“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Hey, Aries, welcome a lovely, calm few weeks! Love, far travel, legal matters, publishing, fame, intellectual pursuits, international affairs, statistics, insurance, import/export, cultural venues and beliefs — this is where your opportunities and good fortune await during the four weeks ahead — ESPECIALLY now to Dec. 2. Act, don’t wait. But until year’s end, avoid impulsive action in finances, investments, debt, and sex. Monday night starts 3+ weeks of favour from higher-ups. (But be wary of being drawn into their schemes — if you detect the scent of collusion or other wrong-headed stuff, back away discreetly.)

Sunday/Monday serve up the depths of life: sex/lust, financial manipulations, medical urgencies/surgery, lifestyle choices. Sunday morning can trigger an accident or sudden surprise (maybe financially or intimately) — the whole day is a jumble of bad and good luck — reminds me of the saying, crisis is opportunity. Gov’t, “head office” or an institution might figure prominently. A psychic or other advisor can give you great, accurate guidance. Monday’s similar, but with less power and milder results.

Tuesday/Wednesday bring the themes listed above for the whole month ahead — love, far travel, et al. Your secrets or “hidden agenda,” or gov’t interference, can send love, travel and cultural pursuits sideways Tues., but can actually aid your efforts Wed. Career, prestige relations, ambitious goals, and worldly status fill Thursday dawn to noon Sat. All goes very well here, esp. Thurs., but be aware of future results — a subtle trap might lure you. (Read “scent of collusion” in first paragraph above.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The 4 weeks aheads emphasize life’s deeper, more mysterious side: sex/lust, financial manipulations, medical urgencies/surgery, lifestyle choices and heightened intuition. This area might hold a treasure now to Dec. 2. If you see it, grab it. If you can’t see it, dig deeper. (Or relax and take a second look.) Relationships are intense now to year’s end. Communications ramp up, and indecision flees.

Speaking of relationships, Sunday/Monday brings them — joltingly, surprisingly Sun. morning, then smoothly, productively. And the “depths” mentioned above come Tues./Wed. Tuesday holds mild uncertainty about your goals and plans, but Wed. offers certainty “through intuition” — believe in your hunches, urges. A relationship holds consequences — all good ones. A love or partnership wish could come true.

Thursday/Friday bring a mellow mood, understanding and a wide view. Everything goes well on the surface — including love — but envision the long-range future — do your plans fit that picture? Maybe! Still, be cautious, avoid promises, sign nothing, avoid lawyers. Instead, learn, study. Be ambitious Saturday, but handle relationships with kid gloves.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Relationships, opportunities and fresh horizons face you in the weeks ahead, Gemini. Your sexual and financial spheres are sprinkled with good fortune and affection, Monday to Dec. 19. Remember the flies and honey parable. Be co-operative, diplomatic, and willing to merge. Grab opportunities when they appear, reject procrastination. Relocation causes good luck. Work, though the “hump” of it has been accomplished, remains intense and demanding. Tackle it if you can, as your work efforts now can pay off later, in optimism and social delights. Work can make a wish come true.

Sunday/Monday bring this work — plunge in. But be careful with machinery, electricity or hot-tempered people Sun. morning. You can create career/status gains. Tuesday/ Wednesday bring the main focus of the weeks ahead — relationships and opportunities, fresh horizons, public interfacing, even fame. Tuesday is a bit iffy around career interests (perhaps someone does not want to co-operate with your ambitions) but Wednesday helps these ambitions — perhaps greatly. Work hard, but value your bonds, too. Love could be hiding behind a bunch of “practical stuff.”

Life’s deeper side emerges Thursday to Sat. noon — sex, financial or power sources, lifestyle decisions, surgery, commitment and consequence. Careful here, Gemini — all goes well on the surface, but traps might lurk. For instance, you might “luckily” get that sexy person into bed, then find yourself saddled with an incompatible mate. So think first, but accept what good fortune comes to you. Saturday pm brings stress, but also good feelings (about someone?). Dream, ponder rather than act.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The weeks ahead emphasize work, health, machinery, and your dependents. In other words, drudgery — unless you love your work. (During the next 8 days, your work could yield a big bonus — could just be a big new job.) Now to mid-December, others will treat you with affection and receptivity. (But take care, now to early May 2020, about making significant commitments or forming deep partnership, contract or marital bonds, esp. this Thurs./Fri.). For more, read “Karma” in PLATFORMS — under big blue picture.) That said, a romantic streak will burn its way into your life now to year’s end. It can be intense, sexually hot, and could link to your career or status. (Be careful if dating the boss.)

Sunday/Monday ARE romantic, but Sunday starts with some disruption — could be a happy one, such as the unexpected arrival of a dear friend. Still, be careful Sun. with driving, machinery — and children. Monday’s lovely, but “weaker.” Tuesday/Wednesday (and pre-dawn Thurs.) dump this period’s main theme on you: more work! Eat, dress sensibly. You’ll get a lot done, and will possibly make a good start on bigger projects.

Watch legalities, ethics Tues. — these are on your side Wed. Listen to your hunches — you’re able to express love with almost “magical” inspiration (Wed. best). If you want to buy tools. appliances, machinery or computers, do so Wed. (Finish before 2:50 am Thurs. — or about noon Thurs. in Europe, about 5 pm in Asia.)

Relationships and opportunities face you Thurs. dawn to noon Sat. All goes well on the surface, and for short-term results. Others treat you with affection. A brand new, unexpected (and mutual) attraction could pop up Thurs. But be wary of embracing a deep commitment in love or money. Saturday pm’s stressful — retreat, quietude your best option.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Ah, sweet romance! It fills the weeks ahead. So do self-expression, creativity, a risk-taking courage, pleasure and beauty, and charming kids. Listen, Leo, if you’re single and attracted to someone, and they don’t know it, use the 8 days ahead to utter your feelings. To at least see if there is some receptivity. Then you can use December to chase your desires. Now to mid-December, co-workers will be affectionate, work pleasant. Now to year’s end, guard against being harsh, aggressive with family, esp. children. You might be involved in a real estate legality.

Sunday/Monday emphasize your domestic situation. The “aggression” mentioned above might occur Sunday morning, but the rest of this interval flows very well. Sexy snuggling works well! Romance (et al — creativity, pleasure, etc.) fills Tues./Wed. (and pre-dawn Thurs.). Only advice: don’t push romance into intimacy/sex Tues., but do so Wed., when physical love unites hearts in an almost magical, spiritual way. (Much of this occurs Thursday in Europe, Asia.) If you’re married, the same magic happens.

Thursday to noon Sat. nudges you into work. Go, tackle those jobs, but do not seek permanent employment, don’t change employers, and don’t hire others unless it is for a temporary situation. Be wary if buying machinery or tools. That said, everything flows well, and you’ll experience many small triumphs. A brilliant work/career idea could come to you Thurs. Saturday’s for relationships — fiery ones! Be diplomatic, not assertive.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Until late December, the accent lies on your domestic situation, security, property, parent-child relationships, nutrition, rest and Mother Nature. This zone is especially fortunate before Dec. 2 — only 8 more days. If you’re planning to list your home, or seek/buy another, or buy furniture, start a subdivision project, etc. — do so now, make a start before Dec. 2. (Then you can further develop any of these as Dec. unfolds.) Communications will be scrappy, heated until year’s end. But communications can also bring you to treasure, to deep sexual gratification, to financial opportunity. Depends, perhaps, on how you communicate. Now to mid-December, your romantic urges will find (should find) an affectionate reception.

Sunday/Monday feature those communications — stunning ones early Sun., happy ones then onward. Your spouse is happy. Midweek (Tues./Wed.) zeroes in on your domestic sphere. On Tues., your mate is not “on board,” but he/she sure is on Wed. For advice, re-read the first 4 sentences above. At long last, Wed. marks the end of 5 months of indecision or misunderstanding or delays in your marriage or a serious relationship. (Applies to business relationships, too.)

Romantic feelings arise Thurs. dawn to noon Sat. — be brave, express your feelings, be creative, gamble at bit, seek beauty and pleasure. All goes well in minor ways. Don’t dive very, very deeply into these — e.g., don’t gamble your entire nest-egg, don’t jump off a cliff to show someone you love them. (Remember, there are all sorts of cliffs.) Saturday pm  brings work and accidents — follow all safety rules.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Communications dominate the weeks ahead. You’ll be busy also with errands, trips, and paperwork. Be curious, ask questions. The “news” is important. Two significant (and fortunate) messages can arrive before Dec. 2. Your home life grows affectionate (and lucky) now to Dec. 19. Money will gush toward you until year’s end — so will demands for payment. Be fiscally conservative.

Sunday/Monday emphasize money flows, buying/selling, earnings, etc. An unexpected ”crisis” can occur early Sunday with money or assets — but remember, crisis is the seed of opportunity. All else goes well, esp. work efforts. This cycle’s main theme, communications, short trips and paperwork, arises Tuesday/Wednesday. Again, most things go well, although your health and hands-on work need care Tuesday — not Wednesday, when both these grow luckily. A work-earnings (or machine/computer purchase) idea or action Wed., is superb — chase and enact!

Thursday to Saturday noon emphasizes your domestic situation. Everything flows well here, so march ahead — in small things. Avoid huge moves — e.g., buying a home, contracting for major renovations, sending your kids to military school, etc. Saturday pm sparks romantic themes, feelings, but you’d be wise to stand apart, think and observe.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The main focus lies on money, earnings, costs, possessions, sensual (but not romantic) desires and school/memory. These can be very lucky, if you chase and seize them before Dec. 2. (But the rest of December is fine, also.) You’re working very hard, and will keep doing so until year’s end. Try to avoid being too pushy on the work scene, and follow safety regulations. You’re sexually magnetic, esp. if male, also to year’s end. Until mid-December, casual relationships (e.g., the clerk at the corner store) treat you with affection. Same period, you communicate with a “winning touch” with partners, spouse, the public.

Your energy, charisma, clout and timing are tops Sunday/Monday. Be a leader, others will follow. You’re assertive and someone else is stubborn Sun. morning. Could lead to butting heads, or to exciting attraction. Love succeeds Sun. night, on some level. Money’s the theme Tues./Wed. — as long as you don’t gamble nor push for romance Tues., all goes well! (Do press for romance or take a gamble Wed., esp. this night — chances of success quite high!)

Thursday dawn to Saturday noon brings errands, communications, travel, friendly contacts, paperwork and swift but easy chores. All flows smoothly, so charge ahead, but avoid “big actions.” E.g., don’t buy a car or new telephone (travel, communications). And don’t let paperwork become a formal contract. Saturday pm draws you to home — be wise, gentle there.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your energy and charisma soar now to late December. Your timing, clout and effectiveness climb, also. Be a leader, start significant projects, contact important people. You get almost anything you ask for before Dec. 2 (and a lot after, too). Your money picture brightens until mid-December. Be careful with romance, gambling and pleasure until year’s end — these might restrict, burden you in the long term. Same period, avoid belligerent people and places of violence (e.g., biker clubs).

Sunday/Monday raise these romance and violence themes. This is very obvious Sunday morning, but not afterward. You’ll mostly experience a bit of tiredness. Home matters go well, esp. Sunday. Your energy and charm soar Tues./Wed. — charge ahead, start things! (Avoid real estate or family matters Tues., charge after them Wed.) Civil servants and management types will co-operate.

Make money Thursday to Sat. noon. Buy/sell, memorize something. Someone is “open” to some boudoir exercise. All goes well, on surface and with short-term results, but avoid deep commitment. (E.g., buy jewelry or doughnuts, but not a house or new car. Have fun in the bedroom, but don’t marry anyone!) Saturday pm brings errands and calls/texts — but tempers are short, stresses high. Best to stay silent, safe.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Remain in the background now to late December, Cap. Watch, listen, and ponder. Not the best time to seek public attention. Seek advice, agents; talk with civil servants, head office or institutions. A wish might come true before year’s end, involving real estate, garden, family, security, or about ending one job and starting another. Of all your associations, you’ll feel happiest, comfiest with family. Now to Dec. 19, your physical charms shine — you’ll catch a glance or two directed at you.

Sunday/Monday, despite your ebbing energy, friends and social joys buoy your heart. There might be something electric or explosive Sun. morning — could lead to love. Otherwise, this is a mild, pleasant interval. Your weariness doubles Tues./Wed., but good luck abides with you. Be charitable, spiritual — liaise with gov’t, head office, institutions, advisors and agents. These people might aid you with good advice; even, perhaps, with permission, grants or loans. For best results, communicate or apply Wed., not Tues.

Your energy, charisma and effectiveness rise nicely Thursday morning to Saturday noon. (Not wildly, as you’re still in a “withdraw and rest” phase.) Thursday can spark unexpected romantic meetings — sudden and pleasing, but also capable of sending you into a spin of confusion. But what a beautiful morning! Use your extra energy and charisma to attract others or another — rather than acting independently. Saturday pm emphasizes money and purchases. Better to wait, delay action. Tempers are short.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Step carefully until year’s end, Aquarius — higher-ups (and authorities) are impatient and temperamental. Just grin and bear it. That said, you’ll enjoy the month ahead, as it wraps you in a round of social delights, popularity, optimism, entertainment and flirtation. You’ll enjoy your private side, too, at least to Dec. 19. Civil servants, admin. workers, spiritualists and charity orgs. will favour and aid you. (Gotta ask, tho!)

Sunday/Monday focus your aims, efforts on career and other ambitious goals. Charge ahead here. But step carefully Sunday morning, when conditions are explosive. Tuesday and Wednesday set the tone for the weeks ahead — popularity, bright skies, flirtations, entertainment and wish fulfillment. Be happy! Tuesday says “watch your money.” Wednesday holds a work/career/money plum — pluck it. (Listen to your imagination, it can provide the plum.)

Retreat, seek solitude and quietude Thursday morning to noon Saturday. Rest, ponder your life thus far, relationships, and where you go from here. Splendid time to form plans. Civil servants, admin. workers might aid you. All goes well. You might dream of a “secret love.” (Or even find a real one.) Contribute to your karmic bank account by doing good, actively. Your energy and charisma soar Sat. afternoon, but you might also face stress, argument, so bide your time, act Dec. 1 rather than now.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The main emphasis now to late December lies on your ambitions, status, career, neighbourhood reputation and prestige relations. You can strike a lucky blow here before Dec. 2 (and receive good results from your efforts in the weeks following). Strictly avoid lawsuits before year’s end. However, you might sign a contract that spells a better income. Now to Dec. 19, friends, wishes, optimism buoy your mood.

Sunday/Monday bring far travel, intellectual pursuits, advertising, fame, cultural involvements, and gentle love. Sunday morning emphasizes my advice against lawsuits. But the rest of this interval is lovely — march ahead! Good time to apply for college, or for a job in a foreign country.

Tuesday/Wednesday boost your career prospects. A legal, academic, international, or partnership element might be beneficially involved. Not an obstacle anywhere, so charge ahead, show skills to the boss, present a proposal, etc. A loving person might help you. Your hopes rise, so does your popularity, Thursday to noon Saturday. Light, friendly romance, entertainment, and a simple joy in life visit you. Thursday morning is splendid — love, friendship are everywhere. Saturday pm needs care: withdraw, rest, avoid all confrontations.



God has no duty to fight evil except in a macro, overseeing way. Specifically, to increase Itself. (We presume God is good, and also assume evil is infertile. I’ll explain below.) God doesn’t want to sit there every day fiddling with this evil and that evil and making judgments. Instead, God long ago set up a system in which goodness can keep growing, quickly to some eyes, slowly to others. It’s called Nature. Nature has its evils and its pain and cruelties, but the vastness of its beauty, its fertility and pleasures are like a B&B to a hotel. Evil is the B&B, Nature the many-roomed hotel.

Evil’s main weakness is its infertility. Evil cannot grow in and of itself; oh it’s growth, it Is parasitic, with nature as the host. For example say a 60-year-old man rapes a 10 year old girl. Now, evil will grow here. It will expand as deeper alienation and lust in the man, without end. Say the girl escapes and grows up in a foster home. Several outcomes:

1) she dies by suicide or falls into “mental illness” by her teens, early 20’s;
2) she grows up normal, puts the incident behind her, has kids, a mate and a good life;
3) she becomes a prostitute, angry with everyone;
4) she appears to grow normally, but repeatedly joins or marries men who will abuse or leave her and/or her children;
5) like 4, but she, whether consciously or unconsciously, actively seeks to rejoin her own abuser, to “offer” her children as sacrifice;
6) she grows up, apparently normal, but is deeply focused on dominating her spouse and/or her children, from emotional intimidation to physical sexual abuse.

Many of these possible outcomes can combine with others. Also, this list is of examples: as Tolstoy told us, evil has a much greater variety of outcomes than good. For instance, 6 above admits the exact opposite: the woman could become the man’s victim.

But none of these possibilities is fertile in itself. The evil, once planted, can grow in a person, take many shapes and colours, but it grows in the person. If you took a dollop of this evil and dropped it somewhere, it wouldn’t grow — unless/until a person stooped to pick it up. It’s a parasite. Nature is its host.

This is a guarantee that goodness will prevail, because Nature will, at least for the billions of years ahead, be here. The only way Evil could win the war with Good, would be to consume the host totally. But  since only the host is fertile, Evil in its triumph would itself die. So Evil’s one, ultimate goal is to eliminate itself. This is more true than apparent. Or, that abandoned, Evil’s only alternate fate is to continually flee its own impulse toward such elimination (i.e., the conquest of good). A thing I doubt it can do with any regularity or volume.
***   ***

Just wanted to brag about my past predictions. Most were published in newspapers, some only on this blog:

— Ronald Reagan’s “destruction” of high interest rates (Fed. rate in Canada was 12% at time of prediction — 6% a year or two later — and 1% or less now.)

— The Dow’s historic rise from 800 in 1980 (In April 1980 I  wrote that the Dow would start climbing by Nov. 1980 — it began August that year)

— Japan’s economic fall

— the first Gulf War (named the time and the nature  — “swift”)

— that Bush Jr.’s Gulf War would become an endless quagmire

— the Challenger shuttle explosion and crash

— the crash of tech stocks/Nasdaq 2 decades ago (named the exact month, I think March) (The Nasdaq only recovered several years ago.)

— the bottom of the 2006-09 “crash/credit freeze” — within 1 month

— Justin Trudeau’ federal Canadian election wins — both

— Hillary’s failure (I didn’t say she would lose — but before the 2016 election, before she won the primary, I wrote that she should stay out, and “play with her grandchild on her back porch” rather than running.

— AIDS (1984, before the disease had a public face)

— (in 1984) that in the CENTURIES ahead, that:

– women would rape men
– the sexes would tend to converge
– crime rates would drop
– the U.S. would become the world’s “policeman”
– universities (and lawyers) would sink into a moral morass, become places of failure at best, evil at worst

                               (all true so far)

— the 1986 Chernobyl explosion — wrote, in January 1986, that the year would bring a “Black sun.” (I’m usually less “poetic.”)

— the 1986 stock market crash (on Aug. 2, I wrote: “You players should get out of the market now to December.” From that day, Aug. 2, the Dow fell virtually every day, culminating in the October crash.)

— in 2016, just before Trump was elected, I wrote that many “democratic types”, believing he will become a tyrant, might engage in illegal, undemocratic acts to destroy him — that he would be a scapegoat.

— picked the front-runners — and virtually every development — of the Democratic primaries (so far). Wrote that Warren would rise above Sanders and cannibalize his backers, that Pete Buttigieg was the dark horse and the best politician among them, etc.

(BTW, the POTUS who’s elected in 2020 will suffer an assassination — whether successful or not is another question.)

— that “Facebook sucks”— two months before it was revealed they were selling everyone’s data to Highest bidders, including China.

— that “yellow is the colour of aggression” — one month before the “yellow vest” riots in France. For awhile, yellow vests became the “uniform” of protesters around the world (including Canada!)

And more — but I can’t remember many of them.