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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

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(More on the Corona virus in the AFTERAMBLE.)
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I don’t see anything astrologically, but everything else I see makes me feel we’re entering a period of deflation.
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A Reader’s comment:

“I bought your yearly report and you state that the Canadian economy will move along without a problem…so wrong…wasted money. That will not happen again.”

Another Reader’s comment:

“I went back to reread some of your 2020 Forecasts and just about fell off my chair – page 4 (the 2020 book) – 1st line under Economy – your prediction was for this Spring’s ‘unpredictability’ to affect socializing (!!), banks, land values…and jerks to the stock market/economy. Almost spooky in its accuracy!”

Yes, I should have put this qualifier in the China, Canada, Europe and U.S. forecasts (e.g., “Absent a spring disruption in socializing, banks…”) but I didn’t. Sometimes you have to read everything. When I write or forecast, often something “over there” will indicate something, then later on something else will indicate something different. I report both indications (while forgetting in my haste — the 2020 book was written in 12 days — that they might contradict each other). Well, that’s me and my flaw. Had I taken another day or two, I might have converged or combined the two forecasts, to show both potentials, ruin and smooth sailing… yet if you look through a certain lens, the problem isn’t and never was economic; it was and is health. But if we don’t recover/resume soon, I think deflation will ravage some of us.
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Pursue earthly things for the next four weeks, Aries: money, possessions, memories, sex… you’ll feel the solidity, the thick lushness, of nature/life. You remain idealistic (to mid-May) and very social. Yes, meet new people, explore new horizons. Bosses are starting to see you as a hard worker, for some reason; you could be promoted before 2020 ends. Communications remain easy and rewarding — be curious, ask questions, ask someone out.

Your energy’s low Sunday, but all flows smoothly. Good time to rest and contemplate your future. That energy comes surging back Sunday midnight to midday Wed. The obstacles you run into are larger than the tools you have to dismantle them. Your social group and your income conflict: wait, rather than invest or chase someone. Pursue money noon Wed. to midnight Fri. You’re blessed on career/prestige fronts, so march ahead. Seek new clients, add new items to your sales desk, schmooze with the boss, search for bargains. Two cautions: hold back your opinions late Thurs., and avoid revealing secrets Friday. Saturday’s for errands, communications, travel — lucky, but “odd” luck.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Sunday lifts you from a month of weariness to a month of energy, from solitude to — not popularity, exactly, but to being the centre of people’s attention. You might not “feel” the change, because it happens gradually — but in 4 or 5 days you’ll flex your muscles and say, “I feel healthy, ready to go” — good! For the 2 years ahead, you’ll make progress in legal, social, cultural and intellectual pursuits, yet you’ll feel these areas are burdensome. Or, you might deeply immerse yourself in one of them — e.g., in an intellectual pursuit — which will reap a rich reward. (You know I don’t always mean money, right?) This week to mid-May, be extra polite to higher-ups: they’re impatient. Your money continues to meet good fortune, and your sensual desires will likely be fulfilled. You will have a few confidential or “navel gazing” conversations the rest of April. Avoid extra-marital temptations.

Sunday’s happy, social — you can see the dawn of your success — it’s but a mere glimmer so far! Monday to midday Wed. brings a whisper of the past 4 weeks: quietude, pondering, planning, dealing with gov’t or management, health issues. Just relax, don’t try to do too much. Obstacles exist — let them exist! Your energy, charisma, clout, effectiveness and timing surge skyward Wed. pm to midnight Fri. Get out, see and be seen, make new contacts, launch projects, etc. You’re the winner now, esp. in finances, sex and legal matters. (But don’t argue with a boss/cop late Thurs. night (PDT).) Saturday’s for shopping, casual bedroom attractions. Be moderate in both — gossiping types notice you.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Poor you! (Poor me too, I’m a Gemini also.) The best spring/summer for love in many years, yet the cosmos (through your local gov’t) is extending the “6-ft., 2-m” social distancing. So fall in love but don’t touch or kiss! Ah, well, things will work out. Love can leap farther than 6 feet! Continue to strictly avoid lawsuits (and lawyers generally) — someone might want a piece of your assets. If you can’t settle verbally, just walk away. (Better result than fighting.) You remain attractive to the opposite sex, and very hopeful about your own prospects. This could convince an admirer (e.g., to accept your proposal, date, friendship, marriage, whatever). The weeks ahead (starting Sunday, April 19) will find you tired, quiet, deep into contemplation. Open the channels to gov’t — do taxes early.

Sunday sparks ambition, and runs fairly smoothly — get a little thing done, leave the big alone for now. Joy arrives (maybe with trumpets?) midnight Sunday to midday Wed. Socialize, test your (growing) popularity, flirt, try a flyer on an improbable path — for instance, send a letter, text, email to someone important, and ask if you can join ‘em. Ordinary wishes/goals will run into obstacles of reality, the economy, work/health and a relationship that won’t co-operate. Either way, you’ll be happy!

Your energy really “folds” midday Wed. to midnight Fri. — be glad to have some solitude and rest. Ponder and plan, invest, be charitable and spiritual, liaison with civil servants and management types, agents and advisors. Most flows very well, though you could hit a whirlpool late Thurs. night (PDT) to pre-dawn Sat., if you follow the crowd, or ignore work/health needs. (Around Fri. suppertime, you could land a hot date, or enter a “boudoir event.”)  Saturday, your energy rises — you’ll attract others, but an argumentative streak might interfere.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Your duties lighten for the next 4 weeks, Cancer. Those 4 weeks will be filled with social delights, entertainment, flirtation, and an unquenchable optimism. Now to early August, your relations with gov’t, head office and advisors are gracious, blessed. Your inner world has found peace. Despite your duties lightening, there is much discussion this week about job, career projects. Mysteries, investments, debt, secrets, asset worth, sexual desires — these remain intense until mid-May, and “significant” for the next 3 years. (After May 5, my 18-month-long warning to avoid marriage, partnerships and relocation lifts, so you can chase these without “illogical obstacles” — for 17 years.

Sunday finds you mellow, understanding, contemplating the bigger questions of life. All’s well — fine time to buy a ticket, attend a foreign film (well, watch at home, corona-wise) or delve into your favourite book/subject. Monday to midday Wed. pressures you to perform, to live up to expectations, esp. at work. There are obstacles (e.g. a partner is reluctant) but also some productive luck, so advance, but cautiously. Wednesday pm brings joy, social delights, popularity, group-think, optimism and possible love — to midnight Fri. Your luck’s good here, esp. Friday pm — plunge in! Saturday’s for shopping, cashing cheques. Don’t overspend — it will be easy to do.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The 4 weeks ahead accent ambition, career, prestige relations, street cred, reputation and worldly standing. Relationships are intense until mid-May, esp. with co-workers, service personnel, and other vehicle drivers. Patience and discretion! (Leo pride can hurt you here.) If single you might — only might — meet a life-mate. People you talk to are interested in the bigger Q’s — the meaning of life, love, international affairs, etc. Now to early August, your social life improves — people, even strangers, like you! Join groups — you might meet love in one.

Sunday continues last Saturday’s serious, mysterious venture into life’s hidden forces: sex, deep health, depth psychology, subconscious promptings. Dig deep — you might find “treasure.” A mellow, wise mood steals over you Mon. to midday Wed. — far travel, higher education, love, beliefs and culture come into focus. Best daytimes, Mon. and Tues. But don’t attempt big things here, Leo, as massive obstacles exist (around the midnight hours of both days).

Re-read the first sentence of this forecast, for Wed. pm to Fri. midnight. Work hard, show your skills, be ambitious, esp. Fri., when you could land a big fish (career-wise). All this interval, avoid bad-mouthing the boss, or joining any employee-boss discussions. Silent discretion best. Saturday promises romantic adventure, but will deliver a frustration. Enjoy friends instead.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You emerge from mysteries and darkness to understanding and light, Virgo. Your subconscious retreats, while logic ascends. Themes of far travel, intellectual pursuits, fame, statistics and insurance, publishing, culture, religion, law and love enter for the weeks ahead. Now to mid-May, work can be hard, intense — co-worker relations, too. Until August, bosses and VIPs like you, are willing to promote you or give a pay raise. Bug them about it — they already know you’re worth it. There’s talk about sex, but it’s 50-50 whether it becomes physical.

Sunday’s for relationships, open, honest ones. Good meetings, good progress. Sunday midnight to midday Wed. brings deep, mysterious things, financial choices, sexual temptations, lifestyle choices and medical procedures. Not much is easy or rewarding here, so go forth cautiously. Tuesday daytime probably best — but avoid significant commitments. A sweet, mellow, loving and understanding mood flows over you Wed. pm to midnight Fri. Good luck accompanies you, so chase results in far travel, intellectual pursuits, fame, statistics and insurance, publishing, culture, religion, law and love. (Realize sex conflicts with romance these few days.)  Saturday’s for ambition, career, social standing — be “presentable” but don’t try too hard, as there’s little to gain.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This is a long message, Libra. The last 4 weeks focused on open, honest attractions and dislikes. The 4 weeks ahead also emphasize relationships, but the “atmosphere” changes. What was open, honest, becomes private. What was an attraction becomes intimate, or slides away…it’s all or nothing time. Agreements recently made must now be fulfilled with action or $. Pregnancy “available.” This month ahead is a great time for research, for lifestyle decisions and medical action. Your intuition will be finely honed: listen to it. Honour it and you will open the door to psychic awareness. But just listening to it is good also, helpful for practical and relationship decisions. (“Listening” — it’s that small,. almost imperceptible nudge inside.)

Now to August, true love, of the wedding kind, might visit you. If you only chase lust, it will pale in comparison to true heart feelings. But you might meet both, wrapped in a delightful package, someone charming and seductive, who holds your heart in constant, breezy joy, and sexually transports you to a land of magic. Make all your love decisions this year with your heart and your head — for you, they are almost the same anyway. 

Sunday, tackle chores. The earlier you start, the more’s accomplished. The rest of this week, in a way, repeats what I wrote above. It’s almost like you can live the month past and the month ahead in “miniature.” Monday to midday Wed. brings the “open relationships” — friends, admirers, enemies, challengers and co-operators — but all of it aboveboard. (New relations formed during this Mon.-Wed. interval will not reward in the long run, though.) Then midday Wed. to midnight Fri. brings secretive, lust-based attractions, as well as a myriad of honest opportunities open to you in financial, research and forensic, medical and science fields — these 2 days are a sort of preview of the important themes of the 3 weeks following.

Saturday’s for love, small or large, in a mental way.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO: Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Scorpio, your weekly forecast for April 12 (last week) stated you would be lucky in sex and investment, etc., until “early April.” That was a typo, now corrected — should have read “early August.” (Should also include luck in surgery and lifestyle changes.)

You remain mildly disappointed and “fiery tempered” at home until mid-May. Be gentle with kids. Lots of discussion about work or health, even though this area is ebbing in importance. The 4 weeks ahead generally emphasize relationships, relocation, agreements, negotiations, as well as enmities and challenge. My advice, as always: make love, not war. (Scorpios who start “sex affairs” during this month ahead might end up with a life mate.)

Sunday’s romantic and creative — all’s smooth. Work and health concerns arrive Mon. to midday Wed. Go slow here, for two reasons: 1) major obstacles exist, and 2) the major work, task is over. Your best progress will come both daytimes (Mon./Tues.). Mid day Wednesday to Friday midnight brings relationships, negotiations, agreements or contracts, new opportunities and fresh horizons. Be diplomatic and eager to join. Good luck accompanies you through much of this interval, though Wed. daytime is a bit dicey, and you could lose your temper late Thurs. night (all PDT). But Friday is splendid, as long as you avoid work (or health) discussions. Saturday’s sexy, contains financial overtones and “opportunities.” But be patient: desires acted on now won’t have much of an outcome.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

A month of romance and big, delicious plans just ended. The month ahead features work, health, employees or service personnel, pets, machines and tools. You might buy an electric appliance — if so, April 24, and May 2, 10 and 12 are best. (Not guaranteeing success, as each of these days is followed [early next day] by a bad aspect.) Relationships remain sweet — a Gemini or Libra might be involved. Romantic whispers or hints. Remember, if you’ve rebuffed this person before, he/she might be a little slow to trust you again. Now to mid-May, your words, your speech, is either romantic or angry. What does that say?

Spend Sunday at/near home. Hug the kids, set off on a kids’ adventure or visit local nurseries to stock your garden, etc. All’s comfy, easy. Romance (maybe an echo of the last 4 weeks) lures you Mon. to midday Wed. Major obstacles exist, so be patient rather than pushy. Now to midsummer, you’ll go furthest in love if you embrace “equal partners” rather than goo-goo adoration. Midsummer to year’s end will bring all the romance you want, but we’re not there yet. Wednesday pm to Friday midnight bring work and health vibes. Plunge into the work late Wed., or Fri. (esp.) for best results. Saturday kicks off a weekend of relationships. Be diplomatic, eager to understand another’s position.

(All week you seem to be communicating with someone, but hitting barriers — because you’re trying to be romantic, when more realism, “equal mates” is called for.)

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You have been quiet, shy and thoughtful for the past month, Cap. now that changes. The pent-up energy of the last four weeks now drives your romantic desires and your general hankering for adventure, or to try a daring new method or business. You go from sleep (past 4 weeks) to energy (4 weeks ahead). A beautiful thing is going to happen May 5 — the lunar south node of bad karma slips out of your sign (and won’t return for 17 years). That day, perceptible or not, you begin a 9-year climb to a peak of success and psychological/moral happiness. Now to mid-May, money flows to you — and through you, if you can’t hold onto it. (Reduce spending.) Last week of “eager talk” on the home front. Your workplace and work mates are pleasant, fortunate until early August. (Fine time to organize a “work force.”)

Sunday’s for errands, messages, short trips — all’s well! Your domestic situation grows in importance Mon. to midday Wed. Be gentle, realize some obstacles are not meant to be challenged or overcome; these obstacles have deep roots in you. They will dissolve in time (by 2025). Romance — the main ingredient now to late May — arrives Wed. pm to midnight Fri. Also, creative surges, beauty, pleasure, risk-taking, self-expression. Good overall luck in these, esp. Friday, but not if you let domestic demands or disagreements interfere. Plunge into chores Saturday — you’ll be happy to work.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Your talkative, restless month ends Sunday morning, Aquarius. The four weeks ahead emphasize home, children, rest, contemplation, and soaking up Mother Nature. Rest deeply, because you’ll want energy reserves for late May/June, when exciting developments are slated. You remain talkative, but not as much: also, your sexual magnetism and determination (and sexual courage) remain intense until mid-May. Yet you remain cautious; you feel the weight of a new sober outlook on life. Love, romantic love, is very possible until early August. Chase it — not yet, but soon.

Pursue and clear up money situations Sunday. All’s well. Errands, conversations, short trips and visits, paperwork and office systems — these fill Mon. to midday Wed. This isn’t the luckiest period, so advance carefully. Best time to act: Tues. daytime (PDT). This month’s main focus — home, kids, security, nutrition, real estate — is highlighted Wed. pm to midnight Friday. Now good fortune does accompany you, esp. Friday, when the same obstacles that stopped you early/mid week, now turn to solutions, even opportunities. (These might be connected to gov’t, head office, institutions or a management role.) Saturday brings beauty, the poetic magic of life, and romance — get out and enjoy this day.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You’ve dealt with money the past few weeks, and money-related discussions continue this week. But the main focus, for 4 weeks ahead, lies on errands, swift, easy chores, communications and paperwork, media, travel and new contacts. Be curious, ask questions. Not an important time; high stakes are not involved, so you can relax even as you work. Continue to avoid violent people and their “hang outs” until mid-May. In the 3 years ahead, many of your hopes (and social joys) will be tied to the background, to management levels or civil service or an institution. Now to early August, your home will be a sweet retreat — kids are charming, well-behaved, the garden explodes with the best flowers you’ve seen in years, etc. A great few months to redecorate.

Your energy and charisma remain high and handsome Sunday. Get out, meet people, start projects. All goes well. Deal with money and possessions Monday to midday Wednesday. Collect and pay. But remain alert, cautious, as the “final word” from the cosmos is negative. Forget a sensual relationship temptation: if indulged, it would work against your best future. Wednesday pm to midnight Friday highlights the main emphasis of the month ahead, Pisces: errands, communications, etc. (as outlined above). Most of these go well, esp. Fri. But all week, including Sat., avoid money disagreements with friends. Sign no contracts. Saturday’s for home, kids, garden, etc. — a happy day, with perhaps an argument this night.



Note: Some of you have read this item on the Corona virus, but some have not, as I inserted it into the blog 2 days after the column was published. So I’m reproducing it here in case you missed it.

Thanks to C.B. for nudging me to look at the devastating 1918 “Spanish Flu,” which  sparked the paragraphs below:

The present Covid-19 virus, as I wrote last week, comes primarily from a year-long Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, starting December 2019 and lasting to December 2020. (Pluto means death, and Jupiter means expand.) Though China informed the world about the epidemic in late December, the planets hint that the conflagration began about December 2 or 3.

In 1918/19, Jupiter again joined Pluto, to create (actually, “signal”) the “Spanish flu” that killed 50 million people worldwide, 675,000 in the U.S. So the present corona virus is potentially just as deadly. One difference: in 1918, Jup. and Pluto were in Cancer, the sign of home, family, and the opposite sign of Capricorn (where the present pandemic came from).  In 1918, the “cure” and the “problem” were family-oriented, moist, and spread through food. In 2020, the “cure” and”problem” are closely dependent on structural actions, government, and “denial.” Dry, not moist.

Jupiter joins Pluto approximately every 13 years, so the conjunction does not always signal a devastating pandemic.

Jupiter and Pluto conjoined in:

      • 1918/19 — Spanish Flu, 50 million dead worldwide, 675,000 in U.S.A.
      • 1930/31 — nothing, but the Great Depression
      • 1942/43 — nothing
      • 1955/56 — nothing, but a pandemic in 1957/58, 1.1 million dead worldwide, 116,000 in U.S.
      • 1968 — pandemic, 1 million dead worldwide, 100,000 in U.S.
      • 1980/81 — AIDS (a viral disease) probably first discovered (became widely known approx. 1984/85)
      • 1993/94 — nothing
      • 2006 to 2009 (extended conjunction) H1N1 flu — 350,0009 deaths worldwide, 12,500 in U.S.
      • 2019/20 — Corona Virus, about 200,000 dead worldwide so far, 18,000 in U.S. (April 10).

(NOTE: A pandemic does not occur with every Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, but it — in the period shown here, 1918-2020 — a pandemic NEVER occurs WITHOUT this conjunction. Often, it also creates or accompanies economic distress — 1930, 2006-09,  2020.

A researcher might find that the serious pandemics (1918, 2020 esp.) occurred when Saturn or Uranus or Neptune were also involved in a “discordant” way (e.g., a square). But I’m no researcher — too lazy. Still, the 2020 pandemic involved not only a conjunction of Jupiter-Pluto, but Mars and Saturn were also conjunct Jupiter, and when China announced the virus, Moon and Sun were there also — half of all planets, plus Sun and Moon, PLUS the lunar south node (bad karma, destruction) — ALL were in the sign of the disease, Capricorn. This pandemic is on the level of the 1918 one, but we’re 100 years on in medical knowledge.

In 1918, BTW, Jupiter was conjunct the lunar south node (again, bad karma). Jupiter rules world-wide travel. which explains why these pandemics spread so quickly.

(Of the 9 conjunctions listed above, if we include AIDS in the 1980’s, 6 produced a pandemic. A statistician would go wild. [Especially a statistician who disdains astrology. When M. Gauquelin showed the French Academy of Sciences that statistical studies irrefutably proved that planetary placements “determine” a person’s career and success, one of the “scientists” is said to have declared: “If statistics prove astrology, then I no longer believe in statistics.”] Science, of course, has its fashions and fads, like any other long-living thing.)


Expect them, whether bothersome or catastrophic, around:

      • 2032/33  (light or non-existent)
      • 2045/46 (serious, also economic collapse)
        ***   ***

This earth (the whole corporeal universe) is our purgatory, where we work out our sins and our karma. Perhaps we return here — reincarnate — until our karma is clean and our bodies unsubstantial.

Our earth is beautiful, a source of every joy and pleasure imaginable except, perhaps, spiritual joy. Food is delicious to the tongue; sex thrills the body with pleasure, beauty makes our eyes glad; no matter our tears, the Sun rises to dry them every day. This earth is a paradise. Think of it: this God is kind, as it/he/she lets us work through our sins in paradise. Who can complain about that?