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START NOTHING: 7:03 am to 6:10 pm Sun., 1:50 am to 9:09 pm Tues., 4:12 pm Thurs. to 2:53 am Fri., and after 5:58 pm Sat.


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Mars in Aquarius until mid-November suggests Aquarians should make sure their fire insurance is up to date.
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Oct. 2/18 ~ Starting November 8, to December 2019, Trump will have trouble with the economy/finances — and likely with his own assets.

Oct. 3/18 ~ Trump’s legal woes and entanglements will tend to solve, resolve, dissolve or be put on the shelf, from Nov. 8 for almost the rest of his term.
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     ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Prepare for exciting meetings — and a couple of challenging ones (Wed./Thurs.). Life is vibrant and alive with fresh horizons, new opportunities and adventures, esp. Monday. How do you spark an adventure? — go with someone else and chase their goals. You tend to attract intelligent, thoughtful, diffident and hesitant personalities. They feed (in the nicest way) on your impulsive, courageous “charge ahead” personality. These people seek balance, and they see you as the best balance to their own personalities. You are likely to meet one or two such people this month — the attraction will be open and obvious.

Slog through routine chores Sun. This night brings a relationship problem. Monday offers exciting meetings! (But, if you’re seeking intimacy or a financial opening, be patient, await another opportunity.) Life’s secrets and mysteries seep into your consciousness late Tues. night through Thurs. Although this is a very lucky area for you in 2018 (for 1 more month only) you might have to bull your way through barriers and disruptions in money and social areas these several days.

This midweek period is quite significant, as it “lays down destiny’s path.” So if you’re meant to break up with someone, or to invest with them or reach for the stars in a career “partnership,” you will feel/see the nudge by Thursday. Whatever happens now – in finances, sex, health, lifestyle or research – it tends to show you the influences, direction and environment going forward for a few years. Be wary of investing or partnering these few days.

Friday/Sat. bring sweet encounters, gentle love and compassion, a broader understanding, international, intellectual, legal, media and philosophical issues, and, overall, happiness. Dive into any of these, progress is mildly assured.

taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Plug away at those chores, Taurus. Bosses and parents are a little impatient or critical, so remain diplomatic, long-suffering. DON’T (until Nov. 8) follow the example of a higher-up, nor seek to be with them — just lie low and do your job for now.

Sunday feels romantic, nature’s beauty caresses you, but opportunities/results are few. This night brings a new chore, or “fights you” when you try to accomplish something. Monday is far better, you can cross those “to do’s” off your list with new speed. Stick to routine tasks Tues. This night through Thurs. features relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons, negotiation and possible opposition/litigation/challenge. The challenges come Tues. night through suppertime Wed., then hope dawns and affection and partnership reactions rise. A “destiny tumbler” clicks into place as on a lock: you might break a relationship, or embrace it more ardently. In either case, it’s decision time.

Friday/Saturday bring secrets, financial and sexual doorways, medical procedures, and investigation. Your subconscious lifts to the surface; your intuition and hunches soar into “very correct” territory. If you act (on sex, finances, lifestyle, medical, etc.) you’ll succeed — mildly but solidly. All month, relationships are gracious, other treat you with affection, but delays also lay over this.

     GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Mentally, you’re on fire — but what is the goal?  Work mates are affectionate, witty. Romance is everywhere, as are beauty, pleasure, risks and self-expression. Take those risks — you’re riding a winning streak, now to Oct. 22. (However, the “winning” will be easier, bigger, if you wait past this Thursday.)

Spend Sun. daytime resting. Putter around the house, but don’t start any significant projects. Sunday night into Tues. night, romance blossoms, as does everything mentioned above: beauty, pleasure, etc. Yet Sun. night offers mainly disappointment; and Tues. offers only feelings, not events. Monday fulfills love wishes, might even start a new romance. (A likely difficult one, long-run.)

Tackle chores cautiously Tues. night through Thurs. — many frustrations and obstacles exist all three days. Your boss approves of you (you might not see it) late Wed. night. Your job duties could expand Thurs. But this whole week, esp. Thurs., presents you with a dilemma or a choice: do you pursue sex, lust, secrets, physical gratification — or romance, exciting conversations, and flights of the heart? Maybe looking at the people who represent each particular choice, and deciding between their personalities, might help. Relationships — and choice — fill Fri./Sat. Good things, agreements, co-operation, opportunities, a fresh outlook, public attention — any/all can happen, but on a mild scale. Be diplomatic, eager to join.

    CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The accent remains on home, kids/parents, landscaping, garden, nutrition, renos/repairs, Mother Nature, and your soul. These are primarily emphasized Sun. night to Tues. night. Your main mission: to rest, relax and regenerate emotional, physical reserves. Someone might oppose your ideas about this area (“No, I don’t want a new kitchen!”) but this opposition will tend to dissolve after Thursday, so be patient.

Sunday daytime brings errands, contacts, travel — but nothing much results. This night to Tues. night focuses on those home themes — act Mon. for success, as Sun. and Tues. offer little progress. Romance, beauty, a musical mood flow into you late Tues. night to Thurs. night. You’ll feel splendid, intrigued, but good luck is pretty hard to find. (It does exist, 7:30 pm Wed. to 4 pm Thurs. PDT, when love and creative juices flow.)

Realize you are aggressively ready to make deep changes, to dig deep and commit, even to toss everything up in the air, until mid-November. I advise against this; it might shoot you off in the wrong direction. You’re also radiating sexual magnetism (until mid-Nov.) —take care! (A love affair is one way to toss everything in the air.)

Tackle chores Fri./Sat. — you’ll make good, if mild, progress. If buying a car, other machine, do so after 6 am PDT Sat. If you want to buy high-tech, computer, etc., do it Sunday, Oct. 14. Romance, perhaps an old flame, could sing sweetly all month.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

It’s an easy month, Leo. Paperwork, calls, texts, short trips — you’ll be rushed, but your burden will be light. (And the stakes not high.) These easy chores arise Sunday night to Tues. night. Be curious, restless — go see! You’ll succeed quite easily Mon., but stick to routine Sun. and Mon. All October, your home will be welcoming, your family affectionate. (But DON’T start new domestic, culinary, decorating or real estate projects.) Earlier, Sunday daytime, avoid spending on useless things.

Your home and family are highlighted Tues. night to Thurs. night.  A lot of potholes and disruptions exist here, so proceed carefully, diplomatically.  Do go forward, 7:30 pm Wed. to 4 pm Thurs. (all PDT). One “crisis” might exist, peaking Thursday: it pits your work and family security against your wanderlust or impulse to speak, write. (My advice: don’t write or speak w/o first thinking it through, every day this week except Fri./Sat.)

Romance, beauty, immediate pleasure, creativity and risk-taking fill your Fri./Sat. Success is mild, but real. Don’t press for intimacy around 5 am Sat. (PDT). Until November, you might be hotly drawn to someone, but life says it’s a subtle trap — if you’re single, stay free for 5 more weeks, then one of the greatest romantic years of your life will begin!

    VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Keep chasing money, Virgo. Attend to personal matters while your energy is high Sunday. This night to Tues. night spotlights possessions, memory, casual sensual attractions, and earnings, buying/selling. These are also the main themes for October. Be cautious Sun. night, as romance, pleasure will be dulled, and money will disappoint.

Charge ahead Mon. — find a bargain, ask the boss for a pay raise, butter up clients. Stick to routine Tuesday, don’t buy anything large or important. Errands, contacts, short trips, communications and paperwork fill late Tues. night through Thurs. You’ll encounter frustrations, obstacles and disruptions until late day Wed. — so charge ahead after 8 pm PDT Wed. night, to late afternoon Thurs.

Turn yourself toward home, family, security and relaxation Fri./Sat. Don’t expect a lot of co-operation pre-dawn Sat. PDT (to early afternoon in Europe, all day in Asia). Still, these two days are nourishing, nature’s beautiful, your family’s better than usual. All week (to mid-Nov.) work is intense, hurried. Again all week, you might have to choose between pleasure and making money, or between romance and possessiveness.

   LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Lie low, sleep in Sunday, Libra. Restore your vitality. By this evening (6 pm PDT) you enter several high-energy days (to late night Tues.). Perhaps the highest energy days this year. This is your peak month of 2018, Libra. Your energy, clout, charisma, effectiveness and timing are top-notch. Get out, start projects, propose, encourage, ask favours — be a leader — especially Sunday night to late night Tues. In all this, realize your monetary, income fortunes are blessed in Oct. (So that’s a good zone in which to focus your efforts all month — AFTER this Thursday.)

Your romantic urges are also (as they have been for months) intense until mid-Nov. It’s rare for you, but you will be outspoken, impulsive, even bravely heedless in declaring your feelings. Heedless, perhaps: are you, in chasing someone, ignoring someone else’s feelings? You’re almost ready to abandon all arrangements, promises and loyalties, for one kiss, one embrace, from this “hot prospect.” If so, think far ahead: a new attraction (started anytime since mid-May) could be very compatible with you, yet might also be a hot-head who will drag you toward trouble. Be discreet, maintain a light touch!

Handle money late Tues. night (morning in Europe, noon/afternoon in Asia) — but cautiously, as disruptions and unpredictable barriers arise initially. You can succeed if you act on money, earnings, bargain-hunting, even casual sex, late Wed. night to late afternoon Thurs. Act accordingly. Friends, casual contacts, travel, discussions, texts and emails, paperwork and errands — these fill an easy, active, happy Fri./Sat. (One caution: digestion needs care pre-dawn Sat. PDT.)

   SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Sunday daytime (PDT) is happy, social, supports your optimism and wishes. But Sun. eve to late Tues. night shunts you into “tired mode” — not only for this early week, but until October 23. Until then, rest, ponder and plan. Deal with civil servants, agents, advisors, health and admin workers; be charitable and spiritual, examine your path thus far.

Best thing for your health: 8 hours sleep every night. You remain irritable, even volcanic, at home and generally – maybe you should lighten up – because when you hurt someone, it is usually deep, and do you want that in your loving relationships? Contrarily, you are also sweet and affectionate, esp. toward your life mate, or business partners, all month. (However, such relations and opportunities, can, though alluring, creep backwards rather than shooting forward — all Oct.)

Your energy and charisma surge halfway upward late Tues. night through Thurs. Step cautiously before 7:30 pm PDT Wed. After this, charge ahead, particularly in romantic, creative areas (Wed. night) and money, earnings (Thurs. daytime). Chase money, buy/sell, find bargains (garage sales?) schmooze with clients, and if ethical/good, become intimate with a “friend.” (But avoid chasing romance — sex okay — Sat. morning. Saturday night in Asia.) One big yet almost unseen development this week: you have to decide between restless, curious, friendly things, and your secrets, limitations, gov’t dealings. Gossip is dangerous!

   SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Wishes can come true, Sage! That’s the message Sun. night to 9 pm PDT Tues., and generally for two weeks ahead. Expect social delights, optimism, joie de vivre, a boost in popularity, entertainment and flirtations. None of these will reach the heights of bliss or fortune you would usually experience however, because you remain in a quiet, low-energy year (only to November). Still, it’s better to enjoy a little than suffer a little!

Someone you flirt with or engage with might also want to “cure” you. Okay, but can you stand being changed? Maybe! You talk, write, walk, drive assertively into mid-Nov. — for your own sake, don’t let this stray into “aggressively.” Early Sunday (daytime) is for ambition, worldly status — but little of note occurs. Then a very social, hopeful few days.

Retreat late Tues. night through Thurs. You’ll be tired, so rest, ponder and plan. Best time, for planning, interfacing with gov’t or institutions, talks with agents, advisors: 7:30 pm Wed. to 4 pm Thurs. PDT. Before this, disruptions can stymie your progress. Your energy and charisma rise nicely Fri./Sat. These two days don’t hold a lot of significance, but they give you a chance to raise your sights. There’s one more “weary” phase ahead (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) but after that, 12 months of buoyant success!

   CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Ambition is everything, Cap. (At least until Oct. 23.) Use Sunday daytime for pondering, “levelling off” stress-wise, and seeing the big picture. Be wary of taking significant actions. This night, you enter the peak influence of October: status, career, ambition, prestige relations (and court rooms if you’ve screwed up). Sunday night and Tues. are almost useless — stick to routine. But Monday opens the doors to splendid career actions — march forth this day (until 8:45 pm PDT).

The weight of responsibility is lifted partway Tues. night through Thurs. — you might feel like celebrating! Again, you face two very different periods: before Wed. suppertime, all is disjunct, broken, disrupted; and Wed. eve to 4 pm Thurs. (PDT) offers a smooth, wide road to success. Phone a friend or four, organize a social function, discuss your future and plans with good friends. You’ll be happy, optimistic (and that optimism will be borne out this coming November).

All October, friends treat you with affection — and long conversations. A former friend, sexy playmate or social group might re-appear. No harm in renewing bonds. Remember, money comes swiftly until mid-November. Bank it and forget it — spending will lead you, eventually, to wrong goals and dead ends. You probably aren’t even thinking of it, but in case you are: don’t buy real estate before December.

   AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Read the bit in the PREAMBLE about Aquarius. The part about fire — sorry, I should have put that in your weekly forecasts since last May. Oh, well. Sunday daytime is for secrets, sex, finances, investigation. But little happens, event-or-result-wise. Dig deep for spiritual treasures. This night brings mental expansion, to late Tues. night, PDT (morning, Europe; afternoon, Asia).

Sunday and Tues. are pretty useless, so act decisively Mon., when fortune favours you — in far travel, international, media/fame, legal, cultural and intellectual interests — and love. These themes fill the two weeks ahead, and then some. Be ambitious Wed./Thurs. — but don’t “set out” or start important ventures or schedule a significant meetings with the boss, before Wed. night as disruptions, obstacles proliferate until then.

(Essential problem, now to 2025: your bosses face a brand new world that at present is expanding their activities/reach with unusual optimism — but this new world will also stress them out, because it is changing all their relationships, and their horizons and opportunities — and your bosses tend not to like change. So treat higher-ups with understanding — but more profitably, with compassion.)

From Wed. night to Thurs. afternoon, ask for a pay raise, more responsibility, etc. — you’re in lucky “climbing mode.” Wishes come true, your popularity rises, and flirtations sprinkle your path Fri./Sat. Don’t spend too much money Sat. morning. You could fall in love this month, but “falling in” in December or 2019 would be better! Prevent fire accidents, to Nov. 15.

    PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The emphasis remains on secrets and mysteries, privacy and private interludes, compelling lust, power plays, financial actions, medical procedures, research/investigation, dreams, the occult, intuition/hunches, hidden forces, karma, lifestyle changes, commitment and consequences. (A list I hope not to repeat often!)

These are in focus for the two + weeks ahead, but particularly Sun. eve to Tues. night, when a new project could start in one or more of these areas. (Earlier Sunday, relationships, and co-operation vs. opposition arise. But there’s not much in this. Just be “willing to receive” — AND willing to praise someone.)

In general, Sun. and Tues. yield little, or actively fight your interests. But Mon. opens the door to splendid results if you’re 1) ethical/honest and 2) courageous enough to risk a possibly big commitment. E.g., don’t pursue intimacy with a married person, but do commit to a mildly intimidating investment, etc.

Mid-week (late Tues. night through Thurs.) brings wisdom, understanding, compassion, far travel, legal, media or cultural concerns, intellectual quests, and gentle love. All these themes have been fortunately starred since last October (2017) so steer yourself further into them now. Again, this interval is half-good, half-bad.

Disruptions, even anger, face you before Wed. eve; but success, lucky open doors stand before you Wed. eve to late afternoon Thurs. — time your actions! (Wednesday’s odd — this afternoon could bring anger, sharp words, but also a “dynamic” [rather than harmonious] romantic attraction, a sort of love-hate thing.) Be ambitious Fri./Sat. — the cosmos supports mild, reliable efforts. Don’t insist on “being your own person.” All’s (mostly) well!



Brett Kavanaugh, the nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, is an Aquarius Sun, and has taken a grilling over accusations of sexual assault brought forth by Democratic senators. Here are excerpts from my Weekly Forecasts for Aquarius:

Aug. 12:  For the 29 days ahead, beware…. gabbing about your own secrets.

Aug. 19:  Until Sept. 10, avoid dark alleys and belligerent people — be careful with the gov’t, also.

Aug. 26:  For the immediate two weeks ahead, legal, travel, and intellectual matters will go well — love, too — but you need to avoid revealing your secrets.

Sept. 2:  September is all or nothing time, commit or split.

Sept 9:  Intellectual, international, love, publishing, education, cultural and legal themes draw you. But proceed cautiously, as some very firm obstacles can thwart you, esp. if you have unrevealed secrets, or are trying to deal with gov’t or other admin. types.

On the positive side, all those Aug./Sept. columns also encouraged Aquarius to fight for his/her ambitions, as this area was very lucky (still is, to Nov. 8, even late Nov.). On the day he testified, the Moon was in Brett Kavanaugh’s “name sign” of Taurus, with good aspects, so he acquitted himself well.

I can’t help suspecting that for Christine Ford the truth is not sacrosanct. She lied, for example, about being afraid to fly. (Under questioning she admitted she flew many times for vacations and work in recent years, often on long international flights. She is a Sage Sun, Gemini Moon — there’s hardly a stronger indicator of international air travel!) To my eyes, she played the tremulous victim just a little too melodramatically. I just read a report (in Real Clear Politics) — true? misleading? — that Ford’s high school yearbook portrayed her as a “party girl.”

But I also can’t help suspecting that Brett Kavanaugh drinks way too much beer. To me, he played the offended, righteous burgher too loudly. Supreme court judges should be beyond “acting.”

I wouldn’t vote for him.
***   ***

Basically, there are two large constituencies in political America. The largest group: those who want things to remain the same, to remain in a comfortable economic, social, philosophical and world-embracing tolerance. I call them internationalists. The trouble is, much of this contingency’s comfort is based on, and supported by, the great American advances and productivity of the 1900’s. To continue in such luxury, emotionally and financially (and fiscally) is like lying down in an already warm bed, while the goods of the world flow to you.

But those who are making the goods, China, India, etc., grow stronger and stronger, through work, exercise, improvements in income and nutrition… and some, like the Chinese, develop new weapons and new belligerent attitudes. Remember, the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This half of America thinks we should be diplomatic and polite around the world, be friends with everyone, and not seriously interfere with the aggressions of smaller, more vigorous countries. (Because serious opposition will/might lead to confrontations, war, and threaten the quiet sleep of the “internationalists”).

Bush Junior, though he started the longest war in American history, believed in this “lying down and enjoying our rewards” process, at least economically. Obama lives in this camp, as do the Clintons and Biden, all of whom have used the “warm bed” political system to fill their own and/or their families’ pockets. (Because the lassitude of the citizenry allows these politicians to pull a few hidden strings, to carve out a few harmless little hidden money channels, to do favours around the world in return for “donations,” etc.) They want the warm bed, the status-quo of quietude to remain, as it supports their efforts to siphon off money (and in essence their country’s wealth and health).

On the other hand, there are those who follow Donald Trump. Does Trump siphon money, or use his office to advance his business interests? I don’t know.


2 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ OCTOBER 7 – 13, 2018

  1. sashimi

    Hi Tim,

    Hope all is well.
    In your Afteramble for Oct 7-14, I’d just like to add a bit about the groups in the US, I think you have it mostly right, but then there are the people who used to identify with the Democrats before Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie. The “Berners” (I’ll call them affectionately; I’m actually one of them!), are so disheartened now. The Progressives are being shunned and pushed out by the establishment Dems… this means Trump will win again. And as much as you’ll hear on the news down here how our economy is thriving; it’s basically bullsh*t to people who are still struggling since 2008.

    Even now, as much as I don’t trust Trump (still wouldn’t vote from him), and am extremely disappointed in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, I could not bring myself to vote for that slimy liar Hillary.

    Please tell me Hillary will shut up soon and stop getting her Wall Street, warmongering, greedy cooties all over the party I used to identify with. I now have almost as much disgust for her as I do for that ninny Sarah Palin.

    I hope things get better soon.
    Peace & love,

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Sashimi,

      I have a lot of sympathy for your views. Despite my reputation as a “Trump fan,” I actually like Bernie just as much. I believed (at the time, but no longer) Sanders would have defeated Trump, if Hillary hadn’t nullified his campaign. I no longer believe anyone could have defeated Trump, that his election was karma/destiny — not Trump’s, but America’s (and the world’s). Love him or hate him, the changes Trump has wrought have been a necessary jolt to, and reformation of, the long decline of European and American vitality. He has cut the snake of Political Correctness, the python that was strangling that vitality, in two (or almost in two — it might revive!). Hillary was the head of that snake. I “advised” her in two separate columns in 2015 and 16, not to run — to “sit on the back porch and enjoy her grandchildren/child.” Of course, she would never deign to listen. But I have stopped criticizing or mentioning H.C., because doing so cost me many readers (maybe 30,000) — most of them angry women. The thing is, I never dumped on Hillary because she was a woman, but because she was exactly what Trump called her — crooked. (And a sore loser.) (And, women should realize, an enemy of women, perhaps even a woman hater. What she did to a 12 year old girl who was raped, how she set free the rapist and laughed about it later — long before Bill’s victims emerged, turned me away.) Anyway, enough of this — they’re all crooked, even Bernie’s wife has been charged with fraud over a million $. So, I’m not commenting any more…



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