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All times/Dates are PDT – Pacific Daylight Time zone. PDT is eight hours before Greenwich England (BDT). For example when it is noon PDT here, it is 8 PM in England – and 4 AM the next day in China. You can Google ‘time zone converter’ for your own zone.

START NOTHING:  Before 12:17 pm Sun., 2:49 pm Tues. to 0:36 am Wed., and 5:27 am to 1:20 pm Fri.

PREAMBLE:  Nothing this week, but check out the AFTERAMBLE. 


   ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Still a powerful emphasis on relationships, Aries. If you met someone over a year ago, and are still together, you are in the “getting intimate” stage, working things out sexually and financially. December starts a year in which you two will likely wed (in some manner). If you’re unattached at present, the present week offers one or two new prospects, but generally you’d do best to wait until late Nov./early Dec. onward. If married, you definitely know you’re married this week. (Your spouse will be prominent, energetic.)

In all relations, be diplomatic, eager to co-operate — because you don’t need enemies, and because co-operating could bring you more luck than your individual efforts. Sunday noon through Tues. highlights your career, prestige relations (including authorities) and reputation. You’ll be surprised by people’s admiration! And you can make giant strides or earn allies in your ambitions: march forth. Only possible impediment: disagreement or opposition from your spouse or business partner Tues.

Happiness, optimism, social joys, popularity, flirtations and entertainment(s) blow bubbles of delight around you Wed. to lunchtime Fri. (PDT). You’ll communicate deeply and intuitively with a Pisces (or a shy, dreamy person) but might have sharp words with an Aries or Aquarian. Otherwise, everything flows beautifully. (If you meet an exciting stranger, tell yourself this is more friends than lovers, long-run.) Retreat Fri. pm and Sat. — rest, read, ponder and plan. Contact civil service types. Be charitable and/or seek spirit, esp. Saturday. Life treats you well.

taurus weekly forecast   TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Life’s drudgery continues — but only for 9 more days. Tackle chores, protect your health, and make sure machines are in good repair. (If you want to buy machinery, try Sun. after 1 pm, Mon. before 1 pm, or Thurs. any time after dawn. All times Pacific Daylight. E.g., add 9 hours for Europe, 16 for Asia, etc. For a computer purchase, 1 pm to 2 pm Sun. — or wait until January 2019 onward. [January onward better.])

Eat, dress sensibly all week. Be diplomatic, eager and cheerful with higher-ups, all month and into mid-Nov. (They’re impatient, but also have the ability, and half a notion, to promote you into a management level.) Sunday morning’s empty of all but spiritual progress. The afternoon, through Tues., brings international, legal, cultural, intellectual, media and far travel themes — and gentle love — wafting into your thoughts. Chase these (e.g., apply for university, or buy tickets, or see a foreign film, or genuflect before one you love) — not a snag anywhere! (Well, avoid love stuff Tues. morning.)

Those impatient, temperamental higher-ups become obvious, are ready to act, Wed. to lunchtime Fri. You’ll survive all challenges, but be ready to work and to display your ambitious side. Realize that your boss’ or parents’ ideas/projects might not work out — they’re not seeing clearly. Be “on board”, but cautious. Don’t let it become “your” project. Avoid a verbal fight Friday morning. At last, Fri. pm and Sat. bring peace, popularity, optimism and social happiness. You could fall in love, in a light-hearted way.

   GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Ah, sweet (and dangerous!) romance. If unattached, you might be falling for someone who’s hot-headed, eccentric and wildly humorous. Take care, this person is headed for the wrong places, at least until Nov. 8. But if you are attached, even married, this week plucks your heart-strings with alluring melodies. A good time to patch up differences, or to make your union stronger. Still, temptation rides this week like bright banners slowly twisting in the breeze.

Sunday morning yields little. But this afternoon through Tues. brings powerful glances, fantasies and boudoir temptations, as your lust sensors expand. Be moral, honest! The same period opens doors to good investments, earnings opportunities, research gems and investigative actions, medical procedures and lifestyle changes. Commit — the consequences should please you! (Includes sexual commitments, but as said, be a bit wary. Enter only if both parties are free to do so, and the situation is emotionally healthy.) (Don’t ask Tues. morning, tho.)

Wednesday to lunchtime Fri. features love — and I repeat the warnings above re “lust.” That said, gentle love favours you — as do far travel, intellectual, cultural, legal and media interests. Still, in all these, exercise a light touch, be prepared to wait. Job, career communications go very well (esp. Thurs.) — you might hear about a promotion opportunity. Work on this, or on career, VIP relations and your worldly standing, status, Fri. pm and all day Sat. Great progress available! One caution: avoid a work-related (or health-linked) argument — perhaps over ideals, ethics — Fri. morning. An exciting week, with important choices.

    CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Your domestic situation remains highlighted, Cancer. Children and their talents warm your heart. But lots of other things draw you, also. Romance is sweet (and talk-prone) — and your lust is powerful now, too. An old flame might enter the picture. Tackle only routine matters Sun. morning.This noon through Tues. brings relationships. You’ve faced various delays, indecision by partners, prospective lovers or others, since late April. Those delays ended two weeks ago, so you are now in serious position to present proposals, ask for co-operation, or simply to show your feelings for someone.

Tuesday morning might cause some disagreement, but otherwise this interval offers smooth success — speak up, woo someone (or, in business, convince someone). These relationships veer into deeper waters Wed. to lunchtime Fri. — into commitment and consequence, into intimacy, baby-making, investment or debt reduction. Dig deep, research, investigate. Your intuition will be tops. Little succeeds Wed., but Thurs. opens a door to legal, travel, wedding, school and love success.

Avoid a verbal, romantic or “you cheated” argument Fri. This pm and Sat. bring all these – romantic, educational, far travel, love, cultural rituals, media – to a beautiful, affectionate level. Are you single and in love? Pop the question now! Or seeking? Get out and find (or phone a former love). If married, enjoy a mellow, gently loving “adventure” with spouse. A good week!

Leo icon, Luck Forecast   LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Your quick but easy month continues, Leo — for one more week. Tackle chores Sun. afternoon through Tues. — an excellent time to buy a car, computer or machinery/tools. (Sun./Mon. best.)  Eat, dress sensibly. Look for employment all 3 days, if you need a job.

Relationships face you Wed. to lunchtime Fri. As I’ve been saying constantly for the last 17 months: don’t marry before Nov. 8, and don’t seek marriage prospects, either. That said, you might have been dealing for the last few months with a hot-head who often makes you dream of marriage. If you met before May 2017, just be patient — excitement lies just around the corner (late Nov.). If you met since May 2017, seriously consider what the future would be like with this person — and look at this while realizing that 2019 will likely bring a new, big, strong romance. You choose! If already married, just enjoy it — your home has seldom been so warm, big, rewarding.

Friday pm and Sat. steer your relationship themes into deeper waters — benevolent, healing waters. Your sexual desires will burst to the surface. Your intuition does the same. This is a great little interval for investment, sex/lust, lifestyle changes, medical answers, research and investigation — dig deep, dive in — any/all of these areas is/are blessed for you. Someone who loves you might open the door to intimacy.

   VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Keep your focus on money this week, Virgo. Buy/sell, seek bargains, ask for a pay raise, schmooze with clients, etc. Your work load is heavy and intense, but should bring extra income. You might also seek/form a friendly, easy sensual bond — be honest here, don’t lead someone on just to satisfy your needs. Be open. (You might be dealing with a “recently returned” friend.) Your memory’s top-notch now — a good time to memorize lists, school’s facts, etc.

Spend Sun. morning at home, relax, embrace the family. Sunday afternoon through Tues. highlights romance, beauty, immediate pleasure, charming kids, creative and speculative risks. All goes well, so plunge in, grab what you see. Be mildly cautious Tues. morn — romance won’t work. That intense work trend flowers more strongly Wed. to lunchtime Fri. Caution Wed., when little goes as expected, but charge ahead Thurs. into pre-dawn Fri. — you could enlist a good helper (who just might turn into a great partner, even spouse if the sexes are right).

Careful later Fri. morn, when a fight could erupt, or a fender-bender. Talk, drive and handle tools cautiously. An exciting meeting is possible Fri. pm, Sat. (Again, you can meet a promising relationship prospect — or, simply have a loving time with your spouse.) Dive into fresh horizons, opportunities, personal liaisons. Rush to join! Be diplomatic — don’t bring up logic when someone’s dreaming or “wandering” — he/she is correct, not you! A good week, Virgo.

   LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your energy and charisma remain high, Libra. You’re riding a winning streak, so be sure to start something or to continue giving a favourite project all your effort. Exception: money. Your money/income looks good, but when you try to push forward, life pushes back like a soft buy immense pillow. So, all October, either find/revive former money sources, or be patient with present ones.

Your earnings luck will return powerfully late Oct./Nov. if you chase a former project — more weakly, but still nicely, if your goal is a new venture. You might be restless early Sunday, but nothing’s at stake, so just putter, read, talk, etc. Sunday afternoon through Tues. pins you to the domestic board — be home, study real estate, hug the kids and spouse, garden, repair/ renovate, etc. At work, focus on “territory.” Good luck will accompany your efforts.

You have faced at least one rather large, money-connected “home” problem for almost a decade — these few days you can take a step toward solving it. (Could be anything from mice in the attic to not owning a home, to having one your girlfriend hates, to step-kids, etc.)

Romantic feelings blossom Wed. to lunchtime Fri. They might lead you down a “catastrophe path” if you heedlessly chase someone. (Read Leo’s message for dates of meeting/knowing someone. Like Leo, you might have, for the last few months, been romantically leaning toward a fiery individual who often makes you dream of marriage. If you met before May 2017, just be patient — renewal lies just around the corner (late Nov.). If you first met after April 2017, seriously consider what the future would be like with this person… seriously!

Anyway, romance, risk, creativity, pleasure — these face disruption, conflict Wed., succeed Thurs. to pre-dawn Fri. (PDT). Thursday also brings excellent work/money openings — step forward! (Maybe an argument Fri. morning [love vs. jealousy? money vs. romance?] — be still.) Work, chores, and health fill Fri. pm, Sat. — all’s smooth, you’ll get a lot done. If seeking employment, seek these two days.

   SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Remain “out of sight,” Scorpio — for your own good. This is your last week to enjoy deep rest. And to pick up the small, neglected things of your life, do them, and free your future of niggling entanglements. (“I ran the race, but forgot to retrieve my running shoes from my school, so I lost because I wore heavy boots instead.”) Free yourself for the races you will want to run, October 23 onward. Those races will involve money — buckets of this stuff will fill 2019 for you — but some could also pertain to love. In any case, now’s the time to rest, to ponder and plan your next month, and year.

Shop only for routine items Sun. morn. This afternoon through Tues. brings easy chores, contacts, calls/texts/emails/ short trips, paperwork and errands. You’ll accomplish these easily. Be curious, wander into new places, ask questions. All’s well. Your home, family and property come front and centre Wed. to lunchtime Fri. This begins with disruption Wed., so sidestep accidents (morning) and lover’s tiffs (daytime).

Thursday offers good results, as well as a chance to woo your spouse or, if single, to find romance that would also be sexually satisfying — or, overall, great ideas/thoughts about love. But watch, by Fri., for arguments and conflicts in the morning — perhaps sparked by a comment.  Friday pm and Sat., despite your weariness, tap the magic wand of romance on you — look, act. Or, if you’re “solitude bound,” spend this interval in creative or pleasure pursuits.  An easy week, Scorpio.

   SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

One last week of wish fulfillment, social joys, bright horizons, optimism and popularity, Sage. All these, as noted recently, will be a bit “quiet,” simply because you’re in a quiet year. (That changes in 5 to 6 weeks.) Your energy and charisma are high Sun. morning, but there’s little to do that’s consequential.

Sunday noon (PDT) through Tues. brings fortunate monetary developments. Ask for a pay raise, butter up clients, hold a garage sale — and look for bargains — you’ll find them. One pm Sun. (PDT) is a good time to buy a computer. You might hear from a “secret ally,” or hear some good news about health or management positions, or from the gov’t.

Don’t chase romance or friendship Tues. morning. Easy chores, errands, calls, short trips, news media, paperwork — these fill Wed. to lunchtime Fri. This interval isn’t easy Wed., as disruptions and stress and simple non-co-operation stymies your efforts. But Thurs. offers smooth success, in errands (et al) as well as domestic relationships. Avoid a lively argument Fri. morning — it might reveal one of your secrets. (In general, avoid speaking, writing or driving impetuously all month, and the first half of November.)

Flow toward home Friday pm and Sat. Hug the kids and spouse, garden, landscape, renovate, decorate, or just chill — all goes well. (Only problem with just chilling is that you would waste all the good luck by not acting on anything.) A good, easy and reassuring week.

   CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Ambition, career, business opportunities, putting your shoulder to the wheel — dive into these during this successful week, Cap. Rest, regather your energy, Sun. morning (PDT). You’ll bounce back up from noon this day through Tues. Your energy, charisma, timing and effectiveness will shoot upward. Ask favours, present proposals, be a leader, start significant projects — every day supports you, offers good luck and open doors.

One thing: since April 2017, and lasting only another month, to mid-November, you’ll do better if you aim your ambitions towards anything but money: seek position, status, recognition, praise, even growth of assets. These are straight-forward, whereas earnings are twisted in karmic alleyways — for another month only.

Speaking of earnings, that’s the main focus Wed. to lunchtime Fri. Be cautious, see “three steps ahead” before you bite or charge forth. Wednesday holds obstacles, but rather mild ones: money and friendship don’t mix. Thursday begs you to act, though not exactly in money zones: communications, social contacts, business calls, paperwork/applications, and negotiated agreements: these go well this day. You could form a new friendship (tho’ it might not last long).

Careful Fri. morning (mid-morn PDT) — a disagreement involving money subjects (particularly with a friend/social contact) could get very verbal. Drive carefully. Friday pm and Sat. bring errands, casual friends, lunch on the patio, communications, paperwork, short travel — all during a sweet, easy day and a half. All week (all month!) your social contacts bring happiness, even a romantic prospect. Groups treat you affectionately, so bid now for one you “missed” in the past. A former friend/lover can return, to flirt, maybe to more.

    AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Nine days left of a wise, philosophical mood, Aquarius. Twenty-six more days of feeling like fate’s pawn, or of struggling against “life”.  33 more days of heightened sexual magnetism/ assertiveness, anger, tantrums and “fire danger”. Good news, as the “fate’s pawn” experience is already 17 months old, and the heat/anger/impatience has been around since May. So, many themes are ending, and a new world is just around the corner.

But for now, this week, focus on legal matters, insurances/statistics, fame, international venues, far travel, cultural, intellectual and media involvement/possibilities. These “treat you” benevolently… so does love, of a gentle, marrying kind. (Don’t take this uber-seriously, as Nov. 8 will begin a year of joyous socializing, flirtations and love prospects. Whatever happens now, in love, realize: 1] you are choosing the path, not him/her, and choosing it partly for status; and 2] if you’re presently in love or involved, Nov. 2018 to Dec. 2019 should improve the situation, the joys. Think deeply: where do you want to go, with whom?)

Bosses, authorities treat you with grace and affection, and look favourably on your proposals, efforts. Still, career progress, despite all the goodwill, turns in circles of delay and second thoughts. That’s okay, rewards are still coming.

Talk and visit Sun. morning — nothing of consequence. Retreat this afternoon through Tues. — find solitude, quietude. Ponder: who/what has rebuffed you, and why; truly, why? Also ponder your future, which (in 2 months you’ll agree with me) is splendid!  (But not now, right?) Things go very well with civil servants, management/admin, spiritual and charitable associations, confidential friends and closed-door discussions.

Your energy and charisma soar Wed. to lunchtime Fri. Good, but don’t get heavy-handed, or lead others into areas you aren’t really familiar with. Wednesday’s mildly frustrating in love, but good for career action/meetings. Thursday offers a splendid career-money doorway or development; speak to a key figure. Friday morning needs caution: a verbal disagreement could sully your career prospects, perhaps alienate potential allies. Chase money Fri. pm and Sat. — good luck accompanies you, so plunge in, esp. where money meets career.

   PISCES:  Jan. 19-Feb. 20

This is your last week of essential, deep, “core” action, Pisces. Your world, your life, can turn on your efforts and investigations, could have for the last 3 weeks also. Sexual desire, power motives, financial actions (investments, mortgage, debt reduction — or even accepting shares or equity as part of your salary) — these join with lifestyle changes, medical procedures and research. All are recommended now.

You might feel ambitious Sun. morn, want to go to a restaurant where they’ll respect you, or want people to recognize your worth. Such practical stuff floats away Sunday afternoon through Tues. Instead, optimism, joy of living, popularity and social delights, entertainment and wishful thinking buoy your heart! Respond to a flirtation — but keep an eye on ethics/morals. Your casual friends are changing, aren’t they? (Or you can sense a future change.)

Retreat Wed. to Fri. lunchtime. Rest, nap, deal with charities and spiritual groups, meditate, ponder your life and bonds, and plan future actions. If you need a hand, charities and gov’t agencies will help. However, this is not an easy interval. Wednesday’s fine, but “soft” obstacles counter action. Thursday’s great — you could meet love (perhaps an old flame), sign a contract, learn significant secrets, or easily buy travel tickets, apply for school admission, contact publishers, or investigate a new cultural venue, etc.

Friday morning needs care — avoid gossip, revealing your own secrets, getting into a (possibly legal) fight over principles or a restriction — or a heating problem. Your energy and charisma come soaring back Fri. pm and Sat. — charge ahead, it’s all systems go. Lead, start significant ventures, ask favours, see and be seen. You’ll win!




(Re below: I am not a financial advisor, and have no investment training.)

I own an interesting Canadian REIT (akin to stapled or partnership units in the U.S.).  REITS (real estate investment trusts) typically borrow money and buy real estate. They then lease out the real estate, pay interest/debts, and the rest is profit. (Very crudely stated.) They sell shares of their company, the REIT, to the public, then pay these shareholders a dividend that is typically 5 to 9% a year. (Or way more than bank interest.) These rates vary in value with the economy, and usually are supported by their profits. So if you held 1 share of a REIT, and it cost you $1, and paid you 10 cents per year, that is a 10% return. If this REIT paid every share 9 cents per share per year,  that would give a 9% return. And so on.

I don’t like REITS that pay less than 2.5 times the 10-year bond yield. If the REIT can’t pay a fairly high dividend, it might be in a sluggish sector of the real estate industry, or in financial trouble. But some very healthy REITS pay a very low dividend, of about 2 to 3 %. In other words, the corporation’s profit is very healthy, two or three times the amount it pays in shareholder  dividends.  I applaud them for their financial strength and conservative prudence, but I don’t like tightwads; so I avoid them. E.g., I found a REIT that makes a profit of approximately 10% per year, but only pays a 2% dividend. The company keeps the other 8%. To me, that reflects a selfish or anal management. I like REITS that sail with the wind a bit, athletic companies that adjust to change.

One REIT I bought specializes in auto showrooms. Fascinating. An idea that was completely new to me. A company entirely supported by the car industry. This gives it the strength of uniqueness: no competitors, at least I didn’t see any. It has some longevity: even as gas powered cars are slowly replaced by electric, Tesla will still need a showroom.

But even showrooms will eventually disappear — in fact already internet car sales are taking off. These sellers offer delivery to your door, with a 7-day return option, Another lets you go to a central car stacking tower, which spits out the new car you ordered via internet. These sites will reduce the number of showrooms, hence the income for this showroom REIT. I would give it another 5 years; it might also expand, if the economy is strong. (However, a strong economy will reduce the “stock price” of any REIT, because the gov’t will raise bank and bond interest rates. A great REIT delivering 10 % a year won’t look so good when you can get 12 % at the bank. This happened in the 1980’s, and REITs fell drastically. Actually, it’s even worse, but I won’t get into that. REITS should be falling at present for this very reason.)

***   ***


Banks will be the shock troops of the new economy — which is upon us now, and should last 7 years. I’m not sure we see/recognize this economy yet. I would NOT own a REIT that specialized in, or leaned heavily on bank tenants. (Nor, actually, on retail stores, malls, etc.) Banks will have to keep some branches open, but banking no longer requires any physical contact or proximity. There are still cash, and ATMs, and tellers, and vaults… To some degree banks will keep their branches open, because it reassures a suspicious or non-technical slice of the public that “the old way” of physical money, etc., still exists. But gradually – and this process began a decade or two ago – the banks will reduce branches.

Within 7 years, banking will be almost unrecognizable. It might take longer than 7 years to achieve ultimate cyber-banking, but many of us are already in the room. I’m a computer klutz, yet my banking has been entirely internetted for at least 5 years. When “ultimate internet” is reached, there will be no physical banks; although, perhaps in a transition phase, central banks and the head offices of commercial banks might be required to maintain a physical building somewhere. But money will be a measure of trust. Literally.

At a far point, the most money or value will be given to the one who trusts the most. Money will be both a ghost and a creation, almost an inspiration, will float around us, and banks will ride the internet (or whatever’s next) like low-pulse electric eels, unseen, unfelt, no physical exchange, just this ghostly “knowing” (on our part) that a presence is there, and it somehow reassures us with its warm thrumming.

Eventually all our money will be in our fingers; we will all touch the same wall; share the same massive computer. (Perhaps, as said before, made of water.)

Auto showrooms are either a secondary or primary level (tranche?) of secular decline. (Bank real estate is a primary level decliner, as are newspapers.) I think the auto showroom REIT I discussed above has a shorter life span than those that carry office and commercial premises. Bt even offices will shrink, in a secular way. Ditto stores (usually mixed with banks). I think autos will be one of the longer-lasting features of our world, and might not disappear for a hundred years. But showrooms will shrink even within 5 years. Already, internet car merchants exist. Soon, for new cars, there might be a central showroom built and operated by the car maker, just so customers can see, feel and smell the car. But many will buy off the net, especially when video advances give us 3-D or holographic images from our computers.

In general, you should have 2 rules for buying REITS: 1) realize their price will decline if interest rates rise. (Usually due to either a booming economy, or inflation). And 2) avoid, now forward, any REITs whose underlying properties will be substantially affected by the internet or any new technology. This warning lasts until 2025.


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