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CLMATE CHANGE? Archeologists have known for over 100 years that hippopotamuses roamed the English landscape not too long ago, luxuriating in temperatures similar to our present day African savannah. (British hippo bones have been found alongside those of horses, hyenas, deer, mammoths and rodents.) Global warming? The earth has been significantly, massively warmer than the “scientists” scream about now — and the earth and humanity thrived.

I live in Vancouver, Canada. It’s June 5 as I write this, summertime, I’m wearing a tee shirt, two shirts and a cashmere sweater, and I’m shivering. Yet the U.S. is having a heat wave, temps over 100 F.

(Edgar Casey, the American psychic, said that Edmonton, Alberta would someday be the capital of North America. I think that’s already come true in the sense that Edmonton is the gateway to the oil reserves. But Calgary, hundreds of miles south, is the city where the Americans and oil head offices are located. I suspect if Canada does become the ruling polity of North America, it might be due to the extreme weather events down there, esp. heat.)


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Your restlessness will end soon, Aries, as Tuesday starts a month of down-home, family, property, security and “hibernation” vibes. Still, you won’t slow down a lot, as conversations and visits keep you lively, and your own determination to do something is big and strong. (Esp. if you’re working on something legal, academic, international, cultural, media-oriented, or loving.) Your money luck subsides for awhile.

Lie low, rest Sun./Mon. Monday’s good for contacting gov’t, dealing with institutions or head office, seeking advice, meditating and planning. Your energy and charisma surge upward Monday night (PDT) through Wed. Your good luck says, “I’ve arrived!” Destiny could give you a boost up the ladder of career, just before you slide into a domestic, “retreat” environment. The weeks ahead feature loving messages, talks, perhaps a visit that might turn into a partnership. Pursue $ Thursday to suppertime Sat. Good results, esp. around midday Sat.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Your focus is slowly shifting away from money, Taurus, toward more superficial, quick, human things: communications, visits and curiosity, errands and paperwork. (Though you certainly won’t hurt on the $ side, as you are your own best advisor through the year ahead:  be slow to listen to others, or to form partnerships. Your background, private, or management-level activities have begun to grow in importance, and could swell into much bigger things in the next 11 months. Start thinking, preparing, to seek a management role. (Esp. Tues./Wed., when this zone is superbly favoured, esp. Tues. morning, PDT.)

Until July 5, avoid dark alleys and belligerent folks. Wishes could come true Sun./Mon., as your popularity rises, and optimism, social delights enter. Tuesday starts a month of restless energy. Your energy and charisma surge upward Thursday to Saturday suppertime. Start significant projects. (But realize career progress will be a bit slow.)

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

You are still in charge, Gemini, still at the top of your game. But Tuesday begins a month of pursuing money and possessions, and brings a mild decline in charisma. (Still, you’ll be seen favourably, and will attract others, right into mid-July. — A natural situation during this — just starting —superb year of friendships and social impact.)

Be ambitious Sun./Mon. — success is within reach. At the very least, your “position” will be taken seriously. The future is yours Tues./Wed., esp. Tuesday — social joys, popularity, optimism and general good fortune smile on you. There remains one nagging problem to solve (late Wed., early Thurs.?) — a financial, sexual, lifestyle or medical dilemma has bugged you, in one form or another, for almost 15 years. It will “dissolve” in about another year, 2023.

Retreat, lie low, rest and contemplate Thursday to suppertime Sat. (PDT). Again, one (smaller) problem has bothered you for a year or two in legal, international, publishing, intellectual or love zones, and might show itself Saturday morning. This “problem” will also dissipate in a year. Saturday night, your energy suddenly returns.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

This is your last week with a whiff of weariness, Cancer. Tuesday starts a month of “everything Cancer” — your energy, charisma, effectiveness and timing will improve swiftly. Oddly enough, it will only be now (this week, next couple) that you will begin to value the part of life you’re exiting: management, institutions, background work, research, and spirituality. (That’s because these zones finally begin to favour/reward you.) Your career arena remains intense, perhaps even snarly, until July 5 — but this is just a first step in some giant strides you’ll make in career, prestige and worldly standing over the 11 months ahead. (Yes, it was 12 months a few weeks ago — time’s a-wasting!)

A mellow, wise, far-seeing mood steals over you Sun./Mon. — good for love, too, except at the very end (Mon. night, PDT). Your energy rises, as does your ambition, Tues./Wed. — all systems go, so charge ahead! (Except in romance and other gambles, Wed. night/Thurs. morning.) Social joys, popularity, optimism and flirtatious delights lure you toward happiness Thursday to suppertime Sat. Only caution: don’t chase sex Saturday morning. This night, early to bed.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

It isn’t that your friends will diminish over the month ahead Leo, but that they will be a little less forceful. If you’re single, a charming flirtation will continue with someone into July at least. But the major emphasis will be on rest, contemplation, planning, seeking advice, dealing with institutions or gov’t or “head office” this Tuesday to late July. You might assume a more managerial position/stance at work.

Your mental, academic, far travel, international, cultural, media and legal interests will remain intense until July 5 — and become prominent Tues./Wed., in a productive, fortunate manner. In a sense, this might be merely the launching pad (or initial inspiration) for an almost year-long rise, success, advancement in one or more of these zones. Love flowers for marrieds, and will come to singles, even to the “wedding” stage.

Sunday/Monday are for sex, investigation, large finances, medical issues — commitment and consequence. Much more good than bad here! Chase $ and “casual intimacy” Thursday to suppertime Sat. Again, success — if you avoid partners, work alone. Saturday night — fun!

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Soon, Virgo, pressures will ease and a month of “playtime” will begin (Tuesday). (Oddly, just as the pressures ease in career, related areas, your bosses grow friendly, approving. Maybe there’s a lesson here, about working hard versus working socially.) Your popularity will rise; the future will be bright and big, at least for a few weeks. Good time to make a new friend, to make and accept invitations. And to envision your favourite future, and start planning to achieve it.

Your interest in power, sexual dominance, secrets and large finances has been “awakened” since mid-May, and shows prominently this Tuesday/ Wednesday. Good luck and a smooth path here (unless you have to end a bond.) This “urge” grows intense until July 5, and thence, to next May, the intense urges might dissipate a bit, but the expansion or good luck in these zones (secrets, power, $, sex, medical needs, and lifestyle changes) continues — and increases. Many Virgos will change “economic neighbourhoods” (upwards!) Before June 2023.

Sunday/Monday bring relationships and opportunities. Be a joiner, not a fighter. Pretty good stuff. A friend might become something deeper. Thursday to Saturday bring mellow wisdom, far sight, gentle love — of all humanity. Focus on far travel, legal, cultural, media and academic concerns.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

A dreamy, thoughtful month slides away Tuesday, Libra, as a month of ambition, pressures, prestige relations and worldly status enters. Still, a strong streak of pondering survives, as intellectual (or love) discussions last deep into July. Some Libras will wed soon, or meet the future partner. (Esp. if you’re a status-conscious Libra; others might need to wait longer, but will taste a sweeter love. A very lucky accent on love, partnership, opportunities, relocation themes — and on argument! — grows right into next May, 2023. Gemini, Aries play key roles.)

Work hard Sun./Mon. — you’ll succeed. Those partnership matters arise Tues./Wed. — good! But around midnight Wednesday (PDT) you might again face a domestic obstacle — don’t over-react. This “problem” has been around for 15 years (and has its roots in the 1984-1996 period, when you were so focused on money, earnings, that you might have forgotten to build as strong a love).

Thursday to Saturday opens the depths, peels back a layer so you can see, react to, what lies beneath. Your subconscious emerges, your intuition heightens, and lust — for power, for sex, for riches — builds. Best time to act: Saturday, 7 am to 3 pm PDT (3 pm to 11 pm Britain, etc.). Saturday night — love? Or someone new who turns your mind on.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

By Tuesday you emerge from a deep, instinctual area of action. You might have invested, begun an intimate link, researched, or undergone a medical process. Tuesday begins a month of wisdom, compassion, foreign affairs, far travel, legal, media or cultural involvements.

Your work remains intense and exhausting — to July 5. That day onward to May 2023, your work will expand even more — and start bringing a fatter bank account! There will be strong chances (e.g., August) to purchase or acquire machinery, tools. If you get a cold or headaches, see a doctor. Remember, dual is better than single.

Sunday/Monday are romantic, creative, blessed with beauty. To work, Tues./Wed.— you’ll get it done. Relationships, opportunities, relocation, as well as opposition, possible conflict, Thursday to Saturday. Best results: Saturday. Be willing to compromise Saturday morning, probably about a domestic matter.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

A lively, sometimes contentious month passes now, Sage; Tuesday starts four weeks of mystery, depths, heightened intuition, and a deep desire for sex, assets, power or knowledge. If single and looking, true, lifetime love has an excellent chance of arriving anytime before June 2023. (It’s particularly intense now to July 5, but luckier after.) Be sure not to chase only sex, or domination, as these will excite for awhile, but might prevent meeting true love. (At which you now — to mid-23 — have the best chance in 12 years.)

Same year ahead, hands-on work better than management. Beware the schemes of higher-ups, also for a year. Though relationships weaken mildly on the surface now, 3 possibles: 1) you “meet” on a deeper level, e.g., sex, or investment, or 2) grow even more affectionate, romantic, despite “resting awhile,” or 3) a new person enters. But these are all in the near-term (June/July/22) — in the long-run, year ahead, love grows, maybe hugely!

Be domestic Sun./Mon. — all’s well. Romance, creative urges and speculative/gambling surges fill Tues./Wed. (And a month of sweet coo-cooing starts.) Tackle chores Thurs. to Sat. — you’ll succeed, except perhaps at Saturday dawn (PDT). Saturday night — possible love, late.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

A month of hard work (and possible health complaints) ends Tuesday, when 4 weeks of relationships, exciting meetings, strong, clear decisions about relationships, opportunities and relocation themes enters. (Though in truth there will be lots of work for weeks ahead, too — but it’s more pleasant, talkative work.) For success, join up, reject super independence.

There has been a strong, but natural, emphasis on domestic affairs for the past month — this intensity will last to July 5, then “give way” to a much broader, much luckier domestic trend, lasting to May, 2023. This broader trend could “place you” in a bigger, better home, or bring a baby, or somehow promote happy endings in real estate, family, security zones. Same year ahead, opt for deep, true romance; forget “playing the field.”

Errands, paperwork, trips, visits, contacts, and communications fill Sun./Mon. — be curious, you could discover the cornerstone of a future success, security. Head for home, family Tues./Wed. — another good interval — start projects or prune the garden. Romance, a gambling urge, sports, games, beauty, pleasure and creative surges fill Thurs. to Sat. Retire early Saturday eve (PDT).

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Romantic notions of the past month tend to slide away now, Aquarius, as Tuesday starts a month of work and health/dietary concerns. For the year ahead: home is better than outside ambitions. Still, you’ll be restless, travelling everywhere until next May (’23) — meeting new people, exchanging info, reading about new subjects. Your curiosity will reward. (While travelling any time now to May ’23, you might look upon the town, even the very house, you might move to mid-2023 to mid-24.) Even though the main brunt of a romantic wave is over, the weeks ahead might appear even more romantic, as beauty, whispers, love talk pop up on a fair amount of days.

Chase money Sun./Mon. All’s well. Those errands, restless calls and trips fill Tues./Wed. If you make a new friend now, he/she will be a very pleasant, affectionate one. Head for home Thursday to Saturday — focus on nature, garden, nutrition, security, pets/kids, etc. Only avoid (at dawn Sat., PDT) being a “Debbie Downer.” Saturday night, romance!

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

On Tuesday a quiet month yields to four weeks of passion, Pisces. You aren’t really in a huge “true love” year, so this summer passion (it will last to mid-August) might be romantic, but it also might be purely, casually, sexual (with someone who doesn’t make your heart pound) or a creative time, or a speculative, sports, gaming or other “exciting hobby” interlude. Money continues to flow swiftly to you, but it also can flow away — to July 5. After this, to May 2023, your pockets will be lined with luck — somehow, $ will come! Maybe you sell a big item, maybe you get a solid pay raise, etc. For a year ahead, casual conversations will serve you better than any formal (legal) agreements.

Your energy and charisma leap up Sun./Mon. — enjoy attention, but don’t start anything important. (Start big projects Tuesday onward.) Money, income, possessions, casual sex and rote learning do well Tues./Wed. — you’ll succeed more smoothly the less you worry about the future and/or your social peers. (About midnight Wed., PDT.) Popularity, optimism, social delights enter Thursday to Sat. — but skip a late night Fri. or pre-dawn Sat. party.



I’ve stopped writing about politics, esp. in America, because the corruption is too dispiriting.

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CIVILIZATION: I’ve been reading a book lent to me by a friend in Montreal (never sure whether to name people in this column) titled “The Dawn of Everything” (Random House). It’s a difficult read; the authors are a bit scattered, and are not prose masters. But it’s worthwhile if you have any interest in how humanity developed, the macro-macro vision.

The most stunning thing, to me, was the revelation that villages, even cities, and towers and monoliths — and extensive trade routes — were established long before the dawn of agriculture — and that geometry was practised, and standardized measurements were employed. All this, while mammoths were still a main staple for meat. Another book, called, simply, “1491,” reveals that the American natives had cities larger than the European capitals at the time — Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, all were smaller than the indigenous cities in pre-Columbus North and Central America.