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Hey, I’m recovered from the dead. Energy is mostly back, doing readings. Amazing how fresh the world looks when you stop being sick! I’m trying out a “new age-ish” method called “tapping.” There’s a book on it. If interested, google “tapping” or “EFT.” I’ll let you know if I notice any effects from it, good or bad. I have poor balance, and results there should be easily seen, so I’ll concentrate on balance (walking straight). And on another area, but a private one.
***.  ***

BTW, I’m on You Tube, at https://youtu.be/pTC4roAShPM — It’s an interview in which I don’t say much in depth. But it’s something, anyway. I’m not bragging about it, tho….


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Heightened and broadened awareness continues, Aries. Someone has “soft eyes” for you. International, legal, cultural, academic and philosophical (and love) issues attract your attention. A parent or boss favours you until March — this is esp. evident Sun./Mon. Respond, seek promotion or start a big project, luck accompanies you! (But don’t be sly: act ethically, or illusion will trap you.)

All month, focus yourself on a) making new friends, joining a new “group,” or b) pursuing a life-long dream/wish — or both. Act soon, well before December’s end — and esp. this Tues./Wed., when these beautiful, optimistic, happily social things are highlighted. (Secrets, depths, sexual dynamics, financial commitments play a role — probably an interfering role.)

Withdraw to rest, ponder and plan “next steps” Thurs. to mid-afternoon Sat. (PST). Exercise mild caution. Tackle neglected chores Sat. — you’ll succeed.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

You’re near the “engine room” of life this month (and every December) Taurus. Hidden forces, fate/karma, secrets, commitments and consequences, medical and lifestyle choices, sexual fires and financial opportunities dance around you. Your intuition surges to the surface — believe it, use it.

Your intellectual side flows like a sweet river until March, might attract real love — for instance this Sun./Mon., two mild, loving and wise days. If you do have special feelings, communicate them. Great 2 days for academic, travel, media and legal affairs.

You have “possessed” an opportunity to climb in your career, in prestige, and  in practical ambitions, since the start of 2021. It takes guts, hard work, but can put on a plateau of success that will exist for decades. But act quickly if you haven’t already — this trend, which is highlighted Tues./Wed., will “vanish” by Dec. 28. (So chase it Tues./Wed., but don’t rely on others, nor on partners.) Partners and general relationships are volatile until Dec. 13— be diplomatic.

Wish fulfillment, optimism, social delights lift your heart Thurs. to mid-afternoon Sat. (PST). Good, but avoid fantasies, chase reality.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Relationships, opportunities in general, relocation themes and public dealings fill the days ahead, Gemini. What relationships “possess” (sex, privacy, secrets, finances, lifestyle choices, mysteries) are favoured for you until March — chase these Sun./Mon., when they’re lucky, rewarding. (Don’t be steered off track by a talkative, deceptive person — one who might act like or want to be a partner.)

Until Dec. 28, you still have a chance to build something intellectual, in cultural or media, academic or international zones, even in love, that will “last the ages.” This trend surfaces Tues./Wed., so plunge into it — menial work or bad health might interfere. (So might an Aries or Scorpio. Kiss them goodbye.) Your career is accented Thurs. to mid-afternoon Sat. (PST) — chase ambitions, you’ll have some success, esp. Sat. Again, don’t let another steer you into tempting but empty waters.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The general accent remains on work, health, pets, machinery and tools, Cancer. Don’t go crazy on this area; just do what’s necessary, no more. Other zones promise more “returns.” For example, relationships (possible relocation) and opportunities at a distance remain fortunate until next March — and are highlighted this Sun./Mon. — dive in!

All 2021, but ending Dec. 28, you have had a chance to grab the depths and raise them to a plateau of enduring success — in this, great good luck and hard work combine. For example, to become pregnant, or to make a life-changing investment, start a business, research and discover valuable or labour-saving things, methods. (For some, an inheritance.) This trend is highlighted Tues./Wed., although you might be tripped up or diverted from your main “task” by romance or a “creative ambition.”

Wisdom, mellow feelings, love great or small visit you Thurs. to mid-afternoon Sat. (PST). Don’t let a co-worker poo-poo your beliefs, ideas. Love could display itself Sat.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

These weeks emphasize creativity, games, pleasure, beauty — and romance, Leo. These are your forte, but don’t plunge too deeply. Real love, balance, partnership, are much more “giving” now than infatuation. In fact, all 2021 has leaned toward real love, and toward relocation, opportunities and public dealings. You have until Dec. 28 to “accomplish” these, or at least to solidly enter them.

Hard work is also involved. You could achieve a partnership or situation which will reward and support you (and your loved one) for many decades ahead. This trend is highlighted Tues./Wed., although a domestic problem, clinging to security, or ambition might interfere. Reject these, stick to that partnership or other opportunity.

Earlier, Sun./Mon. bring good interactions with co-workers, good luck with tools, machinery or health — a fortunate condition that lasts to next March. And at week’s end, Thurs. to mid-afternoon Sat. (PST) life brings the mysterious side of ‘partnerships/opportunities’ — intimate embraces, financial commitments, lifestyle changes, medical issues. Expect a couple of wee bumps here, but it ends well on a surface level (not on a deeper strata, so take care, be realistic, protect finances).

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The emphasis remains on home, domesticity, mother nature, nutrition, gardening, property, security, and “mild hibernation,” Virgo. Don’t plunge deeply into this — e.g., don’t dig an in-ground pool, or buy a new home. (An unseen flaw lurks.) More profitable “opportunities” surround you.

Until March, romance, raising kids, beauty, pleasure, creativity and risk offer sweet rewards — as highlighted Sun./Mon., when my advice is, “plunge in!” (If you’re stymied, hang around a library, a school, lawyers, an international transportation hub — or visit an international internet dating site. Or flirt with a co-worker — Sunday, not Mon.)

Short term, because only 24 days remain of a year-long trend, you can build something lasting and supportive in employment, machinery, health or related areas. (For example, in general a new employment begun in 2021 will combine luck and practicality in just the right proportions for enduring success.) This trend is highlighted Tues./Wed. — talking, silly arguments, restless travel can interfere — reject them, keep eyes on your practical, big goal.

Thursday to mid-afternoon Sat. (PST) will bring relationships and opportunities. These are fine on the surface, but something deeper undercuts total success. That’s ok, this zone will explode with good luck January to May, 2022.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

December emphasizes errands, calls, communications, short trips, paperwork and small chores, Libra — but gives little reward for them. You can “profit” much more from sweet luck and sweet feelings in the domestic arena — family, kids, home, security projects, gardening and renovations/decorating, nutrition, mom nature, vacations, spas, property dealings — until early March ’22. These are highlighted Sun./Mon. — dive in, all’s good!

Romance of a sober, serious nature has been “in the air” (or more concretely) all 2021. Now you have until Dec. 28 to deepen or “make concrete” this beautiful but difficult trend. It might not be a romance, but a creative project, or something risky, like stock market gambles or a sports effort.

In any case, it promises huge benefits, even a life-long love, but it also demands (has demanded) hard work and “deprivation” of a sort — e.g., maybe it demands that you give up a cozy present situation, or abandon your beliefs, or invest in his/her security/property, etc. It might also have been marked by many “endings” — a stop-start thing. Dec. 28 ends this, starts a new trend of luck in work. (If single, and this “romance” falls apart, you’ll meet a new, good marriage prospect in mid-22 to mid-23.)

This “romance” (et al) is in focus Tues./Wed. — and could be “side-tracked” by money or sexual factors. Reject them, go straight to your goal. Tackle chores Thurs. to mid-afternoon Sat. (PST) — you’ll get small things done, but a big, looming job might elude your efforts.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

 The general accent lies on money, Scorpio. Buy/selling, invoicing, collecting, paying — and on, not unrelated, casual, warm sex, and basking in the sensuality of life. It’s a time of possession, so rote learning, done now, will last. But don’t expect miracles, nor even luck. Other avenues might hold more significant opportunities: the least of these but the most pleasant and valuable, if you want speak frankly though affectionately with someone, not necessarily romantically — this social warmth holds you in its pleasant orbit until next March — sense it this Sun./Mon.  

Now to Dec. 28, you face the tail end (but not the weakest end!) of a dragon of fortune and prosperity, especially in anything involving food or shelter: agriculture, construction, food stores, restaurants, diapers, furniture, toys, lawn products. Great time to find/rent/buy a home, other property. Tuesday/Wednesday will highlight this area, and also reveal the potential obstacles: political arguments, relationship surprises, and “lust that wilts the rose.”

Take note now if single: a major romance might lie on your horizon, January to May, next year. An easy, gentle relationship might introduce you to “True Infatuation,” or this easy, gentle relationship could start opening feelings you’ve never known. Best thing to do if you want to prepare: communicate, and improve skills in this area, w/o growing impersonal — and welcome friends, cultivate new ones. Strong hints of this upcoming period might appear Thursday to mid-afternoon Sat. — for marrieds, etc., 3 days of happy kids, happy mate, be creative, inventive — take a chance.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This is your time, Sage, you’re at an annual peak of energy, charisma, style, timing, clout, and — effective? That’s the question. Are your goals what you really want to do? Best choice: a wise but maybe not exciting opportunity lies at a distance, or with another person. If some fantastically good and easy-to-pluck goal appears, but when you pursue/chase it you encounter unexpected resistance or illogical setbacks, then get out, quickly. 

Sunday/Monday are dollar days for you. Buy, sell, do other money things. This area is favoured for an unusually long time, until early March. But avoid investments, long-term debt. Casual physical intimacy is very favoured, but deeper stuff, loving or not, has no protection. Many things can attack lovers, the best of them being love, but if the affair is unapproved, what is love but a burning never quenched?

Tuesday/Wednesday focus on errands, calls/texts, short trips, paperwork. Watch for “interruptions” from work (or in health) and doubts/worries about the stability of your home situation. Take 10 per cent of that worry, wrap it in some waxed paper, put it in your pocket, the one marked “of possible concern.” Then take the remaining 90% and throw it away, because it is likely false — as is the news early week.

Speaking of home, yours is emphasized Thurs. to mid-afternoon Sat. Security, kids, renos/repairs, garden, nature, spa, rest, these draw you. You might still worry about your home, but you feel a bit more secure. In ’22, Jan. to May, you’ll face great property luck.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22- Jan.19

Lie low, Cap. This is your recuperation month. Rest, ponder, plan (but be a little skeptical of these plans) and contact gov’t or “head office.” Catch up on neglected chores — don’t volunteer for more, unless it’s to aid humanity (charity work, therapy, etc.).

Sunday/Monday bring extra energy and a soft charisma to you — proceed with whatever you choose, as a mild, mellow luck buoys you and attracts others, right into next March. Romance is favoured, but more so in a few weeks. Chase income, buy/sell, Tues./Wed. This theme has dripped with good luck all ’21, but you only have until Dec. 28 to take advantage.

Work hard to put your income on a new, stable plateau. Romance, socializing, and wishful thinking might interfere. Errands, easy chores, communications, paperwork and short trips fill Thurs. to mid-afternoon Sat. (PST). All’s well, plug along.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Wishful thinking, social joys, optimism, flirtation and general happiness fill your days, Aquarius. However, don’t plunge into this area to the exclusion of other opportunities. Bosses, higher-ups remain assertive, un-humourous until Dec. 13, avoid verbal exchanges with them. 

Sunday/Monday bring weariness, seclusion, rest. Ponder and plan. This “seclusion” theme — or rather, the background things, management, relations with gov’t, healing, nursing, charity and sympathy, etc. — bless you now to March. In other words, your private life will be sweet, mellow — and fortunate. A lover or advisor might join you, play a key role in your future. Capricorn, Taurus or Libra might be involved.

Your energy and charisma surge upward Tues./Wed. — tackle your “main project” of 2021 — could be freedom/adventure, love/social prospects, could be security, a research project, a retirement “set-up,” therapy or healing. You have until Dec. 28 to “accomplish” this, so don’t be slow. This week, bosses, career, or your home set-up could interfere. Don’t let them.

Chase $, buy/sell, embrace/welcome casual intimacy, learn something new but rote, Thursday to mid-afternoon Sat. (PST). Nothing fantastic here, but all’s well.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The accent remains on ambition, career, prestige relations and worldly standing, Pisces. Don’t expect too much here, don’t expand too much. Instead, chase other goals, outlined below:

Sunday/Monday bring optimism, popularity, social delights, perhaps flirty, friendly romance. This lovely theme will accompany you, with warmth and fortune, to early March. No impediments, so flow ahead! Tuesday/Wed. pull you away from excitement, as you seek rest, solitude to ponder and plan. Pamper your health. Seek management, gov’t, institutional, therapy, charitable involvements, and mentors — one of these, somehow, can put your life on a firm, fortunate foundation.

But you only have to Dec. 28, then this trend dissolves. Friends, chatterboxes, short trips and long, media and law and academic interests can interfere — this once, don’t let them. Your charisma and energy “flower” Thurs. to mid-afternoon Sat. (PST). All’s well, charge ahead! (But not necessarily into career realms.)



Your environment offers what your chart implies. For example, if my Part of Marriage lies in a degree of divorce, I will always marry someone who will give me good reason to divorce, or will divorce me. (This “choice” is seldom conscious. Which is where destiny lies — in the subconscious, to some degree.)
***  ***

If the Republicans want to win the next house and presidential elections, they should not wish nor lobby so hard to overturn Roe v. Wade, the abortion-supporting law. Doing so will “scare” many women — and scare their vote away. Even those who don’t need/want/intend to use abortion, still might want to retain the option.
***.  ***

I made a mistake last week when I was describing the beagle puppies tortured by Fauci. Evidently the dog’s vocal cords were cut so the lab technicians didn’t have to listen to them screaming. Of course Fauci tortured these dogs for the good of “science” — or was it humanity? Rule #19: Nothing good comes from cruelty. 

Fauci might rule in his Josef Mengele world, but what good will it do him on his death bed? We should never let ambition destroy our soul. This is the man who says you must get a third booster right away, and probably another in a few months, and a fifth, and a sixth, year after year… From the company, Pfizer, which has gained approval to hide their records until 2070. Why?  

Basically, I believed in the vaccinations. I had two. I had a stroke after the first one, and now have just gone through a mysterious lung-throat disease for a month (to date they have not been able to diagnose it) and now UK studies are showing old guys like me who are vax’ed die at a higher rate than old guys who aren’t vax’ed. And now my local university, (British Columbia) is emailing a deceptive “survey” to people who have been vax’ed, which is certain to  promote a false view of hospitalization rates post-vax.

So I’m just not so sure anymore.

BTW, for full disclosure, the source/organizatoin that was putting out the false survey last month, and who refused to change it after I pointed out its major flaw (see last week’s AFTERAMBLE, “I am vax’ed”) and who counselled me to falsify my survey responses, was:

Dara Wong
Research Assistant
Vaccine Evaluation Center
BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute
The University of British Columbia

Credit where credit’s due.
***.  ***

Regarding Fauci and Biden, Merrick Garland, et al — Didn’t these guys ever read, for whatever reason, any moral or ethical guides? Doesn’t it frighten them to be evil? Have they or will they at some point rear back and see within for a bright, horrible moment, feel the taste of evil’s rancid solitude, the solitude that soundlessly howls regret for its sins? I suspect Fauci was/is familiar with the Bible (one of our better — but far from best — moral guides) maybe read it in his early twenties. But this is a generation freed from the Bible.
***.  ***

Speaking of the Bible, some of its instructions are extremely sophisticated and almost miraculously insightful. If anything was to convince me that aliens did exist, and “seeded” the earth with humanoids, it would be this “speech” from Numbers 14:18 (God’s talking):

“…and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the sons to the third and fourth generations.”

The same idea is repeated again and again in the Old Testament, so it was obviously “sprinkled” throughout the people. 

If aliens existed, they probably remained a few thousand years — at least until mankind developed stone age skills, for there are significant “pictures” of aliens, often flying or in bubbles, carved into the stone art of many prehistoric societies. (A la “Chariots of the Gods.”) Most of these prehistoric depictions were of human-looking figures. These aliens, if such existed, evidently were familiar with DNA and genetic processes — probably knew more than we do at present, for they had already created a humanoid like themselves, to create a whole new world of life and development, like a cosmic “Simm City” (or some modern version). 

Further, they mingled and blended morality with DNA, to “create” (really, start or bring) a localized karma. Thus, we get the pronouncement in Deuteronomy, Exodus, Numbers — and I suspect in many religions/civilizations — that the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon their sons, and their sons, for generations… It almost implies forever. This seems unusually sophisticated, or “inspired” for a pre-Christian (even a pre-science, pre-Renaissance) spokesperson. If aliens did NOT exist, I would mark this “generational sin” concept as an almost psychic event, or as one in which God spoke through a human. Or as a happy accident.
***.  ***

I have a story about this. A man married into an already-formed family. The first father had died of alcoholism. The three girls were young teens to 15, the boy was 11. In an almost business-like way, he proceeded to rape them all. His wife, who was 2 feet shorter than he was, quietly went along with it. 

Let’s call this the first sin. Now, let’s follow one of the violated daughters. She leaves the home, marries and has children. When she is pregnant with the fourth child, her husband deserts her (as was destined; she chose him) so she brings her 2 boys and 2 girls back to her step-father, who, with her co-operation, rapes her children also — the third generation. This generation, though traumatized from the repeated assaults, goes forth and marries and has children.

Every one of this 3rd generation becomes a single parent due to the damage done to their social/psychic awareness. But they do not defile their children nor facilitate their rape. They are not good parents, due to the early destruction of their lives, and the lack of dual parenting in their childhood. The step-father destroyed the mother, and the mother destroyed her children, and these children, the third generation, neither rape nor facilitate the molestation, but if anything are protective, so the same will not occur to their kids, the 4th generation.

This 4th generation, being raised by traumatized and unschooled parents, but having suffered no sexual abuse, merely become anxiety-ridden adults. Half of them probably never have children. The other half become single parents, still not good parents in terms of skills, but good in heart.

So the sins and punishments do travel down the staircase of generations, but they thin out. The third generation is not sinning, though abused by God and man; the fourth commits no sin but lives in anxiety. The little I see of the 5th generation nudges me to suspect they will grow with wisdom, calm and good sense, in all these surpassing their parents.

The way is up; there are more of us who are good than there are bad. Humanity progresses, noticeably. One day, everyone will sing and dance. The trees already do it, swaying wildly in the cheeky wind. But it bothers me that the first generation, the prime evil, is not punished. And that, as the generations come forth, they do not sin but are punished much more severely than the evil-doer(s). How does God reconcile or explain that? (Only, as I opined a couple of weeks ago, by reincarnation. But even so, why are the innocent punished and traumatized, while the evil-doers are not?)

***.  ***

By the way, I see the teachers and school boards in the U.S. (and Canada?) as the second generation above, the mother  — at best, they facilitate the abuse and perversion of children, K to 12. (See any of a hundred articles on porn and gender-warping in schools as established policy — done, as any assault, “out of sight” — in this case, of parents.) So they are comparable to the mother, the 2nd generation, who steers her children into their grandfather’s crotch. (Sorry to be so graphic.) Who is the first generation? Marx? Biden and Merrick Garland? I dunno.

But I suspect there is a certain pleasure, a dark, slow pleasure, in leading others — children — to such gender-morphing and pornographic experiencing  places as schools do now.
***. ***

BTW, remember last year (?) when covid was beginning to spread, I wrote here that it would not be one virus, but at least two? Now it’s in its third manifestation, “OMICRON” (or MORONIC as a clever reader put it).

I heard one uplifting thing on the news a few days ago: I don’t know if it was a statistical fact or an opinion, but it said that in most cases, viruses that mutate like covid does, tend to create weaker and weaker versions of themselves. (Which would link into natural immunity — as if the whole world was one organism, which finally became immune to this cold or that.)
***.  ***

Of course destiny will bring something new to worry about — but not for a “long” time. We’ll get a “war in space” worry about 2026, although really the “powers” have been building arsenals and techniques since the 1970’s. Science, techniques in weaponry, from 2024 to 2043, will bring a whole new warfare. Electron weapons will be discovered/invented. Also a heavy accent on astrophysics, not sure how. Oceans maybe involved. U.S. involvement, 2027/28. 

But it won’t be all war and scare. Medical fields will start to work with liquids, pressures and flows, not sure how, but much more than now. Tremendous scientific/technological “findings,” or explorations — equivalent to Tesla’s alternating current.

Political systems will, a least to a western eye, become more powerful, more dominating and draconian. Major attempt to dominate ideas. (We’re already seeing this, as you know.) Thus a strong, lethal rebel faction, maybe international, not sure, could exist separately in various nations. Many many lives will be sacrificed upon an idea. 2026, although perhaps leading to war, is a huge, successful time of economic, physical, scientific and all-round advancement,  a huge year for humanity.
***.  ***

The royal “We,” or just the many sides of me?


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    Hi Tim, Re: EFT, I used it for a while a few years ago. I didn’t have much success with it, but hopefully you will do better…:)

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Well, I’m trying it for awhile, MangoMary. Not easy for me, as my tremors interfere. When I try to tap various places on my face, my fingers often end up in my eyes. But I have had an email from a reader who says she had great success with tapping. Time will soon tell!

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