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We have been surprised and happy to receive interest from readers in China. We are publishing through Kindle and Amazon.com but they have withdrawn from China because they could not compete. This is why you can’t order my 2020 Forecast book on Amazon.com.

The challenges in responding were not anticipated. I’m not sure how to solve this. We are seeking advice. We do not have a relationship with a book seller in China, which would be best. If nothing else works we will find a way to provide a copy through our website.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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START NOTHING: 1:22 pm to 2:41 pm Sun., 8:46 pm Mon. to 9:00 pm Tues., 6:08 pm Thurs. to 5:20 am Fri., and after 11:06 am Sat.
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aries icon ARIES: March 21-April 19

You emerge from pressure, “status contests,” into optimism — yes, your future looks bright! The four weeks ahead boost your popularity and optimism, and bring social delights, flirtations, entertainment and bright, fresh horizons. It’s party time, play time, so don’t remain too serious and sober. Your career is on a year-long rise, but most advance, in the month ahead, will come from schmoozing, social contacts, etc. for the next few weeks, you have a hidden ally.

Sunday’s secretive, holds “treasure” — dig deep. This pm through Tuesday brings a mellow, understanding mood. You might become entangled in an international, legal, cultural, intellectual, educational, publishing or religious situation that doesn’t really have a good outcome in any direction. So proceed cautiously —mild deception/confusion possible.

Your career bell rings again Wed. to dawn Fri. (PST). This interval is packed with career and status luck/openings — you could take a major step forward — or trip on something unexpected. It’s a situation of “opportunity in crisis.” NOT a good time to buy computers/ software, nor to install systems, etc. Friday/Saturday bring good fortune, social delights, flirtation, friendly affairs, hope and joy! Avoid electricity and computers Fri. morning/ noon.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Time to become ambitious, Taurus. The Sun spends the next 4 weeks in your career sector, bringing challenges and tests — both of which you should succeed in. A clue: your career might send you on a voyage, or back to school, in March to June, and again in 2021/22. Be energetic, and let your friends help. (Schmoozing succeeds, until Feb. 7.) Avoid impulsive action in sexual situations and with finances, medical procedures, and power plays, until mid-Feb.

Sunday’s for relationships — all’s good, co-operative, so proceed, agree. Life’s hidden forces rise to the surface Sunday afternoon through Tues. As noted above, avoid impulsive action in sexual situations and with finances, medical procedures, and power plays. Not the luckiest interval — your goals might be mistaken. A sweet, mellow mood steals over you Wed. to near dawn Fri. These few days are filled with significant stuff: major opportunities, cementing of bonds, a new direction — but they also hold disruption, sudden disagreements, even crisis (the kind you can profit from). Do NOT buy a computer or software — anything electronic. Friday and Saturday nudge you into ambitious action — good, follow the nudge! A new project might start. (Regarding this, make it a short/small project, as confusion enters mid-February.)

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-Jun 20

Monday starts 4 weeks of mental stimulation, far travel, international affairs, import/export, intellectual pursuits, cultural and legal involvements. You will enjoy this month ahead, as it is filled with many of your favourite activities — including love. (Love might steal over you this phase — you think you’re conversing with someone, but you walk away with light feet and your head intrigued by the hint of new horizons, new feelings.) Until mid-Feb., remember that others can react intensely to your words or “nature.”

Tackle chores Sunday. All’s okay. This eve through Tues. brings relationships, those intense ones mentioned above. Be co-operative, diplomatic, avoid fights. Not much available. A “nothing burger” time. Avoid deception (or conflict about your career) Mon. eve/night. Wednesday to dawn Friday opens the door to mystery, big finances, lifestyle and medical decisions, research and sexual yearning. There are plums and jewels here, as well as hidden traps. (“Goodness” saves you; temptation traps you.)

Major good fortune stands side-by-side with potential disruption in gov’t, head office, legal and intellectual areas. Avoid computers, new software. Re-read the first sentence of this message (“Monday starts…”) — Friday/Saturday bring these, and possibly a new venture such as school entry, or a voyage. (New love not recommended at this time.)

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The weeks ahead feature “dives into the deep” — research, peel back superficial layers, seek intimacy rather than casual bonds, and make choices that affect/change your life: medical, lifestyle, commitment, investment and debt choices. (For example, a mortgage debt means home ownership; owning a home will change your life.) One clue: from March to June, and 2021/22, a partner or mate will be affected by, or involved in, the commitments you make now.

Sunday’s romantic and pleasure-filled. But this eve through Tuesday brings intense work demands: follow safety rules. Not much good here. Avoid big temperature changes, rashes, burns. This advice applies until mid-Feb. Relationships confront you Wed. to Fri. dawn (PST, later in Europe and Asia). One major disruption here — a wish is denied, esp., around sex or deep financial areas. Careful with electricity, computers. On the plus side, present and new relations, and opportunities, glow with luck. Still, it might be unwise to commit to any bond impulsively. Give things time. Friday/Saturday feature everything the month ahead is about (as described in the long first sentence above — “dives into the deep,” etc.). Generally, you luck is good, except in work and machinery.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The weeks ahead feature relationships and their brothers — opportunities, fresh situations, relocation, public appearances, negotiations, agreements; and negatively, disagreements, opposition, challenge, even enmity. Which, positive or negative, is largely up to you. Another force, romance, rides with you all 2020, so this relationship month ahead could turn some Leo singles into couples.

Sleep in Sunday, rest at home. This afternoon through Tuesday brings sweet romance, creative and risk-taking urges, beauty, inventiveness, luck and charming children. But good luck isn’t part of the picture, so go slow, be patient, accept what is. Consider that you might be chasing the wrong person, esp. if you met before January 3. (If you first met between Nov. 20/19 and Jan. 2/20, it will be difficult to establish a long-term bond.)

Tackle chores and protect your daily health, Wed. to dawn Fri. You’ll get a lot done during this significant few days — significant because a new job role, or new job circumstance, might be “born.” You’ll see, anyway, that your work is about to expand. One caution: higher-ups will be unpredictable, esp. Wed. night/Thurs. morning, and Fri. Not a good time to boast; instead, befriend a boss. Friday dawn through Sat. brings the essence of the whole month ahead: relationships. (See first sentence above.) Good, harmony, co-operation, but remain patient about romance.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Monday starts a month of work, daily health, nutrition and employment issues. Your duties here are not overwhelming, but they might become so March to June, and again in 2021/22, so use this fairly easy period to complete projects, clear your desk, finish all to-do lists, so you won’t be hampered by old tasks when the new, weightier ones come (March-June, etc.). Remain gentle, understanding on the home front (to mid-Feb.).

Sunday’s for errands, calls, trips, paperwork. This eve through Tuesday highlights your domicile, family, security, food, garden, Mother Nature. Not much luck here, so plod along patiently. Sidestep an argument with your spouse Monday. Romance, creativity, self-expression, risks and rewards arrive Wed. to pre-dawn Fri. A beautiful interval, with one flaw: stress, perhaps an intellectual, travel, school or legal impasse. Some Virgos will even nix a relationship now, surprising the other person. Don’t buy a computer or software. Tackle chores Fri./Sat. — read first sentence above. All flows easily, productively.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Four weeks of pleasure await you. Romance calls. If single, you might start a casual conversation with someone and find them uniquely “comfortable” in many small ways, even though they seem to burn with energy, too. Keep this going. This person could become a major figure in your life, July onward. That, or he/she will be your connection to The One.

If you’re married, whenever I talk about possible marriage for Librans, and I will a lot this year, you can “translate” this (for good or bad, and it will be mostly good) to apply to partnerships, public dealings, negotiation, agreements, litigation, co-operation, enmities and allies, fresh horizons and opportunities. But when I talk of romance, if you’re married, you can transcribe this to affect raising and teaching children, beauty, self-indulgent pleasure, risk for reward, sports/games, creative and inventive abilities — and usually, good fortune all-round. The four weeks ahead are romantic. Travel, communications, play key role.

Sunday’s for money — a fair day to shop. Sunday eve through Tuesday brings errands, communications, short trips, casual contacts, paperwork, swift, easy chores. It might also bring that “casual conversation” I mentioned above. This might be the person, around noon PST (8 pm Britain, 4 am China). Hopefully, he/she is not connected to your work. Turn your thoughts to home, family, security Wed. to pre-dawn Fri. Much good stuff here — good news Wed. about this area. But a tension exists, too, perhaps a family member has neurological problems, or some crisis occurs which opens a door to opportunity. Crisis could involve electricity, computers, glass, even finances. Bad time to gamble retirement funds, etc. For success: home (and all it means).

For pre-dawn Friday through Saturday, read the first paragraph of your message above. Wisdom says someone met now is not the start of a new romance, at least not one that would end in marriage; with this person, you would feel you had  to deny yourself a lot, or you’d constantly hover on a knife-edge: should I do what I want, knowing he won’t like it; or what he wants, even though it’s something I dislike? Be patient.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your restless days end now, as domestic themes and urges take over during the 4 weeks ahead. Re-embrace the family, improve your property. Money continues to flow to you, but bank it, don’t overspend. If single, you might chase someone warm, friendly, who easily accepts intimacy. (But the long term outlook?)

Your charm and energy wins co-operators Sunday. This eve through Tuesday brings $ matters to the fore. Shop, chase clients, pay bills, etc. — proceed cautiously, alertly, as obstacles exist. Ignore money (and romantic) fantasies/worries. Errands, trips, contacts, communications and paperwork fill Wed. to pre-dawn Fri. Almost everything flows well, but you seem to be dealing with the past, thinking it’s “present.” Careful with computers, electronics.

Head for home Fri./Sat. — rest and contemplate, tackle repairs, hug the kids, clean and decorate. A new domestic project might begin— if so, realize that a period of confusion and delay starts mid-Feb., last to early March. Time any future projects accordingly. Despite this domestic theme, romance remains sweet until Feb. 7. (And with the domestic theme, kids will thrill you with their talents, behavior.)

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

A money-oriented month ends Monday, and a month of “casting about” begins — a month of errands, visits, paperwork, quick trips, friendly contacts, and harmony with a special person. (You are already in a mood of “boosted” or intensified romantic urges — and events. Love might hang on everyone’s abilities to communicate, travel.) Your home is sweet, comforting until early Feb.

Lie low, seek solitude, contemplate and plan Sunday. Your energy bounces back Sun. eve through Tuesday — be a leader, others will follow (with some difficulty). But whether you should start a new venture now is uncertain — yes, you’ve got clout and effectiveness and energy, but planetary aspects are difficult. Money matters arise Wed. to pre-dawn Fri. (PST) — this interval carries some great luck, so butter up clients, mention the possibility of a pay raise to the boss, collect and pay what’s due, and seek bargains. (Do NOT buy computers or related items.) A big money plum might “appear” Wed. pm. For Friday dawn through Saturday, re-read the first sentence of your forecast above. Again, avoid electronics, computers Fri. am — then march forth with errands, calls, texts, mail, short trips and paperwork, through Saturday. You might make a new friend.

capricorn icon   CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The four weeks ahead focus on money, earnings, clients and other sources, purchases, possessions, memory and rote learning, and casual or “merely sensual” sex. Luck here is neither high nor low, so proceed with logic and forethought. Continue to avoid belligerent people and places of violence., to mid-February. For a few weeks, communications will be gracious, affectionate (and a source of mild good fortune).

Sunday’s social, offers friendship, popularity. Retreat Sunday eve through Tuesday — rest, ponder (don’t form plans), deal with gov’t, institutions or head office — but only if you have to. Proceed carefully, and don’t believe your own hunches. Your energy, charisma and sense of timing surge upward Wed. to pre-dawn Fri. Start things, be a leader, see and be seen. Almost every aspect favours you, so don’t hesitate. One exception: skirt romance, computers, and chasing money. Money becomes your focus Fri./Sat. Again, a possible computer glitch or accident potential Fri. am, but otherwise you’ll make headway — ask for a pay raise, schmooze with clients, seek bargains. Steer away from a “romantic” temptation.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Your energy, charisma, clout and sense of timing soar during the 4 weeks ahead, Aquarius. Be a leader, see and be seen, start things. (Realize a period of mistakes and delays starts mid-Feb., so start what you can finish, or finish one stage of, before then.) (Also your hopes tend to be fulfilled the more you talk, write. now into mid-Feb.) A secret flirtation might occur this week, but it has a dynamic, rather than harmonious, future.

Pay attention to your (worldly, neighbourhood) status Sunday. This eve through Tues. lightens your heart with friends, popularity, optimism and general joy! Have fun, flirt/laugh with that quick-witted person. However, don’t expect a lot of success or progress — and hold your money tightly. Just enjoy. Retreat, seek solitude, rest/nap, contemplate and make plans Wed. to pre-dawn Fri. Liaison with civil servants, management types, institutions, charities and spiritual groups. All’s well, but you might feel some stress, perhaps involving your home, family. Your energy surges Fri. morning through Sat. — get out and conquer the world! (Re-read the first sentence above.) Others watch, admire.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Remain out of the spotlight, Pisces. Rest, dream, ponder and plan. Deal with gov’t, head office, institutions and charities. Seek spirit. Higher-ups remain critical and impatient until mid-February. Grin and bear it — from their drive or impatience could come a pay raise for you by the second half of 2020.

Sunday’s mellow, compassionate, intellectual. This eve through Tuesday brings those impatient higher-ups. Take care that you don’t give the wrong impression — correct someone’s mistaken view of your skills, if applicable. Not the luckiest interval. Your hopes rise Wed. to pre-dawn Fri. (PST) as social delights arrive. Your popularity and optimism bubble upward, entertainment and flirtation lure you. A splendid interval, with one exception: you could feel more stress than usual, so drive carefully, and avoid buying new computers or software/apps. Retreat from the bustling crowd Fri. morning through Sat. Re-read the first bit of this forecast, about resting and dreaming. A bit of that stress Fri. daytime, then all is well. Sink into sweet solitude.



For years, people have asked me about reading the forecasts (weekly or 2020) for their rising sign and moon sign in addition to their sun sign. Here’s my advice: Read your

      • Ascendant, for circumstances, your environment, events from the outside
      • Sun sign, for desires and goals, energy, pro-active self, efforts to achieve goals, and romantic love
      • Moon sign, for emotional reactions, psychic/intuitive self, security, and parenting/familial love.

You might say the sun is pro-active, the moon is reactive.

I get confused by too much input, and find 2 signs, let alone 3, hard to merge in my thoughts. I recommend reading only 2 of the three signs, but find your own level.
***   ***

When Prince William married Kate, I wrote here that the couple would spend an unusual amount of time in North America, maybe making it their second home. Yes, that’s happening — with Prince Harry and Meghan. Right action, wrong couple! Ah, well. When Harry and Meghan married, I wrote here that friction would arise between Meghan and the Queen; now the young couple are leaving England. (And evidently their wax statues have been moved away from the rest of the waxy royals at Madam Tussaud’s.)
***   ***

Longevity researchers should look for regeneration DNA. Seek out people who have had multiple regrowths and see if their DNA differs from other people’s. For example, as a child I had my tonsils removed 3 times, and my adenoids twice. Is this like a lizard re-growing its tail? If so, the real (human) route to “immortality” might be regeneration, not preservation.
***   ***

Astrologers associate impotence with the planet URANUS. In Greek myth, the god Uranus was castrated by his sons. (Ooo, there’s irony! — and a multi-faceted statement.) Robert Graves opines that the mythic Greeks believed women were impregnated by the wind, sometimes by swallowing an insect, so the castration might have been symbolic (and more) but done in ignorance.
***   ***

There was something courtly and cooperative in the last Trump-Iran military exchange. Meaning what? It’s a real puzzle, with few clues. All will be apparent the second half of 2020, as “armies” become a major focus.
***   ***

‘Nuther “invention” — why not equip police cars with rear and front cameras which will scan all license plates within, say, 100 feet, and automatically compare them with lists of warrants, traffic tickets, stolen cars, etc. Then it will alert the occupants. This way, cops don’t have to spend time and focus entering license plates in their on-board computer. Four advantages:

      • 1) it leaves the cops free to focus on other events/situations, and
      • 2) the camera will catch “transgressors” the cops might miss, and
      • 3) allows single officers in vehicles to have all data also, without parking his/her car and manually entering one remembered licence plate, and
      • 4) allows/grants tremendous boosts in productivity and policing awareness, as well as efficiency  — which can translate into cheaper policing, and/or improved policing, as well as attracting more thoughtful police recruits.

May be civil rights issues.
***   ***

Or how about a stove with programmable burners, so you could turn on a burner for, say, a 12 minute span?
***   ***

The Seattle Seahawks have fallen from perfect the last couple of years. The lunar south node (difficult karma) is in Capricorn. I don’t know the club’s birth data, but the name is double-Capricorn. The Seahawks will undergo some/more restructuring, but 2020 will be good, a winning year, esp. after April. That luck dissipates by playoff time, 2020/21, so they will have to improve on luck.


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    Hi TIm,

    a very happy new year to you!
    A clarification question: my moon rising is cancer and I am saggitarius; I am following one of your earlier notes of how to pick your moon rising — unless I’m totally off…
    Anyways, under Sage it says that things will get harmonious with a special person and romantic events are to be expected, yet the cancer sign reads that a wish might be denied . They both affect the same period. my question: how does one integrate this information from dual sources? Which one to ‘expect’ and align with? Because there is some level of influence that expectations have even when these might seem less deliberate as they are prompted by an external source.

    BTW, work and romance are very strongly intertwined in my reality and the ‘freeze and absence of movement forward’ in both areas is hard to deal with and make sense of. Could it be true that your prediction of ‘being restricted’ from earlier forecasts is ringing true? (but why would it be so? why restrict the one you care about? ) If so, is there a way around so that I can have both — the job and the man? Any insights would be useful.

    P.S any chance there could be a brief note for the yearly forecast? It feels so ‘bare’ in its absence on the website.

    thanks so much!

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