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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

This is your last week of low energy and ebbing charisma, Aries. Continue to work closely with government, management, institutions and advisers. In planning your future (a good activity now) realize that until July 2023, investments, debt, research, tawdry lust (e.g., extra-marital) and deep medical processes, and starting/running your own business, will NOT go terribly well, but casual sex, earnings, possessions and purchases, and school will go well. So make the money, and save it.

Sunday to Tuesday is filled with beauty, pleasure, and romantic notions. (You might make a sweet, flirty friend.) Tackle chores, protect health, Wed./Thurs. Relationships, relocation, opportunities fill Fri./Sat. (If you propose marriage Friday, the answer will be no. Saturday, maybe yes.)

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

This is your last week of social delights, popularity, and Blue-sky optimism, Taurus. Career factors are starting to enter — embrace them. Now to July 2023, avoid marrying or starting a business partnership; instead, earn, chase sex, romance, friendship — just not marriage. (And anyone who enters in 2022 or before mid-July 2023, might always be a frustrating link.) Head for home, family Sun. to Tues. — be a diplomat! Romance lives Wed./Thurs. If single, take a chance! Tackle work and protect your health Fri./Sat. You’ll get lots done — avoid computers, tho.

gemini icon  GEMINI: May 21-June 20

It’s your last week of hard work, prestige, career ambitions and worldly status, Gemini. Should go well. Now to July 2023, spiritual, management, gov’t, charity and research efforts flow smoothly, while hands-on work is filled with subtle frustrations. Act accordingly. Your mental workings are fine and forward until mid-April. Great time for “profound” communications.

Errands, communications, paperwork fill Sunday to Tuesday. Be nimble and keep your sense of humour. (Some good luck, some bad.) Mid-week, seek family, home, real estate, security (and take a nap or two) — some good opportunities! Romance blossoms Fri./Sat. — but if new, is likely not the lasting kind.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

This is your last week for awhile of love, easy intellectual progress, far travel, and cultural matters. It’s an “okay” week, a winding-down, in preparation for a month of career work/pressures. Now to July 2023, chase social joys rather than romantic ones. (Friendly, social romance/sex okay.) Investments, sex, investigation “heat up” until mid-April.

Chase money, buy/sell, Sunday afternoon through Tues. Luck mixed, so don’t push too hard. Mid-week’s for errands, paperwork, travel, visits and communications. Be curious — your luck’s good. Head for home, family Fri./Sat. Sneaky things won’t work, but everything else does!

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Relationships are about to get more exciting, Leo! This week, the accent remains on secrets, sex, research, investment/debt, lifestyle changes. Next week, that changes to intellectual interests. Until July 2023, you’ll succeed if you focus on career (perhaps career partnerships) rather than on domestic, family, property issues. (Bad time to sell a property.)

After a weak morning, you emerge active, energetic, charismatic and “going to get things done” Sunday afternoon to Tues. Luck’s mixed, so combine caution with adventure. Mid-week’s for money — seek it, present bills, shop, memorize something. A good interval, studded with little opportunities. Errands, paperwork, travel and communications fill Fri./Sat. Lots of friendly, brief contacts. Don’t buy a computer Fri., Sat. morning.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

One last week of relationships, Virgo. Continue to seek and grasp opportunities — one might involve public dealings. New chores are on the horizon, probably rewarding ones. (E.g., better pay.) Until July 2023, you will benefit from intellectual, profound ideas, far travel, cultural and legal forays; but you will tend to erect obstacles to your own progress if you focus on short trips, superficial ideas/knowledge, and keeping relations casual.

Lie low, rest, ponder and plan Sunday to Tues. Mid-week, your energy and charisma soar — start things, projects, relationships. Luck’s good, if you’re eager and diplomatic. Collect money Fri./Sat. Shop, but don’t buy a computer (or peripherals). An easy interval.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This is your last week of constant work and drudgery, and/or of health problems, Libra. Just plug away — no huge danger, no huge fortune. A romantic streak started last week lasting into April. (Next week into April, partnership and marriage, relocation and opportunity vibes increase. The marriage part would be based on romantic feelings — good!)

Now to July 2023, focus on sex, pregnancy, assets, investments, debt, research, running your own business, medical and lifestyle decisions — these will provoke your wisest self, and bless you. Same phase, avoid “easy money,” hourly earnings, buying/selling items, possessions (the kind that depreciate) and casual sex.

Sunday to Tuesday brings a wish true, perhaps involving a social group, or a romance. Not a good time to launch business projects. Lie low, rest, ponder and plan mid-week. Your energy and charisma surge upward Fri./Sat. — you could meet a stunning stranger (but new romance not good, long-term, if formed before 4:30 am Sat. (PDT — 7:30 am on East coast, early Saturday afternoon in Europe.)

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your last week of pure, sweet romance, Scorpio — also of creative, speculative and pleasure-seeking moods. Until July 2023, to succeed, be partnership oriented — chase opportunities, relationships, relocation. To fail, be as independent as possible. Now to mid-April, your domestic scene “wakes up.” (Esp. if you’re a “young married.”) romance with your mate, too.

Sunday to Tuesday are for ambition, career, prestige relations — be nimble, as bad luck and good mingle. A wish might come true mid-week. Expect social delights, flirtations, popularity, optimism — happiness! Retreat Fri./Sat. — lie low, rest, ponder and plan.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

One last week of domestic issues, Sage — though your great luck in real estate lasts to early May. Your social and everyday life is perking up with messages, calls, trips, errands, contacts, until mid-April. Now to July 2023, you’ll gain if you focus on tasks-at-hand, and perform tasks yourself; but you’ll lose if you get tangled up with the gov’t, or large institutions, or management types.

Intellectual, legal, famous, cultural, international and love issues arise Sunday to Tuesday. Luck’s mixed, so advance cautiously. Be ambitious mid-week (Wed./Thurs.) — some good opportunities! Wish fulfillment, optimism, popularity, social delights, friendly romance — these fill Fri./Sat. A sudden, unexpected (but lasting?) attraction.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

One more week of errands, Cap, of easy chores, trips, calls, a flurry of paperwork. Your income sector heats up to mid-April. Collect, but be wary of spending too much. Now to July 2023, you’ll benefit from “heavy” romance, from creative projects, risk-reward situations, sports, games, and the pursuit of pleasure/beauty. You’ll “lose” if instead you focus on social considerations, light romance, group actions and affiliations — here, delay, unrealistic hopes reside. Deal with the beautiful present — forget the future.

Sunday to Tuesday brings secrets, large finances, debt, lust — be cautious, luck is very mingled. Mid-week brings a mellow, wise period — turn your attention to legal, academic, international, cultural, or love matters. Be forward, luck’s good. Be ambitious Fri./Sat. — almost everything goes well, so charge ahead. Beware spending on computers, insurance.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

One last week of money pursuits, shopping, invoicing — your memory’s good; casual sex might “arrive.” Venus and Mars in your sign into April, bring whistles and admiring glances. Now to July 2023, you’ll gain if you focus on home, domesticity, kids/parents, real estate. (And your real estate luck soars, mid-May ’23 to mid-July ’23.) But you can face headwinds and disappointment if you pursue career, prestige, status. (If you want to work, good, but work without “prestige considerations.”)

Relationships fill Sunday to Tuesday. Luck’s mixed here, so be diplomatic. Sexual desire, secrets, investigation, large finances, investments, medial and lifestyle decisions fill mid-week. Try something here, your luck’s pretty good. Intellectual, love, legal, distant, cultural, philosophical issues arise Fri./Sat. — two pretty fortunate days! But avoid “domestic romance.” Children unpredictable.

Pisces icon   PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You’re still on top, Pisces, in energy, charisma, clout and timing and effectiveness. Others listen, follow. But this is the last week of personal “affect” —so if you have any project that depends on a (your) personal presence, human touch, tackle it now. Your inner world attracts you until mid-April. You might work on a money-making project with management types. Now to July 2023, you’ll gain from local travel, short, casual links, short anecdotes, paperwork; and you’ll lose if you concentrate instead on profound thought, big ideas, international affairs/travel, legal affairs.

Tackle chores Sunday afternoon to Tuesday. Be careful around sharp tools, machines, etc. Dress, eat sensibly. Mid-week might bring an exciting meeting — and certainly opportune ones. Be diplomatic, praise others — then bid to join them (or him/her, in love). Relationships, opportunities turn toward the depths Fri./Sat. — friendship to intimacy, plans to commitment, open talk to closed-door discussions. A good two days, but beware crossing boundaries, gossip,



A couple of months ago I warned you that the NASDAQ, and text stocks generally, would not only fall, but would do so faster than the Dow and other traditional indexes. That has happened.

This weight on tech stocks will last another 12 months, to March 2023.
***.  ***

“What? That’s it?” He wondered as he lay in the coffin.
***.  ***

It is not until we find that life is not perfect, and accept that fact, do we begin to see that life is perfect — in a much more complex way than we had expected/envisioned.  The same goes for beauty, and consequences, and relationships – and even safety.

When our faith in employers and the stock markets, in thieves and the police, is shaken, when we look around and say, “Where is a safe haven?” and realize there is none, at that moment we begin to find safety, not only in practical fields but in our spirit. Knowing nothing is safe will make a person cautious; knowing this for a long time will make him/her find and love another kind of safety: the safety of acceptance for some, the safety of love for others. Both seem to work, but I’d prefer the latter.
***.  ***

News item: some college prof says schools stifle creativity. Gee, took you awhile. Of course schools kill creativity. Schools are factories of the mediocre. (Naturally — as teachers tend to reproduce themselves.)
***   ***

Putin’s a Libra Sun with a Gemini Moon. (Do you ever notice he holds his head like a puffin, the sea bird?)
***.  ***

Funny the Ruskies paint big “Z” s all over their tanks, trucks, etc. Supposed to identify them as Russian, so they don’t shoot each other. “Z” stands for Pisces. Pisces is a sign of masochism.  Odd fact: there is no “Z” in the Russian alphabet.
***.  ***

We are already beginning to see it: the decade of uranium and all its children. Astrologically, this “decade” should not start until 2024 or ’25, and last into the early ’40s. (*) I have described it before. The early signs are around us. (See below.) The Ukraine crisis has shown Europe that they might have exited the nuclear age a little too hastily. A  European lab claims to have conducted a fission reaction, or something close to it.

Guess who is attacking Europe’s largest nuclear plant with bombs as I write this? The personification of the traditional old-style conqueror who has run a very old style military invasion. Assertion, self promotion and power have taken on a very different form in this early century (and late last) — it is now done through bureaucracy and paperwork and clever conversations. Putin’s a throwback.

(*) This is a common phenomena. Pluto rules Scorpio, and entered Scorpio in 1983. Pluto rules death and atomic energy. Yet the first (plutonic) atom bomb was created and used (on Hiroshima and Nagasaki) before 1950 — or over 30 years BEFORE Pluto entered the nuclear force sign of Pluto. Similarly, Uranus doesn’t cross from Capricorn (hierarchy) to Aquarius (science, social radicalism/fanaticism) until 2023 (March) but we have been seeing Ukrainian events for two years already — fission “discoveries,” The Jan. 6 “revolt” in the U.S., Cameco (uranium) price doubling, etc. Even Putin is helping this by shutting down gas to Europe, forcing them back to uranium.

(There can be confusion between Uranus and Pluto. Pluto rules nuclear power, but Uranus rules this power’s “place” — e.g., nuclear plants.  Uranus is Pluto’s “home.” So expect to see many reactors built, 2025-2040.
***.  ***

I wonder: What happens to bad people after they die? The only glimpses of the afterworld that I’ve had always find it to be a place of ultimate sincerity, of ultimate peace and calm. Goodwill shines through everything, like water through a wet shirt. This might sound odd, but I believe this Goodwill comes from a crack in the being, from on one side skepticism, on the other gullibility; when they crack open sincerity emerges, and the shells disappear.

So it is hard for me to imagine that anyone there could possibly harbour any bad motives. So if these bad people do join the ranks of mellow Angels after death, it can only be because even the worst of people and souls are somehow cleansed by death, or during deaths or shortly there after. I just said the worst of souls – that might be misleading, because a good part of me feels that even in a career criminal, the soul remains unsullied.
***.  ***

Like a few bright stars in a mostly dark sky.… Maybe a dusting of fire on a fresh California hill.

***.  ***

UKRAINE: What is so hard? Get a contingent of 50 to 100 Ukrainian fighter pilots and make sure they get to the Polish border, even if they have to travel entirely by night. Once across the border, Polish buses take them quickly to the air port where the MIGs are parked and fueled . So Ukrainian pilots fly Polish MIGs into Ukraine and join the fight. The Polish could say that the Ukrainian pilots were on a commando mission and stole the planes right out from under their noses. That’s the kind of blatantly insincere answer that Putin deserves.

And Remember the quick and easy one day solution to the 40 mile convoy of tanks and artillery carriers that’s still north of Kiev from last week’s blog. Why haven’t they tried that? 40 miles equals approximately 15,700 feet. If those vehicles are parked 50 feet per vehicle, that equals 314 vehicles in the column. Though they are reported parked two and three abreast in some areas along the line.  On second thought, I wouldn’t send 500 soldiers as I suggested last week, each with a tank destroyer missile and a rapid fire rifle. If the trucking transport logistics would support it, I would send 1,000 soldiers in, in pairs. One Soldier would carry his rifle and the antitank missile, while the other would carry his rifle, and grenades etc. Of this 1000, I would form 400 pairs, and place 200 soldiers between the pairs and 100 yards behind. This could protect against any rearguard action or ambush by the Russians, as well as replacing anyone who falls… Though if this operation were successful, it’s possible that not even one Ukrainian soldier would be Injured. So why haven’t they done it? I can’t be A manpower shortage, because the Ukraine’s trained army is 200,000 and its militia is 800,000 – 900,000. This entire project, including gathering of material, vetting volunteers, trucking, Cetera, should not take more than two days.

I would also have another 500 soldiers advance from the far side of the tank snake, to round up and if necessary shoot those fleeing the tanks in Their direction. The whole operation would be a major military blow and a P.R. coup. Major danger: that the whole 40 mile convoy is a trap, they have set up guards at night, they have mined  the roads on both sides of the tanks (unlikely because it would prevent any escape route for them) danger of a spy/mole, etc. Is it still possible or is that 40 mile convoy on the move?


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  1. timeandtime

    Your prediction about abolishing democracy is in full swing. So far events benefit Schwab’s WEF, his YGL, the big players like the BMGs WHO, NATO, the assorted Trusts, like Wellcome, big corporations/investors and their NGOs like NED, Open Society nicely. One step forward to the Great Reset.
    The losers are the common people who have to endure wars, shortages, social credit systems, cancelling, losing, step by step ownership of their small businesses and jobs.
    “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”
    ― Warren Buffett

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