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We should start seeing the peak of inflation this week and next.
***.  ***

All these media pundits breathlessly repeating the Pentagon’s statement that Putin is “misinformed” about his troops’ progress in Ukraine, “because no one will tell him the truth.” Really? Has the Pentagon and the U.S. media lost their mind? That’s one of the most idiotic statements ever spoken.  Putin has a Gemini Moon — communications. He can access — and surely does — any U.S. or European tv broadcast on the air — including their painstakingly drawn maps of Ukraine and the invasion’s progress. Misinformed? If so, then the west is saying its own media is feeding Putin (and us!) false information, and all those Ukrainian maps on your tv screen are bogus. Bogus.
***.  ***

To me, the Republican approach is anti-progress, even old fashioned, and a little clueless about the real long-range future — but it’s a good, generally honest, moralistic place to park my mind and thoughts while I get busy with other things. More on this in the AFTERAMBLE. (After Pisces below.)


aries icon  ARIES: March 21-April 19

You are still on top, Aries, physically, mentally and “magnetically” — others are drawn to you. Start significant projects, make new contacts, display your talents and opinions, lead others. You remain hopeful and bright-eyed, but Tuesday starts a few weeks in which your private life will please, and you will be favoured by gov’t and “head office.” (Much more of this trend will blossom later in April and May.) You might be asked to assume a new position. You’re speaking, writing effectively.

Follow the money Sun./Mon. — Monday better. Buy/sell, collect $, etc., but cautiously: many bumps here. Errands and a Gemini figure prominently Tuesday to early morning Thurs. (PDT). Travel, communications, paperwork, too. All goes well here socially, but take care with gov’t, management sectors. (E.g., don’t write a fiery letter to the tax department.)

Be home, at least in your heart, Thursday mid-morn to Saturday. Thurs./Fri. are your best, most productive days this week, a great time to garden, build a pool, re-roof, hug the kids, plan their education, etc. — but Saturday is mingled — good morning luck in management, career, and domestic matters, a few glitches (social disappointment?) later.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The need for rest remains, Taurus. Take naps, be checked for sleep APNEA. Ponder, plan, seek advice. (Someone — a brusque, friendly, slim type — is willing to mentor you, but you must approach.) Liaise with gov’t, head office, institutions, charity and spiritual orgs. Your career sector is still fortunate, esp. on the management/delegate side, but you must act quickly to take advantage — hopefully Monday. (But not before 5 am PDT — 8 am EDT — 1 pm Britain, etc.) Your social life continues to call you — answer, great good luck could result!

Your energy and charisma are high (as they can be, in this retreat-oriented month) Sun./Mon. Start something Mon. Chase money Tuesday to just past dawn Thurs. Buy/sell, collect, ask for a pay raise, etc. All goes well in this interval except social life. But do socialize a little Thurs. daytime to Sat., when errands, contacts and communications fill the days. Thurs./Fri. proceed beautifully here, but Saturday holds glitches in all but social situations.

gemini icon  GEMINI: May 21-June 20

Social joys, bright futures, optimism and popularity visit you, Gemini. It’s a great time to form wishes, and to have old ones manifest. Ignore cares — be happy. Your legal, international, scholastic, publishing, loving, and travelling side remains active, but a little less so Tuesday onward, when some of this focus switches to your career zone — which is very favoured, lucky, until May 10. Now to then, your career grows even more fortunate. Maybe it’s time to ask for a promotion, more responsibility?

Rest, lie low, ponder and plan Sun./Mon. Liaise with gov’t, head office, charitable or spiritual orgs. Monday best; Sunday’s frustrated. Your energy and charisma soar Tues. to just past dawn Thurs. (PDT). Start important projects, chase career goals. Your $ picture looks good Thursday to Saturday. Collect money, buy/sell, memorize something, hug someone (casual sex favoured). Avoid a Capricorn Sat.

Cancer icon  CANCER: June 21-July 22

Follow your ambitions, Cancer. In a month, May ’22 to June ’23, your career, worldly standing and prestige relations will ride the biggest wave of luck in 12 years. If ambition involves higher learning, then apply now (before May 10 — well before, if you can — this week, Thursday to Saturday March 9 is best for school applications, far travel, legal matters, publishing and love. Sexually and financially you remain rather impulsive until mid-month.

Sunday/Monday bring optimism, popularity, social delights — Monday better. Withdraw to gather your breath Tues. to after dawn Thurs. (PDT) — rest, ponder, plan, seek advice. Be charitable — helps your karma. Your energy and charisma, clout and timing hit high levels Thurs. to Sat. Start projects, gather friends/allies, seek love, catch a jet plane. (Thursday night best for a date.)

Leo icon  LEO: July 23-Aug. 22

This is both a mental time and a love time, Leo. But in the 2 weeks ahead, another can react with snarling hostility (fender bender?) or assertive challenge (dealing with one you love). Take this philosophically. He/she might have good reason (or not!) to challenge you. (And if you answer the challenge correctly, wisely, you might land a life-mate!) So love with a bit of grace, flexibility. Your sexual luck is strong until May 10. (I typed “strong” and AI changed it to “wrong.” A hint?) You’re also blessed in research, investments, lifestyle changes, and with the medical profession.

Sunday/Monday highlight your career — go slow, successes will mingle with disappointments. Your heart soars with popularity, social delights, flirtations and optimism midweek (Tues. to just past dawn Thurs.). A great interval, but sidestep investments, and “secret sex.” (Don’t visit doctor — he/she will misdiagnose.) Withdraw to rest and contemplate Thursday to Sat. Seek advice, contact charitable or spiritual orgs, answer gov’t and admin. queries.

A nice, smooth interval, but Saturday gets a bit bumpy in the pm.

virgo icon  VIRGO: Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The main emphasis lies on secrets, hidden forces, subconscious desires and intuition, sexual temptations, pregnancy, large finances, medical procedures, and life style changes. These have been “fortunate,” but now they become “pure” — for good or bad. Avoid impulse. A co-worker “attraction” might enter the bedroom now, but it’s “pure sex” (the emotional sweetness has passed). Until May 10, you are blessed in relationships; many singles will (or have, since December) find a “mate.”

Sunday/Monday are mellow, wise, far-seeing — but don’t attempt too much, as “No”s seem numerous. Monday better than Sun. Be ambitious Tues. to daybreak Thurs. Everything goes well except relationships, so work alone, don’t seek co-operation. Happiness arrives Thurs. to Sat. — optimism, social delights, popularity, even a wish coming true, bright these days. This is a very sexually alluring month, but this interval, esp. Thursday and Saturday, might add real love to the picture.

libra icon  LIBRA: Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your romantic rushes lose their sweet side now, Libra — what remains is a no-nonsense romantic and partnership-forming influence. This might “take hold” now and bring partnership, co-habitation — or April might be a dry run, a “prep” for the massive partnership opportunity(ies) to come from May ’22 to May ’23. Today’s lover might be the one, or someone new might arrive, soon. (A wee dilemma maybe.)

Sunday/Monday raise your sexual antennae, but it might be hard to sustain a happy emotional tie. Investors, be cautious. A mellow, wise mood steals over you mid-week (Tuesday to Thurs. morning) — far travel, higher learning, law, stats, cultural rituals, love of one and of humanity, fill this interval. Charge ahead —you’ll succeed, EXCEPT in work, health zones. Your prestige, worldly standing and career are “under examination” Thursday to Sat. Work hard now, you’ll succeed, pass any test, Thurs. to about 9 am PDT Saturday.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO: Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Agh, the drudgery continues, Scorpio. So scrub that sink, handle those papers, drive that truck — and protect your health from seasonal ills, colds, etc. All this, for 18 more days. But in a way, April is a “getting ready” month, as an entire year of work expansion lies ahead — May ’22 to May ’23. It will be lucky work, with very satisfying compensation. To prepare, get physically fit.

The sweetness of the “sweet ’n’ sour” domestic vibe of the last month ebbs now, to leave only the sour until April 15. So don’t fight at home — plunge into chores, improvements instead. Your romantic luck remains very high — but only for 38 more days. If you want romance, better get going!

Sunday/Monday feature relationships, but the road is rocky. Be diplomatic, opportunity-oriented. Sex and “big money” draw you Tuesday to daybreak (PDT) Thurs. Dig deep for value, privileged knowledge. This is a very fortunate interval. You might even find love in a sexual situation.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Ah, sweet romance! April gives love, nature’s beauty, pleasure, and fun with sports/games/kids. The sweet side of these “disappears” Tuesday, but the crucial side, hot attraction, will last awhile longer. In many ways, April is a precursor of the May ’22-May ’23 wave of romance, speculation, adventure, fun and winning (best “wave” in over 12 years). A Gemini gets in touch, might be a familiar presence in the weeks ahead.

Tackle chores Sun./Mon. — be careful, realistic, esp. around machines. Tuesday to Thursday morning brings relationships, exciting meetings, opportunities, and relocation themes. Love could explode. But avoid home, family, security issues. Life’s depths emerge Thurs. morning to Sat. — investments, debts, intimate clinches, research, medical and lifestyle decisions fill these days. Some great luck here — but be honest, a “straight shooter.”

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN: Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The accent remains on home, family, property, security, nutrition, garden, and mom nature. Use the two weeks ahead to prune your life — cut out stale relations/projects and start (seed) new, more vibrant ones. Beware of friction at home. Paperwork, trips and calls still pursue you, and will, to May 10. That’s 5 weeks, then you’ll enter a year (May-May, 22-23) of great good luck in this very area: real estate, kids, family, etc. Take naps this month.

Sunday/Monday are romantic, but obstacles arise because you’re in a domestic phase. Enjoy without demanding loyalty. Tackle chores and protect your health Tuesday to Thursday daybreak. This is a smooth, lucky interval, so charge ahead. Only avoid these: communications, travel, paperwork. Relationships fill Thursday morning to Saturday — also a good, productive interval, better Thurs. eve and Sat. morn (PDT).

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS: Jan. 20-Feb. 18

A month of errands continues, Aquarius. This is merely a precursor to a year of swift chores, paperwork, errands, visits, communications and travel, that runs May ’22 to May ’23. Doesn’t sound like much, but these activities will be an integral part of making a long-time (perhaps life-long) wish come true. Could (May onward) include international elements. (Love with an Italian?) Your charisma falls slightly this week; simultaneously, your money luck improves, until April’s end.

Sunday/Monday nudge you toward home, family, rest and recuperation. Don’t start a big project (e.g., painting, building a pool). Midweek, Tues. to breakfast Thurs., lifts you on a wave of romantic feelings. (Or onto a creative, speculative, inventive, teaching, pleasure or sports/games wave.) Dive in, all favours you, except in money areas Wed. (Don’t buy or sell.) Tackle chores Thursday to Sat. Protect your health, eat and dress sensibly. This interval, also, offers much success Thurs. to Sat. morning (PDT). Buy machines, computers, software Thurs. or before Friday noon (PDT).

Pisces icon  PISCES: Feb. 19-March 20

The spotlight remains on money, possessions, memory and casual sex until late April, Pisces. You remain cheerful, lucky, and ambitious until May 10 — so charge ahead, don’t slow down now. Present efforts might have something to do with the big wave of money coming your way, sometime between May ’22 and May ’23. Continue to avoid belligerent individuals and “dark alleys” (and biker clubs, etc.). A “partner” might be instrumental in bringing in more $.

Do errands, paperwork, calls, texts and travel Sun./Mon. Don’t be breezily overconfident — obstacles and potholes exist. Monday better. Turn toward home, family, security, nutrition Tuesday to breakfast time Thurs. (PDT). — a very nice interval, productive, smooth, warm-hearted — just don’t “fight yourself” early Wednesday night. Thursday to Saturday bring beauty, pleasure, sports or games, talented charming kids, creative surges — and romantic passion. A good interval, until Saturday pm’s glitches. (These involve money, partnership, and social views — perhaps alienation.)



I THINK IN FUTURE I’ll have “segments” —

weekly forecasts  …  astrology “lessons” …  politics/world predictions, and … fiction

I’ll probably put these all under separate headings, so you can pick and choose what you want to read. I apologize that much of the following is politics/world.

People excusing themselves from being committed to Ukraine offer up this:  Ukraine has been one of the most corrupt nations in Europe. Great. So all those mothers trying to hold their babies away from missile explosions, all the women and children, all these people whose kitchens have exploded, whose apartments are mere ledges over the rubble street, are members of a corrupt nation and therefore we shouldn’t bother to save them? Or at least, we shouldn’t risk our own lives to help them? But that’s like saying: “Hey, that man is kicking that baby’s head in; he’s killing it!” “Oh, that’s OK, the baby had dirty diapers.”

(And we should not forget, when we’re calling Ukraine corrupt, that a significant portion of that  corruption — the crap in that dirty diaper — is American crap, furthered by and linked to Joe Biden and son Hunter. In other words the US, which guaranteed Ukraine safety when they gave up their nuclear arms decades ago, now watches as Russia kills thousands — thousands upon thousands! — of innocent civilians, and, Joe hopes, wipes out any proof of his former treason. So Biden and the US watch, as this baby’s brains get scattered all over the wall. We tend to forget that Biden publicly (on tv!) gave Putin permission to invade Ukraine, only days before he did. (“We won’t do anything if you just invade a bit of Ukraine.”)

Many apologists have pointed to Ukraine and Russia’s long history of conflict, in essence saying about the invasion, “they deserved it.” (Dirty diaper syndrome.) Others (such as Putin) say Ukraine is filled with ethnic Russians, who are ruled over by a nazi. (Zelensky’s Jewish — first Jewish Nazi in history, I guess.) These poor ethnic Russians, Ukrainian nationals, need to be repatriated to Russia, Putin says. So he murders thousands of these “ethnic Russians” in the very region where they live (in the southeast, Mariupol, etc.). How many of those civilians attacked or prodded Russia into invading? How many said, “Come, please, kill me and my family and my dog, please kill me because I’m Russian too.” ???

What better place to feel secure than in your partner’s arms?

Readers keep accusing me of being a Trump lover. If any of the remaining accusations (2 or 3 of the original 10 or so) against Trump turn out to be true, then I will abandon him. But again and again Trump has been accused of something dramatically evil, and again and again it turns out that Trump was innocent and the accusers were the evil ones. Again and again, they (Pelosi and her slimy cohorts, Raskin, Schiff, Nadler, Swalwell, et al, snakes who slither through the ordure of Congress) must turn and let Trump go, as their false accusations — KNOWINGLY false accusations — die in the light of day.

Just last week (well, two when you read this) the head prosecutor in the Southern District of New York threw out the much ballyhooed tax fraud case against Trump, the one brought in by his political enemies. Does anyone think that for 10 or 20 years, as Trump bulled his way through various china shops, the IRS suspected nothing and just let him cheat? For 20 years the IRS examines his tax returns, and finds nothing wrong. But now an ambitious underling Democrat prosecutor tries to charge him for tax fraud?

Also a week or two ago, a judge awarded Trump $300,000 in damages/legal costs against Stormy Daniels, the hooker/striper who tried to bring him down and failed. She’ll probably never be able to pay it off. (Actually, I doubt that. She’ll get her claws in some man’s money.) Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, made a name for himself by accusing Trump of sexual misadventures. Well he’s now in jail for trying to extort Nike, the sportswear company.

There seems to be a pattern amongst those who most ferociously accuse Trump: They end up suffering some misfortune or other. Often, it turns out they were accusing Trump of their own crimes — e.g., Hillary Clinton, who colluded with Russians during the entire 2016 election campaign, and enlisted a corrupt FBI to promote the false opposite: that Trump was colluding. Until very recently, Hillary and all her den of snakes seemed to be invulnerable, to escape any consequences for their crimes.  But not much longer. The truth is finally getting its pants on.

All those who seem to have escaped their proper punishment — or at least indictment — because the party in power [the Dems*] is protecting them — Hillary, Strozk and his illegitimate lover, Biden x 2, Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Mr. and Mrs. Orr, all the rank mess of snakes — will not have much longer to run. Last month, Trump sued Hillary for $29 million (a mere slap, financially) in civil court, and I suspect he will win. After Hillary, the rest of the dastardly dominoes should fall… or the US will slowly sink.

*Make no mistake, the Dems were still in power throughout Trump’s presidency.
***.  ***

Just today, I received an email from an old client who asked me how could a good astrologer (ahem, his word “good,” not mine) be so right wing?

Here’s my dilemma: I deeply believe in the general goals of the left; and I also believe that many of these goals will be attained in some form or another in the distant future. But I just cannot stomach the current (2015-22) vicious, cunning, untruthful and life-wrecking tactics of the left.

Just one example: like pedophiles, the American left engages in murdering, not people, but their futures. Look at all the lawyers the woke mob has caused to be disbarred (i.e., lose their livelihoods) for no other reason than they support Trump.  Pedophilic, leftist, woke schools seed students’ libraries, even kindergarten libraries, with porn, graphic illustrations of homosexual acts, with erect adult cocks being shoved in a boy’s mouth. Yes, I agree that sexual biases should be reduced, that we should accept all sexual orientations. But the left wants to achieve this by dunking all children into a perverted soup of sexual abuse. Yes, abuse. Showing a six-year old (or even a 16 year old!) a man’s cock in a child’s mouth is not abuse? Not to leftist school boards, anyway.

(Apropos this, Jackson, the Black woman up for the Supreme Court, not only lies and  evades, she also is/was on the board of a private school that practised pedophilia and CRT — then denied knowing anything about the curriculum during her confirmation hearing. In fact, when first confronted with Critical Race Theory, she pretended not to know much about it… “I think it’s taught in law schools?” Yet she has written CRT articles! Just for this lie — well, these 2 lies — she should be disqualified. But she probably will be confirmed — as I’ve written many times, the cosmos’ goal until 2229 AD is to have crooked judiciaries, judges, etc. Of the nine SCOTUS judges (assuming Jackson’s confirmed) three have already shown moral turpitude: Jackson, Kavanaugh, and Roberts. Not sure what the cosmos’ end goal is…)

I love many of the left’s goals. I hope someday, for instance, that we will all live without borders. (I also think the US should accept all those migrants from the south — and should give them citizenship, so they will pay taxes. In my experience, no one is more American, more believing in truth and freedom, than most immigrants.)

But I can’t accept how the left is trying to advance toward these goals. It is just another form of the ends justifying the means, a very dangerous path. Republican sympathizers (esp. lawyers and teachers — as Marx said, attack the intellectuals first) are jailed, fired or hounded until they lose their jobs, Republican reporters are beaten silly by Democratic “brown shirts” — gangs such as BLM and Antifa. Dem $ heavyweights such as Zuckerman commit bribery to turn the federal election, Democrat judges refuse to hear voter-fraud cases, Republican congressmen are shot and beaten by citizens (Scalise, Rand Paul). (But it’s democrat AOC who cries out: “I was almost raped! I was only two city blocks from those Republican beasts!”)

Democratic pols consistently call for Republican politicians to be beaten, excluded from restaurants, and hounded even in/at their homes (Maxine Waters). Dem students take over universities and won’t allow Republican speakers on campus, Zucker and Twit and all the Dem-leaning media lie, hide the truth, and bribe election officials (now proven in court — but with no punishment, as Zucker and Twit and the rest are Dems).

Dems promoted two false impeachments (during which they paraded a line of liars — including their own congress people, Nadler, Schiff, Raskin — to accuse Trump of vague things). Dems created a huge Russia-Trump hoax to destroy his election chances. After Trump was elected, they used cyber-crime to spy on his White House, his office and his bedroom. (He is now suing Hillary for $29 million — I think it should be a billion). Dem apparatchiks  generally have spewed lies, violence and racist attitudes, like a pipe from a polluting factory pouring toxins into the river of American thought.

(The only Dem intellectual I respect is Ibrahim K: he tries to tell the truth, and in some ways takes it beyond the present comprehension. I don’t think many of his followers really know what he’s saying.)

And now, finally, Dems are trying to seed all school libraries with Marxist ideology and porn — esp, male adult on male child porn. And to do this, they have illegally — yes, illegally — enlisted the crooked DOJ and corrupt FBI to frighten and even jail parents who protest the sexual slew these perverted teachers are brewing. (One example: a teen male dressed as a female entered the girl’s washroom and raped a girl. The school refused to charge or punish the teen, but had the raped girl’s father arrested for bringing the subject up at a school board meeting. These  Dems are frightening.)

On the other hand, the Republicans generally stand up for family, parental rights, all the good old way the USA used to be. To me, the Republican approach is anti-progress, even old fashioned, and a little clueless about the real future — but it’s a good, generally honest, moralistic place to park my mind and thoughts while I get busy with other things. I certainly would not want my thoughts to be buried in leftist passions, not now. To me, the Republican Party is like October leaves falling on green lawns in the autumn sunshine. And the Democrats are like a cold wind blowing through shady corridors; nevertheless, corridors that prefigure and pre-see the future.

Now, I know some of you will think I’ve lost it, but I call it thinking outside the box: It’s a thought, not a serious suggestion: that Canada invade Siberia. Public reason? To re-unite The Inuit, just as Puffin is fighting to “re-unite ethnic Russians.”

The advantage: Putin would have to open a second front, 4,000 miles from his Uke front. If Puffin creates a no-fly zone over Vladivostok, for example, we respond with one over Ukraine. The invasion uses tanks, fighter jets, bombers, missiles, everything Puffin is using. BUT we make it a ground war, claiming territory, etc. Poor Puffin will either go ballistic, or try to fight on two fronts, or give up. He won’t really have an excuse to start a nuclear war, as Canada has no nukes. Of course, we should completely flatten Vladivostok, turn every building, apartment, house, store, library, school, into rubble (to copy Putin in Ukraine). But just make sure we can skedaddle back across the Bering Strait while the ice is still strong enough for an army.

Some readers have faulted me for the glaring gap between being “warlike” (e.g., my Ukrainian “advice”) and being spiritual, or an astrologer. Some facts: (Saint) Joan of Arc was a female warrior, responsible for thousands of deaths. The Bhagavad-Gita, Indian’s primary religious text, has as its heroes 2 entities: God, and His favourite battlefield warrior. Christ, erroneously called the “Prince of Peace” by catholic priests, said this about that: “I have not come to earth to bring peace, but a sword.” (Or however you want to translate it.)

I don’t think Jesus meant he was going to bring military wars everywhere (though many horrible wars followed in his name — e.g., the Crusades). He meant that the newness and revelatory nature of his ideas would be fought, and turn believers against non-believers, etc. In occultism, the sword usually means idea or intellect.

It’s only since the 1800’s that astrology and all the mantic arts have been elevated to a “spiritual” plane. In about the 1950’s astrologers turned away from predicting (very difficult) to “analysis” (e.g., character analysis and psychological advice — pretty easy). The 1980/90’s “New Age” phenomena drew people away from corporeal reality, to an almost exclusively spiritual view. Astrology is NOT spiritual, just as all the things it addresses (daily life, money, sex, real estate, etc.) are physical, not intangible spirit-stuff. However, God speaks through astrology; sometimes the charts are stunningly divine.

Now a judge (forgive me if I suspect he/she is a Dem) has opined, publicly, and without any evidence, that Trump “probably committed crimes on Jan/6.” Here’s why all the accusations: if the Dems can convict Trump of any (pardon me) trumped-up charge, they can prevent him from running for President in 2024. And here’s a judge, being openly partisan, proving that judges should not judge. Chief Justice John Roberts, on the Supreme Court, has also publicly and blatantly lied. What’s he doing there?

A type of autocracy — Republican and Democrat — slithers through the halls of Washington like an Ouroboros snake. Its motto has formerly been: power/money is more important than morality. Now it says (includes) “money/power is more important than my name or my reputation; where I live, hypocrites are welcomed.”
***.  ***

I’m changing a little on Joe Biden. Yes, he tosses out lies like M&Ms, he’s an adulterer, he’s a traitor who should’ve long ago been jailed for collusion with Russia, China, Romania, et al, he struggles to pay attention, and he has ripped off “the system” for millions — but what politician hasn’t? On the other hand, I admire him for struggling against dementia.

(I suspect he’s sparked an important insight: that rising to meet a big challenge can/might make dementia recede, which I think it has in his case. I admire him for treating his causative decline with self-deprecating humour. This is a thief with a big heart, a sentimental con artist.)

I think he has a way of calming the electorate (which Trump could not do). And I’m glad to see him turning his backside to AOL and such racist termites as Ilhan Omar (who, BTW, either committed incest, or manufactured false documents, neither of which she has been indicted for — she’s a Dem). Biden’s a good orator. And he has more stamina and “sticking power” than Trump. But Trump handled 50 things at once. Biden has trouble with 2 things. Nor does he have the long-range vision of Trump. But he’s not as bad as I anticipated. (Except for his possible pedo leanings — more on this next week.)


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    @Tim: for mainstream media, I apply the “95% rule” – 95% of what you see and hear on mainstream media is either false, or irrelevant (i.e. to distract the Herd from what’s really important that those behind the curtains don’t want the masses to think about, e.g. money-printing by central banks, increased surveillance and loss of individual freedoms, etc.); the challenge is to figure out the “5%” that matters; independent news sites, journalists with a strong track record of being mostly truthful are starting points; a few more weekend links for the independent, critical thinker to peruse, in multiple languages: 1) https://planetlockdownfilm.com/documentary/ (2) https://rumble.com/vnwzlh-wolfgang-wodarg-full-interview-planet-lockdown.html

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