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Do one thing: watch “2000 Mules.”


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The accent continues on errands, communications, contacts, paperwork — and curiosity. (This last could be most important.) Your money/income luck remains mildly high. You can feel the determination, the wisdom and self-confidence, and the optimism about your future — all justified! This will be one of the most fortunate years of your life. Plan an international trip, or a school program, or a publishing venture, or a wedding…! New friends not likely to appear now before October, so stick with those you know.

Sunday’s romantic, but there might be a wee communication/travel problem. To work, Monday to dawn Wed. (PDT — almost noon EDT). You’ll get a lot done. Dress, eat sensibly, seasonably. Careful with water (plumbing, etc.). Relationships fill Wednesday to mid-afternoon Friday. Expect an exciting meeting — actually, more a “seductive moment.”

If you’ve had problems in relations/marriage/love since 1971, realize that destiny is still against you until March 2023 — only! After this, you get 20 years of joy and deep success in relationships, and will not, in this lifetime, have to suffer these difficulties again (unless you live to 2070 or so). Sexual desire, financial “openings,” research, lifestyle and medical decisions fill Friday afternoon through Sat. You might have a sudden attraction, but in this and finances, “future oriented” caution is needed.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Look for the money, Taurus. This is not your strongest suit this year, but it is in June, so don’t waste time! You remain physically and emotionally attractive. Athletes who have Taurus rising will tend to excel now to early July. But for most Taureans the same period needs care to avoid physical dangers (aggressive people) but also offers success in management, civil service or “policy” work/positions. (That last, success in management, etc., pertains not just to July, but to May 2023. Prepare your resume to seek new, better positions.)

Spend Sunday at home, with family, in nature, or at a good, full table (of food, of course). Don’t talk too much. Romance calls Monday to early morning Wed. (PDT). A pretty good interval, not splendid, but affectionate. Tackle chores Wednesday to midday Friday. A good interval, you’ll get a lot done! Careful if buying tools, machines: probably ok, but there’s a snag Friday morning.

This afternoon through Saturday sparks exciting meetings, opportunities, mutually beneficial partnerships or agreements. Be diplomatic — others have the aces. This could start a very significant relationship, perhaps life mating. Be assertive yet calm.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

You’re on top, Gemini! Your energy, charisma, clout, effectiveness and timing couldn’t be better. Charge ahead, escape the indecision of past weeks. Start projects, relationships, crucial purchases or moves. Your relations with gov’t, head office and/or institutions improves — even the tax man treats you with friendliness. You might also dally with someone you know you shouldn’t be with (in the long run). Still a bit of reluctance to express yourself fully. That’s okay — next week you’ll speak up (that’s good).

Until May 2023, your popularity, optimism, joy in living, will grow gangbusters. Join at least one new group, club — it will benefit you for a decade. Friendly romance almost certain if you’re single, could lead to marriage. This trend is intensified now to early July.

Sunday’s for errands, calls, trips. One of these will frustrate you, but it’s a pleasant day. Head for home Monday to about 8 am Wed. (PDT — 11 am EDT, 4 pm Britain, etc.) A good, productive interval — but get some rest also. Snooze in the sunshine. Romance (and creative, speculative surges, beauty, pleasure, sports) swells Wednesday to midday Friday — challenging Wed., successful Thurs.

To work Friday afternoon through the weekend. Eat, dress sensibly. You could learn a secret, or stumble upon “just the right” job. Expect surprises. Great for seeking employment.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Lie low, Cancer. Rest, meditate, observe and plan your future. Deal with gov’t, head office, medical people, advisors, spiritual and charity orgs. You remain hopeful, and good friends support you. Your ambitions, career, worldly standing are very likely to explode upward at some point before May 2023. This trend grows intense now to early July, but make sure you please the boss (who’s impatient) and don’t step on any toes. (By 2023, you’ll stop making enemies — the end of a 15 year tendency!)

Pursue money, buy/sell Sunday, but stick to routine — and don’t mix money and friends. Errands, calls, paperwork, trips fill Monday to Wednesday morning. Push ahead — you’ll get a lot done. Wednesday morning to midday Friday pulls you toward children, home, land, security and rest. Lots of luck, opportunity in this interval, but let caution reign Fri.

Romantic notions, beauty, pleasure flow in Friday afternoon, Saturday. Despite your low energy and charisma, destiny might “show you” the one, or the path to the one — life mate, that is.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Celebrate life and love, Leo — you’re popular now, embraced by friends. Issue and accept invitations. Flirting prevails! (In fact, if single, someone you flirt with in June, early July, could become a “permanent fixture” — even a wedding partner — by May 2023 at the latest. True love, quite possible this year ahead, could occur any time, anywhere along the path to next spring.)

If you’re attached, you and your mate should hold and attend gatherings of compatible souls. Life spells FUN in big letters! Bosses like you in June — take advantage, angle for a promotion or pay raise. (Subtly, softly, tho. There’s no rush, as your big year for promotion will be mid-2023 to mid-2024.)

Your energy and charisma are tops Sunday — enjoy, without chaining yourself to a goal. Chase $, buy/sell, hug a “casual attraction,” or memorize something Monday to Wednesday morning. Good results, esp. Mon. (Tho’ you might not see the results for some weeks.) Caution with investments, debt — could be an opportunity, could be just deception.

Errands, easy chores, paperwork, communications, trips and curiosity arrive Wednesday morning to midday Friday. All’s well, charge ahead — but pull back Friday morning. This afternoon and Saturday shunt you toward home, rest, family, contemplation — a certain benevolent destiny is offered. Many surprises Saturday — enjoy them rather than be put off.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The general accent lies on ambition, career, prestige relations and worldly standing, Virgo. Legal, academic, travel and cultural involvements yield rewards until late June. Expect someone to talk, talk, talk in one of these zones. Major things are developing beneath the surface, which can lead you to sexual or financial lures (in some cases to a lifestyle change or a medical procedure). These sub-surface trends are impulsive, “urgent” or hot — but also fortunate overall — until July 5.

After July 5, to May 2023, these zones will expand to bring even more good fortune. My advice: invest, seek intimacy, research, even be willing to change your whole life. (Pregnancy, finally, for those wishing it.) (“Invest” — you could easily double your assets. But be Virgo: discriminating.)

Lie low, rest and contemplate Sunday. Plan your future. Your energy and charisma surge upward Monday to just past dawn Wed. A superb interval — you’ll succeed, so start something significant. Remember (esp. in love) others can have other desires. Chase $, buy/sell, memorize, hug a casual love, Wednesday to early afternoon Fri. Again, a good interval. Friday shows you the path to loneliness, and the path to wisdom, to “communicate love.” Late Friday and Sat. bring “happy surprises” (but not much depth).

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The main accent, Libra, falls on your mental vision, on understanding, wisdom, legal, cultural, publishing, academic and far travel involvements — and love. This year ahead can easily introduce you to a splendid life-mate. It’s up to you to say “Yes,” perhaps even to pursue. Until early July, others are assertive, even aggressive, but the relationship streak has begun. Sex — and investments — are favoured until June 22. (June 7, 8 and 10 [late], 13, and 20-22 stand out.)

Sunday’s for social happiness, but some wee friction. Retreat to quietude, sleep, plan, meditate Monday to morning commute Wednesday. Lots of things go well — invest late Monday (before 9 pm PDT). Your energy pops up Wednesday morning to early afternoon Fri. Your charisma will attract others, you can use your clout, get your way. Good time to start anything except domestic, property things. Could be the start of love!

Chase money, buy/sell, hug someone, memorize a list or computer process Friday pm, Sat. A surprise in store Sat. — intriguing meeting?

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Life’s depths continue to rise to the surface, Scorpio. This heightens your intuition (stronger, more accurate than logic now) and inclines you toward financial and/or sexual goals/desires. Dive into research, financial opportunities, and someone’s arms (if you’re both unattached). Relationships are sweet, affectionate until June 22 — even the store clerk smiles, winks. If an old flame returned in the last few weeks, now is the time to develop it.

But you’re going to be very busy, also, almost hectically until early July, then in an expansive, lucky way to next spring (’23). Good time to seek employment, or to hire others. Plan a major vehicle or machine purchase in the months ahead. Sunday’s for prestige, worldly status. A wish could come true Monday to morning commuting time (8:20 am PDT) Wed. You’ll be popular, optimistic, friendly — and happy! Romance might face a “technical stumble.” (Don’t ask me what that means.)

Retreat from the hustle Wednesday morning to early afternoon Friday. Nap, regather your nerves, physical strength and mind. Plan your future. Liaise with head office, gov’t, or institutions. Your energy and charisma bounce back Friday pm through Saturday — expect some surprises, exciting meetings or “open doors.” You could meet love — or a sexual partner.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The main accent lies on relationships, Sage. It’s a wide world out there, and June is your month to race out to meet opportunities. Be diplomatic, don’t “create” competitors or enemies. Your work place and work mates are sweet and pleasant — and are good, wise companions/advisors for the next 13 months.

But the real emotional adventure lies ahead: now to spring 2023 your romantic, creative and “gaming” luck will be high, perhaps very high. This romantic trend will be most intense now to early July. (And better, in the short range, before June 21.)

Sunday’s mellow, wise, loving — avoid new starts, esp. in relationships. Be ambitious Monday to about 8 am PDT Wed. Ask family, spouse to be patient — you have worlds to conquer. Success probable. Your popularity, optimism and flirtatiousness “wake up” Wednesday morning to early afternoon Fri. Again, a good interval — a wish could come true. Chase $, buy/sell, memorize something or hug someone Friday pm , Saturday. Expect surprising conditions at work or while doing chores Sat. — could be happy surprises!

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The main emphasis remains on work and daily health, Cap. A nice romantic thread winds its way through June — chatty now, snuggly later. Your domestic situation is intense, impetuous to early July, but also lucky, right to May, 2023. I urge you to buy real estate (sell and then buy a home, also) or otherwise focus on increasing security, building a swimming pool, clearing land, new furniture, new baby, etc. for the 11 months ahead. (Or work on increasing your security at work, your base, sales territory or “launching pad.”)

In some ways, May-to-May, ’22 to ’23, will be remembered as the time you started a new, fruitful stage of life. Sunday’s for secrets, delving deep — but make sure the info you find is correct. A mellow, understanding mood flows over you Monday to about 8 am (PDT) Wednesday. Far travel, international affairs, insurance, stats, legal, academic, cultural involvements quite possible. A good interval, but again, make sure information is correct (Tuesday night, Wed. early morn).

Display your skills, be ambitious Wednesday morning to early afternoon Friday. Again, a good interval — you’ll succeed. Celebrate Friday pm, Saturday — you could meet a stunning person!

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The general emphasis lies on romance, creativity, gaming, adventure, beauty and pleasure, Aquarius. You will like this month ahead. Many trips, calls, errands, possible paperwork — these expand with almost rushed intensity until early July, but, without the intensity, expand more and more until May 2023. Be curious, ask questions rather than just spouting your own views (which you love to do).

In your travels, you will likely journey through a place that you might buy and live in, sometime between mid-2023 and mid-2024. Soon, April 2023 to 2043, major, vast changes will come to your life. Best preparation? Be morally good, loving and kind. And, perhaps, start “gearing up” on the career/ambition scale. Until June 22, your home is sweet, revivifying. Romance is everywhere now, but it increases next week onward.

Sunday’s for relationships — and misunderstandings. Deep stuff, lust, financial commitments, research, medical procedures fill Monday to about 8 am Wed. (PDT). Someone might try to woo you Wednesday morning to early afternoon Fri. Your mind ranges far. Love very possible, though an insistence on “hierarchy” might kill it. (Hierarchy = who’s in charge.)

Be ambitious Friday pm, Sat. You’ll succeed, might even face a boost from destiny Friday, or a surprising opportunity Saturday.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The accent remains on home and family, property, security, nutrition, and mother nature. Get lots of rest and do lots of contemplating. You are at an annual turning point in which you need to prune away some of the less successful involvements of the past year, because you are going to start ascending to new involvements in the year ahead.

This year ahead, btw, will very likely bring huge money/income luck to you. Careful to early July — don’t overspend or incur debt. A friend is quite chatty — sweetly so.

Tackle chores Sunday, but don’t expect co-operation. Relationships, opportunities and public dealings arise Monday to a little past dawn Wed. (PDT). Tuesday and Wednesday mornings offer great relationships, even love. Steer deeper, into life, medical, financial and sexual zones Wednesday to early afternoon Friday. A fortunate interval, but try to “bend the law” Friday. This afternoon and Saturday bring a mellow, understanding mood, far travel, international, legal, academic, media or cultural (ritual) and similar interests. Destiny seems to take your hand Friday, and Saturday brings unexpected, exciting meetings.



IRONIC? Elon Musk, who has done more to advance space travel than anyone else in the last decade (or six) is a Cancer, the sign of the earth, of home, motherhood, agriculture, land ownership. Hmmm… His moon is in Virgo, an “earth” sign! But he does have, I think, Gemini rising (the very last degree).

You know the old saying about hiring employees: “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.” Well, in light of the Uvalde, Texas shooting of 16 kids and 2 teachers, here’s a new one: “If you defund the police, you get cowards.” (It evidently took police an hour to enter the school and engage the gunman, even while they listened to children being killed inside. Cowards. (*)

And it makes sense: in every police dept., there will be those who are there to be heroes, to protect the public; and there are those who are simply sticking with a job and an income, with no real wish to be heroes at all. Now, when 20% of your force quits due to “defunding,” who do you think leaves, and who stays to cling to their pay checks? Of course, the cowards stay.

(*) The remaining school children were actually evacuated not by police, who stood frozen, but by a parent who went into the school with a shotgun and went class room to class room, sending the children outside.

(*) Uppermost in every cop’s mind: Why should I risk my precious life to save a child?

(*) And a question: why could the police not shoot through a window? Surely these classes aren’t windowless!

MERCURY RETRO: Wow, at last that Mercury retro period is over! We’re all free now to act, make decisions, start projects, make major purchases, begin new relationships, etc. (Except, perhaps, in Capricorn and Aquarian things, as Saturn turns retro in Aquarius from June 4, just past. This might give some brief relief, until late October, to Nasdaq (high tech) stocks — which have fallen about 20% overall. (As I predicted here before the fall began.) But the decline will continue (tho’ not as seriously) to Spring 2023. (If interested, see the next item)

A new kind of tech is coming. It will wipe out, or bankrupt, or most correctly, make irrelevant, many of the high tech companies of today. This “new wave” will appear as early as March/April next year, and the wave is 40 years long. It will probably include fission.

(This change might come as the commoditization of tech/growth/digital companies, making them worth one-quarter their present valuation.)

Watch “2000 Mules.”

The past few weeks was one of the worst Mercury retros I’ve seen. Perhaps because Mercury was in Gemini, its home sign. (And a double blow — I’m a double Gemini.) In just one example, I spent 20 hours with Revenue Canada, and got nowhere. (They wanted an extra $10,000 in taxes but refused to tell me why, or to give any detailed reassessment.) On a macro scale, Biden dropped his Ministry of Truth and his personality-disordered Propaganda Minister after public outcry, and Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter suddenly went into snafu territory.

Hey, did I tell you last year that inflation was coming, long before any economists or other forecasters did? And didn’t I tell you more than once that April would be the peak? (They — financial media — are now reporting that inflation declined in May.)

SOUNDS OF SILENCE: Biggest boosters of censorship:  Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Gates. Each has a Scorpio Sun, the ultimate sign of secrecy. (Gates funds 21 organizations  whose sole purpose is to kill free speech. He is trying to interfere with Musk’s takeover of Twitter, because Musk is a proponent of free speech.) Of course, I’ve picked 3 bad Scorpios; there are as many good. (Picasso for one. And Dostoyevsky.)

Often, when I have a Scorpio client, he or she will sit there totally silent for the whole half hour or hour. It’s a little unnerving, but it’s Scorpio’s way of paying attention and absorbing. Can’t fault them for that!

Dostoyevsky is generally considered one of the top two novelists. He was a Scorpio, yet one of the most talkative writers, spewing into characters, action and speech the very things most Scorpios would prefer be kept secret: the soul, guilt, relationships. Seems a contradiction to the rule of silence. But Dostoyevsky had a Gemini Moon. If you put Ms. Chatty in the subconscious, you get Crime and Punishment. So maybe Ms. Chatty (Gemini) is more serious and thoughtful than we suspect.

Just saw an old episode of the Sopranos on tv. It would be interesting to see if a social scientist had studied mafia domestic situations. Are they more committed to their families, more loyal than “WASP” families, as the telly tries to assert? Hmmm.

Watch “2000 Mules.” — Ten bucks, on the Internet, if not in a local theatre.

I didn’t know this: evidently almost all of Canada’s wheat production, probably among  the highest three in the world, originated in Ukraine. A single seed was brought to Canada from Ukraine and from it our entire wheat-filled prairies were born. If Ukraine cannot harvest the present crop, it is estimated that up to 50 million people, mostly in Africa and the Mid-east, will suffer famine. This is one aspect of Putin’s crime.

(I still assert that The Ukrainians need to do one thing to end/reduce this war: bomb Moscow, bomb the Kremlin. Moscow is not unassailable: it is only as far from Ukraine as Ukraine is wide, east-west. Bomb Moscow so the Russian people will know what Putin is doing. If every apartment building and every home in Moscow was demolished, that would still not rise to the level of Putin’s sadistic war against an unarmed civilian  population. Or, at least, exit Ukraine in the north, into Russia, and attack their sadistic missile launching sites. If and when any of these are “captured,” turn them 180 degrees, and send those missiles into Moscow, the city of evil.)


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