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START  NOTHING:  8:10 am Mon. to 4:43 am Tues., 9:49 am to 11:26 am Thurs., and 12:29 pm Fri. to 2:18 pm Sat.


The coronavirus should hit a North American, and to some degree a world-wide peak, then flatten out, on (or well before) May 5. I suspect early April will turn us in a different direction, emotionally and perhaps actually, bringing a possible deceleration of cases, which doesn’t seem logical at this point. Still, something will weaken the viral impact and its death rate. Even if only embryonically: e.g., a scientist discovers the vaccine, but it has to be approved, manufactured…
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Trump will fare well, April to August. He’ll be more genial, relaxed.
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aries icon  ARIES:  Mar. 21-April 19

The world isn’t exactly your oyster, but it’s close! Your energy, charisma, clout and sense of timing are at a year high until late April. Be a leader — you’ll develop a “following.” Your popularity, optimism and group attendances buoy your heart now to mid-May. However, first a sobering note (around Tues.) that shows you many of the friendships that develop in the next several years (to March 2023) will be either tied to your ambitions and prestige motives, or will be much younger or older than you. It’s a trade-off: your social life grows more sober, a little less fun, and your career life lightens up, becomes more social, fortunate and buoyant. It won’t happen until next week, but start preparing to handle a collision between your money/possessions and your social desires.

Errands and friends fill Sunday to pre-dawn Tuesday (PDT). Minor frustrations rule, so proceed with caution, ask questions along the way, and listen to advisors, including civil servants. Handle paperwork, small chores. Steer toward home and family Tues. morning to Thurs. noon. Here, your instincts are good, reliable. A new, deep, sober note (like the base in a symphony) is struck in social, future-visioning, entertainment and ”flirty” areas. This note announces the future in these zones, until Spring 2023. It also means a huge weight is lifted in your career or prestige areas. (But not all the weight! 75% remains; by mid-May, only 50% will remain, and that 50% will be very lucky.)

Superb (domestic, remember!) luck Wed., opportunities Thurs. morn. Romance strikes midday Thurs. to Sat. afternoon. It’s rough at first, but love potentials do exist, esp. the first half of Fri. (PDT — all day Fri. in Europe, into Sat. morning in Asia). This love offers stability, as Sat. will show. Someone tells you a secret. You might make an initial but significant change in your ambitions (different direction?).

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Conserve energy, Taurus. Lie low, rest, ponder and plan, watch and listen rather than act. Be charitable, spiritual. A new note enters your career/ambition sector now to March 2023. It’s a sober note, and at first might draw you back into yourself, or nudge you into a background, management, committee or governmental role. Your ambition is super-fired now to 2026, so this “background role” to 2023 is almost certain to yield one or two promotions. You remain attractive all week — but only this week, as your charisma is on a month-long hiatus.

Sunday to pre-dawn Tuesday ( PDT) favours buying/selling, chasing money, but it doesn’t hugely favour them. Proceed with caution, avoid significant purchases. Don’t take sensual risks. Tuesday dawn to noon Thurs. brings errands, swift, easy chores, communications, paperwork, casual friends, travel and curiosity. Much goes well through Wed. (great day to meet friends, join a group) — and travel, educational, legal or cultural opportunities arise this night and Thurs. morning. Turn homeward Thurs. pm to suppertime Sat. — hug the kids, garden, repair, snooze, etc. Next week to August, you will be favoured for significant purchases, and your money flow will increase.

gemini icon  GEMINI: May 21-June 20

Your optimism and friendliness know no bounds. You feel popular, flirty, and you are filled with plans for the future. Two significant changes:

1) is smaller, releases you from Feb. and March’s sexual corridors, and ends recent financial impulsiveness (and “house on fire” money-wise), to replace it with an idealistic view of love (or at least a hope for true love (until mid-May). And,

2) this same area of idealistic love (and of far travel, intellect, law, culture, publishing and profound thoughts) grows sober and very “realistic” (and a bit slow to produce results) now to March 2023. Your recent interest in sex won’t die off; rather, it will be “transformed” or tend to attach to a different kind of person — someone more mental, blithe, airy and compatible than those met over the last few months. Soon, next week, you’ll start to see the “new relationship” tenor — lighter, sweeter, happier.

Your energy, charisma and clout soar Sunday to dawn Tuesday (PDT). Launch new projects, esp. in career, but proceed with caution and realism. Chase $ Tues. morn to midday Thurs. Here, your luck is good, Wed. (harmony, esp. with higher-ups) and pre-dawn Thurs. (opportunities). Buy, sell, pay and collect, schmooze with clients or the boss, and start new income projects. Errands and easy chores, travel, communications and paperwork fill midday Thurs. to suppertime to Sat. afternoon. Be curious, ask questions. You might learn of an upcoming career project, or have an “interview” with the boss. Someone quite stable is attracted to you. New loves beginning now might have a very long life, or will end so quickly it hardly affects you. A big increase in work seems to be brewing. A Friday/Saturday investment might be the best one of your life — or the worst.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Be ambitious until late April, Cancer — higher-ups will be observing, noting. Your sexual courage and aggression mount, now to mid-May. One you’re sexually attracted to might be good mate material. You seem determined to make changes in your career and ambitious goals, also to mid-May. Beware impulsive investing. A last, late flirtation or friendly romance might occur. It won’t last long.

Lie low Sunday to pre-dawn Tues. (PDT) — rest, contemplate, make plans. Deal with head office or the gov’t, or an agent or advisor, but not too forcefully, as lucky or productive aspects just don’t exist these few days. Your energy and charisma bounce back Tuesday to mid day Thursday. Now lucky aspects face you, bringing co-operation, agreement, even mutual enthusiasm Wed., and opportune openings this night into early Thurs. — step forth, grab a chance to make your mark, or earn a profit, or to form a “partnership.”

Chase money midday Thurs. to mid-afternoon Sat. Some disruption exists here, some initial trepidation or “refusal to co-operate.” But harmony and fortune re-establish themselves Friday/Saturday, aiding your standing, career, beliefs/culture, and, Sat., a new kind of stable loving feeling — and money luck. Buy/sell, schmooze with clients or the boss, seek bargains or special items — all three days. You might establish a link with a co-worker; this connection can grow — big and strong. Make sure it’s a oral connection, with “clean” motives.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

You’re well into a month of understanding, wide vision, far travel, cultural and religious venues, publishing and intellectual pursuits — and love. The planet governing all these has just moved into your relationship sector until mid May. This can cause some very intense relationships, both in love and war. It may create a love affair with a coworker. Now until March 2023, you will relate much better with people a decade or so younger and older than you, rather than those your own age. Your relations with government and administration offices remain favoured until May 5. So if you have some approach to make in this area, do it soon.

Happiness exists Sunday to pre-dawn (PDT) Tuesday! Your popularity rises, social delights surround you, optimism and entertainment accompany you. But do not expect a lot, and generally avoid consequential actions. Just enjoy the happy mood! Withdraw from the bustling crowd pre-dawn Tues. to midday Thurs. Rest, dream, contemplate, plan; watch and listen. You’ll have good luck in gov’t liaisons, head office and management dealings — and in investments, financial, lifestyle, medical and sexual situations Wednesday. Work opportunities pre-dawn Thurs. Your energy and “star quality” return midday Thurs. to afternoon Sat. Be a leader, start things, make new contacts. A lot of imponderables — in establishing a new association (or love affair) try to say — and hear — with clarity. Hard to pin some things down. A friendship or “working partnership” that starts Fri./Sat. might endure for a very long time.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You’re already into the second week of four, of the cosmos spinning its web around you: mysteries, secrets, investigation and research, subconscious promptings and heightened intuition, lifestyle and medical decisions, powerful sexual yearnings, commitment and consequence. You might try to act in secret. A year’s-long love affair or romantic prospect dissolves now: at last, you begin to see clearly. A new love might arise with someone in your own field, but not until next year. Meanwhile, though (even if disillusioned about love) you face tremendous sexual prospects, esp. this April, and July to December. Resolve now to utilize condoms, avoid STD’s, etc. These months might also hold a wild ride (hopefully a rise!) in finances.

Sunday to dawn Tues. nudges you to show ambition. Bosses might be watching. Not a good time for new projects/launches, as good luck is missing. Popularity, social delights, entertainment, optimism and playful members of the opposite sex fill Tues. to midday Thurs. You’ll be happy! Intimacy with a co-worker might start a “muffled fire” that may end soon, or could last to 2023. An investment in machinery, esp. used machinery, could have a significant stabilizing effect on your work. A Pisces (or “T” or “Z” — e.g., Tom, Zelda) is “perfect with you” Wed. (and Friday) — romantic openings pre-dawn Thurs. But withdraw from the crowd midday Thurs. to Saturday afternoon. Rest, ponder and plan, contact gov’t, head office, institutions or charities, spiritual organizations. All’s well. Harmony with the opposite sex. A working partnership could last many years.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You are in a relationship phase until late April, Libra. In general, be co-operative, flexible, willing to negotiate or hop on someone else’s bandwagon. Something momentous has just occurred: two new influences in your romantic sign spell different auspices: one says you might well meet your mate before mid-May; the other says you will be slow and careful in romance now to March 2023. (This last because you want stability in love; as well, you want romance to lead to domestic bliss — security trumps thrill.)

This might cause you to end a romance or two over these few years; it can also cause frustration that can propel you into the arms of someone who disrespects social “laws” and draws you into verboten or extra-marital couplings. But times are not dismal: next week to August, love kisses you with light, mental seduction, and from July to year’s end, you might know you have met your life’s match.

This, intellectual love, compassion, a wide vision, even a love that covers all humanity, can visit you Sunday to pre-dawn Tues. Don’t expect a lot, as the aspects are poor. (They improve next week, but the present few days show you the direction, the general idea,) Be ambitious Tues. dawn (PDT) to midday Thurs. Higher-ups are watching, which is good because you’re succeeding. Good time to start new projects and/or to improve workplace functions, Wed. and pre-dawn Thurs. Abandon hard work midday mid day Thurs. to Sat. afternoon. Instead, celebrate, have fun, be social, flirt, chase entertainment and/or your most optimistic goals. You’ll be happy, popular! (Unless of course you hide in the closet.) Retreat Sat. night (in North America — Sunday in mid-East, Asia) — rest, contemplate, plan a deliciously quiet, self-pampering Sunday.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Three more weeks of hard work face you, Scorpio. Relationships remain affectionate, welcoming, until Friday. (Then 4+ months of “secret affection” or sexual good fortune, begin. Excellent months for couples seeking pregnancy. Also superb months — to early August — to invest, change lifestyles, or undergo cosmetic surgery. — But not before Friday.)

Sunday to dawn Tues. emphasizes these very themes: sex, medical, financial and/or lifestyle choices/actions. However, luck is not with you, won’t be in these matters until Friday onward, so make no commitments yet but do watch for hints of upcoming attractions. A mellow, wise mood steals over you Tues. morn to midday Thurs. (PDT). Now sweet luck is with you — great little interval (Wed. and pre-dawn Thurs. best) to speak of love, to whisper sweet nothings — and to act in areas of far travel, education, publishing/media, intellectual pursuits, and cultural/religious venues. You might launch a work-at-home project — it could either die quickly from a lack of enthusiasm, or catch “life” and grow slowly to become one of the foundations of your employment.

Pressures arrive midday Thurs. to afternoon Sat. Be diligent, show your skills to higher-ups, even start projects: good luck accompanies your efforts, enhances your social status, aids prestige relations. Best Friday. You and another might “just come together,” to start a magical affair. You can see that your lasting “stability” resides in the home. Or more correctly, in finding the right home-mate.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Ah, sweet romance! You face 3 more weeks of soft seduction, of creativity and self-expression, successful risk-taking, sports/games, charming children, pleasure and beauty. Last week and this one are fairly standard, romance-wise, but a potentially huge love development lies just on the horizon. From April 3 (this Friday) to early August, love planet Venus resides in your marriage sign. So wherever romance moves you this April, it will likely be to the verge of (or right into) co-habitation, a lover’s den, a sweet partnership. Add to this a powerful, rare romantic “force” from July to year’s end, and you could end up with a big smile on your face by late 2020. If you are already happily married, these influences can lead you to a creative or speculative association.

Relationships (good and bad) face you Sunday to dawn Tues. (PDT). Be co-operative and diplomatic, but don’t try for agreement, don’t try to build anything (much less a consensus). Just observe the competition, or “the field” at large.  You might speak of love, but it’s too early (because a strong financial or emotional possessiveness element needs solving — letting go is one solution). Life’s mysteries, commitment and consequence, medical and lifestyle decisions, heightened intuition, heightened physical desires, and financial opportunities — these flow in Tues. morning to midday Thurs. with beneficial prospects. Invest, woo, research, commit, esp. Wed. and pre-dawn Thurs.

A wise, mellow mood steals over you midday Thurs. to Sat. afternoon. Far travel, education, cultural rituals, intellectual pursuits favoured. Act early for success — before Fri. noon (PDT — before Fri. midnight in Europe, before Sat. dawn [roughly] in Asia). A long-term relationship might begin — friendship more than love. Inspiration or secrets or elusive worry on the home front Fri. But all’s well!

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 20

The general accent lies on home and domesticity, Cap. Wind down, rest, contemplate, and prune your life like a garden. Cut out wasteful habits and end non-productive situations and/or stale relationships. You might end a money source and cultivate another one. Money will flow to you very swiftly now to mid-May, but if you do not handle it conservatively you could end up with less than you started with. Earnings and possessions will be your prime focus now to March 2023. Others will note your surprisingly good memory. If you’re single, future years offer an inseparable combination of romance and sexuality. Hug the kids, garden, enhance security, etc. for several weeks. Good time to “map out” business or sales territory.

Tackle chores Sun. to dawn Tues. Stick to routine chores, as “luck” is absent. Eat, dress sensibly. Relationships take centre stage Tues. morn to midday Thurs. Seize opportunities, make new contacts/friends, study/discuss relocation, negotiate, co-operate. (Remember, though harmony and good luck reign here, others have the Aces, the essential power during this mid-week interval.) Best  time to act: Wed. and pre-dawn Thurs. Life’s more mysterious side emerges midday Thurs. to Saturday afternoon. Definitions might be difficult. (“What exactly was he saying?”) But good fortune can come from committing now (esp. Fri. daytime PDT) in finance, investments, boudoir intimacy, pregnancy, or to a new lifestyle or a medical procedure. A monetary, price or earnings agreement forged now could last 2 or 3 years.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 21-Feb. 18

The general accent lies on errands, quick trips, communication and paperwork, to late April. You’ll be quick, determined, and impulsive in these areas, right into mid May. So watch that you don’t insult someone simply by charging through or over them with your words. These six weeks ahead also boost your sex appeal, to the action level. Even more, Friday starts four months of splendid romantic prospects. If single, you will soon meet someone who, perhaps slowly and subtly, causes a sweet stirring deep within you. This can end in a wedding or cohabitation. You are going to be more sober and serious about life now to March 2023. The background, hidden, government related or management related parts of your personality rise to prominence in these years. As in the recent past, this influence favours you if you enter management roles.

A first, but false, taste of the upcoming romantic bliss arrives Sunday to dawn Tuesday. It’s a “false start” because no good luck resides here until week’s end onward. That’s okay — practice kissing the mirror. (Sorry, lame joke.) Entertain children. Commit to no one. Tackle chores Tues. morning to midday Thurs. You’ll plow through chores and meet success, esp. Wed. night and pre-dawn Thursday (all PDT). A project combining communication (and maybe many, many contacts) and background (gov’t, etc.) information could “birth” now, and affect you for some years.  Relationships enter midday Thurs. to Saturday afternoon. Be forward, woo others (in love and business). A great income project could begin. Friday begins 4 months of romantic love — and the first “signal,” Saturday, is that such love will be stable and enduring.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The main accent lies on money and possessions for 3 more weeks, Pisces. These weeks will also “promote” sensual couplings, rote (memory-based) learning, and a mellow, undisturbed mood. Your inner world (always intriguing to you) will become more active — now to mid-May, heat, intensity, and a scramble for money influence this inner world; now to March 2023, you grow quietly more hopeful and friendly in this zone. (For instance, you could join a meditation group — or a policy committee — and find new, solid friends there.) Until mid-May, avoid belligerent people and places of violence (e.g., a biker club). Friday begins 4 months of domestic bliss, happy family, huge flowers in your garden, etc. This can be a good time to buy a home, if you’re planning to.

Speaking of home, Sunday to dawn Tues. emphasizes this area. However, don’t launch anything important here, as the good luck doesn’t enter until Friday afternoon (then lasting to early August). Stick to routine. Tuesday morning to midday Thursday brings passion, creative surges, charming kids, romance and pleasure — all blessed. Best period: Wed. to pre-dawn Thurs., when harmony and opportunity fill social and romantic situations. This late week you could be starting or cementing a life-mate relationship; if married, you feel embraced by your life. Tackle chores midday Thurs. to Sat. afternoon. Thursday’s a bit disruptive, but Friday offers inspiration and success. A “duty” you assume now, could last a long time.


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    Spot on, thank you Tim
    Tonight I dreamed, I should study pedagogy.. i also got the feeling I would be good at this…
    I guess maybe Saturn touching my 9 house – education??
    Also opposition to now in 2005 I studied it, but haven’t finished because of emigration..
    interesting isn’t it ☺️

  2. Kara

    Hi Tim,

    I bought your booklet and found it to be very insightful. I am a Libra Sun (Sag Moon, Cancer Ascendant) and for Libras you had mentioned that until May it’s a favorable time for my Career, however, I have been looking to do a job change for a while to no avail. I have been working in Higher Education for the past 7 years and now there is a chance that there will be layoffs due to the pandemic. Now I am worried and would like to know, am I safe from getting laid off from my current job or what else should I expect to happen in then following months?

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