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Fraser Valley Astrological Guild
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Evil has many faces; goodness has many expressions.

I’m sure I said it before, but if I didn’t — the decline in tech socks (e.g., Nasdaq)  that I predicted some moths ago will last 11 more months (to Feb./March ’23).

After this week, inflation should start to level off — though with a “bump” in November/December 2022. (More bump than bite, though.)
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aries icon  ARIES: March 21-April 19

Your energy, effectiveness, charisma and sense of timing are at a yearly high, Aries. Start important projects, gather followers and allies, see and be seen, express your opinion. You’re on top! Money discussions/paperwork begin this week (to be followed, late April, with a bigger, stronger money action/effort). Management, gov’t, hospitals, etc. treat you graciously until May 2, and luckily until May 10. (“Luckily” = do yourself a favour, pass an inspection, grant funds, etc.) You remain “gut-level” optimistic — good, act on it!

Sunday to Tuesday dawn bring romance, but with glitches. Don’t fall madly in love with the wrong person. Tackle chores Tuesday morn to Thursday afternoon (PDT) — good progress! Relationships fill the horizon Thursday eve to Saturday suppertime. Express yourself, be open to co-operation, but don’t push anything. Friends stick by you. Saturday night — intimacy, secrets.

taurus icon  TAURUS: April 20-May 20

Lie low, Taurus; rest, avoid challenges. Seek advice, and deal with charities, spiritual truths, gov’t, head office, etc. Confidential meetings are important. You’re becoming more talkative, and women are starting to favour you socially. Bosses remain temperamental, impatient, but they chill after Thursday (for 2 years). Thursday into late May, males befriend you also.

Your social life/group, as I’ve said a few times, is your path to reward, whether financial, emotional lifestyle “riches.” Join up. A friendly, very sexy love affair can emerge from your group ties. (Tho’ you’re not at peak attractiveness until April 19 onward.) This “lucky group” influence only lasts until May 10, so if you still need to “join,” Better start soon! (After April 19, next week, best.)

Spend Sunday to Tuesday dawn (PDT) close to home and family. Some good stuff here, some obstacles. Romance swells your heart Tuesday morning to noon Thurs. Creative surges, gambles, adventure, pleasure and beauty fill these days. — A good, fortunate interval. Tackle chores Thursday pm to suppertime Sat. You’ll get a fair amount done, esp. around the home and with neglected communications. Saturday night — relationships.

gemini icon  GEMINI: May 21-June 20

Optimism, blue skies, growing popularity and social delights, and general happiness fill your days, Gemini. This is a taste (now to April 19) — from May this year to next May, the whole dinner comes. Meanwhile, do all you can to climb ambition’s ladder (to May 10) — you’re blessed here, advancement might come through a partner, associate. Bosses begin to treat you favourably. Before Friday, be careful on legal and publishing/opinion fronts. A young person, a male, might befriend you.

Sunday to Tuesday dawn brings errands, travel, communications, paperwork. Proceed steadily, carefully. Midweek (Tues.-Thurs. afternoon) tries to pull you toward home, family. Hug the kids. A pretty good time to start projects: garden, repairs/renos, etc. (If you want to boost your status years down the road, take care of your children’s education and future now.) Romance awakens your heart Thursday noon to Saturday suppertime. Your luck is mixed, so embrace any successes, brush off any rejections. Saturday night: do chores.

Cancer icon  CANCER: June 21-July 22

Remain ambitious, Cancer. (Until the 19th.) What you’re launching or going through now, is a dry run, or perhaps a first “seed,” for a 12-month hugely fortunate career, ambition, prestige, status influence that will start, technically, May 10. (You might be dealing a bit secretly right now to Thursday, or with power people who don’t want to meet openly/publicly, or you might simply — and profitably — be researching options, opportunities. Remember your morals.) A woman can be a good advisor for the 4 weeks ahead. You win in legal , publishing, international zones until May 10. Talk about your dreams/wishes with others.

Sunday to Tuesday dawn brings money, shopping, memories, and a possible casual sexual attraction. (Which is available.) Errands, swift, easy chores, paperwork, travel and communications fill Tuesday morn to noon Thursday (PDT). Be home, embrace your family Thursday pm to Saturday suppertime. Your luck is good but mild, so just proceed, love, protect. Saturday night — romance, pleasure.

Leo icon  LEO: July 23-Aug. 22

For 10 more days, Leo, life will offer you broad insight into big subjects (e.g., world affairs) academic prowess/success, legal and cultural “entries,” and the chance to travel — oh, and to love. Relationships have lost some of their sweetness: what’s left is no-nonsense: you either give the right answer, or you go away. (E.g., “Yes, I love you.”) Flippancy earns rejection! Your private sexual, financial, and medical concerns (temptations!) remain blessed until May 10 — and now, they’re doubly-blessed to about the same date as affection joins cheerfulness and good luck (in lust, investments, debt, medical choices, etc.) Investments made between Dec. 28, 2021 and May 9, 2022, should be winners.

Sunday to Tuesday dawn, your vigour, energy, charisma and timing are superb — charge ahead, get something done (despite some glitches). Chase $ Tuesday morn to early afternoon Thurs. Shop, mail invoices, etc. Your luck is jumbled, but good overall. Maybe a huge investment opportunity (or a wild sexual fantasy/escapade) Tuesday morning. (In the hours around 7:42 am PDT — about 3, 4 pm in Europe.) Errands, quick, easy chores, mail, communications, paperwork, trips, calls fill Thursday pm to suppertime Sat. All’s fine, just plod ahead. Saturday night — home.

virgo icon  VIRGO: Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You are still swimming (or treading water) in life’s depths, Virgo — where investments, debt, sexual desires, medical issues and life changes brew. This is a phase of commitment and consequence — and, perhaps, either a dry run for, or a first seeding of, a major development to occur in these areas between May 10 this year, and May of 2023. You could emerge, in 2023, pregnant, or with a great investment. As always in this area, honesty and morals are essential. Your workplace loses some grace and charm now, but remains intense, impulsive, until Thursday. Relationships sweeten now to early May.

Sunday to dawn Tuesday nudges you to take a break, to sleep and recuperate. Seek advice. Deal with gov’t or head office. Your energy and pizzazz explode Tuesday morning to early afternoon Thursday. Get out, see and be seen, make contacts, start significant projects. If a love or relationship begins now, esp. around 8 am PDT Tuesday [4 pm Britain, etc.] it could last a lifetime, or create something big and wonderful. Grab an opportunity. Chase money Thursday pm to suppertime Sat. Collect, pay, shop — auspices are okay, not great. Saturday night — friends, communications, a trip.

libra icon  LIBRA: Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The accent lies on relationships, Libra — your favourite kind of thing. Many single Librans will wed or cohabitate in the 13 months ahead. This month, April, is either a precursor or small start of that relationship magnificence, or a dry run. Either way, any affectionate link you’re developing now could turn into a life-affecting (life-long, too, maybe) and very fortunate relationship up to May 2023 — or, again, could be “practice.”

(One thing: from April 15 to May 24, don’t push anyone, even in love. Same period, a co-worker might flirt — avoid this person.) Your workplace (and mates) grow pleasant, affectionate now to early May. Romance is still intense, “hot” and again, could involve a future mate — only to Thursday, then this trend ebbs. Conversations might begin around intimacy, “hush” topics.

A wish could come true Sunday to dawn Tues. Use your social popularity to establish a link, or just to have fun! Retreat Tuesday morning to early afternoon Thursday — rest, nap, ponder and plan, liaise with gov’t, head office, institutions. Your energy and charisma soar Thursday pm to suppertime Saturday — contact someone who interests you. Saturday night — count your money.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO: Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The accent remains on work and drudgery, Scorpio — but only to the 19th. Until the summer of ’23, independence is bad, inter-dependence is good. Remember this in late April and May, when a “beautiful partnership” might be available. Be chill at home — evade friction, arguments. You might fall in love soon, if you aren’t already.

Be ambitious Sunday to dawn Tues. Good opportunities mingle with sporadic rejection. Biggest opportunity: romance, and status/career. Wishes can come true Tuesday to early Thursday afternoon — optimism, popularity, happiness sculpt these days! Again, romance can draw you — to a good place. Retreat to rest, ponder and plan Thursday afternoon to suppertime Sat. Thursday night begins 6 weeks of romantic (or creative or gambling) intensity. Work will become creative. Home, family quietly support you Fri. Saturday night, your charisma and energy surge upward — romantic sex possible!

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your romantic side continues to rule, Sage. Dive into love, creativity, speculation, arts, beauty, pleasure and teaching kids — for 10 more days. Your home life is improving, through decorating or affection. This is also (Tuesday, mostly) an excellent time to buy (but more to sell) a home. But Thursday starts 6 weeks of possible friction at home. It might also “delete” one romance, because a bigger, major one is coming (June ’22 to May ’23). You’re starting to receive word/news/impressions of a work pile looming ahead. Be adventurous, take a chance.

Sunday morning to Tuesday dawn brings a mellow, understanding, far-seeing and loving mood, but obstacles mingle with one basic, loving current. Stick with love. (Or foreign travel, lawsuit, higher learning or social ritual attendance.) Be ambitious midweek (Tues. a.m. to early afternoon Thurs.) — show your skills, talk confidently to higher-ups. Some negotiation or compromise should occur between home and outside work/career. Hopes, wishes fill Thursday pm to suppertime Sat. Join a group, club, political party, etc. Romance is light, flirty. Saturday night, retreat, rest, ponder, plan.

capricorn icon   CAPRICORN: Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Hi, Cap! The spotlight remains on home, family, property, garden, nutrition — and rest. (Take power naps, at least.) Rest is important, because next week, the 19th on, brings significant romantic openings for singles, and creative, adventurous paths for married Caps. (You might start getting a wee bit of news or indications of this romance/creative path, even this week.) But for now, sink into that couch. This is your last week of “money flow.” Spend little, bank lots. Errands, calls, trips, paperwork continue to pile up, but this is the peak — after this week, these should die down.

Life’s mysteries emerge Sunday to dawn Tues. Step cautiously into investments, sex, research, medical procedures — good and bad luck mingle. Tuesday morning to early afternoon Thursday brings a calm, understanding mood, with themes of far travel, higher learning, law, culture, and love. You might successfully handle a secret or a gov’t-vulnerable position this week. Be ambitious, display your skills Thursday afternoon to suppertime Saturday. Best success: Friday , esp. evening. Saturday night — party, socialize!

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS: Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The emphasis continues on errands, trips and calls, paperwork, casual friends, notes, memory, and schooling (not university level). You’ve been assertive, even aggressive since early March — that temper dissolves this Thursday onward — soon you’ll be much more interested in money than in “bitching.” In fact, your income starts to improve even now. Buy a small luxury item for someone whom you love, or who has “supported” you. Sunday to April’s end will bring conversations focusing on your home, family, security.

Sunday to Tuesday dawn brings exciting meetings, fresh horizons, newness — and opportunities. Be diplomatic, eager to join. Let your intuition guide you, as obstacles mix with openings. Sex, lust, big finances (e.g., will you sell your farm, or should you buy that big machine or a bucketful of stocks?) — and research, medical and lifestyle decisions — fill Tuesday morning to early afternoon Thurs. More good luck than bad here! You could make a big “cash cow” investment. If buying stocks, stick to high dividends. Gentle love, far travel, philosophical pondering, higher learning, publishing, these flow in Thursday pm to suppertime Sat. Again, luck is mixed but mostly good. Be ambitious Saturday night — you might meet a VIP.

Pisces icon  PISCES: Feb. 19-March 20

The accent remains on money and valuables, Pisces. Until Thursday, continue to avoid dark alleys and belligerent people. From this day on — to late May — your sexual magnetism will simmer like chilli, and for the rest of April, your natural beauty will shine. Until May 10, you will retain the confidence and ambition of the last few months. Three different trends — but they overlap in great ways. Communications, errands, trips start now, last to April’s end. Soon — lots of money, coming or going!

Tackle chores Sunday morning to dawn (PDT) Tuesday. Eat, dress sensibly. Careful around machines. Relationships brighten your world Tuesday morn to early afternoon Thursday. Be diplomatic, but eager to join. Someone you “partner with,” briefly or not, can provide a step up the ladder of career. A lover might say, “marry me.” Say yes. Life’s deeper, more mysterious side emerges Thursday afternoon to Saturday suppertime. Tackle medical needs, lifestyle decisions, financial and sexual “choices.” Friday best for action,  for future stability. Saturday night — love possible, a meeting of minds almost certain.



In cloudy Vancouver, when the sun comes out it lifts more hearts than love can. I once asked my guide if Jesus was “real” and if so, what was he? Nima showed me a flame. Some commentators point out that Jesus had many similarities to the Sun Gods of other civilizations.

The best thing Ukraine can do is to invade Russia. Blow up their oil and gas pipelines, fuel depots, rail lines, etc. — everything that enables the Penguin to re-supply his genocide machine. The best thing NATO countries could do is give Ukraine everything, including missiles capable of striking into Russia. But NATO is a congregation of old men, not likely to risk anything.

More Navel Gazing:

I was born in Boston, U.S.A., Libra rising with Neptune 2 degrees from the ascendant. (Thus this psychic, intuitive astrology, etc.) But I live in Vancouver (and have since the age of 7.) As you travel, especially east-west, your birth chart actually revolves. If you started out from birth as 10° Libra rising, and then drove (and sailed) west, your rising sign would become Virgo, then Leo, then Cancer, etc., until you returned to Libra rising as you approached your birth place again. (If you drove/sailed east, you would “climb in the signs” — your ascendant would turn into Scorpio, then Sage, the Capricorn, then Aquarius, etc.

In Vancouver, my rising sign became Virgo. I have Mars in Virgo, fairly close to my rising degree, so I am quite martial in some ways here on the Wet Coast. Long before I even knew about astrology, I loved to fight — physically on the playground and mentally in the class room. I never meant anything cruel, I just loved to fight. When I left high school, after a few drunken months, I enlisted in the U.S. Marines. Afterward, back in Canada, I smashed my friend’s teeth in while playing squash — an accident. I have played golf perhaps 6 or 7 times. In that time, I’ve killed 2 birds with my errant golf ball, one a heron. So much for my career as a sports pro!

When I entered our local university (UBC) they did an aptitude test. The tester told me my best career choice would be the military.

I have had over 50 love affairs. My marriage planet AND my Arabic Part of Marriage both reside in a degree of Cancer that says it has the effect of cutting off everything, with a conviction that the next thing to come will be even better. A case of comic idiocy.

All this (except 3/4’s of the lovers) occurred before I knew what astrology was, so it’s not a case of self-fulfilling prophesy, or of living my life to fulfill what some astrologer or horoscope said.

To me, this is proof of astrology. Where have I most travelled, most often? Europe, where I have Sagittarius (the voyager sign) rising. The first syndicate to carry my astral column was headquartered in Winnipeg, a city where, if I lived there, I would be Virgo rising with Uranus (ruling planet of astrology) smack dab exactly on my 10th (career) cusp.

You can do this yourself. Once you have an astrocartographic map of the world, you can travel to the area where you’re most likely to marry, or to have career success, or to own many houses or acreage, or friends, or romance, etc., etc.

BUT ONE THING…. You cannot fully escape your birth chart. If it says you have a tendency to be poor, then moving can “erase” that, but you might, for instance, find a place where you work and are “comfortable.” That’s not a good example. The best example I can think of is my own: though I live In Vancouver with Mars rising, and can be combative, I was born with Neptune rising. So even in Vancouver, I am attracted to dreaming, marijuana, and I am fairly passive (between fighting bouts!) and intuitive/psychic — all Neptunian traits.

So in a sense, by travelling, you ADD, rather than replace. E.g., say you are a snarly, grumbling person at birth, but you travel to a point where you have Venus rising, so many people are attracted to you, and a lover comes, etc. But you are still that snarly, gruelling person to a degree, underneath. (And might chase away the lover you attracted by being in your Venus rising zone.)

But one note here: although I offer astrocartography maps on this site, I don’t like doing them, because it’s just rote work and rote work makes my stomach knot. So if you still want the maps, please wait a year or so to order them — or at least until May/June.

So, Putin himself has figured out a face-saving way to exit the Ukraine war and still gain a great prize. His troops are exiting Kiev and I think will exit the north, east generally. His plan: to solidly conquer the south-east, to gain a much wider sea access, while cutting Ukraine off completely from the sea. And that’s exactly what he’ll do. And once he’s established his conquered lands, there will be very little redress. Did any nation do anything after his similar crime in 2014?

(Which reminds me — I wrote here in 2013 or ’14 that Obama should station100,000 troops at Ukraine’s eastern border, to show the Penguin that he faces a hard task. Ignored, of course. (They not only don’t listen to me, they don’t even know I exist.) And now the emboldened Penguin invades again, massively, cruelly, and murderously. For no other reason than the west is weak and afraid.

Here’s what NATO (including Canada, U.S.) should do: arm Zelenskyy’s troops, and advise him to commit a large portion of his force to this Donbas area, and to go on the offensive, on a fast offensive. At the beginning of this conflict, the nearest media reported that Ukraine had 200,000 regular army and 700,000 militia to equal 900,000 troops. It’s reported the Russian troops numbered 200,000 total when the conflict began, and some say they have lost 40,000. If these figures are correct, the Ukes should easily prevail — IF they have enough weapons. (*)

In this, Uke troops should create say, 6 or 8 spearheads, to drive toward the ocean. This will separate the Russian forces into “bands” between the Uke forces. There is a danger here that two Russian bands, on either side of a Uke column, could outnumber and crush the Uke band. However, this would leave their other bands subject to the same treatment from the Ukes.

As they press forward, the Uke army should reproduce the spearhead formation on a smaller scale, involving say 1,000 troops rather than 50,000; and then again on a smaller scale of say 100 troops. (A design something like fern leaves.) The advantage of such a move is that it presses the Russians closely, and also intermingles with their troop movements (the “bands”) making the Russians’ offshore artillery much more difficult to use accurately (? I think. But the technology could be way past this by now?).

It also contains the prospect of the Ukes, if they maintain their forward motion and aggression, capturing large portions of the Russian troops (who are said to be demoralized already — a report I believe, because troops who are winning don’t shoot old men and women, mothers and babies in the street, as the Penguin’s Putrids are doing.)

(*) Otherwise the Russians will just mow them down — or at least hold them off until reinforcements arrive. The victory in the Donbas has to be quick, and decisive. It might capture 100,000 Russian prisoners, to be held for war crimes. But that needs weaponry. Now, where are the U.S. naval ships? I have a feeling that if they “interfered” with the Russian boats, with drones, computer crashes, or whatever, Puffin would NOT start a nuke war. It’s not worth enough.

NATO must give Ukraine weapons equal to the Russians’. (This would give them the ability to send missiles or whatever to take out the silos that are trying to flatten every Ukrainian city. Or long-ranging drones. With a few good drones, the Ukes could take out the Russian navy ships that are bombarding them.) Might have to be handled carefully re an American-Russian war.

The Ukes must take Donbas decisively, defeat the Russian army, and not let Penguin on the seaside again. Even better, the Ukes take the defeated troops and process them in a certain way: who among them would rather stay in a free Ukraine, or return to Mother Russia. They’d be free to remain in Ukraine, put down roots, marry, etc. This has 2 benefits: it increases the number of ethnic Russians in Ukraine, but it adds a large portion of new Russians who look kindly on their new country. When these mingle with the so-called Russian “rebels” they will add an element of loyalty to the whole new-old Russian organism.

NATO should also give them air cover — why hasn’t the iron dome been installed? Surely the U.S. has one stashed away in a cupboard somewhere. To cheer on a brave (Uke) fighting force while you are letting their women and children and grandparents be massacred because you won’t share, seems a bit… ironic? Cool? Bad? Unjust? Cruel?

However, I think NATO and the U.N. and America will see the Penguin’s recent settlement offers as good, almost fair, and quickly to be seized upon, one that removes the Penguin’s vast army and his nuke threats, and gains Ukraine’s safety, sovereignty and an end to this crushing war, and the only cost to Ukraine is to lose its ocean access and a few thousand square miles of the nation. An end, at least, until 2027/8, when Penguin is likely to attack again, more decisively. That WILL bring the danger of nuclear war.

Here’s another option for Zelenskyy — attack Poland militarily. Tanks, missiles, troops — invade Poland. Then NATO will be obligated to attack Ukraine, and will inevitably engage with Russian troops. Since Ukraine is already flattened by Thug Penguin, what has Ukraine got to lose? Let NATO and Russia war over their nation. Then, when everybody’s destroyed, calmly reclaim their country again.

Despicable Duo: Putin and Biden. The bully and the boo-boo. All things being equal, Biden will eventually defeat Penguin.

Seriously, Biden, Trudeau and the Nato/European leaders are cowards. There’s no other word for it. “Oh, if we give Ukraine jet fighters, Putin will drop atomic bombs on all of us.” Tut-tut. Oh dear, dear.

Grow some balls, you cowards. Okay, don’t go into Ukraine. But what about Belarus? Let’s attack Belarus with tanks, jets, missiles, etc. And is there another Russian ally in the region? Attack them, also. Putin said he would go nuclear if the West helped Ukraine. So attack other Russia-controlled nations. Show Putin he can lose territory, too.

Hillary’s great reset and Biden’s New World order are actually aimed at a better world than now exists. They seem to be attuned to the fact that political structures are changing late last century and in ours. Yet both are crooked, con artists and influence peddlers. This is one of the paradoxes in life. Or is it just that we massively underpay our elected servants? Should a rank and file member of an elected federal government be paid $ ten million a year, just to keep him/her from temptation?

The Hillary/Biden STATED aims would usher us into a world of more international cooperation and friendship, a world of equality between races and ethnic groups and nations. A world that eventually becomes one organism more simply than it is today. This isn’t merely desirable; it is pretty well destined.

But both Hill and Joe want the world’s nations to come together through their private milking machines, to be squeezed through a gentle bottleneck, one that’s quite easy to widen with millions of dollars. Hill and Joe have ridden this lucrative “middleman gate” — a perfectly merchant thing to do— but here, it’s called “pay to play” — for decades. And it’s highly illegal. So the question becomes: have these two moved the country toward international cooperation and increased security for all, or have they sold the country out and weakened America’s grasp and defence? Perhaps some of both.

Pluto entering Aquarius in March 2023 (to 2043) might bring a struggle over nuclear power, hopefully a diplomatic one. Very stubborn positions; often very idealistic or religion-driven zealots form large clandestine groups. Back in 1986, I wrote that a “dark sun will bloom.” That manifested as Chernobyl. I think the same possibility already exists, or is nascent, even though Pluto won’t enter Aquarius for 11 months. Major planetary changes are often “signalled” some time before their technical entry into the next sign. (This is another view of the “cusps” — late Capricorn is similar to early Aquarius, and early Aquarius is similar to late Capricorn, a well known and accepted phenomena.)

So this 2023-2043 Pluto/Aquarius period might bring a nuke meltdown, use of nuke weapons (battlefield nukes?) and/or deeply committed, violent rebels — hard to root out, as they will operate and be, largely, secretive. (The Weathermen rebel society in the 1970’s came with Pluto in Libra — so the Weathermen were concerned with justice. The rebels of the next two decades will be as idealistic as the 1970’s people, but more stubborn, more determined, with “zealot potential” — and without any real respect for “justice” — making them more dangerous.

That’s the dim view. The bright side will be the huge strides forward in nuclear energy. Perhaps fission will be reached. (A lab in Europe just reported, Feb./22, that they had taken some significant step toward fission.) When we solve fission I think we’ll also solve that quantum puzzle of how an electron can be in 2 places at once, even at great distances. Just a hunch.

BTW, I don’t think that nuclear war will occur on any large scale. Humanity is growing too moral, empathic, and united.

Despite my rant (two weeks ago and again today) saying the Ukrainians should invade Russia (to bomb the Kremlin, opera house, etc.) I’m generally a gentle, kind person — I just can’t stand injustice.

Oddly, whenever I do “rant” it often turns out to be predictive. Shortly after I wrote that the Ukrainians should bomb Russia, two Ukrainian helicopters blew up a fuel depot in Russia north of Kiev (Belarus, where the Russian troops wait to enter Ukraine). Result? The Russians withdrew from Kiev! Yea! Spit in the tyrants eye!

On the fighting front, stories have emerged that some Ukrainian citizens offered the Russian troops pie. Which was eagerly consumed. Which was filled with poison. I think about 10 soldiers died, 40 were hospitalized.  Which brings up the question: what are the Russian troops eating? Why can’t the Ukrainians cut off their food lines?

“There are no conspiracies, but there are no coincidences.” (Stephen someone… couldn’t read the author’s name on the television screen.)

The moralistic and intellectual decline of universities, colleges, lawyers, judges, etc. is “destined.” If we are going (with China, et al) into an era during which literature and written language is going to change, and in which we will enter a new, unknown political structure… then first we must lose our faith in ideas, politics, literature, writing, philosophy, international trade, all the ninth house things. So, these things are slowly being destroyed (over 247 years, of which almost 40 years has passed, with 200 to go).

Last week I went on about the pornography and pedophilia being fed to grade school students in some areas of the U.S. But why? Why is it there? Is it there to free children of sexual boundaries, so their minds will expand? Or is it there because many teachers and boards are sexual perverts? The latter seems ridiculous.

But, not if Biden himself is a pedophile, which I suspect is possible. Why?

Three of Biden’s kids are dead. The remaining two seem determined to expose him for something. Hunter left a laptop incriminating his father in some obscure Mac repair shop. Fate would decide whether the laptop’s contents were discovered, and father Joe be exposed. His daughter pulled a similar stunt: she left her diary in an apartment after she moved out. Again, asking fate to decide whether her diary would be found, publicized, and expose old Joe? Both surviving children seem incapable of standing up to or confronting their father (very typical, in incest cases) yet both left extremely damning evidence against him in “fate’s hands.” (Again, typical of incest — they are not sure they are justified in doing anything against their dad.)

I am relying a bit here on the words of someone who read the diary and reported that it contained passages describing Joe Biden in a shower with his daughter, “touching inappropriately.” We could consider this just a one-off, or she mis-interpreted, or she just wants to hurt her father. (But why?) However, Biden is famous for his touchy-feely caresses of youngsters. Remember Corn Pop? In the last 2 months, on tv, I’ve watched him feel/touch 2 women intimately, and watched a video of a young girl about 2 years old, in her mother’s arms, angrily pushing Biden’s hand away from her chest. Why do Hunter and Ashley both have severe addiction problems?

Remember, Joe broke up his best friend’s marriage in order to steal his wife. (Which he did.)

I know from experience that when one or both parents have violated marriage vows, their children turn out poorly. Anxiety, addictions, anger, Impulsiveness, sexual aberrations, etc. I also know from experience (having undergone it) that incestuous pedophiles can be very charming, fatherly, comforting, like Biden is. I’m not saying he is one, but that I suspect he is.

Is it odd, then, that the Biden administration suddenly fills the schools with porn and pedophile-praising books?

UH-oh, here comes my maniac side again: forgive me, I’m just thinking out of the box (maybe out of the moral box, too):

  1.  If only the skies were free. If they were, my advice to the Ukrainian military is: gather up about 10,000 corpses of Russian soldiers. Fly over Moscow, and dump the bodies from the sky. These corpses would be hard for the “see no evil” Russians to ignore, when 200 pound bodies start falling from the sky, landing on streets, sidewalks, buses, houses, back yard gardens, public squares, Kremlin, etc.
  2. Solve the Mexican migrant influx: seed the Rio Grande with alligators (crocodiles?) — lots of them. (I say this even tho’ I believe the border should not exist. All borders are an affront to humanity.)

WOMEN: Speaking of courage and cowardice, what’s with these college girls who let a trans bully come in and beat them all in swimming? Come on, girls, get it together. If 20 of you on the swim team refuse to compete as long as your college lets a man masquerade as a woman in order to beat you up with his larger body, muscles, lungs, etc. — if you all refuse to swim — and it catches on across America — what will these woke asses do? Fire the whole girl’s/women’s team? Fire all women athletes everywhere?

Then that trans fool swimmer (what a suck! Could you even stand the shame he seems to ignore?) could swim all alone in that big pool — and will they give him 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize?

These blind idiots in charge of athletics who want to kiss Biden’s ass by hurting women athletes should be stood up to, even fired. The way you stand up to bullies and corrupt college asses is to have numbers. To have numbers, you have to talk together, then join and promise to be loyal to the cause. Then all of you — the whole team — show up for the big meet, hopefully on media — call the media first, to make sure they’re there — then simply refuse to get in the water. Stand with your arms crossed. I guarantee you will get national, even international coverage. You could even have a banner: “FEMALE LIVES MATTER.” Or something worse.