~WEEKLY FORECAST ~ MAY 3 – 9, 2020

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NOTE: If you’re looking for the Karmic, Luck, Love, Health, Career and Business, Home and Family forecast for the year 2020 – they are in my 2020 Astrology Forecast book. You can find the link to purchase this under ‘PLATFORMS’ in the navigation bar/menu at the top.

NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:   7:25 pm Sun. to 0:09 am Mon., 7:31 pm Tues. to 0:05 am Wed., and 7:39 pm Thurs. to 0:15 am Fri.


Weird — look at the three “Start Nothing” periods above: each one starts in the 7th hour, and ends at the 0 hour. There are mathematical reasons, but what a coincidence, eh? (There are no coincidences, btw.)
***   ***

ALL SIGNS:  The lunar nodes leave Cancer and Capricorn May 4 or 5 (depending on where you live). They then enter Gemini and Sagittarius. This is a huge shift, which will partly end the Corona Virus “bad time.” The main effect will be a diminishment of the corona threat, but also, a clearing up of the massive confusion that seems to affect the gov’t and health authorities.

The latter, medical practitioners in general, have been caught with their pants down. This is partially because the health professions have been pigs at the trough for many decades. The CDC, for instance, was obviously a sinecure for fat doctors, which left it completely unprepared to fight the very thing it had been created for. When the pandemic hit, the CDC came up flat, useless and stupid. (“Am I awake yet? I feel a bit groggy…”) And there’s Anthony Fauci, chasing the fantasy that “contact tracing” actually works.

For at least 40 years, the medical profession has been squeezing every dollar they could from the public well, while pumping inflation into their system any and every way. Yes, there are good doctors, but many are just coasting. Don’t feel sorry for doctors, nor call them heroes. If you must praise someone, praise the nurses who must suffer the arrogance and chauvinism of those (mostly male) doctors. (MDs are among the most immature psyches, as they spent their “go crazy, screw up and get wise” years at med school — as William Blake would say, only young fools become wise adults. Most MDs missed the foolish part — not their fault, but a result of our educational system — and it’s hard to imagine how to change that.)

But my main message is that I’ve written so much for the PREAMBLE and AFTERAMBLE this week, that I’m afraid the lunar nodal shift to new signs, which deserves a lot of attention, will get lost in the sheer volume of text. So I’ll try to address this next column.
***   ***

Everything else is in the AFTERAMBLE.
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Continue chasing money and bargains, Aries. You’re still popular and social — good time to make new friends! Your speech is charming, even seductive. (Many single Aries will meet their mate this spring/summer via short travel or “many conversations.” This could connect to someone you met late last week.) You’re starting to see how your friends/social connections can relate in a good way to your career/status ambitions — this hints at a 3-year process. Money matters start moving quickly.

Tackle chores Sunday — you’ll get a lot done, successfully. Areas to avoid: plumbing, painting. Relationships loom Mon./Tues. This is generally a good interval, you can meet good people Monday. Love and other attractions have to fight it out with obstacles Tues… Mostly sexual and philosophical/religious barriers. A dramatic day. Life’s deeper side rises to the surface Wed./Thurs. Your subconscious, your intuition, will be high — listen to it to avoid dangers, esp. in investments, debt, medical concerns, sexual and lifestyle choices. You could be chased by someone’s angry spouse! Overall, caution’s better than impulsive action, this interval.

A more mellow mood steals over you Friday/Saturday. A great insight or conversation might arrive, pointing you toward future success in the very areas that suffered frustration Wed./Thurs. Someone wants to know what you think about a question important to them (love?). Friday/Sat. are also good days to plan a voyage, but best if not by ship.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

It’s your time, Taurus! Your energy, charisma, timing and effectiveness are at an annual high. Charge ahead! As I have already mentioned too many times, you are now imbued with a strong ambition/status drive to 2026… However, this can also bring heightened stress, so, as you always do, pace yourself. Your money/earnings and purchasing luck remain high until August. Do you owe someone a gift or wedding ring or something in-between? Now’s the time to buy it. Continue to mollify angry or impatient bosses. Now to early 2023, keep one rule in mind: don’t quit a job, nor be fired for cause. Higher-ups might seem impervious to your charms, or might seem to suffocate you, or pile on more work without more pay these 3 years — just endure it, for during these years ahead you will be building a strong structure for your ambitions.

Sunday’s for love, romance, children, talents, sports, beauty, pleasure — all’s good, if you avoid love’s fantasies/deception. Tackle chores Mon./Tues. Eat and dress sensibly. The best time to buy tools/machinery is so small you might as well forget it: from 4:06 to 4:13 pm (PDT) Tues.

Relationships and opportunities, relocation and fresh ideas/people, arrive Wed./Thurs. Love is possible! Wednesday’s not bad (after an early rebuff or restriction, esp. in Europe/Asia) but Thurs. eve needs care — abandon an argument. Delve deep into life’s secrets Fri./Sat., esp. in financial, sexual and power zones. You could meet a destined mate, or have a frank, deep and satisfying discussion with your spouse (or business partner — less likely). All week, deception or fuzzy thinking hovers on the periphery of your consciousness — happens again, about midday Sat.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Lie low, Gemini. Rest, study your situation, and make plans for the future. These plans should include love for the first half of 2020, and increasing your social profile and contacts during the second half. Continue to avoid lawsuits this week and next. During the present week, you can attend one or two closed-door meetings, either at work or with the government or with a friend who needs confidential aid. Be helpful, charitable. Now to Jan. 2022, romance, love, have sex, make friends, but do not marry nor form a business partnership. UNLESS (this unless takes a lot of words to explain, so I’ll address this in the next week or two — or read my 2020 book, under “Luck/Karma” for Gemini.)

Spend Sunday near home, with the kids, with nature or repairs or gardening, etc. Avoid painting or redecorating or anything to do with water and plumbing. Romance enters your life Monday/Tuesday. So does a creative surge and a gambling urge, beauty, happiness. Monday’s smooth, so’s Tues. morning, but conflicting interests arise Tues. pm. Don’t push intimacy. Tackle chores and protect your daily health Wed./Thurs. Be careful around electricity around midday Wed., and follow safety rules Thurs. eve, esp. around sharp edges. Now (if it needs it) you can solve plumbing problems or decorating dilemmas.

Relationships arrive Fri./Sat. — be co-operative, diplomatic, and forget your own ambitions. (Except in one case: if your spouse or other wants to buy or rent a better home, agree — it will raise your status, aid your career.) You might be tempted by a very sexy person: be strong. Research hugely favoured.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The general accent remains on happiness, optimism, popularity and socializing. This is a good time to join a group, especially a charitable or spiritual (or management) group. (Best days to seek/join a group: May 10, 11, 12,  and 17.) Your sexual magnetism remains high this week and next — be gentle. Avoid impulsive investments, and debt, before May 14. A Virgo makes a splendid friend now. Maybe a Gemini, too. One thing about the present week that you’ll hardly notice: my advice (to avoid marriage, relocation, and/or a partnership, even in business) ends — for many, many years! The world now, slowly, opens up for you. Your inner world, and relations with gov’t, head office, and institutions are all blessed until August. You can get help with domestic expenses.

Do errands, make calls, finish paperwork Sunday. You could meet a cheerful, bouncy person (or a frowning, serious person who winks, has a bundle of good attitude deep down) — this could be a “gift” from the cosmos, Cancer — might open the door to life-mating — but  one glitch — there’s no formal wedding in this future. Steer toward home and children Mon./Tues. Almost everything goes well, but take care Tues. pm, when others don’t feel like agreeing. Romance enters Wed./Thurs. One met now IS capable of a wedding, but might frustrate you: he/she doesn’t fit well with your friends (Wed.) or is itching for a bit of an argument (Thurs. suppertime) (all PDT). Still, enjoy the beauty. Tackle chores Fri./Sat. You’ll make pretty good progress, but don’t let the opposite sex lure you from your task Sat. Eat, dress sensibly.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The emphasis remains on ambition, career, prestige relations, and worldly standing. Much discussion of this area this week. The boss might ask you for justification — or for ideas. Be prepared for both. Relationships are intense, for love or hate — be diplomatic, force nothing. You feel good about friends. Join a new social or other group this spring/summer — results could please you for years. Optimism, happiness — these accompany you for the next 3 months.

Handle money Sunday. A door might open to better wages. If the plumbing’s awry, get it fixed. In shopping, buy dry goods — other foods (e.g., fruit, veg., meat) might be tainted this day. Send yourself off on errands Mon./Tues. Say hi, make contacts, perform paperwork, travel and visit. A “money message” Mon. Tuesday has a couple of bumps in the road, but social and relationship concerns go surprisingly well.

Head for home, at least in your heart, Wed./Thurs. Rest, relax, contemplate, soak up nature (sunshine) and hug the kids. You might have to choose between home and career Wed. (Choose home.) Avoid temper Thurs. eve. Romance strikes Fri./Sat., but overall May isn’t your best time for love, and if you meet someone new Fri. or before late morning Sat., sex will become an irritation between you. So chase love if you’re single, but don’t catch it. Friday and pre-dawn Sat. (PDT — daytime in Europe, evening in Asia) open a door to work-career success. If you see it, enter — or at least, grab the doorknob.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug.23-Sept.22

The main emphasis remains on law, justice, beliefs, religion/philosophy, far travel, higher education, statistics, fame, cultural rituals, and love — until May 20. Conversations will “seduce” you. Your career, social standing and prestige relations are blessed until early August, so be ambitious, grab your rightful share. Higher-ups will be indecisive May 12 to June 25, so you might find a better, more solid response before or after these dates. During this May 12 – June 25 period, a former career position or opportunity might re-appear. If so, don’t hesitate — grab it.

Your energy and charisma remain high Sunday. Start/launch a project, get out, see and be seen, lead others. Romance goes well; partnerships (including spouse) don’t. Collect money and pay bills Mon./Tues. Shop for bargains. Don’t take a big gamble. A significant bit of wisdom, or a travel ticket, perhaps notice of school admission — something happens Mon. afternoon. Errands, easy chores, communications, short travel, paperwork — these fill Wed./Thurs. Both days contain challenges, but also offer progress. Best time (PDT): Wed. noon to Thurs. morning. Head for home, kids, spouse, garden, nature, back-porch snoozes, Fri./Sat. A wish might come true — you might finally contact, or see how to contact, someone you’re attracted to.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The emphasis remains on secrets, intuition, hidden forces, research, financial action, medical and lifestyle decisions, and powerful sexual lures. (The last is fine if neither of you is attached/married.) There is treasure (esp. intellectual treasure) but it lies deep. Your romantic side remains eager, intense and courageous — this can spark a sexual affair, which is NOT romantic, or a romantic affair that has hints of abiding love, of marriage, all around it. This could involve an old flame who appears May 12 to June 25.

Rest, lie low, ponder and plan Sunday. All’s well, but avoid tainted food, bad water (perhaps from plumbing). Your energy and charisma surge Mon./Tues. Be a leader, get out, see and be seen, start things — but cautiously. Confine your efforts to research, sex, investing, romance and creative or intellectual goals. Chase money, earnings, buy/sell, shop, schmooze with clients or the boss Wed./Thurs. Success awaits you midday Wed. to Thurs. afternoon — but not before or after. Avoid an argument Thurs. Errands, swift, easy chores, paperwork, communications, travel, casual friends fill Fri./Sat. Good inspiration or insight into home and finance, or home and sexual (pregnancy?) problems — a solution appears. Eat, drink sensibly Saturday.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Relationships hold the key to success until May 20. Be co-operative, diplomatic, and willing to seriously consider others’ pathways — they might be better than your own. Fresh horizons, new opportunities, public dealings, relocation themes and general opportunities — these come to you this month. Be gentle at home — irritations can drive you to an explosion, until mid-May. (This week, contain your temper Thurs.) You might discuss sexual or financial ”private matters” — both these zones are blessed for you until August. You might encounter one of, if not the, best sexual partners/affairs of your life. Same period’s good for investments.

Sunday’s for happiness, flirts, popularity, social joys and optimism — but you’ll likely need to choose between romance or sex. Withdraw Mon./Tues. — rest, ponder, plan, deal with civil servants, management types, agents and advisors. Be spiritual, charitable. If you don’t forgive your enemies, you’ll never get rid of them. Wisdom faces you Mon. afternoon (PDT). Your energy and charisma bounce back Wed./Thurs. These two days might bring a relationship climax, for good or bad. Wednesday can startle you with someone’s new attractiveness. Thursday morning’s great for romance. Keep your temper this eve. Pursue $, bill and pay, buy/sell, schmooze with clients Fri./Sat. Your luck is fair to good. Romance doesn’t work, but you might have a significant conversation Saturday that brings you and a partner closer.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The main focus remains on work, health, dependents, and machinery/tools, until May 20. If you’re married, your spouse is newly cheerful, affectionate, and happy. If you’re single, this isn’t the time to look — even so, others treat you with unexpected affection, smiles on the street — and if you do “hook up,” the next few months bless you with pleasant moments. (But if you wait until late May onward, you will probably find a more “vibrant” partner.) Errands, notes, paper, short trips, calls, texts — these remain hectic and fast until mid-May.

Sunday’s for career, worldly standing, and lucky open doors to better income prospects — avoid the “sweet lure” of home this day. Happiness, popularity, social joys, flirtations, optimism and simple good luck fill Mon./Tues. (Still, someone or something wants you to work Monday, and might even drop a big new and, [remember this, opportune] job in your lap.) Luck’s jumbled Tues., so time your actions, listen to hunches. Good day for relationships, love, speaking your feelings; bad day for money.

Withdraw Wed./Thurs. — rest, recuperate, speak with agents, advisors, civil servants, management, institutions. Here, too, luck is jumbled, so step carefully. Don’t try to “pull rank” on anyone. Health or work factors hit you with a surprise Wed. pm, but the work goes well later, at home, at night maybe. Keep your temper Thurs. pm. Your energy and charisma return Fri./Sat. Start a conversation about work and money Fri. (or Sat. in Europe, Asia): a good agreement can be reached. If in business, raise your prices a wee bit. Don’t be tied to home Sat.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The emphasis remains on romance, love of children, creativity and self-expression, taking a risk (usually with happy outcomes). “Love talk” increases. The world looks poetically beautiful at moments. Money keeps flowing to you — avoid over-spending, new debt. Your workplace/workmates remain pleasant, until August. Now to 2023, you will solidify your income picture, and be unusually focused on money and possessions. May 5 releases you from 18 months of grief, poor luck, and seemingly inexplicable obstacles. Your future starts now.

Sunday’s for love — and for wisdom, travel, intellectual pursuits. Just don’t talk too much late this night. (Travel might be impeded, too.) Be ambitious Mon./Tues. You might receive a “potent” romantic “message” Monday. You can succeed in money and work Tues. Wednesday/Thursday bring social delights, popularity, love, flirtation, good friends, entertainment and optimism. Wednesday morning is a bit disruptive, or brings a surprise in love, then all is well. Good communications Thurs. You might fall in love! Avoid money, and temper, Thurs. pm.

Withdraw from the crowd Fri./Sat. Rest, contemplate your situation, and make plans. Be charitable, spiritual, liaise with gov’t, head office or agents, advisors. Reject superficial talk or wild goose chases. Love or romance rings a bell that relates to your future. If you’re talking to a person whose first name starts with G, I, K, Q, B or I, destiny might be involved.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The accent continues on home, parenting, nature, garden, nutrition, security, sales territory, relaxation — and family discussions — until May 20. You radiate sexual magnetism but it disappears May 13, so use it now. Be gentle, understanding. A strong streak of romance, beauty, pleasure and/or creativity runs through your days, until August. A spring fling isn’t unlikely, and it could turn to into a more permanent thing.

Sunday’s for secrets, finances, sexual desires, research. This day helps you with your inner search, but “sweet visions” are only that — don’t believe them. A mellow, wise mood steals over you Mon./Tues. Wisdom might be what you need, as glitches and obstacles litter your days. Significant idea or news regarding home, kids, property Monday. Love goes well Tues., but stay away from management, head office, gov’t. Your ambitions, career, prestige and worldly standing come into focus Wed./Thurs.  You might need to choose between home and career Wed. (Base your choice on money.) Control your temper Thurs. suppertime (PDT).

Friday/Saturday bring happiness. Your popularity will rise nicely (not hugely, as you’re in a “domestic” period), visits bring joy, optimism prevails, and entertainment and flirtations abound! This isn’t the luckiest interval, but you’ll hardly even notice the bumps, as your heart soars with joie de vivre. Apply for a home-whatever grant or loan Friday: the gov’t’s sympathetic. You could have a great idea about home/security. Avoid plumbing, water sports Sat.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Quick, easy chores dominate until May 20, Pisces — paperwork, conversations, trips and visits, that sort of thing. The “quickness” now, if anything, grows. Lots of discussions with spouse, partners. Until May 13, continue to avoid belligerent people and places of violence. Your home and family continue to be affectionate, refreshing, and fortunate, until August. (Think about real estate in June.) For the next 3 years, you will make friends amongst civil servants or warehouse people or institutional workers. This will slowly make your heart and hopes lift.

Sunday’s for relationships — despite a wee misunderstanding or two, you end on a note of harmony and optimism. Accept security over adventure. Life’s mysteries are revealed briefly Mon./Tues. This interval tempts you to chase sex, invest, borrow, or change your entire life. My advice: don’t. Caution best. Home will save you from unwieldy or wrong commitments. Deliver that message Mon.

A wise, compassionate mood flows through you Thurs./Fri. Far travel, love, law, cultural rituals, education and intellectual pursuits draw you. Your luck is mixed, so proceed alertly. Wednesday’s a bit disruptive before noon (PDT) but this evening/night brings insight, co-operation. A love attraction might climax. Keep your temper suppertime Thurs.. Your worldly standing, your career and ambitions arise Fri./Sat. Be ambitious, chase goals. You can almost see the future.



They say Kim Jong Un is either dead, or close. Kim’s a Capricorn. This is the sign that gave us Covid-19. Kim (if alive) should resurface May 5 onward.

I was wrong about another Capricorn, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. I thought he would make another verbal gaffe before May 5. Well, it’s not May 5 yet, but I think the south node’s affect on him during this spring is to lay much more work and pressure on his shoulders. That’s a good sign.

***   ***

The planet Neptune rules fantasy; Saturn rules practical reality. When these two planets are in square (or another bad aspect) fantasy struggles with reality. Usually, fantasy wins.

The further “out” a planet is from the Sun, the more it dominates. Neptune is two rungs further out than Saturn. Though it’s not that simple. You could have a very weak, enervated Neptune, and a vigorous, top-of-chart Saturn, in good aspect to the rest of the chart. In such cases you will also see that the affairs of the favoured planet, even if occurring elsewhere in the chart, will prosper. E.g., no matter where Saturn is in the chart, if it is in good aspect to the Sun and Moon and a few planets, the affairs of the 10th house (Saturn-ruled) and wherever the sign Capricorn (Saturn ruled) lies, will be favoured. So even if Saturn is in the, say, second house in, say Gemini, it is the 10th house and the sign Capricorn that will benefit. (NOT the 2nd house, nor Gemini!)

But back to the Saturn-Neptune square. It usually lasts about 3 years, and occurs about every 17 years. The last two squares occurred in 1998-2000 and 2015-17, and the next will come 2032-34. Children born during such times, esp. during certain part times, might have difficulty separating reality from fantasy. Of course, not everyone born during a 3-year period is susceptible to this problem. But it would be interesting to look at hospital records, to see if, for instance, there is a higher incidence of schizophrenia ion the Neptune-square-Saturn population.

For the square to be potent, it would need to occur in certain degrees, hold Neptune above Saturn’s horizon, and would need to occupy certain houses. (I won’t say what degrees or houses are involved, but if you’re studying astrology eventually you will know which houses/degrees they are. And no one needs to tell you, either. At a certain point, you will intuit the answers.)
***   ***

From 2025 to 2043, Librans — and China — will enter a long period of “cosmic co-operation.”

Love and creativity will replace vigilance and security desires, pleasure will replace frustration. Chinas’s next huge challenge by another power will come approximately 2065 to 2085. From now to 2026, Librans will be strangely attracted to “extra-marital” affairs. (Whether they’re seeking the third, or are the third.)
***   ***

Covid-19 is (to use the new buzzword) “levelling off,” so the stock market is celebrating. (Remember I wrote that a spike upward would follow the crash of Feb./March. We’re in that spike as I write this (April 29). Covid has “levelled off” because Jupiter has briefly sped past Pluto, freeing “expansion” (Jup.) from “death” (Pl.). Jupiter separated from Pluto about April 6, and will stay “ahead” for two months. But in mid-May Jupiter retrogrades, right into Pluto’s arms (hits Pluto June 22/23, which probably times the resurgence of Covid-19, IF it occurs. This will be (if it occurs) the “second wave” I mentioned before, and which has become a popular “date” for TV pundits to mention — so has November, which I also mentioned as a potential  “climbing deaths” time.
***   ***

Covid-19 is more a psychological disease than a physical one. It is, in a sense, “designed” to confuse hierarchies, and almost every approach they are advising is wrong and will have unintended consequences. Contact tracing, for example, is a fantasy. What idiot thought of that? People make new contacts one hundred times faster than Mr. Clipboard can trace all their contacts. (And they never will trace them all.) We are destroying the economy, destroying people’s lives and entire savings, and even destroying our immune systems by “sheltering in place.”

(The generations 0 to 35 years old have numerous and dangerous allergies. My generation [I’m 72] has almost no allergies. The difference? We ate dirt and licked everything, including the floor, chair legs, and garbage. Germs, microbes, viruses and bacteria crawled all over us. The younger generations were raised in a bubble of over-protection; hence, they grew up without a challenged immune system. As the biological massacre of Aztecs and West Coast Indians showed, the absence of anti-bodies, of a mature immune system, can spell disaster. Quarantining healthy people against this virus, almost ensures they will have a worse illness when it does find them. Quarantines assume that a situation or threat will end or be conquered.)
***   ***

Trump looks tired. He’s a Gemini, and Geminis don’t like long, drawn-out situations, esp. health situations, nursing others, etc.
***   ***

On May 5, the lunar south node leaves Capricorn and enters Sagittarius. The north node leaves Cancer, and enters Gemini, until January 2022. This spells the end of disheartening news/events for Capricorn, and the end of “partnership red lights” (warnings) for Cancer. Maybe more on this soon.
***   ***

Flow mechanics: In case of a pandemic, where time is of the essence, in developing a vaccine, don’t develop phase 1, then if it passes that trial, begin phase 2, and so-on. THAT takes the18 months they keep telling us must be spent, like punishment, before a vaccine is ready to go. Here’s what you do, only in cases of emergency such as a pandemic — partly because it’s dangerous (but not flawed)* and partly because it’s ultimately unprofitable (so would need gov’t/public financial support):

You start Phases One, Two and Three simultaneously. That way, as soon as Phase One is approved, so should be, are, almost immediately, all successive Phases. In some situations this would not work: e.g., for physical reasons the chemical result of Phase 1 is a necessary ingredient of Phase 2. But there must be situations where the researchers can reasonably guess at 1 or 3 likely outcomes of Phase 1, and develop 1 or 3 versions of Phase 2 to “follow it,” while remaining virtually simultaneous in development. Repeat for Phase 3. Those alternate outcomes (2 of 3) not adopted might still lead to fruitful investigations of their own.

And the time of development could be cut by what? Half? Two-thirds?

I’m no scientist, so maybe missing the true picture.

* Dangerous but not flawed: the main danger is that — what?
***   ***

THERE’S A GOOD CHANCE THE CORONA VIRUS IS “DOUBLE.” Jupiter entered Capricorn (where it began flirting with Deathstar Pluto) December 3, 2019. That means when the virus was “birthed,” the Sun was in Sagittarius, a “double” sign like Gemini. It entered when the Sun was in 10 degrees Sage (I think, a quick look w/o computer) — a degree of wealth, of almost destined wealth. This might mean some people will make a fortune on the virus, or that the virus will, perhaps, destroy or transform wealth. (I don’t think you can ever really destroy wealth. It will always pop up somewhere, even in the most impoverished societies.)

This “doubleness” might also indicate that there are two viruses, or two versions of it. It also explains the confusion and indecision governments showed in countering it — a confusion that still exists today (April 23). Maybe I’ll do a chart someday for Jupiter’s entry into Capricorn last December, see if it shows anything.
***   ***

Only the rich will benefit from this shutting down of the economy. Look at those most opposed to resuming a regular life: Cuomo, billionaire; Bill Gates, billionaire; Tom Steyer, billionaire (and a world-class decepticon) etc.

Remember when I wrote that the wealthy of the future would be “close to nature” or live in the woods or whatever? Remember when the plague hit Renaissance Italy? A bunch of rich elites went up to one of their estates in the mountains to wait it out, and tell stories to pass the time. Now here we are, hunkering down in place, The safest place during this plague is in the most underpopulated, natural places. If such a virus were to go on, and on, and on, with each wave eating away at the population (citizenry) I’ll bet a good portion of the wealthy would at least prepare a place in the country. Even in the city, large houses on large lots insulate them from Covid.

No safety in numbers here. The more populated the area, the higher the portion who get the virus. Safety in separation, divided we fall.
***   ***

It was almost 9 pm April 23. The sky was amazing, clean, sweet, innocent, dawning blue — something deeper and more valuable than optimism shone in that oddly young twilight sky. The  blue was so clean, so deep and clean and shining; I had forgotten such skies existed. They say the skies over big cities have cleared. Perhaps a/the change is starting, triggered by the virus.
***   ***

Our language is disintegrating. Even tv anchors say things like “littlest” instead of “smallest,” and use “good” for “well,” etc. This comes from 2 things:

1) the natural organic evolvement of a language, in which new words/expressions often enter thru the back door. For instance, “may” has been mistakenly used so many times and for so many years, as a substitute for “might,” that it is now used universally, even by journalists. It either is, or soon will be, an accepted standard, even in Oxford; this is a natural process; without it, a language would die (e.g. Latin);

2) the literate portion of our brains has been developed to its maturity, and has little more to contribute; its influence, and the portion of our focus it can demand, are globally, relatively, reduced — not so much due to a decline in literacy, but due more to the expansion of non-literary intelligence. (This fits in with my long-term forecast that hieroglyphics (or icons) will replace written/alphabetic language.)


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    First of all,thank you so much for what you’re doing
    You’re one of the best and accurate astrologer
    I am Gemini but my north node is in Pisces (in my chart)
    Can you please explain (few words) what that means?
    I guess my south node will be in Virgo?
    Again,I really appreciate all your work
    Best wishes

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Sophie,

      Thanks for there praise! Yes, your south node is in Virgo. In the most general sense, it means that you will obtain satisfying results and a sense of calm progress if you focus your main efforts on career, ambition, etc. — and can meet obstacles in real estate and associated zones.


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