~WEEKLY FORECAST ~ JUNE 7 – 13, 2020

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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:  11:06 am to 5:54 pm Mon., 7:35 am Wed. to 2:32 am Thurs., and 5:45 am to 2:03 pm Sat.


ALL SIGNS: Don’t start big new projects now, as a mistake-prone slow-down period starts soon. (Technically, June 18.)
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A few months ago I wrote here: “For some reason I keep seeing the National Guard surrounding Congress.” Now with the rioting in D.C., maybe this image will come true.
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aries icon  ARIES  March 21-April 19

The accent remains on movement, short trips, errands, communications and paperwork. A good time to answer all neglected messages. There is a treasure in all this, either a monetary or emotional one. Wrap up rather than launch projects now; next week begins a period of delays, mistakes, indecision and dead-ends. Continue to avoid people/places of violence. Important discussions begin on the home front, but these stall next week into July 11. Still, it’s important; patience helps, and July will bring a consensus, a decision.

Be ambitious Sun./Mon. — you can advance your cause powerfully, esp. before noon Mon. (Before 8 pm in Britain, before 4 am Tues. in Asia.) Use your communications/talk abilities. Be charming. You feel friendly and happy Mon. night through Wednesday — plunge into social situations from mid-morning Tuesday to until Wed. morning, the luckiest period. You could meet love’s future.

Later Wed., illusion or deception rules. Withdraw Thurs. to Sat. afternoon — rest, ponder, plan, take a bath. Make discreet calls. Almost everything goes smoothly. Don’t try to call a lover Thursday. Possible deep, satisfying conversation Friday — perhaps with an ally, therapist, agent. Sleep in Saturday, all’s well. Your energy and charisma surge upward late Sat. afternoon into the weekend, you can approach the opposite sex.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Continue to chase $, Taurus. Whatever occurs during this money month might “last” or evolve, fortunately, for 17 more months. Buy/sell, pay bills and collect, schmooze with VIPs, bosses or clients. Your sensual side is awake (for months — to August) and is almost certain to find a partner for a casual affair. (In your life, though, casual affairs of 2019-2026 can become rock-solid partnerships.) Much discussion, many errands now to early August. Some of these talks, important ones, won’t finish but run into complications/ delays soon. That’s okay, in July these talks will find their conclusion. Males are your best friends now (through June). Don’t start big projects before July 12,

Tackle chores early Sun. morning to Tues. mid-morning. You’ll accomplish a lot, Sun./Mon., but barriers arise Mon. night, Tues. (perhaps ethical barriers). If you want to buy machinery, do so early Sunday or very early Mon. morn. Relationships arise mid-morn Tues. to late morn Thurs. If you can get past Tues. suppertime (wrong romance, perhaps, or a lover’s quarrel) this interval is splendid for forming or enhancing bonds of all kinds: marriage, business, friendship, romantic, client, neighbourhood, etc. You won’t fall madly in love, but you might enter an almost fantasy-like “lust affair,” esp. Wed.

Thursday’s mildly productive; you and another can define terms, “dot the i’s,” as they say on agreements. Relocation, public dealings, negotiations and opportunities — these last abound, so be alert! Late Thurs. morning to midday Saturday brings sexy temptations, financial depths, mysteries, investment or “deepen debt” impulses — these might start off with a gush, a drive to make a decision, take an action, or make a commitment. For example, buy some Amazon stock. Be cautious, reluctant — deception, illusion, argument or Saturday pm grows increasingly mellow, loving.

gemini icon  GEMINI: May 21-June 20

You’re still at the top of your game, Gemini. Physically, emotionally and mentally, you’re charged up and ready to go. BUT your planet, Mercury, retrogrades from next week to July 12, causing slow-downs, mistakes, indecision and dead-ends. So don’t launch a big project now, unless it relates directly to a past goal or project. Instead, reprise the past and protect ongoing ventures from possible delays, supply shortages, etc. (E.g., order extra supplies now, rather than when you need them.) Lead others, spread yourself around. If single, you attract attention, as love planet Venus is in your sign (to August — a very unusually long time). Continue to humour bosses and VIPs — their tempers are short but forgiving. If you want to buy something special, it might take you two months. (But you can begin the process now.)

Sunday through Mon. suppertime holds secrets, mysteries, sexual yearning and financial opportunities. A great little interval , so plunge in, esp. Tues. morning, when you could make some great investments or lifestyle changes. A Capricorn might play a key, beneficial role. (You might also feel a deep tug toward a Cap, these 2 days.) Love’s lighter side, compassion, wisdom, fresh air and a hankering to travel, intellectual and cultural pursuits — these fill Mon. suppertime to pre-dawn Thurs. Other than a wee disruption Tues. morning and a strong tug from your career/reputation side late Wed., this interval rains love, affection, co-operation and success.

Your career, worldly standing, ambitions and reputation are highlighted Thurs. to mid-afternoon Saturday. Plunge into work, ambitions — almost everything goes your way (except love, Thursday). Your hopes or social skills mingle with ambitions, and serve them. Saturday night, popularity and social fun!

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Remain quiet, restful and contemplate, Cancer. Pamper your health. Connect with gov’t, institutions or large corporations; with agents, advisors, and mentors. Your inner life (and these contacts) are supportive, benevolent. (These areas are “blessed” for you until 2022.) Continue, all June, to avoid legal hassles. Discussions, esp. confidential ones, spring up everywhere. If you have a trip planned for the second half of June or early July, it might be postponed. (Perhaps to August — a better month for business than now.)

Sunday/Monday brings relationships, fresh horizons, and opportunities — if you co-operate; opposition if you don’t. Monday could be very lucky here, mostly before noon. Suppertime Mon. to pre-dawn Thurs. opens the deeper sides of life: sex, pregnancy, health conditions, lifestyle, crime, research, investment or other financial actions.This interval begins with a mild disruption (Tues. morning) and ends with an ethical, moral or legal dilemma late Wed. night/Thurs. pre-dawn. In-between, all succeeds, so plunge into investment, or a bid for intimacy, or a lifestyle decision, etc.

Knowledge, understanding, international factors, far travel, law (avoid), intellectual, cultural pursuits, a mellow mood and gentle love — these steal over you Thursday to late afternoon Saturday. Thursday’s happy if ineffective. Friday’s splendid, and Saturday offers a “match on gasoline” kind of romance. (Saturday night, prepare for an ambitious weekend.)

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

It’s wishes-come-true time, Leo! Get out, meet and greet, join a club or group, and chase what you wish for (e.g., romance, or a new friend). You’re popular, flirtatious, optimistic, friendly and likeable. Others want to be with you. Now to August especially, but to a noticeable degree now to January 2022, light romance will outperform heavy, cloying romance. Creative actions involving a few people will outdo private creative sessions, same 18 months. Your sexual side is very potent now, but avoid pushing others. Be cautious with investments, debt, finances all June. Confidential discussions occur now to August also. (Gee, I wonder what’s brewing?)

Tackle chores Sun. to suppertime Mon. You’ll get a lot done, might pick up a new job. Relationships confront you Mon. eve to pre-dawn Thurs.  So do relocation themes, fame, public dealings, negotiations and agreements, and on the flip side, litigation and opposition. Generally, this interval is fortunate, esp. daytime Tues. and Wed. morning. You could find a mate! Sex, money, investments, dreams, sensing/intuition, medical procedures and lifestyle decisions, these fill Thurs. to late afternoon Sat. A wee disappointment Thursday, but charge ahead after this — you could grab a prize! Saturday night’s mellow, wise, loving.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The accent remains on your ambitions, career, worldly standing and prestige relations. Bosses favour you now to August, so take advantage: angle for a pay raise, present proposals, seek a higher position, etc. You might not get a response here until late June or July, so be patient — for best results, wait until July 12 onward to approach higher-ups. Unless a former job role or opportunity from the past appears — if so, grab it.  Peer relationships continue to be intense, to glow with anger or deep attraction. (It’s the kind of time when teenage Virgo boys could make someone pregnant.) Lots of talk all June, friendly neighbours and a warm welcome into social groups — a streak of happiness is undeniable!

Chase romance Sunday to suppertime Mon. Both days favour you, but Mon. morning might be best. Creativity, beauty, pleasure and risk-taking — chase these! Tackle chores and protect your “daily” health Mon. pm through Wed. Other than a morning disruption/ tension Tues., you’ll succeed, accomplish much. Good time to buy machinery (Tues. noon to 7:30 am Wed., PDT — add 9 hours for Europe, 15 for China, etc.). However, a subtle “refusal” haunts this week, has to do with a relationship, relocation, or a hoped-for agreement. Don’t build links on fantasies. (This “refusal” influence peaks pre-dawn Thurs., just as you enter 3 days of relationships — a hint that a break or problem in a relationship is essentially done, and fading into the past.)

Don’t trust the sirens of attraction Thurs., but Fri. and Sat. aid your efforts to merge/join. A match-in-gasoline attraction might occur — huge flame, little duration (or, same thing, little foundation). Things get sexy Sat. late afternoon into Sun. You might want to invest Sat. pm — careful.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your intellect, ideas, and your ability to see far, to understand international forces, can aid the rest of your life. (E.g., your intellect sends you to university, and as a result you earn more later.) This zone, travel, intellect, cultural and belief systems, and love, benefits you until August. A major voyage, a school stint, or the publication of your work — all good paths to pursue. However, until late June, this lucky zone has some connection to the past, a past lover, former country of residence, etc. (An ongoing love affair will pause mildly from indecision or outside events; but if it’s good, be patient.) Work remains intense. Guard against dangerous tools, cuts, rashes, over-heating. Don’t start new projects in career, business areas. You might fall in love. An old flame might appear.

Spend Sun. to Mon. suppertime near home. Garden, hug the kids, build a tree fort, enhance security, improve nutrition, putter around. Above all, relax, rest. Romance (and/or beauty or pleasure or a gamble) draws you Mon. eve to dark morning Thurs. A wee disruption Tues. morning — because you miscalculate the nature of an attraction. And romance might interfere with work (or vice-versa). That said, this is a good interval to let someone know how you feel. Keep an eye on everyone’s tendency now to fantasize or ignore hard evidence.

Tackle chores Thursday to early afternoon Sat. Eat, dress sensibly. You’ll get a lot done, with dispatch. Thursday needs “attention” — keep your eye on the main goal. After this, everything’s productive. Saturday night opens the door to exciting relationships, minor opportunities.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The emphasis remains on hidden treasure, Scorpio. Could manifest in the form of sexual intimacy, finances, revelations of secrets, research rewards, or lifestyle changes that open up new worlds. Charge after such goals now, Scorpio, but also through to early August. You’ll find that treasure! (The prize here might actually come from your past.) Romance (and dealings  with children) remain intense all June. Be gentle. An intellectual discussion might begin, last through July. If you’re in school, produce those projects now, but step back June 18-July 12, when leaving an essay alone might be better than revising it.

Sunday/Monday are for errands, easy, quick chores, paperwork, communications and visits. Be curious, ask questions. All’s well. But slow down Mon. suppertime to deep pre-dawn Thurs. Despite a mild disruption/stress Tues. morn, and a “smoke screen” of illusion, fuzzy motives, all week, this interval flows well and affectionately. Spruce up the home, hug the kids, garden, landscape, paint, etc. Above all, relax and contemplate your life — who still belongs in it, and who doesn’t? Thursday brings romance and beauty, pleasure and invention, until Sat. afternoon. You might fall madly in love. (If you do, in one month shake your head and ask yourself: is this real? Might be!) Tackle some easy chore or other Sat. night. (Or take that stomach medicine.)

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The general emphasis lies on relationships and opportunities, Sage, on relocation possibilities, fresh horizons (mentally, too) and the need to harmonize with others, to work with their desires rather than your own. (Until January 2022, this will get you further, reward more, than independent action.) Go out to the other — unexpected pleasures and benefits await. Your home continues to spark little fights, all June. If seeking a home now, realize one you find/buy before June 28 can be a constant source of irritation, and can, somehow, restrict or impede future romance (and prospects). Patience! A lot of closed-door talk occurs, perhaps between you and a partner/spouse. It seems to go nowhere next week into July — but it will have a “second life” mid-July onward. Something important about this.

Pursue $ Sun./Mon. — collect, pay, find bargains — all’s well. Monday suppertime through Wed. brings errands, trips, visits, casual contacts, paperwork and communications. Ask questions, exercise curiosity. Tuesday morning’s stressful, and this whole interval (whole week, actually) pits the truth against illusion, and few will be able to distinguish. That said, this Mon.-Wed. interval rewards with ease and affection. Steer toward home Thurs. to mid-afternoon Sat. Domestic affairs run very well now. (But don’t paint, decorate early Thursday morning.) You might briefly fall in love with a type of home, lifestyle — e.g., south sea island paradise — but don’t act on it. Romance, Saturday night — or just go out and see a beautiful movie, show, gallery.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The focus remains on work, employment, health, service personnel (and employees), machinery and dependents. This area is strong and blessed now; it will be blessed until August, and favoured until Jan. 2022. However, at the moment, little seems to be moving, advancing, in this zone. Don’t worry, the forward motion and luck will resume June 25 or so onward. Males continue to befriend you, all June.

Your spouse or work partner begins to talk — an important subject, maybe about a trip or schooling — no conclusion, no final answers until mid-July onward, so be patient. A “fight” between reality and fantasy (or between facts and dreams, between practical and spiritual) exists all week. (Before you choose sides, realize fantasy, dreams and sprit will prevail/win, at least this week.)

Your energy and charisma rise nicely Sun./Mon. — be a leader, show others, establish contacts and give ongoing projects a good push. But DON’T start bigger projects now, as next week starts a period of confusion and delays. Chase money and possessions suppertime Mon. to pre-dawn (PDT) Thurs. This interval starts with tension Tues. morning, but flows with smooth success then onward. Thursday begins an “adjustment of wishes” as your popularity grows, optimism prevails, flirtations and entertainment lift your heart. Read above about fantasy versus reality. (It leaves you confused Thursday, but you “right yourself” Fri./Sat.) Mid-afternoon Saturday onward steers you toward home, family, security and, above all, relaxation.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Ah, sweet romance! This, and all its cousins, beauty, pleasure, gambling, etc. is highlighted fortunately for two more weeks. Actually, that is just its cycle of strength; the fortunate part lasts all the way into early August. If single, you can fall madly in love this spring/summer! Gemini, Leo and libra stand out. Money continues to rush to you all June. Bank it rather than spend it. Work becomes very active and talkative. That’s good, but realize you won’t reach any worthwhile conclusions before mid July.

Withdraw, lie low. rest and ponder Sun./Mon. Your energy is low and so is your charisma. So let this be a time of recharging batteries and making plans for the future. All runs smoothly. No energy and magnetism search upward Monday suppertime to predawn Thursday. Take charge, be a leader, get out and about and make new contacts. Others will follow your lead. But do not start any new projects between now and July 12. You might struggle a bit Tuesday morning – that stress is caused by a new gap in your understanding of yourself. But the rest of this day and Wednesday flow with affection and, if you try, romantic success.

Chase money, possessions, new knowledge/facts/reports, and sensual partners, Thursday to early afternoon Sat. Thursday has problems of illusion and refusal. But Friday and Saturday run well — make some $, or cruise garage sales. A bundle of money might surprise you Sat. Call or visit Saturday eve/night. A good week overall.

Pisces icon PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The main emphasis lies on home, children, gardening, nutrition and security. This area is blessed until January 2022, but is particularly fortunate now to early August, and is effective and fortunate this month (June). So, what’s stopping you? Fix, sell a property, buy… but DON’T start any reno or decor projects (or any significant ventures) before July 12. A slowdown looms. Watch the stock market. You remain assertive, quick, impetuous all June. Romance is little but talk now, but the talk is with the right person, and soon — July — love’s solutions will appear.

Wishes can come true Sun./Mon. — perhaps a big, ambition-related one Monday. You’ll be social, popular, happy, optimistic. But withdraw to find rest, peace and silence Mon. night to pre-dawn Thurs. Ponder, plan. Fulfill obligations to gov’t, head office, other organizations. Tuesday morning’s a little stressful, but the rest of the day, and Wednesday, offer you peace and recuperation. Nap often. A Gemini might offer help.

Your charisma and energy bump upward Thursday to early afternoon Saturday. Thursday might thwart your loving intentions, but your aims  will be obvious and welcomed late this night into Saturday. (Oddly, heterosexuals will face a bit of love’s turbulence; homosexuals won’t.) All 3 days, push forward, lead others. Saturday night is sensual, calm — have fun or quit early, your choice.