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“No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” — paraphrasing Desiderata.

As I approach 74, I’m starting to see that what I thought were my choices — and mine alone — were Destiny, draped in her usual subtle, almost unnoticeable clothing/curtains of blindness and choice — choices that seem multiple but are, finally, only singular. In a way, we could say, “Thank God for Destiny.” If we all acted truly independently, the world would be in chaos.
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

You remain in an enlightened state, Aries. A long period of secrecy, of significant financial and sexual attractions, and of life changes, ends now as Monday intensifies your intellectual, legal, travel, cultural and religious sides. Your career (and other practical ambitions) is favoured into next March. Do all you can in the 3 weeks ahead to make a long-held dream/wish come true. (The wish could even be 30 years old.) It won’t be easy, will entail “swallowing” some pride, accepting some restrictions.

Your energy and charisma soar Sun./Mon. Be a leader, start things, enlist “allies.” Don’t be sidetracked by an “impossible ambition.” Chase money Tues. to noon Thurs. (PST). Avoid the stock market, other investments, Tues. Wednesday flows well, even into pre-dawn Thurs. A sudden stroke of luck, or a difference of opinion, Thursday morning.

Errands, communications, paperwork, short trips and contacts fill Thurs. pm through Sat. Drive carefully, avoid fights Thurs. pm. Friday/Sat. flow well — avoid gov’t, institutions, gossip and deception.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Life’s deeper forces continue to run, Taurus, surrounding you with intuition, secrets, investigations, “heavy” finances and sexual temptations. Six weeks of “snarling relationships” (aggressive others) ends Monday, and starts to intensity those financial, sexual and medical vibes surrounding you. Think twice before investing. For some, a “burning” sexual affair might begin. Your legal, intellectual, far travel and love zones are riding a sweet wave until March — but stay out of these Sun./Mon. — instead, lie low, rest, ponder, pan, and seek advice.

Your energy and pizzazz shoots upward Tues. to midday Thurs. (PST). Tuesday’s tough, “reality” fights you. But Wed./Thurs. hold rewards, progress, esp. if you have a wish, and the courage to pursue it. Chase money, buy and sell, invoice and collect and pay, Thurs. pm through Sat. Thursday’s a bit rough; Friday’s good if you can avoid preens, or mixing friends with money. Saturday, prices are high but you might splurge anyway. You might also feel your loins stirring when you meet someone.

For the next 3 weeks, doggedly pursue a career goal. Your efforts could, sooner or later, result in a “lasting” promotion.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Ah, Gemini. My major advice: partner up. Get married, join a business deal, relocate, grab opportunities, engage in dealing publicly. Until the 28th (and since last January) a major international, travel, legal, academic, religious, cultural or love affair has been/is both lucky and restrictive, demanding effort and humility on your part. If you haven’t achieved it, give it one last dogged pursuit now. A major financial, sexual, or lifestyle change might be required.

A long 6 weeks of overwork or ill health ends Monday, starting six weeks of intensity in relationships, even to the point of violence or angry retorts — and to the point of passionate love that fulfills a dream. Either/or — or both! Be diplomatic! Investments, sex and lifestyle changes are favoured until March.

Wishes come true Sun./Mon., but not in sex, money or work (or machinery). Love? Yep, okay. You’ll feel popular, happy, social, optimistic. Withdraw from the hustle Tues. to midday (PST) Thursday. Rest, ponder and plan, seek advice. Be charitable. Tuesday will disappoint (so do nothing consequential like a big investment) But Wed./Thurs. flow well. Your energy and pizzazz rise nicely Thurs. pm (hot attraction, or argument) through Sat. You might declare., “I’m in love.”

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

You remain in work mode, Cancer. Monday, 6 weeks of intensity in your romantic, creative or career zones dissolves. The intensity moves (until late January) to your work and health zone. Pamper the latter — eat, dress sensibly, and be careful with moving quickly from cold to hot, or vice versa. (E.g., working up a sweat, then resting until you’re cold.)

This new phase supports buying machinery/tools. In sex, finances, medical and lifestyle areas, you have slightly over 2 weeks to wrap up a deal, assert your “rights,” make those changes, etc. — the reward, a new, solid and fortunate platform on which to stand, to launch your projects, for the decade ahead, maybe for 30 years ahead. It will take effort, and humility (and a desire to join, to work in co-operation). (You might have already accomplished this “platform,” as the influence began last December.) Relationships in general will be affectionate, fortunate until March.

Be ambitious Sun./Mon. Avoid the distractions of love, partnering. Wishes can come true Tues. to midday Thurs. (PST). You’ll feel happy, optimistic, flirtatious. Join any person or group! Tuesday’s disappointing, but Wed./Thurs. reward. Retreat to quietude Thurs. pm through Sat. Rest, ponder, plan, seek advice. Liaise with head office, gov’t, charities, spiritual orgs.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Ah, sweet romance, Leo! You might be chasing someone, or a creative project, a risk-reward scenario, or sports/games. Kids are charming; you might engage in teaching. Monday ends 6 weeks of argumentative friction on the Homefront, and instead starts 6 weeks of “hot” intensity in romance or those other areas mentioned above.

Since late December 2020, and lasting to this Dec. 28, you have faced an opportunity involving at least one other person. If you’re single, this opportunity is probably of marriage. If attached, the opportunity could embrace relocation, or a major work opening. Anyway, just over 2 weeks left to “solidify” this trend — work hard, throw away pride, chase it/her/him! Until March, work and work mates will be mellow, mildly rewarding.

Legal, intellectual, far travel, cultural, religious and love matters arise Sun./Mon. — more successfully if you stay away from work, machinery, home. Be ambitious Tues. to midday Thurs. (PST). Tuesday’s difficult, so stick to routine. Wed./Thurs. flow well. Wish fulfillment, popularity, social delights, flirtation Thursday pm through Sat. You could fall madly in love, or simply have a stretch of fun and happiness.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The accent remains on home, family, property, security, nutrition, mother nature, on rest and contemplation, Virgo. This area is about to (Monday onward for 6 weeks) grow intense, which can cause arguments, snappish tempers, or can manifest as investments in or significant changes (renovations?) to property or other family assets. Both are possible. Pregnancy comes swiftly, but could eventually end in miscarriage. (Could, not will.) Eat sensibly, avoid digestive problems.

A year-long opportunity to wield creativity or romance, work or machines, ends Dec. 28. So if you still have something to wrap up, solidify, or even to start in this “combo zone,” get busy, quickly! Romance and dealings with children, and art, decorating, creative situations, will be mellow, graceful and affectionate (and fortunate) until early March.

For Sun./Mon., re-read above about pregnancy, renovations, investment, etc. To get things accomplished, avoid romance and “creative approaches.” A wise, mellow understanding steals over you Tues. to midday Thurs. (PST). Be thoughtful, show love. Careful Tues., when disappointment might result. Be ambitious Thurs. pm through Sat. Avoid an argument with a family member Thurs. Friday’s fine, needs “realism.” Saturday could bring a climax in home or career.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Not a particularly important cycle, Libra. Lots of hustle and bustle, shopping, trips, errands, mailing cards or texting, renewing contacts. However, this area can become an important conduit to an opportunity or to a partner or partner “prospect,” because your marriage and opportunity planet moves into this “travel/ communications” area Monday (for 6 weeks).  This also ends a somewhat hectic money phase that’s affected you since early November (for good or bad).

All 2021 you have faced a huge, lucky but difficult creative or romantic (or child-raising) “wave.” (Part of the difficulty: relocation might be required.) Some of you have turned this into solid results, for example have started a love affair that can last for 30 more years. But some of you haven’t quite achieved this — if so, you have until Dec. 28 to give it a big push, a big try. Your home and family, property and security are mildly sweet, warm and fortunate until next March.

Sunday/Monday are for partnerships — a bit difficult Mon. Dive deep Tues. to midday Thurs. (PST) — treasures (financial, knowledge, sex) lie hidden. Subterranean forces flow: follow your intuition. Caution Tues. — avoid commitment. Love, understanding, far travel, academic, cultural and/or legal matters blossom Thurs. pm through Sat. You and someone could fall madly in love!

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The main accent remains on money, earnings, buying and selling, Scorpio. You’ve been strongly magnetic recently, so casual sex might have occurred. However, that magnetism ebbs now, as its intensity switches from personal “presence” to this money area. Advice: don’t spend impulsively, and don’t argue about $ — you’re almost certain to earn more now to late January. A great step in real estate, family, or security zones, available all year, is only available until Dec. 28. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to act. Relations, contacts, short trips hold pleasant rewards until March.

Tackle chores Sun./Mon. Monday needs caution, act slowly. Relationships, opportunities, public dealings and relocation themes fill Tues. to midday Thurs. (PST). Careful Tues. — realism says “stay out.” Wed./Thurs. are fine. Deep stuff, sex, pregnancy, secrets and research, large finances, medical and lifestyle decisions — these emerge Thurs. pm through Sat. Better Friday. morn, Saturday. pm.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your energy, charisma, leadership and confidence remain high, Sage — and some of you will need this “courage” to face and solve a major problem or two. (Might centre on home, family or property — where to live? In this domestic area, worries are 90% false, exaggerated. Major solutions will come here, Dec. 28 to mid-May 2022.)

Mars has cautioned you against violence, belligerent people since last October. Now this planet enters your own sign, until late January, imbuing you with extra magnetism, courage and determination. If you’re sweet on someone, now’s the time (thru Jan.) to act on it. Your money picture looks good through early March — great time to start a job, as the pay should prove rewarding.

Romance or creative urges fill Sun./Mon. Sunday’s best — Monday presents a couple of dilemmas. Get to work Tues. to midday (PST) Thurs. Eat and dress sensibly. Careful Tues. — stick to routine chores. Relationships and opportunities (and some opposition) fill Thurs. pm through Sat. Thursday pm could spark a sudden attraction. Saturday spells “mad love” for some.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Your “rest period” remains in effect, Capricorn. Continue to work in the background, complete neglected chores, liaise with charitable and spiritual organizations, and seek quietude while you ponder and plan. You have two more weeks to chase and solidify a money plan/project, existing all 2021, demanding effort but promising great rewards — by Dec. 28, the opportunity will be gone.

Now to late January, avoid  dark alleys and belligerent individuals. You can find work “exhausting” during these 6 weeks, so pace yourself, refuse to be inordinately rushed. Others will find you appealing, gracious, even romantically alluring, until early May ’22.

Sunday/Monday are for home, family, perhaps for ending a tiring, unrewarding relationship. Romance and creative surges, risk-taking urges, beauty and pleasure — these come to kiss your thoughts, maybe, just maybe, to manifest in reality Tues. to midday Thurs. — but act after Tues., as this day promises rejection, slowness to the point of denial. Tackle chores and pamper your health Thurs. pm through Saturday. A big chore or accomplishment you tackle Sat. could, unexpectedly, spell the end of your “resting period.”

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You’re still in “wish mode,” Aquarius. Popularity, social delights, flirtations and enthusiasm about your future: these surround you in a heart-lifting way! Ire and impatience from higher-ups (since Oct. 30) dissolves, disappears now. Instead, that “hot passion/ impatience” enters your social and friendly romance sphere this Monday to late January.

I’ve urged you all 2021 to take a big, adventurous action that would put your life, your future, your associations on a strong new platform. This could come through love, through embracing a big new management position, through chasing a major, life-long wish, or simply through mingling and socializing. You have until Dec. 28 to “seal the deal” on this, or finally take that step. (It’s not an easy one, might even hold fears, restrictions, an end to “lazy days.”)

If you choose to retreat from the world, you’ll be comforted, swathed in mild affection, and might learn something huge, like a new language, to early March ’22. Same period, gov’t, banks, tax man, etc., will treat you with gentle grace.

Errands, communications, casual friends, paperwork fill Sun. (better) and Mon. (small caution). Turn toward home, kids, nutrition, cleaning, gardening, Tues. (difficult, few successes) to a much easier Wed. and midday Thurs. (PST). Thursday pm through Sat. bring romance, beauty, pleasure, creative and adventurous surges. You could fall madly in love!

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The accent remains, Pisces, on ambitions, career, prestige relations and your worldly status. Continue to give these their fair due, but hold something back, because starting this Monday, to late January, more will be demanded of you, and bosses, judges might act temperamentally, esp. if you fall short of expectations.

A hint: if you chase “more money” as your primary career/ambition/goal, you’ll get a lot more income than ire from higher-ups. You have until Dec. 28 to firm up or grab a quite fortunate management position. But you’ve had all 2021, to do so. Until March, faithful and affectionate friends will surround you, and a friendly romance might occur.

Chase $ Sun./Mon. — Sunday’s better. Casual contacts, communications and travel, errands and paperwork fill mid-week. (Poorly Tues., when restrictions or rejections keep arising, but rewardingly Wed. to midday [PST] Thurs. You can clear your desk!) Steer toward home, at least in your heart, Thurs. pm through Sat. Might be a wee tiff there Thurs. A domestic project (e.g., renos, repairs) can come to a climatic conclusion Saturday. There’s a lot of love in your home/family. Embrace it.



You know what they should do about juries to avoid accusations of prejudice? There could be a law that jury representation by ethnicity or race, should reflect that “ethnicity’s”  proportion of the population. (Ethnicity’s the wrong word.) So, 16% (or whatever) of each jury should be Black, 3% Asian, 5% Muslim, 5% Jewish, etc. The divisions would have to be carefully worked out, and agreed upon by “everyone.”
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I see the lines on Jan Psaki’s face; she should get out while she can.


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