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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:  2:17 am to 7:38 am Sun. — 3:40 am to 9:06 am Tues. — 4:36 am to 10:17 am Thurs., and 9:10 am to 12:44 pm Sat.


ALL SIGNS: Only start projects that you can finish, or put on a “Stage One Complete” shelf on or before June 18. (Well before, hopefully.)
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Wisdom and caution are two strong Impediments to growth. Wisdom usually comes without energy, and is particularly non-profitable in this form.
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Humour is the ketchup of the world. Almost anything goes down easier with it. But condiments are never the main meal.
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aries icon  ARIES: March 21-April 19

Talk begins on the home front — don’t talk yourselves into major renovations, etc., if these would take place between mid-June and July 12. But just talking is pleasant, as you express yourself, ask questions, learn, run errands, visit, communicate all week (and the next two). Curiosity could lead you to opportunities (two) and even to love or practical partnership. Continue to avoid belligerent people all June. (Esp. this Fri./Sat., see below.) (If you’re Aries rising, this can be an outstanding athletic time.) Your career, your reputation, remains serious, but the vaults of heaven are beginning to open, to shower you with luck in this arena, you’ll notice it in September/October. Until then, keep the faith and show higher-ups what you can do.

Sunday morning to Tuesday morn brings relationships, co-operation or opposition, love or enmity, negotiation/agreement or litigation/fight. Your luck’s generally good Sun./Mon., but pull back late Mon. night and Tues. morn. Love’s possible during the good periods. A former spouse might get in touch (anytime to late June). The main obstacle is his/her domestic position, and your career position. Life’s mysteries, depths and big rewards surface Tues. morning to late morning Thurs. Tuesday’s tough until the evening, then suddenly everyone understands one another.

Good fortune visits you Wed. into Thurs. dawn — lucky conversations or paperwork involving gov’t, head office, your plans/goals, and, perhaps, your inner or spiritual self. (All this while your hormones are “very alive.”) You might contemplate the end of an affair. Wisdom enters Thurs. morning to Saturday noon. Far travel, education, intellectual and cultural pursuits, law, beliefs, and gentle love flow over you. Thursday’s fine, and Friday starts fine. But an argument or someone’s violent reaction, or a difference of belief, could trigger anger and emotional chaos until Sat. noon. The older Saturday grows, the more peace, even bright earning/career ideas, come.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Continue the pursuit of money, possessions, learning (rote) and sensual satisfaction, Taurus. All these are blessed with bountiful results until early August, but especially during the 3 weeks ahead. A former money source might return. In sex, you can be attracted to a friendly, sweet, talkative, slender person. Not your usual choice, but it could last for years (probably six). You can talk charmingly now. Confidences with friends aid you.

Sunday’s for health, machinery and work. Monday, too, to Tues. dawn. Buy machinery/ tools or appliances from 4 pm Sun. to 8:20 am Mon. (PDT). Guard against refusals and barriers after this. Dress, eat sensibly. Midmorning Tues. to midmorning Thurs. brings relationships — be diplomatic, co-operative, jump on another’s bandwagon. Attractions are “unstable” Tues., but beautifully successful Wed. into early Thurs., when friendships and money (or sensual) desires go together easily.

You veer into deeper waters mid-morning Thurs. to noon Sat. In some ways, it’s all or nothing, commit or split. Medical, sexual, financial, lifestyle and investigative concerns will be addressed. Thursday holds progress, but Friday daytime to Sat. afternoon raises obstacles, doubts, anger — careful! Saturday night improves immensely — a new friend?

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Something beautiful catches your eye this week. Your energy, charisma, clout and timing are superb. Be a leader, launch new things (but only if they can be completed this week or early next). A former project might return, perhaps in the arts, creative areas, romance, or gov’t or medical zones. A former flame might return also. You are starting to think, talk, and/or travel around the subject of home, and home-related purchases. Continue to mollify impatient, temperamental higher-ups.

Love, romance, charming kids, creative or speculative urges, beauty and pleasure come Sun. morning to Tues. morning. Sunday okay, Mon. morning good, but this night and Tuesday are frustrated by barriers or refusals. Tackle chores carefully Tues. daytime; practice safety and patience. This eve works well, and generally so do Wed. through Thurs. morning — you’ll get lots done! Relationships fill Thurs., late morning to noon Saturday. Careful Fri. noon, when arguments float around, waiting to be grabbed and wrestled. Same Saturday, when anger and deception combine. Be diplomatic, realize others hold the Aces now. Saturday night draws you toward depths, mysteries, sexual and financial temptations — in a good, friendly way.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Remain quiet, Cancer. Find a comfy place, take “power naps,” and observe the world around you without speaking up. Ponder, plan, be charitable and spiritual. Your inner world is sweet, light, and this helps your domestic situation slide into harmony. One or two important confidential discussions can take place. You’re tired, yet restless. Yield to your tired part. Until June’s end, strictly avoid lawsuits.

Be home or in the ‘hood Sunday morning to Tuesday morn. (PDT.) Sunday starts fine, and stays that way — if you let a misunderstanding “go.” Monday’s affectionate — hug, encourage the kids. Tuesday’s not worth the effort — until mid-morn, when an interval of beauty, pleasure, romance and creative expression begins, lasting to late morning Thursday. All 3 days are benevolent, esp. Wed., when love ascends beyond mere romance. Tackle chores Thursday morning to midday Sat. Eat and dress sensibly. Pay careful attention to safety rules, esp. noon Fri. to noon Sat. Sidestep arguments during this interval. Angry? Count to ten, then throw that hammer at your car! Saturday pm brings relationships, friendly and flirty ones — and good ones!

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Be happy, Leo! This week and the next two lift you up by the heart, with optimism, flirtations, popularity and social delights. A wish can come true — and it’s a good time to make new ones. A former friend, group, or lover reappears — join in. Confidential discussions favour you. Your sexual side is hot, turned on. (But advance carefully here: the one who flirts might or might not be ready for intimacy: show your eagerness, then let the other person choose the path. On financial fronts, avoid impulsive commitments. You could gain from foreign/international products, situations, stocks. Any research you undertake now will prove valuable from July to December.)

Trips, visits, errands, mail-outs, texts, calls, new contacts, office/telephone systems, media — these fill Sunday morning to Tues. morning. Sunday’s okay, Monday’s good, and Tuesday’s like a deaf uncle who can’t hear your complaints. A wee bit of love’s attraction might spark Sun./.Mon., but will it have a long future? No — but who cares? Enjoy the moment. Dive into home, children, garden. nature, nutrition, security, etc. Tuesday mid-morning to late morning Thurs. Tuesday isn’t easy until after supper (PDT) (when a confidential talk might open your eyes to something deep inside that has been holding you back).

Wednesday’s fantastic — invest, love, make babies, investigate secrets — all succeed. Thursday, too — but more quietly, and softly, and only in the am. Late morning Thursday to midday Sat. throws your heart into the romantic maelstrom. Be cautious: you’re loving and open now, vulnerable, willing to trust any other heart that sings for awhile with yours. But indicators point to a “short time” for this attraction, and a flaming end — if you doubt this, arrange a date for Friday eve or Sat. to noon — and watch the irritation grow. Saturday pm’s for chores — and success.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Keep a constant eye on your career, reputation, worldly standing and prestige relations until June 20, Virgo. A former job role might return — if so, don’t hesitate, it’s a winner, esp. $-wise. (Applies to late June, about the 25th.) Women are especially favourable for your career ambitions, through early August. You will start to receive messages that draw you toward social events, a favourite group. Attend, honour invitations… involvements here might last to early August also. You might flirt with someone significant.

Venus and Mars, the love planets, favour the air and fire signs (and you’re an earth sign) all year. But you have romantic aspects on a bigger, macro scale.  Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto all support your love quests, all year. If romance does blossom this year, it is likely to be long-lasting, and have a deep effect on your life. (Applies also to any affair that presently exists, and began either last December, or since then.) Relationships of every stripe continue to be hot, intense, impulsive — be calm, cool, mellow in response. A huge sexual affair might flare up.

Chase money, buy/sell, seek bargains, schmooze with either clients or boss Sunday morning to late morning Tuesday. Sunday’s “okay” for these, early Monday’s grand, but late Mon. and early Tues. need patience, forbearance. Pay “dangerous” bills (i.e., the ones that can lower your credit rating). Quick, easy chores face you Tues. morn to late morn Thurs. — get out, be curious, ask questions, deliver articles, write, call. Late Tuesday’s odd but efficient.

Wednesday’s beautiful — you might meet one who makes your physical side perk up, who can be a great partner in ordinary life, and in the bedroom. Thursday’s similar but milder. Friday morning through midday Sat. throws a domestic lasso around your neck — irritation could spur you to rebel, or more likely, lose your temper, even to throw shade on your marriage. Be patient. Saturday eve/night brings beauty, peace, pleasure and desire — with friendly results.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 21

One of the best Junes you will ever experience, Libra. Your head is in vast thoughts, and you might, if single, meet one who not only “matches” your wandering ideas, but inspires new ones in you. This person really is a teacher of some sort. And love with this person, which might take until August to mature, could lead to marriage, co-habitation the last half of 2020, to a long, long and mellow bond.

Work remains hard, intense. Smile, and do it; eventually it will lead to opportunities… Career-oriented discussions might take place: be ready, eager, if the boss wants to talk. (Have your own ideas, insights ready.) You might need to choose between someone who excites your “secret sexuality” and draws you toward a hot affair; and on the other hand, a sweet, witty, gentle person who excites your dreams of a long, stable bond. Since May 5, you have been in one of the best years (Dec./19 to mid-Dec./20) in over a decade to buy/sell a home or other real estate. Remember this, amid all the other excitement!

Your energy, pizzazz, clout and effectiveness run high Sun. morn to mid-morn Tues. Be a leader, see and be seen, start projects (IF they will complete before mid-June — actually, to be safe, before June 7). Sunday’s jumbled; Monday’s good; Tuesday’s an obstacle course. Investigate academic, ideational, mental areas: troll for love. Chase $, buy/sell, take a night school course (rote learning) schmooze with clients, higher-ups, Tues. morning to mid-morning Thurs. After a mildly rocky start Tues., this interval blesses you financially (great work results Wed.) and sexually — indulge the last if you want, but not if it will “sacrifice” a more mental or emotionally exhilarating bond.

Late morning Thurs. to midday Sat. brings errands, visits, short trips, paperwork and communications. All’s well until midday Fri. (through Sat. noon) when the cracks start to appear in a prospective relationship — yep, this one ain’t marriage material. (Nor is someone who first appears Fri. noon through Sat. lunchtime — PDT.) Saturday night gently nudges you toward home, where a pleasant surprise awaits.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 22-Nov. 21

The three weeks ahead focus on mysteries, hidden treasure, research, heightened intuition, sexual yearning, financial actions (invest, reduce debt, etc.) and lifestyle decisions. All these are sprinkled with the sugar of good fortune, Scorpio. Dive in without reservations — now to late June, your sexual “heat” and/or romantic fervor can actually help each other. (E.g., if you’re dewey-eyed Romeo, sex can help. If you’re a Lothario, a pinch of innocent romance can help.) Legal or philosophical discussions occur all June — though they end in confusion or disinterest (temporarily). A foreign shore might be included in your plans for a lifestyle change.

Lie low, rest, ponder, plan and line up supplies, allies, Sunday morning to Tuesday morning. Liaise with gov’t, management, large corporations, advisors and agents. Above all, recharge emotional, physical batteries. Best day: Monday. Your energy bursts to the surface Tues. morn to late morn Thurs. Get out, see and be seen, lead others — you’ll be admired. (But hesitate to launch any project that can’t “finish up” by next week.) Tuesday isn’t easy, but ends well.

Wednesday’s beautiful — be benevolent, then chase anything, anyone you want! Romance succeeds. Thursday’s similar but milder. Thursday late morning to midday Saturday emphasizes money, earnings, buy/sell, bargains, schmoozing with clients, etc. — but various snags and barriers can irritate you to the point of snapping angrily at someone you’re wooing. Confusion and anger are never a good mix. Pick love or money — not both.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The emphasis remains on relationships until late June, Sage. “Relationships” includes relocation, love or practical bonds/partnerships, casual meetings in the street, opportunities and fresh new horizons, co-operation and opposition, friendship and enmity, negotiation, contracts, and litigation. The good side of these will almost certainly prevail, because loving Venus is in your sign ruling all these relationship related themes — until early August. In fact, now to January 2022, karma also leans this way: favouring merging, punishing stubborn independence. Singles among you could find your life mate, and live happily after…  not kidding!

Wishes might come true Sunday morning to Tues. morning. Popularity, social delights, flirtations, optimism, all visit you. Sunday’s “okay,” Monday’s sweet, loving (morning) and Tues. presents barriers. Withdraw from the bustling crowd Tues. morning to mid-morning Thurs. Rest, recharge your reserves, ponder and plan. Tuesday’s tough, but lightens up after supper, can bring agreement. Wednesday’s smooth, fortunate in domestic, family and relationship zones.

Same Thurs., but milder. Your energy and charisma come bouncing back (3/4’s) Thurs. mid-morn to midday Saturday. Take the lead in forming connections, bonds. Thursday and early Friday help you, might even bring a powerful attraction — but take care: Friday daytime into midday Saturday brews mistakes, anger, misunderstanding, even deliberate deception. Saturday eve/night favours work, $ — in friendly ways. Pretty good time to buy a computer or peripheries.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Until June 20, Cap, the main accent remains on work, health, machines, employees, dependents (including pets). This area is blessed for you, until August. (And to some degree, until January 2022.) Conversations now arise around partnership, union, relocation, negotiations and opportunities (these talks/plans might be sideswiped by events, mid-June to early July, but they will return). Caution driving, talking, writing: think before acting.

Your ambitions come into play Sun. morning to Tues. morning. Sunday’s okay, Monday’s better,  esp. before noon (PDT) — caution Mon. night/Tues. morning, as challenges arise…but realize these challenges/barriers can be a path to success. Happiness arrives Tues. morning to late morning Thurs. Optimism, popularity, entertainment and flirtations raise your mood to “celebration level.” Maybe a rough start Tuesday, but Wed. (esp.) and Thurs. are benevolent, fortunate. Your heart’s intrigued, you could “send a message” of attraction — to a co-worker?

But withdraw late morning Thurs. to midday Sat. — rest, recharge emotional/physical batteries, contact institutions, gov’t, or “head office.” Be charitable, spiritual. But mostly, sleep, rest, ponder and plan. Neither day is much good for anything except pruning, cutting, editing. Keep temper, practise safety around machines, sharp tools. Your energy and charisma jump up early afternoon Sat. and lead you to a friendly, interesting, maybe romantic meeting by this night.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The main accent, now to late June, lies on romance, creativity, speculation and risk-taking, pleasure, beauty, teaching/raising kids and encouraging their talents. This whole area is blessed with good luck and real affection, Aquarius. If single, chase someone. Your “approach” won’t be rebuffed — at worst, you’ll receive a pleasant “thank you for noticing me” sort of thing, or the nicest “no” in the world. More likely, you’ll strike sparks with someone. If you’re in a love affair already, your “other” might display indecision, hesitation — that’s okay, he/she will return to loving form by late month. Work-related discussions arise now to early August — don’t try to get every topic on the discussion board, as patience wins now. Money continues to rush toward you. To gain, stop spending/debts.

Sunday to Tues. morning brings mental acuity, a philosophical mood, hunger for far travel, intellectual pursuits, etc. Sunday’s okay, Monday’s excellent early, and Tuesday’s unlucky early. Pursue love early Monday. A legal matter might need attention. Pay attention to your public image and reputation, your career ambitions and prestige associations Tues. morn to late morn Thurs. This  is a fortunate, rewarding interval. (After a bumpy start Tues. daytime.) Wednesday’s best — opportunities to gain a pay raise, and to fall in love. (Both, would be nice!)

Prepare to be happy late morning Thurs. to midday Sat. Thursday’s smooth, workable. Friday could elevate an attraction to “mad love.” But Friday midday also tests your temper, as does Sat. (temper and confusion, perhaps all over $). By noon Saturday (PDT) it might be time to withdraw, relax and rest, for a lazy, quiet weekend.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The main emphasis for June lies on home, family, security, garden, mother nature, nutrition, on the basics and foundations of your life. This zone is beautifully blessed in subtle, karmic ways until 2022, but in more obvious ways until early August (2020) so do something significant: buy a house, or landscape, or plant a new garden, start an education fund for the kids, paint, decorate, etc.  Watch timing though — the beautifying, decorating stuff needs to be finished in about one week, because a 3-week period of confusion and mistakes begins, technically, June 18. (But the slow-down starts days earlier.) Talk starts about summer pleasures, vacation plans, romance — jump in! Tone down impulsive aggression, to June’s end.

Jump into chores Sunday morning to Tues. morning — you’ll get a lot done — family helps. Only bad period: Mon. pm to Tues. morn. Be health conscious: eat, dress sensibly. Not the best time to buy tools/machines. Intellectual awareness comes to you Tues. morning to late morning Thurs. Far travel, international affairs, fame, statistics and insurance, higher education, law, cultural rituals and belief systems, and gentle love, compassion… these drift into your mind. Chase goals here: success seems rather assured. Maybe a bit of Tuesday turbulence.

Your ambition grows mid-morning Thurs. to midday Sat. While others encounter problems, you should charge ahead — be bold, innovative. (But avoid a big fight, if it’s in the air, midday Fri., and Sat.) Saturday night’s a reward — get out, mingle, have fun!



Now we will see the mature surge of the internet into its prime, it will be like a mountain to our present hill. But even as that happens, we will begin to see that the internet, IT, even (present efforts in) AI are old tech, as a new, lighter technology will be born, one that stands on different principles, and is like an unfolding breeze compared to our present state, which is like wood.
***   ***

The two centuries ahead, to 2229, are the “end time” of our 4,500-year mega-era. Literature, written languages, monotheism, schools, these came from our mega-era. During our own era (not mega-era) of 1983-2229,  a mere sliver of time, or roughly 5% of the mega’s 4500-year span, some of this mega’s greatest peaks might be achieved. For example, the technology of communication and knowledge storing took huge strides forward after 1983. (E.g., the cell phone, internet and, more importantly, social media was born.

This final era (1983-2229) has an extreme Scorpio leaning — Moon and Sun, and some planets. Scorpio goes to extremes. We call Aries impulsive because its natives are ruled by Mars. But before we discovered Pluto a century ago, astrologers said Mars ruled Scorpio. Scorpio mulls and ponders, hesitates, and works itself into an obsession * then a lather, and suddenly acts — on impulse. A kind of  premeditated impulse.

*(I’m exaggerating for effect.)

Scorpio rules volcanoes and earthquakes — both are the end expression of building tensions.

Since our present era began, we have had, mid-1980’s, Chernobyl and the market melt-down; 2002, 9/11; 2008/9, credit collapse; 2020, pandemic and economic “pause.” All have been Scorpionic events, all have been drastic, and each has altered the course of society to some degree, esp. this last wave of change. (Pluto/Scorpio rule deep change, “destined” change conforming to the unconscious. Unconscious = 95% of destiny.)

So, in a time of the impending death of the written word, the greatest novel might be written. In the last phase of Christianity (this century and next) another great leader or psychic might come. More, a “translator” of the upcoming transformation.
***   ***

I want to write short stories as much as I want to write this astrology column. Always, deadlines make me finish the weekly forecasts, but not the stories — I have about 20 unfinished ones. I can see continuing thus until I’m 84 or 101, so I’m going to force myself to finish some of them, at least. Here’s how: I’ll put one unfinished story in the AFTERAMBLE every week, and leave it there until I’ve finished — then I’ll put it in the “Stories” folder, where you can access it anytime, if you’re so inclined. (Of course you know me — I start many projects here on this blog, then drop them. Oh well. We’ll see.)