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*** All times / dates: Please remember that all time references (e.g., “dawn”) are PDTPacific DAYLIGHT Time zone. You can refer to the World Clock in the sidebar for more listings or Google ‘time zone converter’.

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START NOTHING: 7:38 pm Mon. to 4:53 am Tues., and 1:14 pm to 5:40 pm Thurs.


Look at the small “Start Nothing’s” — it’s going to be a busy, productive, eventful week, esp. around Tuesday, when many people might start a luck-dependent project.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Interactions are still gracious, affectionate, Aries. Your main focus lies on home, family, dependents, security, nutrition and Mother Nature — until late July, but esp. this Tues. to Thursday suppertime (PDT). Strong luck and drive here, so push ahead — but take care Thursday midday/afternoon. (Avoid arguments, power challenges this day.) You remain determined and brave about a project, pathway, adventure or whatever — good; soon, “wide” luck will come in to give this project or new path a major boost.

Remember, “daily money” more fortunate than investments; casual sex better than trying to grab the inner deep essence of someone. Both advisories last for a year ahead. Errands, casual contacts, communications and paperwork fill Sun./Mon. — a good interval, you’ll get lots done. But avoid secrets, gossip, Mon. Midweek is described above. Thursday eve through Saturday sprinkles “romantic dust” on you. Not an easy interval Friday night or Saturday — avoid confronting a VIP or boss, and avoid (self?)deception.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Errands, trips, communications, paperwork, new contacts — these busy, easy things fill the weeks ahead, Taurus. Be curious, ask questions. Protect yourself until July 5 — avoid belligerent people, “rough” places. (A success time if you’re a pro athlete.) Now, but more from July 5 to mid-2023, your prospects improve strongly in management, admin, civil service, committee or charity work — such areas can be a financial and/or emotional “gold mine.” Your income swells a bit now to mid-July — good time to buy a luxury item, or a love “token.”

Chase money, buy/sell Sun./Mon. — all’s good, but avoid friends’ advice late Mon. Those errands, communications, etc. become prominent Tuesday morn to suppertime Thursday (PDT). Great progress — but stop, think Thursday midday/afternoon: is there a line you shouldn’t cross? (Someone’s not on your side.) Steer toward home Thursday night through Sat.  — not an easy interval, so be ready to fix things, to show your best diplomatic side. Avoid plumbing, electrical projects. Hug the kids!

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The weeks ahead emphasize money, coming and going, Gemini. Buy, sell, attend garage sales, mail invoices, etc. Good time to learn anything by rote. You might be offered “casual sex.” Your charisma and romantic “aura” pop up now to late-mid July, attracting others — and allowing you to be gracious, mellow.

You have big hopes, Gemini, now to next spring — good, fortunate hopes with great chances of coming true. They might involve relocation, marriage/partnership, and/or a public (or distant, miles-wise) opportunity. This one ingredient — optimism — will attract friends, perhaps a whole new social circle. Now to mid-2023 is the best time in over a decade to join a new group, one that can benefit you for many years.

Your energy and charisma shine Sun./Mon. Charge ahead! (In almost anything — follow your dreams.) Pursue money, a pay raise, buy/sell, etc., Tuesday morning to Thursday suppertime (PDT). One caution, Thursday midday: avoid arguments, machinery and financial actions. Errands, friends, paperwork, trips, calls fill Thursday night through Sat. Thursday night’s lucky, beautiful, but Fri./Sat. Are challenging, deceptive, nervous. Friday might say: “You don’t have enuf money to pursue that dream.”

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

You’re at the top of your game, Cancer! (Or soon will be, as the weeks unfold.) Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness — and timing — are superb right now. This is your time to start significant projects, to state your case, to pursue what/who attracts you. Your career (and ambitions) are intense (but fortunate?) now to July 5 — after this, to next May, your luck here explodes. More than one Cancer will get a promotion! Your inner life, inner thoughts, are active until mid-July — a good time to deal with gov’t, the tax man, head office, charities or spiritual orgs.

Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan Sun./Mon. All’s good — but avoid legal, academic, cultural (film) involvements Monday night. Your energy bursts through Tuesday morning to suppertime Thurs. (PDT) — re-read the first 4 sentences of your message. Though you would win it, avoid a disagreement Thursday — might impact your future. This night (and Friday morning) is very fortunate for ambitious moves, but both Fri. and Sat. hold obstacles, even dangers for those who heedlessly advance. Main problem: income. Secondary: gossip, nerves.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Time to retreat, Leo. Go within, rest, contemplate. Seek out charitable and spiritual orgs, and liaise with the gov’t. Do background work, research, enhance security. Plan your future. A legal, far travel, cultural, media or academic “river” (it’s just a creek but will grow wider to May 2023) looms, holds many rewards for you. If single, you might wed. Foreign people, other countries will hold your attention. Many optimistic clues float around you — some delivered by a quick, attractive person.

Sunday/Monday highlight this — new friends, new hopes and vistas — but DO NOT invest, esp. Mon. That weariness, that contemplative mood swells Tuesday morn to suppertime Thurs. Good until about midday Thursday, when arguments or “rejection of authority” could occur — careful! This night and early Friday spark lucky opportunities — and your charisma, energy rise nicely. But traps fill Fri./Sat. — possible job problem (with ethics, law?) financial deception, partnership unease. Proceed carefully!

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

A nice social trend flows through the few weeks ahead, Virgo. You’ll feel optimistic, popular and  interested in others. Make and accept invitations. Your more private world (sex/lust, power, financial commitments/investments, medical procedures) is roaring along. Be moral, avoid extra-marital follies. This sex/finances/medical/lifestyle zeitgeist is strong and lasts to May, 2023. It could change your life — for the better. Bosses favour you until July 17. For the year ahead: profound thoughts, far travel favour you more than short trips, daily news, etc.

Your ambitions come into clear focus Sun./Mon. — you’ll succeed, if you gently reject “help.” A swift social uptick comes Tuesday to Thursday suppertime. (Re-read first 3 sentences above, “A nice social…”) Only caution: daytime Thursday, when argument or “inability to grab” something trips you up — do not invest. (But good luck in investments Thursday night and Friday morning. You’ll be tired, but successful. In fact, you’ll be weary through Saturday. Be cautious Fri/Sat., Virgo: difficult finances/investments/debt, sexual rejection, argument, deception — any and all possible. Next week’s better!

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The main focus lies on ambition for the weeks ahead, Libra — on career, prestige relations, worldly status. This zone will be highlighted Tuesday morning to suppertime Thursday — success certain if you can avoid an argument or falling out, daytime Thurs. But another, perhaps larger development lies before you, in relations, love, marriage, business partnerships. If you’re unattached, someone you meet or rejoin with late May to July 5 is a strong prospect to be the one you wed, co-habit with, whatever, before the next 10 months pass. Your world is opening with opportunities, some of them “public,” some of them at a distance.

Your intellectual side, active lately, picks up the trail again, and finds its mental focus. A Gemini might “awaken you” to new realms of thought and love — perhaps Sun./Mon., when you’re thoughtful, insightful. Eat, drink sensibly Monday night. For midweek, read the first sentences above. (“The main focus…”) Thursday eve through Saturday brings popularity, optimism, joie-de-vivre, social delights, even happiness — but not good luck.

(Actually, there is great good luck late Thursday night and Friday morning/noonish. But all turns to caution warnings Friday night (dispute with a “partner” over children or home, where to live) and Saturday (possible deception, nerves, rejection). So enjoy the mood, but forgo significant action.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Humanity, international themes, far travel, legal, cultural and philosophical themes — and gentle love — surround you for the weeks ahead, Scorpio. These will be highlighted Tuesday to Thursday, mostly fortunately (be wary of argument or rejection Thursday daytime). You’ll hardly have time to think, actually, as work will be demanding — and might grow for 10 more months. (Don’t groan, this will be quite fortunate work, well-rewarded — insist on that.)

Your luck is growing in sexual intimacy and finances (and research) until late July. Sunday/Monday tempt you toward these — fortunately, if you can avoid romance, gambling or “being creative.” Tuesday to Thursday is described above. Thursday eve through Saturday plunks you down at home. Hug the family, be a “benevolent ruler.” Thursday night and Friday morning offer some good luck here, but the rest of this interval is prone to squabbles, potential accident. Be careful with plumbing/water, fire, machines and deceptive talkers.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The weeks ahead highlight the hidden recesses of your personality, your life and needs/urges. This period will offer secrets, investments, debt, and “deep sex.” (The kind from which babies can emerge.) Be ethical, strictly avoid chasing (or accepting) someone who’s already attached. It’s a time commitment and consequence… which can be a good thing financially.

This trend rises to the surface Tuesday morning to Thursday suppertime (PDT) — fortunately, except at the very end, when romance-shaking argument and money disagreement can occur Thursday daytime. (These can be carried on into Friday/Sat., too. My advice: protect your love from “battle royals.”) Remember, this is a HUGE romantic (or creative, sports, games, teaching) year ahead, into May 2023. But it might have to confront, tangle with “dying elements” of your life, such as old money patterns.

Earlier, Sunday/Monday, relationships confront you — in a good way! Be diplomatic, avoid home-based problems. Tuesday to Thursday is described above. Thursday night through Saturday brings gentle love, International affairs, legal, academic, media and cultural interests. But this last interval has two sides: very lucky Thursday night, Friday morning; then, difficult Thursday eve through Sat. — again, protect romance, avoid arguments.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Exciting meetings hover in the weeks ahead, Cap. Relationships, opportunities, public dealings, relocation themes will fill the days. At the same time, your domestic arena, family, real estate, etc., is “fired up” — so you might be working hard on a new garden, a pool, or you might make an agreement to improve, sell or buy property, furniture, etc. — or you might disagree. Whatever happens, don’t abandon this property theme, as it can grow large and profitable over the 10 months ahead. Work grows increasingly easy, co-workers become friendly, even affectionate until late July.

Tackle chores Sunday/Monday — you’ll get a lot done, but shy away from water/plumbing Monday. Those relationships and opportunities grow Tuesday to suppertime Thursday (PDT) — good luck here, but pull back Thursday, when argument or subtle romantic/social rejection floats in the air.

Thursday night through Saturday brings mysteries, consequential finances, debt/investment, sexual desire, power plays. Research your actions well, then act — Thursday night or Friday morning. Friday night brings argument, rejection, or simply life’s refusal to let everything flow easily for you. Be wary of real estate, domestic demands, social barriers, deception (esp. in work zones) right into Saturday.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

A romantic month is fading now, Aquarius, but a lot remains; love will be sweet until July 17. A Gemini or Libran might be involved. Still, life takes a turn toward work and health concerns for the few weeks ahead. You might also buy tools, machinery before late July. For the year ahead (to July 2023) you will benefit more from focusing on real estate, home, family and “retreat” than on career and similar “outside” ambitions.

Sunday/Monday are like a love bomb (tho’ more inclining more toward stability than intensity) — even if you’re married, the earth looks beautiful, children charm, and pleasures beckon. Travel, conversations grow more frequent until next May. Tackle chores Tuesday morning to suppertime Thursday (PDT) — eat, dress sensibly, as you could catch cold, even in summertime. Watch your legs.

All goes well until Thursday, when disagreement or alienation could frustrate you. Be diplomatic, patient. Thursday eve through Saturday brings relationships, opportunities, exciting new horizons. These welcome you with lucky arms Thursday eve to Friday morning, but that’s it. By Friday night, and into Saturday, diplomacy is very necessary, as disagreements, deception and rejection are rife.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Ah, romance! (And beauty, pleasure, creative and risk-taking urges, charming children — all fill the month ahead, Pisces.) Your home has grown a bit more active lately, and it becomes affectionate, rejuvenating now to late July. (This hints that your romantic “object” might be nearby — a few houses down?) Money still needs care, alertness: more than usual comes to you, but until July 5, as much or more might leave you, too. From July to next May, your chances of a major lucky $ event are at a decade high. This can come from sales, a pay raise, etc. — not so much from investments.

Be home, hug the kids, rest, garden, go hiking, Sun./Mon. All’s well. That romantic influence drifts in Tuesday morning, swells to Thursday suppertime (PDT). Tues./Wed. are fine here, but Thursday daytime collapses into competition or argument — keep your money close. Thursday eve through Saturday brings mysteries, depths, subconscious promptings (what we call intuition) investments/debts, strong sexual urges, perhaps medical demands. These meet good luck Thurs. night and Friday morning, but the rest of Friday, and Saturday, are difficult — DON’T risk $ or reputation.



We really are the dumbest of species. I remember reading an article once that claimed scientific backing. This article stated that the average human being spent, I don’t know, eight hours per day in survival mode: obtaining and eating food, and finding/creating safe shelter, etc., whereas the average lion or tiger spent something like 2 1/2 hours per day.

When I look at the trees, at the leaves shivering in the June wind, but also basking in warmth, as the bright sun bathes every leaf in mild, day-long ecstasy. That tree has 2000 – 10,000 leaves. We only have two arms and a large face to capture the sun. How much different, to live in a spring and summer of constant ecstasy. The trees, trunk and limbs, must delight in the pleasure of growth. With their arms uplifted, they always seem to be dancing (to God’s music).

Courage is like a syrup. 50 years ago David Bowie went trans. It took 50 years for that consciousness and courage to seep through to us common people, and finally now everybody’s clapping for trans.

The economy: technology tends to be deflationary. And usually it would be a force against the inflation that we are now suffering. However, as I was implying a few columns ago, technology is undergoing two major influencers: one, Saturn is holding it back, technology in general, from development until early March 2023. And two, Pluto moves into Aquarius in the very same month, late March 2023. This will begin two decades of massive development in tech. It’s a natural, organic process that a massive or significant and ubiquitous transformation or change should be preceded by a sort of rest, like a nap before an afternoon of work.

Seen negatively, the theme is stagnation in tech until next March, leaving inflation free to romp over the land.

Speaking of Pluto, our contemporary Pluto era is the last in a series of many eras, The last of a mega era. So a certain restfulness or lassitude has overtaken us since this present era started in November, 1983. Space exploration slowed and shrank. The internet, the personal computer, atomic power and bombs, even the cell/mobile (barely) occurred before November 1983. What has occurred since then? Little. So, in conclusion high tech will be restricted or hobbled until March 2023, and this stagnant period will precede a brave New World in technology — one maybe so powerful that it will wipe out many of the present techno companies. For example, Meta (Facebook) will either crash and die, or become a standard bearer for the “new tech.” (Despite the 2023-2043 explosion of new tech, our era will always be seen as an expiring, resting, lazy, diminishing one — and this “recognition” will become stronger as the era matures. And it will be followed, 2229 AD onward, by huge advances in psychic zones, rather than techno-zones.