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All times/Dates are PDT – Pacific Daylight Time zone. PDT is eight hours before Greenwich England (BDT). For example when it is noon PDT here, it is 8 PM in England – and 4 AM the next day in China. You can Google ‘time zone converter’ for your own zone.

START NOTHING: 4:47 pm to 11:58 pm Sun., 11:18 am Tues. to 7:33 am Wed., 7:49 am to 12:41 pm Fri., and after 9:37 pm Sat.

PREAMBLE:  None this week.


   ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Secrets and mysteries. The month ahead (it starts Tues.) features financial actions, sexual desire, medical procedures, lifestyle decisions, research and investigation, commitment and consequence. You could hit the jackpot, Aries! Be honest, moral in sexual dances; trust your intuition in finances, investments, etc.

Spend Sunday resting, in contemplation and planning. You could stumble upon a great investment or other opportunity. Your energy, charisma and effectiveness soar from zero hour Mon. to dawn Wed. (PDT). Despite this, you could face a rather rough ride: use your extra energy to solve problems, rather than launch new ventures.

Monday proceeds fairly well, after an initial delay. Show your ambition, but “maturely.” Tuesday, you might have to choose a road: do you wander down an intriguing, social earning-money path, or take that other track toward a major commitment, investment, lifestyle decision, etc.?    I recommend the latter road for now, because solid good luck lurks in its length. (As early as Oct. 26, as late as Nov. 7.) Careful driving, with electricity or computers Tues. An investment opportunity might return from the past — someone who said No, could soften to Maybe, Yes.

Chase money, buy/sell, Wed. to lunchtime Fri. Two opportunities face you Wed. — both seem to involve finances or love/sex. (If you engage in sex with someone new, make sure he/she knows your commitment is “casual.” Otherwise, you can hurt someone emotionally.) Careful Thurs. afternoon — friends and money don’t mix. (Also, you don’t have enough to chase a cherished goal — not yet, anyway.)

A good financial or sexual opportunity 4 pm Thurs. to 7:30 am Fri. (all PDT). Errands, easy chores, talk and travel, paperwork and new contacts pour in Fri. pm and Saturday. Confusion or mistaken goals Fri., and Sat. morn. Success, “perfect” action — and social joys — Sat. pm.

taurus weekly forecast   TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Work won’t melt away immediately, Taurus, but it will shrink a little from Tues. onward, as a month of relationships, boundless horizons and fresh opportunities begins that day. Relocation, partnerships, negotiation, litigation, agreements and public dealings are also slated.

A note on timing actions: your relationship sphere — including everything listed above — has been fortunate and expansive for 12 months now — and maybe has brought separation to some, new life-mates to others. If you have not already taken action here, do so before Nov. 8. That establishes your “footprint,” and you can go on to develop/finish the action as November grows. (If the “opportunity” is merely an investment, don’t worry — you’ll “collect” many major investment chances in the 12 months starting late November, 2018. Up to 4 fortunate investments.)

Sunday finds you happy, anticipating, social, flirty. If you meet someone new before suppertime (PDT), you might have met someone who belongs in your life, and/or will open money doors in future. Take a breather Mon. to dawn Wed. Lie low, rest, ponder and plan — and perform neglected chores, esp. any involving the gov’t or an institution. Don’t take chances — this is a slightly rough road, esp. if you rebel or oppose someone with clout. Diplomacy!

Your energy and charisma surge upward Wed. dawn to lunchtime Fri. (all PDT). You can attract energetic, gracious and good-looking people Wed., even a love prospect. Those impatient higher-ups might show their snarls Thurs. daytime, but as evening approaches, and into Fri. dawn, love might hover, an affair might start, or you stumble on a splendid investment or business associate. Chase money, buy/sell — cautiously Fri. pm to Sat. lunchtime, as fuzzy thinking prevails — but eagerly Sat. pm, as luck blossoms in career zones. A gov’t auction could make this day a success.

   GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Be ambitious Sunday, Gemini. Start early, finish early. You can pluck a career or work plum from the opportunity tree before 5 pm, PDT. Your thoughts meander around love, hopes, popularity, distant bright horizons, Mon. to dawn Wed. (PDT). Though you’ll be happy, this isn’t the easiest interval.

Monday’s delayed, disappointing early, productive later. Tuesday might cause a choice: do you opt to wrestle a job/task, or withdraw to think about bigger things? This choice lasts 7 years, so can expand to affect your life direction. For example, do you choose to spend the years ahead studying for a degree, or working to accumulate $ early? (The gov’t will support you in higher learning, with $, etc.)

Careful driving, with computers, electricity Tues. Retreat from your social circle Wed. dawn to lunchtime Fri. Rest, ponder, plan. Deal with institutions, large companies, and/or gov’t. Be diplomatic, but do push forward. Employment openings Wed. afternoon; argument and dashed hopes Thurs. to mid-afternoon; then very good employment opportunities Thurs. suppertime to Fri. dawn, PDT. You could be attracted to a co-worker affair in this last portion, but I’d wait. Someone startlingly attractive will appear between 1 and 13 months from now. Nap, rest as much as possible.

Your energy and pizzazz soar Fri. pm and Sat. Spend Fri. afternoon to Sat. noon chasing career goals, status and prestige targets. Saturday pm opens the door to social, travel, intellectual, sexual and financial success. Pick one or two ventures, not five. BTW, Tuesday starts a month of work, machinery and daily health concerns. A lot of these (tasks, sniffles) might pour over you until Nov. 8.

   CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Ah, sweet romance! The month ahead (starting Tues.) brings beauty, pleasure, love attractions, creativity and speculation. If you’re a parent, now’s the time to bring your kids out, show them off. Maybe organize a back-yard stage or magic show. If you’re single, the weeks ahead offer a chance for love — take advantage, as late November starts a year of expanding work, a year that will put romance second. (Your love luck is strongest to Nov. 8.) An old flame might re-appear.

Sunday’s for love, ponderous thoughts, travel and wisdom. A lucky day! Be ambitious Mon. to dawn Wed. (PDT) — but go slow. Your efforts succeed later Mon., but might encounter some puzzling disjunction or new set of circumstances Tues. Be quick on your toes, sidestep problems, and be diplomatic.

Wednesday dawn to Fri. lunchtime brings you happiness and bountiful luck, optimism and bright horizons, flirtations and popularity. You might meet a life-mate prospect Wednesday. But avoid rough edges, arguments, or, especially, chasing sex or investments Thurs. to late afternoon. This suppertime to Fri. morning brings even more romantic and friendship prospects — good ones. If single, get to a party, or plunge into the “scene.” Even if you don’t “land” anyone, you’ll come away happy and smiling!

Retreat from the crowd Fri. noon through Saturday. Rest, recuperate, ponder, plan, be charitable and spiritual. Don’t volunteer for anything, but do clean up neglected tasks. Fuzzy thinking until noon Sat., then an afternoon/eve of success in out-of-the-box ideas, exploration of career possibilities, even, perhaps, in intimacy.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast   LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The emphasis shifts from scattered moments and restlessness to domesticity, property, kids, garden, nature, relaxing and recuperating. Come down to earth, be calm. The change-over starts Tues. The last 12 months have favoured your domestic sector, and will until late Nov. But if you want to take a last minute step here, say to buy a home, or new furniture, or have a child, or repaint the old mansion, start soon — before Nov. 8, for best results.

The weeks ahead are good for pruning the garden, and your life. Decide who/what belongs in your life, is vibrant and growing; and who/what is stale, beyond redemption, or just “empty” for you. Rid yourself of the latter. And rest, deeply. November (some early, some late) will start a year of gigantic luck in love.

Sunday’s for sex, intimacy, commitment and consequence, depths and big finances — until 4:30 pm PDT. This is one of your last, best chances to buy a new home and/or list your own. A wise, mellow mood steals over you Mon. to dawn Wed. You’ll need this wisdom, as problems stud this little interval. Monday’s disappointing early, gives you free rein later. Tuesday’s disruptive, might push you into a decision: do you stay home, sink into security and family, or go out and take your chances in the rat race of ambition? I’d choose the former, for now, as your good luck’s in the home.

But change horses Wed. morn to lunchtime Fri.  Be ambitious, schmooze with higher-ups, chase career goals, and keep your reputation intact. Buy status clothes, etc. Wednesday’s good, you might land a job or enhance your work status. Not a big deal, but one more rung up the ladder of success. Careful Thurs. — an argument or hostile relationship can throw you off your game. Speak with care!

Thurs. eve into Fri. dawn offers job improvements and domestic/career opportunities (both!). Happiness arrives Fri. lunch through Sat. Your thinking or perceptions could be a little off until midday Sat. (DON’T invest, nor push for intimacy.) Saturday pm makes wishes come true! Expect social delights, flirtations, bright horizons. Enjoy!

   VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The month ahead (starting Tuesday) will keep you busy, very busy, but with smaller and easy chores, such as calls, texts, emails, paperwork, errands and visits, applications, filing and mail projects. A good time, for instance, to change the filing system for your office or computer. However, don’t jump too soon. Until Oct. 31, if you initiate a new system, or mail to a bunch of new contacts, it will have a flaw that surfaces later. So until Nov. 1, stick to routine errands, paperwork, etc.

Be curious, ask questions, explore and pay attention to the news media in the weeks ahead. You could drift through a neighbourhood or city that you will later (Dec. 2018 to Dec. 2019) move to, live in, buy property in. Your urge to invest, change your life, and procreate (ie. lust) is a doorway to trouble until Nov. 8.

Sunday continues the weekend’s relationship themes —and is very lucky, to 4:30 pm PDT. Seek others, be eager to jump on their bandwagon, propose (projects or marriage) — seize opportunities. Monday to dawn Wed. emphasizes the deeper side of relationships: sex, pregnancy, monetary agreements, the emotional health of your paramour, etc. This interval begins with disappointment or rejection early Mon., then shunts to mild, easy progress until Tues. dawn, then gets really disruptive and negative Tues. daytime. Protect, rather than launch. Investments, research, sexual forays — none recommended.

A compassionate, broad view steals over you Wed. to lunchtime Fri. Wednesday offers love, and success in far travel, legal, cultural, international and intellectual matters. If single, you could meet a prospective mate. But Thursday might hold a break-up, an unexpected change, or an argument before late afternoon. By suppertime, through Fri. morning, those great relationship themes arise again. You could meet a perfect “housemate” (or more).

Head for home, kids, back yard and relaxation Fri. noon through Saturday. Co-operation’s lacking, and you might be mistaken about another’s feelings or hints, until late lunchtime Sat. After this, the pm carries a whiff of romance, and a chance to get a task done “perfectly”. You choose which.

   LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your high charisma and energy subside a little during the month ahead, but you’ll have plenty of energy to chase money. You’ll remain physically, sexually and mentally “in charge.” Much of the money, earnings projects, purchase bargains and client contacts that await you will likely be from the past. (E.g. something you wanted to buy before, now comes back on the market.) This applies to casual sexual partners also — one might reappear from the past during the remainder of October. (Or already has this month.) Your romantic sensors/desires remain taut and alert until Nov. 15 — but yielding to these impulses will not turn out well, if you do it before Nov. 8. Be patient.

Sunday brings chores — eat, dress sensibly. You could strike pay dirt before 5 pm PDT!  Work can yield pleasing $ rewards, or a contact/friendship that might open a door, soon, to lucky monetary conversations, or, at least, to travel and friendships. Relationships fill Mon. to dawn Wed. (PDT). There isn’t a lot of scope for love or social merging. In addition, relocation, public dealings, fame, agreements and negotiations, litigation and challenges, and new opportunities are unstable or uncertain — so plunging into any of these is a risky move. I wouldn’t — wait for clarity!

A financial or sexual “change” — a deep change, occurring during, and affecting, the next 7 years at least — is apparent Tues. Here forward, you are going to “examine” (or explore) the deeper side of love, attraction, and sex. Now forward, your spouse or lover will have strong hopes about money and possessions. These things: sex, desire, deep changes, financial and medical “events,” will fill Wed. dawn to lunchtime Friday. Now luck is your ally.

March forth Wed. and Thurs. eve to Friday dawn (PDT) — fortunate opportunities await you. But avoid trying to reach agreement or gaining anyone’s co-operation Thurs. before 4 pm. — don’t chase romance, either. Refusal, a silent rejection could occur. A wise, mellow, compassionate mood steals over you Fri. pm through Sat. Caution Friday and to lunchtime Sat. — fuzzy thinking, deception, gastro-illness possible. Saturday pm, though, is made for love, co-operation, building domestic ties/affections, and entertaining children.

   SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You might remain weary until Tues. — and could feel a little tired most of this week. But your energy, charisma, clout, timing and effectiveness are rising, and soon you’ll be pumping on all cylinders, charging toward your goals. From Tues. into the few weeks ahead, start projects, propose ventures to others, lead, ask favours — you’re the prime mover!

Sunday’s for beauty, pleasure, charming kids and romance. If single, you could land someone. If married, seek an agreement about money, earnings and spending. Tackle chores Mon. to dawn Wed. This isn’t an easy interval, so tackle minor things. Best time: Mon. pm.

A disruption, a sudden insight, or an unexpected attraction rings the bell of change Tues. — change in relationships and in home, starting now but developing over 7 years (to 2025). This event or insight is followed up (Wed. dawn to lunchtime Fri.) by more relationship issues. Beneficial ones, overall. That deep change is echoed Wed. morning, followed by healthy, sweet and stable openings for love,  and opportunities in other areas. (That deep change also hints that you will be living in a new place due to marriage or other partnerships — anytime now to 2025.) Be diplomatic, eager to join — Thurs. eve into Fri. dawn also, when the opportunities and relationship openings are even better! But beware arguments, a domestic quarrel, Thurs. daytime until 4 pm PDT.

Things you like — secrecy, mysteries, sex/intimacy, investigation, depth psychology, large financial actions, therapy and healing, accounting, advising others — these come into focus Friday lunchtime through Sat. Be a little wary the first 24 hours (until Sat. lunchtime) as sex might work, but romance certainly won’t — and a general trend toward deception or fuzzy thinking stymies or misleads you. (Being stymied is more fortunate.) But Sat. pm urges you to charge ahead. You can finish a task, defeat an enemy, or invest. (Watch impulsiveness with money.)

   SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Well, I promised you that a year of bright cheerful energy and accomplishment would come soon. But before that, you have just four more weeks of quietude and rest. This is the most important month of rest this year, for it’s your last before you charge out of the gates. Ir’s also your last chance for awhile to really examine your life, past and present, and to make plans for the future.

Avail yourself of advisors (psychics, psychologists, astrologers, accountants, etc.). Seek help, charity, spiritual guidance, whenever you need it. Got a bad habit? Break it now (and it will tend to stay broken forever). This “place” of quietude and pondering will please you for the next 11 days, will bring you to many old memories and former loves (in your thoughts). (After that, former flames, flirts, might return in actuality.)

Sunday’s for home, rest, kids and contemplation — your luck’s good until 4 pm PDT, esp. in background, administrative, private, or gov’t-related matters. Romance, adventure and creative possibilities call you Mon. to dawn Wed. This interval, though pointed toward pleasure, isn’t an easy one. Many little frustrations stud your path, including a possible “significant disruption” in work, machinery or health zones. However, you can make (mild) progress Mon. daytime to pre-dawn Tues. (PDT).

Tackle chores and protect your daily health, Wed. to lunchtime Fri. Now those work, machinery and health concerns can be handled in a satisfying way. You face opportunities to form a work association, buy machinery (NOT hand tools), or even land new employment. Only one caution: strictly avoid romantic approaches, creative forays and taking chances — or any argument (and you do have a temper!) Thurs. afternoon. Relationships confuse, mislead, even end, Friday lunchtime to Sat. lunchtime. But Saturday eve/night brings exciting, seemingly viable relationship prospects. (Still, I advise waiting a month.)

   CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The weeks ahead hold one thing, Cap: happiness! Social joys, popularity, flirtation and friendly love affairs, bright horizons, optimism, entertainment — and generally, buoyant luck — all these await you. Until Oct. 31, an old flame might return, or you might rejoin a former group/club. Expect many calls, many conversations with upbeat, slyly humorous people. As before, hold money rather than spend, until mid-November.

Errands, paperwork, short trips, communications and casual friends slated Sunday. Charge ahead, good luck accompanies you. Your actions might “undo” a restriction or deliver you from a certain burden. Aim toward home, family, security and “hibernation” Mon. to dawn Wed. (PDT). Your family might resist your “outside world” ambitions both days — or, you surround them in the warmth of family, security.

A significant change is highlighted Tues., and you’ll be dealing with it Wed. to lunchtime Fri. The change is a long one, 7 years, but you’re starting to sense it now. It affects romance, creative and speculative projects/themes, and children’s education/development. It also hints that you will need more money for these things. And that you’ll have some choices to make, for years, between deep, indulgent romance, and light, social interactions.

Not a good time to start anything (Mon. to noon Wed., PDT). But the romantic (and beauty, pleasure, et al) theme continues into Wed. daytime, even to midday Fri. This interval rewards action and courage — chase romance, seek to “merge” with someone, esp. Wed. and Thurs. night to dawn Fri. Only beware Thursday afternoon, when a disagreement or conflict (perhaps involving your home) could erupt. Tackle chores Friday lunchtime through Sat. — read instructions twice, and do not buy any equipment, tools, machines before 1 pm Sat. (Something deceptive.) Saturday eve/night points you straight toward success (i.e. accomplished chores).

   AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Tuesday begins a month of pressures, ambition, career striving, tests, prestige relations, worldly status and local reputation. This area has been fortunate, opportunistic, social and “elevating” all year, and will continue so for a few weeks. (Well, not so fortunate if you’ve done something impulsively, causing higher-ups to disapprove.) So charge ahead, work hard. During the remainder of October, good fortune can come from your past ambitious efforts, while new ventures can be held up. (Time their launch for November.)

On Sunday, pluck a money plum before 4:30 pm. Work goes well. Errands, paperwork, casual contacts and short trips fill Mon. to dawn Wed. Proceed carefully, as many glitches occur — Monday daytime best. Home, children, garden, Mother Nature, all blossom Wed. dawn to lunchtime Fri. (PDT). This is a lovely, restful, regenerating few days. You might need to choose between domestic duties/desires and outside career/ambition urges. Smart Aquarians might be able to fuse or combine these. (E.g. work at home, or as a realtor — this theme of work + home will last for 7 years — to 2025.)

Watch out Thurs. afternoon, when your temper or intensity could spark an argument — be gentle at home. Romance and other thrills visit you Fri. lunchtime through Sat. Until Sat. lunch, delusion might replace clear thinking, esp. about money, romance, and “ability to possess”. But from 1 pm PDT onward, Sat. offers real love/attraction, real (benevolent) responses. Both Fri. and Sat., soak up the beauty of life, of your mate or lover. Be creative Saturday.

   PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You’ll like the month ahead, Pisces. (It starts Tuesday.) It brings you benefits from and good luck in chasing: far travel, higher education, legal solutions, love/wedding, intellectual matters, cultural and international involvements, philosophy/religion (not spirit), fame, statistics, insurance, advertising, publishing and media.

Your mood will be mellow, your view wide, and your empathy powerful. Someone, a casual “friend,” might warn/disturb you about these goals (travel, wedding, etc.). Alternatively, you might become too casual about these profound things. E.g. you could treat a lover too lightly, and discover he/she’s found someone more serious. One caution: until mid-November, stay away from sleazy or belligerent people.

During the rest of October, a former attraction, lover, spouse, or “teacher” could reappear. If you’re single, the next few weeks could contain a proposal! (E.g., this Sunday afternoon, Friday morning, late Oct. 28 through 30th, etc.)

Sunday finds you in top form, energetic, charismatic — charge after a career, love, legal plum — or after anything listed in the third sentence above. Act before 4:30 pm PDT. Money’s the focus Mon. to dawn Wed., but it’s not a great emphasis. Take care, esp. Mon. morning and all day Tues. Be sceptical toward purchases, and protective in earnings situations. Don’t mix friends and money.

Errands, letters, texts, short trips and visits, and easy small chores fill Wed. morn to lunchtime Fri. Take care Thurs. afternoon, when an argument might start, or a fender-bender. Otherwise this is a splendid time, with benefits far beyond mere errands and communications. You might give/receive a love or “live together” proposal, or find yourself mildly “joined at the hip” with someone, as if life’s small nudges keep bringing you together. Or, you can grab an opportunity — again, in all the matters listed in sentence #3 above. Friday through Sat. emphasizes home, kids, security, nature, nutrition, and rest. Get rest early, as Sat. pm eve/night looks pretty active.


AFTERAMBLE:  (Nothing this week.)


6 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ OCTOBER 21 – 27, 2018

  1. Cookiebot

    Hello Tim,
    I hope my words find you well. I appreciate your predictions and look forward to them weekly. I’m an Aquarius (Aries rising) who has fallen badly in love for a Pisces (Cancer rising) I have been with for the last few years. We’ve been in a pretty rocky relationship especially since we both lived and worked in different countries for the last 3 years now. But nonetheless she’s always been my joy and my strength.
    2 years ago she confessed having a secret affair. But after this painful revelation, we still got back together during last year…until she met someone again around December last year with whom she had an affair at first that grew into a relationship after she broke up in January. We stayed in touch since, albeit secretly from April or May.
    We (or should I maybe say I) pictured our future together and because I still love her and feel a strong attraction to her, I asked her to come back with me and to move where I live and work now in November or December.
    I’m not so sure that I did the right thing asking her this since she can’t decide if she should accept or not and if she should leave her boyfriend for me. In her words, she doesn’t want to betray him as she betrayed me twice already. I ponder if I should just give it all up or not. I wonder if she will accept and what are our prospects together this time. Thank you for your wisdom.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, cookibot,

      Aquarius-Pisces (and Aries-Pisces) is a sexual contact, but a link that eventually grows either boring and/or burdensome. I would float away from this relationship – it will likely never “settle down” with you for life. Find a Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius or Aries if you want a deep, good love. (Depends on your own birth chart, of course — where your Moon, Venus, Mars are, etc.)



  2. Nadine

    Hi Tim
    I hope you are doing well and thank you for all your wisdom. I ve been taking your advice about not getting serious with anyone since May 2017 as I m a Leo. I ve read the platforms over and over about this situation and I wonder if I have missed the signs. In May 2018 I met a Taurus that seemed taken with me very quickly… he spoke so seriously about future relationship between us I backed off quickly listening to the warnings from your column. It was on and off communication throughout summer, then finally two weeks ago we got together we got along splendidly … but than things took a turn …and probably my own ongoing it ended abruptly … I m super hurt and I wonder if I should just forget him… I really hope November brings the things you speak of.., I m pretty broken at the moment… please take care. Xo

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Nadine,

      Leo and Taurus find it very difficult to get along for a long time in marriage. Constant battle of wills. These relationships often seem miraculously powerful at first. I’d say you were lucky that it ended so soon. Your name indicates you have a strong Virgo element somewhere, which is why the Taurus bond was good at first…but the inherent incompatibility would/will remain. Yes, Nov. ONWARD (not just Nov.) will bring better prospects in love.



      1. Nadine

        Thank you Tim, you made me feel better xo and yes my Venus is in Virgo and ascendant in aquarius . Xo hugs

  3. GeminiSun

    hello Tim
    i got a new work, didn’t expect this, and there is a strange/but good connection between us.. but it feels good/right in a way.. i guess jupiter in 6 gave it before he is leaving ..?? maybe?
    but, i “see” numbers, and i saw 70. before i started this work, couldn’t sleep, intuition very high, it said the man i was going to work for/with, is 70… later i checked, and yes he is.. didn’t know this before.. 😮
    is there more meaning with this number ?? i am really curious …
    thanks :))
    ps, when are annual coming ?

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