~ WEEKLY FORECAST ~ MAY 17 – 23, 2020

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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:  0:59 am to 6:36 am Sun., 1:33 pm to 7:10 pm Tues., and 1:01 am to 6:36 am Fri.


A situation is just a slow event.
***   ***

ALL SIGNS:  Dive fully into projects now. Mid-June will bring a slowdown (Mercury retro) so you have a good, solid month ahead to launch anything. (Well, launch in May, as June begins to slow…)

In love, mild delays occur now to June’s end. Simultaneously, Mars “squares” Venus these 6 weeks ahead, so romance will be characterized by:

        • 1) old flames re-appearing,
        • 2) love/romance   “dynamic,” (i.e., friction-prone) rather than harmonious,
        • 3) attractions will be very definite, sharp, clear,
        • 4) sex and affection don’t necessarily merge.
          ***   ***

How I envy eagles! You must be able to see the curvature of the earth from way up there. Eagles know so much more than us! Just think — to be able to see your whole world, the earth that feeds you, as itself, as a planet, not just a horizon…


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

By Wed., a month of money, a practical month, ends, and a month of easy, swift chores begins. It will be one of the easiest, most fun-or-affection-filled months you’ve had in years. You’ll wink, laugh, crack jokes as you travel, do paperwork, errands, make new contacts, plan “mail” projects, etc. One you deal with, if you’re single, could begin to look like a viable mate … give it a whirl, if you like. BUT — avoid belligerent people and places of potential violence (dark alleys?).

You’re a fighter, but there are fights and fights, and always someone bigger, stronger. (Also applies to dealing with management types, gov’t.) Avoid friction; instead, see how much you can help — you could even create a new semi-position for yourself! (BTW, many years of struggle in career zones is about to turn fortunate, those big blockages that refused to budge now seem to slide away a little …)

Your energy, charisma and timing are strong and effective Sunday to Tues. suppertime — Sunday’s best; Tuesday might offer a surprise break-through, or the same old obstacles. (Inventiveness can “remove” these obstacles — might take a year or two.) Get out, make contacts, be a leader, launch projects. Pursue money, buy/sell, seek bargains, pay raise, etc., Tuesday eve to dawn Friday (all PDT). You might “cap off” a money project that you’ve been working on for the last month. One “beware” — realize deception or fuzzy thinking winds in and out of this interval. Antidote: realism combined with compassion. The gov’t might not agree with your plans. Dawn Friday through Sat. emphasizes what the whole month ahead is about: trips, visits, calls, paperwork, etc. Be curious — ask questions. Don’t argue Fri. night. Possible love Sat. night.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Your “power month” slowly ends Wed., when a month of money, buying/selling, sensuality and “book learning” begins. Your money picture looks good — for months ahead! Remember someone who helped you out. You’re beginning to attract assertive, determined, forthright, sexy friends, now to June’s end. Humour can be high, much teasing and laughter! You might begin a sensual bond (anytime April to August this year)… this one might last longer than most, could even evolve into formal marriage, esp. if the person is foreign-born.

Lie low, rest and contemplate from dawn Sunday (PDT) to just after noon Tuesday — your emotional and physical reserves need to be replenished. Possible great luck here Sunday morning, in sex, finances, or revelation of “secret” information that aids you. If intimacy does occur with someone new or “fairly recently met” Sun. morning (afternoon/eve in Europe, late Sun., early Mon. in Asia) the bond has a bright, deep future. Tuesday’s a bit tougher: if you get a “no,” just nod rather than alienate someone you might need later.

Midweek (Tues. eve to Fri. dawn) your energy and charisma blossom — get out, see and be seen, be a leader, give important projects a big push (or launch a new one). Tuesday night’s tough, and Wed. can be deceptive (love’s fantasies this pm) — don’t fool yourself. Thursday turns fortunate, esp. in sex, finances and research — and partnering, temp or long-term. (Still, the whiff of fantasy haunts this week, so be alert, careful. You could be encountering true love, or a candy-coloured swamp.) Chase money Fri. dawn (PDT) through Sat. Friday’s a bit tricky — don’t argue this night. Saturday’s productive and affectionate. But remember, no fantasy!

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

A month of weariness and quietude ends Wednesday, when 4 weeks of heightened charisma, energy, timing and effectiveness begins. You’re about to be noticed, Gemini, perhaps to a surprising degree! Scorpio, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius “notice you the most.” (Listen, Gemini: if you’re an attractive single, a Taurus person might chase you. This would be rather blissful for 6 years, then maybe not so much …) The recent danger of lawsuits (since late March) is over. But 6 weeks of impatient, temperamental bosses/authorities begins now — be diplomatic. Same 6 weeks imbue you with luck and optimism in this same darned area — career and relations with higher-ups. You communicate well now, might seduce someone with words. An old flame might appear between now and June’s end —  or, just as likely, you might chase a former love.

Though you’re still mired in weariness and solitude, the first 3 days of this week — Sunday dawn to early Tues. eve — break the spell with a rush of popularity, delicious hopes for the future, social joys and “romantic interest.” (If you merge with someone this early week, July to December will make this relationship significant and strong.) Sunday’s lucky, esp. the morning (afternoon/eve in Europe; around midnight, early Mon. in Asia). Great time for a “master stroke” (or stumbling into a great open door) in finances/ investing, detective work, sensual intimacy, medical and lifestyle decisions — act quickly, decisively, and cheerfully! Monday’s okay. Tuesday’s problematical: snags and glitches, and even trusted partners aren’t eager to help.

Mid-week (Tues. afternoon to dawn Fri., PDT) is an odd mixture of increasing energy and old clouds of weariness. Beware deception or fuzzy thinking Wed. Thursday brings success in work and career. An “inspector” likes you. Either this pm, or Fri. pre-dawn, a lucky opportunity to invest, or grow closer to a co-worker. Your energy ands pizzazz soar strongly Friday daytime through Sat. Friday, make a career bid, or avoid the boss. This night, sidestep a confrontation.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Ambition, career, prestige relations, worldly and neighbourhood reputation — these get a beautiful boost Sunday to Tuesday suppertime. Esp. Sunday — be a little cautious Tues.  Sunday morning (before 10 am PDT) holds a door open in finances, relocation, and “partnerships.” — step in! Monday’s “okay” — you’ll get what you give.

(BTW, past struggles/obstacles in relationships also held you back in career, esp. the just-ended 18 months of relationship struggles. Now relationships are about to turn fortunate, the past decade’s big blockages now seem to slide away a little… In fact, many single Cancers will meet true love sometime during the next 5 years.) Your inner world rewards any attention you give it (meditation, therapy, etc.) now to August. Avoid lawsuits and lawyers now to June’s end.

Early week has been described above. An air of celebration fills Tues. eve to dawn Thurs. — your popularity rises (mildly, as you’re just beginning [Wed.] a month of quietude and contemplation, physical weariness and spiritual energy). Optimism, social joys and flirtation’s possibilities buoy your heart. Still, this interval and all week, beware deception or fuzzy thinking, esp. Wed., Fri. and (late night) Sat.  Good partnership prospects (esp. on the work scene) Thurs. Avoid argument, confrontation Fri. night. Prepare for a month of rest and recuperation (to June 20). Make plans to deal with civil servants, management at work, advisors, agents and spiritual leaders.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

On Wednesday, Leo, the monthly accent changes from ambition to celebration. Pressures will ease, as gatherings, social joys, popularity and friendships — and very likely a significant flirtation if you’re single; plans for an adventurous trip, vacation or family reunion if you’re married. An old flame might re-appear, anytime now to late June. Old communications, letters, etc. that you’ve neglected now stand up and say, “do me” — not a chore, really, as these are affectionate connections. This is a good, easy week, with one caution: watch deception, whether “self-d” or not. You might confuse friendship with intimacy.

A mellow, wise mood enters Sunday dawn to suppertime Tuesday. Sunday’s splendid — love, work success, doorways to exotic places or new world views, legal, intellectual success. Monday, same vein, but milder. Tuesday holds obstacles, so be alert. Higher-ups observe your progress Tues. eve to dawn Fri. Wednesday’s a bit deceptive regarding sex, hidden data and communications — Friday morning, too. But the rest of these 3 days is studded with lucky openings/occurrences, esp. in work, health and career kudos. The social pace quickens Fri. dawn (PDT) through Sat. Expect restless, nervous, witty and bright friends — but don’t argue or push sex Friday. Saturday’s for sweet friends, and dreaming of an ideal future.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 22-Sept 22

On Wednesday, Virgo, you leave a month of travel and emotional and intellectual pondering, to enter a month of career pressures, ambitious projects, prestige relations and worldly standing. Overall, this will be a blessed month, with pleasant bosses, promotion opportunities, admiration from those below. A former career opportunity or role could return. (It won’t hurt you to take it. “Forgotten money” could “return,” also.) But this week, don’t depend on co-operation from peers or a partner or spouse. Even into early June, don’t assume others are or another is on your side. To some degree, it’s better to work alone. Relationships are intense to June’s end. Avoid arguments, esp. with strangers. Financial and sexual doors open.

Sunday dawn to Tuesday suppertime brings secrets, mysteries, subconscious promptings, medical and lifestyle decisions, financial and sexual pursuits. Your intuition’s high. Sunday’s best — romance and sex could combine beautifully; so could a “researched gamble” and finances. Could involve real estate. Caution Tues.

This eve into dawn Fri. accents the things of last month: far travel, education, love, international affairs, law and culture. These aren’t so easy Tues., but Wed. to Fri. morning holds many lucky moments, esp. for romance, home, and career. This entire interval, though, needs care with fantasy and fuzzy thinking. You might think someone’s on your side, or attracted, when they’re not, esp. Wed. day and Fri. morn. Still, good luck far outweighs the bad. Friday morning through Sat. brings prestige, neighbourhood recognition, career pressures, and ambition. 1) avoid self-deception Friday, 2) sidestep an argument this eve. That said, your prestige deepens, and the career front holds good news Sat.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Midweek, Libra, your general experience shifts from secrets and privacy, research, financial and intimate clinches, to open knowing, travel, intellectual and academic pursuits, publishing, cultural and social rituals. All these are blessed not only for the month ahead, but right into early August. (This “intellectual love” might lead straight to ”married love” the last half of 2020.) In recent weeks, your attention was distracted by lust; in the weeks to come, you’ll be distracted by love. Your work grows hectic and intense now to late June. Same period, a workplace attraction might occur, but it might not be your best love option. A natural “teacher” might attract you. Until late June, an old flame could re-ignite.

Relationships are front and centre Sunday dawn to suppertime Tuesday. Be diplomatic, co-operative. Bright opportunities (in $ or love or security) arise Sun. Monday’s okay, holds “easy” relations. Tuesday needs care, esp. in relationships, speech, and money. Midweek (Tues. eve to Fri. dawn) shunts you into the affairs of the last 4 weeks — sex, temptation, finances, medical and lifestyle decisions — private, potent things. Caution Tues. night. Wednesday flows well, but keep an eye on unrealistic fantasy or deception, esp. about love and ethics.

Thursday’s beautifully lucky (pre-dawn Fri. also) — charge ahead, you could grab a prize (esp. in domestic areas or involving children). All week, your duties try to call you away from love. Friday dawn through Sat. brings the themes of the month ahead: far travel, belief systems, cultural rituals, gentle love, publishing, intellectual pursuits. These are “just okay” Fri. — don’t argue this pm — one met before 8 pm PDT Friday will NOT be a good mate. Saturday, all these themes blossom with good fortune. Contemplating love? — then contact him/her.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The general accent on “confrontational” relationships fades midweek. “Confrontational” only means he/she/they face you in an open, honest way, whether for love or anger. Wednesday nudged you and your relationships into deeper, binding waters. Business agreements now need to be funded; love attractions shift toward intimacy. All trends toward “private.” Your romantic courage and drive intensify now to late June — so does your sex appeal, and even more, sex’s appeal to you. This is fortunate, as long as you are honest, and neither yourself nor another is attached or married. A former “sex partner” might return before July. This week, some confusion exists over love — reject fantasy.

Sunday dawn (PDT) to Tuesday suppertime brings work and health concerns. Sunday’s lucky — great day to buy machinery or tools, hire others or find employment. Monday’s similar, but milder. Tuesday offers obstacles and problems, mostly in money and communications. Relationships confront you Tues. eve to Fri. dawn. Try to distinguish between fantasy/deception and real affection/harmony. Wednesday’s a bit bumpy, holds “love’s regret.” Thursday’s beautifully fortunate — charge ahead in a humble way: co-operate, understand another’s P.O.V. and desires, esp. in sensual, practical, and $ areas — Friday pre-dawn, too.

The rest of Friday, and all Sat., highlight secrets, investigation, heightened intuition, sexual desires, financial actions, and medical or lifestyle events. Again, avoid deception/fantasy Friday (in sex, romance, finances) and sidestep an argument Fri. eve/night. Saturday’s splendid — chase deep things, investments, sex, agreements, answers.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Midweek, Sage, you switch from a month of work and health to four weeks of relationships. (Apropos of this, now to January 2022 my advice is to seek relationships, to go out from yourself, relocate, deal with crowds and the public, negotiate and contract. Avoid getting wrapped up in yourself. If you’re single, a very viable mate prospect could appear this year.) Until late June, you can be angry, impatient on the home front, perhaps due to a love break-up. Oddly enough, the same period offers luck, success and unusual affection with an outside or “peer” attraction. A former flame could re-appear. All week, avoid deception, fantasy or fuzzy thinking involving on the one hand, your home, security, and on the other, an outside attraction or opportunity.

Romance calls Sunday dawn to suppertime Tuesday — expect beauty, a sweet feeling, creative surges and (usually lucky) risk-taking urges. Sunday’s splendid, Monday’s fine, but Tuesday presents two obstacles: one involves old promises, managers or a gov’t agency; the other needs self-expression — but both involve money, or possessiveness. Tackle chores and protect your daily health (food, dress) Tues. eve to dawn Fri. Some obstacles, but much good luck — you’ll get things done. Buy machinery, appliances (NOT washers of any kind) Thurs. into early Fri. (Too early — dawn — in North America, but good for daytime Europe, nighttime Asia.) Friday morning through Sat. brings relationships and opportunities — difficult ones Fri., good ones Sat. Time your actions accordingly.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

A month of romance and pleasure ends Wed., as you enter 4 weeks of work, chores, health concerns and possible purchase/sale of machines/tools. This area, work generally, is blessed until early August. But a Mercury-retro slowdown will arrive mid-June, so get projects wrapped up or solidly launched before then. Co-workers will show affection. You might start a shy co-worker romance. You travel and communicate with haste until June’s end — careful that you don’t insult someone or cut them off mid-sentence. You might talk about ending a situation.

Be ambitious Sunday dawn to suppertime Tuesday. You won’t hit any problems until Tuesday, and even Tuesday’s obstacles are merely a spur to more successful effort. Romance, like an echo of earlier weeks, wafts in Tues. night to dawn Fri. This is a nice interval in an established relationship; but it’s more like a ghostly caress if you’re unattached. Wednesday and Friday, and really all week, beware fantasy’s and deception’s charms. Thursday’s best for action, proposals, launches, etc. Tackle chores dawn Fri. through Sat. Friday’s a bit challenging — watch food this morning, and sidestep arguments this pm. Saturday’s fine all day — plunge in and get a big thing done!

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You’ve been “tied down to home” for the last 4 weeks, but Wed. starts a month of romance — better and sweeter romance than most years. Your choice, if single: you can have a months-long affair (to August) or you can carry this romance into marriage zones and make it last, perhaps forever. A former lover might appear — if so, he/she has been abroad or at school (or similar venues, e.g., publishing, lawsuit) and represents a philosophical, moral life of love. (Or I could just say, he/she carries “wedding vibes.”) Money flows to you until late June — save it or regret it, Aquarius! My main advice: toss away shyness. All week, esp. the second half, deception or fantasy (or a selfish hold on either money or your lover) can interfere with love/romance. Let romance win — in a clear-eyed way.

Short trips, visits, calls, chats, emails, paperwork, casual contacts and easy, quick chores fill Sunday dawn to Tues. supper. Sunday’s excellent; Monday’s good; but Tues. holds a problem or obstacles, probably connected to your hopes for a good career and a bevy of friends. Steer toward home Tues. eve to dawn Fri. All’s well, esp. Thursday — somehow, your success at home aids your outside career or reputation. Friday and Saturday focus on romance, creative, inventive and speculative efforts, beauty and pleasure. Friday’s a bit jumbled, so step nimbly around a possible money/possession problem early, and sidestep an argument later. Saturday’s splendid — woo someone, or write that great novel!

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

On Wednesday, Pisces, you move from a busy but light month of errands and quick chores, of wanderlust, as you sink into four weeks of down-home, contemplative, security-oriented rest. Your home and family will be unusually sweet and co-operative. You’ll say, “Gee, I’m loved!” Though 2020 isn’t a real estate year, you might profit from selling or buying a place now to early August. If you’re looking for a home, a “place from the past” offers a good deal. much discussion about all this, or about other home matters — garden, kids, repainting, etc. (Great few weeks ahead to paint or decorate — AFTER May 24.) You’re a bit of a warrior until late June — impulsive, brave, determined. Good! But be gentle with others.

Buy/sell, collect money due and pay bills, ask for a pay raise, seek bargains, etc., Sunday dawn to Tues. suppertime. Sunday’s splendid, charge ahead. Monday’s similar but a bit  quieter.  Tuesday needs caution — money and friends don’t mix. Midweek (Tues. eve to Fri. dawn) sends you on errands and wild goose chases, brings paperwork, calls and messages you need to answer. Thursday’s quite fortunate, for love, career and status — and home. A partner decides to stay. Friday/Saturday settle you deeply into home, family, nature, garden, etc. Friday’s a bit complex — avoid disagreement with your partner early, and with anyone else late. Saturday’s calm, restful, nature’s beauty wafts over you — sink into home, nature. Bliss hovers.