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START NOTHING:  8:38 am Sun. to 11:00 am Mon., 1:33 am to 2:12 pm Wed., and 4:34 am to 4:19 pm Fri.


Well, I told you Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s scheduled hearing for Monday (Sept. 24) would yield no results. To say the least!       ***  (More in the AFTERAMBLE.)


    ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Relationships continue to occupy centre stage, Aries. Sunday removes a long-standing (5 month) delay in your career/ambition zone. Now to April 2019, your proposals will be answered, your career initiatives will have a result. Your optimism has returned also, and will stick with you until mid-November, but cast a skeptical eye on where your wishes and social hopes will take you. You are mildly favoured in finances, debt, and intimate areas, but act on these soon if you intend to, for Friday, Oct. 5, until December, will tend to deny success here.

Meanwhile, Sunday brings errands, contacts, paperwork, travel and communications. Be curious, ask questions. But don’t try anything hugely new — stick to routine, small tasks. Your home and domestic situation highlighted 11 am Mon. (PDT) to mid-afternoon Wed. Bad luck mingles with good, so be nimble, alert. (Unless you just want to veg out — also recommended.)  Monday tells you there will be sacrifices or extra effort needed to achieve this days’ goals.

Tuesday begins inspired (morning) then hits some pretty deep, embedded snags — perhaps so deep you can’t really see their shape. One great interval for success: 8 pm Tues. to 1:30 am Wed.  Good for investment, pregnancy, sex, commitment, and eye-opening discoveries. Romance (and beauty, pleasure, games, gambles, creative surges) drift into your mood Wed. afternoon to late afternoon Fri.  Disruptions, barriers arise Wed. and to dawn, breakfast hour Thurs. But after this, love knows its way — sort of. Be relaxed, take what comes: not the best interval to woo anyone.

Tackle chores Fri. eve and Saturday. You’ll accomplish great amounts! But watch fuzzy thinking, perhaps gov’t interference or a health problem, Sat. afternoon.

taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

A pile of work faces you in the weeks ahead, Taurus. If you have a must-do task, tackle it swiftly, before Friday, as work matters tend to slow, go in circles, this day to mid-Nov. The same delay can affect partnerships and marriage, but in this case there is no need to rush. (It’s more important to do your work right now.) Continue to be diplomatic with higher-ups, who will be temperamental until mid-Nov.

When morning mists dispel Sunday, clarity comes about money and work. Still, this day and the first half of Mon., yield little useful result. Stick to routine, buy nothing important. Step into paperwork, trips, communications and errands cautiously Mon. pm to Tues. eve. For success, act Tues. morning, or 8 pm Tues. to 1:30 am Wed. (all PDT). Otherwise, watch what you say/write and drive carefully.

Turn toward home and family mid-afternoon Wed. to late afternoon Fri. You might act in unaccustomed ways Wed. (Because your home is changing: whether you see it or not, you sense it.) In general, proceed carefully but gently — all’s well. Romantic notions tease you Fri. eve through Sat. — plunge in, reveal your feelings. If single, you could be dealing with prime life mate material.

If not chasing someone, seek beauty, pleasure, be creative/self-expressive, take the kids on an adventure, flirt with our spouse. All’s well! (You might soon experience a delay in love — perhaps because you’re called back to long work hours — perhaps due to indecision. This delay will end in December. All of this could mean something different: that a love returns from the past.)

   GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

You could fall madly in love. The general focus lies on romance, creative process, self-expression, beauty, charming kids and taking risks. Do so, take the chance, as you ride a winning streak, esp. in love, sports/., gaming, and most relationships. To succeed the most, don’t think of the future — dive into the present. (E.g., steal that kiss now, don’t hesitate by wondering what he/she will be like in 40 years.) Be a little self-indulgent.

One advice: you might be interested in an Aquarian, or someone with Aquarius/Uranus rising, or whose first name starts with “D” or “V” — steer clear of this one, at least until we pass Nov. 8. (Possible karmic “trap door” involved.) You could fall in love this month, Gemini, but you can see the problems involved. You’ll meet someone more compatible, challenging and exciting (and free) from early Nov. onward. (Even better from January to December, 2019.)

Your charisma remains high Sunday into late morning Mon. — but unfortunately, anything that occurs after 8:30 am PDT Sun., has little future. So act early, or use this short interval to soak up admiration! Monday noon to early afternoon Wed. brings bargains, money opportunities, answers about investments (mostly “no”), memory learning, and casual sexual desires. Not much goes your way, so proceed cautiously, esp. Monday.

A short interval of success Tues. morning (5 am to noon PDT) and a bigger, luckier one 8 pm Tues. to 1 am Wed. Don’t rush into errands, driving, phone calls or paperwork Wed. — think, go slow. Thursday’s fine. Home, kids, rest, repairs, gardening, security, properties — these absorb your attention (and heart) Fri. eve through Sat.  All’s lucky (except plumbing Sat.) so dive in.

   CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Over three weeks of domestic bliss slated, Cancer. Dive into home things: property, kids, security, nutrition, gardening, rest/hibernation, stomach and soul. As this phase leans more toward the private and your romantic sensors are still very alive, you need to avoid any extra-marital or “secure but grotty” or lust-driven intrigues. Your usual sources of affection will be enough to keep you happy. Your children will continue to please you with their talents and youth’s innocence. (Even if they’re 50.) Much home-based discussion.

Lie low Sun. through late morning Mon. You’re tired, you need rest and alone time. Nothing of importance will happen anyway, anywhere, so feel free to laze about. Your energy and charisma soar back noon Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. (PDT). Deal with partners, other relationships — gently — all Mon. pm, and Wed. eve. Chase love, understanding, a broader vision Tues. morning and late night — you could find love, or have a good night at the casino.

Chase money, seek bargains, memorize, and chase casual (NOT deep, meaningful or immoral) sex, Wed. afternoon to midday Fri. Careful Wed. pm, as sudden attractions can also cause social stumbles. Thursday’s mildly productive — you earn your keep. Stick to routine Fri., especially in money/buying matters. Easy chores, paperwork, trips, calls fill Fri. eve through Saturday.  Contact someone special, or even a “phone friend,” explain your feelings, or just discuss the future, and/or secrets. Your luck is good, both days. Love’s assurances hover around you.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast   LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

You’re skating into an easy month, Leo. You’ll go to many places, mostly local, and meet many people casually. In one or two of these people/places, there can be a gem — of knowledge; a snippet that suddenly lights your way/plans; or reveals how/where you might find something special which you’ve wanted. Be curious, ask questions, listen to the news. Information is your “value” now.

Relationships remain feisty, intense — it’s love or war, as you meet aggressive/assertive people. This can spark/lure you into a major relationship commitment — be wary! Best stance, now to mid-November: be diplomatic, and lean toward profound thoughts, bigger picture, compassion when dealing with feisty people. Your home remains a bastion of affection and peace.

Sunday (and Mon. morning) bring happiness, not for any reason. Enjoy, appreciate your popularity, be social, seek entertainment. Forget practical goals — you wouldn’t achieve them now anyway. Retreat from the crowd Mon. pm to Wed. afternoon. Lie low, rest, ponder and plan. But while planning, be sure to recognize (and find ways around) the two essential obstacles to success: workmates’ opposition and communication problems.

You’ll succeed with investments or research Tues. morning, and with family, real estate late Tues. night. Your energy and charisma, timing and effectiveness, return handsomely Wed. afternoon to Fri. afternoon. Careful Wed., when disruptions can crack long-standing bonds (cause? your ambition?) and just as significantly can propel you into the arms of a feisty, challenging person, who might end up causing those cracks to widen.

Thursday’s easy. Friday’s empty — except after 5 pm (PDT) when splendid luck arises in career, money and creative work openings. This good luck expands to domestic situations and investments Sat. (Be semi-cautious with finances, investments Sat. — possible insight and inspiration; possible fuzzy thinking, too. Be on the right side.)

   VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The month ahead accents money, earnings, buying/selling, memory and “casual lust”.  Be ambitious Sun. morning (before 8:30 am PDT). Then, although you are in a short career-oriented period, nothing of value will occur the rest of this day and Mon. morning. If that sounds boring or frustrating, don’t worry — happiness arrives anyway,

Mon. noon to Wed. mid-afternoon. You’ll be popular (in fact, friends might fight over you), optimistic, flirtatious and just lucky! (But don’t try to get too much of a practical nature accomplished. Tuesday morning and late night offer the most success. The former for love and agreements, the latter for messaging and travel. Avoid a new money/earnings scheme, Tues.)

Retreat from the bustle and hustle Wed. afternoon to late afternoon Fri. Lie low, rest, ponder and plan. Deal with civil servants, advisors, agents, large companies. Wednesday needs care: avoid accidents, arguments, etc. Thursday’s fine. Friday’s empty of results — prime time to meditate, reach spirit.

Your energy and charisma soar upward Fri. eve, Saturday. Start something significant, be the leader, ask for favours or help — you’ll get it done, launched! Love thrives. A potentially important relationship or agreement (or not!) Sat. afternoon. Now to Nov., personal communications falter, but money communications thrive. Same period, avoid over-work. Rest between exertions. Reject a co-worker romance.

    LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This is your time, Libra! Your energy and charisma soar, your inventiveness, timing and effectiveness ride high. Be a leader, start significant projects. If others won’t follow, start things yourself. Best things to aim for: money, earnings raise, major purchase (travel tickets?), casual intimacy, communications and media (write that article, or read it), and transport (buy a car, etc.).

One area in which you can expend much effort for apparently little progress: home, real estate. Yet this is a good area to work on, for those seemingly incremental advances will, not too far away, be the cornerstones or essential buttresses, of your advancement in this zone. A big opportunity, to buy a home, to sell and buy, will arrive Dec. 2019 to Dec. 2020. So realize you’re working toward that period, rather than seeking immediately noticeable results. (E.g., fixing the plumbing won’t “show” but will still advance you.

All month, your romantic-mating antennae will be a-quiver with excitement, possibility, dreams and urges. Do you jump in? Not before looking — looking down the years. This could be a “honey trap,” not involving Ruskies, but the boy next door, etc!  Love is on your mind Sun. to noon Mon. Much of this will be wool-gathering, as little of note or durability will occur. (Exception: before 8:30 am Sun. PDT, when you can express anything well, and it will be received well — includes love.)

Be ambitious, well-behaved Mon. noon to mid-afternoon Wed. Be nimble, as good and bad luck mingle. Best times: Tues. morning and late night (8 pm onward) — all PDT. Hopes, happiness, social delights, wish fulfillment, entertainment and flirting — these fill Wed. afternoon to late afternoon Fri. Not even disasters will dent your buoyant mood! Still, take care Wed.

Thursdays’ fine, mild luck. Friday’s “empty” of results. Friday night, though, and Sat., bring significant break-throughs in your private world or inner realms. Meditate, ponder and plan. Hold confidential discussions, manage or befriend managers. Deal with psychics, advisors, agents, nurses/docs, civil servants and admin, workers. If you need charity, or government co-operation, seek it now.

   SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Remain restful, Scorpio. Watch, listen rather than engage or speak. Spend hours resting, contemplating. Let plans float to the surface, where you can harvest and organize them. Be charitable, or, if you need it, seek it. Deal with agents, advisors, psychics, civil servants, large corporations and institutions. Protect your health. Eat, sleep sensibly. Research. Remain gentle on the home front, and smile when your cohorts and/or spouse act unpredictably. (They’re just now trying to find themselves, to be new — this will take 7 years, began last May.)

Despite your tiredness and instinct to withdraw, you remain attractive to the opposite sex (and to those who want to partner with you in chasing practical goals). However, you’ll feel indecision about this — by December, you’ll regain your sense of “how attractive am I and who can I be seriously with”?  In fact, your attractiveness will soar even more that month. But now it’s indecision — or an old flame. Someone might return to you, or you to them, in October.

Sunday’s for secrets, lust, power motives, lifestyle changes, medical exigencies, and financial actions. All are blessed before 8:30 am PDT Sun., then all are “empty air” until Mon. noon. No dangers, tho’. A mellow, understanding mood, profound thoughts, and gentle/compassionate love visit you Mon. noon to midday Wed. You might need some of that mellow wisdom when others say No, impede you, or hide the truth.

Two “success windows” — Tues. morning, and late this night (after 7:30 pm PDT). Use these windows to discuss love, far travel, or life philosophy. If you want to hop on an airplane going far away, do it this Tues. night, or, way better, Oct. 29 and 30 (before supper). Higher-ups, authorities, parents are watching Wed. afternoon to late Fri. afternoon. Be ambitious, but also cautious, esp. Wed. (After this, mild progress.) Optimism, bright horizons, social joys, wish fulfillment and entertainment tickle you Fri. night, Saturday. You could meet love! All’s well!

   SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

A wish might come true, Sage!  (Actually, a wish will come true, but you might pass right by it.)   It will involve affection and/or your work place, employment. Sunday’s for relationships and opportunities, but little will come from anything started after 8:30 am PDT.  Monday’s a bit “empty” too. (Wait until late Nov., and thru 2019 — potential relationships will kneel before you and roll out the red carpet!)

Now through mid-Nov., you might be conversing with someone at a short distance, someone you consider love/romance material. This will likely die off later — or surround you with dust and dead-ends if you nourish it. Coming soon, much better stuff! However, enjoy yourself in the meantime, esp. during this happy, social, flirty and optimistic October.

Life’s secrets, hidden forces and mysteries surround you Mon. afternoon to afternoon Wed. Your intuition is high, reliable. (Means act on “soft impulses.”) Still, bad and good luck mingle. Act Tues. morn and late night in sexual, financial, and medical arenas. Otherwise, proceed with care.

A mellow, wise mood steals over you Wed. afternoon to late afternoon Fri. Little good here Wed. or Friday, but Thurs. offers smooth progress, mild good luck. Read a powerful book, or watch a foreign film. (I wouldn’t declare your love to anyone — response too uncertain.) Be ambitious Fri. night, Sat. — higher-ups note your progress, favourably! Focus on money Fri.; on security Sat. You might do/say something that will make management smile, and remember/consider you for a more administrative position.

You’re happy, Sage, but don’t talk/drive too much, too fast. (My Sag daughter just phoned this morning — her car’s engine blew up.) In all this, remember you’re still in a year of relative quietude — your private world will be sweet and snuggly the rest of October, so alternate the social with solitude.

    CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Everything points you in one direction, Cap:  to ambition, effort, status climbing. Sunday/Mon. are for chores, but if you have an important one to start, do so before 8:30 am Sun. PDT. Otherwise, stick to routine (sweep the floor, etc.). (If you do start this early Sun. chore, it can aid your ambitions nicely — a communication involving higher-ups figures prominently.) Your social contacts remain affectionate, accepting, but this will peter out by the end of October, so reaffirm any good links now. After this week, you will be “confined” to groups already joined, people already met. (If you’re single, a flirty flame might return.)

Remember my admonishment about money: it comes quickly, but SAVE it! Monday noon to mid-afternoon Wed. brings relationships, relocation themes, negotiations and agreements, litigation, co-operation and  challenge, fresh horizons and new opportunities. Your luck is very back-and-forth here, so proceed cautiously. Others either join or oppose you — no middle ground. Best times to act: Tues. until noon, and after 8 pm (all PDT).

Delve into mysteries, reject surface appearances Wed. afternoon to late afternoon Friday. Finances, sexual temptations, medical concerns, lifestyle changes and research fill these days. Wednesday’s disruptive, but Thurs. offers mild success. Friday’s problem: time runs out. Wisdom, a broad view, international affairs, media, intellect and culture draw you Fri. eve and Saturday. Plunge into these, all’s good!

   AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You remain in an intellectual mood for the next 3 weeks, Aquarius. Bosses, parents and authorities favour you all month. But you can only really take advantage of it this week. This Friday to the end of October finds you still favoured, but developments stall, even go backwards. You’ll get a second chance in November, when the stall stops.

The general accent lies on intellect, far travel, foreign-born people, teachers, scholars and lawyers, cultural and social rituals, publishing and fame. (Fame can be small — like the wee kind I have from this column.) You can be extra-talkative, extra-determined and assertive, until November, so default to gentleness when you can.

Sunday and the first half of Mon. are for romance, creative joys and pleasure. But not much of note occurs after 8:30 am PDT Sun. Just enjoy. Work and daily health concerns arise Mon. pm to mid-afternoon Wed. Luck is mingled here, so be nimble, don’t push “losing propositions.” That said, you can leap forward Tuesday, before noon and after 7:30 pm PDT. The last interval is good for buying machinery, a car, etc.

Others confront you Wed. afternoon to Fri. afternoon — you might feel stressed Wed. Avoid arguments! Thursday’s mildly productive. Friday’s flat. But Fri. night isn’t — great luck awaits you this eve through Sat., in financial actions, sex/lust/pregnancy, medical procedures, research and investigation, lifestyle changes. Dive in!

   PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The general accent remains (for three weeks more) on financial action, lust, pregnancy, lifestyle changes, medical procedures, secrets and investigation.  Any/all these will face two obstacles:  1) legal, ethical; and 2) social. (You can figure these out later, when they arise. The social obstacle already showed itself, Sept. 25 last week. The legal/ethical barrier will arise most prominently Oct. 11.) Still, march ahead with these goals (financial actions, etc.).

Sunday and the first half of Mon. draw you toward home, kids, nature, security. Since nothing of importance happens after 8:30 am Sun., use the rest of this time to relax, nap, hug the kids and perform routine chores. Passion, creative urges, gambling urges, beauty, pleasure and romance fill Mon. pm to mid-afternoon Wed. Speaking of romance, someone is feeling quite amorous all Oct. — he/she might pursue you. (Better the last 9 days of the month.) Probably an old flame. Same period (all Oct.) you’re blessed in ethical, legal, intellectual, far travel and media zones — but, stick to ongoing projects. Ones just started now are not likely to work.

Monday’s difficult. Tuesday’s very productive before noon and after 7:30 pm PDT, but terrible in-between. A legal or career question might be solved. Tackle chores Wed. eve to late afternoon Fri. Wednesday holds disruptions, negatives, accident potential. Thursday’s mildly beneficial. Friday brings little. Relationships grow Fri. eve through Sat. Charge ahead, make contacts, meet people, call, make your bid in business and love — success is available! Be diplomatic yet eager.

The End.


Brett Kavanaugh, embattled nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, is an Aquarian. So was Roy Moore, Trump’s pick for the Alabama senate. Moore lost the special 2017 election after a woman accused him of sexually molesting her 30 or so years before. He, too, was strongly supported by Trump after the accusation. The lunar south node has been in Aquarius since April 2017, remaining until November 8, 2018. The south node tends to restore your karmic balance by paying you back for all the bad things you’ve done in the past. (Just as the north node, 9 years later, tends to reward your past good deeds.) Often, it is difficult to see the connection between past actions and present good or bad “luck” — luck being one of the expressions of karma.  The word itself, “luck,” implies that we cannot discern a reason or cause for an event.)
***   ***


I’m often frustrated that although some of my predictions come true, because I publish this column a week early, it sometimes will seem that the prediction came after the event. (E.g.,  before the 2 new women accusers surfaced, I wrote (Sept. 22): “Now that I’ve had a look at Kavanaugh’s chart, I have to doubt that he will ever be a Supreme Court judge — at least not before Nov. 8.”  That, too, was “too late” — the first column I could put this forecast into is this one, Sept. 30. — A date by which Kavanaugh has probably already been advanced or denied. (I wouldn’t bet my life on that prediction — maybe 70 % likely.)

For this reason, I often don’t bother with short-term auguries.

So I’m starting a “Quickie” forecast section. Here, predictions will be short, and dated. I won’t be limited to the column publishing dates. I might put the prediction in this section on any day — whenever I feel like it, and will date each entry.
***   ***

If Iran lasts past this October, it will be largely out of danger; the U.S. won’t attack it militarily in the short-term future. Still, any U.S. actions in October will have a crippling effect. (Includes sanctions.)

If Iran DOES get attacked, any time in this century, the attack will be nuclear.

The U.S. trying to stop Iran from fighting all over the Middle East is like a child trying to empty the ocean one play-bucket at a time. This is an Aries regime — fighting is essential to its nature. More on Iran later.
***   ***

Remember what I wrote in the Sept. 16 column?

“Much of this swamp-draining has occurred since Dec. 2017 and will continue until December 2020 — not far off. There will be many prosecutions — an outstanding one of a person whose name starts with A or R.”

 Rod Rosenstein, anyone?

***   ***

Is Comey prodding Mueller to end the Trump investigation because he’s afraid of what will come out, now that the FBI and DOJ documents will be exposed?
***   ***

IRAN is an Aries nation, with a Taurus Moon and Sagittarius rising. Iran will almost never stop waging war of some kind. The name, Iran, is Taurus, which reflects its Taurus Moon. This hints that the population is Taurean — stable, slow to change, healthy, affectionate. Yet their regime is much less stable, so the citizenry will outlast the regime. (Of course, the occurs to every country.) This is an extremely courageous nation/regime which, unfortunately for it, has Pluto in its house of “other nations.”  Pluto controls life and death, and holds nukes in its fist — this is what Iran faces. These other nations are quite hospitable and welcoming to Iran, considering its aggressiveness. Iran actually holds hope that these nations will be friendly, and wants to socialize with them. But that’s not likely.
***    ***

Israel is a pebble in the shoe of Iran, just as Trump is a pebble in Washington’s sneakers (creep, creep) or galoshes (slosh, slosh).
***   ***

The FBI went after Cater Page because he is odd. It was biological. They had better targets. But — you see it in schoolboys — men have an urge to cleanse the herd, to reject odd creatures, because they represent the threat of difference, in-obedience, challenge, face-offs, even revolt. They’re a danger to the hierarchy (and thus to the herd) because they tend to exist outside it. This was more important for the FBI than pursuing someone they have known for years was guilty, Paul Manafort. But Manafort looked and acted (somewhat smugly and with humour on his lips) normal, upper echelon. This type of biological-primitive response  — common in police — seduced the FBI into targeting minor Page, and let major target Manafort go. Was there a FISA on Manafort, before 2018?


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