Weekly Forecast and Book Launch – Dec. 31, 2019

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It’s 161 pages, and covers General, Love, Luck, Career, Home/Family, Finances, and Health for every sign. You get all 12 signs, so you can read your Sun sign, but also your Rising sign and/or Moon sign if you want. 

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START NOTHING: 2:24 am to 7:41 am Mon., 6:14 pm to 8:00 pm Wed., and 5:18 pm Fri. to 8:15 am Sat.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The accent lies on career, status, prestige relationships and general ambitions, Aries. Your social contacts benefit you and a good partnership might emerge from your group of acquaintances. Friday begins six weeks during which you should strictly avoid lawsuits. They same six weeks, though, will focus you strongly on international affairs, higher learning, cultural activities — and love. Your career will be very lucky now to December. However, before May you can fall prey to ambitious temptations which would nullify that luck, and even turn it to bad luck. This is explained more fully in my 2020 Year Ahead booklet.

Sunday brings friends and happiness — enjoy it, but stay away from intimate clinches. Withdraw into solitude Monday to Wednesday night. Rest, ponder and plan. Relations with head office, management, and civil servants proceed with ease and good results, especially Monday and (less so) Wed. Your energy and charisma soar Wednesday night to Saturday morning. Wednesday goes well on all fronts, but Thursday and Friday only benefit you in career and related activities. Handle money Saturday: shop, pay bills, collect money owed you. A good week!

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The accent lies on learning, intellectual pursuits, foreign countries, beliefs, life philosophy, and gentle love. This is an excellent time to propose marriage, especially Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. Bosses continue to favour you until mid month. Friday begins six weeks of heightened sexuality and impulsive financial actions. Be cautious, because your sexual drives might steer you into burdensome situations. (This can be a precursor of the July to December period in 2020. For more on this, see my 2020 Year Ahead booklet.) If investing, focus on management and governmental areas. (E.g., buy hospital stocks, or seek government aid or permission.)

Be ambitious Sunday. Hopes can come true Monday to Wednesday night, when your popularity rises and your optimism soars. You might flirt with someone Monday who is a fine candidate for marriage or a love affair. Seek solitude Wednesday night to Saturday morning. Rest, ponder and plan, deal with civil servants, agents and advisers. On the one hand, Thursday gives you a glimpse of your lucky horizons during all of 2020, or starts a project involving far travel, higher learning, or publishing. But jumping into these areas right now would probably be a mistake. Act with caution this entire interval. Saturday brings energy and charisma: now you can start lucky projects in these same areas: far travel, higher learning, etc.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The general accent lies on physical intimacy, lust, finances, lifestyle changes, medical procedures, depths and secrets, research and revelation, until late January. This area will be tremendously lucky for you until mid-December 2020. However, the same area can hide pitfalls until May 5, especially if you act on temptation or unsavoury motives. After May 5, these activities expand and blossom luckily, and might even bring some form of partnership. Friday begins six weeks of intense relationships: you can face love or war, so be diplomatic and eager to merge. (For more on all this, read my 2020 Year Ahead booklet.)

Sunday is mellow and wise, gentle and loving, but be careful around sharp tools and temperamental people late this night. An ambitious Monday morning to Wednesday night. Higher-ups will favour you and might even draw you into closed-door discussions on “upper levels.” Your hopes and popularity rise Wednesday night to Friday night. A big investment or sexy situation might lure you, but you would be wise to wait, as Thursday and Friday squelch most initiatives. You will be tired Saturday, but it is a fine time to pursue these very things you should be patient about on Thursday and Friday (e.g., sex and $).

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Relationships dominate your days until late January. In fact, the entire year ahead blesses relationships with tremendous good fortune. However, until May 5, a hidden flaw might “inhabit” these bonds, making the May to December period both lucky AND safer for a long term bond. Patience is your friend. For “relationships” you can substitute opportunities, relocation and fresh horizons, public appearances, negotiations and agreements. Friday begins six weeks of intense work, but it is work that will tend to advance your career, and can lead to ambitious opportunities from July to December. (More details on all this in my 2020 Year Ahead booklet.)

Sunday is deep and mysterious: look and listen but do not commit nor sign anything. Monday morning to Wednesday night brings a mellow, wise mood, gentle love and intellectual, travel, and cultural pursuits. A splendid interval with great results. You will be ambitious Wednesday night till Friday night, but relationships hit major barriers. Be patient, and push no one. Saturday will bring a beautiful solution to these relationship problems, or at the very least will brighten your mood and bring rising popularity and social delights.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The accent remains on work and daily health, machinery and service personnel during the weeks ahead, Leo. This area will expand with unusual force and fortune for the whole year ahead — but might (might) be unwieldy or face presently unseen obstacles until May 5. Until then, embrace lucky events here, but forgo chasing mirages of your own temptations. Otherwise, a great year to buy machinery, find employment or hire others, etc. The six weeks ahead bring romantic intensity and courage. (More on all these in my 2020 Year Ahead booklet.)

Sunday’s for relationships and opportunities, but a domestic squabble awaits if you stay up late. Life’s deeper, consequential side — sex, finances, secrets and investigation — emerges Mon. morning to Wed. night., in very fortunate ways. Invest, or commit to intimacy — results good! Your moral, humanitarian, wise self takes over Wed. night to Sat. morning. Be cautious, esp. in far travel, legal and media areas, as many snags exist. Saturday’s for career, worldly standing, prestige — chase these, as a lucky door will open soon (Sunday, Jan. 5?).

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You remain in a romantic, creative, adventurous and chance-taking mood to late January, Virgo. This zone, including beauty, “immediate” pleasure, self-expression and raising/teaching children, will be chock-full of good fortune the entire year ahead. However, until May 5, this good luck might be a blanket stretched over a big pit — unforeseen snags and refusals can litter the future if you push, or follow temptation or unsavoury motives. But if romance, for example, just falls into your lap before May, and everything’s “innocent,” then embrace it, welcome it! (More on this in my 2020 Year Ahead booklet.) Friday begins 6 weeks of possible friction at home — or repairs, renovations, landscaping, etc. (6 weeks of investing in your home, too, and lots of “spousal intimacy.”)

Tackle chores Sunday — but caution with sharp tools late this night. Monday morning to Wednesday night brings relationships, splendid ones! If you meet someone new, he/she might be a viable life mate. Sexual desire, major finances, heightened intuition, secrets and spying, research, medical decisions and lifestyle choices — these arise Wednesday night to Saturday morning. Be careful here, as many obstacles and conflicts litter your path. Saturday is for love, far travel, cultural venues, media and broadcasting, intellectual pursuits, and legal matters. You can succeed in all these, and that success will stretch into Sunday, so charge ahead!

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The accent remains on your domestic situation till late January, Libra. This area, which has been such a problem over the last decade, will become more and more fortunate now to the end of 2020. However, until May 5 some snags will remain, and your good luck here might just disguise the problems. So accept any solutions until May, but actively chase solutions from May to December. 2020 will be one of the best years in a quarter century to buy a new home or other real estate. (More on this and other things in my 2020 Year Ahead booklet.) Friday begins six weeks of intense running around town, texting and phoning, and paperwork. You’ll be in constant contact with a lover or spouse. Road trip time!

Sunday brings romantic notions, but not much success with the right person. Tackle chores from Monday morning to Wednesday night — you will make splendid progress all three days. A good time to cure nagging health problems. Relationships (and relocation themes) confront you Thursday to Saturday morning. Be cautious here — you are as likely to garner enemies as friends. Many obstacles exist. You are used to that, because these are the same obstacles that have frustrated you domestically for the last 10 years. As noted above, you are going to discover more than one solution to these obstacles in 2020. You’re already partway there!

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The general accent remains on communications, paperwork, travel and visits, and swift, easy chores. These seemingly unimportant activities will expand and fill many days of 2020. But they are important because they link directly to your ability to earn money. However, until May 5, be cautious in setting your goals and your approach, as temptations or blue sky optimism can pull you off the right path and lead to disappointment. Remain realistic and gently friendly. From May to December, drop caution in the wastebasket and charge ahead! Friday begins six weeks during which money will flow to you in big amounts. Bank this, and avoid new purchases or debts, because you will have a subconscious urge to spend it all. (More on these and other things in my 2020 Year Ahead booklet.)

Spend Sunday at home and with the family. Romance, creative and speculative urges, beauty and pleasure visit you Monday morning to Wednesday night. Plunge into these, as good fortune rides with you all three days. An exciting meeting could spell true love. Work and health issues arise Thursday through Saturday morning. Be very cautious here, as obstacles rise up again and the again. Saturday brings relationships — excellent ones!

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The emphasis remains on money, earnings, possessions, rote learning and casual sex until late January, Sage. This area will prove ultra lucky for all of 2020. For example, you’re almost certain to get a pay raise, especially if you ask for it!  However, until May 5 you might push too hard or engage in a not quite honest scheme to make more money — or you might talk someone into bed who you know you will never stay with. This sort of “cleverness” can lead to disappointment. From May to December, your motives are great and your luck is superb! (More on this and much else in my 2020 Year Ahead booklet.) From Friday until mid February you’ll be fired up with increased courage, romantic urges, and determination. Remember to be gentle also.

Sunday is for errands and communications, but don’t phone your romantic object this night. Turn your heart toward home Monday morning to Wednesday night. This is a fortunate time to engage in any domestic activity, from repairs to hugging the kids. Romance and creativity, beauty and pleasure call you Thursday through Saturday morning, but you might as well stay in bed or do something useful, because romance, etc., face many obstacles. Tackle chores Saturday: your path is clear, and you’ll make much progress (much of it the following Sunday).

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Your energy, charm and magnetism, and leadership qualities reach a peak now through late January. To some degree, this will last all 2020, as the planet of great good luck, Jupiter, travels through Capricorn until mid December. You can win contests, lead others, start significant projects and shape your life as you wish it to be. However, until May 5, use this extra energy and charm to ingratiate yourself with others: to join their bandwagon rather than creating your own. (More on this and other things in my 2020 Year Ahead booklet.) Friday starts at six weeks during which your athletic prowess might increase; but you will also need to avoid places of violence and belligerent people.

Chase money or look for bargains Sunday — but don’t buy any hardware. Errands, paperwork, contacts, quick trips and communications fill Monday morning to Wednesday night. No one succeeds in any of these activities, for each day is blessed with good luck. A fine time to contact significant people or organizations — lovers, potential job offers, etc. Your home comes into focus Thursday to Saturday morning. Proceed cautiously, as many snags and barriers will confront you. Saturday is for love, romance, beauty, sports, charming kids, games and pleasure. Plunge into these, as again luck good luck accompanies to you.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You are still restricted, Aquarius. Be quiet and restful: ponder and plan, deal with institutions, the government and management people as well as agents and advisers. (Psychics will give you good — and accurate — news, especially Tuesday.) This area of background work, and management and government, will bless you throughout 2020. For example, this is an excellent year for nurses, civil servants, management and similar positions. However, you might be wise not to chase these background areas, but just to except what comes, before May 5. (More on this and other things in my 2020 Year Ahead booklet.) Friday begins six weeks during which your popularity and social involvement will increase, despite your present lowered energy.

Sunday features you, and your energy will stay high briefly. Pursue money and bargains Monday morning to Wednesday night. All is beneficial these few days, so do not be afraid of spending or of asking for a pay raise. Errands, trips and visits, paperwork and communications fill Thursday to Saturday morning. Proceed cautiously with these, as many barriers can frustrate your efforts. (Secrets and gossip do not favour you.) Saturday is for home. You can start a new project on the domestic front, or just love your family. It’s a great day, and the Sunday following will complete a lovely weekend. Changes are in store!

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The accent lies on social delights, popularity, optimism, entertainment and celebration, flirtations and friendly love affairs now to late January, Pisces. This entire area will expand with good fortune now to December 2020. However, I wouldn’t push too hard follow these delightful things before May 5, as subtle, hidden drawbacks might lie in wait for you. May to December, charge ahead, for this strong social luck will fulfill one or more major wishes. (For more, read my 2020 Year Ahead booklet.) From Friday to mid-February, higher ups can be temperamental and impatient. Keep your sense of humour, grin and bear it, for these same bosses could open the door to a pay raise.

Find peace and solitude Sunday: contemplate and plan. Your energy and charisma surge upward Monday morning to Wednesday night. Be a leader, start significant projects and make new contacts. All three days are quite lucky, especially for making friends, mapping your course, and, on Wednesday, monetary actions. Thursday to Saturday morning brings dollar decisions. Carefully examine your income and outgo, and avoid large purchases or income projects, as many obstacles frustrate you. Saturday is for errands, communications, paperwork, travel and friendly contacts. An exciting meeting could occur. Saturday starts a fine, successful weekend.


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