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We wear masks to emphasize our true selves.
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Readers still ask if I’m going to write a 2022 Year Ahead. Well, I’m getting lazy in my old age, so I incorporated the Year Ahead into the January 16, 2022 column. To see hints about the whole year, read past the end of the weekly forecasts on that blog. Or watch the YouTube (link above) Jan. 7, 2022 Transits.
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The weeks ahead emphasize the background of your life, Aries —privacy, gov’t contacts, management issues, confidential meetings, health, rest and rejuvenation, spiritual and karmic actions, and charity/mercy. These areas can grow much larger than you expect, and can hold some fortunate outcomes. For example, you could be promoted to a management position. At the same time, at least through the first week of March, you are favoured by people in charge.

Your hopes in life have slowly evolved over the past year to become more realistic and therefore easier to attain. This trend will continue through the year ahead.

Sunday highlights relationships, but these need care. Deeper stuff floats to the surface Monday/Tuesday — investigation and research, investments and debt, sexual drives, medical and lifestyle decisions. These are generally favored, but will do better Tuesday daytime than Monday.

Understanding, cultural and intellectual seeking, life philosophy, law, international affairs and travel, and publishing are featured Wednesday to just past dawn (PST) Friday. This area — and your opinions — need caution, esp. Thurs. Be ambitious Friday/Saturday — you’ll succeed!

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Now through the weeks ahead, Taurus, the spotlight falls on your social group(s), popularity and friendships (and friendly romance), and on your hopes for the future. All these are blessed with Jupiter’s magic wand of good fortune, so get out, mingle, and thrive! Social anxiety (which a lot of you have now) — poo, ignore it. By May, you’ll be very glad you did.

A group you join now can benefit you for many years to come. Love, life philosophy, far travel, law and intellectual pursuits also favour you — but only to March 5, so “push” this sector for your own benefit. Yes, career/work is hard and somewhat unrewarding, has been for a year and will be for the year ahead (to March, 2023). Fantasies about workmates can relieve some pressure.

Listen, Taurus: if you quit a job without reason, and without another one to go to (I.e., already hired) or if you are fired “for cause,” employment will be hard for some years. So grin and bear it… your reward will come!

Sunday’s for chores, but stick to easy, routine ones. Relationships of all kinds populate Mon./Tues. Good luck and bad mingle here, but the good luck is stronger, esp. Tuesday daytime (after 9 am PST). Make contact, ask to “join.” Wednesday/Thursday are sexy, filled with secrets (to be unearthed) financial opportunities, lifestyle choices, and tempting sex. Caution best. Love and those philosophical, far travel, legal and intellectual pursuits blossom Fri./Sat. — plunge in, buy flowers, knock on someone’s door.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Your finances and investments continue to look good, Gemini, but only to May 5. So if you have plans here, execute them quickly (Friday/Saturday best). A sexual “invitation” here, also. The general emphasis, though, lies on your ambitions, career, prestige relations and worldly status. These face the best “bounty” in many years, perhaps over a decade — until early May. So strive to get ahead, to climb the golden ladder.

Your “life philosophy” continues (2021 to March, 2023) to be stable, unglamorous, steady and deep. If single, yes, you want sex, but not at the cost of your self-respect. If you stick to the truth, you’ll end well.

Sunday’s for romance, but little comes of it. Tackle chores Mon./Tues. Eat and dress sensibly. Some good luck/success here, esp. Tuesday daytime (after 9 am PST). (You’ll make a good impression on a boss Tues. afternoon.) Relationships, opportunities, open doors, relocation themes and public dealings fill Wed./Thurs. Be cautious, promise little, go with the flow and bend to another’s desires. Friday/Saturday are mentioned above, are excellent for investment, research, sexual intimacy, medical procedures, lifestyle changes.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The month ahead brings a mellow, loving mood, intellectual expansion, and international interests, Cancer. Good time to handle a lawsuit, enter/apply for school, travel afar, attend cultural events, or wed. Until March 6, relationships continue their sweet ’n’ sour trend — mostly sweet! (You might also form an ambitious “partnership.”) Your sexual life continues to be not much to write home about, ’21 and ’22. Finances, investments are slow but stable.

Stay home or in the ‘hood Sunday — rest more beneficial than effort. Romance, passion, creative and speculative urges visit Mon./Tues. Plunge in — but if you want romance to (ever?) turn to intimate satisfaction, chase someone after 9 am Tues. (PST) — not before. Declaration of true love possible Tues. pm — or you see a great movie.

Tackle work Wed./Thurs. — eat, dress sensibly, and handle only routine or straight-forward chores — follow safety rules, be careful, Thursday eve, around water and electricity. Relationships (and practical opportunities, and relocation themes) blossom Fri./Sat. — you and another might merge in a romantic climax. Don’t argue — be diplomatic!

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Hey, Leo. The weeks ahead will feature deep, meaningful life changes, unveiling of secrets, financial/investment opportunities, perhaps some medical issues (feet?) — and powerful sexual desires/results (pregnancy for young couples, extramarital temptations for all Leos, innocent intimacy to loving people). Good luck fills this area until early May, so plunge in, dig deep, find the prize!

Your workplace and workmates will remain attractive and lively (since November last year) but only to March 5. If you have a special project here, push for a “new level”, a step up in its success, this week and next.) Relationships remain (2021 – March 2023) slow to develop, yet unusually loyal. Could be with a work mate, or could be a “partnership” that demands work, health support, etc.

Sunday features communication, short trips — but nothing very exciting. Hug the kids, dig the garden, paint the stairs Mon./Tues. — a domestic interval that might bring a bit of cold air into spousal dealings until Tuesday morning, but succeeds splendidly after that (9 am PST) and in many things, before that. (E.g., good sexual or financial opportunity about 10:30 pm PST Mon., also about 3 am to 6:30 pm Mon.)

Romance calls Wed./Thurs. — but answer cautiously, esp. Thursday. (If you start a romance Thursday, it will never yield intimate satisfaction.) Tackle chores Fri./Sat. — you’ll get things done. Excellent time to buy a car, excavator, truck, machine, tool.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The four weeks ahead feature challenge, opposition, and the need for diplomacy — but they also open the door to great opportunities, thrilling meetings/relationships, even relocation urges. Great luck in these lasts to early May, but your energy, urge to join, has only about 4 weeks to run. (In other words, don’t dilly-dally in indecision!) Just follow this principle: right now, others have the luck and clout — to gain, join up. To fail, be independent.

This could be a once-in-a-decade phase, could bring true love, could take you to another continent, could bring an opportunity that turns later to a full fledged business. You and another might decide to co-habit, or to increase your property holdings. Simultaneously, but only to March 5, your romantic sphere keeps pumping out the passion. If you’re in love, admit it to the one who needs to hear it. Work remains hard and slow — but creative and intriguing also — until spring of 2023.

Sunday’s for money, buying and selling. Buy only routine items. Errands, paperwork, trips, communications fill Mon./Tues. — be curious, ask questions. All flows well, could bring you to a nice understanding with a partner or lover Tuesday pm. Be home, hug the family, Wed./Thurs. — but act cautiously, as bumps and barriers exist. Avoid Thursday chores involving water or electricity (or computers). Sweet romance, beauty, pleasure, are in the air Fri./Sat. Plunge in, take a chance. (In love, but also in sports, creativity, a “gamble.”)

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The month ahead spotlights work, health, machines/tools, and dependents. This is an expansive, fortunate area now to early May, so charge ahead, do all you can, Libra. Get the chores of your life done, finished, so you’ll be free, May ’22 to May ’23, to respond to, engage in, huge opportunities (to relocate, to form a lifetime bond, to “become public”). For example, paint that barn or fix that plumbing, so you can chase finer things May ’22 onward. (You’ll be called back to one unfinished chore Nov./Dec. ’22, but it’s not worth worrying about now.)

Your domestic zone, kids, property, remain in a sweet, mildly lucky phase until March 5. If your “big chore” involves the home (or kids) get it done now, while success accompanies you. Romance is a bit sluggish (2021 to March 2023) — it will blossom quietly when you’re together, but weaken at a distance. Loyalty important. You might decide it isn’t worth the “wait,” and break off an “affair.” Plant flowers — best garden in years!

Your energy and charisma are strong Sunday, but not much is happening. Chase $, buy/sell, memorize something, or hug a “sometime lover” Mon./Tues. Good fortune here — better Tuesday daytime than Mon. Errands, paperwork, visits, communications fill Wed./Thurs. — stick to easy chores, as aspects are difficult. Might be a computer or engine failure Thurs. Bend toward home Fri./Sat. — read about home and “big chore” above.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The 4 weeks ahead, Scorpio, add a boost to what is probably already a romantic circumstance. (Or a creative, risk-taking, sports/games or child-talent-oriented situation.) This romantic luck, best in perhaps a decade, lasts until early May. (It re-appears briefly Nov./Dec. of ’22, also.) Still, the message is: act without delay.

Errands, messages, contacts and short trips continue to demand attention through March 5. Last year might have been a banner one for property, home, family matters — the luck’s gone, now, but the responsibility remains: prepare to work hard on your domestic sphere until early 2023.

Rest, contemplate Sunday — not much else is happening. Your energy and charisma soar Mon./Tues. — fine time to pursue love, romance, or a creative/artistic goal. (You’ll have to ignore domestic demands for two days, if you want this bounty.) Usually, Wednesday/ Thursday would be a good time to chase money, but this time caution flags fly. Buy only routine items, and don’t demand a pay raise. Those errands, calls, trips arise again Fri./Sat. — make one of those calls to someone you admire.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Slowly, friends (or at least one) are/is returning. The new emphasis, now to late March, lies in your domestic sphere — one I have been encouraging you to chase since last December, and still urge you to plunge into until May 10. If you haven’t found it already, a new, bigger or cheaper rent or home purchase awaits you. Best time for this in a decade. Two more weeks of monetary largesse from the cosmos. Bank all you can (for a down payment?).

Sunday’s for hopes, wishes and friends — but not much happens. Retreat, lie low, rest, ponder and plan, Mon./Tues. Your energy’s down, but your luck is good esp. in seeking advice and dealing with gov’t, large companies or institutions. Your energy and pizzazz pop upward Wed./Thurs. — but charge ahead quite cautiously. Work alone. Take care with water and electricity. Wednesday better. Money, possessions, memory and casual sexual allure — these greet you Fri./Sat. Forget caution now — charge forth, as good luck rides with you.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The general accent until late March, Cap, lies on errands, swift, easy chores, paperwork, contacts, communications, travel — and curiosity. Actually, this area will expand until early May. It’s a superb time (now and to May) to start a newsletter, buy a car, revise your telephone settings or provider, design new stationery, etc.

Your personal magnetism continues to draw attention, helping you in romance (and other areas where “personal presence” is a key element). Money, income are a bit restricted for the 13 months ahead.

Sunday’s for ambition, but where and how? Little scope for accomplishment. Maybe time’s best spent planning. Popularity, optimism, joy in life, and social delights, flirtations, visit you Mon./Tues. Good luck here, so plunge in — but don’t mix money and friends. (In fact, avoid $ in general, if you can. Spend another day.)

Retreat, lie low and rest Wed./Thurs. Usually this would be a good interval to seek advice, clear away management chores, and/or liaise with gov’t — but be cautious, all-round. Advice you receive might be wrong. Your energy and charisma come roaring back Fri./Sat. — pick a goal and pursue it (or him/her) — your success could surprise you!

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Until late March, Aquarius, the main emphasis lies on money, income, possessions, casual sex and memory. (Not investments, deep meaningful sex nor big ideas — these are the other side of this coin.) Your private or inner life continues to bless, lead you, intrigue you — but only through March 5. Yes, you have felt restricted, bound to circumstances, since April 2020, and will until March 2023. Grin and bear it — not much you can do, except to escape by “giving up” something valuable (NOT recommended).

Sunday’s for contemplation, big ideas, international concerns, and love. But not much happening. Be ambitious Mon,./Tues. — plunge into career, prestige, worldly reputation areas. The only thing that can slow your advance is you. Wednesday/Thursday are for popularity, friends, optimism and wish fulfillment. Well, enjoy the mood, have fun, but realize there aren’t many events going your way.

Careful driving or with electricity Thursday night. Lie low, retreat, rest and ponder Fri./Sat. Great interval to see a psychic or other advisor (lawyer, mentor, etc.) and to deal with gov’t or head office. You end this week with peace and good feelings.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Ah, the weeks ahead highlight you, Pisces. Your energy, charisma, clout, effectiveness and timing reach a yearly high — and in many ways a decade high, as lucky Jupiter expands all you do, and gives you the courage and adventurousness to strike out on a new path, or to widen and deepen the path you’re on. (This luck lasts to May 10, but the energy only lasts to late March. That’s okay!)

Your standing, your career, your ambitions are the best “path” for this expansion and good luck. Approach VIPs, attend prestige parties, etc. Your hopes and wishes (and to some degree social life) have been tied up with a background or management situation. (You typically do very well in management.)

Sunday’s for secrets, sex, finances — but without much happening. Mental, gentle love, intellectual, legal, far travel, international, philosophical and cultural venues — these attract you, and reward your efforts, Mon./Tues. Your ambitions get a boost of energy Wednesday/Thursday, but proceed carefully. Don’t step on any toes. Don’t expect support from an ally, associate or spouse. Wishes can come true Fri./Sat! — get out, issue and accept invitations, join a group. You’ll be happy, popular!



Back in the 1980’s and ’90’s, when I predicted universities, lawyers and law courts would be corrupt for 250 years, I stopped short of the obvious possible outcome: a new dark age, much like the Middle Ages. For if both law and learning are perverted (as they are today, at least in the west, esp. N.A.) what light can survive?
***.  ***

Boy Trudeau really blew it. He’s acting like the French court before the Revolution. (You know, the one that decapitated Marie Antoinette.) It’s odd — for three weeks he has refused to listen to or negotiate with the truckers occupying Ottawa and Coutts, Alberta and the Windsor-Detroit bridge, etc. He has called them fascists, white supremacists, etc. — without one shred of proof.

But he has refused to do what any leader should have done: sit down and talk with the truckers or their leaders. He has ignored them, called them names,  and now, even, has declared a national emergency — I guess so he can sooner or later call in the military.

First the tow truck companies refused to remove the trucks, then the local police refused to help (the Ottawa mayor has resigned over this), then the OPP (provincial police) and then the RCMP — none have helped remove the truckers. (I suspect they don’t want to, that they sympathize with the truckers; otherwise why do a hundred of them stand around for days, doing nothing?) Out of a bit of spite, they did arrest a 78-year old man for honking his car horn.

Ironically, it seems, after he shunned dialogue with the truckers, no one is listening to Trudeau. But provincial leaders are listening to the truckers, and doing what they’re asking: shutting down mask and vaccine mandates. Trudeau will never be Prime Minister again.
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To be good is not really a moral choice. It is a starting point. To be good is natural. It is unnatural to be bad, and more so to be evil. It’s just as unnatural to be constantly moral; and even more so to be saintly. It is easy to find debauched companions; I wonder how easy it is to find angelic ones?
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Is there a thing called the loneliness of angels? Or is there a lost angels club?
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The Rams-Bengals Super Bowl. It was a surprisingly boring game. Surprisingly, because the score was always close. All else being equal, Aries (Rams, R = Aries) defeats Taurus (Bengals, B = Taurus.) (*) So the Rams won in the last minute or so with a touchdown. When Brady played the (Rams) a week ago, he made a fatal error: after a brilliant second half comeback, he tied the game at about 1:32, with a short first down pass to the end zone. (Tied after the “point after” kick.) The error: he left the Rams with 90 seconds to score.

The reason a field goal (the ball kicked between two uprights) is worth less than half a completed touchdown, is that it is so easily achieved. A quarterback typically starts on the 25 yard line, and has to advance about 35 yards to enter field goal range. 50 yards would be much better. Most quarterbacks, when called to rise to the task, can march their team 50 yards. And a field goal was all the Rams needed to win.

Tom gave it to them: the luxury of time, more than 90 seconds. That was his error. I think it was a kind of letting go for him, letting go of the 8th Super Bowl, of the Bucks, of football, for awhile. He should have drawn out the attack on the Rams — his touchdown pass came on the first down. He should have drawn it out with several runs. (Runs eat up time.)

In the dying minutes of the Super Bowl, the Rams were in the very same position as Brady had been — on the 10 (?) yard line and poised to score the winning touchdown, but (as Brady had) almost 2 minutes left to play. (My  memory’s a bit foggy here.) The Rams reached the Bengals’ 1 yard line with a series of runs. Then, after another series of runs, they scored the touchdown, awarding them the victory. All this took so much time that when they finally  did score, only half a minute was left on the clock. Then, insult to injury, I think (I wasn’t watching at that moment) Cincinnati coughed up the ball, and the Rams simply took the knee to end the game.

But were the Rams playing smart, taking time to score so they could rob the Bengals of a game-winning field goad comeback? No. The refs were, though.

I’ve left out two important incidents: At a pivotal point in the game, Burrows, the Bengals’ quarterback, threw a long pass, maybe forty yards, that enabled Cincinnati to subsequently, and quickly, score 7 points. Just before the ball was caught, a quarter-second, the receiver grabbed the defender’s mask and threw him to the ground.

That’s a huge penalty. But it was completely ignored by the referees. I’m the impulsive type; I would have pulled my team off the field and stomped away, if I was coach/king of the world. But the Rams played on. I told Linda, If they leave them with over a minute when they score, they’ll lose!

They didn’t. They fought and fought and couldn’t get in. At one point they lost all four downs, and the ball. But they were saved by a defender’s penalty — in fact, two strategic penalties in these last 2 minutes not only preserved the Ram’s possibilities, but also lengthened the time of the Ram’s assault. These penalties won the game for the Rams.

Is it possible one or more of the referees did see that mid-game face mask, but events took over, and the sighting was almost subconscious, and they overrode it? And that they felt guilty as a group, or even individually, and were evening up the game by awarding penalties in the Ram’s favour near the end?

Or was karma balancing itself — we’ll sting you early, then make it up at the end. Seen a different way, maybe it was a test for the Bengals. That receiver knew what he did and perhaps his coaches did too. The moral thing to do would be to discuss this with the refs, let them assess a penalty, and maybe go on to win the game, because you’re striving now without any pall of guilt laying over you, without the hidden sapping of energy and will that “getting away with a crime” (so to speak) would have sucked from you.

Momentarily, the will to win overcame the will to be just or fair. But long-range, the company mood, the team’s spirit, worked to re-establish justice/ fairness. From that point on, the Bengals played with less heart, letting the Rams conduct a devastating come-back victory.

From that point on, I felt the Rams played with less heart, also. The wrong was done to them, and they knew it. (Heck, the broadcast guys kept mentioning it — for a minute. Then they shut up about it, as is the custom in our supervised times.) But why should they lose heart? Because they accepted it: they accepted the reality of a structure above them of law and power, that would not support their claim, at least not enough to change the outcome of this game. This is another abandonment of justice and fairness; it is the flip side of the coin – passivity, acceptance of wrong doing, even if against oneself, in order to maintain a certain existence.

(*) Looking for additional clues in their first initials, L = Libra, C = Gemini, yields nothing more: Neither sign has any particular advantage over the other.
***.  ***

Trump’s popularity will wane somewhat mid-January 2022 to May 2022, then rise again May ’22 to June ’23, then decline again. He won’t return to his former (2021) popularity until June 2024 to summer 2025. So I don’t think he will be a massive boost to the Republicans in the 2022 mid-term elections, but he might become not only a boost, but president again, in 2024.
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All you readers who castigated me for criticizing saintly Hillary Clinton (and who probably aren’t reading this blog anymore anyway) — are you as sure now of H.C.’s sainthood, after the Durham investigation revealed earlier this week that her hires hacked the Trump White House computers? Pundits on Fox correctly asserted that her crimes and violations were worse than Nixon’s Watergate. (“Her crimes” — like Nixon, she used henchmen. That’s my opinion. I should also note it is merely speculation that she directly or indirectly hired anyone. I’m just being a biased journalist.)

This started as spying on an election foe; but it continued, as her computer people hacked, hardened in war by the recent campaign, a new frontier: the computers and phone lines of a sitting President — they spied on his phone and computer communications — and who knows what else? — in his business office, his apartment, and the White House. This was far more profound than any  campaign dirty tricks.

Her prime motive would seem to be to defeat a sitting President without an election, or to destroy him personally, esp. in light of what followed (the Russian smear campaign, two impeachments, all webbed with HC in the pouncing seat, multiple assaults on his taxes and personal life). Sure, the “Russia smear” during the campaign was merely dirty tricks (though it shows you Hillary’s character); but to continue it past an election, knowing it was completely false (in fact having paid both to create and spread the lie itself) while spying on his every move to find secrets, was an attempt to surreptitiously unseat a sitting president. There’s no other motive you could reasonably ascribe to her actions. Vengeance? But he had not wronged her; rather, she him. Spite? Every motive becomes further argument for the over-arching action/effort: to destroy or unseat a sitting POTUS.)  That’s an attempted coup d’etat, isn’t it? An act of treason? 

Hill’s mud-level (Freudian AI slip) henchmen, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe — they should all be in jail. Instead they work for CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBC AND NBC as “expert commentators” or “analysts.” (Except Comey — he writes books.) They don’t feel they’re facing anything more than smoke rings.  They have the swagger and confidence of (old) men who know they’re in the right. Even nerdy McCabe is starting to get the hang of it, this confidence. If these clever men don’t feel threatened, how in a hurricane do we expect HC to be? She herself is quite aware of her shielding army, and of the her protecting castles of propaganda, Twits, FB, and Google.  When the story broke of Durham’s indictments this week, only one news outlet, FOX, covered it. CNN gave it 95 seconds, dismissing it. The New York Times refused to cover a story more significant than Watergate (this story)  and told its readers that the news story was too complicated for them to (the readers) understand. The other networks? NBC, ABC, CBC, MSNBC — zilch, not a mention between them.

But the noose tightens… Poor Scorpio Hillary, she can’t win. Donald’s a Gemini, the one sign Scorpio finds difficult to defeat.