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START NOTHING: 4:15 pm Sun. to 4:07 am Mon., 10:10 am to 4:52 pm Wed., and 10:13 am Fri. to 5:27 am Sat.


Lots of stuff in the AFTERAMBLE, just below the Weekly Forecasts.
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  ARIES: March 21-April 19

This is your last week of work and drudgery, Aries. Soon, fresh horizons and new opportunities will arrive. Be thoughtful Sun., look at the bigger picture, wider world. A chore interferes with your wool-gathering. Be ambitious Mon. dawn to late afternoon Wed. (PDT). You can get a lot done, start viable projects, impress higher-ups. But watch — friends or wishful thinking can kibosh money matters (likely Tues.).

Friends and wishes do benefit you, though, Wed. night to Sat. dawn. Your popularity will rise, visits please you, entertainment, flirtations and optimism fill your heart. Life’s grand! You might find yourself attracted to a new kind of person, sweet yet “physically solid” and a little quirky. But the attraction is gentle, mild, not passionate. Retreat Sat. — rest, nap, ponder and plan. This night affection, perhaps sexual attraction, flower. But your work/career needs attention: did you forget to do something, or will pursuing this attraction lead you astray from practical duties? Maybe.

Now to November 8, don’t let your optimism, nor your group of friends, lead you into projects that are founded more on wishful thinking than practical reality. Late Saturday starts a month of relationships and fresh opportunities.

taurus weekly forecast  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

This is your last week of “natural romance,” Taurus. It occurs in a major, 12-month phase of bright marriage potentials. So if you’re single and dreaming of love, get off your duff and spark something, somewhere! (In astrology, the beginning is always of prime importance because it sets up what follows.) So you don’t need to frantically accomplish the whole romantic process now — a start is good enough. If you’re married or happily ensconced in a relationship, this week merely continues the loving vibes. This week is also a last chance (for awhile) to pursue creative, sports, risk-taking and beauty/pleasure/vacation goals. Sunday’s sexy and deep… a difficulty might arise over money or secrets.

A gentle, mental mood steals over you Mon. to suppertime Wed. Most things go well in this interval, particularly far travel, social/cultural rituals, statistics and insurance, fame, publishing, higher learning, and love. But you are feeling more friendly, more stubborn, and more “I want to keep everyone guessing” since last May. This new, more hard-edged side of you is on display Tues. (afternoon?) — does this help or harm you? I think it depends: does it lead to fights, rejection, loss? If so, crank up the diplomacy! It might, though, serve you well — sometimes we need more assertiveness and self-promotion. You decide.

A higher-up’s tantrum or impatience might give you clues. Be ambitious Wed. suppertime to Sat. dawn. Again, Wed. night, a possible “reaction” from boss, parent or authority…. but you’ll succeed. Happiness, friends, popularity, wish fulfillment and optimism arrive Sat. — and flirty affection, this pm.

   GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

This is your last week of major domestic concerns — and a last week of substantial progress in gardening, repairs, setting children’s courses, etc. So work to complete those fine yard, house, or similar plans — next week will begin a romantic phase, and you won’t want to be tied down to the home front. Sunday’s for relationships, new opportunities, relocation themes, competition and/or co-operation. Be diplomatic, as someone seems ready to bristle. (Nothing big.)

Life’s depths and hidden forces visit you Mon. daytime to suppertime Wed. (PDT). This is usually a great investment, pay-off-debt, sexual/lustful, medical and research time for you. But don’t invest in (nor make love to) computers/software, machines, knives, explosives, undomesticated land, hi-tech, anything related to war, or any item starting with A, R, D or V. (Aardvark?) Best time: 5 pm Tues. to 10 am Wed., all PDT.

A gentle, mellow wisdom floats into you Wed. night to dawn Sat. Take care here to the extent that you 1) examine your motives and the “true situation”; and 2) look at long-range results. This applies mostly in far travel, international, intellectual, publishing/media, philosophical/religious/ cultural leanings, love and fame. What seems so dazzlingly attractive, so easy to accomplish, might not be at core. Still, you’ll be content, affectionate! Saturday demands ambition, and rewards it in work terms (not in money terms — your boss/client will claim to be “money short”). This night starts a month of romance, beauty, pleasure, and brings a winning streak.

  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

One last week of restlessness, superficial relationships, errands, short trips, communications and easy, swift chores.  Then you begin a month (this Sat., Sept. 22) that will warm your heart, a month of home, kids, domestic stuff.  Until then, remain curious, light on your feet — and finish up paperwork, calls, filing, errands, mail, etc., so you can be free next week to sink into family and security things. Tackle chores Sunday. Eat, drink sensibly.

Relationships face you Mon. to late afternoon Wed. (PDT). A burning yet hidden question, suspicion, physical attraction or looming money burden/goal might disrupt friendships, romantic hopes and other wishful things. There’s a deep puzzle here, in which some things will be attached to their opposite. Most things, including love, co-operation, go fairly well Mon., but they go even better from 5 pm Tues. to 10 am Wed. — all PDT.

Wednesday night to dawn Sat. brings all those “hidden” things I mentioned: lust, power, financial actions, secrets and secret agreements, medical procedures, research and possible lifestyle change. You’ll have to be nimble, as short periods of good and bad luck mingle. Generally, ambitious actions are better Wed. night, other actions Thurs. onward. Saturday brings enlightenment, broad vision, wisdom and compassion — you’ll understand the world! Good for love, affection, Sat. night, but not for talk of partnership (of any kind). Soon, big home projects.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The focus will shift at week’s end, from money, possessions, mild sensual attractions, to a more restless, curious, conversational month. But for now, concentrate/act on money concerns. Sunday’s romantic, pleasure-prone. Nature’s beauty will blossom, whether in plants or in people. However, be satisfied rather than chase.

Tackle chores Mon. morn to suppertime Wed. (PDT). You’ll get a lot done, easily. But one problem’s possible: an intense relationship could explode, or dent your career plans. After this, Tues. night to Wed. morn, more  success awaits you. Eat, dress sensibly.

Wednesday eve to pre-dawn Sat. brings significant relationships. Be diplomatic, co-operative, but don’t go so far as to form a partnership, chase marriage, or commit/sign/promise to aid another’s scheme/project. You might hear money news Thurs. — it might convince you to start a new money project. I’d be cautious: this project is starting too late, circumstances will change very soon.

Saturday brings a different kind of money lure — not pulling you toward earning money, but toward investment. I’d give this a pass, too. Saturday eve/night could: a) excite you about a sexy person, or b) bring affection on the home front. Both good! Now to mid-November, avoid starting new relationships or giving your commitment, relocating or signing contracts. (This does not include real estate, which is lucky for you until Nov.)

   VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Continue to innovate, create, launch, and lead, Virgo. Your energy and effectiveness are at a yearly peak. Nothing lasts forever, so charge ahead now. Your activities, all 2018, have probably involved travel… in 2019 (even Dec. 2018) you might purchase a property/home in one of the places you’ve visited. Think about this Sun., when your heart is at home. Involve the family in domestic activities.

Creative and self-expressive juices flow Mon. to suppertime Wed. (PDT). Dive into pleasure, take a chance, organize a talent show if you have kids; chase romance if you’re single. Only one flaw/disruption: your duties/work and your ethics or urge to wander, to see the world, conflict with each other. This could manifest as a co-worker argument. Be diplomatic, discreet at the workplace. Otherwise, joy and success await you!

Tackle chores Wed. night to Sat. dawn PDT. Most things will run smoothly. You might even receive a “lucky stroke” Fri. Saturday brings relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons, public dealings, negotiations, perhaps opposition. If you’re single you might meet mate material, but realize this one won’t be loving or romantic (but will be faithful) in the long run. Still, affection rules Sat. night. This evening also begins a month that will emphasize money, earnings, and memory.

  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This is your last week of being held down, back, Libra. Soon (next week) your energy and charisma will shoot up like a fountain. Meanwhile, use this week to clear up all outstanding obligations, esp. those involving taxes, bills, gov’t and institutions, medical situations and “old friend” duties. Sunday’s for errands, calls, visits, paperwork, easy chores. Not the best day to make new friends, though.

You sink deeply into home, family Mon. morn to Wed. suppertime — you should get lots accomplished — get some deep rest, too. But strictly avoid new investments, research projects, lifestyle changes, lust, and debts, esp. Tues. Beauty, art, pleasure — and someone beautiful/ handsome — filter into your thoughts Wed. night to Sat. dawn. This isn’t the best time for love, due to layers of conflicting motives. Still, you could “mate” late Wed. night or Thurs. daytime (PDT). (If it were me, I’d wait.)

Be creative, enjoy something pleasurable, sports, games. Saturday brings  chores — you’ll do them easily, esp. if they involve routine tasks… maybe some talk and difficulty around domestic problems. An affectionate eve with co-workers, or a good time to earn some dough. Saturday night launches you into a month of high energy, winning, effectiveness — and, coming up, a huge choice.

   SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

One last week of celebration, fun, social popularity, wish fulfillment, entertainment and friendly romance, Scorpio.  Don’t waste it with work and other dour stuff! Your physical charms stand out through September/October, but some home-front friction can slacken your sails a wee bit. Be gentle, forgiving with family members (to mid-November). Sunday’s for money — buy/sell, count your possessions, plan money projects. But realize fun and making money likely won’t mix this day. (E.g., that garage sale or sports team car wash won’t amuse you a lot.)

Dive into errands, paperwork, communications, short trips, and easy, routine jobs Mon. pre-dawn to Wed. suppertime (PDT). All’s good here, but watch one disruptor: an edgy “truce” between you, your spouse (if applicable) or work partners, and your home. Or, you might face a choice between home/security and an outside opportunity. (Probably Tues.) Both are best left alone for the moment.

Your home and family — and security — are fortunately in focus Wed. night to dawn Sat. Other than a bit of unexpected behaviour/event Wed. eve — just be quiet, gentle, and it will pass like a short breeze. Saturday offers romance — if single, you’ll be attracted, and he/she will be attracted back. Especially Sat. night. Love, happy children, creative surges, gambling urges (that will tend to win) beauty and pleasure — these visit also, beneficially. BUT if you’re single, anyone you first meet Sat. will not become your life-mate — too many circumstantial barriers.

   SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This is your last week of ambition, of scrutiny and testing by higher-ups, of worldly status and local reputation. So continue to work hard, be cheerful to bosses, etc. But every day, go home early and to bed early — pamper your health, and rest to increase your energy reserves. A good week for pondering, making plans. Your energy and charisma take a nice step upward Sun.— use them to take a step up the ladder of ambition/success.

Chase money, buy/sell, butter up clients or start angling for a pay raise, find bargains, Mon. dawn to suppertime Wed. (PDT). Everything minor goes well, but watch for fender-benders while driving, and harsh or abrupt words/actions at work (mostly Tues.). Easy chores, messages and news, curiosity, paperwork and travel and friendly contacts fill Wed. eve to dawn Sat. This will be an easy few days. But watch a home-based, minor disruption Wed. pm.

On Saturday, home and family, property, security, withdrawal, healing and recuperating grant you comfort and affection. Just sink into home, neighbourhood activities, children’s sports, etc. This day will end with a satisfied sigh — and this night starts a month of hope and joy! Soon, you will see your future, and it’s a shining one.

  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This is your last week of intellectual, mental, international (far travel and/or dealings with foreign-born people), legal, cultural, ritualistic, and loving focus, Cap. Use this time to upgrade your learning, your understanding of 1) the world, 2) your career field. Money will come swiftly to you until mid-November, but can also flow away as quickly. Save! Rest, ponder, plan Sunday — be charitable, spiritual — interface with gov’t or head office — contact advisors, agents or  counsellors.

Your energy and charisma soar upward Mon. pre-dawn to Wed. suppertime — innovate, start significant projects, lead, ask favours. You’re on a wee winning streak. One obstacle: money and romance don’t mix (esp. Tues.). (Don’t be too aggressive sexually.)

Chase money, buy/sell, schmooze with clients/boss, purchase bargains Wed. eve to dawn Sat. For safety, stick to routine, particularly Wed. pm. Still, monetary good luck can strike — if so, grab it — BUT stay honest, realistic. Easy chores, wanderlust, many superficial contacts, talks/texts, paperwork and errands fill Saturday — you’ll succeed, and this night brings a sweet interval, maybe with a “friend.” (However, a small but significant attitude or communication in your career zone hints that someone doesn’t agree with your approach… this is hidden by affection, but does not involve the affectionate person.)

  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This is your last week of secrets and mysteries, Aquarius. Continue to dig deep, reject superficial answers or surface “facts.” You might make a significant investment, or take your debts by the horns and get them corralled, settled, tamed. (Monday to Wed. morn and Sat. are best for this.) Your determination and courage are high, so is your potential aggressiveness. This will attract the opposite sex (same sex for gays) until mid-November, but can also make you impulsive, crude and cruel. So it’s a gift, this ultra-intensity, but it needs governing. (Or just lie low until Nov!)

Sunday’s happy, brings friends, calls, entertainment, wish fulfillment (minor) and flirtation. Not much will come future-wise from this day, so just have fun! Retreat from the bustling crowd Mon. pre-dawn to Wed. suppertime (PDT) .  Rest, ponder, plan — be charitable, spiritual, and deal with civil servants, admin. workers, health workers, counsellors and agents. (If visiting a psychic, etc., do it after 4 pm PDT Tues., not before.)

If some things have not gone your way over the last 16 months, contemplate that now: how can you improve your direction, approach, relations to achieve future success? Again, my warning: be cautious, long-suffering at home, with family. Your energy surges upward Wed. pm to dawn Sat. This interval is not lucky, but it holds no real harm, either. Call a lover or invest Thurs. daytime. Be ambitious, show the boss what you can do Fri. morning.

Saturday eve starts a month of intellectual progress, good ideas, new understanding, and cultural, legal, far-travel, and gentle love influences. Your career is favoured, bosses (and court judges, and parents) like you, until Nov. — take advantage!

  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The emphasis remains on relationships, Pisces. You just might wrap one of these up in a bundle for yourself this Sat. (or perhaps earlier, Mon. to Wed.) — joyous days when romantic wishes can come true. But “relationships” also includes relocation, litigation, contracts, negotiations, rejection, challenge and enmity, co-operation and fresh meetings and new horizons! A long list, but any of these are possible, and all/most are fortunate these few days (Mon.-Wed., and Sat.).

Sunday accents your worldly position, ambitions, career and prestige relations. It’s a great day to get things done, but don’t drag any of those “relationship” themes into it. Popularity, social delights, wish fulfillment, optimism. entertainment and flirtation fill Mon. morn to Wed. suppertime (PDT). You’ll be happy! But watch for a disruptive situation based on 1) your money restrictions, and 2) travel, communications, gossip. Tuesday is NOT a good day to buy high-tech or any electronic devices, nor to wire anything nor to launch a computer or high-tech project. (Engineers will love Mon./Tuesday, could make a discovery.)

Above all, love, live and celebrate the goodness of life! But retreat Wed. eve to dawn Sat. — rest, replenish reserves, ponder and plan, and deal with gov’t, head office and institutional workers. Be charitable, spiritual. Meditate. BUT proceed carefully — for example, most of your questions to a civil servant will be answered with a “No.”  Still, no major downsides here. Your energy and charisma surge upward Sat. — you will attract others, could whisper a love vow by this night. Yet, one first met this night won’t marry, or at least would not form a happy marriage with you — it would be affectionate, but somehow devoid of hope.

The End.


I’m sorry, I’ve got to tell this: I booked an air fare to London, England, with hotel, for $4,300. Same destination and exactly same hotel, same dates, Expedia’s lowest price: $5,600 — over 30 % more! By booking directly, you can save a lot of cash. In this instance, spending 30 minutes booking directly saved $1,300 — or $2,600 an hour.  I haven’t tried comparisons with Trivago, Kayak, et al, but I will bet they, too, at least sometimes, charge you more than the hotel or airline actually charges. Otherwise, how can they make money? They might say, “We buy/reserve in bulk, so we get lower prices.” Sure, maybe they do, but that might mean they are making even more from you. Now, this is one instance, and could be a freak occurrence; it proves nothing.
***   ***

The Deep State, or the Swamp, will be revealed (and the Swamp dried, mostly) during Trump’s or his successor’s time (for the influence lasts to 2025). Much of this swamp-draining has occurred since Dec. 2017 and will continue until December 2020 — not far off. There will be many prosecutions — an outstanding one of a person whose name starts with A or R.
***   ***

I keep growing impatient with Trump’s lack of aggressive legal action. But astrology says he’s wise to avoid legal fights/situations for another two months — until Nov. 8, 2018.
***   ***

The hunt for the infamous NY Times Op-ed writer? Why not start with the six people Woodward said he talked to… he says he asked them to contact Trump for him, and none did. That’s a form of manipulation. Kelly-Anne was one of them — the only one he named, I think.

Over 30 top administration officials reacted to the op-ed by  claiming it was not them. It would have been less selfish, more loyal, to instead have issued a joint statement declaring the op-ed writer to be wrong, and that working at the White House is good, and Trump is a sane, likeable, good boss, etc. That they haven’t done so speaks silent volumes. These “innocents” should also volunteer for a day of polygraph questions… they should volunteer because for Trump to impose polygraphs on his staff would be over-reach, and resented. (And would drive the mole/author even deeper into hiding — providing the polygraph didn’t unmask him/her.)

If the op-ed writer is right and factually correct, we should all just hunker down and weep.

Of course it’s possible the NY Times made up the “anonymous” op ed. Don’t be fooled: the media is neither too shy nor too ethical to create false “news.” The NY Times is no longer the “paper of record” — it has become a propaganda rag. Just last week, it published a totally negative and KNOWINGLY FALSE story about Trump’s ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley. (The story accused her of paying an outrageous amount — of taxpayer dollars — for drapes for her office. Only trouble is, these self-indulgent, outrageously expensive drapes were ordered by the Obama administration.) To switch to tv: one of the cable networks, for example, was caught (during the 2016 election campaign) creating a phoney “demonstration” against Trump, by rehearsing the actors, placing them, then filming the whole creation. CNN’s Van Jones was covertly filmed on the street telling a questioner, confidentially, that the whole “Russia thing” was nothing, implying it was manufactured by the station — long before Special Counsel Mueller was enlisted to investigate Trump-Russia collusion. I rest my case.


6 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ SEPTEMBER 16 – 22, 2018

  1. April

    Why do you have this unbridled devotion to an inhumane racist con man?? Of ALL the topics in the world you choose to build him up week after week. Yes it is your site and yes if I don’t like it I don’t have to read it. Understood. What is the logic behind supporting 45? Is it profit driven? So any and all critical news about him is “fake news”? That’s the same tactic Hitler used.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, April,

      Oh dear, I knew I shouldn’t write about Trump any more! The trouble is, it’s like a huge tragic play, and I can’t stop! Actually, as I’ve explained a few times in the past, I am not particularly a Trump supporter, although I think he’s a beneficial disruptor. (Not dictator, although I think he’d like to be one!) The reason I write about him is that, being Libra rising, I bristle at the injustice done to him and his party by some of the Dem’s tactics and some of the media. Michelle Obama said, famously, “When he goes low, we’ll go high.” Trouble is, many Dems have gone way lower than Trump. I predicted this before he was even elected. (When I posited the question: if Trump wins in a democratic process (the election) creating the spectre of fascism, dictatorship, or “non democratic outcomes, will those who oppose him use undemocratic means to “restore democracy?” I’m afraid the left and the establishment have done exactly that.)



      1. April

        Thank you for responding. 45’s abhorrent lack of knowledge and character is not a mere figment of media/democrat creativity. He creates diversion as a tactic to keep the focus off of his latest debacle-of his doing not the media. How many times has fox news/right wing media been caught making up stories to try to justify his lies/incompetence? He’s a BS artist man child with a white supremacist agenda that lies incessantly. I hear you say that you’re not a supporter however your posts show a fox news soaked blind admiration.

        1. Tim Stephens Post author

          Come on, April, lighten up. When Obama was President, I praised him. In fact, before he ran, I wrote in this column that this was the century of Africa’s rise, and that Blacks generally would gain more power this century. Then Obama was elected. When Congress repeatedly frustrated his agenda, I wrote that I though they (Congress) were racist. I only changed my opinion on Obama after he began lying to America in order to pass his Affordable Care Act. (“You can keep your own, present doctor,” etc.)



  2. Lindsara

    What if… Trump would post something like this himself…?? ?creates empathy/sympathy for him, deflects other news worthy things he is or isn’t doing, or deflects criticisms….He is a master manipulator of the media….entirely plausible…I would put nothing past his Doctor Evil genius….

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