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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:  0:18 am to 8:34 am Mon., 10:30 am to 7:47 pm Wed., and 10:47 pm Fri. to 8:12 am Sat.


(It’s all in the AFTERAMBLE, after “Pisces Forecast.”


aries icon  ARIES: March 21-April 19

Relationships are still prime, Aries. Fresh horizons, opportunities, negotiations and agreements, public dealings and relocation themes abound. The flip side of these — competition, challenge, argument and enmity — will show if you push without diplomacy.

You are very attractive, determined and magnetic this second half of 2020, but remember two things: one, others temporarily hold more power; and two, higher-ups, bosses, judges etc., continue to look at you with a critical and appraising eye — this month and the next few, they are ready to reward you and or punish you depending on your performance.

This is not a drastic new influence; it’s been around to some degree since 2008, but grew stronger the last three years, and even stronger yet this year, 2020. So my main advice is: be sweet, be humorous and diplomatic, and grab opportunities wherever you find them. One of the biggest opportunities might be love. Secrets begin to surround you — research, investigate, and dive into confidential discussions. A treasure might lie hidden!

Sunday is easy and enjoyable. Get out and meet friends and flirt — life’s a breeze! Withdraw for some rest and recuperation Monday dawn to suppertime Wed. Contemplate, plan future moves, seek spiritual truth and be charitable. Everything small goes well. But you might have to keep a weather eye on your career, or on a particular higher-up.

Your energy and charisma surge upward Wed. evening to Saturday dawn. You might reach a climax in love, or even in business Thursday. You will have to monitor manage some sharp elbows or other problems in career Friday until suppertime. After supper, be realistic about practical and career concerns. Buy a nice gift or a luxury item Saturday morning.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The emphasis on work continues. Watch your health, eat and dress sensibly. You are still treated affectionately on the home front, but this affection switches to a romantic one, or into creative or risky ventures, Friday pm to late October. (*”Romantic” includes teaching and raising children, as a pleasurable task.) Others will start communicating with you, some unexpectedly. If an important, significant conversation begins, realize it could go backwards just before mid Oct. and stay that way till early November. Don’t try to keep someone around by agreeing to anything past October 13.

Higher-ups might notice you (or others treat you like a higher-up) Sunday to a little past breakfast Mon. (PDT). You find something to celebrate Mon. morning to late suppertime Wed. A “confidential” link or plan might fail on the horns of morals, or the law, or society generally.

Retreat to rest and ponder Wed. eve to dawn Sat. You work well, can clear away several obligations, should you have any. But be half-cautious Fri., all day. Saturday morning, your energy comes back, and so does the first hint of autumn love. Use this day to get out, to lead others, to start significant projects and relationships. It begins a lucky, fulfilling weekend.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Your romantic, creative phase continues, Gemini. You might fall in love. Libra takes first prize. Friday starts almost 4 weeks of affection and calm at home, with family. A good time to decorate, paint, prepare flowerbeds, buy attractive home furnishings, etc. Take your date to dinner, preferably at a very homey place.

Now through November, conversations will revolve around work (or a health situation). There might be a new job project or situation afoot, or one delayed since last spring now re-starts. Take care, stay alert: as you near mid-October, instructions can be wrong, or will change, or supplies might be short. Projects might need re-doing, if you slap-dash-rush through them now.

Sunday to just past 8:30 am Mon. (PDT) holds you in the sweet grip of a mental attraction or interest. Its strength is yet to be tried. Your career, worldly standing, your prestige relations and reputation generally, all are emphasized Mon. morning to just past suppertime Wednesday. Your optimism and socializing will help you win love/approval, but will impede you in finances, sex and power plays. Generally a productive interval, so roll up your sleeves.

Your popularity, optimism, friends, flirtations, entertainment and general joy lift your heart Wed. eve to dawn Sat. A love affair might climax or reach a second stage. Be careful Friday, when various obstacles and competing points of view can put a kibosh on the deeper sides of relationships: sex, intimacy, commitment. Withdraw Saturday, seek rest and peace, ponder and plan. A sweet Interlude is possible late Sat. morning.

Cancer icon  CANCER: June 21-July 22

Now to late October, Cancer, the main accent lies on your home and family, security, nutrition and mother nature, soul, stomach and revisiting your core. Friday starts a month of gracious, affectionate communications or travel for pleasure.

Until November’s end, you might chat someone up romantically, or engage in long conversations with your family, children or the gov’t — all in fortunate ways. (An old flame might return, mid-Oct. onward.) Your career remains intense, but it might also be spinning its wheels: be patient, use the weeks ahead to re-examine, re-plan and prepare for a career “push” mid-November onward.

Sundays for mysteries, especially love mysteries. Be curious, get close to someone, ask penetrating questions. Near dawn on Monday to late supper time Wed., your mood grows mellow and your intellect expands to accept new things and new horizons. Law, culture, world news, education — and love — occupy your thoughts. All goes well except: your ambitions and an important relationship fight each other — be alert, don’t push things to the ultimate. (If you focus solely on career/money, you’ll skirt this potential frustration.) 

By Wed. eve, your career and reputation are solidly in focus until dawn Saturday. This interval favours your ambitions much more than earlier in the week. An ultimate choice might occur between your home and domestic duties, and your career prospects. Again, you will need to be cautious where your ambitions and your relationships might collide, mostly Friday. Saturday is for fun, joy, social delights — celebrate life!

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Not an important month, Leo. Mostly errands, paperwork, filing, travel, communications, quick and easy chores. From Friday through October, your money luck will be good. You’ll have enough to buy a luxury item. Those legal, cultural, love, educational or similar pursuits slow down a little now to mid November, but they still exist.

An old flame can return anytime between Sept. 9 and Nov. 12. This is likely to be someone from the far past. Expect many conversations… leading to spending maybe… on the home front, now through November. These talks will run down muddy, ill-defined pathways from Oct. 13 to Nov. 2, so get as much settled before then as possible. 

Relationships loom Sun. to approximately dawn Monday (PDT). Monday triggers romantic and love attractions, and, until Wed. suppertime, sparks sexual desires, secrets and spying, financial action, and health and lifestyle decisions/ investigations. Almost everything moves well during this interlude, but be careful about a possible work versus ethics/law conflict. Avoid sharp tools Tues.

Those legal, cultural, love, educational, fame, international and similar pursuits arise Wed. eve through to just past dawn Sat. (PDT). Love (or a legal issue) might climax Thurs., but be careful with it Friday. Saturday begins a weekend of “career favour.”

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

 The main emphasis lies on money and possessions to late October, Virgo. This same period promotes casual sex and increased memory/skill at rote learning. Keep a weather eye out, as some of this money influence could run into barriers around the 11th to 18th of October. Speaking of casual sex, your charms are heightened virtually all month… People give you a second glance!

Part of your mind will be on casual friends, conversations and communications, and short trips and visits for eight weeks ahead. Some of these actions might be demanded of you by the cosmos, if you want to reach a certain goal (e.g., travel to embrace love). Start these now, then expect delays and confusion mid Oct. to early November. Your sexual magnetism and financial eagerness continues to burn, but now till mid Nov. that fire has a lot of smoke in it. Be patient with delays or apparent set backs — from Nov. 14 to early January, these will revive, powerful and clear. 

Tackle chores and guard your health Sun. to approximately dawn Monday (PDT). All goes well, no worries. Relationships fill your world Mon. morning to just past suppertime Wednesday. Almost everything proceeds with fortunate cooperation, but be slow to conflate romance and sexual intimacy — the combination might lead to rejection. An intimate opening does appear available to you Mon., but you might more fortunately apply your efforts to financial dealings, especially if they involve the government or very large corporations.

All this sexual, financial and investigative trend climaxes or intensifies Wed. eve to dawn Saturday. Thurs. daytime is best for progress, applying/bidding (except prices are high). Otherwise, exercise caution, as romance does not mix with sex, and creativity or a gambling mood does not mix with investments. Saturday starts a sweet, affectionate, understanding weekend. Contemplate travel afar.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The Sun’s in your sign, Libra, so go out and conquer the world! You can do it, set your goal and begin the journey to it. Be a leader, be available, and state your case. You can at least partly solve domestic problems now, especially around mid month. Your private life and spiritual realms float through many affectionate and reassuring moments all October — and government agencies as well as corporate head offices, will be quite willing to help you.

Sept. 9 (already passed of course) to Nov. 13 might bring an old flame back into your life, even an ex-spouse. Progress with your spouse, or an established love, might slow down until mid November. That’s OK, use this phase to catch a second breath and to spend some time discussing the many paths of love. Don’t insist on sex, as your partner might be feeling a little lack of confidence until mid November.

Many communications involving money, purchases in earnings, take place over the next 35 days. Engage in these discussions, but make no promises nor dive deeply into communications/paperwork from mid October to November 2.

Indulge your most romantic self Sun. to just past dawn Monday (PDT). True love might be knocking on your door! But stay away from anyone who might upset your home or family – or security. Applies Monday and Tues., although on other fronts, Mon. morning to Wed. suppertime brings you lots of chores – chores that can be accomplished and disposed of at a nice regular pace.

Relationships – especially one important link — fill Wed. eve to dawn Saturday. A love affair might climax Thurs., might even bring a marriage proposal, whether formal or off-the-cuff. But look long and hard at the future: will this relationship upset your home/family, or will it lead to a new home/family, or what? (Also, is there a domestic circumstance/problem that you need to solve before co-habiting?) These questions might arise Friday. Sat. is excellent for intimacy, financial actions, research and lifestyle decisions — best before 10 am PDT.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Lie low Scorpio, rest and relax, contemplate, make plans, and deal with large faceless entities such as the government, warehouses, institutions and large corporate officers — until Oct. 22. Although work remains fairly intense, it lightens up now to mid-November. Social joys enter and stay almost all October. So despite your weariness and quietude, friends will visit, and you’ll know you’re loved.

Now to early December, you will be more talkative and social than usual — again, despite your quiet tiredness. You might be working on a financial or sexual scheme — if so, quit before Oct. 13, and if you want to take it up again, try November 4 or 10, onward. 

Enjoy domestic pleasures Sun. to just past dawn Monday. All is well. Get your rest. Romantic notions fly to you Mon. morning to late suppertime Wednesday. How successful they will be depends partly on how small and numerous your steps are, toward romance. A love prospect might exist on your work/career scene, but avoid trying to mix work and conversation, and don’t buy a new car or other machinery.

Wednesday eve to Sat. morning brings work and health concerns. A big chore might be completed, or started, Thursday. Friday promises difficulties in communications — be diplomatic. Saturday strikes relationship sparks — good ones. Keep your eye open for opportunities in general this weekend coming.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Wishes can come true, Sagittarius! Life’s filled with friends, optimism and hope, good feelings and flirtations — until late October. Romance (and/or a creative project) slackens a bit through mid November, but it will rekindle itself powerfully then into early 2021. (Now to mid-Nov., an old flame — a pretty major one — might return.)

You will gain now to Jan. 2022 if you generally seek relationships rather than seeking solitude. Independence can be your Achilles’ heel for the next year +. Bosses and VIPs look favourably upon you now to Oct. 28 — take advantage, show your best side and be diligent about your duties. A communication might start you thinking about your spiritual or private life. This “introduction” into the background of your life will run into delays and misunderstandings the second two weeks of October, so state your case now, early, or wait until November.

Perform errands and paperwork, answer or make calls and texts Sun. and the first eight hours of Monday (PDT). All’s well. Your home and family are highlighted Mon. morning to late suppertime Wednesday. All little things will go very well, so hug the kids and putter around. Avoid letting finances, jealousy, or possessiveness weigh on romance Tues. Earlier, Monday might open the door to true love, true romance.

Romance comes in full-throttle Wed. eve to just past dawn Saturday. As implied above, an old flame might flare again. Thurs., you might fall madly in love. Friday you will face many of the problems of love… which in this early decade tend to coalesce around finances and possessiveness. Start your chores Saturday — some nice little accomplishments await you. Now to late October, higher-ups favour your prospects.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN: Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Cap, the emphasis lies on your ambitions, your career, prestige relations and your worldly standing, until October 22. Do all you can to promote and raise yourself. You have had some friction on the home front since late June. This friction lightens now to mid Nov., giving you a bit of a rest. Many Capricorns in the second half of 2020, will be tearing down the past in order to build the future.

Friday starts four weeks of charm and good fortune in legal, far travel, educational, intellectual, media and love zones. Speak up, say what you want: it’s almost certain to be taken in a way that benefits you. You are going to speak more openly about your future, your goals and desires, this week into Dec. 1. That’s good – it helps your wishes come true. But as you approach mid October confusion and delay might attack your plans… That’s all right, by early Nov. they will return even stronger than before and you can solidly achieve one of your cherished goals.

Go shopping, and collect any monies owed to you Sun. to about 8:30 am Monday (PDT). Stick to minor things. Monday morning to late supper time Wed. rope you into errands, paperwork, lots of communications and information. Be curious, get to the seed, the kernel, of what’s being discussed. You might be tempted to buy or rent a new home, and in fact there is some special luck here, but be careful that you don’t reject a home (or perversely choose a poor home) — or ignore a child’s needs — just because you’re in a sober mood.

The accent redoubles on home, family, security and nutrition Wed. eve to 8 am (PDT) Saturday. All is well here Thursday. Some (domestic) problems might enter Friday – if so, your own attitude can solve them or harden them. Although you are in a strong work/career period, Sat. is for romance, happy children, and creative or sports involvements. Jump in early!

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS: Jan. 20-Feb. 18

All mental things blossom now to late October, Aquarius: Intellect, law, social organization, far travel and international affairs, ideas and life philosophy, and social/cultural rituals (bar mitzvahs, weddings, etc.). In monthly terms, it’s an ideal time for love. However, you are at one of the lowest cycles in your life, which doesn’t bode well for the long term if you start a romance now. Good luck is coming soon though — by December 19 Jupiter enters your sign, kicking off one of the luckiest years of your life.

Meanwhile, letters, calls and texts and short trips are making your life busy, and have been since last June. This flurry of communications might take you back to a former love, or might not. But it will slacken slightly until mid Nov., then regain speed again. All Oct., your sexual and financial interests will be fortunate. Discussions can start now on the career front, and last right into December 1. However, a period of confusion and delays can stymie these discussions from October 13 to early November.

Your energy and charisma are world beaters Sun. to about 8 am Monday PDT. Be a leader, start significant projects… And make sure someone special notices you. (Sunday and Monday open the door to romance and successful partnerships.) Chase money, collect and pay, shop, ask for a pay raise, etc., Mon. morning to late supper time Wednesday. All small things go well here, but avoid speaking of your background or secrets, or trying to communicate with the government or institutions.

That flurry of activity mentioned above, errands and communications, etc., comes in a wave Wed. eve to early Sat. morning. Merely handle what you can, and let the rest stand in line. Home, kids, property Saturday — all’s good!

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The emphasis remains on the unseen and subterranean forces most of October, Pisces. Your subconscious urges will burst to the surface; your intuition will be high and trustworthy. Sexual desires, finances, medical and lifestyle decisions, research — and the need to act strictly morally/ethically — characterize the weeks ahead. Relationships become successful: others will treat you with gracious receptivity almost all month.

Your income and expenditures continue to whirl wildly, but the pace slackens enough for you to gain control of your budget now to mid November. Important discussions begin about ideas, life philosophy, love (weddings?) and/or education, law and/or far travel. These will fall to delays and confusions Oct. 13 to Nov. 2, so state your case before and after this period.

Lie low, get plenty of rest Sun. to a little past dawn Monday (PDT). All’s well. Ponder and plan. Your energy and charisma surge upward Mon. morning to “late supper” Wed. You can accomplish good things, so get going! Monday might open the door to a pay raise or perhaps a bargain purchase. Take care, especially Tues., not to mix money and friends. You might have to discard one dream because you don’t have the funds for it.

Money becomes the main subject Wed. eve to about 8 am Saturday. I’ll repeat the warning: don’t mix money and friends. A bonus or an unexpected pay off might arrive Thursday. Fri. has obstacles, so proceed carefully all day. You might not be seeing it right now, but your career/boss and your legal or ethical position don’t seem to be in agreement with your $ motives. Saturday is for friends and short trips, visits and errands. While running around, you might run into a good relationship prospect. (You’ll know by the affection that arises spontaneously at your meeting.)



*Often, I’ll use the words “romance” and “love” — but seldom interchangeably. Romance is self-indulgent pleasure, and often precedes love. Love is embrace of a person’s totality, and leads to a different, stronger, more lasting “spirit pleasure” than romance.
***   ***

Nothing exists which is not necessary.
***   ***

(In some quantity, to add to the richness of life. When excess does occur, Nature reclaims her balance sooner or later.)
***   ***

(If you combine existence and vistas you get exista-vista, naturally shortens to exvistas, and therein lies a puzzle: exvistas = former vistas?.)
***   ***

My prediction that real estate would fall for 7 years, made about 2 years ago, has not come true in the residential sector. (Residential prices — I am not researching this, just riding my impressions —softened a bit into early 2020 — though apartments firmed — and are still falling in some suburbs of my town, Vancouver, Canada.

But overall, Canada-wide (U.S. even more so) prices began climbing rapidly as people fled the cities and their covid-strewn streets, hungry to buy a piece of covid-free nature, but not eager to sell their permanent foothold near power centres (which, hopefully, will remain so; here, selection is important — if relocating to an urban centre, look at everything in the light of technology).

(Governments, afraid of a Covid induced economic collapse, have reduced interest rates to near zero or zero. This has lowered mortgage rates, allowing a typical income to qualify for — and to fairly easily make payments on — twice the mortgage they usually would carry. This in turn moves the whole housing market higher. The same phenomena has occurred, off and on, since about 2000 — disastrously in 2005-09.)  

In the  industrial, commercial, and investment real estate sectors, my forecast was correct: a quiet weakness (needs fact-checking) was turned into a serious decline by covid-19. These sectors, esp. retail and office, face more decline ahead, a serious, secular decline, to about 2025/26. On the stock markets, their shares now sit at 50% of their pre-covid values. (If you like dividends — and risk — these yield about 10% per year.)
***   ***


The architect Philip Johnson said in 1984 that Trump often lied, adding “But it’s sheer exuberance, exaggeration. It’s never about anything important.”
***   ***

My U.S. election prediction might not be so reliable, as heavy voting is already taking place months before the formal election date of Nov. 3. One state on Sept. 21 reported that they estimated over 50% of ballots had already been cast. That throws a fair handful of astrology out the window, as we don’t know when people are voting. Oh, well.
***   ***

Democrats claim that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, dead last week, uttered her dying “fervent wish” that she not be replaced until a democrat was president. Well, sorry Ruth, but the dead don’t have the right to tell the living how to live, or vote. Actually, I suspect the Dems simply lied, and made up that “last fervent wish.”

Ruth was a Pisces with a Scorpio Moon, so I suspect the “other side” beyond death’s curtain was more on her mind than the next political judge appointment. Justice Roberts, who might have a perception handicap, said that judges were not political. Ruth Bader showed how false that was, if the Dems are reporting her last words accurately. Even in death, it seems, Supreme Court judges are political.

(And what if Trump and the Senate win a second term? If Bader’s wish comes true, do Americans then have a supreme court that cannot operate for four full years? — Because w/o a replacement, the court is 8 people, w/o a deciding vote; therefore impotent in many cases. And what does the court do with a tie? Start a rule that all ties go to the plaintiff or defendant, as in Vegas? Then who is the dealer? Or do they put tie cases in a special file to be addressed later, when a new president arrives, sometimes 4 or 3 years later, so the case can be heard a second time, with 9 judges, and clog the court system even more?)