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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:  11:41 am to 9:03 pm Mon., 6:57 pm Wed. to 8:45 am Thurs., and 9:04 am to  5:24 pm Sat.


ALL SIGNS: A period of confusion, delay, shortages and misunderstandings occurs Oct. 13 to Nov. 3. Don’t start any big projects. Use this week to wrap things up rather than start anything.
***   ***

In 2021, protest will become more obvious and radical, but it will not last far into 2022. A radical group or leader or platform will become a solid feature, and will last many years, maybe decades.
**   ***

Soon, weapons will not be sharp. Wars will be won by pressure. (And light, as I said in the 1980’s.)
***   ***


aries iconARIES:  March 21-April 19

The emphasis on relationships continues, Aries. This includes relocation, fresh horizons and new opportunities, diplomacy and cooperation, and dealings with the public. If you have any crucial negotiations or agreements to uphold, especially financial (or intimacy to press) try to get everything completed this week — as 20 days of delay, confusion and misunderstandings prevail October 13 to November 2. (And the effects, confusion, etc., really start a few days prior.)

Your determination and courage still abound, but until mid November you might at various points have to retrace your steps or swallow your words and take a new approach. This especially applies in love relationships. Your workplace and workmates are pleasant all month.

Handle and pursue money Sunday to late Monday night (PDT). All runs smoothly, even fortunately Sun. p.m. and Monday. If you’re married or in a deep relationship, these days are good for a bit of loving sex. A splendid interval to link your career progress and your income. (E.g., show your skills to your boss, then ask for a pay raise.)

Errand, paperwork, short trips and communications fill Tues. to just past dawn Thursday. Here, you are running a race on uneven ground. (Means your luck is poor, so proceed cautiously. One exception: Tuesday late afternoon to the wee hours of Wed. offers smooth success with the opposite sex.)

Head for home, at least in your heart Thurs. morning to Sat. supper time. Again, luck is not great, so continue with your cautious stance. Thursday is actually quite productive, but be aware that a pretty critical higher up is watching your results. There are two success periods here: one comes Friday night before 9 PM (PDT) (good for management, gov’t, medical) — the other fills most of Saturday daytime (good for a money-work combination).

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Work, work, work: the drudgery continues! Some of you face a mild dilemma: do you do the work yourself, or supervise it? Do you work with effort on a specific hands-on chore, or do you delegate these tasks and turn to fulfill other more “endless” duties, for example to government or family? Right now, the first of each pair is better — do the work yourself, and do the work at hand — let gov’t, et al, cool their heels until November.

A significant romantic streak winds through your life all October. This might spark communications with an attractive but sometimes challenging person. Some Taurus people will propose and/or mate before December 1.

Your energy and charisma, and your effectiveness in mental zones, are high and strong Sunday to just before noon Mon. (PDT). Charge ahead, be a leader and start significant projects — BUT ONLY brief, smaller projects, ones that can be finished this week. (As confusion, dead-ends, delays and mistakes will fill Oct. 13 to Nov. 3.)

Chase money Mon. night to just past dawn Thursday. This interval is packed with minor frustrations, but also offers you a great buy or sale, Tuesday pm. Paperwork, errands, travel and communications fill Thursday morning to Sat. supper time. Usually this would be an easy, light time, but legalities and ethics need to be carefully conformed to, and this is a good time to avoid dealings with government or head office or any institution.

Friday night could surprise you with an opportunity that might be connected to happy socializing — so do get out and mingle. Saturday holds a magic moment, and you might get tapped by the wand of love.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Your leaning toward romance continues, Gemini. This week holds several challenges or upheavals, but also a couple of splendid openings for you to pursue love, creative projects, career and domestic opportunities. Your hopes remain high, but you are also willing to give them time, to contemplate your actions rather than charging out on impulse. (E.g., you’re willing to wait to see how that romantic prospect responds, acts, before you choose your direction.)

Your home and family remains peaceful and affectionate all October. There is starting to be a lot more talk, and some action, on your work and health fronts. In this zone, act quickly because delays and confusion will enter early next week. During the 2nd half of Oct., you might be re-doing a half-done chore, or visiting the doc or dentist about a problem that has returned. Get 100 tiny but essential chores finished this week, or they will get lost, covered up, forgotten, and cause you worries in November.

Lie low Sun./Mon. — rest, contemplate and plan, observe others, deal with government, or head office or institutions. Be spiritual and charitable. All’s well. Your energy and charisma surge upward Tues. to just past dawn Thursday (PDT). Tuesday is great; love is possible, projects succeed. But Wednesday is a bit dicey, with work snafus and health or gov’t surprises (taxes?).

Shop for bargains, seek to increase your income, and go over your budget Thurs. to suppertime Saturday. At least one of your hopes runs into a wall of financing difficulties or a refusal to accept you intimately, esp. Friday. That’s OK, it shows you what/who not to chase. This same night, Friday, open the door to financial and career success — step through it! (But keep friends far away from this.) Saturday holds some surprising and sparkling event, probably involving your home and family.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The accent remains on home and family, Cancer. Security, mother nature, nutrition, gardening and landscaping, renovations and decorations are also in focus. However, if you have projects in this area, work to wrap them up this week. It’s not a good time to start major projects in real estate or at home, as Oct. 13 to Nov. 3 brings delays, mistakes and confusion.

Though focussed on your home and family, you can also experience a nice little gush of romance, probably from a call, text or letter. (The second half of October might bring an old flame.) Friends, travel and small chores give you satisfaction and affection all October. Your career and reputation continue to be at a critical stage… Until January. By critical I mean important, but don’t make any decisions about this zone until mid November onward.

Happiness lifts your steps Sun. and Mon. — friends gather round, optimism prevails, entertainment and flirtations tease your heart. Sunday night might fulfil a wish about work. But withdraw Tuesday to breakfast time Thursday (PDT) — rest, recuperate, meditate and ponder, form plans and deal with government, head office and institutions, and agents and advisers. Be spiritual; watch karma working. This is not the easiest of intervals, but Tuesday p.m. flows smoothly and successfully. Be careful, Wed., of flak from higher ups, the government, and coworkers… keep your hopes alive and refuse to react impulsively… You’ll be OK!

Your energy and charisma leap upward Thursday morning to suppertime Saturday. This interval is also fraught with little problems, so go carefully but confidently, and see if you can solve some of those problems. They mainly involve a conflict between your ambitions and an important relationship, especially Friday. However, Fri. evening might be splendidly fortunate: Chase someone, chase love and understanding… And put it in legal form if you can! Saturday is filled with relationships early, then during the daytime a beautiful romantic/social spark could light a fire of happiness.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Light stuff — easy chores, errands, text and emails, paperwork and visits. These fill most of your days until October 22. One of the best things you can do now is to communicate with a loved one (or lover, of course). Your money fortunes remain buoyant all October. Much discussion can take place now into November about domestic or real estate concerns.

This is not a good time to start any significant project in this area or any others, as a period of delays, confusion and mistakes exists from Oct. 3 to Nov. 3. Legal, international, wedding, educational, cultural and intellectual pursuits may falter now into mid November. However, these matters will return in force mid November to early January, so don’t abandon them… Instead use this time before mid-November to perfect your approach.

Be ambitious Sunday and Monday – especially Sun. evening and Monday. Your path will be littered with opportunities! The future and how you want it to be is foremost on your mind Tues. to breakfast time Thursday (PDT). Optimism, popularity, flirtatious romance, entertainment and just a general happiness fill this time. Tuesday is best, especially for attracting/chasing the opposite sex. (Same sex for gays.)

Be cautious Wed. as deception/confusion and decision dilemmas around home and career could tempt you to bet on the wrong horse, or scare you into inaction. (Latter is safest.) Still, happiness prevails! But withdraw Thursday morning to suppertime Saturday. Rest, recuperate, ponder and plan. Deal with government or head office or institutions — or warehouses. Various problems can stymie your progress: work and/or health circumstances conflict with your hopes… And maybe even with your ethics. On the plus side, Friday evening offers work opportunities and financial or sexual agreement. Also, Saturday afternoon sparkles with a money-career “gift” or opportunity.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Train your attention onto money and earnings — and expenses, Virgo. On investment and debt fronts, you are probably content now to wait until mid November onward to make any significant changes. This is actually a good idea.

Your gift of gab is good now, and you should make any important contacts this week rather than procrastinating, because October 13 to November 3 will bring delays, mistakes and confusion. (You will temporarily lose your decisiveness.) If scheduling future meetings, schedule them for after November 3 or even better, after Nov. 13. You are blessed with the wand of good looks all October — others find you attractive, might approach you.

Sunday/Monday is a thoughtful interval for you… International, intellectual, legal, media, cultural and philosophical/religious themes flow through your mind. It’s a good time for love and telling someone where you stand on bigger questions — such as love.

Be ambitious Tues. to breakfast time Thursday, PDT. Tuesday is favourable (Wed. in Europe, Asia) especially for career and $ — maybe time to ask for a pay raise. But beware of interruptions or unpredictable events in communications or transport Wednesday.

Your hopes rise Thursday to suppertime Saturday – Thurs. is fine, and Friday evening is splendid for romance and relationships. But these can be disrupted by unforeseen challenges and perhaps by secretive action. If someone does not like you at the workplace, and wants to hurt you, he or she might complain about your “sexuality.” It’s just pish-posh, so ignore it. Saturday continues the relationship and love theme — a great spark of attraction might shine!

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This is your time, Libra! Lead the way, see and be seen, encourage others. Usually I would add: start significant projects. However, a period of confusion, delay, mistakes and shortages exists from Oct. 13 to Nov. 3, which advises against starting anything large. (These mistakes and delays will especially apply to money, possessions, night school or extra courses, and casual intimacy.) Instead, use your extra energy, clout and effectiveness to tackle ongoing problems (mostly in your domestic sphere) or to gain allies/partners.

Speaking of partners — and of fresh horizons and new opportunities, and possible relocation — you remain in a very active “relationship corridor.” Means more than one person might be chasing you or might be available. But consider this: from last month through mid Nov. relationships will tend to tread water. That’s fine if you’re in a long-term love, but it might put up a subtle wall against finding new partners before mid November. Your spiritual and inner life, as well as your relations with government, head office or institutions, will be gracious and mildly fortunate all October.

Sunday/Monday is sexy and mysterious. Dig deep for answers and treasures. Investments, debt, lifestyle and medical commitments are very favoured, both Sunday pm and Monday morning (PDT). Your intuition is high, and will lead you to intimate approaches as well as possible domestic solutions.

Your vision grows wider and your mood more mellow Tues. to breakfast time Thursday. Far travel, publishing media, law, international affairs, intellectual and cultural pursuits, all are possible/likely. Tuesday (Wed. in Europe, Asia) is beneficial and fortunate, especially in love, and the areas just mentioned (far travel, et al). But Wed. is studded with snags.

Turn toward practical areas and pump up your ambitions Thurs. morning to Sat. supper time. Bosses and higher-ups will like you/favour you Thursday and early Friday night. A good opportunity, either at home or in the workplace, faces you mid-evening Fri. But other times, relationships can suffer (probably due to domestic factors). Be diplomatic! Early Sat., home/relationship snags. Late Sat., a lucky, brilliant financial idea, or a friendly, passionate (and perhaps secret or verboten) attraction — romance joins sex.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Life… your own energy… still wants you to rest and recharge your emotional and physical batteries, until Oct. 22. Work demands have abated somewhat, and will stay “low” to mid-November, giving you plenty of time for rest. However, despite your low energy, you can be tempted to burn your candle at both ends as they say. That’s because your social life, even though you don’t chase it now, is under very sweet and affectionate vibrations.

In addition, your verbal and written communication urges spike upward until Dec. 1. So this will be one of the least restful rest periods you’ve ever had! But you are fast approaching a time of confusion, delay and mistakes (Oct. 13 to Nov. 3) so don’t promise too much and avoid starting new projects.

Relationships are of prime importance Sunday/Monday… And they are fortunate also. Be diplomatic and cooperative and seek to bond with either other people or a special someone. If you’re married these are two good days for spousal harmony. Mid week (Tuesday and Wednesday) shunts you into deeper waters, especially in relationships. It might be put up or shut up time.

The decisions you make now should be based on research or investigation, and the commitments you make now will have important consequences. (Considering the period of confusion and delay that looms, it would probably be wiser to make no commitments.) Your intuition is high and your sexual desires are strong. Tuesday is successful. Wednesday daytime is surprising and frustrating, although it ends fairly well well.

A mellow, peaceful and understanding mood flows over you Thursday to suppertime Saturday. And Thursday is peaceful. But Fri. and Sat., not so much. Step carefully between blessings in dangers. There are two blessings: one, Friday eve and early night, gives you easy access to romance and/or money. The other, late afternoon Saturday, offers a happy conversation — and perhaps a happy solution —with a spouse, business partner, lover or a prospective one.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The main accent continues on happiness, popularity and social joys, optimism, entertainment, and flirtations or friendly love affairs. Higher-ups continue to favour you all October. Romance survives and is actually better than usual, but it has quieted down a bit and will stay this way till mid Nov. — but after that the love fires flare again. So be patient, good-humoured, which will be easy during this happy, social month.

Secrets, govt’s, confidential discussions, and simply conversations at home that focus on budgets, plans, chore sharing, etc. — these have increased lately, and will continue to some degree right into early December. But express yourself and your desires or requirements soon, as next week will begin 21 days of delay, mistakes and confusion. (Make no plans, nor commitments before Nov. 3.)

Tackle chores Sun./Mon. A good interval; you’ll get lots done, esp. Mon. Dress, eat sensibly; protect your health. (Good time to buy nutritional supplements.) Mid week brings relationships, fresh horizons and opportunities. Good and bad luck mingle, so be alert and flexible. Tuesday is best, especially for love and all man-woman dealings. Wed. might be surprising and deceptive in the daytime — this eve works better.

Thursday morning about breakfast time to suppertime Sat. shunt you into deeper waters: intimacy and lust’s temptations, dreams and the subconscious, big finances, medical and lifestyle decisions. These all go well Thurs., and Friday nighttime. (The latter for domestic/realty success.) But be cautious otherwise. Saturday brings work/health dilemmas — but a late solution, even perhaps a pay raise or other lucky boost!

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Be ambitious, Capricorn. Your prestige is recovering from the last two years, and your career outlook is strong all October. Before 2022, roll up your sleeves and concentrate on doing the work at hand – yourself — rather than delegating or working on administrative structures. Lawyers like you all month, and will give you good advice; so will scholars, travellers and media types. International relations and travel are also blessed.

I’ve told you since June that you are in the process of breaking something down, something basic and fundamental, and building something else from the rubble. This is the major flexing point of your life, when the old is dying off and the new is growing, especially in your social life and your goals for the future. (I call it a flexion point, but it occurs over a long period, 2009 to 2025 — peaking 2019/2020.) Many happy conversations and thoughts about an optimistic future can occur.

Enjoy this, and make more friends. But stop short of making major plans before November 3, as next week starts 21 days of confusion, mistakes and delays. (An old flame might return during that three weeks.)

Romance welcomes you Sunday/Monday — chase beauty, pleasure, sports and cultural programs for your children. Tackle chores Tues./Wed. – you’ll get a lot done Tuesday as well as Wed. evening. Earlier Wednesday, go slow and be prepared for disruptions or illusions.

Relationships fill your horizons breakfast time Thursday to suppertime Saturday (all PDT). Opportunities, and a fresh take on life are the positives; domestic disputes or arguments are the possible downside. Thursday flows well, but Friday daytime and Sat. morning present obstacles. Friday’s concern is about your domestic situation or your security at work. Sat. simply demands cooperation and diplomacy. Saturday pm might bring a romantic surprise — a good one!

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Love is the first note. Higher education, publishing and reading, far travel, international affairs, fame, legal matters, cultural and religious beliefs, and social rituals such as weddings — these are the second note. All are favoured the first 21 days of October, but you could run into some obstacles around mid month into the 19th. All October, your sexual and financial zones (heavier ones, not superficial stuff) are mildly favoured. You might be with someone who “turns you on.”

Travel and communications continue to be a little slower or more delayed than usual. This will last until mid November. Until then, you might revisit former haunts or talk to former friends. Much discussion and paperwork occurs on your career scene, or where you may be appearing before a judge or civil servant. State your case now or present your proposals now, as next week begins a period of confusion, mistakes and delays until November 3. This confusion will affect your career more than other areas.

Be home and with family, at least in your heart, Sunday/Monday: two beautiful days to hug the kids, redesigned the garden, paint the kitchen, etc. But do not start any renovations or major projects, as next week will “dent” them. Mid week (Tues./Wed.) brings sweet romance (and/or creativity, gambling, sports success, teaching children) — maybe even true love, Tues. night. (Wed. morning in Europe, eve in Asia). Careful Wednesday daytime, when misunderstandings and sudden endings are possible.

Tackle chores breakfast time Thurs. to suppertime Saturday. Protect your daily health — eat, dress sensibly. Thursday runs smoothly but problems arise Friday daytime, especially around gossip at the workplace, negative reviews, and fender benders while driving. Fri. evening is filled with opportunities and good luck, especially in career and compensation zones. Saturday morning sparks work challenges. The pm brings lucky investments or boudoir attractions.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The accent remains on lust, secrets, mystery, research and investigation, large finances, heightened intuition and subconscious promptings, and medical and lifestyle decisions. If you are going to act in these areas, do it very soon, as next week begins 20 days of confusion, delay and mistakes. (Best days to act: Monday, Friday evening and Saturday — but watch the “Start Nothing” times.)

Your money gusher continues to operate until early next January, but has slowed somewhat until mid November. Relationships remain gracious and affectionate all month. Conversations seem to bring in themes of love, beliefs, far travel, education, law and similar subjects. But state your case here this week or leave it until after November 3.

Errands, paperwork and communications keep you busy Sunday/Monday. You’ll get your rest Tuesday/Wednesday when the best thing you can do is to lean toward your home and family. Tues. is excellent for domesticity, security, intimacy and investment. But Wed. holds snags, challenges. A nice little purchase around Wed. suppertime (PDT).

Passion and creativity in one form or another visit to you Thurs. breakfast time to suppertime Saturday. Thursday flows well, but Fri. morning and daytime are filled with obstacles. Money and wishes don’t mix. Friday eve helps you personally and might open the door to future career success. Saturday morning is a bit scrappy but late day a bright light of attraction and conversation shines.



If Trump loses the election, Covid will be why. He mishandled the pandemic’s early days, especially the early news conferences, and now it appears he’s been close to an infected aide, so might be “out” for 10-14 days. (Only remote campaigning, a la Joe Biden.
***   ***

“The ones who claim to be oppressed are proving to be the most oppressive, hate-filled humans.” This quote (New York Post) refers to a black Boston university professor’s claim that white people who adopt coloured children are inherently racist, and are using the children as a sort of disguise for their deep inherent racism. (The prof, Ibram X. Kendi, was speaking about Amy Coney Barrett, the nominated supreme court judge in Washington who has 2 adopted Haitian kids, along with her natural 5.)

Having grown up in Canada, I don’t think I have any racial prejudice against blacks. In my high school of 2000+ students, there was one single black pupil. He was well-liked and popular as far as I could see (I didn’t know him personally) — that’s all. In Western Canada, we are prejudiced against native Americans and Asians, not African Americans.

On three or four different occasions I have dealt with American blacks. The first was in San Francisco when I was about 17 years old, I walked up to a black man on the street and asked him if he knew where there was a pool hall. He launched into this angry, oath-filled diatribe, so I left him alone.

My second experience was with George from Riverside, CA in the marines. This guy was a prince, gentle, wise, and observant. I hope he survived Nam. On the third occasion, I was approached by email through my blog by someone claiming to be part of a native American artists’ commune in Detroit. She/they wanted some astrological advice, I forget about what. Something about the co-op/commune, should they move or would they survive or whatever.

So I spent 30 minutes or so working for them, for free. Okay. No answer, no quick thank you. About a week later, I think I emailed them to ask a question, I think about Detroit. They didn’t bother to answer. I felt used by cold people.

Next, about 3 or 4 years ago, shortly after the riots in Ferguson — perhaps a template for the street protests of today — I approached both a realtor and a lawyer, both black, and proposed this idea to them: I would rent a store front for six months in Ferguson, and they could use it to organize local blacks to nominate and elect a black politician. (As the trouble in Ferguson was obviously caused by an overabundance of white politicians.)

I thought this might be the first step toward true representation for the black community. They seemed to be lacking this. They had two simultaneous reactions: one of mild, polite disbelief, and the other of un-interest. Total un-interest, not even a doubt. I asked them if there were other realtors or lawyers or some organization that might be interested in the idea. They knew of none.

That is my total history with blacks. Except for the few who wrote me angry emails threatening to boycott me… that is, this blog… when I wrote that:

1) blacks had more bone density than whites, which gives whites a positive buoyancy in the ocean (and osteoporosis) and blacks a negative buoyancy. (We learned this in drown-proofing, during which blacks and whites were instructed in differing methods. Due to their low buoyancy, blacks had to combine a swim stroke with their floating method.) And that;

2) blacks would steadily rise in power over the 2009 to 2025 period. Why they hated that, and which part, I don’t know.

But I agree with the first quote above — that those who claim to be oppressed are the most oppressive, hate-filled humans themselves — but I would add one thing: these hate-filled humans such as Professor Kendi have the right to hate. I believe the blacks in the United States have every right to stand up against whites writ large, including with violence. (But who protects the innocent bystanders, or those locked in their homes who are affected by all the violence, or the store owners whose stores have been looted and burned?)

I believe that if a police person, without justification, shoots at OR bullies you or any innocent family member, or anyone sharing your culture, then you are fully justified in shooting back, even killing these police. No one, police, government, civil servant or anyone else has the right to unfairly restrict, bully or harm you, and if they do, you have every right to do the same to them. In my experience, many cops, writ large, are bullies, perhaps not so much from bad nature or character, but as a form of impatience.

When I worked at the kid’s zoo as a teen, we called visitors “tourists” — it dripped with disdain. This is the way cops begin to see the public, as a bunch of “tourists” who should quit bothering them and who’d better not give them any trouble, because they’re impatient today and there’s some bad news from the union, and you make a smart remark and you’re thrown on the ground in the hot morning sun and that’s how it begins.

From this perspective, I can’t fault the blacks for anything except racism, and their disregard of the rights of innocent people. They feel that no white person is innocent and therefore all are fair game. No one is innocent because even a one-year-old white baby has already begun to be infused with systemic racism.

It makes no real sense; but this reflects Black impatience. They want quick, simple solutions — or violence. They have been kept waiting too long to pay any more attention to subtleties and slow demographic tides. They want simple, direct action, and the most direct thing is protest and violence. Once started, violence becomes its own justification, and its own reward.
***   ***

I keep offering one solution: all races should (be free to) interbreed. This would, unfortunately, probably spell the homogenizing of cultures. Which in turn though, would lead to a more integrated world, one able to work in concert on significant projects. At this point, we will be able to visit/live on other worlds.
***   ***

Nature is perfect, but beyond the scope of our measurement. So it often looks imperfect to us. For instance, our calendar is a nice perfect 365 days. But that orbit of ours just won’t conform to a strict schedule, so we have to reset our calendar every four years by adding an extra day. But what isn’t perfect here? The Earth, which has been running around the Sun for billions of years, or a human calendar which has been in existence for oh, a few centuries?

Seemingly the Earth’s rotation is far from perfect. It “wobbles,” which causes the phenomena of precession. It seems to be an example of imperfection. Perhaps, though, in many permutations and computations, it is a perfect wobble. We only call it imperfect because it does not exactly fit our design, our desire for a perfect, round, smooth orbit. When we look with wider eyes we see that this wobble causes the precession of the equinoxes, inn turn causing the zodiac to apparently revolve one full circle around us every 240,00 years. In the larger picture, things begin to seem less random, more perfect.


2 thoughts on “~WEEKLY FORECAST ~ OCTOBER 4 – 10, 2020

  1. StarReachUS

    Hi Tim. This is in reference to the after-amble post regarding the NY Post comment on the oppressed proving to be the most oppressive hate filled human beings. I generally am no fan of the NY Post- but IMO they have touched on an unfortunate truth and stunning example regarding Boston Professor Kenti’s comment .

    Ironic also as this same type of media has overall fanned the flames of hate and prejudices for a long long time with spewing slanted and sometimes untrue news, and “managed” mis-information designed to produce the very outcome.

    Whether you like President Trump or not- during debate with VP Biden- Trump bravely touched on the necessity of rremoving the teaching of hate- or what I call “applied hatred” in our schools and Universities.

    Professors and Teachers should not be there to teach our children their personal point of views. Teachers were to teach skills- math, science, history ( as it actually happened) etc.. The outcome aimed to produce an educated human being who can assess and handle the goals and life THEY choose. With growing, learning and experience they will then form their OWN opinions as well.
    Societies job from there was suppose to be supporting the schools with our taxes and also seeing where our school systems obviously fell short, what students needed more help, and trying to correct it. Ideally without prejudices.

    We have not done that. We seemingly have allowed the ADULT teachers- of our young NOT ADULT CHILDREN – who are easily imprinted- to deviate, inject and impose their own personally developed adult views (unforunately often skewed, radical and harmful) to taint the Federal and State mandated cirriculum. The cirriculum then becomes convoluted, damaged and dangerously altered. Brain-washing instead of true teaching. We can now see the “applied hate” clearly as i.e. the Boston Professors’ comment. Also like finds like- Whole Universities affected. Children inherently want to fit in.

    I have experienced the riots and racism of the late 60’s to early 70’s in my school . My Long Island NY schools were always heavily integrates with no problems until then. Schools are micro-cosms of larger society and often reflect as such.

    I will never forget my black girlfriend coming up to me. She explaine she had her black arm band and if she didn’t wear it- they would beat her up. She started to cry as she couldn’t gett it on and asked me for help. She was my friend- and all this societal nonsense would not change that. Though the arm band signified our division- I didn’t want her to be beat up so I tied it on her.

    Now 2020 we live in an environment of Covid19 along with the poisons of hatred , divisions seemimgly once again. IMO thanks to the media in large part- the few have have altered the lives of many.

    Nothing can be resolved without unity. The imbalances created willl continue with being what they are now- until we counter-balance with actions based on the good for ALL. And don’t put a color on what lives matter. When you do that you are part of the problem. ALL matter.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Thanks, StarReachUS, good “reviews” always appreciated! I basically agree with your points. I think racial prejudice will ebb world wide, and disappear between 2229 and 2480. To some degree, it will be replaced by sexual prejudice.… Or, seen differently, sexual segregation. This period will also bring great spiritual religions, or great spiritual events. Anyway, Cheers,

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