“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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POLITICS                    MY SHORT STORIES

START NOTHING: 6:00 am to 3:18 pm Sun., 7:48 am Tues. to 0:46 am Wed., and 3:40 am to 8:15 am Fri.

ALL SIGNS:  Start no new projects or ventures before November 20, as a phase of mental mistakes, false starts, indecision and delay technically started Oct. 31.  Stick with ongoing projects, or reprise situations from the past for the next 4 weeks. Old flames might appear for Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn. Scorpio might be haunted by “one who got away.” (This was more lust than love, anyway.)
***   ***


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19  

An easy, satisfying week. Remember, start nothing new before Nov. 20. The emphasis remains on secrets, hidden information, power plays, major finances, debt, and temptations — esp. lust. Your intuition is high, hunches accurate, because your subconscious is close to the surface. Intensity is still the word for relationships: be diplomatic. Realize problems and obstacles have receded, and you could be dealing with a true-blue partner (or prospect).  For two more weeks, law, intellect, far travel and love flow with sweet, mild success.

Before dawn, Sunday holds a major opening in these very things: love, far travel, legal matters, etc. Then this day “dies down” until mid-late afternoon, when money matters — collecting, paying, purchasing — grow important, through Tuesday. Everything works (well, within reason) — get going, chase the $! (Sensual intimacy also very possible.)

Errands, quick, easy chores, paperwork, travel and communications fill Wed. to dawn Fri. Act Wed. morning and Thurs. pm for success. Be curious, ask questions — you could hear/see revealing facts, answers — perhaps leading to profit or fine investments. Possible deception around love, partnership, travel or legalities. Steer toward home Fri./Sat. All good stuff, but take care with practical or career-oriented relations Sat. pm.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

A beautiful, smooth week, esp. for relationships, Taurus. Remember, start nothing new before Nov. 20. (Includes ventures, relationships, significant purchases. Clothing is significant.) Your investment, research and sexual interests are touched by a wee magic wand of fortune for the two weeks ahead. Your sexual side remains “hot” until Nov. 18. Invest optimistically, cheerfully, not impulsively. Avoid extramarital temptations. 

Before dawn, Sunday holds financial openings/luck. Be restful. Your energy and charisma surge upward late afternoon through Tues. — charge ahead, others help, follow your lead — you’ll succeed! Pursue money, collect and pay bills, seek bargains, memorize something, and chase someone sexy Wed. to dawn Fri. Almost everything works here, even very fortunately, but take care Thurs. morning, when confusion, fuzzy thinking can trip you up. (Wednesday, a dream could come true about a relationship or former opportunity. Old flames, by the way, are around.)

Retreat from the fray Fri./Sat. — rest, ponder, deal with agents, advisors or civil servants. Be cautious Sat. pm, as your inspiration’s good, but others seem to have cement heads, don’t want to hear.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Remember, start nothing new before Nov. 20. Until then, a pile of chores confronts you: tackle what you’ve left hanging weeks, months, even a year ago. Take care of your health. In only 12 days, the work yoke will lift from your shoulders. This is an easy, productive week, so march forth without worries. Your romantic antennae still quiver with desire, until Nov. 18. (So if you’re going to say something to someone special, say it soon.) Partnerships, relocation ideas, public dealings, negotiations — all blessed until Nov. 25. An exciting meeting with someone from the past is not unlikely.

Sunday pre-dawn holds a possible break-through in the zones just mentioned — partnership, relocation, etc. The rest of the day is hopeful, happy, but yields little. This pm, withdraw into quietude and contemplation. Ponder how you got here and where you go from here. The aspects are all favourable, so contact civil servants, institutions, “head office,” charities and agents or advisors.

Your energy soars upward Wed. to dawn Fri. Be a leader — others will follow, or at least acquiesce, give you a “free path.” An exciting meeting could occur; this could affect your thinking, even your ambitions, for awhile. Your work efforts dovetail luckily with your career Wed. Chase money Fri./Sat. — but exercise caution Sat. pm: short term money (e.g., earnings) better than long-term (e.g., investment).

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Remember, start no new relationships, projects, nor make significant purchases before Nov. 20. To almost the same time (Nov. 18) continue to be gentle on the home front. (You’ve been a bit of a terror here since early October.) Over all, this is a lovely, smooth week with a “romantic bonus.” Your workplace, and co-workers, remain affectionate until late month. Yet, oddly some of you are contemplating quitting. (You won’t, if you “hang on” until December.) Use this week and next to add security to your career position — e.g., revise sales maps, or take a course. 

Pre-dawn Sunday favours your career and work — a promotion might be hovering around you. Late day, your optimism bubbles up, friends call or welcome you, and you start to feel flirty. This continues through Mon. and Tues. Love is in the air — and a wish might come true. But withdraw into quietude Wed. to dawn Fri. Ponder (don’t plan) observe, rest, and be spiritual, charitable. Deal with gov’t, head office. Don’t seek advice — psychics, lawyers, advice-givers are “right on” Wed. to 2:30 pm (PT) but “totally off” from then through Thurs.

Chance of a work or domestic or career break-through late Thurs., very early Fri. Your energy and charisma soar after dawn Fri. through Sat. Be a leader, get things done — even fall in love — Friday to Sat. noon. Saturday pm brings relationship choices, maybe opportunities, but proceed with “affectionate care,” as you face dour, stubborn (but deep inside, sentimental) people.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Remember, Leo, start no new ventures, relationships, nor significant purchases before Nov. 20. Until then, your focus will be largely on domestic matters — home, kids, spouse, repairs (NOT RENOVATIONS), garden, nutrition, and Mom Nature. This is an easy, productive week. Hardly a cloud in the sky. But be aware that your talk (and texts, etc.) might be a bit pushy and harsh (more a problem Nov. 17 than this week).

Sunday morning holds a romantic (or creative) blessing, if you’re up by/before dawn. You could wake him/her up, like a serenading alarm clock. Later day yields little, but this eve through Tues. injects you with ambition, and makes bosses take a closer look. (Maybe there’s a test you have to pass — you will.) Charge ahead! Wednesday to dawn Fri. brings happiness, a light heart, optimism, and social joys. You won’t be wildly popular, but enough to make you feel assured.

Home, property, investment, secrets/research (and sex) — these perform beautifully to afternoon Wed., then encounter hard-to-pin down obstacles, through mid-morn Thurs. Retreat Fri. dawn through Sat. Good time to interact with head office staff, advisors and agents, gov’t, charities and spiritual types. Delegate tasks, let someone else work. All’s fine!

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Remember, Virgo, stick with ongoing or past ventures, relationships. Start nothing new (includes purchases) before Nov. 20. Money continues to flow your way in surprising amounts — but so do expenses, prices. Be conservative. Your home is affectionate, landscapes are beautiful. If you have not sold/bought a new home in 2019, now to Nov. 25 is one of your best times. (And close to your last time for another decade plus.) A good, fortunate week.

Sunday morning’s mysterious — could offer an investment, home, or sexual plum before dawn. Late Sun. afternoon through Tues. brings a mellow, philosophical mood, far travel, international concerns, intellectual, legal and cultural themes — and love. All’s good, green-flagged, so dive in, find success.

Your ambitions, career, worldly standing and reputation — all are emphasized Wed. to dawn Fri. Again, a smooth luck favours you. Work with others, seek co-operation (and be co-operative) Wed. to mid-afternoon — then work alone this night and Thurs. morning. Optimism, popularity, social delights, flirtations and entertainment arrive Fri./Sat. Both days are happy, affectionate — but Sat. pm  could bring choices in relationships. Decide: do you want to treat someone who attracts you lightly, or with deep serious intent? For your own sake, stay “light” for now.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Remember, Libra, start nothing new before Nov. 20. (For more, see ‘ALL SIGNS” in the Preamble above.) You’re uncharacteristically assertive/aggressive until Nov. 18. This can help you attract romantic or mate prospects (hopefully from the past, as brand new bonds will bust.) Don’t be harsh — you might regret it later. Communications and travel go well until late Nov.

Sunday morning is partnership oriented — and if you get up early enough (before 6 am PT) you can send/receive a happy message. Life’s depths, mystery, research, investment and debt, lifestyle changes, sexual desires  and medical needs — these flow over you fortunately Sun. eve through Tues. — so dive in, seek your treasure.

A wise, mellow mood steals over you Wed. to dawn Fri. Intellectual, philosophical, cultural and legal themes attract you — so do love and far travel. Mostly, all goes well, esp. Wed. But take care this night to past dawn Thurs., when your work or health needs can interfere, or cause misguided decisions. Be ambitious Fri./Sat. Friday’s great, but Saturday pm you’ll have to stay out of domestic affairs — opt for career, ambitious efforts instead.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Remember, Scorpio, start nothing new before Nov. 20. (This can be difficult, for your energy and confidence are soaring, and you want to tackle the future. But tackle old, formerly dropped projects/people/situations, or give your best efforts to supporting ongoing ventures.) Continue to avoid places of violence. (Did you know the Kurds are a Scorpio people? During this “violence warning” in place since early October, the Turks began killing them.) Your money, income picture looks good to late month — you’ll have enough for a luxury item. (Buy it AFTER Nov. 19, though.)

Sunday morning’s for work. (And might hold a money plum, before dawn, PT.) This pm through Tuesday brings relationships, either co-operative or contested, good or bad. But this time it all looks good. Be happy! Life’s deeper side, sex, mysteries, large finances, fate, and lifestyle changes — these fill Wed. to dawn Fri. Dig deep, monitor past events/urges — a treasure might await you. A former sexual “flame” might return (any time this week, actually).

Wednesday’s great, love has a blossoming path. But this night into about 9 am can make romance iffy, uncertain. Back away rather than force a “No.”  Thursday pm, money/ earnings/sales luck, opens doors.  Friday/Saturday bring a mellow mood, compassion, empathy. Chase intellectual, far travel, cultural, legal or “fame” goals — and love. Friday’s splendid, Sat. too. But let others struggle, stay out of their spats or disagreements.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Two more weeks of quietude, rest and contemplation. Remember, Sage, don’t start any new relationships, projects, nor significant purchases before Nov. 20. Your hopes about romance remain alive and vital, despite your tiredness, to Nov. 18. Your own physical beauty/handsomeness, and your charm, grace, are solid and attractive to Nov. 25. You’ll attract a come-on. (Perhaps from someone from the past, a person who would restrict you.)

Sunday morning’s romantic, but not after dawn. Tackle chores Sun. night through Tues. All goes well; you’ll succeed. (Read instructions carefully, twice.) An exciting meeting could occur Wed. to dawn Friday. Relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons, all these face you. Again, almost everything is good, works, esp. Wed. to mid-afternoon. (Possible great agreement.) But this eve to about 9 am Thurs. can stymie you, or spark a dilemma of choice between your career or reputation, and a person who wants you.

The remainder of Thurs. is fine, creates opportunities — or suitors. Life nudges you into deeper waters Fri./Sat. Big finances, sexual congress (lust), medical needs and lifestyle changes — these go well Fri., and the first half of Sat. Be cautious Sat. afternoon/night, as money temptations or dangers lurk. To be safe, opt for deep money, not mere earnings or sale proceeds.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Remember, Cap. start nothing significant before Nov. 20 — project, relationship or purchase. Instead, support the ongoing, or pluck from the past. Bosses and authorities remain impatient, temperamental — but only to Nov.18. Your “background” — dealings with gov’t or institutions, agents, hidden allies — grows affectionate and fortunate, until late Nov. The general atmosphere of celebration and good friends continues, as do happiness, optimism, entertainment and “light romance.” Your popularity is showing!

Spend Sunday morning deep in bed, soak up rest. Mid-afternoon Sun. through Tuesday brings you romance — almost on a platter. All goes well, so if you’re single, it’s time to express yourself. If married, this is a splendid time to spend with your kids, and/or to manage their talents/future. (Good time for a gamble, too.)

Tackle chores Wed. to Friday dawn. Here, most goes very well, esp. Wed. daytime, when a wish about “making contact” or about a legal or work matter, might come true. But Wed. eve to 9 am (PT) Thurs. needs care — avoid gossip, careless words, and distracted driving. Relationships arise Fri./Sat. — an exciting meeting could re-start your heart. Be as affectionate, long-suffering and co-operative as you can be — this might even attract a good and staunch “helper.”

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Remember, Aquarius, start nothing new before Nov. 20. Until Nov. 18, avoid lawsuits. A significant journey might occur. The general accent, this week and next, lies on ambition, status, and prestige relations. You’ll do fine, as this week and next are smooth, productive times (despite the snafus from Mercury retrograde). A sweet surprise awaits: a flirtatious person, a popularity boost, and/or a wish coming true. This, before November’s end.

Sunday morning’s restless, social, and might bring wish fulfillment (before 6 am PT). This afternoon through Tues. nudges you toward home, children, garden, Mother Nature, and toward rest, pondering. All’s well, not a bad aspect anywhere — making it a fine time to tackle things on the domestic front — repairs, heartfelt talk, etc. Launch nothing big, though.

Wednesday to about dawn Fri. brings creative and romantic vibes, though I don’t think they’re powerful, because you’re in a month of ambition. Wednesday, all is fine. Your career could turn on the money spigots — ask! This night into mid-morning Thursday confronts you with puzzles. One is, do you chase friends, a wish, or money? Beware fuzzy thinking. Tackle chores Fri./Sat. You’ll make splendid progress until Sat. afternoon/night, when things get complicated. Maybe the choice is: do you do the work yourself, or delegate it? For best results, roll up your sleeves and do it yourself.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Remember, Pisces, start nothing brand new before Nov. 20. (More details in the Preamble under “ALL SIGNS.”) Your main benefit, or luck, in 2019, lies in career, prestige relations, ambition, worldly standing and reputation. These are beautifully enhanced almost all November — to the 25th. Bosses favour you, even trial judges, should you face one, will look gently on you. One caution: you ooze sexuality, and are attracted to the same, until Nov. 18 — but “burning pains” might result. (Romance different — love wins.) Don’t invest impulsively. An easy, revealing week.

Sunday morning’s for money, and might hold a $ prize for you, before 6 am. But this afternoon brings calls, texts, errands, trips, friendly contacts, and paperwork, lasting through Tues. All goes well, so plunge in and get it done. (But since we’re in a mistake-prone period, double-check addresses… and ask yourself if you really want to send this missive.)

Home and family call you Wed. to about dawn Fri. Again, your luck is high, esp. Wed., when spouse or a business partner wants to join a “philosophical” conversation. Superb day to discuss marriage or other relationship issues with another. A proposal will net an “I do.” But all before 2:30 pm. After this, to about 9 am Thurs., doubt and uncertainty return to relationship zones. Be patient, let it pass. Family celebrates your status/career progress late Thurs.

Passion, creative juices, speculative urges, lovely children, beauty and pleasure visit you Fri./Sat. Friday’s great. Also Sat. morning. Love can soar! But you might have to choose, Sat. pm, between deep, heavy “infatuation” and light, more social romance. I’d pick infatuation, my friend.



It’s the population. With 7 billion people streaming over the earth, it can become very difficult to be unique. If, say, you’re fascinated by, say, sitting on garage roofs… in our day, it’s almost certain that you share such a desire/fascination with 213 or 4,121, or 15 other people worldwide. With modern communications and the internet, at least some of these people are likely to find each other.

The internet’s pathways are designed in themes and subjects (which is very human, for our grasp of, say literature, is as potent as our grasp of mathematics, or astro-geology). This causes a winnowing down, or a concentration into streams, making it more likely that those of similar interests will be drawn together by AI and algorithms. This draws people more and more deeply into the mind set or “opinion set” that begins to surround them; as their internet searches and FB-type affiliations will tend to increasingly reflect their desires. This causes social developments — and evolvement— to become very fluid, and it adds a wave-like structure to macro-social actions and occurrences.

This, I think, partly explains the deep radicalism of the Millennials, and their astounding inability to see/admit that other views, ideas, cultures, might be as valuable as theirs. Remember when AOC first rose to prominence, and I said she could go far, but if she becomes too impulsive or arrogant (I believe those were my words) she will alienate others, esp. higher-ups, and face obscurity, not to rise again? I think she has made that essential mistake.

I just realized it might not be a sudden, obvious action, but something more sustained: her policies/opinions, I think, will be looked upon in the coolness of distance, and she might be discarded as kooky. I’m quite sure of that. But I think at the same time she will have been one of the originators, followers, communicators of the new system that’s coming for America. Her swift rise to prominence was an illustration of one of the minor “waves” I mentioned above.

This view of the absence of uniqueness has both good and bad possibilities, and can lead to results both desired and unwanted, even disastrous. Often, the good and bad are co-mingled, which at least hints toward attempts to be honest and good-willed (“road to hell paved with good intentions”…) which is a lot better than just being bad.

But it might be a false view if it’s accepted as the entire view. Because another phenomena occurs, also linked to the swell in population, which, simply, is that more invention, creativity, etc. now occurs than ever before. This goes directly against the assumption that a loss of uniqueness leads to a loss of creativity. Just as the U.S. outshines Canada in sports, because they have 10 times the pop. of Canada, a larger pool. Larger pools will always support or give rise to more extremes than small pools; outstanding athletes, or inventors, or artists, or lawyers, et al, are such “extremes.”

These “competing” views of phenomena caused by a swelling world population show the complexity of our world — a great, splendid complexity that maintains balance, and security of a sort.
***   ***

All flora are programmed to grow. Some grow as vines, clutching others, some as bushes, or spreading plants such as strawberries. But in general, despite their meanderings, most plants seek the sun. Either they grow upwards toward it, or they open and slant their branches and leaves and flowers to the best angle for absorbing light.

Tall evergreens such as cedars or firs seek the sun only indirectly — or directly only at noon — they grow straight up and down, 90 degrees, not toward the sun. You could say “straight up” is the best expression of the sun’s daily travel, but that only holds at the equator. 

Why don’t northern trees lean toward the south, where the source of light and heat glows? 

Three answers:

1) trees have always had to grow straight up, because in a forest that is the only way to reach sunlight. This has been evolutionarily programmed until it’s in the DNA: grow straight, which they will now do even when isolated in a yard or field. Or,
2) in the same forest trees are programmed to seek the light, and they sensed the light was stronger in an up direction. Again, after time this has been stamped on their DNA. Or,
3) the trees were not growing toward the sun, but away from gravity. As gravity exerts its pull perpendicular to the earth, so the trees grew in the opposite direction, though still perpendicular to the earth. This seems the most likely. Trees would not prefer to lean, as that takes more effort to counteract the pull of gravity. (In a tree’s case, “effort” might mean growth.)

Try it yourself: stand straight; now raise one leg and hold it straight out. When you can’t hold it any longer, stand still on two feet — spread a little if needed for balance. Stand there as long as you stood with your leg extended in your first pose. Get the difference? 

The first position made your leg ache quickly, because it was fighting gravity from an awkward position.  The second position was much easier to endure, because you were standing much like a tree.

Trees grow diametrically opposed to gravity’s pull because that is the easiest way to grow, and the easiest position to “rest” in. When you stand perpendicular (90*) to the earth, your centre of gravity is directly below you. The earth itself holds you up, even when, as a tree, you “sleep.” This also involves certain strengths in the packaging dept. of any living thing — cells must maintain their integrity, or they (and ultimately we) will melt into a lifeless jelly. Rigid bones to gastric fluids, our bodies are designed to use, and resist, gravity. The example of trees growing 90 degrees, has several implications. though I can only remember two.. It shows that in some vital ways, gravity plays a role that outweighs the sun. Two of the basic giants of the universes: gravity and energy….

It hints at intelligence, or intelligent design; for the simple answer for northern trees is to bend south; for southern, to bend north, toward the sun. It is a logical leap to the next step, that going straight up will provide the best base against gravity’s pull, and that this is more valuable than increased sunlight. Who figures these things out?

POLITICS                    MY SHORT STORIES


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  1. rd38

    While you’ve annoyed me in the past with your contentious political opinions, I commend the structure of your thoughts on AOC; it was more of what we expect from astrologers, truth-seekers of ‘celestial’ impartiality. Well, how I see it, anyway.
    Your opinion of her arrogance was right on. And while some AOC-bashing crosses the line, she is as guilty as many from that segment of Democrats called ‘snowflakes’ : Democrats who embrace the like minded of extreme liberalism and reject the slightest opposition with callous. I don’t believe most are as generous as appearances would suggest.
    It was wise and appropriate to place your political thoughts where followers can visit or not. Its nice to have the choice whether to accept a – sometimes-head-on assault or save it for later in the day! I’m actually looking forward to your thoughts on the impeachment hearings. I promise not to express my annoyance over differing opinions since I chose to go there.


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