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ALL SIGNS: Don’t begin a love affair this week.

On another note: I have had Covid for 2 weeks, just recovering now. So please wait a week or two to ask for readings. And the few who have requested and I’ve not answered, please be patient. I’ll be answering soon.



aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Still busy, Aries! In fact, the pace quickens. Here, there and everywhere — calls, trips, information, curiosity, paperwork. Casual intimacy available. The year ahead has 2 features: great good luck, esp. in far travel, legal, cultural, academic and love zones; and a need to be careful with finances, investments (and sex, if you don’t want pregnancy).

Sunday night starts mysteriously, but an insight or inspiration sails you gently into those travel, academic, cultural and love zones this afternoon (PDT) to Tuesday afternoon. Sunday eve, Monday best. Your prestige, ambition, career and worldly status zone lights up Tuesday eve to Thursday afternoon. Don’t force things Wednesday (though your impulsive headlong style might endear you to a higher-up) — this night into Thursday offers success if you avoid management, reject fanciful illusion.

Friendship, flirtation, popularity, optimism and wish fulfillment characterize Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. DON’T start a new, serious love relationship this week.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Continue to follow the money, Taurus. A good time to seek a pay raise, collect debts (and pay them). You might contemplate a new, perhaps big, possession. Do what you want to do — satisfy yourself, rather than buy to impress someone. You still radiate an allure that draws the opposite sex, for 2 more weeks. Avoid belligerent people and “dark alleys” until July 5. The months ahead favour you strongly in management, policy and governmental areas.

Sunday’s for relationships, but by this afternoon (PDT) and lasting to Tuesday afternoon, links turn deeper, into sex, or major finances, into commitment territory. A good, fortunate interval, if you reject wishful thinking. Tuesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon brings wisdom, mellow understanding, philosophy and potential travel, contracts, cultural involvements — and love. Difficult before Wednesday afternoon, better then on. Don’t mix friends and money (all week). (Don’t start a love affair this week, either.)

Be ambitious Thursday afternoon to Saturday. Luck’s mixed here, but you’ll end with success!

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Your energy and charisma remain high, Gemini. This is the time to pursue goals, to start projects and gain allies/followers. (But DON’T start a love affair, nor a creative project this week.) At last, you can say what you want, you find the words. You might be harbouring a soft spot for someone not usually in your sphere, or who represents a “retreat.” This won’t last too long.

Your social contacts will be increasing, esp. until July 5, but really all year ahead. Your path to good luck, to potential love, lies “through a group” — so start joining up. Don’t let Covid hold you back. (But better if you start such a thing next week, not this one.)

Sunday starts with chores, but soon takes flight into relationships, opportunities and relocation themes — until Tuesday afternoon (PDT). Make a new friend. Twenty-five years of difficult relationships will end, soon. Sexual temptations, major finances, lifestyle changes and medical procedures emerge Tuesday pm to Thursday afternoon — be cautious until late afternoon Wednesday, then push forward.

Love of a gentle, intellectual kind drifts in Thursday eve to Saturday. Great time to communicate, travel or plunge into cultural venues.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Continue to lie low, Cancer. Rest, watch, contemplate, seek advice and plan. Data and “secrets” previously unavailable become accessible now. Someone might blurt out a secret. Avoid competition, “public” appearances. Friends remain not only loyal, but sweetly so. Your ambition, prestige and career efforts might meet impatience and temperament from higher-ups until early July, but you can also make good progress here — and from July to next spring, your career prospects soar! A promotion, even two, might be on the horizon.

Sunday starts with love, attraction, but soon turns to work, as chores draw you until mid-afternoon Tuesday (PDT). You’ll get things done with dispatch, but stay away from legal, academic or international zones (applies through Thursday). Relationships fill Tuesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon — a rough go until Wednesday suppertime (so be diplomatic, don’t push) but then onward, success comes. (DON’T start a love affair this week.)

Lust, depth, commitment, financial actions, research, medical procedures — these swell up Thursday afternoon to Sat. A mostly successful interval. Saturday eve brings wisdom, calm, gentle love.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Wishes can still come true, Leo! Be social, happy, optimistic — you popularity and luck are high! A new friend might enter. Bosses still favour you, so take advantage — visit them, schmooze, put forward your plans and goals. Intensely until July, but generously and luckily until next spring, you will meet great good fortune if you plunge into one or more of the following: law, international affairs, far travel, cultural rituals (e.g., weddings), higher education, philosophy, religion, publishing/media, statistic, insurance and science — and love. (DON’T start or press a love affair this week, though. Nor will sex be automatic or easily achieved.)

After a sluggish start, Sunday afternoon (PDT) to Tuesday afternoon brings a strong streak of romance, creativity and “adventure in pleasure.” Plunge in. Tackle chores Tuesday eve to Thursday afternoon. Eat, dress sensibly. Difficult until Wednesday suppertime, then smooth success. Avoid drugs, alcohol, lust and “dumb investments.” Thursday pm to Saturday holds an exciting meeting, possible “partnering” on a project. Opportunities are mixed with closed doors. Saturday night, think deeply for answers.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The accent remains on ambition, worldly standing and career, Virgo. The action intensifies here. Your “outlook” remains benevolent, affectionate: you understand and love “the world.” (But DON’T start a new love affair this week — and in general work alone, don’t seek co-operation, also all week.)

Until July 5, you can feel impelled toward deeper waters: sexual intimacy, financial commitment, lifestyle changes, medical concerns, research and investigation. Be brave, march into one or more of these areas. Now to next spring, these can reward hugely. Many Virgos will go from rags to riches! An Aries or Sagittarius might play a key role.

Sunday starts active, talkative, but soon veers into a “stay put” or domestic influence until Tuesday afternoon (PDT). (A good interval for those financial, medical, life-style actions.) Romantic feelings rise (as do creative urges) Tuesday pm to Thursday afternoon. But events are against you until Wednesday suppertime, so act after this. Work yields more than love this interval — and the next one, Thursday afternoon to Saturday. (You can get a tremendous amount done Thursday pm.) Saturday night, late, you can finally reach some rapport with a partner.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The emphasis remains on intellectual expansion, Libra — on gentle love, understanding, law, learning, culture, publishing/media, far travel, etc. Actually, “gentle love” might be a misnomer, as love “splits” now. On one hand, sexual intimacy is sweet, soft, deep. But face-to-face attraction is powerful, intense, argumentative maybe, hot, sparks. This influence lasts to July 5, at which point the intensity dissolves, but the attraction grows, right into next spring. (DO NOT start a love affair — nor new employment — this week.)

After a pleasant “noon” (PDT) errands, trips, calls, paperwork spur you into action — until Tuesday afternoon. All’s good — charge ahead. Home, kids, property, security, garden and nutrition, nature are highlighted Tuesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon. Be careful up to Wednesday suppertime — you’ll succeed after that. Romance swells Thursday eve to Saturday, but sex and romance don’t mix — start nothing. But a lovely interlude might come Thursday eve (with a Gemini?). Protect health, eat sensibly, late Sat. night.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The accent continues on your favourite subjects, Scorpio: sex, power, financial actions, medical procedures, investigation, secrets, intuition and the subconscious. Basically, you’re in a situation of commitment and consequence — or get out. No in-between. Others treat you with grace and goodwill. A Taurus might be specially alluring. (But DON’T start a new practical partnership or love attraction this week, nor pursue romance.)

A very significant streak is affecting your work — it’s been intense for several weeks, and will continue so until July 5. But this is like the first stage booster rocket — the valuable capsule, the big flight, will last to next spring. Work will expand, perhaps hugely, and every bit will be rewarded (mostly with money).

You start Sunday with energy and confidence, which carries you into Tuesday afternoon on a boat of earnings luck. Tuesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon brings errands, paperwork, trips, communications — light, swift work. Be careful until Wednesday suppertime, then charge ahead (into Thursday). Home, family, property, security, nutrition and mom nature fill Thursday afternoon to Saturday. Luck’s mostly good here, so dig in — but don’t depend on spouse, others, to help.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Relationships, opportunities, opposition, public dealings and relocation themes continue to dominate, Sage. Be diplomatic, and be eager to join someone else’s project if it looks like a winner. Your work remains rewarding — almost an escape from more prickly issues. (That’s okay — hands-on work is a bit of a salvation for you until July 2023.) Despite the accent on relationships, DO NOT start a new love affair/attraction this week (unless you like emotional disappointment). Stick with one met before May 28. (Yes, even years before!)

This week is actually the end of this warning, which is good, because romance is growing more intense until July 5, and after that, expands — perhaps to fill your whole world in a magnificent, happy way— until next spring. Don’t waste this year ahead, Sage. If you’re married, the happiness can also include kids, creative projects and sports/games.

Sunday starts tired, sluggishly. But this afternoon to Tuesday afternoon injects you with energy, charisma, confidence and excellent timing. Charge ahead, start something! Pursue money, buy/sell, memorize something, Tuesday pm to Thursday afternoon. Caution before Wednesday suppertime — then dive in, Thursday too. Thursday afternoon to Saturday features communications, trips, paperwork, errands, etc. You’ll get ‘em done. Possible significant message, conversation, Wednesday eve.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Your last week of drudgery, Cap. It has been, and will be for awhile, relieved by a streak of romance. (Or an absorbing creative/inventive/speculative “hobby.”) But DON’T start a new love/attraction this week. (You yourself would destroy it later, and wonder how, why?)

Your home, family, real estate, your security, are filled with intensity, drive  and determination until July 5 — but this is only “preparation” for the huge expansion, luck, that will fill this domestic zone until next spring. Start thinking about buying/selling a home in the months to come.

Sunday starts bright-eyed, but this afternoon to Tuesday afternoon brings a sluggish feeling. Nap, contemplate, rest, plan your future, and seek advice. All’s well. Your energy and charisma, clout and timing rise Tuesday eve to Thursday afternoon. Charge ahead, start things — but don’t waste time on errands, travel, talking. Chase money Thursday pm to Saturday — Thursday best.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

One more week of romance, creative flow, speculative optimism and general joie-de-vivre, Aquarius. (Don’t start a new love or attraction this week. You’d tire of this person’s “slowness.” Don’t chase money, either, nor spend big.) You’ll be running around everywhere in the year ahead: get a start on major errands, communications now to July — a kind of launch-ramp to the rest of the year ahead. Be curious, ask questions.

A place you see in your travels might become your new home in 23/24. Your home remains sweet, a rejuvenating respite from the world. (This only lasts to the middle of next week, but the entire 13 months ahead gently reward you in domestic zones.)

Sunday might begin with “pressure to perform” but by this afternoon — to Tuesday afternoon (PDT) — a social, happy, optimistic, flirty mood takes over. A wish might come true. Retreat, lie low and rest, contemplate and plan Tuesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon. Protect yourself, keep a low profile before Wednesday suppertime: your words can get you in trouble. After this, success is available. Seek advice. (Capricorn, Taurus give the best now.)

Your energy and attractiveness blossom Thursday afternoon to Saturday. Get out, see and be seen, start significant projects. You’re a winner in love Thursday; not so much Saturday.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The emphasis still lies on home, children, security, real estate, nutrition and mother nature, Pisces. In fact, the pace quickens now. Paper arrives, perhaps from the gov’t, applying to your home. (Excellent time to apply for gov’t heating or renovation grants, etc.) But you won’t be tied to home, as pleasant trips/visits call you.

Your income has intensified lately, and will remain strong to July 5, then might bulge hugely with a bonus, winning, pay raise, sale of a big item, whatever. Could happen right now, or any time before mid-May 2023. One warning: your debt(s) might also expand hugely — watch this. Avoid indiscriminate spending. If you’re single, “casual” sex possible with a higher-up.

Sunday begins with mellow, gentle reflection, but soon turns to a more ambitious, active, pressurized approach — until Tuesday afternoon (PDT). You’ll succeed, so charge ahead. Your popularity, optimism and sociability rise swiftly (but lightly) Tuesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon. Be careful (esp. with money) to Wednesday suppertime; act after this.

Retreat from the bustling crowd Thursday afternoon to Saturday. Lie low, rest, plan, contact gov’t or head office, seek advice and be charitable. A Virgo or Gemini is a fine companion Thursday. Saturday eve, your energy and charisma surge upward. DON’T start a new love affair/attraction this week.



It makes me sad: Fox News has begun censoring information. It is beginning to become a propaganda station, like cnn, abc, nbc, abc, ny times, wapo, etc. At least Google lets you access most stories, the ones that these legacy stations — and now, sadly, Fox — hide or ignore.

Did you know that the New York Times was founded by a family of slave-owners and slave traders? (And is still owned by their descendants?) Most of the “woke” movement in the U.S. is racist… not a surprise when you consider its roots. (The NY Times has been one of the foremost pushers of woke ideology — this newspaper’s creation of the false “1619 Project” was a seminal launch of wokism.)

I’m getting really tired of all the back-and-forth in the US. I wish they would just have a war and start shooting each other and have artillery and bombs and everything else, and get it to hell over with. It just gets so boring after a while.

Life is essentially good. Mankind tends to advance (at least technologically) over time. So essentially, optimists stand roughly in the flow of destiny/life, and pessimists tend to counter that flow. (Look around: pessimists tend to lose; those who resent lose even more. But optimists tend to meet “good luck,” and those who raise this to hope, desire, and happy expectation, tend to gain even more.)

This has an odd tie-in to the biblical myth of original sin. If we did not sin, did not eat of the apple of knowledge, we would have lived in paradise (though the procreation futures seemed a bit misty to me). The concept of original sin (that we, everyone, for infinity, carry the guilt of having chosen knowledge over bliss) seems almost designed to promote pessimism. If you start already a notch behind, who should be cheerful, optimistic?

St. Augustine said: (*) “we rebelled against God” (by eating the apple of knowledge) “and God’s judgement was to cause our own desires to rebel against our rational good sense; our punishment for original sin is the infinity of our new desires.” 

Knowledge cannot end, for it is the king of desires; every desire ultimately becomes a search. So God wanted us to stay in the state of tigers and monkeys and ants and centipedes: without conscious thought, but with prime instinctive actions/reactions. The question for God then becomes: Why bother? You have thousands of other dumb beasts. Why do you give humans a high intelligence and ingenious skill potential, then demand that they stay as mute and unconscious as tigers and frogs?

What’s in it for you, God? (Of course we have to remember that this original sin myth was written in the Bible, by humans — probably by a very bitter human who wanted all mankind forever to be cursed.) (BTW, a much better story is told by the prophet [Zephaniah or Zechariah, can’t remember which] who foresaw that when mankind reached the Moon and could turn night into day (football stadium lights, anyone?) that God would let us go, in a good way, as parents let their 20-year old go out into the world to make his/her own life. As this prophet said: at that time, “Everyone will be a priest.” By this he meant we would all be “next to God” — a prerequisite to angel-hood.

(*) Quote is of a paraphrase in “The Dawn of Everything,” page 139.)


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      Hi, Richard,

      I only predict what I predict. About 3 (?) months ago I forecast a fall in tech stocks/Nasdaq, and the course of this index over the next 2 years. And Bitcoin’s weakness, forecast to occur May ’22 to May ’23 (and its recovery, after mid-’23). I discussed a recession, but not deeply. Think it will be lighter than the 2000 one.


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