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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:  4:46 am to 5:05 pm Sun.,  4:47 pm Tues. to 0:37 am Wed., and 7:34 am to 11:29 am Fri.


Note: Scorpio, your weekly forecast for April 12 (below) earlier stated you would be lucky in investment, etc., until “early April.” That was a typo, now corrected. Should have read “early August.”
***   ***

The worst case scenario with Covid-19, in regard to deaths: the “toll” should reach a peak March 28 to April 7, but also can resurge to new “death peaks” June 22 to July 1, and November 7 to 13. (This last peak in November might be something else, a second “death event.” As mentioned in past columns, this second event is more likely to involve armies, munitions, etc.)

The good side: this pandemic began with Jupiter in harmony with Uranus — so whatever happens, the overall macro effect of the virus will be a harmony between nations, and new ideas of government (i.e., new gov’t structures).
***   ***


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

You’re still on top, Aries. Your energy, charisma, effectiveness and sense of timing are top-notch. You will become much more talkative this week until late April; in addition, your words will be gracious, affectionate, humourous and seductive. (These qualities will last until August.) You feel social and optimistic all April, even into May. This is a great time to pick up new friends. Your career scene continues like a World War II movie: explosive, secret, and filled with brave choices. But it’s better than it was weeks ago.

Sunday’s for romance and creativity, pleasure and beauty. Although nothing of note will happen this day, it’s still a great time to get out and enjoy life. Sunday night to pre-dawn Wed. (PDT) brings career, business and ambition drives and circumstances. As noted above, this area has “lightened up” since March, but still contains a dominant message: change. Tuesday afternoon could bring a splendid boost, or open door — enter!

Socializing, popularity, optimism, entertainment on flirtations fill Wednesday morning to late morning Friday. Chase love light Wednesday — the right partner will show you your skills. A splendid interval for joy and love. However, withdraw from the bustling world mid day Friday through Saturday. Get your rest, deal with charities and spiritual organizations, civil servants and advisers/agents. Ponder and plan. Most things run smoothly — but a “loving communication” might go awry.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Remain restful. Conserve your energy, ponder and plan, have confidential discussions with advisers, agents, medical personnel or civil servants. Look to your soul — you’ll have to live with it for many years, so steer it down the right path. Your money fortunes look good now to August. It’s strange but in this time of massive unemployment from the coronavirus, you will tend to make more money — maybe much more — than you usually do! Secrets begin to enter — keep your ears open. Higher-ups, bosses and authorities have recently become rather severe and draconian. Bosses will be temperamental and impatient until mid May, so bring a sense of humour with you to work. Now to early 2023, your career will be blessed or invigorated by such things as the law, your education, your ability to travel and your general understanding of the world, your philosophy.

Sunday’s sexy, contains themes of power, investment, debt, sexual intimacy, medical or lifestyle factors/decisions. However, little of consequence occurs. Great day to research. Sunday eve to predawn Wednesday features intellectual pursuits, higher education, law, culture, far travel and beliefs systems. Although minor things go fairly well during this interval, it does say that there might be a flaw in your philosophy – you might have to change your view of the world.

Your career scene is highlighted predawn Wednesday to mid day Friday. This is a fairly smooth, productive interval, a nice time to just stay calmly at your work. A lucky money opening or circumstance might occur Wednesday night. Your hopes rise, and so does your popularity (but only mildly as you are in a restful period). It’s a time to enjoy people and life, and to look to your future with new optimism — it’s a vibrant one!

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Whatever has happened, Gemini, you remain almost weirdly optimistic. Life looks grand, if you’re single others — and you — flirt.  You might be “sheltering in place,” yet you’re popular, even sought out. But don’t be too blithe about Covid-19. You love to travel around town, talk, interact — the very things that put you at elevated risk. In addition, this disease comes from, resides in, Capricorn, your sign of critical health/illness. It’s also a respiratory illness — Gemini rules the lungs. Careful, my cheerful friend!  on the other hand, do enjoy this joyous, flirtatious and hopeful mood. (In fact, it grows this week, as you hear or see some exciting news.) Love planet Venus has entered your sign and will stay there until early August — you’re going to be chased, or at least, desired! Smile at everyone — this will bring rewards.

Sunday’s for relationships, relocation themes, opportunities and public dealings — and almost none of this will lead to anything. So do what you want — explore, call someone, etc. Re-read the paragraph above about Civid-19 and your health — this applies strongly Sunday suppertime to midnight Tues. You might need a new approach to health matters/habits. This interval is good for financial actions (investments, debt, etc.) and research, esp. Tues. afternoon (PDT). (Midnight in Europe, Wed. morning in Asia.) A sweet, mellow and compassionate mood flows into you on Wednesday to mid day Friday. Far travel, international affairs, legal, cultural, intellectual and publishing pursuits are generally favoured. So is love, especially Wednesday night. Be ambitious Friday p.m. and Saturday — all’s well.

Cancer icon  CANCER: June 21-July 22

Much activity on the work and career fronts is now joined by lots of discussion also. Some of this work/discussion might centre on secrets or financial outcomes. Closed-door talks with the boss(es) are likely. Your sexual courage is high right now to mid-May. A sexual approach might actually bring you to a prospective life-mate. Guard against impulse in finances, investments and lifestyle changes. Surgery might occur… It’s a good time for it. Although this period Is the furthest thing from retreat or inner contemplation, your inner life is blessed now to early August. You will receive aid and welcome from civil servants, agents and advisers, head office and large corporations or institutions, right into August. Think about how these people might advance your ambitions.

Sunday is for chores: stick to routine ones, as new projects will fail. This suppertime to midnight Tuesday (all PDT) brings important meetings, but also tells you that your approach to relationships should change. Just be careful and pick your way. (See paragraph above.) Tuesday pm could open the door to a co-worker affair, or to “acceptance by the public.” Life’s mysteries, subterranean forces, heightened intuition, research, financial, medical and lifestyle choices — these “awaken” Wed. to midday Fri. A nice, productive interval. You could stumble across love Wed. pm, but it’s more likely you’ll grab a “luxury bargain.” Friday pm through Sat. brings a mellow, compassionate mood, and success in legal, international, cultural, media, intellectual pursuits — and love.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

You remain in a month of intellectual growth, international concerns, law, culture and social rituals, belief systems, and large questions (meaning of life?) — and love. Speaking of love, and its opposite, all April and the first half of May confront you with relationship intensity. It’s love or war, but mostly love, as the planet causing this intensity is one of your love (and wedding) rulers. Your temporary enemy might become your mate! (But a real enemy might sue.) Adding to the likelihood of love, now to early August, group affairs, your optimism and popularity, pubic acceptance, flirtations and light, friendly romance, all to keep you happy!

Sunday’s for deep romance, but not much of note occurs. Just enjoy the beauty, pleasure and talented people/kids around you. Tackle chores Sunday supper time to Tuesday midnight. Good and bad Luck mingle, so proceed with some caution. Something is telling you to change your approach to work, or your methods — this might link to your home/house or sleeping habits. You might “sign on” to a huge (and probably lucky or creative) increase in work Tues. pm. Those relationships face you full-on Wed. to midday Fri. (All PDT.) Wednesday daytime might be a bit rough, but this evening brings a new, sexy friend, or an old friend with a new look, one that lures you. Life’s mysteries and consequences arrive Fri. pm through Sat. — nothing wrong here, so long as you forget group associations, and act alone. Good for investment, sex, debt reduction, medical choices. All’s well in this brightest of years, Leo.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Bosses, judges and all higher-ups favour you, Virgo, now to early August. Promotion is likely. If single, you might (10% chance? 20?) fall into playing footsies with the boss’s son/daughter, or with the boss. However, your best outcome from this rare, benevolent influence will be more money, a pay raise, rather than love. (But if you do “romance” someone now to August, you will likely pursue an almost obsessional sexual congress with him/her from July right into early 2021.)

Again, I think, your second choice, as the July-to-year-end period favours $ and assets/investments more — at least in terms of what lasts past the excitement. You’ll work very hard now to mid-May. To some degree, your work will grow more creative (and might contain a sexy co-worker) now to March 2023. Romance? Romance remains a big deal, until mid-December. For many of you, these months ahead favour beautifying your home, garden, etc.

Sunday’s for home, kids, garden. Nothing of note, so just spend a relaxing day, hug the kids, fire up the barbie. This evening beauty creeps in, possibilities blossom — a romantic vibe enters to last to midnight Tues. (All PDT). Something’s saying you need to change your romantic approach — involves how you communicate w/opposite sex. A lucky love development, or a creative master-stroke, or a real estate bargain — these arrive Tues. Tackle chores Wed. to midday Fri. You’ll get a lot done, as a smooth, productive vibe fills this whole interval. After a rough, disruptive start, a boss might notice your efforts Wed. eve, and put you in the forefront of his/her “promotion possible” list. Friday pm through Sat. brings relationships — no great drama here, but realize you might be dealing with a possible prospective life-mate.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Oh, boy. What a year you face, Libra. From July onward, your marriage planet will spend 6 months in your marriage sign— a rare, powerful indicator of marriage. But even earlier, i.e., right now, the planet of love has moved into Gemini until early August. Right now, also, the Sun is in your marriage sign — until April 19. And Mars, your marriage planet, is now in your romance sign until mid-May. Single Librans might fall in love soon, and mate, perhaps for life. You might start to fall love now, and mate in the July-December period. You might, in the April-August period, esp. if you’re already attached, also travel internationally, attend higher learning, write a masterpiece, or dIve into a cultural situation.

Sunday’s for casual contacts, a bit of travel, talk. Nothing significant. Head for home, kids, garden, safety, security, “nap-land” Sun. eve to Tues. midnight. Proceed with ordinary caution, as obstacles exist. So do opportunities (Tues.) to expand your home somehow, or to obtain information about it. Life wants you to change your methods/goals in money/property/home. Not a small thing, for it ”haunts” my vision of your few years ahead. Sweet romance, and the thrills of risk drive you Wed. to midday Fri. (Love of children if you’re married.) Some disruption to noon Wed., then this pm promotes love, and could lead/drive you to a signifiant bond by midnight (PDT — Thursday morning in Europe, afternoon in Asia). Most love opportunities will be “true love” in 2020. Tackle chores Fri. pm through Sat. — aspects are pretty good, you’ll get a fair amount done.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The main accent remains on work — your last week of over-working. Protect your health: eat and dress (and drive!) sensibly. Your domestic situation has started to rub you the wrong way just over the last week or two. This will last until mid May, so decide whether you want to stick it out or find other pastures — that’s exaggerated, but still, guard against losing your temper at home, or hitting your thumb while you’re trying to repair the stairs. You might begin a fairly significant home project or renovation. This will not go quickly, despite your impulse and impatience, so go about any project at home with a calm, deliberate approach. You are in a fortunate period, now to early August. for investment, debt reduction, sex, pregnancy, research and science. Be honest, upright (e.g., no extra-marital shenanigans).

Sunday’s for earning and spending. But the day’s a wee dud, so stick to shopping, and buy only routine items. Or visit garage sales, for curiosity’s sake. Errands, travel, visits, communications and paperwork fill Sunday night to Tuesday midnight. Your luck is mixed here, so proceed with some caution. Tuesday pm, you might make a very significant contact or communication, involves money or possessions. Head for home, at least in your heart (written for all men everywhere) Wed. to midday Fri. Read paragraph above about your temper, etc. But despite Wednesday’s early disruption, this domestic interval flows nicely. Wednesday pm offers sweet intimacy. Friday pm through Sat. sings a song of attraction, love, beauty and thrill. Be creative, express yourself — esp. to someone alluring. But don’t push someone toward sex; he/she might decide against you.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

It’s your last week of “budding romance,” Sage, so make the most of it. You will find it easy to speak or write of love; you might begin a “novel” career in creative writing. Harlequins, anyone? Though this month’s romantic wind won’t last much longer, it has or soon might spark an attraction that isn’t really deeply romantic, more almost a companion thing, a friendly, challenging, between equals thing. It’s naturally light-hearted, easy and affectionate. This relationship might deepen over the months, to early August. You wouldn’t make a mistake marrying this person. BUT: in July either you grow uber-romantic about this person, or you become attracted to someone else, attracted on a gut-level, primal, poetic level.

You will tussle with this choice in July and the first week of August. Then a kind of wisdom will take over, and you’ll make the choice you know you can live with, and will be happy with. Remember, it is your choice, and no one can say which was the better choice. We all live at the place our choices brought us to. Hopefully, we make choices that glows in our heart and will put our regrets to bed, blessed (or at least forgiven, rejected) by our motive. This, too: I suspect the friendly, light “equal” will last, qualifies for marriage. The intense July-December romance lifts you to heights of love you’ve maybe not experienced before, but also might be over by early 2021. It’s your choice! If you find both in one, you’re very lucky.

Your “daily notes” will be short: Sunday, you shine, energy’s high, magnetism too. But you’re like a mater painter with no canvas. Be content. Sunday night to midnight Tues. brings money and its problems. Romantic desires might be pitted against financial ones. Whichever wins, will win for a long time. Maybe good money opportunity Tues. pm. Errands, communications, paperwork Wed. to midday Fri. All goes well — after noon Wed. Plunge in this pm. You could meet or contact the “light. friendly one.” To home, hug the family, garden, repair, rest, Fri. pm through Sat.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22 – Jan. 19

Your home and family, your security, sales territory, nature, finding centre, sinking into yourself and your foundations — these fill one more week (this one). However, this is not a good time to start major renovations, etc. (If you started them weeks ago, all’s good.) You might start discussing plans for the home (or for the kids) now to late April — realize a strong “domestic” influence will arrive July to December: plan ahead for that period. Your employment and workplace shine with fortunate goodwill now to early August. Money pours toward you all April, to mid-May. Now to March 2023, you will be uber-focused on earnings, and will put your whole personality into your income drive.

Be quiet, restful Sunday. Your energy perks up, your charisma returns, this night to midnight Tuesday. Be assertive, show others the way and enlist allies for your cause. Life, or something deep within you, where you see a better life, nudges you to change — perhaps to change something about your home. A big idea might arrive Tues. pm, involving management, delegation or a large organization. Chase money Wed. to midday Fri. Wednesday morning can be disruptive, but this p.m. offers an excellent luxury item purchase (or sale) (diamonds?). The remainder this interval flows smoothly and productively, so make a bit of money. Friday p.m. through Saturday brings errands, visits and short trips, paperwork, Communications and casual contacts. All goes well. Be curious, ask questions. There’s some machinery related to work frustration around Saturday noon (PDT). A good week!

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Both a minor and a major change occurred a couple of weeks ago. The minor influence lasts until mid May, and makes you more determined, assertive, talkative and sexually magnetic than usual. The major influence entered in late March and will stay in your sign through June and comes back again in mid December, to stay until March 2023. This will make you more cautious and conservative for the few years ahead. You will also grow closer to and  accepting of government and management scenarios. You might join the ranks of management or climb the ladder of bureaucracy. You’ll ponder old age and the world beyond us. Now to early August, sweet romance will call you. A Gemini might be involved. Your creative talents and your gambling side will also rise to the surface. If you’re single and looking for love, don’t waste this April to August — chase the one who makes you feel most tender.

Sunday finds you popular, optimistic and happy. However, very little of permanence occurs this day, so just enjoy. But withdraw Sunday night to Tuesday midnight, when weariness takes over. Ponder and plan, rest and recharge your batteries. Deal with civil servants, agents, mentors and advisers. Something subtly nudges you to change the way you communicate. Perhaps you don’t share enough of your inner feelings, which can keep friendships on a surface level. Or perhaps you need to revise how you interface with gov’t or “head office.” Otherwise, all’s well.

Your energy and charisma come roaring back Wednesday to mid day Friday. Be a leader, show others the way, present proposals and start projects. People will notice you! Wednesday morning is a bit rough, but this p.m. offers romance. If are single, get out and touch someone’s hand. Thursday and Friday flow well, so chase your favourite goals. But pursue only money (not romance, unless you want a dull one) Friday afternoon through Saturday. You’ll find bargains.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The general accent remains on money, Pisces — income, possessions, memory tasks and casual sexual attractions. Your home and family will be sweet and affectionate for a surprisingly long time – now till early August. These few months will be a good time to spruce up your home and garden, buy furniture, even buy or rent a new home. If you give birth in these months, your child will be unusually sweet and princely (or princess-ly). Avoid belligerent people and places of violence before mid-May. Now to spring of 2023, you will feel hopeful about management, civil service, and spiritual areas. A stubborn, kind person will befriend you.

Sunday’s ambitious, clerks call you Sir or Ma’am, but the day’s a dud accomplishment-wise. Your optimism bubbles up Sun. eve to midnight Tues. (All PDT.) You’ll feel social, popular and playful. Life’s sweet! Something is nudging you to alter your beliefs, your life philosophy, perhaps by altering your social circle. You might hear or envision great career news Tuesday. But withdraw to quietude, rest and napping Wed. to midday Fri.  Wednesday am hits turbulence, perhaps over money or “instructions.” But from early afternoon Wed. onward, this interval runs smoothly and beneficially. Contact gov’t, deal with spiritual or charitable orgs., ponder your past and future, and make plans. All’s well!. Your energy ands charisma rebound Fri. p.m. and Sat. Take the lead, start new projects, see and be seen. Inspiration awaits!



Thanks to C.B. for nudging me to look at the devastating 1918 “Spanish Flu,” which  sparked all the paragraphs below:

The present Covid-19 virus, as I wrote last week, comes primarily from a year-long Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, starting December 2019 and lasting to December 2020. (Pluto means death, and Jupiter means expand.) Though China informed the world about the epidemic in late December, the planets hint that the conflagration began about December 2 or 3.

In 1918/19, Jupiter again joined Pluto, to create (actually, “signal”) the “Spanish flu” that killed 50 million people worldwide, 675,000 in the U.S. So the present corona virus is potentially just as deadly. One difference: in 1918, Jup. and Pluto were in Cancer, the sin of home, family, and the opposite sign of Capricorn (where the present pandemic came from).  In 1918, the “cure” and the “problem” were family-oriented, moist, and spread through food. In 2020, the “cure” and”problem” are closely dependent on structural actions, government, and “denial.” Dry, not moist. 

Jupiter joins Pluto approximately every 13 years, so the conjunction does not always signal a devastating pandemic.

Jupiter and Pluto conjoined in:

1918/19 — Spanish Flu, 50 million dead worldwide, 675,000 in U.S.A.

1930/31 — nothing, but the Great Depression

1942/43 — nothing

1955/56 — nothing, but a pandemic in 1957/58, 1.1 million dead worldwide, 116,000 in U.S.

1968 — pandemic, 1 million dead worldwide, 100,000 in U.S.

1980/81 — nothing

1993/94 — nothing

2006 to 2009 (extended conjunction) H1N1 flu — 350,0009 deaths worldwide, 12,500 in U.S.

2019/20 — Corona Virus, about 200,000 dead worldwide so far, 18,000 in U.S. (April 10).

(NOTE: A pandemic does not occur with every Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, but it — in the period shown here, 1918-2020 — NEVER occurs WITHOUT this conjunction. Often, it also creates or accompanies economic distress — 1930, 2006-09,  2020.

A researcher might find that the serious pandemics (1918, 2020 esp.) occurred when Saturn or Uranus or Neptune were also involved in a “discordant” way (e.g., a square). But I’m no researcher — too lazy. Still, the 2020 pandemic involved not only a conjunction of Jupiter-Pluto, but Mars and Saturn were also conjunct Jupiter, and when China announced the virus, Moon and Sun were there also — half of all planets, plus Sun and Moon, PLUS the lunar south node (bad karma, destruction) — ALL were in the sign of the disease, Capricorn. This pandemic is on the level of the 1918 one, but  we’re 100 years on in medical knowledge.


In 1918, BTW, Jupiter was conjunct the lunar south node (again, bad karma). Jupiter rules world-wide travel. which explains why these pandemics spread so quickly.

(Of the 9 conjunctions listed above, 5 produced a pandemic. A statistician would go wild. [Especially a statistician who disdains astrology. When M. Gauquelin showed the French Academy of Sciences that statistical studies irrefutably proved that planetary placements “determine” a person’s career and success, one of the “scientists” is said to have declared, “If statistics prove astrology, then I no longer believe in statistics.”] Science, of course, has its fashions and fads, like any other long-living thing.) 


Expect them, whether bothersome or catastrophic, around:

2032/33  (light or non-existent)

2045/46 (serious, also economic collapse)


***   ***


Why is Bill Barr, America’s Attorney General, lying when he says about the state/FBI shenanigans, “we’re going to get to the bottom of this”, and “they will be prosecuted.” During both utterances, made recently on the “Ingraham Angle” (Fox news)  his eyes, usually calm, unimpressed, suddenly broke into a fit of swift blinking, an indicator of lying. The blinking fits came on the words “bottom” and “prosecuted.” What/who is he afraid of? Why was there fear in his face?

We’ve seen — well, sensed — this shadowy power before with Bill Clinton, Hillary. James Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Rosenstein, McAvoy,  Susan Rice,  their misdeeds all “ignored” or forgiven by Barr’s Justice Department — and the Department before him. Something’s wrong; I thought Barr would be the cure, but he’s starting to look like part of the disease. Something’s lurking behind Barr, and it’s big, powerful and, I suspect, malevolent. Martians? Xi’s cousin? Putin’s aunt? It’s a huge puzzle.
***   ***

Did you notice? We now make groups our heroes. Adulation for the old singular hero, the John Wayne type, has been replaced by, or maybe more correctly, added to, praise for a segment of society which we feel has sacrificed for us. After 911 we idolized firemen and first responders generally. After the Iraqi invasion, soldiers. Now, after the corona outbreak, we’re hero-worshipping and praising the medical profession. Do you notice who’s missing? The police.

I don’t know if this trend toward praise of a group began with 9/11, or not.

Now, in all this above, I might be mistakenly conflating (there’s a word that won’t last long) mythology (the singular hero who represents a nation or tribe or an idea or moral heroism [e.g., John Wayne]) with reality (but what is this reality?). In our day, the reality might be “group heroism.”
***   ***

Didj’a notice, the present “world war” against the corona virus, is against the virus? Not human against human, but humanity against a virus, an invader from another world. This is a repeat of other pandemics thru history, but it feels different, as if it’s a bridge from internecine, inter-nation squabble and warring, to an enhanced view of ourselves as all humans, all in the same boat, sharing fears and data, inventing and caring. Soon — and you see hints of this in some of Trump’s moves — leaders and nations will display a true repugnance toward war.
***   ***

Hector and Amelia, married ten years, fought all day, loved all night.

At the moment, the light on the tv equalled the twilight outside. Her plump skin was starting  to appeal to him, starting to radiate a feeling of mystery.

Because he started work early, they rose at the first hint of greyness. He couldn’t ignore it. His body couldn’t. He felt awake and had to jump up. Downstairs, she fried breakfast. Same damn blackened, rim-burnt rubbery eggs. He ate in anger. She was pissing him off already. He left the table and went to work. He’d repay her when work was over. He began to fantasize.

Then he had a huge revelation.
***   ***

All this hoopla about praising medical workers, as they face the Corona virus head-on. Good. But my local hospital in Sechelt is virtually empty. I went there today for a 1 pm appointment with an ENT specialist. The waiting room was empty. The registration clerk turned me away, saying the hospital was not doing any exams or other non-essential items. This is about, oh, a 200-bed hospital. But as I wandered the main floor between departments I was surprised by how empty it was.  I saw only 2 people, the registration clerk, and, at emergency, where I’d gone to exit, was the second human, another registration clerk. Not one emergency patient waiting. Have you ever seen an empty emergency department? (I think emergency patients are not coming in because the hospital’s discouraging them. I wondered if there was a Covid-19 patient within.)
***   ***

The warrior: Behind him and before, above him and below, his left side and his right, each camera sending impulses/images to his optic nerve, so that he could see the entire picture as though it surrounded him, as it did. He could also choose to highlight one or two views. Each camera was attached by a memory.


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  1. Kenneth

    Pisces: “Playful time ends at midnight, Tuesday” then what’s going to happen for the rest of the day before the quietude Wednesday?

    Be safe during the outbreak of coronavirus!

  2. pittypat


    Thank you for your continuing insightful forecasts! I went back to reread some of your 2020 Forecasts and just about fell off my chair – page 4 (the book) – 1st line under Economy – your prediction was for this Spring’s “unpredictability” to affect socializing (!!), banks, land values…and jerks to the stock market/economy. Almost spooky in its accuracy!! Kudos!

    Hoping we get through this soon. Also saw your notes re a dead cat bounce in July, possibly late Fall too – hope it’s a milder version, if we can’t avoid it.


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, pittypat,

      Thanks for the praise! (“Virus” was also in the mix, but in discussion with my editor, it was taken out.)

      Cheers, Tim

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