“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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POLITICS                    MY SHORT STORIES

START NOTHING: Before 3:19 am Sun., 6:37 am to 3:08 pm Tues., and 5:13 pm Thurs. to 3:49 am  Fri.


ALL SIGNS:  Start no new projects or ventures before November 20, as a phase of mental mistakes, false starts, indecision and delay technically starts Oct. 31 (though the slowdown  is already upon us). So stick with ongoing projects, or reprise situations from the past for the next 4 weeks. Old flames might appear for Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn. Scorpio might be haunted by “one who got away.” (This was more lust than love, anyway.)

aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Still focused on secrets, mysteries, hidden forces, subconscious promptings (e.g., hunches), investigation, research, lifestyle changes, medical needs, large finances and deep sexual urges. Dig deep, discover the treasure. Commit, or sign — consequences should favour you. (You’ve faced some challenges in the career department — you can work now to “undercut” these obstacles. E.g., you might decide to start your own business, thereby getting out from under a dictatorial boss.)

Realize others remain assertive, impatient. Don’t pinch your spouse unless you’re ready for a reaction. Continue (to Nov. 20) to avoid new starts, new important purchases, and new relationships — one of these might return from the past, bearing either an interesting project, or an intimate “offer.” (If no one’s already attached, go ahead.)

Sunday through mid-afternoon Tues. brings happiness — optimism, popularity (mildly), social involvements, flirtations and entertainment. Sunday am is disruptive. Monday’s both good for relations (surface) and bad (deeper). The bad is connected to career, ambitions, and power plays: spouse, others disapprove.

Withdraw from the hustling crowd Tues. afternoon through Thurs. Rest, ponder, study situations. Be spiritual, charitable. All’s well. Your energy and charisma come bouncing back Friday (good for love, gov’t, and intellectual, travel matters) and Saturday (tough day, esp. in career, with authorities, bosses — strive, but carefully).

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The accent remains on relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons, relocation, public appearances, agreements and dispute, love and war. But don’t pursue nor create anything brand new. That includes relationships and purchases. A former love might return — the talk is vibrant, the intimacy sweet. Continue to handle an intense work or health situation (to Nov. 18).

Sunday to mid-afternoon Tues. brings pressure, ambition, and dealings with higher-ups. (E.g., a job interview.) Almost everything is good on the surface, but a bit deeper, those work or health issues clash with your ethical, legal or intellectual side. It can manifest as a break-up, or disappointment over love. Your hopes rise mid-afternoon Tues. through Thurs. Flirtation, popularity, happiness with your mate, social joys, entertainment — these fill this interval. Love looks very possible; friendships blossom. (Remember, no one new.)

Friday/Saturday find you a bit tired. Catch a second breath, withdraw from the fray, ponder. Friday’s great (you could sense a sexual opportunity, or be fascinated by social openings or visions of the future). But Saturday challenges, esp. with social, love and ethical situations. Best stance: quiet acceptance.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Work, work, work; it doesn’t end! Drudgery, boredom, sniffles, aches and pains. Ah, well, only three weeks of this to go. Listen, Gemini, DON’T buy tools/machines, nor launch new relationships nor projects before Nov. 20. Instead, support and continue projects/ situations already launched, or once again tackle a chore left hanging from the past. A former job role might return. Eat, dress sensibly. Your romantic courage/impulsiveness remains this week and next. Now to 2026, you might become fascinated with a Taurus. (The influence started a few months ago.)

Sunday to mid-afternoon Tues. lifts your mind to sweet, breezy levels where philosophy, culture, law, far travel, love, and learning gently call you. Sunday morning’s a bit unpredictable (someone walks off?) and man-woman relationships are a bit rough all day. Monday brings potent romantic results if you’re assertive, but under the surface problems exist: they involve health, sex and net worth. Be emotionally magnanimous.

Midweek nudges you toward career, ambitions, prestige relations and worldly status. Charge ahead here, submit your bid for upward motion — luck rides with you! (Remember, nothing new, so submit a bid with a former product, item, proposal, etc.)

Your hopes rise Fri./Sat. — so do social joys, popularity, and fun. Friday’s splendid, both career and recognition, early, and love, later, soar to sweet heights. (Remember, 2019’s big luck lies in forming partnerships, relocating, divorce, fame and agreements.) But Saturday’s luck dives to very low: be cautious with assets, investments, debt, and lust. (You’ll remain optimistic, happy!)

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Romance is the big news. If it comes, it will come with a lot of communication, and maybe a few trips. And from the past? (Yes, likely, if you’re presently unattached.) Remember, avoid starting brand new relationships, projects/ventures, and important purchases. Grab treasures when the merry-go-round of life touches the same things again… or let them go. Former loves, house opportunities, creative openings, gambles or risks you didn’t take the first time around. Be gentle on the home front, until Nov. 18.

Sunday to mid-afternoon Tuesday steers you toward thoughtful, serious goals. A major purchase like a house or buying a stock position, or debt to make those purchases; or a commitment, funding, or deeper intimacy in love; pregnancy often arises from this zone.

So does crime, as it is so focused on other people’s money, assets, etc. Surgery, too. Pick one! But consider: things of the day go well (e.g., surgery) but things of long-life go poorly (e.g., investments, esp. in homes, partnerships). Understanding, peace and light — and love, intellect, law, culture, beliefs, profound ideas, and far travel — flow in Tuesday afternoon through Thurs. Your luck’s good, so charge ahead. (Remember, start nothing big.) Higher-ups (or parents) are watching your performance Fri./Sat. They approve Fri., not Saturday!

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The focus remains on your domestic situation, Leo. Neglected chores might need your attention. A “long lost” relative might return to the fold — someone you’ve always liked. Remain careful with your words — opinions can hurt the bearer. Though you’re deep in a restful, quiet state, romance won’t die — in fact, it perks up now to late month. A Libra or Taurus might be involved. Remember 2 things:

1) 2019 is a great, lucky year for romance (but the luck part ends Dec. 2nd) and;
2) you should start nothing new before Nov. 20 — that includes relationships.

Speaking of relationships, they fill Sunday to mid-afternoon Tues., and your luck’s mixed. Disruptions (but also career openings) occur Sun. Good conversations Mon. about love, law — but deeper down, health and security obstacles exist. Life veers into deeper, darker zones Tues. afternoon through Thurs. — now your luck is steady, in sex, finances, medical and lifestyle decisions. Dig deep, investigate — treasures lie hidden. However, don’t press a romantic prospect for intimacy Thurs.

Wisdom, calmness, culture, law, learning, publishing, far travel and love, all call you Fri./Sat. That’s a good thing Friday, but a source of obstacles or frustrations Sat. (These arise from work or health or family areas.)

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You remain in a rather unimportant month, Virgo. Paperwork, communications, visits, short trips and errands, swift but easy chores fill your days. Extra amounts of money continue to flow toward you (and away, if you’re extravagant) until Nov. 18. Your home blossoms into a place of beauty, peace, grace and affection — throw a few flowers into vases. If you’ve recently bought or changed homes, you now will feel the satisfaction — and the “rightness” — of what you did.

Tackle chores Sunday to mid-afternoon Tues. Don’t create a debt (esp. Mon.). Be careful with tools, and electricity, Sunday morning — and with cutting tools Mon. (You’ll get a lot done Mon.) Relationships fill mid-week, in fortunate ways. They work best if meetings occur away from home Tues. (and Thurs.). Great agreements, openings, even love, are possible. (Remember, no new relations — though someone might re-appear or call from the past.)

Life steers you into deeper waters Fri./Sat. Good, profitable, affectionate or co-operative depths for Fri.; poor, difficult, disappointing ones on Sat. Act accordingly: handle finances, intimacy/lust, investigations/research, medical and lifestyle matters before late Fri. night.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The accent continues on money, earnings, spending, clients, possessions (memory is a possession) and sensual attractions (casual sex). Now to 2026, you can become fascinated with a Taurus in a romantic and sexual way. (The influence started a few months ago.)  This sign could lure you into an extramarital affair — be astute, loyal, and serious. Taurus can also uncover some great investments (gambles).

This week and next, you still have control over who you do and don’t relate to; and if single, who you choose as a partner, temporarily or permanently. But DON’T start brand new relationships (nor start projects nor buy anything important) before Nov. 20. Until Nov. 20, you might be more fierce than usual – this gives you courage, but can also make you harsh. Find a good balance.

Sunday to mid-afternoon Tues. brings romance, creative and risk-taking urges/courage, beauty, pleasure (movie?) and joy from kids. Sunday’s a bit awkward, but Monday promises swift, definite attraction, and possible conquest of someone’s heart. But deeper down, your feelings fight with a family or property obstacle, one that involves money. The obstacle will “win.”

Tackle chores Tues. afternoon through Thurs. You’ll succeed, get a lot done. Make a list, as memory’s unreliable these weeks. Friday/Saturday bring relationships to the fore — beautifully Fri., nastily Sat. Time actions accordingly.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This is your time, Scorpio: your energy, charisma and leadership potential remain at a yearly high this week and the next two. Perhaps it’s unfortunate that your “peak” coincides with a period of confusion, mistakes, delays and false starts — a “snafu” situation until Nov. 20. (So start NO new ventures, purchases or relationships before that date.) But perhaps it’s very fortunate, for this period “brings back” opportunities, relationships and projects from the past (from two months to years ago).

A long-lost love (actually more like a lustful bond) or a lucrative/profitable opening that was closed, opens a crack again. (If you’re searching for something to “chase again,” remember that your biggest luck in 2019 resides in money zones.) Continue to beware violent people/places and dangerous machines, sharp knives, etc. until Nov. 18.

Sunday to mid-afternoon Tues. steers you toward home, family, and domestic matters. Be restful, contemplative. Sunday morning is a little tense, but Monday holds good action on the home front or in property, and may offer some government assistance. However, a deeper problem might exist in communications at work or with a family member.

Romance strikes midweek — so do creative and gambling urges, beauty and pleasure, all fortunately. However, don’t make monetary demands nor go out and shop extravagantly. Yes, true love might be in the picture! Tackle chores Friday/Saturday. You’ll succeed very easily Friday, but run into repeated and deep obstacles Saturday. Act accordingly.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Continue to lie low, Sage. Get your rest, eat and drink sensibly, contemplate the whole wide world – where you have come to and where you are going In this world. This is a pretty good week to liaison with head office, civil servants, institutions, agents and advisers. (For example, go see a psychic Wednesday daytime.) You remain very hopeful about romance, and will have some pleasure from it until November 18.

Despite being in a month of weariness, your physical attractions radiate strongly. Don’t be surprised if you receive a potent glance or two. (But someone who returns from the past might have your assets more in mind than your charms. This person, who possesses the gift of gab, will also restrict you as time goes on.) Usually, this is a good planning period, but don’t make any specific plans — just prepare yourself for a possibly huge leap forward or an adventurous step from about November 23 to December 2.

Sunday to mid-afternoon Tues. brings errands, short trips, communications, paperwork, and casual conversations. Sunday morning might be tense or change your plans — just smile. Monday is beautifully romantic and gives you a chance to tell someone how you feel. However, a long-standing difficulty exists in romance: it has to do with earnings potential, status, and perhaps gossip or disapproval of higher-ups. This might show Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Midweek, steer yourself toward home, family, security, property, garden, and nutrition. All is well here; it is a beautiful interval for tackling any of these things. At the very least give your kids an extra hug! Real romance or romantic notions arise Friday/Saturday. Beauty, pleasure, creative and risk-taking actions fill in this early weekend picture. However, Friday is very successful and Saturday Is very frustrating. You know what to do!

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Wishes can still come true, Cap, especially old wishes. A former friend, lover or someone you just flirted with could reappear — and immediately, your life will have more zing! If you are single, take this reappearance seriously. Your relations with the civil servants, administrators, and institutions will proceed with easy, gracious, even affectionate good luck until November 25. Until November 18, bosses, parents and the authorities remain impatient and temperamental — give them a wide space. You might contemplate quitting your job, but wait until December or next January to make that decision.

Sunday to mid-afternoon Tuesday steers you toward sexual intimacy, money, possessions and purchases. Be cautious with these Sunday — don’t spend for romance. Monday’s great for career — act before a boss changes his/her mind. Midweek brings errands, friendly contacts, short trips, communications and paperwork. Almost everything will go well, so march forth with confidence. Be curious —but don’t tangle with civil servants and their ilk.

Friday/Saturday bring rest, relaxation, down-home activities, gardening, repairs, and security efforts (e.g., install a CCTV). These are also two good days to grow or protect your market territory. Friday is by far the best, loaded with luck, insight, and private assurances. Saturday holds obstacles, but more for other people than yourself. If you are trying to quit or end a situation, job, or relationship, Saturday is not a good day.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The emphasis lies on your ambitions, worldly standing, prestige relations and career until Nov. 22, Aquarius. You’ll be tested, but you’ll pass handily. Remember, stay out of lawsuits until Nov. 19. DON’T start new projects or relationships, and avoid important purchases, until Nov. 20. Now to late November, someone flirts, social delights visit, and a wish could come true. (It’s a small one, a preface to a larger one next month.)

Your energy, charisma and clout soar Sunday to mid-afternoon Tues. Be a leader, get out and about, enjoy attention. But don’t start projects — throw your weight behind ongoing projects or situations, or pluck something from the past. You might be a bit pushy Sunday — but your efforts gain traction Mon. However, something hidden or in the background could stymie you — gossip? Gov’t order? Health?

Midweek propels you toward money, buying/selling, and sensual attractions. Your luck is high, and you could combine career efforts and earnings in a fortunate way. A sensual (and casual) relationship wraps gently around you, though this person doesn’t fit your long-range future.

Friday/Saturday bring errands, friendly contacts, paperwork, short trips and communications. Friday is great, fortunate— you can communicate, early day, with a good money source; and/or, this night, with someone sweet — or someone who can make a wish come true (later?). But Saturday confronts you with obstacles morning and night. Go slow, and make sure you say or write nothing “bad” that can get back to your bosses, parents or authorities, esp. gov’t ones — because it likely will.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Ah, Pisces, you face a wide world with undiscovered horizons. You can explore through travel, mingling with other cultures, attending school or engaging in any intellectual pursuits, or through the greatest teacher of all: Love. Your sexual urges remain intense until November 18. But do not push someone too strongly. You might also, same period, invest or pay down debt. Research will aid your exploration of those large undiscovered horizons. Your career and other ambitions are favoured until Nov. 25 — and bosses will give you a welcome mat.

Withdraw into quietude Sunday to mid-afternoon Tuesday — rest, contemplate, be spiritual, charitable. Regain your energy, get a “second breath.” Midweek sends your energy and charisma soaring — you’re in charge, so act like it! Get out, see and be seen, give your energy and leadership to an important project or venture.

But remember, DON’T start a new venture, nor new relationships (nor make significant purchases) before Nov. 20. Instead, protect and support ongoing projects, and/or reprise a past effort or venture. (Or person, as an old flame could appear anytime in the 3 weeks ahead. If so, he/she is likely a good potential mate.)

You are truly blessed this week — even if only with inspiration, perhaps gentle love. Thursday might spark a career or status opening. Chase money, buy/sell, pay debts and collect them, deal with possessions, and a possible sensual attraction Friday/Saturday. Friday’s splendid, Saturday’s dismal. Time your actions accordingly.



We should see most if not all crimes as manifestations of disease, and treat them accordingly. An entire lore on this area would almost equal our knowledge of the physical body’s diseases, partly due to Tolstoy’s discovery: that every unhappy family is unhappy in its own unique way. I guess there’s probably a faculty of this sort in the police academies.


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