager – meditate, channel. Your luck’s nicely buoyant, but watch your health and “weariness levels” Wed. eve. Thursday daytime triggers luck or frustration — partly depends on what you think luck is.

You “wake up” Thurs. night to Sat. night — energy soars, popularity, too. Start things, be a leader. But exercise caution before Sat. dawn. (Work on problems with home, family, property.) Saturday daytime, chase friendship, success, travel — be curious, ask questions.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Recent delays, mistakes, false starts and indecision end Wednesday (at least technically — indecision could linger awhile). Monday marks the end of “vulnerability” at work, around machines, and from “places of violence.” Now to year’s end, you will be sexually magnetic, assertive, perhaps impatient/aggressive. Be gentle. You’ll be working hard for 7 weeks. Friday shunts you from an energetic, dynamic “personality” month, to a quieter, more practical, money-focused path for a few weeks. A sensual attraction might begin (if November hasn’t brought one from the past). If so, realize this likely doesn’t have the “right stuff” for a lifelong  bond, but will be easy to bed.

Sunday morning is mellow, deep-thinking, yet can lead to a midday argument/accident. Be ambitious this afternoon to suppertime Tues. Someone (you?) acts unpredictably Sunday eve (which tells you this is not the person to help you in your career journey). But Mon. night to Tues. midday opens money doors — enter! (Remember, 2019 is your year to make money.) Someone who has a “soft hold” on you might, same period, show their attraction.

Your optimism soars, your popularity rises midweek. Entertainment, flirtations, social delights — and wishing and hoping — fill your hours. One caution: Thurs. daytime might interfere with your money goals — or, oddly, bring a money break-through or bonanza. Retreat, rest, contemplate Thurs. night to Sat. night. Be spiritual, charitable. Obstacles exist Fri. night to Sat. dawn, so sit back, wait. Saturday daytime flows with sweet quietude.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Three rather important changes occur this week, Sage. On Monday, 6 weeks of optimism (and wish fulfillment) involving romance end, and 7 weeks of “private/secluded” romance begin. Take care, these 6 weeks ahead (to year’s end) to avoid belligerent people and places of violence. Your athletic prowess might surge, same period. Wednesday ends 3 weeks of delays and false starts, freeing you to proceed with projects with confidence. And finally, Friday ends a month of tiredness and seclusion, and boosts your energy and charisma for the next 4 weeks. This week to Dec. 2 is your last “peak cycle” for adventure, starting lucky projects, breaking free, and expanding the boundaries of your life.

Midday Sunday’s disappointing, argumentative, and the evening/night holds stress, unpredictable reactions. But this afternoon also brings a mellow, understanding mood, and the wisdom to handle those irksome things. The understanding mood lasts to Tuesday suppertime, and ultimately brings rewards in far travel, intellectual pursuits, legal and cultural zones — and love. (Tuesday’s significant.)

Display your skills, meet bosses, parents and higher-ups, pursue ambitious goals Tues. eve to Thurs. night — good results! You fall in love with life Thurs. night to late Sat. night — your popularity rises, social joys come, entertainment and flirtations await, and your optimism soars. And why not, as Friday begins 4 weeks of higher energy, clout, timing and effectiveness — you’re going places! Take a chance, Sage. Reach out for something you’ve desired all your life (or at least the last 12 years). Careful with money, purchases, casual sex, late Fri. to Sat. dawn.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Friday ends a month of playful optimism and social happiness, and pulls you away from the bustling crowd for the month ahead.  An excellent month for research, planning, setting up structures and guidelines, and for seeking advice. This month ahead will be important, because a year of grand expansion starts soon, and it’s almost essential that you 1) rest, regather your emotional, physical and intellectual reserves; and 2) prepare, plan, be ready. However, have fun until Friday!

Earlier, Monday ends 6 weeks of friction from impatient higher-ups, and starts 6 weeks of optimism about property, home, family — and, for some of you, brings hope about ending one job/career and starting another. Wednesday ends a few weeks of indecision, mistakes and delays, freeing you to march forward with confidence, esp. in social areas.

Sunday morning/noon can bring opposition, even argument. The pm causes a change in romantic or earnings plans. This eve to suppertime Tues. emphasizes the deeper side of life, lust, power temptations, and financial actions — fortunately for Monday pm to Tuesday lunchtime (all PST). Act, invest, dig deep for treasure.

Midweek brings a mellow, wise mood, travel, intellectual pursuits, law and publishing, cultural venues, and love. Reach out, start things. But avoid investments and lust Thurs. Display your skills, interact with bosses, make ambitious proposals, Thurs. night to Sat. night. Proceed cautiously, foresee difficulties during this interval, to about dawn Sat. After this, respectable progress.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

A month of pressure and status concerns ebbs Friday, when four weeks of joy, light, buoyant heart, optimism, popularity and social delights, entertainment and “friendly romance” start. (Until then, remain serious about your ambitious practical goals.) Earlier, Wednesday ends 3 weeks of delays, false starts and indecision, freeing you to march ahead with confidence – esp. in career and status interests, which linger to year’s end, despite the social joys and “celebration mood” that imbues the next 4 weeks.

Even earlier, Monday, 6 weeks of legal jeopardy, of intense, loud opinions, or travel urges, of a desire to love a casual friend, or to find love through talk/travel, ends. Six weeks of impatient, temperamental bosses and authorities starts Monday. (To handle this, be diplomatic, humorous, and flexible.)

Sunday morning/noon might bring arguments/accidents: go slow. This afternoon to Tuesday suppertime brings relationships — be diplomatic, eager to join, and ready to seize opportunities, esp. Monday eve to Tuesday lunchtime. Earlier, Sunday night might plant seeds of separation. Dig deep midweek, treasure lies hidden. Investments, debt, sex/lust, medical and lifestyle actions succeed — but be careful Thurs. daytime: luck can be great or poor, but it’s unexpected.

A sweet, mellow mood steals over you Thurs. night to Sat. night. Pursue love, travel, legal and intellectual and cultural and publishing goals. These must “fight against” or overcome gov’t strictures or gossip, or your own shortcomings, until Sat. dawn — then they succeed, mildly, Sat. daytime.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

A complex, shifting week, Pisces. Monday ends 6 weeks of intense sexual attraction/ temptation, financial and research (spying?) involvements; and starts 6 weeks of intensity in legal, publishing, far travel and intellectual zones. This future intensity will be narrow, not broad like the travel, intellectual (et al) influence of the past few weeks. You’ve been frustrated in “new action” in these areas all November; so this future intensity will offer you the chance to put one of November’s blocked actions/projects into forward motion. These areas might hold an earnings fountain for you (tho’ not a gushing fountain). Strictly avoid lawsuits before year’s end.

Midweek, Wed. ends 3 weeks of delays, mistakes, false starts and indecision, freeing you to proceed with confidence. Friday ends your mellow, thoughtful month, and starts 4 weeks of ambition, prestige relations, community reputation and career activities. Remember, 2019 — until Dec. 2 — offers huge good luck in this ambition zone. That’s 2 weeks left to jump for the next rung of the success ladder — don’t procrastinate!

Sunday’s fractious, accident prone. Tackle chores this pm to suppertime Tues. Careful with machinery, regulations to mid-morn Monday — then to lunchtime Tues., success is yours. Eat, dress sensibly. Midweek brings relationships — and, perhaps at last, an answer from someone who’s been indecisive. Be co-operative and eager to join. Much harmony and sharing. But others might not co-operate with your ambitions Thurs. daytime, though everyone’s cheerful.

Thursday night to Saturday night brings secrets, sexual desire, high finance, research, medical and lifestyle choices — not very fortunately before Sat. dawn, then productively, beneficially, daytime Sat.



Angels and Miracles:  The most amazing thing in the world is that we’re alive. We exist. The alternative, non-existence, is not only not attractive, it’s hard to picture.

Some day it occurs to all of us that this is it. The greatest miracle is life. We’re miraculous. Even our “tarnished” side. Every other miracle – healing the lame/sick, coming back from the dead – these great miracles are only part of The Miracle. We revere those who work them, Christ, Zoroaster, Mohhammad, etc., because we suspect, are quite certain, that they are connecting to a higher consciousness than us; or that they are in, or visit, higher levels of heaven, levels that are obscured to us, as if by beautiful dark clouds.

We instinctively know — though we seldom let it interfere with our ambitions, our physical needs nor our drive for corporeal security — that our eventual destiny transcends this earth, even this physical level. But why chase it prematurely? Why not enjoy the miracle that’s here — for it was given to us, and such a gift should be prized above all else — and enjoyment is the greatest compliment to the giver, the heart’s thank you.

I suspect we are destined for Godhead, though that term misleads, there is simply a sheet of consciousness far greater than ours. Recently I wrote about a meditation vision in which, having been brought to “heaven” (only I called it that) by a somewhat traditional angel, a point of light took me through ten life times in a second. There was no machinery, nor materials (except a big brown slowly rotating crystal, for some reason). But we are evolving with our technology, so surely these advanced beings, these angels, have absorbed a technology a million times more advanced than ours — really not comparable, as technology grows exponentially, not arithmetically. We might say their technology is just this side of infinity. (Does seeking to go beyond this create an infinite search?)
***   ***

I think there are two dictates:

      • do no harm
      • do good

For many years, from about 27 to about 60, I adhered to the first, but (other than conventional payments to charity and sporadic actions) pretty well ignored the second. When I did think of doing good, I was often too shy to initiate it. It was easiest to give to beggars in the street, because you don’t have to talk to them. (Oddly, when I talk to clients I’m usually at ease.)

If you only do no harm, you are like the wedding guest in Jesus’s story, or like the old testament brother who merely kept the money his father gave him, didn’t use or invest it. He earned his father’s disdain and dislike. Both fables pointed out that “not joining in” is to be punished (as both antagonists were). I see it (not joining in) as being grey, neutral, and receiving the same response from the environment: it isn’t interested anymore. The life becomes wooden and sere.

If you do good, you will attract love. Heaven (karma, nature, God, upper universe, whatever) will, through its eternal, living web, bring the one to you. Another hard lesson: if you want to find your true mate, you have to tell the truth. Grades exist in this: if you lie totally, you will not find a long bond. If you lie a bit, you’ll find someone semi-compatible. When you tell the truth, no matter how unflattering to yourself, you’ll sooner or later find true love — love and goodness.

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  1. rosebouquets

    Thank you for your reply, Tim. That’s very kind. Just as info: a job opportunity cane up and it is related to the past. Its come at the end of the retrograde but I think its still promising. Ive got my heart set on it. Wish me luck! As well as for progress in the romantic realm! Have a lovely week! Cant wait for next week’s forecast!

  2. rosebouquets

    Hi Tim,

    It’s been wonderful and I hope the same was for you too this last week.
    Just read the posts. Would it be correct to think that while romance is “private/ secluded” the it it still continues to blossom and bloom?

    Afteramble related:
    Sometimes we might choose to not correct people’s assumptions about ourselves because we like their story about ourselves. I guess if their assumptions about you are harmless it doesn’t hurt to let them be until we ourselves come to terms with the truth about those aspects of ourselves. But in the end, if
    the mate or love we seek to be with knows our truth and embraces it all it matters very little how others may see you. Wouldn’t you agree, Tim?


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      I agree, Rose, to your second paragraph. As for your Q, I assume you’re a Sagittarius…yes, the romance continues (if strong) on a more private level. Or a new one pops up from gov’t or management zones — be cautious w/these.

      Cheers, Tim

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