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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:  4:09 am to 4:09 pm Sun., 6:06 pm to 11:33 pm Tues., and 6:30 am Thurs. to 4:40 am Fri.


Considering it’s Corona time, we should probably wear the masks and gloves when we’re most vulnerable health-wise. (Where I live, maybe 1 in 20 or 30 people wear these — mostly old folks.)

This week, for SCORPIO, health vulnerability exists Sunday (and the preceding Fri./Sat., May 22/23). For SAGITTARIUS, Sunday night through Tues. For CAPRICORN, Wednesday to Friday dawn. For AQUARIUS, Friday/Saturday. LESS SO, BUT STILL significant: CAPRICORN, Sunday (and the preceding Fri./Sat., May 22/23) — AQUARIUS, Sunday eve through Tues. — PISCES, Wed. to dawn Friday — ARIES, Fri./Sat.

If you guys (Readers) want me to do this “health caution” every week during the Covid crisis, let me know. (Otherwise I won’t bother, as it’s a lot of work.)
***   ***


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Errands, wanderlust, visits, communications, paperwork and friendly contacts are emphasized until June 20. Be curious, ask questions. You experience friendly, affectionate relations with everyone. If married, your spouse and you are more talkative — you’re reporting, he/she’s pondering about ideas, principles — all’s good. Continue to avoid belligerent people and violent venues until June 28.

Sunday starts with errands, and everything listed in the first sentence. But late afternoon (PDT) through Tuesday turns you (at least in heart) toward home, family, security — your energy ebbs, and you want to find a nice comfy place. Your luck’s good Monday, esp. where gov’t or a confidential discussion involved. Good day to invest, whether in instruments or in your home. (Or in the kids: education fund?) However, Tuesday faces you with choices: home or career. family or outside interests? Do this: use home as your launching pad.

Romance sidles up to you Wed. to pre-dawn Fri. Yet, oddly, you’ll feel out of sorts, or will find a series of tiny little frustrations in chasing someone. (Maybe it all stems from an argument or money problem Wed.) Be mellow, enjoy beauty, the pleasures of art, film, tv, culture, children. Tackle chores Fri. dawn through Sat. There’s a work/money opportunity Fri. (night, PDT — daytime Sat. in Asia). Don’t be distracted from your work by illusions of love/romance/friendship Saturday (to late afternoon — this eve/night are superb for accomplishment — do something that relates to your career.)

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

This week and the few ahead focus on money, earnings, buy/sell, bargains, possessions — and on sensual attractions, memory and rote learning. You’re a natural in all these areas, and they are blessed, not only during the weeks ahead, but into mid-summer and beyond. If you do start a sexual affair with a pleasant person, it will last to August. Don’t break someone’s heart. Butter up clients and/or the boss. Whether you’re male or female, you’ll attract male friends (or vibrant, assertive women) until late June. One or more of these friends can help you solve a tax, gov’t-related or administrative problem. Generally a good period for surgery (to late June).

Sunday focuses on money, but yields little result. Late afternoon Sun. through Tues. sends you on errands, trips and visits, makes the phone ring, compels you into paperwork, filing, office chores, etc. — easy, busy work. You can make an exhilarating new friend or two Mon. morn into dawn Tues., but others might complain of their hard circumstance/situation Tues. afternoon/eve (all PDT). Or you could merely find conversation sluggish.

Turn toward home, family, security, and mom nature Wed. to dawn Fri. Rest, embrace the kids, dig in the garden, and relax. Not a particularly good interval to start serious renovations, pick paints, etc. Friday dawn through Saturday sparks romantic feelings, which you’d be wise not to act on until 5 pm PDT Saturday onward (1 am Sunday in Britain, Sun. morn in Asia). Friday’s good for career action, showing/creating proposals for VIPs.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

This is your time, Gemini! Your charisma, energy, appeal, timing, clout and effectiveness have seldom been higher, stronger! Start significant projects — but remember, your planet, Mercury, retrogrades June 17. This means, if you launch a project this week, it should be one that you’ll finish easily before then, or one that you can put on a stable foundation before mid-June, then pick up and start a second phase after July 11.

You’re more gracious, sweeter, you smile more readily, and you’re starting to see the effects as others smile, wink or compliment you. This, from last April to early August. If single, you can easily attract at least proto love (and the rest is up to you). Higher-ups remain impatient, snarky. Just grin and bear it — and realize this same influence could make a career or prestige wish come true — and could bring you a friend or two on the career front. Discussions about home, money begin in earnest Thursday.

Sunday’s “your time” Gemini (as in the first 2 sentences above) but after 4 am PDT, it’s a dud. So if you’re reading this early, start that project Saturday, May 23, or wait until Monday, when $ (or school) projects, or simply pay-$-raise-career projects, should find some success. Careful Tuesday: large financial, sexual choices face you. If you’re honest, all works out. If you’re devious, you could be lured into a bad situation.

Friends, contacts, errands, swift, easy chores, travel, communication and paperwork fill Wed. to dawn Fri. Wednesday’s a bit stressful, Thursday’s a bit dull … just plod along. Friday dawn through Sat. steers you toward home, kids, spouse, garden, nature, security, nutrition, and rest. Friday daytime’s bright and friendly, but this night and Sat. are a bit contentious, maybe deceptive. Saturday night: perhaps a brilliant idea re money, investments, work, or health.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Withdraw from the crowd this week and the next few, Cancer. Find solitude, find peace. Rest, observe others, ponder and plan.  (A hint: your “new project” in late June/July might be a replay from the past.) Your inner world will be sweet, filled with affection’s memories, spiritual grace and mellow acceptance — all the way to August. This (esp. present weeks) is a good interval to begin anything charitable, to join a spiritual group, or to get a toe into management (or a higher level of management) and, ultimately, to deal with civil servants, advisors, agents, and to liaise with institutions or large companies. Though you might be tired, and your charisma briefly at an annual low, that won’t stop you talking! Strictly avoid lawsuits before June’s end.

Lie low, be restful Sunday. Late afternoon Sun. through Tues. brings a reprieve: your energy shoots upwards, you attract some attention, and you want to take the lead. That’s okay, even good — you can attract love, perhaps career admiration, Monday into early Tues. But as Tuesday matures, obstacles arise like rocks in a misty ocean: take care, see others as opportunity, not blockages.

Chase $ Wed. to dawn Fri. Mail invoices, pay bills, seek lower prices. But don’t try anything spectacular: all the aspects are “ho-hum.” Possible sensual “congress” late Wed. night. Friends, errands, calls, trips, busy but easy chores fill Fri. dawn through Sat. Good time for new friends Fri. night. (But remember your low energy: make an impression, laugh, leave.) Saturday’s friendly also, but holds some snags — for success, late eve, night are best.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Wishes can come true, Leo — and at least one, probably two, will come true now to late June. Most likely: wishes about career, prestige, fame, and about friendship. In rare cases, about a prestige marriage or practical partnership. Join a group or two — you’ll be welcomed, could benefit for months, longer. From a group might come a love — a light, friendly affair that can lead, July onward, to an actual wedding. If you need cheering up, find a Gemini. Be careful with sex and finances — you might be too hasty, too impulsive. Now to January 2022, you’ll fare better if you linger with friendly romance rather than go “heat seeking” for deep, blazing, heavy romance. The weeks ahead have one message: happiness!

Sunday’s happy, wishful, social, but a dud result-wise. Just enjoy the mood. This late afternoon through Tuesday nudges you into rest and quietude. Watch others, ponder and plan, discover “good motives.” Finish neglected chores, liaise with gov’t, spiritual or charitable orgs, advisors, etc. — and take a few naps.

Your energy and charisma soar Wed. to dawn Fri. Be a leader, start things, esp. in a group sense. Overall, tho, this is a quiet interval, so don’t expect others to perform heroically. All’s well. Handle money, possessions and friendly sensual attractions Friday dawn through Sat. Friday eve/night might bring a potential “status partner” — be welcoming. Saturday’s a bit difficult or deceptive (or brings a money dilemma/choice) daytime, but this eve/night could subtly point you toward a home, family, money or work success.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your career and worldly standing are in focus — very luckily! — until June 20. (And actually, fortunate beyond, to August — but the “main energy” will exist in May/June.) (A woman might help promote you, more than a man will.) A former job role might be offered, or demanded — take it, it looks fortunate. Relationships are intense, anger or intense attraction can flare up anytime, to June’s end. The “subject” of this intensity is either sex or a financial matter, or a lifestyle change. (Though it can also flare up anywhere, e.g., road rage.) Thursday begins a round of friendly discussions (which will lead to a dead-end in mid-June, then proceed to success July 12 to late August).

Sunday’s made for ambition, except that it yields no useful results. Instead, invest your hopes/emotions in your rising popularity, social delights, and group affairs, Sunday late afternoon through Tuesday. Monday’s great — nice intellectual contacts, flirtations or sexual success early, partnership success late (to dawn Tues., all PDT.) But later Tues. isn’t so simple: it could spark love, or opposition. (Love more likely.)

Retreat, find quietude and a comfy place, Wed. to dawn Fri. Therapy, institutions, gov’t, charities, spiritual pathways, advisors and agents — deal with these, without plunging wholly into any one. Other than a disruption or stress Wed. daytime, this interval is rather blah — try to define what another is trying to get across. And mostly, rest, rebuild reserves. Your energy and magnetism leap up Fri. daytime through the weekend. Friday offers a philosophical, travel interlude, or a special new friend, perhaps a co-worker. Saturday’s mildly frustrating in the morning, might bring agreement or disagreement with your mate this afternoon (or deception). The night fills with possibilities.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You’re an intellectual sign, Libra. (This doesn’t refer to I.Q., but to your tendency to experience life mentally, through your eyes and thoughts.) For slightly over 4 months (April to August) your intellect is “turned on,” bringing you luck in far travel, education, international affairs, justice/law, cultural venues, publishing, belief systems — and love, the kind your parents would approve. (Because it “fits” family structures, society’s patterns.) This period can bring fame to those deserving it. Press your point, harass media types — I mean don’t be shy. Show your talents, your mind. Some Librans will write a book now. All this favour and fortune is doubled now to June 20, and will lead to career luck in July. Work is intense, hectic to late June. A co-worker might “make eyes.”

Early Sunday’s filled with the above themes, but results are few and weak. This afternoon (4 pm PDT) pulls you into ambition’s lair, through Tuesday. Be reliable, support the boss. You can take big strides forward Monday, into dawn Tues. Be active, forward, not shy. Tuesday can later erect barriers, perhaps domestic ones, to your ambitions. Either seek to merge home and outside interests, or just be patient.

Dreams come true Wed. to dawn Fri.! Well, reasonable ones come true — you might meet new friends, someone who spells “l-o-v-e.” Flirtations are light, witty, but commitments lurk beneath the surface. Enjoy social delights, popularity, optimism. I say “reasonable wishes” because not many good aspects occur and everyone remains a bit hesitant. Withdraw Fri. daytime and Sat. — find peace, solitude, a place where you can think and mull over plans. Be restful, recharge mental, emotional, physical batteries. You might be attracted to someone “unavailable” — be honest, moral.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

A romantic streak continues hot, to late June. (Can also refer to a creative project, invention, teaching children, perception of beauty… ) Your sexual side is also running hot, and could find its’ reward now to August (perhaps you already have, since March). Rewards await, also, in research, finances, medicine, and growth-oriented confidential discussions. For hopeful couples, pregnancy is more likely (to August) than in most years. 2021/22 will be a very favourable “domestic” period. Many Scorpios will hold babies in their arms! Now to January 2022, focus on earning money more than investing.

Sunday focuses on all the above topics, yet by dawn onward Sunday’s a wee dud. Late this afternoon a mellow, understanding mood flows into you, bringing peace, gentle love, and a hankering to travel or learn. This lasts through Tues. Monday’s great, so’s early Tues. morning — a romantic adventure possible. Heck, ecstasy possible! But Tues. daytime brings one or two obstacles involving communication or travel. Remember, obstacles are often opportunities when you investigate them.

Ambition, career pressures, prestige relations and worldly standing become significant Wed. to dawn Fri. A bit of caution needed Wed., esp. in relationships. The rest of this interval is okay, nothing dramatic. (Everybody’s still trying to find their feet, their position, after Covid-19.) (So “definition seeking” and caution replace big chunks of action.) Happiness arrives Fri./Sat. — optimism, popularity, social delights, entertainment, flirtation… these conspire to put a smile on your face! Still, Saturday’s a bit uncertain in partnerships, love — just wait, this night and Sunday will reassure you in strong ways!

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The main emphasis lies on relationships now to June 20, Sage. (Even after this, for a month, the relationship theme will prevail, but on a deeper, less public level. E.g., open attraction in June can become intimate in July; or May/June’s signed contract would be followed by actual funding and effort in July.) This year, relationships are your pot of gold, or of heart’s delight. An old flame could re-ignite. From April to early August (and we’re already late May) others will treat you with affection, respect and humanity. If you show love, you’ll get love. (And other gas station homilies.) If single, you could meet a life-mate. Geminis and Librans play key roles. Thursday onward brings a streak of sexual desire, of secrecy; it winds through the larger relationship picture. Be gentle on the home front until late June — your temper’s alive!

Sunday’s for relationships, but yields almost no results. (If you’re reading this early, Saturday May 23 is your love-action time. Sunday’s a bit late.) Sunday evening through Tuesday shunts you into the deeper side of relations (a preview of July’s themes) — into lust, heightened intuition, financial, medical or lifestyle situations. These glow with luck Mon. to Tues. dawn (PDT) so charge ahead. Obstacles arise Tues. daytime — obstacles with, perhaps, a hidden opportunity.

Wednesday to Friday dawn emphasizes love, far travel, intellectual and philosophical pursuits, fame, publishing, culture and beliefs. Though this is such a natural, rewarding area for you (far travel, et al) the aspects putz out and offer almost nothing from the outside — all success will have to come from inside you. (Still, a mellow, enjoyable interval.) Friday morning through Sat. brings ambition’s pressures, career (really, work) opportunities (a good one, Fri. pm) and health and machinery themes. Buy computers Fri. Buy nothing Saturday, at least before 5 pm PDT. After this, your money fortunes turn positive, even superb. Now to early 2022, avoid “ultra-independence.” You belong with somebody.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The main focus lies — with unusual good luck — on work, service, employment (or hiring employees), machines and tools, and daily health. Protect that last by dressing, eating and drinking sensibly. (Your blood sugar/mineral levels might need attention.) OTC drugs will tend to work well. You can speak (and drive) rapidly, assertively, now to June’s end. A former job or role might return — if so, it’s good. (But will require more silence than you want.) If you want to launch a project, do it soon, as mid-June brings a slow-down.

Sunday’s for work, but stick to routine chores. By late afternoon (PDT) through Tuesday, you encounter relationships, relocation, negotiation, litigation, co-operation or opposition. Monday’s great for these — predawn Tues. too. Domestic situations, family, casual friends and a short trip might lead to interesting ideas/actions, breakthroughs. Tuesday pm, decide between relationship and going it alone.

Wednesday to dawn Friday shunts you into deeper waters, secrets, privileged data, big finances, research, detective work, medical and lifestyle decisions, sexual yearning. Wednesday’s a bit disruptive, but generally this interval is muted, without spectacular results, so just feel your way along. I wouldn’t sign anything. Many small revelations. Friday/Saturday bring “mental romance,” and intellectual pursuits, far travel, import-export, law, learning, cultural and belief systems. Friday brings a surprising romantic spark — him? her? you’ll ask yourself. Saturday’s here and there, some illusion, but this night opens the door to possibly great things! (New or solid friendship, management ideas.)

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan 21-Feb. 18

The main accent lies on romance, now to late June. Seldom have you (if single) been so blessed with a “welcoming.” I mean almost anyone you approach with flirting or romance in mind, will respond with grace, affection, humour, perhaps even a ”yes!” This “sweet reception” will exist until early August — in which month you might want to permanetize the bond — marry, co-habit, whatever. Gemini, Libra, Leo might be involved. If you’re married, the same fortunate trend exists with children, your spouse, art, creative or inventive projects, etc. Money continues to flow to you and through you: stop spending and it will accumulate.

Two love prospects might appear in the few weeks ahead: 1) is gracious, sweet by nature, inspires you intellectually, and might return from the past; 2) is more talkative, restless, witty, and won’t harm you, but he/she might turn out to be more a co-operator or co-worker than a significant flame.

Sunday’s for love and creativity, but a lack of activity makes this day a bit of a dud. Tackle chores this afternoon through Tues. Eat, dress sensibly. You’ll accomplish wonders Monday to Tues. dawn. (Buy machinery, equipment early Mon. morn — pumps, water-related machines late Mon. or Tues. dawn, all PDT.) Wednesday opens the door to relationships, until Fri. dawn. Not much of significance here. (You might get upset about a joke Wed.) Now’s the time for love — deep summer will be the time for partnering. Be diplomatic, co-operative — why make an enemy?

Friday/Saturday bring temptations (extra-marital intimacy, verboten sex) and revelations. Research, investment, debt reduction, lifestyle choices, medical procedures, sexual congress — all get a friendly boost Friday, but not especially Saturday — though late this night into next Sunday opens a door to success in all this — investment, medical, sex, etc.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb,. 19-March 20

The accent lies on home, family, real estate, furniture, security (CCTV?), mines, forestry, oil/gas, garden, nutrition. These form a powerful trend until June 20, but even before and after (April to August) — and now! — this zone is blessed with mild, sweet good fortune. (And generally favoured now to early 2022.) The kids play happily, it’s a great time for decoration, etc., esp. if you’re taking up plans you made weeks, even years ago. (In decorating, look for “heritage” colours, items.) (Only start projects that you can finish before mid-June.) You’re unusually assertive/aggressive, bold, determined and self-assured until June’s end, esp. in $ areas. Thursday starts 9 weeks of discussion/thinking about your passions: love, romance, children, beauty, risk. (Those weeks might bring an old flame, after mid-June.)

Sunday’s for home, but the best action here was yesterday (Sat., May 23) and Sunday yields little. Late this afternoon, through Tues., passion visits — romance, beauty, pleasure, talented kids lift your mood. (Pleasure is God’s great motivator.) Monday’s great, right into Tues. dawn (PDT) — $ success, sexual attraction, and a feeling (correctly) that you are blossoming, unfurling from decades of “lying low” to a complete, masterful expression of yourself. (Hope all this makes sense, Pisces.) Tuesday brings either opportunity or dejection, obstacle or profitable puzzle.

Tackle chores Wed. to dawn Fri. Eat, dress sensibly. Wear your Corona mask. Not really a good interval for anyone, so be patient when others are slow to understand, or slow to explain what they mean. Relationships fill Fri./Sat. — sparkling, friendly ones Fri. Saturday’s jumbled, refuses love (or hurts the wallet) and can deceive. But this night, late, has success in love, hopes, prestige/status. An okay week, Pisces!



My first wife (she’s dead now, bless her good heart) had a phrase, “hysterical sky.” A minute ago I saw one of her “hysterical skies” — the sun shining on my hazelnut bushes, on the green lawn, but just a lot over and across the street grey is gathering, which makes the close, sunny trees seem unreal. I always thought of this as beautiful, magical, poetic, dreamy, but never hysterical. Hmmm. Joan, if you have senses up there, just wanted to tell you I’ve been behaving lately (a tragedy of age!) and I hope you’re laughing in heaven as you laughed down here. (Actually “over here,” as I think heaven, or the “other side” is less than a centimetre away from us, our body, at anytime. In trancing, in meditation, it’s as if a thin clear film is pulled away, and we “touch,” the other and I. All knowing is a mere film away. (Not wisdom; wisdom seldom knows, and is often wrong.)
***   ***

Many vaccines and therapy drugs seem to be “just on the horizon” for the Covid-19 pandemic. Even my friend in Montreal, a medical researcher/developer, has informed me of a promising trial drug. There seem to be as many cures in development as there are responses to the virus, which seems to have a unique ability to confuse politicians and public health mandarins.

(Even I, a lay idiot, know its futile to contact trace this illness, yet the mandarins, including Fauci, keep promoting this absolute waste of time. Obviously, if a disease is spreading from, say, one person to all his/her contacts (say, 30 a week) and then each of these contacts has 30 more contacts of their own, we’re already looking at (without social distancing) 600 contacts from one person in one week. A tracer could spend the entire week locating say, 90% of these contacts, while all of them have meanwhile produced 600 more contacts over a second week = 360,000 contacts. Is the tracer going to find all these in 1 or 2 weeks? Ridiculous. Masks, maybe; gloves, distancing, maybe. Tracing, just plain dumb.
***   ***

Remember a month or two ago I wrote here that I suspected deflation was going to arise. May 20, the Canadian gov’t announced that inflation was negative (i.e., deflation) for the first time since 2009 (that other crisis).
***   ***

I wrote here some months ago that Canadian PM Justin Trudeau might make another “verbal gaffe” in late April/early May. Then, nothing. But the week after that prediction, a reader sent me a YouTube link that shows the PM trying to sing a song about the Corona virus. It went like this (and he cannot carry a tune): “moist mouth, moist mouth,” over and over. Perhaps it was a meme. Anyway, from here on in, Justin faces more favourable times — except with civil servants, who will dig in their soft heels.
***   ***

In my little town (pop. 8,000) there are, I think, zero covid-19 “cases.” The local medical clinic, with about 20 doctors, has been closed for weeks. It now offers “tele-health,” in which one MD is handling all the tele-health calls, and you must make an appointment for a specific day for a telephone appointment. This is an early nudge in a direction we’ll see more and more, as electronics replaces “in person” situations. It will shrink retail, stores, office occupancy, energy consumption, and create “villages” (those ones I mentioned before, about 10,000 pop and round houses). The old world is dissolving; the new world is upon us. We were slow to embrace it, so the cosmos sent us a Scorpio disease (Covid-19) to push us. Scorpio pushed us once before: 2008/09, when the financial system collapsed. And it will again, for these “Scorpio instigated” changes will descend on us for another 209 years.
***   ***

I’ve told readers since 1984 that we had entered a Pluto/Scorpio era (Nov. 1983) lasting to 2229 A.D

The corona virus (Covid-19) is a Scorpio event. So was the economic crash of 2008/09. So was AIDS. (I can’t say the 9/11 attack was Scorpionic.) I think these events occur to teach us something, or maybe more correctly to nudge humans into a new direction. The present event is very significant, and will cause permanent effects on human society and modes of living. It has already steered us in a new direction, more toward communism. That isn’t bad. If we could bring the west’s greatest virtues to China, and China did the same, this world would prosper economically and technologically. Both nations have miles to go before that.

The corona virus is tailor-made to push us back into our homes, and into deeper reliance on the Internet. The trend toward internet shopping, and away from brick-and-mortar stores and malls, will accelerate. Banking, the same — suddenly, no longer a need to own expensive real estate to plonk a bank onto. (Actually, this trend has been coming for some years — I warned about it a year or two ago.) Banks should have seen it coming; if they didn’t, this “enforced cocooning” is their wake-up call. Their discrete dumping of real estate over the decade ahead will be a burden on prices.

(With Scorpio, things always progress in leaps and lurches, interspaced with periods of calm. On closer look, however, the period of calm is often one of slowly-increasing pressure, which finally explodes.)

Late 2020 — more “big death” vibes.

2027 — U.S. maybe in a fairly big war

in 1,000 years — we might live in small, 10,000 pop villages in white round houses. They won’t be round for practical reasons. Rather, the spherical shape will be a luxury, a reflection of current beliefs, which involve spherical consciousness or spirit.

Another pandemic in 2032/33  (light or non-existent)

More serious pandemic 2045/46 (also economic collapse)

Note:  both dates above might bring a “mass death” event of another kind. (E.g., financial wipe-out, war/massacre, nuclear accident, etc.)


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