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START NOTHING: 10:26 pm Sun. to 4:04 pm Mon., 3:28 am Wed. to 0:16 am Thurs., and 3:36 pm Fri. to 6:26 am Sat.


The end result of independence is interdependence.

The scheduled Monday “hearing” of Judge Kavanaugh and Ms. Ford, who has accused him of a teenage sexual assault, will likely come to nothing.

Much stuff in the AFTERAMBLE.
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  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Relationships fill the weeks ahead. If you’re single, a sensual, intimate liaison might start. If so, be open, moral and honest (e.g., don’t chase a married person). For all Aries, something might be settled/agreed upon that changes your life in a big way in future. This can occur now through early November. It might be a mortgage, altering investments, becoming pregnant, adapting to a new medical regimen, or making a commitment in almost any area.

This will probably arise, in the weeks ahead, from negotiations, meetings, agreements/ contracts, new people and/or opportunities, public interactions, and, perhaps, from litigation, challenge and competition, even enmity. (So be diplomatic!)  If you are contemplating a wedding, wait until late November 2018 to December 2019: having it before this will encourage sexual disloyalty.

Rest, lie low, ponder and plan Sun. to Mon. afternoon. Monday’s “empty” (so pursue the spiritual). Sunday morning disappoints (in N.A. — in Europe, a disappointing afternoon/eve — in Asia, a beautiful, affectionate morning, then disappointment pre-dawn Mon.). But the remainder of Sun., PDT, brings success and fortune, esp. in financial and lifestyle zones.

Your energy and pizzazz leaps upward Mon. eve through Wed. Usually I’d advise you to start things, be a leader, collect favours, etc. But a bad aspect occurs every day, so go slow and don’t expect much. The problem is, for you, ambitions and your status; for the one you want to “partner” with (or already are) the problem involves security. You’ll have to offer more security to make anything succeed here, even business projects.

Chase money, buy/sell Thurs./Fri. — barriers are small, open doors loom large, so dive in and chase those $, ask for a raise, cultivate clients — and/or seek and purchase bargains. Errands, messaging, media, curiosity and short trips Sat. (dawn onward PDT) — everything goes well, success is easy.

taurus weekly forecast   TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

To work, Taurus. The weeks ahead pour a pile of chores into your life. Just bend your shoulders and get it done. You’ll get some “drudgery relief” from one or many affectionate meetings, and the general grace with which everyone greets you.

Someone wants you, has for some time. (If you’re available, this person might show their feelings before December — which can throw you into indecision in Nov.)  Don’t let all this interfere with your duties, however, as bosses (and maybe society as a whole) are overly critical and impatient — until mid-November. Soothe higher-ups, esp. those in administrative places.

After a slow, disappointing start, wishes can come true Sun. — particularly involving partnerships, marriage, agreements, relocation and opportunities — be lively, listen to your optimism, try something! Monday’s happy, social and optimistic also, but yields few solid results.

Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Mon. eve through Wed. Show charity now, as it boosts your karma (luck) later. Proceed warily: many barriers exist, esp. legal, ethical, timing, co-operation and love barriers. Best action: sleep, research, watch.

Your energy and charisma surge up Thurs. to dawn Sat. Now success is imminent — watch out for snarly higher-ups Thurs. am, then charge forth. Relationships, love, exciting horizons and opportunities call you — go, you’ll grab something good! Chase money Sat. — buy/sell, chase clients, schmooze until they hire/pay you, seek bargains, etc. — hard to lose this day!

  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

A sweet month lies ahead, Gemini. If you’re single, you won’t only feel romantic in the weeks ahead, you’ll talk romantic. Co-workers and employees (if you have them) treat you with grace and affection — you might begin a co-worker affair. (Good, but remember/realize that better love prospects for most Geminis arrive December on into most of 2019. In other words, there’s no urgency. Patience has its rewards.)

Married or single, you enter a winning streak, so do take a chance, risk your heart, act on your hunches. Beauty, “poetry in motion,” self-expression, creativity, games and charming kids will stud your days with bright moments of pleasure.

Show ambition Sun./Mon. — get out and measure your status via meetings, hellos, etc. After a sluggish or resistant morning, Sunday blossoms into both work success and personal relationship action — call/visit someone who intrigues you. (Best around or just before suppertime PDT.)

Monday daytime yields nil results, but this eve through Wed. will grant a wish you’ve held for some time. (Whether you should embrace the result is a different thing, as there’s some mild indication that you might enter the wrong door. [The right door’s marked with cleanliness, the wrong one with hidden desires or an immoral agenda.])

Love, flirtation, definitely exist, but barriers are everywhere, probably involving a domestic situation or sex. Sex and romance won’t co-exist — but should you even choose between them? Sometimes a waiting game solves puzzles w/o effort. In any case, you’ll be happy, social, optimistic — enjoy life and love!

Retreat, rest, ponder and plan all Thurs., to dawn Sat. (PDT). Deal with civil servants and administrative staff. Be forgiving, give to the poor, pray/meditate. Other than an early, wee tantrum Thurs., this interval floats along pleasantly — and offers sweet understanding or mental harmony with someone very attractive (Thurs.) and a work or health related opportunity (Fri.). Your energy and magnetism soar after dawn Sat. — get out, lead others, propose projects, start significant ventures. Love, romance, and assertiveness mix beautifully.

   CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The weeks ahead emphasize home, family, property, security, parents and kids, garden and nutrition, stomach and soul. All areas that make you feel warm and comfortable. Various paths here, emotionally: 1) a sweet streak of romantic feelings lift you up from the domestic arena; 2) that streak of affection might be transferred to your kids, as they show new growth, talents and charms; 3) you might be tempted toward extra-marital or other mucky lures. (# 3 would end with disappointment.)

A bunch of news/messages about your home fill the 2 weeks ahead. Sunday to late afternoon Mon. brings intellectual, international, media, legal or religious themes — and gentle love. After a slow start or barrier (10 am PDT) Sunday offers success in all these. A home-related repair or financial outlay can be done with dispatch, all the pieces fit together. Monday offers little result. But Mon. afternoon/eve (4 pm PDT) brings outside, worldly standing stuff — ambition, career, appearing before authorities — until Wed.’s end. Work alone, don’t seek co-operation.

A happy, social mood lifts you up Thurs./Fri. Don’t invest Thurs. before 9 am PDT. You can dive into a workable home repair, investment, research. Again, heed the warning against extra-marital temptations. Expect popularity, flirtations, entertainment and bright horizons. Love succeeds.

Retreat Sat. morning onward — lie in bed, rest, pamper yourself, ponder and plan. You might deal with psychics, advisors, agents, civil servants, institutional workers, or charity/spiritual organizations. Revelations possible, significant. Despite some weariness, you walk with good luck, so forge ahead in these areas.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast   LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Errands and easy chores fill the weeks ahead, Leo. Expect lots of communications, short trips, calls, paperwork. Be available, answer neglected missives. You’ll be restless — be curious, too.  On your travels, you might see a neighbourhood you‘ll live in later… perhaps even a place you will buy in late Oct., Nov. Some Leos will be drawn to other countries now, but relocating before Nov. 8 is not recommended. (Buying/selling okay, tho.)

Sunday holds mysteries: dig deep, reject surface appearances. After a slow or disappointing start, this day blossoms into a fortunate time to invest, seek intimacy, improve your home, and investigate. Ask questions. Monday’s the same, but without appreciable results. This eve (4 pm PDT) through Wed. brings a mellow, understanding mood — but negative luck in actual events/actions. Not a good time for easy, fruitful work, nor for domestic projects, so just plug along cautiously.

Be ambitious Thurs. to dawn Sat. This is a success-filled interval, opening doors to better pay, career recognition, worldly status. Step through them! Though your ideas/beliefs might encounter opposition Thurs. am, everybody agrees with you this pm. Friday holds lucky opportunities, too — and a choice between security, home, and outside world, ambition.

Saturday is for optimism, friends, joie de vivre, entertainment, wish fulfillment and flirtations. You’ll be happy. Now to mid-November, realize others are intense, “hot,” ready to love or attack. Be diplomatic, unmoved — either choice is wrong. (To bond in partnership, or to fight — both will usher you into a “bad” place if you take the plunge/bait before Nov. 8.)

  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Bend your efforts toward money, possessions, (rote) learning and casual intimacy. Physically, you’ll be in good shape. Much work might tug at your sleeve, and you can be very tempted to increase your duties in order to increase your income. Careful with this, as things might not turn out as you expect. At least, work smart, not hard. Sometimes, money comes without much effort. Casual contacts treat you with unexpected graciousness.

Sunday/Mon. feature relationships, opportunities, new horizons. Sunday morning might start slow or frustrate you in love, creative zones — but the rest of this day extends a splendid helping hand. You can make agreements, buy travel tickets, and, despite what I said above, combine work and money successfully. Monday’s similar, but with nil results.

Life’s hidden forces, mysteries, and compulsions visit you Mon. eve (4 pm PDT) through Wed. Your intuition will soar, so will your lust — for sex and/or power. You might contemplate a big investment or financial action. In all these, you face obstacles every day. Don’t invest nor commit to anything. Let these days pass.

A wise, mellow mood steals over you Thurs. to dawn Sat. Buy travel tickets, apply for school, pursue intellectual, media, or philosophical goals. Good luck rides with you, so plunge ahead — AFTER 9 am PDT Thurs. (This morning is accident-prone, and “fights” job progress. But this afternoon — Thursday’s — reverses that and aids your money/work chase. (So does Sat. daytime.) Be ambitious Sat. — bosses, VIPs, parents, all observe and approve.

  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your energy and charisma climb upward during the weeks ahead, Libra. You’ll ride a winning streak, you’ll attract attention. Now’s the time to start a significant project. Be the leader, propose action, ask for favours. You also face a secondary road, one that will be easy to take, because your charisma and confidence will be high: romance. But this road can have a cliff at the end, so be careful.

You might be engaged in an earnings or sales project (since early Sept., and through Oct.). This venture might run into delay, second thoughts/indecision in early Oct., so plow away at it now, coast in Oct./Nov., and re-ignite it in December.

Tackle chores Sun./Mon. Sunday morning might be slow or impeded, as domestic conditions prevent your communicating or travelling. But after 10 am PDT, good fortune pours out anywhere — you can accomplish almost anything, and your efforts could boost your bank balance. Stick to routine chores Mon.

Relationships arrive Mon. eve (4 pm) through Wed. But domestic, security or similar problems interfere every day. Can these domestic barrier be conquered? Yes, but it isn’t easy, can take several years and an outlay of cash, perhaps a large outlay. In any case, proceed diplomatically with all contacts, sidestep conflicts. It might just be the time to let relationship hopes rest for awhile if you’re unattached. This includes relocation, opportunities and dealings with the public.

Thursday/Fri. bring mystery, secrets, hidden forces — lust rather than romance, investment rather than gambles, intuition rather than logic. Trust hunches. These two days are quite fortunate, can open doors to financial treasures, deep information, intimacy. If you have pain, get to a doctor. Now you can take a step toward solving those domestic obstacles.

Saturday (dawn onward, PDT) is splendid, throws lucky dust on you in intellectual, far travel, cultural, media, and love zones. If a romance starts this day, it will be a good one!

   SCORPIO: Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The few weeks ahead will keep your energy at a fairly low level — nature’s way of forcing you to rest and restore your mental, physical and emotional batteries. So seek quietude, ponder your past and present, and plan your future. You know what I always say: be charitable, spiritual, deal with civil servants, counsellors, healers, psychics, agents, and “head office” workers. Your mind will be active, filled with questions, insights. Now through October your charm and grace will (and already have for two weeks) attract affection, perhaps the admiration of someone of the opposite sex.

Sunday/Mon. are romantic, creative. Monday’s rather empty, but Sunday, after a slow start, pours love’s benefits (and money luck) on you — take a chance! Monday eve (4 pm PDT) through Wed. pushes you into chores and potential health concerns. Best approach: just do what you need to, quietly, with caution (measure twice, cut once, etc.) and without seeking help.  Eat, dress sensibly.

Exciting meetings arrive Thurs. to Sat. dawn. Co-operation soars, opportunities abound — say Yes to someone. (But not before 9 am PDT Thurs.) You can solve a domestic matter with ease Thurs. Life’s secrets, mysteries and hidden forces fill Sat. after dawn, in a very bountiful way. Lust, financial actions, research, medical appointments, commitments and lifestyle changes — any and all go well. Be gentle, understanding on the home front now to mid-November.

    SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

At last, Sage! After a long year of quietude, low energy and restriction, a month of happiness and bright horizons visits you. The weeks ahead are a great time to join groups or clubs, envision and formulate plans for the future, to attend entertainment, to flirt a little. A wish might be fulfilled. A friendly love affair could start.

Now, this period of luck and socializing won’t be as strong as in some autumns, because you remain in a year of quietude until late November. So this month ahead will be followed by another, short (one month) decline into rest and restrictions, before you burst into a year (late Nov./18 to Dec. 2/19) of super luck and effectiveness! The weeks ahead, then, are a foretaste of future joys/successes. You might share your hopes and plans with a Gemini, or you might use your communication skills to boost your career and/or status.

Sunday/Mon. draw you toward home, family, rest and security.  Monday’s pretty useless (stick to routine) and Sun. morning raises a barrier to your money hopes. But after 10 am (PDT) Sunday confers luck, open doors, and good results from your efforts. Good time to buy a vacation lot or retreat property. Romance sings its song Mon. eve through Wed., but obstacles exist everywhere (mostly earnings and monetary factors, but also sexual “questions” cause doubt).

Dive into chores and health matters Thurs. to dawn Sat. Despite a possible wee dust-up Thurs. morn, this day and Fri. bring good, even splendid, results — if you expend effort, chase opportunities. Saturday daytime brings relationships. It’s simple: anyone you meet before 6:30 pm PDT, will make a great partner, whether temporarily to “do” a project, or for a life of love — and most things in-between.

   CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Be intently ambitious over the 4 weeks ahead, Cap. They are the best time this year to make your mark in career, status, business and reputational zones. As mentioned many times, money will flow swiftly until mid-November — to you and, if you aren’t careful, through you. Your social life continues to please you. A friendship might turn intimate.

Expect a lot of ambition-related calls, discussions, information now to October 9. These arise very fortunately Sunday (after a negative start, i.e., after 10 am PDT). Money and friendship are two splendid highlights this day. Monday’s the same, but without any result.

Home, family, security, mother nature slated Mon. eve through Wed. — step cautiously, as many obstacles exist, particularly in personality zones. (Realize it might be your personality causing the problems.) If in doubt, stick to routine, smile, avoid showdowns. But you might also take a domestic situation in hand, and wrestle it into a solution. Good.

Relationships face you Thurs. to dawn Sat. (PDT). Wait past a friction-prone morning (to 9, 10 am PDT) then plunge in — seek others, jump on their bandwagon, seek partnerships, seek love and a mate, seize opportunities anywhere. Good results! Saturday daytime brings chores — which you will perform with ease, even panache. This is a great day (7 am to 6 pm) to buy tools or machinery, to hire workers, or to seek employment.

   AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Intellectual, publishing, legal, cultural, far-travel, international themes fill the weeks ahead, Aquarius. Dive into profound questions, thoughts. (Especially now to Oct. 9, when your mind will be extra-clear, swift.) Love will be part of the picture, although you might seek love in your career, or chase it for ambitious rather than innocent motives. (In general, you will be more fortunate in love late November 2018 to early December 2019.)

Your courage, determination and sexual magnetism continue strong. Good, your ship has a powerful engine — but is it going in the right direction? To ensure fortunate “destinations,” use this magnetism to attract others, to co-operate and seek union, rather than to distinguish yourself from others. Independence fails, for 7 weeks ahead.

Sunday’s for income, purchases, perhaps casual sex. Careful this morning (to 10 am PDT) as ethics fight secrets (and similar conflicts). But during the rest of the day, luck pours all over you. Bargains, pay raises, ticket purchases for international travel, such are possible. Monday’s the same, but with nil results.

Monday eve through Wed. brings errands, calls, paperwork, short trips, easy chores — but various inexplicable, almost hidden barriers frustrate you. (If you think about it, these barriers were somewhat self-created, perhaps as long ago as 2009.) So proceed cautiously — and think before you speak/write.

Head home Thurs. to dawn Sat. Here, after a contentious Thurs. morning (pre-10 am) you’ll find peace, family joys, splendid domestic and property luck. (Over the next 7 years, you will be very strongly — more than ever before — drawn to home, family, etc.). Saturday daytime virtually offers you love on a platter — if single, chase romance, it could start a very gratifying affair. If married, involve the family in adventures, art, fun.

   PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Life’s secrets and mysteries confront you (or rather quietly float around you) for the month ahead. Your subconscious will burst to the surface, so your intuition and psychic impressions will be strong and (usually) accurate. Dig deep, reject surface appearances. Look for investments, or, if you’re under the gun, seek debt counselling/forgiveness. Or, embrace someone sexually. (But avoid extra-marital embraces, as these will tempt many Pisces.)

This is a month of changes, lifestyle decisions, research, and possible medical concerns/cures. Any or all of these will be very active, with communications and trips popping up, until October 9. Some of you will have surgery before mid-November.

Your energy and charisma remain splendidly high (though you will consciously mute them) Sunday and Mon. Sunday contains a “no” answer until 10 am PDT (especially to a partnership, marriage or opportunity) then morphs into the best of luck the rest of the day. Social rituals (weddings?), far travel, media and intellectual matters go particularly well… and a bonus, success in any of these will lead to success in career, status next year.  Monday’s the same, but results are rather empty.

Monday eve through Wed. accents money, earnings, buy/selling, possessions, memory and casual sex. ALL of these will hit irksome (but deep) barriers, probably ethical ones, perhaps educational shortcomings, perhaps just “destiny.” Anyway, don’t waste your money.

Errands, trips, communications, casual contacts and paperwork fill Thurs. to dawn Sat. Here, things go much better (AFTER a contentious or accident-prone morning) — a good investment or money source hovers around you!

Spend Sat. daytime at home or in the ‘hood, with family, in nature. A superb day to start renovations or decorating projects, garden, landscaping, security initiatives (CCTV?), buy furniture or kitchen stuff, etc. — and to rest, soak up sunshine..

The End.


A reader wrote:
‘Why do you have this unbridled devotion to an inhumane racist con man?? Of ALL the topics in the world you choose to build him up week after week. Yes it is your site and yes if I don’t like it I don’t have to read it. Understood. What is the logic behind supporting 45? Is it profit driven? So any and all critical news about him is “fake news”? That’s the same tactic Hitler used.’

My answer:

Oh dear, I knew I shouldn’t write about Trump any more! (And once again, I promise to stop writing about him — a promise I’ve broken before, but will try!) The trouble is, Trumpworld is like a huge tragic play, with large helpings of suspense and palace intrigue, dollops of hatred and fear, and horror/pity. No one really knows anything, and I can’t stop watching it! Actually, as I’ve explained a few times in the past, I am not particularly a Trump supporter, although I think he’s a beneficial disruptor. (Not dictator.)

The reason I write about him is that, being Libra rising, I bristle at the injustice done to him and his party by some of the Dem’s tactics. Michelle Obama said, famously, “When he goes low, we’ll go high.” Trouble is, many Dems have gone way lower than Trump. (So has their ally, the media. Just last week the NY Times, the most respected newspaper in America, posted a negative story accusing Trump’s U.N. Ambassador, Nikki HaIey, of outrageously overspending on her office’s curtains. Turns out the curtains were ordered (and the outrageous price tag agreed to) by the Obama administration. After being called out, the either newly incompetent or malicious Times didn’t apologize or retract: they did the now frequent weasel thing: Gee, we’re sorry if the article misled anyone. (“Gee, I didn’t rape her; but I’m very sorry if she misunderstood my intentions.”)

I predicted these dirty tricks before D.T. was even elected. (When I posited the question: [I’m paraphrasing] if Trump wins in a democratic process [the election] thus creating the fear of fascism, dictatorship, or non democratic outcomes, will those who oppose him use undemocratic means to “restore democracy”?  I’m afraid the left and the establishment have done exactly that.)

BTW, those who would castigate me for being a Trump-lover, should read my long-ago columns, in which I consistently liked Obama, until he did two things: tried to put Snowden in prison, and lied to the people (to pass Obamacare).  Early on, I took Obama as proof of my earlier prediction, that Africa and Blacks worldwide would be the success story of the 21st century. Earlier, I was for Kerry (Dem) against Bush (Rep)… to my chagrin (wrong prediction!).

There is one area in which I think Trump is short-sighted. He’s correct, in the immediate picture, that immigration has to be controlled. The Democrats are mad to seek open boarders — for now. But in the larger picture, there is one way to improve the health and capability of humanity: to seek the largest variety of DNA mingling. And there is one way to be fair and equitable to all peoples worldwide: to allow unlimited access to every spot, so that each person can seek their spot of successful ambition, of a healthy, optimistic life, of loyal love.

In a sense this would expand the principle in the U.S. constitution that grants the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — but on a worldwide scale, w/o national borders. This can only be achieved with a very sophisticated or knowledgeable population, and, sans unimaginable psychic powers, high technology. (As I suspect is common in history, technology has developed in synch with society’s growth.)

The near-term problem is how do we go about converting from our present state to this better one of world-wide citizenship? Believe it or not, I think we will reach this state, at least in practice, within 214 years — a very short time, historically. Mankind is accelerating. But why is such a future better? Here’s one reason: when you are homogeneous in nature (in this case worldwide) there won’t be any large-scale wars, and perhaps no wars, period. Police forces maybe, in initial stages, but no standing armies.

That’s not to say that schisms won’t remain — we see them everyday and throughout society: e.g., jockeying for a higher position at work, or, the present “power battle” going on between the reds and the blues in America. (In this battle, air superiority belongs to the democrats. Air = media. The poor republicans sit hunched on the ground, often unable to fight back, their defensive missiles not reaching the same altitude (of mendacity sometimes, malice others). America’s biggest newspapers, and five of the biggest television channels, are virulently anti-Trump. Researchers regularly report that the Trump coverage is over 90% negative by these media.

But what will be, will be.
***   ***

Some might think a future of total human homogeneity boring — but local cultural vestiges will still survive, enough for tourism.

There is an expression of something more dominant, more moved by karma or nature, of an outcome that must be, and will be, in this trend toward a human homogeneity. This might at some stage cause a kind of ennui to float over humanity for awhile. We might experience a temporary “dark ages” or “middle ages.”  But as time unfolds, these “all-merging” social developments will, from 2229 onward, turn into psychic development. Vast horizons will open up. As usual, “science” will keep pace, as either we travel to a mystery, or it visits us: the result will not be scientific or technological as we understand the words; it will be an explosion of spiritual and psychic development — not only for the 248 years following 2229 (when the new Pluto cycle starts) but for the entire Pluto-Neptune Mega-era (as explained in prior column’s “Afterambles”) — a period of 2,470 years (2229 AD to 4699).

(Our present Pluto era, 1983 to 2229, is the last of our present Mega-era; 2229 starts not only a new Pluto era [approx. 250 years] but also a whole new Pluto/Neptune mega-era (2229 AD to 4699 AD). (Our ending mega-era [about 3,000 years old already] brought huge advances in travel, politics and learning. The new mega-era [2229 AD to 4699] will be a domestic-security mega-era, and will bring huge advances in psychic zones.)
***   ***

Hey, Trump: Did the Mayflower passengers enter America legally?
***   ***

At first I thought it was a fluke. But it’s occurred for a week now. Every time I access Google with the line “Trump news” it displays, on top of everything, a 3/4 page ad touting 8 anti-republican videos.
***   ***

Always rely on your instincts, unless logic disagrees.

Emotions are the highest logic. We are already seeing/sensing instances of this. But one day, centuries away, emotions will be paired with intellect, to create a bridge to — ? Over centuries, but starting in 2229, intellect and the fluid complexity of emotions will combine, giving/creating a third state, a lucid state. I want to say an accelerated state. This third state person would act very frequently on hunches, even on images (I can’t attest to that). At the same time, routine and many systems will begin to sparkle and die, like the end of a holiday sparkler. This will be due to the new fluidity and luminescence of the population.

I want to say people will be taught to be psychic in grade school, but I think that’s just an image, a symbol. I think the real process will be more gradual, but, like all great transformations it will have its upheavals and its forward lurches. In essence, I think from 2229 on, in a process that will likely take 2,470 years, we will become psychic. We’ll vote with our minds, after having discussed it between our minds, and all that jazz. (However, I’m not sure the psychic domain will evolve that way.)


5 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ SEPTEMBER 23 – 29, 2018

  1. rd38

    Once a Democrat, now an Independent, although I am willing to vote Republican if a candidate was to come along who wasn’t completely apathetic to the struggles of people less fortunate. I agree, Democrats have become vicious in their glee to humiliate Trump, who does deserve some of it. But when I see SNL inviting a porno ‘actor’/stripper/ hooker/ extortionist like Stormy Weathers on their show to mock Trump I am offended. A constant display of ‘liberal’ self-righteous hysterical intolerance. Trump will do himself in by his ignorance. Don’t make people like myself start to feel sorry for the guy- he doesn’t deserve it!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, rd38,

      Your description reminds me of ancient Rome in the decadent years…I admit, sometimes I feel a pinch of pity for Trump — but I don’t view him (usually) as either a moral nor immoral man. Instead, his actions are really changing America, even if only for a decade or so (maybe longer). This terrifies the Dems, who, with their media, keep trying to behead this monster president. A good drama!



  2. dora

    Hi Tim
    A question regarding work. I started 13 May 2014. Jupiter in my 2 house. I love my job, not everything is perfect but I really enjoy and love it and I am good in it.. so now I am curious to know IF you see an ending with it ?? I am aware in a few years Saturn passes my 10 house.. is this the end ??
    As Saturn passed my 6 there were some conflicts indeed..
    I am born on 10 June 1980 if this helps. Thank youuu 🙂 have a great day

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Dora,

      Sorry, that’s a complex question, I would have to erect charts — yours, and a chart for the hiring date. So, a reading. As for Saturn in your tenth (career sector) — if you quit or are fired for cause during this period (about 2 + years) you will have difficulty in employment for up to 3 decades. If you work hard and soberly during those 2 years, you will likely 1) advance, and 2) make a solid investment from your earnings.



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