~ WEEKLY FORECAST ~ MAY 10 – 16, 2020

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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

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Last week, I was pretty critical of doctors. However, I was describing a certain kind of health professional during a calm period — 1980’s to 2000’s. I suspect the pandemic is bringing out the best in medical personnel in general, including doctors. The real problem is lassitude. We saw it in Junior Bush during the Katrina hurricane, it existed doubly in the Obama administration, but was well hidden. Part of the outrage directed at Trump is the outrage of being woken up from this lassitude. (No connection, except irony, to the “Woke” movement.)
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Continue to pursue money, Aries. Buy/sell, collect monies owed, seek bargain purchases. A former social group (perhaps connected to your career or worldly status) might reappear before June’s end. Midweek, you start 6 weeks of involvement with gov’t, or head office, or an institution or charity. Though you feel vibrant, healthy, stay away from belligerent people or places of violence, to June’s end. (E.g., biker clubs.) Discussion/ideas arise about a trip or “news” to occur soon. (If in June, it will likely be to a former neighbourhood or family residence.)

Sunday to Tuesday morning accents your status, career and ambitions, and prestigious relations. Sunday’s great to about mid-afternoon (PDT). This night might grow testy, or a purchase is cancelled. Monday’s lucky, too, so is Tues. morning. So charge ahead, show your skills, take command! You might even snag a promotion. A mood of celebration filters through most of Tuesday, and lasts to suppertime Thursday. You’re happy, optimistic, popular, flirtatious, which works well, aids your good luck Tues. No real luck Wed., but you could be aiming yourself toward a “friendly affair” — esp. if you make that phone call.

Thursday’s mostly a dud, but brings love, affection in Europe, Asia. Withdraw, lie low suppertime Thurs. through Sat. You can take a good career action Thurs. eve to Fri. morning. Otherwise, rest, contemplate, plan, be spiritual and charitable (builds your good karma). All told, you’re turning toward happiness. (Okay, a secret: a door to fulfilling one of your major life wishes will open between July and December. If you march determinedly through that door, the wish will come true in 2021.)

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Your energy, charisma, timing and effectiveness remain high, Taurus. You’re the leader now, so don’t hold back thru shyness. Your money luck continues high until August. Midweek brings two changes: 1) you will start talking more, even travelling, for money, to late May; and 2) Your most secret dreams will become “possible” mid-week to late June. Your popularity will rise, also to late June. Sensual affairs (even very short ones) quite possible. Higher-ups remain temperamental, impatient until Wed. (grin and bear it) then all grows calm on the status/career fronts.

Sunday to Tues. morning brings wisdom, compassion, a worldwide view, profound ideas, social rituals — and love. This zone, of gentle,”socially encouraged” love, of far travel, intellectual and academic pursuits, or law and culture, has just “lost” a pile of bad karma (not to return for 17 years) so march forward here: good fortune lurks! Be ambitious and diplomatic in career/business from Tues. morning (8:39 am PDT) to Thurs. suppertime. Tuesday’s okay, Wed.’s best, Thurs. has a kind of “hidden power” that helps you form smooth relations, even profitable associations/partnerships (perhaps with an academic, lawyer, or foreign-born person). Thursday eve through Saturday brings happiness, popularity, social delights, optimism. Flirt a bit, all 3 nights. Not the best time to deal with domestic matters. (E.g., do not buy that piece of furniture or vase or ”art item” Sat.)

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Continue to lie low, be charitable/spiritual, rest and recover your energy and emotional equilibrium, deal with gov’t, advisors and agents, and institutions. Midweek to late May, you begin to talk more, perhaps with a confidante. Now to the end of June, you might encounter a former flame. It’s doubtful this is “by accident.” If you’re single and in a love affair, it might stall now for 6 weeks (to late June) but it won’t die. Be patient, play rather than demand. Wednesday starts 6 weeks of temperamental bosses, judges/cops w/o humour, etc. — grin and bear it. Realize this boss/authority figure is of 2 minds, impatient and irritable, yet also forgiving.

Enter zones of mystery, privileged data, hidden treasures, sexual yearning/temptations, financial actions (esp. investments) Sunday to Tues. morning. Medical, lifestyle decisions. This whole area has been a bit blasted by the lunar south node, November 2018 to May 5 — going forward, esp. now to mid-December, can yield hugely fortunate events. Pregnancy, successful investments, wise lifestyle changes, etc. Tuesday morning (9 am PDT) to suppertime Thursday brings mental peace, understanding, far travel, intellectual pursuits, law (no longer a threat) — and love. This isn’t the luckiest interval (partly because you’re still weary) but it’s alright. Tuesday’s okay, Wednesday’s best, Thursday’s jumbled. Be ambitious Thurs. suppertime through Saturday — bosses are observing. But don’t try anything too adventurous. You’ll do fine! “Destiny” helps your health or supports your “position.”

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Your streak of joie de vivre, of popularity and social joys, flirtations, entertainment and optimism, continues. Get out and about, make new contacts and apply for admission to new groups. You see your future and it looks grand. Mid week, two short trends end: 1) you slow down your conversation somewhat as your thoughts turn inward to some degree; 2) work will grow less intense for the next six weeks as you start to become enthusiastic/ambitious about more intellectual and/or International goals. Avoid lawsuits now till the end of June. Home remains affectionate and welcoming until August, but avoid starting any new projects here before July 12.

Relationships fill Sunday to Tuesday morning. For the last 18 months, I have been advising you against forming permanent partnerships in life or business. Now that influence has gone, so you are free to pursue a mate in love or practical zones. This whole interval is splendid, but strictly avoid any kind of sarcasm or other cunning words. Chase opportunities and grab them. Be diplomatic and eager to join. Tackle your work load Tuesday morning to suppertime Thursday. Eat and dress sensibly, protect your daily health. You will get some good things accomplished, but avoid stress and electricity Tuesday night (and social gatherings — tho’ you might meet a mate prospect earlier Tues.). A mellow, wise and compassionate mood flows over you Thursday suppertime through Saturday. This is a great few days for love, far travel, legal affairs, intellectual and educational pursuits, fame, and statistics. (Remember, avoid law and lawyers before July.)

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Continue to chase your ambitions, Leo. Midweek, recent intensities (attraction and opposition) in relationships dissolve, leading to more gracious interactions in the months ahead. (You have the gift of gab and a friendly approach now — who could resist?) A former friend might return before July. Wednesday to late June, your sexual courage, determination and intensity flare like a fire — be careful, honest, and protect your health in intimate clinches. Think twice before investing impulsively. Until early August, you are popular with groups — take advantage.

Tackle chores and protect your health Sun. to Tues. morning (8:39 am PDT). Good luck and a smooth path lead to accomplishment. Practice safety, esp. around sharp tools, late Sun. into Mon. pre-dawn. Relationships fill Tues. morn to suppertime Thurs. Your luck is fairly good here, but take care late night Tues., when disruption is likely. Be co-operative, diplomatic, eager to join. As noted above, mid-week turns “open relationships” into more private, secret ones, bonds of sex, money, legal agreements, investments until late June — this becomes very apparent Thurs. suppertime through Saturday. Life “explodes” with meaning or revelations — or urges. Work from home Thurs./Fri., if possible (success there).

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You remain in a mellow, loving mood, Virgo. Your love, now, is for all humanity.  Good time for travel tickets, legal affairs, intellectual pursuits, cultural and social rituals, publishing and media. Your career remains favoured, bosses still look kindly on you, until August. Take advantage — might be time to ask for a raise. (However, best timing for this is AFTER June 24.) Your conversations, social and intellectual until Tuesday, become ambition’s tool this day to late May. Work had been intense, maybe hectic, in recent weeks. That ends now, as “intensity” leaves the work zone and enters your relationships until June’s end. Make love, not war. Realize this intensity is being fuelled by a deep, determined sex drive, same 6 weeks.

Romance calls Sun. to breakfast Tues. Plunge into love’s whispers, self-expression, creativity, invention, beauty and pleasure, risk and raising kids. Sidestep a work-a-day quarrel late Sun. night. Tackle chores Tues. morn to suppertime Thurs. — all goes well, you’ll get a lot done, but take care late Tues. night — a wee disruption. Relationships arrive suppertime Thurs. through Sat. Love is mildly favoured. You could be dealing with a future mate Saturday. Earlier, “fate” helps you find the right answer to a ponderous question, or merely for a school essay, job report, love letter, etc. Eat and dress sensibly.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The accent remains on deep and dark stuff, Libra. Your subconscious tends to rise to the surface; your intuition is sharp. You could be tempted toward the tawdry in sex and personal relationships: all will be well if you remain honest and moral. Finances play a big role this week and next.  Do you invest or not? Change your lifestyle or not? Pursue that medical procedure or leave it alone for now? You have been mulling over significant ideas all April. Now this intensifies (to late May). Most of the answers will please you, could even send you on a new, more shining life path.

A former flame might return, between now and June’s end. You can grow indecisive about an ongoing affair, same period. Midweek starts 6 weeks of intense work. Get your sleep, and avoid rashes, sudden temperature changes. During this time, a sweet mental approach will preserve valuable bonds.

Be home or close by if possible Sunday to post-breakfast Tuesday (PDT). It’s a splendid interval for showing love to spouse and kids, to decorate or paint, garden, etc. Sunday’s best, but avoid an argument late Sun. night — a child might cry, be afraid. Romance spreads its’ beauty around you Tues. morning to suppertime Thurs. This is a beautifully creative interval. Romance likely to turn to, or be tinged by, lust. A wee disruption Tues. night. Tackle chores and protect your daily health Thurs. eve through Sat. Both good luck and irksome glitches fill all 3 days, so just be nimble, ready to change tactics when one doesn’t work. A Thursday night  idea or action could “enhance the future” of your domestic situation.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The accent remains on relationships, opportunities, relocation possibilities, fame and dealings with the public, negotiations and agreements. If negative, expect opposition and challenge, even enmity. During the 6 years ahead some fairly substantial relationships are going to end. Others will spring up, powerful and vibrant. In sex and investing you are blessed – until early August.  Your romantic courage and determination will intensify for the next six weeks. You might start an affair with a coworker. Starting this week, you are going to engage in confidential discussions. To succeed, remain moral and honest.

Errands, short trips, communications and paperwork fill Sunday to Tuesday morning. All’s well, so march ahead. One exception: skirt an argument Sun. night. You might fall in love, in a light, enjoyable way. Steer toward home from breakfast Tues. (PDT) to Thursday suppertime. Rest, relax, hug the kids, start a garden, etc. Don’t pursue “things” (e.g., love) late Tues. night. You begin to think about an old former lover. Romance arrives Thurs. night through Sat. — destiny might bring you face-to-face with a good prospective mate. If attached, talk about marriage late Thurs. night. Oddly, a wish about love can come true Sat. — but intimacy, no.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The accent remains on work, health, dependents, tools and machinery (including telephone, internet systems). Your “best time” for buying tools, a car, etc. expires Tuesday for awhile. Fortunately, Sun./Mon. are excellent buying (and selling) days. Monday’s best, after 2 am. Sunday’s good, too, but more for computers, electronics, video, etc. Wednesday starts 6 weeks of intensity in the home, and temper in your heart. Be gentle w/kids, spouse! This week also starts to bring relationships — and to bring mild delays in ongoing bonds. A former mate might re-appear. Your relations in general will be sweet, accommodating, loving until August — some of you will join for life. (But relating, joining will both be better May 20 onward.)

Sunday to Tues. breakfast are outlined above: get your cheque book ready. Errands, calls, texts, emails, paperwork, short trips and visits — these fill Tues. morning to Thurs. suppertime. You’ll get it all done — the only real glitch occurs around midnight Tues. (Wed. morning in Europe, late day in Asia) and it’s a mild one. Head for home Thursday night through Saturday. Again, most things go well; glitches are minor. You could have a brilliant work/money idea, or land a lucrative job, whatever. A good week, considering!

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The main accent remains on romance, creativity, talented children, speculation, sports/games, beauty and (indulgent, immediate) pleasure. (Means don’t put anything off: experience pleasure when it invites — don’t save invitations now.) A six-week streak of money, flowing to you and (probably) through you, ends mid-week, replaced by another 6 weeks of lighter stuff: errands, trips/visits, communications and paperwork. Your job will spark several discussions this May. A former role or position might return: embrace it, as it will last, probably, only to late June, and will be a source of well-being and “easy money.” (Good outcome also if you merely stay with the same old position.) Though you’re in a strong romantic month, it might get a bit mired in money, sex and possession questions.

Your energy, charisma and timing are splendid Sunday to breakfast Tuesday. Yes, chase romance — you’ll impress someone! (Chase all those things mentioned in the first sentence above, “The main accent…”) All’s good, with one caution: avoid an argument late Sunday night, esp. about $ or “secrets.” Pursue money Tues. morn to Thurs. suppertime. Pay bills and collect, buy/sell, schmooze with clients, start planning for a pay-raise campaign, etc. Again, most aspects are lucky or productive, so proceed with confidence. A wee disruption late Tues. night (e.g., light bulb burns out). Missives, texts, emails, calls enter after supper Thurs., through Sat. They spark errands, trips, and paperwork. Your luck is mixed, so be nimble. You won’t think you’re falling in love this end of the week, but you might be. Someone wants to “fulfill” your wishes.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You remain in a domestic frame of mind, Aquarius. This is a type of natural “hibernation” (to May 20) so don’t be afraid to snooze on the back porch or fall asleep in the TV chair. You’ve been fairly “hot to trot” recently (since March 31) — aggressive and determined. But that ends mid-week, when you turn into a “money machine.” For the 6 weeks ahead, money will flow unexpectedly to you. If you spend it you’ll end up poorer — bank it or pay down debt. You might have already taken one shot in romance last month. You’ll have many more opportunities before mid-August. But now indecision creeps in, until late June. Be patient, there’s something valuable here. An old flame might re-appear. You’ll talk/think more about love in the two weeks ahead.  Gemini might be involved.

Withdraw, rest, contemplate and plan Sunday to breakfast time Tues. Your energy and charisma are low, but you can get things done, esp. in planning sessions, confidential discussions, liaisoning with gov’t, agents, advisors. Avoid “dire statements” late Sun. night. Your charisma and energy leap up Tuesday morning to Thursday suppertime. (But not to the sky, as you’re still in a down-home, restful period.) Be a leader, get things done, start medium-term projects. Call a Gemini or Virgo Tues. Pursue money Thurs. eve through Sat. — buy/sell, seek bargains, ask for a pay raise, etc. You might discover a “hide-away,” or have a long, deep discussion at home (that leaves your heart at ease) around Thurs. midnight (PDT).

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The main emphasis remains on errands, calls, texts, mail, short trips, visits, paperwork, local media. Be curious, ask questions. Your home continues to bless and support you, into early August. Great time to decorate, paint, etc. Kids are well-behaved. One or two important “domestic” discussions might occur in the 2 weeks ahead. Mid-week ends my “April advice” to avoid belligerent people and violent venues — for the six weeks ahead, you’re the intense one: courageous, determined, sexually minded, and “ready for a fight.” You might plan or start a project intended to pay off from July to December. (And it likely will — you’ll see so much money in that 6 months I’ll bet you get tired of the very subject.) One major caution: reduce spending, pay down debt or save this extra money. If you just spend, you’ll be disappointed in 2021 by how much you wasted!

Social joys, popularity, optimism, entertainment and flirting — these come Sunday to breakfast Tuesday. You’ll feel like celebrating! Guard against revealing a secret (or against gossip) late Sunday night. Retreat Tues. morn to suppertime Thursday. Lie low, rest, sleep, deal with head office, management types, civil servants, advisors and health professionals. Be charitable. Ponder and plan. Your energy and charisma come surging back Thurs. eve through Sat. Good luck mixes with minor glitches, so be nimble all three days. You might hear a message of love from someone who’s “destined” to be near you, at least for awhile.