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ALL SIGNS: This is a “seed” week, esp. Tues. pm to Thurs. pm. What you plant at this time will grow swiftly to May, then might find its level and grow more slowly in months/years to follow. In each Weekly Forecast, I’ve outlined what this very fortunate “seeding” involves — e.g., for Aries, it involves management, closed-door meetings, etc.

I’M GOING TO QUIT SOON? Yes, I might start pulling away, not from this blog, but from the “pure astrology” of the Weekly Forecasts to a more free-floating form. I might write about politics, or about the world in the next century, or a short story.

WHY? I’m 74 years old in June, and I have always wanted to write fiction. So, it’s now or never. If I don’t allocate the time now, I never will.

WILL I STILL DO READINGS? Yes. Just hit the blue READINGS button, or email me: suningem@gmail.com.
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Knowledge is useless, because it never ends. We have to find a way to move beyond knowledge.
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Career events remain important, Aries — but just for this week. The main emphasis lies on rest, recuperation, advice, charity, spirit, and dealings with gov’t, large orgs. This area could expand swiftly now — perhaps burning you in tax forms, or nudging you into a management position.

Sunday afternoon (PST) to Tuesday afternoon lightens your spirits, brings friends, acceptance. A (small) wish could come true. But double down on rest and quietude Tuesday eve to Thursday afternoon. Closed-door meetings, contacts with gov’t, management, big companies, banks, etc. go well, are fruitful, and can lead to new horizons, new projects — even a new life. Your energy and charisma surge upward Thursday eve though Sat. — take the events and “open doors” of Tues.-Thurs., and try to build something. (Best Fri.)

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

A great social time, Taurus — this week, you might meet someone academic, or a traveller, someone who opens your thoughts to new vistas, new ideas. A love affair possible.

Sunday to Tuesday afternoon (PST) imbues you with ambition, but is also stressful — find a balance. You could “create” a position for yourself.

Wishes come true, popularity soars, and social delights make you optimistic, Tuesday eve to afternoon Thurs. You can make splendid new friends, or start a friendly love affair. You’ll be happy! But slow down, seek quietude Thursday eve through Sat. — a fairly smooth, productive interval, but work alone (or with a Pisces) for best results. Get some rest!

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The main emphasis lies on your career Gemini, on prestige relations and your worldly standing. These might “explode” with good fortune now or sometime before early May. A promotion possible! (It might have to do with publishing/media, travel, or academic degrees — or a “partnership.”)

Sunday afternoon (PST) to Tuesday afternoon bring wisdom, mellow mood, perhaps gentle love. Think, understand. Your ambitions come into clear focus Tuesday eve to Thursday suppertime. Make your bid, see the boss, present a proposal, look for work, etc. Even if nothing happens immediately you will have planted the seed for future growth, and bosses will remember that. Thursday eve through Saturday brings hope, happiness, social delights — flirt, but not with a Capricorn or Scorpio.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The main focus lies on understanding, academia, law, travel, foreign climes, gentle love. These might explode with luck this week, Cancer, esp. Tuesday to Thursday, when something might start — only a beginning, maybe hardly noticeable — and grow in future to be a significant project, position, success, etc. (E.g., you buy European cruise tickets, end up marrying in Romania.)

Sunday afternoon (PST) to Tuesday near noon deals with secrets, revelations, research, hidden gold, investments, debt, medical procedures and lifestyle decisions. Tuesday afternoon to Thursday early suppertime has been described above — travel, law, academia, etc. Be ambitious Thursday eve through Sat. — to succeed, lean on/toward work, employment, away from creativity, a gamble or romance.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The main emphasis lies on secrets, hidden gold, research, investments, powerful sexual attractions, and medical and lifestyle decisions. Leo. These interests come to a peak Tuesday to Thursday this week. Charge ahead then, build something, start something, invest, dig deep, etc. Be honest in love — chase no one’s other. This week also highlights work to be done, and work-mate relationships. (Should be favourable!)

Sunday afternoon (PST) to Tuesday just past noon features relationships of all kinds. Be diplomatic — something (e.g., a friendship or love attraction — or opportunity) might start, and return in months to come. Midweek is described above. Thursday eve through Saturday brings legal questions, social, ethical behaviour, far travel, international affairs, life philosophy, cultural rituals. Not quite as exciting as earlier this week, but calm, mellow, loving, gentle. Seek a new source of knowledge.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The main accent lies on “over there” — on relocation, relationships, opportunities. Be diplomatic, but show your desire when you see/meet what you want. Some Virgos will meet their life mate or true love this week, esp. Tues. afternoon (PST) to Thursday late afternoon, when all these relationship and other possibilities will be like a brewing pool, ready to form links, to create a new union, new project, etc. Could lead to co-habitation. This week, Mars and Venus help any romantic advance.

Sunday afternoon (PST) to Tuesday early afternoon brings work, health considerations, and activities to help dependents. Good time to do chores, and to look for employment. Midweek has been described above. Thursday eve through Saturday bring depths, secrets, hidden knowledge — valuable knowledge if you dig deep, see where profit lies, etc. A “kitchen sink romance” might start — beware if one of you is already attached.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Though you’re in a work-oriented month, romance breezes enter Sun./Mon. Not much might come of this, but it lifts your heart, even if only from nature’s beauty. That work can be a source of great luck now to May, but even this week — a promotion, overtime, or you simply impress the boss, etc. Chase these midday Tuesday (PST) to late afternoon Thurs. — start things, propose actions, campaigns — something big can grow from your efforts!

Relationships fill Thursday night through Saturday — very few obstacles, with one major possibility: an open door to promotion, a new job, whatever. A good week — push hard!

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Ah, sweet romance! If single, Scorpio, chase someone! If attached, chase something else — now to early May, great good luck comes to romantic, gambling, risk-reward, creative, gaming and child-raising situations. Plunge into these areas Tuesday noon (PST) to Thursday “early supper” — results, now or later, will show that you “created” something pretty major! Communications are still easy and potent.

Sunday/Monday feature home, family — discussions now will lead to projects or invitations by next week into April. Tuesday-Thursday are discussed above —romance might blossom like an unfurling rose. Bend your knee to chores Thursday eve through Saturday — you’ll make progress, and hit one last barrier (maybe a miscommunication).

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The general accent lies on home, family, security, property — and building a launch pad for future ambitious projects. This general area meets great luck until early May, so drive ahead — esp. this Tuesday afternoon to Thursday late afternoon. Put in a pool, replace the roof, buy a new home, find a great rental, etc. Your $ picture remains favourable, but only this week (so if seeking a loan, mortgage, do it mid-week).

Sunday/Monday bring paperwork, trips, calls, texts. Contact a favourite friend. Mid-week has been described above. Romance — or romantic notions — enter Thursday eve through Saturday. Not much brewing here — but the “nature” of a place (if you’re house-hunting, for example) draws you, appears beautiful.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The general emphasis lies on communications, paperwork, trips, media, contacts, and curiosity. This arena will expand until early May. You can plant seeds midweek — Tuesday afternoon to late afternoon Thursday — or begin projects/relationships that will blossom later into good fortune, maybe very good fortune.

For example, you could spy a coffee table book that pictures some exotic locale — and there you’ll be in a year or two! Be curious because it (your digging) will uncover your future, to some degree. Your exceptional magnetism of the last 4 months lasts one more week – this one. Enjoy it!

Sunday/Monday bring $ — maybe new money projects. Spend sparingly, buy only routine items. Mid-week is described above. Lean toward home, kids, spouse Thursday night through Saturday. Not a lot here, but the path is smooth (careful Saturday evening PST, don’t be over-bearing.)

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Money, worth, possessions, buying/selling, hugging (casual sex) and memorizing or attending classes — these are highlighted until late March, Aquarius. And they remain fortunate, even expand greatly, until early May. This week, esp. Tuesday afternoon to late afternoon Thursday, features these zones ($, etc.) — plunge in, ask for a pay raise, issue invoices, shop, etc. — you can lay the groundwork for, or seed nascent projects, that will open, blossom and reward later. You are starting to talk, travel more — sometimes in the service of romance and/or sex.

Your energy climbs noon Sunday/Monday to noon Tuesday. Start projects, gather allies, see and be seen. Tuesday pm to Thurs. pm has been described above. Errands, visits, calls, contacts, paperwork Thursday suppertime through Saturday. If fighting, you will win all the battles except the final one. A good week!

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The ball’s in Your court, Pisces. But then again it’s your court! Your charisma and energy are at a yearly high, and boosted by Jupiter’s tremendous luck. This luck will last until early May, but is also very strong now: from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday suppertime you are in the spotlight, and filled with energy, charisma and the ability to persuade others. This is an important launch or create time — what you start in a small way these few days could grow to giant proportions in weeks/years ahead. Think ambition, prestige, position in the community. Be optimistic, or be wrong.

Sunday/Monday are for rest and recuperation. Ponder, look at your life thus far, and your uncertain future. Plan from this, plan future course corrections, new directions, paths, actions. Midweek is described above. Thursday eve through Saturday brings $ foci — income, spending, worth of possessions, perhaps casual sex. All better if you avoid mixing money and friends/social group.



Remember how Biden told Putin he could take a little bit of Ukraine and the U.S. would stand by. Maybe this was the signal, in code, that Americas would accept full invasion (which happened today, Wed./Thurs.). Biden would be happy if Ukraine — or at least its government — disappeared. Ukraine’s judiciary holds the evidence of Biden’s crimes of sedition in a Hunter Biden scandal. There is no other country in Europe or in the world that Biden would more eagerly see destroyed.

And the plot thickens: Twitter shut down communications from Ukrainian citizens who were reporting the progress of Russia’s invasion. (Evidently at Russia’s request?) When China invades Taiwan, will Google try to shut down all communications/knowledge to America? These babies bite those who wove their cozy nest: America. Little demons. Isn’t there a bird or insect that eats it parents? (Tweet, tweet, bite.)
***.  ***

Worst Canadian Corporation? TELUS.
***.  ***

So why couldn’t they solve this trucker’s revolt long ago? Why couldn’t they — Trudeau himself — ask the truckers to choose 5 representatives, and have them come to Parliament to discuss their grievances, and perhaps to discuss a settlement. The proceedings could be zoomed to all the truckers, if they so desired.

Instead, they/Trudeau chose the way of fear, first recoiling from the situation, then over-reacting with emergency powers and 1,500+ cops, all w/o discussion. Ah, well, I guess it had to be. I mentioned Antoinette as joke last week, but we really are in a period that resembles her and Louis’ France: the common rabble and their needs, often ignored or devalued, and the elites, who live in fear of being overwhelmed by the commoners.

This happens in a society that has grown too rigid and its bureaucracy too vast, its power structures so firm that economic levels do not mix, etc. In the U.S., this shift has become a political one, too, with the left, ironically, being seen as the party of the elites (once they were the unions; now they’re the union bosses) and the right emphasizing the “down home” folks.

I told you communism would die and democracy too, and that a third system would arise? (Heck, I’ve been saying it since the 1980’s!)


5 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ FEBRUARY 27 – MARCH 5, 2022

  1. sophico

    Hi Tim :), yes I read your reply and explanations. Thank you for sharing your opinion and insights. BTW they do have a letter Z it is pronounced more like ze not clear Z and in Cyrillic alphabet it looks like З, number 3 😁.

  2. sophico

    Tim, with all the information war against Russia who do you think will win it and how long would it go on? Hopefully with not many casualties and not turning into WWIII. Thank you.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Sorry, Sophico, I have not really studied the Ukraine war. But I’ve written a few items about it on the March 6 column.



  3. sophico

    With all due respect I have to disagree Russia have not requested any internet to be turned off. They had lost internet themselves dut to ban and sanctions along with access to Twitter, Fb and so on especially medi news channels. Also in regards to the genocide and constant bombings of Donbass/LDNR it is true and had been happening for the past 8 years and UN Human Right Watch reports reflect it since 2014 but soften it up due them being there only for a week to document and usually when they are out those shootings intensified. While all thes had been happening the rest of Ukraine had lived comfortably and enjoyed it. Doing nothing. US and EU provided aid and munitions to keep killing and destroying those areas who just wanted to be independent and live peacefully.

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