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START NOTHING: 4:08 am to 6:11 pm Mon., 2:16 pm Wed. to 0:43 am Thurs., and 3:58 pm Fri. to 4:16 am Sat.

aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Career, earnings and position on the success ladder — these occupy your thoughts this week, even though most of the time you’ll be occupied with more private activities.

Your money luck is huge Sunday (to “dark morning” Monday). Buy or sell, chase clients and garage sales, write a “pay me more” proposal for your bosses, etc. (BTW, career and relations with higher-ups are lucky but shaky now to May 5; then only lucky May to December.) (More details on this in my 2020  Astrology Forecast book. See PREAMBLE to purchase it.)

Monday eve through Wed. brings contacts, communications, travel and paperwork — swift, light chores. Many messages or contacts might prove puzzling, you have to figure out the message, but it all ends with affection and hope. Steer toward home and family Thurs. to about dawn Sat. Everything goes pretty well here, but a lot of compromises or agreements are needed, esp. Friday. An advisor gives excellent advice, Thurs. night or pre-dawn Fri. Drive carefully pre-noon Sat.; the afternoon welcomes brave actions, love’s courage, and intellectual or far travel goals.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Intellectual, international, legal, religious and love pursuits are favoured for two more weeks, Taurus. (These zones are super-lucky to December 2020, but this luck is “shaky” until May 5, so be aware of your motives. (More details on this in my 2020  Astrology Forecast book. See PREAMBLE to purchase it.) Your sexual magnetism and courage are very high now to mid-February (just in time — mid-Feb. — for you to grow indecisive about which way you want to go to your future. (By this I mean you’ll ponder whether a sexual bond will bring a whole-life joy, or burdens/restrictions.)

Your energy, freshness, charisma and clout are strong Sunday/Monday — be a leader, start things! (Sunday or early Mon. best.) Chase money, buy/sell, deal with clients Tues./Wed. This interval needs mild caution, as it’s hard to define exactly what you’re offering, or another person is. Errands, paperwork, friendly contacts, short trips and communications fill Thurs/Fri. All’s well, so march forth. A combination of the short and long might be needed (e.g., a list, short, of books, long; or an application, short, to enter college, long). Saturday’s for home and family — unexpected event early, sweet peace and effective repairs later.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Life’s sub-surface forces flow with strength and health now, Gemini. Many of you will experience a deeply sexual bond this year (2020); other Geminis will rise in net worth, as your investments “take off.” But both these fortunate goals are a bit shaky before May 5 — and solidly beneficial May to December. (More details on this in my 2020  Astrology Forecast book. See PREAMBLE to purchase it.) Be diplomatic now to mid-February — others are intense, temperamental (Yet might also become lovers — or if you’re married, your spouse and you can chase a cherished goal or wish. Odd mixture, for 6 weeks, of anger and optimism.)

Lie low, rest, ponder and plan Sun./Mon. (Those plans, if enacted, will lead to new stability.) Your energy and charisma surge upward Mon. night through Wed. — good for career, and, Wed. pm, for love and friendship. Overall, though, use caution, as ”agreements” are puzzling, definitions unclear. Chase money Thurs. to pre-dawn Sat. There are two paths: career/business earnings (promising) and agreements/partnerships (unreliable). Saturday’s for short trips, gab fests at a local cafe, texts and calls, friendly contacts and paperwork — frustrating, unpredictable early, successful, enticing later.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The main accent remains on relationships, from the short and light to intense and significant. This area switches from problematic to bountiful in one short year — this year! But it remains somewhat complex until May 5; then “wholly good” to December. (More details on this in my 2020  Astrology Forecast book. See PREAMBLE to purchase it.) Work will be intense, will demand a “hurry up” attitude from you until mid-Feb.

Wishes might come true Sun./Mon. Your popularity will rise; social delights, entertainment, optimism and friendly flirts increase. A new love could begin. Withdraw to quietude, rest and contemplation Mon. night through Wed. Seek advisors, agents, gov’t contacts; plan your future. This interval needs some caution, as everyone has difficulty knowing what others mean. At the end, though (Wed. pm) there’s a valuable “find,” or physical intimacy shows where understanding lies.

Your energy and charisma roar back Thurs. to pre-dawn Sat. Get out, make contacts, be a leader, start significant things! Your thoughts are correct. Much depends on relationships and negotiations — don’t give up your position easily. Chase money and bargains Saturday — the morning’s unpredictable, disruptive, but the pm’s efficient, productive, esp. in work, with machines.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The accent remains on work and health, machinery, employment and looking after dependents — for 2 more weeks. This area will expand luckily in 2020, in a complex way before May 5, and a direct, simply lucky way May to December. (More details in my 2020  Astrology Forecast book. See PREAMBLE to purchase it.)  Now to mid-February, romance — and your romantic courage — heat up. If single, you might meet a viable life-mate.

Be ambitious Sun./Mon. (Sunday best.) Your career, status or business scene is just waiting for you to step up — fortune will aid you! Happiness tugs your sleeve Mon. night through Wed. — popularity, wishes, optimism, entertainment, flirtation and social delights arrive. However, this isn’t the best interval to chase someone or start a bond, as everything seems a little out of kilter — until Wed. afternoon (PST) when affection is real and unmistakable.

Withdraw, rest, ponder and plan Thurs./Fri. Research yields rewards — so do spiritual or charitable actions. Much depends on choice, between doing it yourself, and delegating. Delegating best. Your energy and charisma return Sat. — causing disruption (in a relationship?) early; success (in romance?) late.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The general emphasis remains on romance, beauty, pleasure, creative, inventive and speculative urges. This area will blossom with good fortune in 2020 — single Virgos are almost certain to meet romance! However, you might become entwined in the wrong romance before May 5. The “best stuff” comes May to December (with a huge sexual drive July to December). Be gentle on the home front now to mid-February; you’ll tend to be aggressive. (More details on this in my 2020  Astrology Forecast book. See PREAMBLE to purchase it.)

A mellow, wise mood steals over you Sun./Mon. Higher learning, far travel, dealing with law, culture, social rituals are favoured. Love is all you need, and it’s around you. Be ambitious Mon. night through Wed. It might be hard to figure out just what higher-ups really want, and “partners” won’t co-operate. So proceed carefully. Social delights, popularity, optimism and a celebratory mood whisk you up in their joys Thurs. to pre-dawn Sat. All goes well, others co-operate. Flirtations might open your eyes to deeper currents of attraction. Tackle chores Sat. — carefully during an early “nervous” period, successfully later.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The general emphasis lies on home, family, renovations, repairs and decoration, the children’s future, security, property values, etc. This zone has been a difficult one for ten years, but 2020 starts to alter the picture. Sober Saturn (like a father without as sense of humour) leaves this Spring, then returns, but more weakly, then leaves for good in 2021. And lucky, friendly Jupiter enters (actually entered last December) to stay for all 2020, bringing fortunate solutions and happy outcomes. But until May, the situation is complicated and needs careful thought. (More details on this in my 2020  Astrology Forecast book. See PREAMBLE to purchase it.) Communications and travel are swift, intense to mid-Feb.

Mysteries and intuition, hidden treasures, sexual longing and lifestyle choices fill Sun./Mon. — in good ways. Pay down debt rather than invest. A mellow, compassionate mood flows over you Mon. night through Wed. But proceed carefully — big ideas are not always the right ideas. (Hitler had big ideas, eh?) You won’t understand some people — that’s okay, just maintain your integrity. Protect your health — watch what you eat. This interval ends with affection, even love, Wed. Thursday to pre-dawn Sat. brings your ambitions, career and prestige relations into view: work hard and be flexible, and you’ll do fine. Early Saturday’s disruptive, intriguing; late day brings love, romance, flirting and social joy — enjoy!

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The emphasis remains on travel, communications, paperwork, friendly contacts and swift, easy chores for the next 2 weeks, Scorpio. Be curious, ask questions. This zone will expand so much over 2020 that you might be far busier than usual, keeping a hectic pace. But until May, treat these areas with some caution — e.g., send mail, but don’t start a whole new mail system or project. Now to mid-February, money pours toward you — bank it, don’t spend. (More details on all this in my 2020  Astrology Forecast book. See PREAMBLE to purchase it.)

Relationships fill Sun./Mon. — so do opportunities, relocation themes, negotiations, possible opposition. Be eager yet diplomatic. Fortunate results! Dive deep Mon. night through Wed. — mysteries, hidden treasures/knowledge, power plays, financial and lifestyle decisions confront you. Be slow to commit, to sign anything, as conditions are poor. All ends well Wed. Love, intellectual and cultural themes, far travel and law fill Thurs. to pre-dawn Sat. All’s good here, so plunge in! But realize “all must agree.” Be ambitious Sat. — disruptive in relations to noon (PST) but effective and productive in the pm.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The accent remains on money for two more weeks, Sage. Your income can increase two-fold, even more, in 2020. But until May 5, you might be tempted to pull a bit of a fast one, or chase $ in the wrong direction. May to December gives a green light to all buying, selling, earning, obtaining a pay raise, increasing clientele, etc. You’re intense and creative, fierce and romantic, now to mid-February. (More details on all this in my 2020  Astrology Forecast book. See PREAMBLE to purchase it.)

Tackle chores Sun./Mon. Eat, dress sensibly. An excellent interval to buy machinery, a car, tools, etc. — and to seek employment. Relationships face you Mon. night through Wed. Not an easy run, as you have trouble understanding where everybody stands, what they want. It ends with love and grace, though. Chase money and casual sex, seek bargains and sell items Thursday through pre-dawn Sat. (PST). Take a chance — luck is with you! Saturday’s for errands and quick, easy chores — disruptive early, productive later. Good interlude with someone attractive, or your spouse.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

For 2 more weeks, Cap., the general accent lies on You. Your energy’s high, you exude charm, and you’re a leader now. (”Now” is all 2020!)  But until May, seek support, allies, tell yourself “no one stands alone.” Start significant ventures, but look ahead, too: mid-February to March 9 will bring a mistake-prone slowdown, so steer your planning around this interval. Now to mid-February, avoid belligerent people and places of violence. (War zones, biker clubs, etc.) (More details on all this in my 2020  Astrology Forecast book. See PREAMBLE to purchase it.)

Romance plucks your heart-strings Sun./Mon. Chase it/her/him, as the aspects are (almost) superb. (“Almost” — from late Sun. night to 1 am Mon. PST romance receives a “no.”) Tackle chores Mon. night through Wed. — but proceed slowly, cautiously, as instructions (and others’ motives) are unclear. Maybe a co-worker flirtation Wed. afternoon. Relationships arise Thurs. to pre-dawn Sat. — opportunities here, relocation themes, negotiations — great results if you can “give the spotlight” to others. Saturday’s for depth, sex, major financial decisions, research — disruptive early but successful later (afternoon PST).

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Continue to lie low, Aquarius. For 2 more weeks, you need rest, mental and physical. Ponder and plan, seek advisors, and deal with gov’t or “head office.” This “background” area, gov’t, management, institutions, research and planning, has been a fairly fruitful employment area for you since about 2009. The last year dimmed your hopes in this area, but 2020 will fill it with good luck, expansion and job promotion. Now to mid-February your hopes rise, but you might be wise to go slow in these background zones before May. (More details on all this in my 2020  Astrology Forecast book. See PREAMBLE to purchase it.)

Steer toward home and family Sun./Mon. You can accomplish some solid results here — almost all actions fortunate! Romance calls Mon. night through Wed. Creative and speculative urges appear, beauty and pleasure lure you. Be cautious here, Aquarius, as conditions are uncertain, and it’s difficult to know others’ motives. But it ends well, with affection and reassurance, Wed. afternoon (PST). Tackle chores Thurs. to pre-dawn Sat. Eat, dress sensibly. An excellent interval to get jobs done, to buy machinery/tools, seek employment (or hire others) and obtain health cures. To succeed, be flexible, willing to compromise or partner. Saturday’s for exciting meetings — stressfully exciting early; happy, delightfully exciting later.

Pisces icon  SCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You’re still in celebration mode, Pisces, for 2 more weeks. But the social delights, expanding friendships and glowing hope of these weeks won’t end there — the whole 2020 year brings joyful popularity, optimism and flirtations. A major wish can come true. Join new groups; they will benefit you for years to come. But be cautious before May, as all these good things, though truly they do exist, will be “covered” by subtle difficulties. May to December, all systems are ”go” — so charge ahead to new friendships, new loves. (More details on all this in my 2020  Astrology Forecast book. See PREAMBLE to purchase it.) Until mid-February, bosses and judges are impatient, temper-prone. Smile!

Sunday/Monday bring casual friends, communications, short trips and visits, paperwork and errands. You’ll get it done, easily. Contact someone you want to love. Good time to set up mail programs, software, new phone systems, etc. Turn toward home and family Mon. night through Wed. This wee interval isn’t very successful, as others don’t co-operate — in the most subtle ways. Get some rest, do some gardening.

Romance calls — strongly — Thursday to pre-dawn Saturday. Jump in, seek pleasure, beauty, express yourself: but don’t commit to a long-term situation/partner (before May — good after, May to December). Saturday’s for work, health and machines. Touch none of these early (before 9 am PST) — but expect good luck and easy accomplishment later (afternoon, PST).



If I understood everything, I would never have an enemy.
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Another invention: they should invent a scotch tape that has a coating on the sticky side, so it only sticks when firm pressure is applied. Could be oil, or powder, or some combo. That way, the tape won’t stick to your fingers when you’re trying to apply it.
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When I was 4 or 5, I went out one day and begged. A man gave me a quarter. I stared at it for a long time; it had a magical quality, a quality of strength and empire, an ability to call me back, decades later, to remember the goodness of that quarter, it emanated security and power, almost like, in miniature, that someone from that magical place of strength and well-being was reaching out, on the tiniest scale, to shake my hand, to touch me from another, brighter world, or another part of this world. (Although I say “tiny” and “miniature” to describe that connection, I did not see it that way at the time. I only saw it, the quarter, and the life in it fascinated me (perhaps more now than then!). I am not good with details. I remember feelings, shadows and colours, expressions and impressions. It was my first experience with a symbol, and that symbol glowed with life. The eagle impressed me, and the head too, and the ridges along the rim.

When I was 7 or 8 I started a novel, but it was only about 20 pages in pudgy writing. It was about a monkey who escaped from the zoo. Then I lost interest in most books, although I remember an enchanting fairy tale here and there. I have always been a fitful reader. I will read voraciously for a year, then not pick up a book, except in my work, for a decade.

When I was in grade ten or eleven, I wrote a very short manifesto, with the idea — and decision — to not learn anything that teachers would teach. For some reason, I did not want ideas to lead me — more specifically, I did not want to be influenced in my true learning by the opinions and biases of others, especially of teachers, whom I had come to disrespect. In the manifesto I made two utterances: 1)*a question: why couldn’t one refuse to grow up? and 2) a declaration: I will not learn; I will approach the world without prejudice, and try to see what is really there.

* 1) was obviously a non-starter, tho’ I didn’t see it at the time.


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