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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

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What we do in the shadows we carry into the light. ( More about this in the AFTERAMBLE.)
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Corona virus — if the average life expectancy is 80 years, and there are 8 billion people on earth, then 100 million people die each year, simply from old age. Death toll so far from Corona, over 3 months = 51,000 x 4 (for whole year) = 200,000 +, or about 1/500th he natural “old age” death rate. Or, for every Corona victim who dies, 500 others die from simple old age.


Hey, why not use the massive unemployment caused by the c-virus to build infrastructure? On such jobs, it should be relatively easy to keep a 6-ft./2-m distance, as most such work is done with machinery. This would help the suddenly jobless, raise oil/gas, concrete, copper, iron, and machinery prices from their recent drastic falls. And, finally, raise the GDP. Like FDR did with his New Deal. And Canada, what’s your problem? You could hire every citizen, and still be short-staffed for infrastructure.
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TV pundits are tying to compare the corona-effect with WW II and other drastic upheavals. One said “Gone with the Wind.” I vote for “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

You’re still on top, Aries — though you know from the past 10 years that there’s a layer of pretty powerful people above you, people who can pull you up the ladder of success, or kick out the rung under your foot. So maintain a diplomatic, eager, humorous and ”yes sir!” attitude. You will face “crisis points” around April 7/8 (earnings) and spring of 2021 (economy affects career). These two times can create a dispute with higher-ups, but also hold an opportunity to rise. Used your heightened energy and charisma this week to attract allies and to make judicious commitments.

Chores fill Sunday to afternoon Monday (PDT). Tackle them Sun., but watch for “fuzzy thinking.” Eat, drink sensibly. You’ll end with a rush of good fortune, easy solutions, early Mon. morn, if you’re awake. Relationships arrive mid-afternoon Mon. to midday Wed. — splendid ones Mon., even Tuesday. But long-standing obstacles or disagreements re-assert themselves Wed. Avoid (more likely Tues.) sudden flare-ups over money or ownership. (If you start a liaison Mon., it might be beautiful and loving, but you both, will have to tackle the obstacles that become apparent late Tues., Wednesday.

Secret or usually unavailable information opens its pages to you Wed. afternoon to Fri. afternoon. Little good Wed., but Thurs. and Friday welcome you to fruitful research, sexual intimacy, medical, lifestyle, and financial decisions/commitments. Go ahead — success here with gov’t, head office, and advisors. A “teacher” lands in your life (or returns) Fri. eve or Sat. — someone who, whether friend, lover or actual teacher, inspires you to think about the big things. Love might blossom.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Your financial fortunes improve, now to August. You’ll likely buy a luxury item. You’ll be very pleased by your incoming cash. This will also be (now to Aug.) a sensual few months. Someone’s “comfortable (and easy) intimacy” will draw you slowly and surely… but realize this person might bore you as a life-mate. Gemini involved. Bosses and judges see your flaws, and won’t let you get away with anything in April, so work hard, honestly, and long. (Don’t be discouraged — remember, they’re paying you well, so they must value you.) Until early 2023, elements of law, intellect, education, culture and far travel enter your professional or career situation.

Romance (and creative surges, risk-taking urges, self-indulgent pleasure, beauty) “steps up” for you Sun./Mon. You could even run into a sweet heart song on the stairs, entering as someone exits. Both days are smooth and lucky, but Sunday’s better, esp. late day. Tackle chores Mon. afternoon (PDT) to Wed. Eat, dress sensibly. Proceed cautiously — Monday and Tuesday aid you, but early Wed. erects obstacles. (Tuesday could hold a surprise, a sudden conflict with a higher-up — maybe, because it might also hold a boost upward. Turn a conflict into a solution/opportunity.)

Relationships fill your view in many directions Wed. afternoon to Fri. afternoon. “Reality” could paint a gloomy picture of a relationship, which can be accompanied by “separation of personalities” (and stress) as well as conflict (perhaps over domestic matters) — all Wed,/Thurs. Late Thursday brings a hopeful note, and Friday brings ease in interactions. Secrets, finances, lifestyle decisions, medical procedures, heightened intuition and sexual yearning arrive Friday afternoon through Sat. All’s well here, but don’t act solely on optimism. Dig deep.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Your optimism continues — life is easy and grand! Socialize, talk to groups, and set off on an adventure if you wish. Your mental side is both perked up, excited, and restricted, held down. Approach ponderous subjects, far travel, publishing and cultural venues carefully. Strictly avoid lawsuits before mid-May. Now to early 2023, you will be sharing knowledge that came to you “secretly” or from research or revelation. Others are subtly drawn to you (now to early August) — be receptive, gracious — and, if single, keep an eye out for love. (It’s drifting around you.)

Spend Sunday to Mon. afternoon near home. Hug the kids, start scholastic funds, tighten security, walk in nature, etc. All’s relatively good. Romance lures you Mon. pm to midday Wed. (All PDT.) Creative surges and risk-taking urges, beauty, pleasure and charming kids fill in any romance-lacking gaps. Monday’s great. Tuesday holds a conflict that says “NO” to anything secret or unsavory. A person or situation is holding you back: turn from him/her/it.

Obstacles rise like Trump’s wall pre-dawn Wed., so let desires subside for awhile. Tackle chores Wed. afternoon to Fri. afternoon. Eat, dress sensibly. Think, rest before you begin — Wednesday’s too early, Thursday’s best for chores, accomplishments, and Friday’s smooth, easy also. Friday pm through Sat. brings relationships, far horizons and fresh opportunities — be cooperative, diplomatic — all’s well!

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Remain ambitious, Cancer. Relationships are changing quickly — be prepared. (To some degree, “open” links now turn to more “quiet” interactions of finance, sex, or lifestyle choices.) Your inner world glows with affection, peace, until early August. The gov’t favours you, same period. Same four months, when making important decisions, ask your deeper self (intuition) or an advisor, trusted or new, or a gov’t agency. (You’d be surprised at how much valuable data the gov’t has, available for your use.)

Errands fill Sunday to mid-afternoon Mon. Ditto communications, travel, paperwork. Be quick, be on top of things, and be curious — you’ll come out ahead, “educated” about something. Steer your heart toward home Mon. pm to midday Wed. Monday’s great. Tuesday holds a sudden squall or fiery/electric shock (practice safety!). Obstacles late Tues. into Wed. — don’t push, be patient. Romance, beauty, pleasure, creative streaks and speculation arrive Wed. pm to midday Fri. Not much to brag about Wed., but Thurs. daytime hints that you might be dealing with a good mate prospect — or, by Friday, a good friend. Midday Fri. through Sat. finds lots of chores for you. Tackle them confidently — all’s well, you’ll make headway.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

A sweet, mild, thoughtful mood remains with you, Leo. Tackle themes of far travel, law, education, publishing and cultural/social rituals. Recent hectic work slows now, freeing you for relationships, love, casual friends, and communications that count. You might start a friendly romance. Now to August, your popularity will gently but happily grow. Groups will welcome you, and could be instrumental in your (career or other) advancement some day. Be optimistic, be happy — the cosmos befriends you now! Soon, relationships intensify, become important. A co-worker connection looks likely, and is valuable. Try to preserve it.

Pursue money Sun. to midday Mon. — buy, sell, butter up clients or the boss, pay and collect bills, take a rote learning course (e.g., how to pan for gold) or chase a sensual person. (With a bit of thought you might realize that he/she will likely bore you in the long run — careful what you promise.) Errands, easy chores, paperwork, filing, office systems, short trips, communications and casual contacts fill Mon. pm to Wed. afternoon. Monday’s excellent — you’ll progress swiftly. But Tues. holds a possible flare-up of a conflict between your career/reputation, and a spouse, business partner or other significant relationship. For the moment, go with the relationship.

Wednesday offers only obstacles — all day, even though a different “scene” develops Wed. afternoon to Fri. afternoon. (It’s your domestic scene — kids, family, garden, food.) Thursday and Friday, though, escape obstacles. Thursday can open the door to intimacy or a good investment. Listen to your gut. Romance, self-expression, creative risks, beauty and pleasure draw you Fri. eve through Sat. — good. But don’t push for sex — it could “close someone’s heart.”

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You remain in mysterious times, Virgo. Much of the “romance/sex” obsession of recent weeks fades now, as important work/employment (or health) projects arise. (Still, you will retain a “healthy interest” until late April.) Speaking of work, you have just started 4 months in which your career, social standing and prestige relations are blessed. Apply for promotion, start a business, volunteer for difficult positions or sensitive projects — you’ll succeed, and even better, the people helping you, under you, will — well, not worship, but at least like you. Although you are still discussing a relationship, a partnership, the essential decisions have been made — be content with that.

Your energy and charisma sail high Sunday to midday Mon. Be a leader, get out, see and be seen, impress others, launch projects. Your luck’s good. Love might arise. But be careful with money and purchases (stick to routine items) from Mon. afternoon to Wed. afternoon (all PDT). All goes well Mon. Speak of a pay raise, collect money owed you. Tuesday’s mostly productive but contains one conflict, between your ethics/morals, and your work situation. Careful with fire, electricity.

Wednesday am erects barriers — be careful, patient. This evening isn’t much better, but it does start an interval of visits, communications, curiosity and errands. From dawn onwards, Thurs. is superb for negotiations, contracts, or talking it out with spouse, or partner. Friday’s very similar — you’ll tend to get your way. Head toward home Fri. pm and Sat. — hug the kids, putter around the ‘hood, say hello to Mom Nature, have a nap. All’s fine, esp. if you don’t yank your spouse’s chain.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 21

The weeks ahead deepen the relationship theme in your life, Libra. Some of you will fall in love now to early August, and the result will be a sweet, affectionate, highly mental relationship, a bit like floating on the clouds. Some of you singles will fall in love (or at least into partnership) this July to December; the result will be more intense, vital, but also perhaps more contentious — not floating on a cloud, but running through adventures. If you “start” love in July or the first week of August, the result might be like a combination of the two types of relationship. Saturn has moved into your romance sign until July 1, then will enter again late December to early 2023. Love in future will be sober, serious — and perhaps with someone not of your birth decade.

Withdraw, rest, ponder and plan Sun. to midday Mon. Deal with head office, the gov’t, agents and advisors. Contact charities or spiritual organizations. All goes well — but avoid a Pisces. Your energy and charisma bounce back Mon. afternoon to Wed. afternoon (all PDT). Charge forth Monday — lead, start something significant, etc. Tuesday is fairly good, also — but carries an explosive conflict between love and sex. Opt for romance, but patient about sex. (If you first meet someone this day, though, turn away — sex will always be a “fight.”) Late Tues. into Wed. morning erects barriers, so be patient. (If you want to act here, tear down rather than build up.)

Chase money, buy things, sidle into a sensual situation or sign up for a course Wed. afternoon to Fri. afternoon. Wednesday’s basically a write-off (careful with home, chores — stick to “safe routine”). But Thurs. is filled with employment and health blessings, and Friday’s much the same. (Excellent day for career/work communications, or for buying machinery — before 3 pm PDT.) Errands, communications, trips and paperwork fill Fri. afternoon through Sat. All’s well, but don’t over-imbibe, nor push your health.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 22-Nov. 21

The work “overload” lasts to late March, Scorpio. Your domestic scene needs patience (and might be the source of extra chores, right into mid-May). You can talk of romance, but much of the essential action is over. Sex/intimacy is a different story — your sexual prospects are at a fortunate peak, this week to early August. Singles will find someone to embrace, young couples can achieve pregnancy, and even seniors among you will kick up your heels. These 4 months are also fortunate for investments, debt reduction, new lifestyle goals, and medical results. (Good time for cosmetic surgery.) You might meet a true life-mate through sexual motives.

Your optimism flies high Sun./Wed. Your popularity rises, social delights spark around you, flirtations and entertainment lure you. Love, life agreements possible. But withdraw from the bustling world Mon. afternoon to Wed. afternoon (all PDT). Lie low, rest, ponder and plan. Monday and Tues. favour contacting civil servants, attending confidential planning sessions, managing and dealing with “head office.” But rein in late Tues. to Wed. morn, when major obstacles face you. Your energy and pizzazz shoot up Wed. pm to midday Fri. Be a leader, start new projects, etc. — AFTER Thurs. dawn. (Frustration before this.) Chase money, buy/sell, tackle a rote-learning or memory task, and, if he/she will have you, snuggle into sensual bliss. All’s well, no impediments, unless you chase romance (which will create a delayed problem).

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Sweet romance blossoms until late April — and could lead to permanent love, life-mating, sometime this year. (Good marriage vibes until August. Powerful romantic vibes July to December. The puzzle is, romance usually precedes marriage/co-habitation rather than follow it. This could mean, at one extreme, that you marry in June, and chase new love by August onward. But it could also mean marriage [or equivalent] first, then you really fall in love with your mate. Or, you might “negotiate” the first half of 2020, then romance him/her the second half. Whatever happens, you’ll be thrilled.) Despite your “burning need” to communicate, doing so is laborious and a bit awkward, now to mid-May.

Be ambitious Sun. to midday Mon. You can make great progress, though you might have to brush aside family, domestic concerns. Your hopes rise Mon. afternoon to Wed. afternoon (all PDT). Enjoy social delights, a boost in popularity, entertainment and flirtations. Timing is crucial: Mon. pm is superb; Tues. holds a conflict between (hidden or verboten) sex and a friendly, communicative bond, but is fine otherwise; and Tues. midnight into daytime Wed. blocks your path with problems. Act early, Monday.

Withdraw, find solitude Wed. afternoon to Fri. afternoon. Rest, sleep, ponder and plan. Late Wed. and pre-dawn Thurs. hold barriers (protect your health) but Thurs. daytime to midday Fri. flows with inspiration, ease of accomplishment, and relationship harmony. Your energy and charisma, clout and sense of timing improve markedly Fri. pm and Sat. Romance gains a foothold. You’ll go furthest is you don’t let family or security hold you back.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 20

The main emphasis remains on home, family, garden, nature, vacation, rest — it’s a mini-hibernation. Much more money will flow to you, but much can flow away, too — tighten your fist, hold on — to mid-May. You’ve been focused on yourself and personal development the last 2 or 3 years. This switches: now to early 2023, your focus will be on earnings and buying things (like a home?). Your workplace and workmates will be friendly, affectionate now to early August. Good time to seek new employment. A co-worker love affair might start.

A wise, mellow mood flows through you Sun. to midday Mon. (PDT). It’s a great interval to chase far travel, intellectual goals, cultural acceptance — and love. Be ambitious but also cautious Mon. afternoon to midday Wed. Monday pm is great, esp. for money, income. But you might hit a money-work disruption, or an electrical accident, or love-vs-money situation, etc., Tues. morning/noon. The rest of Tues. is, or seems, productive — “seems,” because social, group, and gov’t or head office situations “deny progress” into Wed.

Wednesday afternoon to Fri. afternoon brings popularity, social joys, entertainment and flirtations. Considering you’re in a “down home” phase, try a garden or house party. A Thursday conversation is meaningful. Optimism reigns! Retreat Fri. afternoon through Sat. Read, study, relax, nap, ponder and plan. All’s well, just weary. Avoid being “chatty,” or travelling too far.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 21-Feb. 18

Errands, swift and easy chores, travel and visits, communications and paperwork, contacts and information, office organizing, filing, telephony, computers — these fill the days until late April. Now to early August, romance winks, visits, tugs — if you’re unattached, one of the sweetest romances — or at least prospects — will occur. (Considering the planet involved, this could lead to marriage/wedding.) If you’re married, children will thrill with their talents, and a creative, gambling streak fills you — all good! You are filled with spunk and assertive determination — and sex appeal — until mid-May.

And sex is the theme, Sun. to midday Mon. Finances, investments, lifestyle changes, medical procedures — and intimacy — are favoured. In honesty — and research — lies profit. A wise, mellow, thoughtful mood steals over you Mon. afternoon to Wed. afternoon (all PDT). Far travel, cultural rituals, education, insurance, fame, publishing — all goes well Mon. pm and Tues. pm, but obstacles confront you late Tues. night, Wed. (Is your reputation shining?)

Be ambitious Wed. afternoon to Fri. afternoon. Wednesday needs caution and foresight/patience. But Thurs. gives good luck in earnings and possessions — ask for a pay raise, or hold a sale. Friday’s great, too — you could talk your way into money, or impress the boss with your ideas. A mood of celebration enters Fri. afternoon through Sat. Optimism, flirtations, entertainment, popularity and social delights shower upon you. You’ll be happier if you stay away from money this day/night.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The main accent remains on money, earnings, possessions, rote learning, and casual sex. (The trouble with casual sex is that it — the relationship — can become boring after awhile.) Your home, family, security, garden, nutrition, all will be blessed with sweet, mild good luck now to early August. Though 2020 is not a traditionally good time to buy or sell real estate, these 4 months to Aug. would lead you to a good buy, even profit. (But mostly a good buy for the family.) Be cautious with gov’t or administrators now to mid-May; don’t let your hopes spur you to impulsive action. You might be promoted to supervisor, or start to earn a management salary.

Relationships are important and productive Sun. to midday Mon. Look for and seize opportunities. You might envision a relocation, far away, and distant in time, too. Life’s mysteries, karmic, medical, financial and sexual, rise to fill your hours from Mon. afternoon to midday Wed. These go well Mon. pm, could bring loving embrace or a financial opening. Careful Tues. daytime, when $ and the gov’t (taxes?) are a dangerous mix. Secret communications could blow up. Tues. pm is pretty good, but late this night into Wed. morn, the answer is “No.”

Wednesday afternoon brings a sweet mental mood, thoughtful, compassionate and loving, to Fri. afternoon. Wednesday’s basically a write-off, but Thurs. daytime and night are inspired, loving, far-seeing. (Good night for a date.) Chase education, far travel, law, culture, publishing. Get ambitious Fri. pm through Sat. — you’ll make headway, could impress the boss. Avoid indecision: if you can’t decide, do nothing.



What we do in the shadows we carry into the light. (Almost as an offering.) We cannot hide ourselves. Our infinite selves know perfection is our goal. Perfection is absolutely transparent. Evil cannot be perfect because it always arises from some perversion, or bending of the branch away from its natural growth. When you oppose nature, perfection is very hard to achieve.

Yet there is a kind of satisfaction in evil, the kind of creative rebellion that in some respects is a sort of genius, genius taken in the original meaning of radical, or of newness. Genius creates; intelligence only postulates. Man, I’m full of these things tonight. Yes, there’s satisfaction in evil, but also solitude. Many writers describe a grey blandness, but I think this is only one type of evil. (I know what they mean, though: all evil is bland at heart, because it serves only itself.) But to imply that evil had no intensity, no fire, would be wrong. Passion is often evil’s handmaiden.

All evil is foolish, but the lesser evils look, at first sight, to be the only foolish ones. But those who are deeply, philosophically, and sophisticatedly evil are the most foolish of all, because they believe they have power beyond their power.  Almost as foolish are the self-proclaimed “spiritual” types who insist that we discount our own, physical world, to pursue grace and light. It is not evil to love this world; it is saintly.

It is God’s wish that we get pleasure from eating and from sex. How could it be otherwise? On the other hand, we risk evil when we tell people that we should favour the spiritual world over this physical one, and therefore can/should abandon the pursuits of this world in order to contemplate and grow more worthy of the next.

Be spiritual if you want. But don’t be religious. Few people in modern history have been so callous, murderous, sadistic and cold-hearted than the priest class and religious zealots.
***   ***

A reader from Paris emailed to lambast me for not being more spiritual during this time of Corona crisis. How can I dare talk about love and money when we’re all “locked indoors” for 2 weeks? Well, listen, the corona virus comes from Pluto (planet of death and disease) conjunct Jupiter, planet of expansion. Mars joined them mid-Feb. through March, which added the cruelty, the death to this death scenario. Saturn was there, too, saying “no easy solutions — mankind will have to fight this themselves, with much (seemingly unrewarded) hard effort.” And, finally, the lunar south node was there also, bringing “karmic punishment,” and guaranteeing loss to almost everyone (not only those involved).

Jupiter joining Pluto usually signals a “death event.” — the Rawanda Massacre of 1994 is an example (up to 1.1 million killed by machetes in a 4-month spree). The corona virus is another one of these death events. But, there are wrinkles:

Mars and Saturn have just left the situation, leaving only Jupiter and Pluto. This should already have begun lessening the growth or effect of the virus (Saturn left March 22 — a stock market rally followed; and Mars left March 30 —  can’t say what followed, as it’s only March 27 as I write this.) However, I expect a lightening of mood about the virus, world-wide.

However,  Jupiter — the planet that started the whole thing in December 2019 — fully embraces, joins, conjuncts the death planet, Pluto, March 28 to April 6, hinting at a peak in new deaths. Jupiter repeats this “embrace of death” two more times:  the last week of June/first week of July, and again in November, 2020. These two later periods can “revive” the Corona virus into a new round of infections and reaping by the Big Guy. However, Jupiter usually creates not one, but two separate events/incidents. So June/July and/or November, can bring either a repeat Corona, or a new, different death event. Most likely: June/July, possible resurgence of the virus; November, most likely war or a mass death event caused by violence, arms, etc. (Watch Iran.)

But as far as spirituality goes (the Paris reader’s main complaint) I am not highly spiritual in a New Age fashion (and it is/was a fashion). And I write as I think. (I argue with “God” almost every day, due to my arrogance and innocence.) This column has always focused more on the corporeal than the spirit world. In my philosophy the two are intertwined and inseparable (at least on earth). There are many, many astrologers who can’t predict anything, so they address the emotional, psychological, and spiritual “aspects” as their stock-in-trade — themes and subjects which cannot be proven, therefore are “safe” for these half-astrologers to tread. I am not one of these. Your spirit is yours to refine, keep, bruise or bless.