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NOTE: If you’re looking for the Karmic, Luck, Love, Health, Career and Business, Home and Family forecast for the year 2020 – they are in my 2020 Astrology Forecast book. You can find the link to purchase this under ‘PLATFORMS’ in the navigation bar/menu at the top.

NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

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Man, I’m a bit surprised. It’s almost May, and people are still buying the 2020 Forecast book. If you do buy a copy, please, after you read the “world forecast” for Canada, Europe and the U.S.A. (around pages 1 or 2, maybe 3) immediately go to Page 4 and read the ‘ECONOMY” section. Here, I forecast the phenomena that could prevent the good stuff for Canada, U.S., and Europe. Unfortunately, that phenomena happened, courtesy of the Wuhan pandemic.
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The Covid-19 pandemic still affects travel and social distancing. I’m basically ignoring these restrictions in your Weekly Forecasts below. Otherwise, the column would become a complex monster. So I leave it to you to find your own solutions to these restrictions. For example, I mentioned love in last week’s message, and a reader immediately wrote to say: How can love exist when we have to stand 6 feet apart? Well, that’s for you to figure out — there are many, many ways to share love, even at a distance. 200 years ago, in many romantic novels the lovers never or hardly ever meet: the whole novel is composed of letters between the lovers. Another example: I have never received so many texts from my daughters as I have during this “shelter in place” zeitgeist.
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The accent remains on money, memories, possessions and casual sexual desire. You continue to be social, popular and optimistic. (On two fronts: private and career — the latter “has something for you” now to early 2023. Something solid and… good.) Errands, trips and paperwork flow easily and luckily, now to August. A good 3 1/2 months to communicate with spouse (or prospective spouse — or money associates). Your conversations slow in the weeks ahead, as you stop speaking about yourself, and start talking about money.

Sunday to mid-morn Monday are intriguing, bring insight and inspiration, quick action, and possible deception. Communicate, get paperwork done, reach out and contact people, ask questions. Not a good time to interface with gov’t or “head office.” Late morning Monday to suppertime Wed. steers you toward home, family, security, nutrition and Mother Nature. You can make a bit of progress here, but might be irked Tues. morning (PDT) when your skills don’t quite meet your goals. Tuesday night’s truly inspired.

Romance and beauty, creativity and pleasure, sports, games and children’s talents fill Wed. eve to late Fri. night. Your luck is mixed here, so dance around obstacles if you can, esp. Wed. night, Thurs. morning. Tackle chores Saturday — all’s well, and you’ll get a big amount done! Dress, eat sensibly.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The world is yours. Taurus! At least the world of personal presence — charisma, energy, effectiveness and timing — until late May. Almost as long, bosses are temperamental, impatient, so do your best, smile, and keep your sense of humour. Those higher-ups are uptight because they’ve just learned (since late March) that something beyond their control — gov’t, maybe, head office, regulations, warehouse logjams — is now on their shoulders. (Some of this, of course, could be a result of the corona virus.) You’re quite talkative (and persuasive) now to mid-May. And your domestic environment, as it will be every week to early August, is filled with love, beauty and kindness.

Sunday (to mid-morn Monday) nudges you to pursue money, possessions (the depreciating kind) and sensual intimacy. Your luck is unpredictable, but holds good as long as you avoid deception, yours or others’. You display your most “modern” or idealistic side, and love comes fairly easily.

Errands, paperwork, communications, short trips, media and new contacts fill Mon. mid-morn to Wed. suppertime. Monday goes well, so does most of Tuesday. But avoid discussions with authorities, VIPs or your boss, esp. Tues. Your intuition is sharp, your hunches right. To succeed Wed., you’ll need to co-operate, and gain the support of another/others.

Head for home Wed. suppertime (PDT — Thurs. morn in Europe, later in Asia). But maintain a steady keel Thursday, when surprises chase you. This night, you might charm the pants off someone — literally. Friday’s domestic, too, and basically workable — but no lucky spots — just plod along with repairs, kids, garden, etc. Saturday’s for romance, creative surges, and risk-taking. Success and joy, beauty and pleasure!

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Withdraw from the hustling crowd until May 20, Gemini. Rest, replenish emotional and physical reserves. Watch and be silent, ponder and plan, and deal with gov’t, head office, agents, advisors, charities and spiritual types. Continue to avoid lawsuits until mid-May. Do you notice more people smiling at you than usual? That’s Venus in Gemini — you walk around with an aura of grace and “easy on the eyes” radiance — until August. Confidential discussions will occur, now to about May 10.

Despite the fact that you’re in a month of dampened energy and charisma, both these rise nicely Sunday to mid-morn Monday. People look to you for answers. Sunday holds romantic themes and intellectual solutions. Ambition exists, but I’m uncertain how far it will take you — maybe to the end of the driveway? Pursue money, pay and collect bills, acquire or sell, butter up clients, etc., mid-morn Monday to suppertime Wed. Lots of little things go well, but keep an eye on legal, intellectual, insurance concerns — the wrong words could set you back. Silence, waiting, is better than un-revocable speech, etc. Sign nothing. Bosses like your style.

Suppertime Wed. to midnight Fri. brings errands, chats, trips, visits, paperwork and communications. Mostly, you’ll struggle against a gauntlet of frustrations. Rather than fight them, remember: this is your rest period. Let the world mend itself. Saturday’s best spent at home or in the ‘hood. A splendid day — hug the kids and spouse, hug nature, garden, relax on the porch, start a landscaping project, etc.  Peace and harmony!

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

These are your weeks of hope, Cancer, to late May. Parties, good news, popularity, social joys, entertainment, optimism and flirting buoy your heart, after the weight of April’s demands. You weren’t drowning, exactly, but now you’re floating. Realize all the sexual magnetism and courage you’re feeling could get you in trouble, esp. if you’re fooling with someone already attached. Your inner world remains sweet, welcoming, until early August. Fine few months to work something out with the gov’t, head officer, or another “large body.” Soon, a light, talkative friend will appear.

Lie low, rest, ponder, plan, Sunday to mid-morn Monday. If you can contact gov’t or an institution, or a charitable or spiritual organization Sunday, do so — but not Monday. Forget your “view of the world” opinions Sun. — they’re a bit wonky. Your energy, charisma, clout and timing are superb Mon. late morn to suppertime Wed. (PDT). Take the lead, conquer obstacles, contact others — you’re making an impression! (Make sure it’s a good impression Tues. morn. — Better yet, skip this time for anything important. All Tues. pm, though, is blessed, lucky, and you’re inspired. Love’s beginning possible.)

Handle money Wed. eve through Fri. (rather than chase, since your luck ranges here from bad to neutral). Proceed cautiously; buy only routine items. Saturday’s for errands, paperwork, communications, travel, contacts and media. A great day! Meet with friends, be curious, ask for the “full story.” Good day for a first date.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The main emphasis lies on your career, prestige relations, ambitions, and striving upward, Leo, now to May 20. This week and next, important discussions can occur that affect your worldly standing. Until mid-May, you face real intensity in relationships, love or anger. You might be forming the basis for a co-worker partnership. Don’t rush it; it will take time. Your optimism is growing, and will until August — and it’s justified! Your popularity, social joys, might bring you a special friend or lover before that month.

All that, optimism, flirtation, and popularity, reach a mini-peak Sunday to mid-morn Monday (PDT). Sunday’s better — could spark love (but might prevent sex). Act early. Retreat to rest, ponder and plan midday Mon. to Wed. suppertime. Deal with civil servants, management, agents and advisors. An attempt to meld your ambitions and a “partnership” will fail — wait. Otherwise, a good interval — financial (and sexual) inspiration Tuesday night, and a split opportunity/opposition Wed. (To win the “split,” see others as prospects, doorways, rather than as antagonists.)

Your energy and charisma soar Wed. eve through Fri., but you face many conflicts or obstacles, esp. before early afternoon Thurs. This day, later, offers a swift career opportunity, perhaps via a discussion, or via some quirky, unexpected event (e.g., your boss didn’t show up, so you’re tasked with his position, at least temporarily). Sidestep an argument Fri. Saturday’s for money (making, collecting, paying) possessions, shopping, and casual intimacy. A lucky day, so charge forth! Someone, perhaps one you only know casually, will probably acquiesce to a bit of boudoir bumpf. But don’t be cavalier: if you dump this casual lover after a few pleasures, you could create an enemy. Just be sincere, honest: don’t convince yourself there’s more than there is.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The main emphasis, now to May 20, lies on your ideas and beliefs, Virgo. And on international affairs/travel, intellectual pursuits, insurance, statistics, fame, publishing, cultural rituals (weddings, bat mitzvahs, etc.) — and love. Gentle, compassionate, accepting love. You might travel for pleasure, depending on Covid-19. Higher-ups favour you now to early August — take advantage, this is a splendid opportunity (though you’ll have to find it, not me). At the very least, if you’re unemployed, this is one of the best periods in many years to land a good job. Promotion, pay raise likely for eager Virgos.

You are also in a powerful romantic year, tho’ I often forget to say it. This isn’t light stuff — whether a romance began in 2018, ’19 or rises and spreads its wings “now” — deep, sometimes mysterious elements swirl around. One clue, Virgo: if you formed a love before Nov. 2018 (and it still exists) or do so in the near future (AFTER May 5, 2020) it has a good chance — and might lead to “keeping house” together. But if formed in-between, i.e., Nov. 2018 to May 5, 2020) it probably won’t work, long-term. Work is intense — take a “cooling off” break every few hours. You might become financially involved in your boss’s company.

Be ambitious Sunday to mid-morn Monday — higher-ups favour you, esp. Sunday. (Remember, a cash-flush parent is also a “higher-up.”) You could shake hands on a financial deal — but not with your partner or spouse, as they seem opposed. Rising popularity, social delights, a flirtatious incident, entertainment and optimism visit you midday Mon. to suppertime Wed. Your luck’s mostly good, holds a “special meeting” Wed. Love, marriage sing a tune of harmony Tues. night. Earlier Tues., be aware of a potential ethical problem at your workplace. Withdraw Wed. eve through Fri. — rest, deal with gov’t, management, advisors and agents, charities and spiritual orgs. Caution Wed. into Thurs. early afternoon — obstacles. You might receive an unexpected but heart-lifting message.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The accent remains, until May 20, on life’s mysteries and secrets, lifestyle choices, commitment and consequence. Recent agreements now should be funded — or dropped. Investments, sexual desire that’s very similar to romance, research and medical procedures, these tend to populate the few weeks ahead. Legal, international, intellectual and love matters tend to reward/bless you until early August. Now to mid-May, you have a romantic view of potential mates, and perhaps a tendency to be drawn into a lust-oriented bond ‘cuz you mistake it for romance, esp. Sun. and Thurs. As long as you’re honest, all should be well.

Sunday to mid-morn Mon. brings far sight, far travel, dealings with foreign-born people, intellectual, cultural and religious explorations. Sunday’s better, but watch tainted food this afternoon, or a bit of stomach upset. Be ambitious, deal with VIPs, bosses, and your career midday Mon. to suppertime Wed. Good and bad aspects mingle here, so pick your way carefully. Monday pm is good, so is Tuesday, AFTER noon (PDT). (Tuesday pm good for seeking employment.) Wednesday might hold a midday opportunity. Just be patient.

Wednesday night through Friday raises your hopes, but not because anything works well this interval — obstacles everywhere before Thurs. afternoon. (This afternoon, that “lust/romance” phenomenon might occur again.) Friday’s workable, if you avoid romance and partnership zones. Withdraw Saturday — solitude is bliss, esp. if you’re cozied up with another person. A good day for investigation, sex (tho’ your charisma’s briefly low), investments, and dealings with gov’t, management, agents and advisors.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The focus remains on relationships until May 20, Scorpio. This week (esp. Sunday, and Thursday) this relationship note is struck suddenly, perhaps unexpectedly, and strongly. You might meet someone you will either dislike immediately, or immediately be drawn to — or both. Lots of discussion. A clue: present attractions will last another 6 years, but might be erratic. Your home is prone to friction until mid-May: be gentle, patient and long-suffering. Investments, debts, finances, and sex are blessed until early August. Don’t be cowed by Covid-19: look for creative ways to succeed despite it. (For example, when the entire stock markets were falling, Amazon rose in price. In every crisis, there are winners.)

Sunday to mid-morn Monday opens a door to success in sexual, financial, research or similar areas. Act Sunday, before noon (PDT). A wise, mellow mood floats into you midday Mon. to suppertime Wed. You see life’s meaning and justification, you see the necessity of love. Far travel, intellectual and cultural pursuits, media and possible “fame” are good goals. Act Monday. Be cautious Tues. before noon (PDT). Tuesday eve/night brings creative and pleasure urges, possible romance. A potential, lucky “money door” can open around midday Wed.

Be ambitious, show your skills, organize or improve projects Wed. suppertime through Fri. Be cautious: obstacles and conflicts lie everywhere (mostly in work and career areas). Sidestep a challenge Fri. morning (eve in Europe, etc.). Saturday’s for fun and celebration — get out, meet friends, enjoy social joys, flirtations, discuss a bright future. Happiness, all day! (Great for a date.)

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The weeks ahead hold work and health concerns, Sage. Eat and dress sensibly, avoid sudden temperature changes. This week and next, much work-related discussion can occur: real subjects are: your career/ambitions, and your partnership potential. Until mid-May, errands, calls, trips, paperwork will be hasty, rushed. That being so, watch what you say: think before writing, too. Relationships sweeten now to early August. You might form “marriage hopes” about someone (and you could be quite right). Gemini, Libra, Virgo or Taurus might be involved.

Sunday to mid-morn Monday brings these relationships — and, Sunday, a bright new friendship/love might form, or a good bond deepen. All’s well, except at home Sun. late afternoon (a glitch). Midday Mon. to suppertime Wed. feature secrets, privileged information, medical and lifestyle decisions, financial actions, research, heightened intuition, and sexual yearning. None of these will work out very well before Tues. noon, but they sail splendidly along late Tues. night.

Wednesday holds an opportunity to open a money door. This eve through Friday highlights your mental side: far travel, international affairs, intellectual, cultural and religious pursuits, publishing, media and fame. Go slow with these: enjoy the mood rather than launch a project in these zones: poor luck floats around them for now. You might learn of a new job. Saturday’s for career, prestige relations, worldly and social standing, ambitions in general — charge ahead, it’s a superb day, and actions can earn long-term benefits. (E.g., send off a job application Saturday — a month or two later, it could be answered with good news.)

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Three more weeks of romance, adventure, beauty and pleasure, self-expression, gambles and risk-reward actions — your luck’s high! Even better, in 11 days a dark cloud that has hovered over you since Nov. 2018, will drift away on the cosmic winds. Soon, a clean new start! Even now, improvements come. (Jeff Bezos, a Cap, faced divorce, a declining reputation, and employee revolts/suicides over the last 18 months, but March/April brought “perfect conditions” for Amazon — everyone sequestered, buying on the internet — along with a rising stock price.) Those who have rejected you will do a quiet about-face.

Money remains very active — remember: save, don’t spend or increase debt before mid-May. A co-worker romance possible. So is “innocent romance” — the kind that “fits” socially and intellectually, and might lead to wedding vows. Whether this is the co-worker, I doubt. Your workplace continues to soothe and please you.

Plunge into chores Sunday into mid-morn Monday. Sunday’s better — you’ll get things done w/o problems — but avoid travel, talk (or deception) mid-afternoon Sunday. Eat, dress sensibly. Follow “corona” rules. Relationships face you midday Mon. to suppertime Wed. These go smoothly Mon., but the first half of Tues. (PDT) warns against letting money factors come between you and love (or just avoid this whole love area). Tuesday night brings inspiration, great communications. Phone him/her. Possible monetary opportunity midday Wed. — grab it.

Dive into the mysterious, deeper side of life Wed. suppertime through Fri. Ask, research, study financial, lifestyle, medical and/or sexual prospects — study, but don’t commit or engage. (‘Cuz good luck’s absent.) Saturday’s for far travel, intellectual pursuits, law, philosophy, religion, culture, publishing/media, statistics, and possible fame — and love. Pick one or two of these and plunge in — “success luck” surrounds you!

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Until May 20, the accent remains on home, taking a breather, rest, nutrition, kids and parents, garden, house, Mother Nature, and “a place to stand.” Review such things as: the kids’ futures and educational funds, security, and all basics — including sales territory at work, basements, water tables, upgrading circuitry or plumbing, et al. You remain aggressive, determined, sexually magnetic until mid-May — mix this with a sense of humour (and compassion, so you don’t run roughshod over others).

Saturn is now in your sign, until 2023, making you more serious, esp. about your long-term future, retirement, etc. All this combines with sweet Venus in your romantic love sign (Gemini). (For you, Venus rules weddings.) Though your main focus now is on home, retreat, a powerful love might be waiting in the wings. (If single, you’ll see this love prospect now and early May, but might do nothing; then, late May and June, this person might rise again — enough to chase. Do so!)

Sunday to mid-morn Monday brings exactly this sort of person/attraction. If you want to chase him/her, Sunday’s best, up to about 1 pm PDT. (After this, a minor money dilemma.) Tackle chores midday Mon. to suppertime Wed. — you’ll accomplish a fair amount, but don’t squelch a child’s (or a friend’s) natural inquisitiveness. Tuesday night,   $ inspiration (and good sex, if married). Midday Wed. might offer a lucky opportunity, involves gov’t or an institution, warehousing, or management at your workplace. (A friendly contact might play a key role.)

Relationships arrive Wed. eve through Fri. — buckle up, it might be a rough ride. Be diplomatic, co-operative. Praise will melt many a “bad attitude.” (This holds for your whole life, as you seem to naturally attract proud, generous, but hungry-for-flattery people.) You might meet someone who could be a short, explosive lover. Might bring more upheaval than you want. Saturday’s for mysteries, hidden information, sexual and financial opportunities, medical and lifestyle decisions — plunge in, good luck accompanies you!

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Howdy, Pisces. You’ll be saying that word (or hi, or hola, or whatever) a lot in the next 3 weeks, as meetings, contacts, information flows, errands, trips, visits, calls and texts balloon into a real trend. The good thing is: nothing really important is at stake. The “bad” news: you should act with swiftness, abandon procrastination. Until mid-May, continue to avoid violent people/places. Through to 2023, many of your hopes will be tied up with a gov’t, head office, management or institutional, spiritual or charitable situation or plan/goal. Until August, your family supports, encourages and blesses you — and your garden, if you have one, yields a bumper crop.

Sunday to mid-morn Monday is for just this: family, home, garden, security, etc. — all blessed. Act Sunday — Monday’s a bit late. Passion calls midday Mon. to suppertime Wed. (PDT). Romance, creativity, taking a risk, beauty, pleasure and sports offer rewards. Your luck’s mostly mild to good, but avoid gossip (or creating gossip with your actions) Tues. morning. This night is lovely — for love, for expressing your “soul” (in words, paint, etc.). Midday Wed. might open a door to future career success — enter!

Tackle chores Wed. eve through Fri. — but cautiously; stick to routine, hire no one, set your aim on fixing, rather than launching. Surprise “message” Thurs. eve/night. Saturday’s for relationships — and the entire day’s fortunate. Be diplomatic, co-operative, but even more be eager to help another or jump on their bandwagon. Love very possible. Partnerships, relocation, fresh horizons and opportunities wind through this day.



Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, wrote another “sci-fi” novel, called the “Last Man.” Written in 1826 it describes a pandemic in the 21st century (now) that leaves only one man alive. Might be an interesting (or depressing!) read. (Never read it, but probably deals with the theme of “why do we exist?”)
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Okay, 2 weird things: 1) can hermaphrodites impregnate themselves? And 2) was at my local supermarket today, had big signs everywhere: “No Lottery.” Did the lottery corp, in reaction to the corona virus, figure the population was too unlucky to play? 🙂
***   ***

You might have noticed that I’ve written a lot less about politics in the last 2, 3 months. Mostly, it’s because I’ve grown bored with it.
***   ***

You might have read my “pandemic history” which showed that, since 1918, of the 9 times Jupiter (expansion, internationalism) joined Pluto (disease, death) in the sky, 6 of those times held a pandemic (if we include AIDS, which, as a virus, qualifies). An alert reader pointed out that one of my “blanks” (Jupiter/Pluto, but no pandemic)  coincided with the Holocaust. That reminded me of another “blank” — which contained the Rwandan massacre (0.5 to 2 million killed by machetes). In addition, when it started in 1930, the Great Depression filled another of the “missing pandemics” slots. So 8 of the 9 conjunctions of these two planets caused mass death events, and the slot that “didn’t deliver” did bring massive economic upheaval (Great Depression) — another characteristic of the Jup/Pl conjunction.

So the J/P conjunction coincided with pandemics 6 of 9 times = 67%.

The J/P conjunction coincided with a mass death event 8 of 9 times = 89%

Let “science” explain that away — to me, it looks like statistically irrefutable proof that astrological phenomena do coincide with the events they characterize. (The likelihood that these events occurred by “coincidence” are, I suspect, at least a billion to one.)