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We have been surprised and happy to receive interest from readers in China.   We are publishing through Kindle and Amazon.com but they have withdrawn from China because they could not compete. This is why you can’t order my 2020 Forecast book on Amazon.com.

The challenges in responding were not anticipated. I’m not sure how to solve this. We are seeking advice.  We do not have a relationship with a book seller in China, which would be best.  If nothing else works we will find a way to provide a copy through our website.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

It’s the last week of intent focus on your career and worldly standing, Aries. You can probably proceed without “worry about temptation,” or without subtle traps, as “karma” fades here. Discussions with higher-ups bring solutions. A romantic streak (to mid-Feb.) remains potent. Monday starts 3 weeks of pleasant, fruitful dealings with civil servants, institutions and management types. Friday starts 2 weeks of exciting messages/calls with social plans.

Sunday (and early Mon.) are for romance, creative and inventive thinking, and taking a rewarding risk. Don’t expect an easy or light, sunny path — this “loving exploration” is surrounded by deep, serious, maybe dark career/power circumstances. Choose: romance, or destiny. Tackle chores Mon. morn to Wed. morn — an excellent, productive interval. Be cautious Mon. night — popularity fizzles, accidents possible. A superb time to buy tools/machinery, to seek employment, or hire others, Tuesday pm.

Partnerships, co-operation, fresh horizons and opportunities, and generally dealing with others, fill Wed. morning to Fri. noon. Don’t expect a lot from this: you might have to deal with a career competitor, Wednesday’s best for co-operation. Mysteries arrive Fri. noon into the weekend. Bad time to buy computers or software/apps to pre-dawn Sat., then a good time for these, and for investments, later Sat.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Your mellow, wise mood continues. You’re likely pondering two things: your recent career/job changes/hints of change, and 2019’s lifestyle or sensual changes, perhaps new sexual options that came to you in the last year. One or two of your recent “temptations” will intensify over the next 5 weeks. Same period, you might invest or take on big debt — careful, you’re being impulsive. If you’re starting a new love affair, your lover will be impressed, physically.

Be home, with family Sunday. All’s well. Romance slips in, Monday to mid-morn Wed. DON’T push sex Mon., but do push hearts, all 3 days. Love exists. Great time for self-expression, creative efforts, risk-taking, beauty and pleasure. Tackle chores later Wed. to midday Fri. Eat, dress sensibly. You’ll get things done Wed., but after this the going gets tough, results unreliable. Proceed with caution, esp. with loved ones. Don’t buy tools/machinery. Relationships face you Fri. pm through Sat. Expect unexpected meetings, demands, love’s excitement and love’s misunderstandings. Don’t buy a computer or software before Sat. dawn (PST). A wish comes true Sat. pm!

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

This is your last week of sexual attraction, mystery, temptations, investment and debt, and medical procedures. Good luck has touched these areas lately (since early December 2019) but remain cautious through April — embrace good luck here, but don’t chase it. Relationships grow intense through mid-February, so don’t challenge anyone — you could trigger a huge outburst, even violence. At the same time, though, love could strike sparks with a friendly person.

Sunday’s for errands, trips, communications and paperwork. Be curious, ask questions — there is something you don’t completely understand. From Mon. morn to Wed. mid-morn, be home, hug the kids, upgrade security, garden, repair/decorate, etc. An excellent interval for all things domestic. But if starting/planning major renovations, realize mid-Feb. will bring 3 weeks of slowdowns and mistakes. Plan around this. (Careful with tools Mon. night.) Monday starts a period of luck and success in career, to Feb. 7.

Wednesday mid-morn to Friday noon emphasizes romance, beauty, pleasure, creative and speculative and sports venues — but obstacles abound. Best results: Wed. night. Tackle chores Fri. noon through Sat. Careful with computers. Eat, dress sensibly. A career “chance” late Saturday.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Relationships remain the main theme, Cancer. Be co-operative, diplomatic, but not necessarily ready to hop on someone else’s bandwagon, nor to form a partnership. This area (partnership, fame, public dealings, negotiations, litigation, relocation and general opportunities) is tremendously lucky in 2020 — but caution says wait until May onward to form solid bonds, or to jump with both feet into any opportunity. Work has grown more demanding, and will remain very intense until mid-Feb. Results can prime your career pump!

Pursue $ Sunday — buy/sell, invoice, collect, pay. (Seek home bargains — e.g., furniture.) Monday morn to mid-morn Wed. brings errands, communications, paperwork, light, easy chores, friendly contacts and short trips. Be curious, ask questions. Monday night holds friction, but otherwise this is a great interval to institute something in this zone — e.g., a new mail project, internet “broadcasting,” new phone system, filing system, etc. Turn toward home Wed. p.m. to midday Fri. Here, opposition can arise — be diplomatic, but do what you want to do. Kids need reassurance. Romance rises (also creativity, risk-taking, beauty, pleasure) Friday afternoon through Sat. Your luck here is mingled, good and bad. Saturday’s best, could hold true love.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Your last week of work, drudgery and boredom, Leo. Three weeks of sweet intimacy begin Monday. Good weeks for investment, too — esp. in tools/machinery. Your sexual good luck dovetails with your romantic courage and determination (lasting until mid-Feb.). Some singles will meet a viable life-mate, but the situation’s complex. People are starting to talk to you — about money and the future. New friends!

You’re the star Sunday — get out, see and be seen, be a leader (esp. in domestic areas). Start projects in work or domestic areas, but only ones that you are certain will “complete” before mid-February. Chase money, seek bargains, Mon. dawn to mid-morn Wed. (PST). Good fortune here, with one exception: Monday night needs care — don’t gamble, buy, nor seek “creative money.” Your bank account’s looking good!

Errands, answers, shirt trips, communications, paperwork and easy chores fill Wed. mid-morn to midday Fri. This interval isn’t so easy — Wed.’s best, Fri.’s worst. Think before speaking, writing. Friday pm through Saturday brings you “home.” Family, nutrition, garden, house, property — all important. Relationships, esp. career-related ones, tremble on the cusp of disruption Fri., pre-dawn Sat. But later, Sat. grows mellow, and a good investment situation arises (intimacy with spouse, too).

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Sweet romantic dreams continue — action too, maybe. This area (includes creative, speculative, pleasure and teaching projects) will wander a valley of good fortune and benevolence all 2020. (Read my 2020 Forecast book regarding romance (et al) now to May, as opposed to May to December. It’s going to be a momentous year!) Now to mid-February, try to avoid friction at home. You might want to buy property, same interval.

Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan Sunday. Your energy, charisma and effectiveness surge Mon. dawn to mid-morn Wed. Be a leader, start projects (ones that can complete before mid-February). Someone’s impressed! Be cautious Mon. eve/night, esp. at home, and with sex, finances. Otherwise, a great interval. Pursue money, earnings, clients, purchases Wed. mid-morning (PST) to midday Fri. — all carefully, as obstacles and frustrations far outnumber good aspects. Errands, easy chores, paperwork, travel, communications and friendly contacts fill Fri. pm through Sat. You meet mistakes, small disruptions Fri., early Sat. — and success (esp. in relationships, opportunities) the remainder of the day.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The accent remains on family, domicile, security, and rest, Libra, for one more week. (But remember, this is your zone of great success in 2020 — best after April, complex before May.) You’re very busy, will be until mid-Feb., rushing here and there, mailing, calling, etc. Communications might be significant until then, might involve a partnership, an opportunity, or a potential life mate.

Sunday’s optimistic, happy, social — your popularity’s buoyant. Think about future earnings, or property values. Retreat from the bustling crowd Mon. dawn to mid-morn Wed. Ponder, plan, deal with charities, gov’t and spiritual organizations. Almost everything goes well, but be cautious Mon. pm, when relationships are touchy, dicey. Your energy and charisma, clout and sense of timing soar upward mid-morn Wed. to midday Fri. (all PST). You’ll need all these “assets” to handle a series of obstacles and refusals, esp. late Thurs. into Fri.

Thursday starts 18 days of extra (and sweet) communications in love (except this week, which builds to a “bump” or pothole on love’s road by Fri./Sat.). You can start projects now, but any large ones are likely to hit a quagmire mid-Feb. onward. Stay short, small. Pursue money, find bargains, Fri. pm and Sat. (Friday, a sensual/sexual bond might blossom, but it has a rough future.) Saturday best, esp. for sales/purchases of machinery or health aids.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This is the last week stuffed full with errands, deliveries, messages and communications, paperwork and other daily, surface activities. (But to some degree, the entirety of 2020 will bring more of these, errands, paperwork, phones, etc., and in fortunate ways.) Chase money until mid-Feb. — it will gush toward you, but find a way to keep it! A lot of family discussions Thursday to early Feb. Romance grows sweet, lots of lingering glances, Monday to Feb. 7.

Be ambitious Sunday. Send one or two notes/ideas/proposals to higher-ups — might create a deep, quiet swell of support for you, your goals. Wishes come true dawn Mon. to mid-morn Wed. (PST). Optimism, happiness, flirtations, entertainment, social delights — gather friends, start a party! One caution, Mon. pm — sidestep a possible argument, avoid mixing friends and money, and follow safety rules around fire, machinery. Retreat to savour such happiness, and to rest, ponder and plan mid-morn Wed. to midday Fri. This isn’t a great interval — and advises against errands, communications, esp. Fri. Best to rest, remain silent, watch and learn. Your energy and charisma soar Fri. eve through Sat. Relationships both please and puzzle Fri. pm, pre-dawn Sat. But later Saturday, your romantic luck soars.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The emphasis on earnings, purchases, rote learning and casual sex lasts one more week, Sage. (Although these will blossom with good luck this entire 2020.) You’re filled with energy, courage and determination until mid-February. This will create romantic opportunities — your magnetism is high. Be gentle, too!

Sunday’s for mellow contemplation of love and big, profound ideas. You might deal with a gov’t agency about travel, or spend on travel. Be ambitious Mon. dawn to mid-morn Wed. Higher-ups favour your efforts, and a pay raise or promotion might be within reach. One caution Mon. pm: keep your temper, and avoid romance. Your optimism rises Wed. mid-morn to midday Fri. This wee interval is packed with problems and obstacles (mostly monetary) but these will hardly dent your buoyant happiness. Still, avoid investments and other purchases. Retreat Fri. afternoon through Sat. Lie low, meditate, plan, be charitable and/or spiritual. Friday and early Sat. need care with spousal communications (and any partnership interactions). But the rest of Saturday favours home-based activities, children’s interests.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This is your last week of swelled energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness, Cap. (Still, the boost upward you’ve felt over the last few weeks, the new confidence in yourself and feeling of good luck, will continue through all of 2020 — though pitfalls exist — e.g., arrogance — through April. Be angelic!) Until mid-February, avoid places of violence and belligerent people. (If you’re Capricorn rising, the same period boosts athletic performance.) Your income improves Monday to early Feb.

Sunday’s for mysteries and investigation. Dig into what most represents your own cherished  goals/wishes. No disasters, all’s well.  Monday dawn to mid-morn Wed. (all PST) brings a mellow, wise mood that favours love, intellectual and cultural pursuits, legal matters and far travel. Dive into one of these — results will please! One caution: avoid argument, belligerent people, accident potential Mon. pm. Your career and status zone needs attention Wed. pm to midday Friday. Obstacles, wrong decisions exist — go slow, maintaining better than pushing. Wish fulfillment, popularity, social joys, optimism and flirtations bring a happy smile to your lips Fri. pm through Sat. Saturday’s best — contacts support, soothe you.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Your last week of weariness, low charisma and quietude, Aquarius. Deal with gov’t, large companies, institutions, warehousing, health, charities and spiritual organizations. (All 2020 will bring a fortunate emphasis on these, for example, supporting you in civil service, nursing, institutional work, etc. But until May, you might be wise to embrace what life offers you in these “background” zones, without chasing it/them. Chase May to December, to succeed.) Until mid-Feb., communications or a short trip might make a wish come true.

Sunday’s for relationships: you might be ending one. Mysteries, hidden treasure, surgery, lifestyle changes, sexual desire, and financial action fill Mon. dawn to mid-morn Wed. (all PST). Your luck’s good here, so dive in — pleasing results! But avoid sharp words, careless driving and “careless sex” Monday pm. Love, intellectual and cultural pursuits, law, far travel and profound ideas arrive mid-morn Wed. to midday Friday. This interval possesses many obstacles, esp. Thurs. pm onward. Go slow, think first. Be ambitious Fri. afternoon through Sat.— your progress is being watched, noted. You’ll pass any tests. Earlier Sat., disruptions exist; later, good $ luck!

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Another happy week, Pisces — but all this celebration is getting a bit old, so next week will pull you into a brief solitude. But for now, let’s party! (BTW, all 2020 will bring you swelling popularity, social delights, great new groups, entertainment, flirtations and soaring hope! — all “more innocent” May to December than now to May.) Until mid-February, bosses are short-tempered, so be diplomatic, and enthusiastic about your work.

Tackle chores Sunday. Eat, dress sensibly. Your goals for the future might change: a new goal enters. Relationships, fresh horizons, opportunities, relocation themes, negotiations — and opposition, enmity, litigation — all highlighted dawn Monday to mid-morn Wed. Plunge into these, for good fortune accompanies you. BUT take care Mon. pm — disputes can arise on the work/career front, or with authorities, or with your partner.  Good time to be “unavailable.”

Mysteries, hidden treasures, sexual yearnings, power or financial moves, medical and lifestyle decisions — these arise Wed. mid-morn to midday Fri. Be cautious, sign nothing, dive into nothing: many obstacles, hidden and open, litter your path. Safest activity: research. A sweet, mellow mood steals over you Fri. pm through Saturday. International, intellectual, cultural and legal interests arise — as does love. Friday’s a bit jumbled (though very sweet, loving late night). Saturday’s mildly disruptive early, free-flowing, inspiring and loving later.



There will be one great centre of power over the next two centuries. It can operate on different levels. The knowledge or communication level is represented by Google and similar sorts. They want to know everything about you — but to control what you know.
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I was glad to see the Iranian mullahs weeping over the loss of their murderous general (to Trump’s drone). Nice to see they actually have emotions other than anger and hatred. (Some of this might be slanted media, too.)
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The following is from an email exchange with Narendra, referring to the U.S. drone killing of the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Jan. 2.  He had voiced concern, a week previously,  about some imminent bad news from the middle east. His concerns proved valid.

Now, he still feels a fear for the future (in the Middle East). I’m answering him.

Yes, it seems ominous. Moon in Aries. I suspect much larger action when Mars spends 6 months in Aries July onward — a rare event, and an intense one; rather an attitude, a warlike, aggressive fearless testosterone battle. Courage will be the social norm, but higher ups will frown on this. Deep friendships develop. Humour is reborn (to a small degree, for the influence only lasts half a year) and becomes more masculine and “rough.”

Mars in Aries also awakens Aries people, stirs their blood. Iran is an Aries nation. I think a bigger war than the first Gulf War is possible; I think this war’s neither huge nor small. Depends on Iran’s/U.S.’s actions. Though this is a universal nudge toward “exercising Mars” — so martial activity could break out anywhere, even in the streets of NY, LA., or among Argentinian cattle barons. Forest fires now to mid-Feb., but maybe, maybe not July onward. If maybe so, expect devastating, major fires. The odd thing is, I keep expecting the flip side of these, July to Dec. — a curing of forest fires, good behaviour by the military, manly discretion and acceptance, cool self-discipline.

And yes, you did mention your fear of all that, and more. I  agree this might be the beginning of — or just  part of — a widening crack in our society. I think we widen for 2 more years. In the struggle between failing bureaucracies and new, shining energy, bureaucracies’ dark, efficient networks will win (in affluent countries) but the time of their ascension might be limited (e.g., Alexandria Octavio Cortez, might be at the peak of her fame now [though she can run further if she runs with Bernie] but lose it by the time she’s eligible to seek the presidency.

If the impeachment inquiry falls apart,  the “Squad” will lose face (but might refuse to recognize it). As the Squad’s stature declines, the Dems will return to a sort of normalcy. I am a democrat, but I don’t like the Dems right now (1995-2025, but especially 2017 to the present). Trump is interesting. There is a law against malicious litigation, and there should be one against malicious prosecution. It should apply to congress, too.

Narendra, I’ll probably use some of this in my blog, but I won’t mention your name (unless you want me to).